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  • Speech to City of Hope, NY, 6/8/23

    Last summer, I was diagnosed with Low-grade B cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and began chemotherapy at St John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, CA.

    This was not my first e […]

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    I have been deeply moved and uplifted by all the expressions of love and support since I made public the fact that I’ve been diagnosed with B-cell Non-Hodgins Lymphoma. My heartfelt thanks to all. The m […]

    • Dear Jane, I wish you well through this new cancer journey of yours and am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I have such respect for you and admire how you have always stood up for what you needed to do for yourself, in every phase of your life. I have followed your career and collected your books. I applaud your activism for many causes, including climate change, and I was happy to see you speak at Fountain St Church in Grand Rapids, MI, on restaurant workers wages a few years ago. I am a 72 year old woman veteran (5-1/2 year USAF) and a 14 year breast cancer survivor. I got diagnosed after I found the lump while living in Alaska (lived there for 35 years), and because the VA hospital in Anchorage could not treat me, nor the VA hospital in Seattle, I was sent to the Seattle Care Alliance for my surgeries (lumpectomy & lymph nodes removed). I had excellent care and no cost to me. I had 6 months of low dose chemo (through a port) and 1 month & a week of radiation in Anchorage and paid a percentage of that. I was out of work one year. I always stayed positive and knew I would make it through. I did it alone and had no one with me nor family or friends available to take me to appts. I am grateful to be alive and was grateful for my wonderful care and the love and support from friends and family. I wish you the best, always. Love, Jane

    • Ms. Fonda,
      Sending positive thoughts.
      You are a strong woman, chemo can be rough… walk through it. I had chemo infusions two years ago. The doctor suggested I exercise and move. I did as much as possible and it helps.
      Try to walk as much as your body allows
      I am praying daily for your healing.
      You are a positive influence to so many.
      Sending love and prayers,
      Deb Fonda

    • Hello Jane,
      I have looked up to you since I first watched “On Golden Pond” (my favorite movie) when I was 5 or 6 years old. I’m 27 now and your movies, shows, interviews and activism have inspired me and have kept me going through my darkest times. I stumbled upon one of your workout books when I was in middle school and in it you tell the story of how Katharine Hepburn convinced you to do the back flip stunt in “On Golden Pond” on your own. She said: “Everyone should know that feeling of overcoming fear and mastering something; people who aren’t taught that become soggy.” I read that quote whenever I need a reminder to be brave and face those challenges in life that will help me to grow. I won’t go into detail, but you and I have a lot in common in regards to our childhood, our relationships with men and our life perspectives. I have seen how you’ve grown and evolved from all of those things and it has helped me see how important my independence is. I feel comfortable with myself and a big part of that is because I watched you get comfortable with yourself; so, thank you for sharing your story so people pleasing girls like me could grow into resilient forces to be reckoned with at a younger age than we would have without your influence. I could go on and on about how you’ve saved me and how much I adore you, but I’ll leave you with this: thank you from the tips of my toes to the top of my crown for sharing your wisdom and teaching me the type of woman I want to be. I absolutely adore you and I know this cancer will not make you soggy… nothing ever could.
      All my love,
      Marie Bissonnette

    • Hi Jane!

      My name is Mirela and I am from Croatia. I am not sure if you will read this, but I want to share how much you influenced me and my life.

      First, I love you in Grace and Frankie, but I also watch as many of your movies as I can find. I was born in 90’s, but I like movies from 70’s and 80’s. The ending of Grace and Frankie is so satisfying, although I am very sad there won’t be any more episodes. The show is very funny and full of emotions, I like to watch it when I need something to comfort me or cheer me up.

      Also, I really wanted to read your book, My life so far, but I couldn’t find it in Croatian language, so I ordered it in English and it was the first whole book in English I have ever read. Before that, I kind of hesitated because I thought it would take me a lot of time since English is not my first language. I was really proud of myself because of reading it so I started to read more books in English including your last book What Can I Do? The Path from Climate Despair to Action. Your life has been interesting, but the thing I like the most about your autobiography is the wisdom you gained and insight you have about the things you have done and the reasons why you did them. It was the first time I have read about not being connected with yourself and your body -dissociation. I realized I also experience it so I started learning more about it and working on myself to become whole again. You inspired me to start a therapy as well.

      Taking care of the environment was only natural for me since a very young age, but because of Fire Drill Fridays and your last book, I was inspired to join our local Greenpeace organisation. The first thing I did was collect signature for Ban Fossil Fuel Advertising and Sponsorships petition. It was out of my comfort zone, but I am happy I was able to do it.

      Congratulations on your new project Jane Fonda Climate PAC! I tried to donate but since I am not an U.S. citizen I cannot 🙁

      I was deeply touched by news about your diagnosis and how you are handling it. I wish you strength to cope with it and I hope you will continue to feel good. I admire you very much, your work and everything you are doing for the world to become a better place. You are a big inspiration to me and for that, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. Thank you for sharing your passion and energy with all of us. <3

      Lots of love,

      • Thank you, Mirela. It makes me happy to know you’ve read my books and have become a climate activist. Love, Jane

    • That’s the spirit ! 💪💪I am very happy to hear that you are feeling well. I am very happy to hear that you are feeling well. Although I can’t hide the fact that I cried half the night after hearing this. You have had a profound impact on me since I was 14 yo (but it’s a bit of a long story 😘) Wishing you a speedy recovery, the world needs you, stay strong.

      with much admiration and love

    • Jane, I was watching Fire Drill in the moment you told about your cancer. It’s not time for you to get out of the scene and you’ll win!!!
      I’m from Brazil and your fan since the
      pandemic. I’d like to thank you all you’ve done to me through your books, movies, interviews and workout videos. You are such an inspiration to me! I’m a better person because of you. I read My life so far in 2 months and I’ll read it again in my next decade (40). And next month Bolsonaro will fall down!!! I’d love to have a Jane Fonda in Brazil. I want to hug you one day and say thank you for all you do to the world!!!
      I love you so much and I’m praying for you.
      Kisses from Brazil!!!
      <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • You are a life-long warrior, Jane and you are beating it everyday. Imagining how many people you have helped around the world, it’s easy to tell you are always surrounded by lots of love from close ones to those you have never met but they have lived their life with you. You totally got this.❤️

    • Hello Jane, I appreciate your candor in the face of what many (myself included) consider the scariest word in the English language– cancer. I feel oddly reassured by your post, such is the strength of your spirit that comes through your words.. know that myself and countless others are wishing you all the best in this latest battle. All my love.

    • Jane, when I saw your post on Instagram, my heart broke into thousand of pieces. I’ve noticed you haven’t been active on the blog, on Twitter and on Instagram too, and I thought it was because you were so busy with work, I thought you were still on Italy for a little vacay after filming Book Club 2. Anyway. I could never imagine that you were going through this, and for so many time.

      It’s not because I’m a fan that I’m saying this but you have to believe that you have a tremendous strength, you inspire people around the world just for having 84 years old being super active, doing your activism with environmental issues with so many willpower and passion, and maybe that’s role that is not meant for you, but of the politicians who govern the countries. But it’s clear that your life purpose is this. Trying to add as many people as possible to help you change the planet, to make sure we will have a planet capable of being inhabited. And it’s beautiful to see that.

      On the other hand, I believe your other passion and “gift of God” is acting. I don’t know if you think about retiring after the diagnosis or why you think you’ve fulfilled your mission in this profession. But I think you shouldn’t stop. I think that the good ones and those who have been on the path for a long time should continue until the end. Who really has the talent, and dedication to carry out such work. There are a lot of people coming up without even having taken an acting course. But that’s it, I love your work, I think you’ve accomplished amazing movies throughout your career and you doesn’t deserve to stop for now. Maybe take a chance and go to Broadway? It would be incredible! Perhaps uniting action with environmental issues?

      But I’m sure you’re a strong one, sweetie! I’m happy to read this new post, everything’s gonna be alright, it’s just a phase! I don’t know if you know the power of hearing sound like a meditation, but it’s measured by “hz” and it really helps the mind. I use one for anxiety and depression. There’s a YouTube channel with a lot of these sound. I’m sending you a link that I read on the comment that’s very helpful. I hope you like it and works for your case. https://youtu.be/JQwjXLQfYfA

      I love you. I hope you read this and feel in your heart all my good vibrations that I’m sending you. Stay positive, because you can handle this! 💗 Stay next to your family and female friends that I know for you it’s very important to have them close, they’re the “safe space” that you need right now. And for sure you will live longer, longer enough. And I’ll be here, waiting for your 100th birthday post, you bet! 😂 It will be a great time to celebrate.

      Giovanna from São Paulo, Brazil (which I don’t know if you still remember me, but I was at every single FDF zoom and on the lives to

    • Dear Jane,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this! It is wonderful to know that you are feeling stronger…keep it up 💪! You can and will get through this 🙏🏻💪💗!

      Love and prayers,

      Ruth Jane Davison

    • Dear Jane, I’ve followed you as an actress all my life(I’m 57 🤩) and then your workout and humanitarian work. One of my highlights was seeing you signing your book in Helsinki and getting to say something. I admire your strength and commitment to a better world. You make this world a better / bearable place(Dolly too🥰). An inspiration to millions. You’ll get through this cancer . Warm wishes and love from a Brit in Helsinki . Liz ❤️

    • I’m so glad to hear you’re doing well. You’ve got this! Sending all my love <3

    • My head just exploded, I hope and wish that everything remains in a bad dream, and that you will soon be recovered. And I know it will be like this, because you are strong and a fighter. And you can with everything. I will always be by your side. I love you a lot my Queen 💗✨💪🏻🫂

    • Hi, Jane!
      I am deeply sorry that you have to get through this cancer experience again. Words can be helpful to encourage you to never give up as you always taught us to do. Now, it’s our turn to constantly remind you to never give up, because every day is a gift. Only you know how it really feels inside to go through this again, and that’s way I’m sending you a tight hug and healing energies. Keep working on your mind because the power of thoughts on our health is tremendous. I am thinking of you since the day we’ve personally met in Paris and I’ll continue to think of you especially now.

      I love you ❤!

    • I have always been a fan but I now I feel I have friendship with you . No I am not living alone , writing from a dark room , devoid of friends, sending my lone thoughts to a Hollywood star . Today is my birthday and received many well wishes. I thought I would look up your blog to see if you had posted something new and I was rewarded with my best birthday present . It is almost as if I hear your voice speaking through the words you write. Your voice is strong and motivated me to donate to your climate action PAC. I saw the video of you exercising after your chemo and couldn’t help but think of my sister who also suffered through cancer. Your will to continue to fight is nothing short of amazing . Please fight hard against cancer for me and maybe you could schedule more book club meetings ,so we can all share more ideas of activism from your book.

    • Hey Jane ❤ As I heard in your fire drill Friday livestream that you got cancer I cried for 10 minutes 💔 I was so in shocked! But as I heard that this is a treatable cancer i was glad but never I’m so worried. But I know you’ll survive it ❤❤❤ I hope you are okay and I know you are strong!!! I pray every night before I go sleep for you ❤
      Stay strong!!! Cecilia ❤

    • Dear Jane, as many people I am a huge fan of yours and was shocked to hear about your diagnosis.
      Little did I know, a couple of weeks later I would be diagnosed with breast cancer myself. I am taking it as positive as I can. I cannot change the outcome, but I can change my attitude towards that outcome.
      I know know I can keep that same attitude when I begin my chemo treatments, while I also try to influence people in caring for our planet and for the animals.
      Thank you Jane Fonda for being such an inspiration.

    • Hope things are looking up for you. I know someone 70years of age that was recently diagnosed. Unfortunately she had a chemical burn reaction to chemo which is very rare and has suffered terrible burns. Hopefully she can start her chemo again shortly. Sending positive thoughts 💕

  • Dear Grace and Frankie Fans,

    I’m writing to thank you for your support of the show over the years. I’ve heard about the binge-watch parties, grandkids watching with grandparents, the Halloween G&F cos […]

    • Thank you Jane and Lilly for the last 7 seasons of “fun” you have given your fans. It’s truly inspiring to see two wonderful woman in such an “open” comedy. Thank you also to Martin and Sam who also have given their fans a “giggle”. Best wishes Jenny

    • Ms Fonda – I’ll dispense with all of the gushing but please know it’s all here, in me, in writing this note to you. Wow. It’s a simple comment on a simple blog in this “ether space” we all seem to call home now but it’s still exciting. Much like the time I met you in person. It was working at Canyon Ranch in Tucson. I was the Bell Captain there when you visited in the early 80’s. As “The Ranch” was adept at welcoming many celebrities, the Hospitality Director (Teena) had informed me that you would be getting a “private” orientation as opposed to a “group” orientation and that I should be ready to go with her as she made her way to your room in case anything was needed, I would be able to make note and handle things. It was an honor that she trusted me with this “task” and I vowed to be completely professional. As we entered your room (the same room, by the way, occupied by Barbra Streisand and Sue Mengers some time earlier that year!), I saw you and, I admit, I sort of froze. There you were, this stunning woman whom I had admired for years and years and you were right in front of me. I was aware of Teena’s voice, sort of beginning the orientation and then finally I heard her say, to me, “Honey? Honey? Will you take care of that for us? Honey?” I had frozen and had to be brought out of my trance. But I recovered and excused myself, a little embarrassed. But I was entranced and you’re still a stunning woman for whom I have the utmost respect and affection. I was 21 years old at the time, a young Gay man, who had just met Jane Fonda! How much better could life be?!! Thank you for being you.

    • Hello, dear Jane! I feel I should say thank you for this sweet and funny show. It has been my comfort series, and I think it’s never gonna change, because it’s such a warming heart masterpiece. Thank you for all the tears and the moments you made me laugh. I can’t wait to watch the new episodes, but I can’t believe it’s really the end. I’m gonna miss it so much. I have great memories from the good times I spent watching it with my belove ones, who got obsessed with this show. I’m so happy we got the chance to have something like Grace and Frankie between all those empty things we had to watch. This show is my favorite ever and, yes, Jane, it’s needed now, because it gives us HOPE. Love you, xx.

    • I want to thank Jane Fonda for showing middle class woman that woman of this age can wear attractive clothing with long sleeves and higher necklines. I wish she would tell us— or develop a line— where to buy these cloths. I want to remain attractive in my eighties. Thank you for the inspiration

    • Dear Jane,
      I’m not sure if you will see this but I just wanted to take a brief moment to say a simple thank you. I’m almost 19 years old, and I’m from England. I’ve been watching your films since I was about 15 (‘9 to 5’ played a part in my feminist awakening!) and I recently started university doing a Film and History degree (the first ever essay I submitted a few months ago I wrote about the cultural, historical and aesthetic significance of ‘Coming Home’, and that was so exciting for me). It’s been in the last year or so that I’ve taken to look at your life away from the screen, and I’m so glad I did. You have had a such a profound impact on me, and I’m so grateful for the candid way you talk about your life and experiences, because just by talking about it, you’ve made me feel less alone in the struggles I’ve faced and am facing. The last two years I’ve been dealing with the fact that my father is an alcoholic, and my relationship with him has become very difficult. So, to say the least, you have been a source of strength for me in the way you have talked about the difficulties of your relationship with your father, albeit under a different circumstance, but nonetheless I know, from you, that I can heal from this. In this time, Grace and Frankie has been such a relief for me, the belly laughs I have are endless – and that is exactly what I have needed! So to everyone involved in the show, thank you so much for the joy you have given me and so many others.
      Everything I have learnt from you, Jane, I will carry with me for the rest of my life and into every new adventure I take. Thank you for being you, owning your truth, and continuing to fight for what is right. I hope you are keeping well, and I can’t wait to see the new films projects you have been working on.

    • Well done, Jane!👏❤
      I hope you are really convinced that you are who you are in this very moment thanks to you and all the work you’ve done on yourself over the years, and not because you were/are Henry Fonda’s daughter.
      So keep on going 👌!
      sending my love,

    • Jane, it’s been a beautiful journey. To think of all the anticipation that I had for this show and how we all grew throughout – it’s crazy to think about what a success story this has turned out to be, millions of people my age getting crazy about it and you especially. I am always moved when I get to witness a show from the very beginning to its very end. One cannot help but reflect on life itself – but I am so happy that we don’t have to wait very long to see you and Lily back together… TWICE!

      Congratulations to everyone involved! Kisses from your loyal pal, Daniel xxx

    • Thank YOU, Jane. I have it on my calendar. After having a very bad month, I’ve been so looking forward to the lift this will bring me. Your fan always, Dona

    • So happy to soon enjoy the ending of G&F! A show that gave me hope and laughs.

    • Dear Jane, how are you? From my small country, in South America, URUGUAY, I just want to thank you and Lily for being and existing. I am 66 years old and have various health issues but your work at G&F has been inspiring. They have put me through every mood possible and I feel gratified. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
      And, the most beautiful thing is that my 33-year-old daughter has seen all the seasons in 15 days! 🤪😂😂😂 and now waiting…. for the end.
      You are a being of light. You have the warmth of the sun and the clarity of the moon. What you propose you achieve. You are a believable and beautiful being because beauty comes from your heart and your intelligence. You seek the common good, something that many people forget, they do not look at the other who is by their side. I admire that about you. And Lily!!!!! I hope you both read this.
      I send you a big hug. Be happy and take care of yourself!
      With love, Grace! (Grace, for some people)😜😘❤️💪🙏 ❤️❤️❤️😂🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾
      P.S. Sorry if there are grammatical errors… I use a translator. LOL xoxoxo

    • Muchísimas gracias a Ustedes. Son verdaderas Estrellas. Desde Paraguay con Admiración, Cariño y Respeto

    • Thank you for giving us so many years of fun and joy. Not ready for it to end but will rewatch it always ❤️

    • Thank YOU! You came to us at a time (Trump, Pandemic, NOW Ukraine… and our own personal challenges) when we needed you.

    • Dear Jane and Lily,

      I started watching Grace and Frankie the second it was released and I immediately fell in love. I’ve watched it so many times, I’ve lost count. For the past 5 years, I’ve been suffering from severe depression and anxiety and it has absolutely destroyed me. But Grace and Frankie has always been there for me. It’s my safe space. It makes me feel happy in sad times. It shows me there’s hope. When my grandpa passed away last year, it was the only show I could watch. During lockdowns it’s all I watched. When I felt like there was no reason to stay, I turned on Grace and Frankie. The show has become such an important part of my life and having to say good bye is heartbreaking, but I’m so excited to see the final episodes.

      I’ve made so many friends and memories because of Grace and Frankie and it’s been great being a part of the Grace and Frankie community. The fact that people of all ages love this show just shows how incredibly important it is. I hope you know how much this show means to all of us. It has changed my life in ways you can’t imagine.

      I’m so grateful to both of you. You’ve helped me through a lot of dark moments and I truly wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you and your work. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you eternally.

      x Thalia

    • Deleted my original message as have just watched news with heartbreaking report of a 3month old baby killed in Odessa .
      Just to say thankyou all and stay well X

    • I got Netflix last year after my grandfather passed away, my grandmother told my parents and I about the show and how funny it was! So we all watched the first episode today and absolutely loved it! I continued to watch and loved each episode even more than the last! Since watching the show I have watched more Lily & Jane movies & shows, such as 9 to 5 and loved that as well and also discovered and started doing the Jane Fonda Workout regularly and it has made me feel better, watching Grace & Frankie has positively improved my life and I’m sad to see it end but am glad I can rewatch it over and over!

    • Jane,
      Thank YOU and everyone involved with G&F from the bottom of my heart. I’ve rewatched the show many times, but never did i feel more connected with it than after my own marriage ended because my wife had cheated (and blamed it on my chronic pain btw). Watching the characters of Grace and Frankie handle their broken hearts hit very differently when my own heart was broken. G&F made me laugh, comforted me and made me feel understood when i was at the lowest point of my life. I’m so glad you all know how much this show has impacted so many people, and how special it is to so many.
      And Jane, if you see this, i just want you to know that you’re one of my biggest role models. Whenever i feel like i can’t or don’t want to go on i think of you and how much you’ve been through, but you never give up. Your strength is so inspiring to me. I don’t think I’ll ever be even a little bit as strong and amazing as you are, but I’m trying. And because of you, I’ll also never give up.
      Thank you for everything, and thank you for Grace and Frankie. It’ll always have a very special place in my heart and I’ll never stop rewatching it! 🥰

      • Jane, I can’t thank you enough for how all of your creative endeavors you’ve done throughout your career have brought me such comfort and joy over the years. I first saw you in On Golden Pond when I was a little girl and I’ve adored you ever since. Now, I’m 26 and Grace and Frankie is so very special to me too. The love you and Lily have for each other beams out of Grace and Frankie and it deeply touches my heart and soul watching you two together. I wish I could hug you, thank you, and tell you how much you mean to me. Your movies, shows, interviews, and books have guided me throughout most of my life. You inspire me to face my fears, be a strong woman, and to be kind but take no shit. The story you shared about Katharine Hepburn in one if your workout books has inspired me for many years. Katharine told you to face your fear and do that back flip dive in On Golden Pond… “Everyone should know that feeling of overcoming fear and mastering something; people who aren’t taught that become soggy.” I wrote that down on a little post it note the minute I first read that quote about 11 years ago and I read it every time I need a reminder to be brave and never become soggy. I can’t thank you enough for being such a guiding force in my life. I will adore you forever, Jane. Thank you.

        All my love,

    • Dear Jane,
      I am truly grateful for the amazing work you’ve done together with Lily. You showed one very important thing: human life must be appreciated at any age in any circumstances.
      My mum turned 60 on May 4, 2022. The former USSR made her think that the human life is over when you turn 40. The soviet standards taught people that human life worth nothing, that “there is not person who cannot be replaced” or “no person – no problem”.
      We are from Donbas. When the war started in 2014, my mum was there and I was studying in Kyiv. She did not want to leave her house, her garden, everything she knew or had before. She was so depressed. But I managed to bring her to Kyiv in early 2015. At that time she was 52.
      And the “fun” part started. We needed to find a job for her. Ageism in Ukraine and other post-soviet countries is horrible. All companies we contacted told my mum that 52 is very old, that they are searching for a person no older than 35. One company told my mum that she was “old and slow”. On that day she came home and cried. After 6 months of searching, we finally found a job in the supermarket, in cakes department.
      You TV series is a socially vital instrument to teach people that life continues till you live it. I remind it to my mum every day.
      Thank you again! Greetings from Ukraine, attacked by russia.

      • Thank you. Katya, for telling me this. I hope you and your mum stay safe. What a monstrous war!!!

    • I love the show and I’m gonna miss it so much! Thank you, Jane and Lily for all these great moments!!!

    • I also just purchased the soundtrack I listen while I’m working and it brings many smiles💜💙

    • I love Grace and Frankie. I have Netflix and I have first 6 seasons on dvd when my internet is slow. I’m near 60 and love watching, actually I’m on my 3rd complete pass of the entire show and I have never tired. I love June Diane Rafael and hope her spin off happens and you can guest star💕💙💜

    • Thank YOU for the laughs and love. I rarely laugh at shows anymore, but with Grace and Frankie it’s different. I actually laugh. I’m a new fan of your’s and the show’s. I turn 40 this year and am so scared I’ve wasted my life, but somehow Grace and Frankie has given me hope on being able start fresh and want to really live.
      Also, I wish I would have known about Fire Drill Fridays sooner-Just learned about it yesterday. So excited for next month’s first Friday now!

    • Dear Jane&Lily
      I would like to live a “Grace&Frankie” relationship once in my life!
      Thanks for the good job to both of you and the whole team.
      Love from a French fan❤
      Take care
      Merci et aurevoir Jane! 🙋‍♀️🙂

    • I want to add more to my original comment. Without getting too personal, your relationships with your parents are very similar to the relationships I have with mine. My mother really struggles with her mental health and I always fear that what happened to your mom will happen to mine. My dad really reminds me of Henry/Norman. Not nearly as critical/mean, but just kind if grumpy, yet super wise. He’s done a lot of self work since I was younger though, so thankfully our relationship has gotten much better. The scene in On Golden Pond where you don’t follow what you originally rehearsed and you grab Norman’s arm makes me so emotional… even after seeing the movie a few times a year for the majority of my 26 years. It’s my favorite movie and I’m so very glad you were able to have that experience with your father. Anyway, thanks again for everything, Jane. It’s amazing how many people you have inspired and guided throughout your lifetime and you don’t even know it… I think that’s quite beautiful.

      All my love,


    • Thank YOU!!! I have such fond memories of my mother, who I lost a year ago, watching 9 to 5 with me and On Golden Pond. Those were always two of our all-time fave movies. I watched the first episode of Grace and Frankie and saw the same magic onscreen that made me love those movies. You, Lily, and the rest of the cast did such a wonderful job. It’s an amazing show. Thank you for all of the laughter and the wonderful acting over the years!

    • Thank you Jane and to Lily for the constant laughs and cries over the past 7 years. This show has gotten me through some of the worst times in my life, but also was there for the good times too. This show will forever be special to me and will always be on repeat in my house.

    • Dear Jane and Lily, I love Grace and Frankie. So sad to see it end. Lily you have been my fav comedienne since the big beach chair.
      Jane, On the bright side I have the recipe for chicken paprika!!!!!! I make the best. Stop by for dinner if you are ever in Florida.

    • Dear Jane,
      I have never written a fan letter in my life. But instead of telling other people, I decided I should tell you: You and Oprah Winfrey are the only celebrities I admire.
      You are not only an amazing, influential “public figure,” you are a brilliant person. The range of your interests, your many types of activism, are truly inspiring. You and Oprah come from opposite polar ends of our culture, but you both arrived at the same life’s purpose — to become America’s most inspiring women.
      I have been watching some of your in-depth interviews on YouTube. Your ability to speak contemporaneously on so many topics is impressive. But your continual willingness to speak the truth about your life and psyche and to explore what it means to be human is what’s truly influential. I only wish there were more like you.
      I, too, had a distant father. It wasn’t until I was old and he was gone did I realize he suffered from PTSD from being at the Normandy Landing. If only we had known about such things decades ago.
      My one wish is that, in future speaking appearances, you could involve Gloria Steinem. She was one of the most transformational figures of the 20th century and younger women need greater exposure to her legacy. The one they don’t think they need — when you know we need much more.
      Thanks for all you do. Please keep doing it!

    • Thank you Jane for being an inspiration in my life & continuing to do the good work to help make our world a better place. Saturday, I learned about you going public with your non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and I’m sending you healing energy & hope you heal quickly. On Friday, I also went public with something similar; it wasn’t an easy thing for me to do https://gofund.me/7fbc2679 wishing you well. Love Ann Baldwin 🌈❤️💜💙💚💛🧡🌈

    • I’ve seen Grace and Frankie, all episodes all seasons, at least three times; thank you for the joy.

      On another note, I thought you might find this Washington Post article interesting. It’s a non sequitur to what’s being discussed here but I didn’t know where else to post it where you might see it. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2022/09/01/michael-gerson-evangelical-christian-maga-democracy/

    • Hi Jane,
      Just read your Instagram post.
      My thoughts are with you at this difficult time. You will get through this. We have so much love for you.
      Sending you love and strength from Hamburg to California!!
      Big warm hug

    • Jane,

      I just wanted to take a moment to send you good thoughts. If anyone can beat cancer, it’s you! You are one of the strongest women I know and I just know that you are going to come out stronger than before! Thank you for today’s FDF with Jean Su and I can’t wait to join the next FDF event!

      Kennedy Davis

    • Dear Ms. Fonda: It’s been awhile since I last wrote, but I just wanted you to know that the photo of my Barbarella painting that I mailed you got back to me with your autograph on it, to which I say “Thank you very much.”. Just think, my art portfolio of Barbarella artwork now starts off with a photo of my favorite painting of your sci-fi character complete with your autograph. I just wanted to write you to express my appreciation of your kind gesture. Have fun! Yours-Steven Vasko

    • Cuando encontré este blog me hizo una ilusión tremenda. Ver qué Jane contesta es algo atípico y especial. No sé si alguien podría decirme si cabe la posibilidad en conseguir una foto firmada enviada por correo postal??? Hablo desde España, sé que es una locura pero la ilusión es mayor. Gracias por todo.

    • Hi Jane:
      I have been a lifelong fan of yours and still possess and exercise with the Jane Fonda workout tape.
      My husband and I began to binge watch television series since the onset of the pandemic. I found Canadian series particularly entertaining ,like Working Moms and Kim’s Convenience, because the humor seemed sharper and more ground breaking than American television, untiI I watched Frankie and Grace!!! I just saw the episode where Frankie and Grace (finally)break down and tell their ex-husbands how angry they are with them of how dismissive they were when Grace discovered the jewelry stash and Frankie found out Kenny Loggins did not purchase Hitler’s Circumsucion . In my whole life,(I am 62) I have never laughed longer or harder then when Grace burst out they were working on marketing vibrators for the senior female crowd! The concept shattered another glass ceiling of female comedy!
      Every time I turn on the show ,I am moved by how honest the confrontations are between the senior actors and actresses. It takes people who lived through the Sixties to bring out the best in drama and comedy. Our laughter reminds us we are still connected to each other with similar secrets brought into the open , that sharing brings love and clarity to our understanding of ourselves and fellow human beings. I want to thank you , Leslie Tomlin and the whole cast for such beautiful acting and making a show so worthwhile to watch.

      You bring me joy,


    • Jane, Grace and Frankie is one of my favorite shows ever. It makes me feel like anything is possible and achievable in life when I watch it. It really hits home. You are such an inspiration Jane. Thank you for an amazing show. Also, thank you to Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen, and all the other amazing actors in the show. Absolutely Brilliant!

    • Dearest Mrs. Fonda, I don’t even know where to start. I think I’ve seen almost all of your movies and I have to say that not only do you still look absolutely fantastic, you literally keep getting better! And very few ladies of your age can say this. This series was an absolute shock to me. I knew you were great and I knew you were very funny (Monster in-law), but I had no idea how funny and open you are. You and your colleague Mrs. Tomlin make a perfect duo and as soon as I saw the second part, I had to watch From 9 to 5. 🙂 The series literally captured my heart and I found in it a beautiful escape from the sometimes difficult life… I have 5yo son with autism, and I take care of my grandmother at home, born in 1939 (I have no parents or other siblings), who was turned into a lager in the hospital. She is getting better and I´m not gonna let her go to the hospital or retirement home ever. Thanks for you, your positivity, your wonderful and never-aging presence. With regards and best wishes for atleast another fifty years, Olga Veselá, Czech Republic (Also very sorry for my “GoogleTranslatorEnglishNoSkills”)

    • Dear Ms. Fonda,
      A warm “hello” to you, yours, and others who visit this site. Before I share with all of you my thoughts about GRACE AND FRANKIE, there is something personal I would feel remiss if I did not share. Because it’s been some time since I last wrote to you, I will touch upon an event from my life that relates directly to one of my two reasons for writing this post, as well as to jog your memory in case you don’t remember me.
      First, I am a writer who lives in Columbus, Ohio. I am in the middle of my third year of being permanently disabled. This stems from a work-related accident I suffered in 2010. The first doctor to whom I went was negligent in his treatment of me — something I did not learn until seven years after said treatment, when a new doctor informed me of what had been done; or, rather, what had not been done but should have. In addition to this, the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and its practices of obfuscation kept me from having a surgery for a decade following my accident. The result was that, when finally surgery was approved in 2019, it was too late for me. The surgery, grueling and debilitating, was not successful. And now I know what it is like to be permanently disabled; to suffer from chronic pain; and to battle, daily, depression.
      To be in such a position means that one’s hope of having “hope” is compromised. The world narrows, and not just because one is housebound most of the time. Therefore, when something good presents itself, one does one’s best to acknowledge, feel, and be grateful for it. And while one’s quality of life is not what it once was, nor will ever be again, one wakes each day with a renewed effort to grasp what is still good in life rather than straws.
      I still write; there is no way I could give it up. The sustenance — and, yes, therapy — it offers one is simply not expendable. So, while I can only write for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, I do my best, on the days when it is possible, to make the most of those 15 or 20 minutes.
      Being a writer means also being a reader and, given that I write screenplays in addition to prose, a passionate cinephile.
      Now, in addition to studying its screenplay, I recently watched COMING HOME again. Being disabled myself, this particular viewing hit me on a deeper, more profound level. It gave me much more than it had before, even though it has always been one of my favorite films, and my favorite, indeed, of Hal Ashby’s work as a director. I wish I words were adequate enough to convey how grateful I am to Ms. Dowd, Mr. Salt, Mr. Jones, Ms. Milford, Mr. Carradine, Mr. Cyphers, Mr. Voight, and, most of all, to Mr. Kovic and you for offering the world a film that not only informs us, but inspires us to be better people. So, I thank you. Thank you very much.
      Now, for GRACE AND FRANKIE. What can one say? It is rare indeed that a series can be warm, funny, moving, and honest in perpetuity. But those of you involved in the production accomplished it. I watched every episode with my mother, and it gave us ample occasions to laugh and even to shed a few tears together. That’s what the best art does, after all: it reminds us that we can feel and share with one another this bittersweet journey that is life. When our ancestors gathered around the fire to share stories, or to draw on cave walls, clearly they were on to something.
      So, I thank you again for many wonderful visits around the communal fire. The warmth, empathy, and wisdom you offer to so many has not been in vain.
      As always, my warmest regards,
      P. S. — Let’s go, Climate Pac!

      • Dear JOhn, I wish you much strength and perseverance. Thank you for your words about “Coming Home” and “Grace & Frankie.” xx Jane

    • Hilarious interview on Fallon! I was so excited by the amazing reaction that the audience gave after you explained the JFPAC’s mission. Cant wait to get back out in the streets! 🔥

    • Hello hello Ms. Fonda <3,

      (submitting again) Whenever I find a respite or aspirational model to become a bit happier, healthier or more at peace, you and your manifestations of art/goodness seem to be the source for me. You/they are teeming with affirmations. I just started G&F… during the last leg of my rather problematic junior year of college… and now it will be with me during hard times this summer and months to come…
      also this will be another summer of your workout vids giving my body and energy back to me, so spiritual, so intentional and cleansing. It is best to not keep your feet on the ground.

      There is a lot more where that came from, so may I please send you a letter sometime?

      Ashleigh C xx

    • Hi Jane!,
      I want to tell you that I’m in pain for everything that happened in Uvalde and for all the people killed before and after this unfortunate event. I believe that the time to do something has come. There isn’t a magic recipe, I’m speaking from Spain where we have suffered for years from the terrorism harassment with deaths of innocents as well, sowing fear throughout society and although I know they’re different problems but there’s a common point, it’s the fear, the fear of the other and feelling that you’re not safe but it’s necessary to break the vicious circle of fear and guns to protect yourself from fear. How do you get rid of this problem? Among other things, when the entire civil society becomes aware and has the courage to face the problem and pushes politicians to dialogue and to take decisions, with greater social justice and with a professional police force that guarantees the safety of all citizens. The vast majority of developed countries endorse the theory that people live much safer and happier without guns. A society with fear is not a free society.
      All the best

    • Good evening!
      You and Lily are a dynamic duo that always makes me HOOT with paroxysmal laughter. I wake my husband up at night gasping for air and he gets startled for a minute and then continues to snore.

      Grace & Frankie has been such a positive, funny and realistic take on marriage, divorce, diversity and aging gracefully.

      I’ve lost both my parents within the last two years and it’s been a rough time, especially my mom, who passed at the very beginning of COVID and we were unable to see her in the last week of her life. She had a very honest sense of humor and could find something funny about everything.

      My dad suffered for years with Parkinson’s and Lewey Body Dementia. It was very hard to watch him decline. He had an amazing life: youngest of 14, born a year before The Great Depression. During his working years he was a pastor, teacher, two-term statewide office holder (a yellow dog Democrat), a university president for two different schools and had a PhD in political science. You would have loved both of them.

      One last thing…in high school I did a scene from “Barefoot in the Park.” You and Mr. Redford are an adorable couple.

      Be well,

    • Dear Jane, A few months ago, after 22 years of working for a company, my position was eliminated as part of a reorg. A friend sent me a link to your Ted Talk about the Third Act. Your words deeply resonated with me, and gave me refreshed hope in “what comes next.” I am also a huge fan of Grace and Frankie. You both kept it so real and so relatable. And so inspiring. Thank you for your words, your beauty (both outer and inner), and for showing us in our third act that we still have value.

    • Hi Jane,

      I don’t know if you remember but about two years ago I left a comment about being insecure to still have my virginity at 25 and you said,
      “wait till there’s love” which has stuck with me ever since. I wanted to update you. Since your comment, I met someone by chance during the end of the pandemic and we fell in love. It’s been a year and a half, we’ve moved in together and he’s encouraged me so much that I went back to education to study something I love. I’ve just finished my first year of my degree, getting A+ on all my grades.

      I wanted to thank you. If it wasn’t for your words, I probably would’ve lost my virginity out of pressure and never met this man who has truly changed my life. I’ve introduced him to your work, too. He adores Grace and Frankie, and he even purchased a signed copy of your autobiography for my valentines day gift.

      I can’t thank you enough,


    • Jane, thank you. Thank you for such a fantastic show. I’ve grown up on so many of your movies and shows and just adore you (and what a fantastic person you are in general). You inspire me. I love the show and it brings me so much comfort and happiness.. two of my favorite ‘comfort’ movies that I’ve always watched are Monster-In-Law and Georgia Rule. Two favorites I just love. You’re the main reason for them all! Thanks for all you do, and making life fun even during the hard times. 🙂

    • Since the last episodes were released on Netflix, I binged watched all at once. And I loved every single episode and the way it ended. I will forever love Grace & Frankie, and I’m thinking about start to rewatch the show since the first season, because I just can’t deal with this end, it’s my favorite show of all times and for sure it will be forever my comfort show!

      I haven’t had time to write to you before, but all I can say is that you, Lily, Marta, Howard, everybody, made such an incredible job of making/creating this show. I’m so grateful for your and Lily’s character because sometimes I feel like a little bit of them, despite the fact I’m only 22 years old.

      And the last episode with Dolly, oh my god, amazing amazing amazing amazing, it couldn’t be a better character. And the reunion of the three of you, this scene completely melted my heart, and I ended up sobbing, and I cried for like 15 minutes since it ended. But it was so beautiful, so poetic the last scene of you two painting together and then walking on the beach.

      And I’m not sure if you will read this message (I hope so!), but I wanna let you and Lily to know that your characters mean the world to me. I discovered the show during the quarantine time, in the end of 2020, and I was going through a hard time, i was facing a depression and an anxiety I’ve never felt before, and your show helped me to face this issues on a more easy way, with lots of laughs and learnings.

      I hope to get to the age of Grace and Frankie, and if I do, I will already know what are the pains and the delights of being an older woman, thanks to this wonderful show!

      With so much love,
      Giovanna 💗

    • Hello hello Jane,

      Whenever I find a respite or aspirational model to become a bit happier, healthier or more at peace, you and your manifestations of art/goodness seem to be the source for me. You/they are teeming with affirmations. I just started G&F… during the last leg of my rather problematic junior year of college… and now it will be with me during hard times this summer and months to come…
      also this will be another summer of your workout vids saving me mentally and helping me out physically!!

      There is a lot more where that came from, so may I please send you a letter sometime?

      All the best,

    • Jane,
      Now that I’ve watched the finale episodes of G&F, I am sharing with you that the most touching moment from the last episode was when Frankie was painting with Grace’s hand. It gave me chills on my back.
      Thank you 🙏 and hats off to you and Lily for all the great work you’ve both done!👏❤

    • Dear Jane,
      We thank you for the well written, produced, excellent acting, styling done in Grace & Frankie! Watched the final episodes and currently viewing my favourite ones! I’ve also written something along these lines in your blog posted June entitled Back to Work.
      Moreover, Lily Tomlin’s outstanding humour, the entire cast really, is truly phenomenal. I am not sure if you see any of these replies, but I feel blissed knowing there is a space where I can extend my sincere thank you for sharing your extraordinary talents to your fans through a wonderfully written series. Hopefully we’ll have the honour to see you, Lily and cast members in another project? Perhaps a contemporary version of 9-5? In Europe, the issue of equal pay for women is really a topic, and I recall how well the issue of women climbing the corporate ladder was portrayed by Lily Tomlin’s character, something truly robust for that time.
      Consequently, I am currently writing/working on a paper on EU’s Green Deal and Climate Change, so I tune on Fire Drill Fridays which puts perspective on the issue of fossil fuels. However, in Europe, following the War on Ukraine, things are a little complex due to links where we receive gas, so it’s not only an issue of fossil fuels alone.
      Finally, again I honestly appreciate you ever so much, you’re someone I look up to. The entire cast of Grace & Frankie are absolutely brilliant. Also, congratulations to Lily Tomlin in having her hands cemented in Hollywood, long over due, but never too late! Fingers crossed that an assistant will give you the gist of this rather lengthy gratitude post!
      All the best to each and everyone of the Grace & Frankie cast, writers, producers, directors.

      Athens, Greece

    • Muchas gracias for a precious lessons on compassion and conflict resolution. I started watching your series when I walked away from my marriage after suspecting my husband was gay. I also lived in pain and solitude like Grace for many years. You showed me I was not alone, and that there is hope to rebuild a life, to regain the right to pleasure. Magnificent cast, magnificent lessons on human relationships. Forever grateful, I just finished watching all your new episodes, bravo!

    • Well I just finished the final episodes of Grace and Frankie and I cried. I love that they went from never being in the same room to never being able to be in different rooms. They evolved so much and not just them. Robert, Sol, Brianna, Malerie, Bud, and even Coyote changed so much that it will be weird watching the show all over again. Grace and Frankie both said that they went through hell together and made it back together and I felt that I was apart of that as well. I would like to thank Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen, Sam Waterston, June Diane Raphael, Brooklyn Deckler, Baron Vaughn, Ethan Embry, and the rest of the cast and crew for creating a show that will forever be in our hearts. I am going to miss the feeling of first seeing the last episode but I know that I am going to cry every time. I wish there could be more episodes for me to watch even if that meant never doing another thing in my life again. So thank you Jane and Lily.

    • Thank you to you and everyone involved with the making of ‘Grace and Frankie’! I have never enjoyed a show so much, honestly! You have all had me laughing, crying, quoting lines and thoroughly enjoying watching multiple times and finding new elements each time. This show show will stay with me forever – it has woken me up and made me a stronger, happier person, strange though that may seem. I will raise a Martini on Friday and say ‘Cheers’ to ‘Grace and Frankie’…love always from England, U.K. 🙏🏻😂🥺😍❤️
      Ruth Jane Davison

    • Dear Jane,

      This has quickly become one of my favorite shows, I’m so excited to see how it wraps up! You and Lily both have an incredible talent, thank your for sharing it.

      Kennedy Davis

  • Dear Friends,

    Today I am launching my new effort to stem the tide of climate change and address the outsize influence the fossil fuel industry has on our political system. It’s called the Jane Fonda C […]

    • Dear Jane,

      I want to say: thank you!

      I am a 27 year old woman from Hamburg, Germany. I have had my fair share of childhood trauma, I have gone to therapy for many years. After my last therapy session about 2 years ago I was finally able to say that I am quite fine with my life. But still, I had that underlying sadness. An underlying feeling of despair, a sense of a lack of purpose in my life.

      My upbringing has made me a person that longs for security. I have built my life on a safety net. I have never taken any risks. I have never done the bold thing. Even though I am very intelligent, I have always had the feeling of not being smart enough. Not being pretty enough. Not being thin enough—I am sure every woman in the modern world knows these feelings.

      Completely randomly I came across an interview of yours some time ago. You spoke about being whole and living an life in integrity. And at that very moment the truth has struck me: I am not living my life authenticly or in integrity at all. That false desire of security has parted me from my true nature. I don‘t want to live the same day for the rest of my life. I want to take risks. I want to be courageous.
      This realization has made me very vulnerable. I have been crying a lot in the past weeks. Even though I don‘t want to build my life on fear and on the feeling that I am not enough, my life to a new direction is very stressful still. I am very afraid of failure. I am afraid of being hurt. I am afraid of rejection.

      But you won‘t experience deep human connection without putting yourself out there. And that is the essence of being alive in my opinion. The most valuable gift we have as humans is feeling that deep connection to other people.
      To hear you talk about your childhood experiences, about you not feeling good enough, not receiving the love you needed as a child… it really resonated with me. You said, if there was one thing you wanted people to know, it would be that it is never too late and that one should never give up! This touched me very deeply.
      Isn‘t it the most wondrous thing how two people that have never met each other, share experiences on such a profound level? We have never met each other and most likely never will, but still your words describe my life, my feelings and beliefs perfectly.
      The human experience as a whole is simultaneously an individual experience as well as a shared experience. And it all boils down to the basic knowledge that we all are searching for love, safety and a sense of belonging.

      There is this beautifu quote by Terentius Lucanus: I am a human being, I consider nothing that is human alien to me. This should be the wisdom we need in our life. What a different we would live in if people would be able to truly emphasize with each other. If we could put ourselves in the shoes of one another and walk a few steps. This would cure the temper of any cynic person.

      All these words are written with just one intention: to let you know that there is this at least this one person that you have had a profound impact on. I am trying to change my whole life. I am applying for new jobs (as my job is making the most miserable). I want to get into a different profession, one that is meaningful to me as well as to the society. I have started my daily practice of meditation. I have found interest in Buddhist philosophies. I am trying every day to find my integrity, my true and authentic self and live my truth.

      The life you are living is inspiring. I aspire to live a life as bold as you do. I want to start standing up for myself. For my beliefs and for our planet!
      I have looked into your FDF and I would love to be a part of that movement. But they do not seem to take place in Germany yet, do they? I think we should change that! Is there any possibility to bring them to Germany?

      Again, thank you for everything you do.


      • Dear Nicole, Your letter has moved me deeply. Please send me your address. I’m so glad you found my interview helpful. WE aren’t able to bring Fire Drill Fridays to Germany or anywhere outside the US because we don’t have the resources. Why not check out your local Greenpeace. I know that Greenpeace is strong in Germany. Where in Germany do you live? Keep on growing and searching and reading. xx Jane

        • Hi Jane,

          Looking back at this post, gives me abit of hope that people such as yourself strive to make a difference for the better.

          This week in South Africa, we have experienced a yellow 5 weather warning and our country’s disaster management failed to warn us timeously on the repercussions we would face this week. We all witnessed the horror of mother nature’s shocking abilites the next morning: homes and motor vehicles floating and/or submerged in sand and water , rubble everywhere, landslides, roads washed away, rivers that burst wider and deeper and swallowing it’s nearest surroundings. A tanker which was fortunately empty led into the sea, that was how much force the floods had.

          This post had me thinking, in our country there is hardly to no emphasis on climate change, just your normal cliché, reduce, reuse and recycle. Our nearest Greenpeace is in another province (six hours away). I remember a time when the recycling truck used to come on a weekly basis to pick up the recycling bins and this country has even managed to stop that. I feel so hopeless and unmotivated in a country such as South Africa. We are led by people who are driven by power to become an authorative title but lack the intelligence to lead and act. We have currently lost 450 innocent lives and still counting (amongst them a baby). Our country’s representatives just do not care, and yet the earth is still kind and humble enough to provide for us even with our ignorance and careless attitude for the future. This angers me so much.

          Last year we were all focusing on the fears of contracting the co-vid virus but our country’s citizens thought it would be more important to loot most of the malls, and rob good, honest people of their hardwork and their lives. Buildings were on fire, products of the looting polluted the roads, in fact the province never looked worse. The government refused to dispatch the army on time and by this time more innocent lives were taken and there was a shortage of food. The government had dispatched the army when the damage was done.

          The government has not offered its assistance to even clear up the roads to make them accessible, the neighborhood has made it their responsibility.

          However when I look at you, my heart warms with hope. I see your focus and I see your mission. I see your fight. You are a brave individual and you are getting through. The importance of the earth, climate change and respect for it has heightened.

          In conclusion, thank you for being a great person who wants to maintain this earth and conserve it. We need more people like you. People Who Act. You are a great influence on being the change. So I just want to say, Thank you.


        • Dear Jane,
          I am so thankful that my words have found their way to you.
          I would love to send you my address; is there a way I can do so without posting it here publicly?

          I live in Hamburg, Germany.
          I have already found local groups that I can join.
          This really is the most important mission of our lifetime!

          xx Nicole

    • So, so incredible that you are doing this. This is going to help move mountains. With you all the way and will support this in any way that I can.

      Kennedy Davis

    • Wishing you every success with your PAC, Jane! Sadly, I am in the U.K. so cannot contribute; however I am supporting your work from afar.

      My best to you always,

      Ruth Jane Davison xx

    • I think what you are doing is just great, I am all about making an effort to cut down on fossil fuel and the carbon footprint we are leaving.

    • You are such an inspiration for me! The Climate PAC sounds fantastic. My name is Porter Betts from Atlanta and I have just begun an Atlanta Tuesdays Climate Walk down Peachtree Street during lunch hour every week. I am active on Facebook (Porter Betts on FB). Right now we have only a very few people interested, but I pray this may catch on with time and visibility (Greta inspired me by her singular stance which started a movement). Atlanta needs to see this, our city needs to step up visibly and symbolically.

    • Dear Ms. Fonda: Congratulations on the launch of your new political pac. The question I have for you is: do you still have a mailing address (such as a business address) where one could contact you in order to send photos and the like for your autograph? Thanks for taking the time to read this. Have fun! Yours-Steven Vasko

    • Thank you.

    • I am grateful for your efforts and commitment to making the world a better place. I’m a monthly donar. ✊🌎

      • Carrie, it means a whole lot to me to learn that you are a monthly donor to my Climate PAC. Thank you.xxx Jane

    • Thank you Jane. This is the first PAC I ever donated to and I truly appreciate your efforts! Your explanation for its purpose opened my eyes – I always wonder how things get done in D.C.!

    • Keep marching on. Blessings. Some things are best expressed in song. https://youtu.be/77Eqql7tsGM

    • SUSTAINABILITY is only possible with much fewer people! – OVERPOPULATION is the real root cause of the climate catastrophe and all other huge PROBLEMS on earth! – Please read my PETITION for global birth regulations and maybe you sign and share it: https://www.change.org/p/united-nations-introduce-obligatory-world-wide-birth-controls

    • Thank you Jane! For everything you have done and continue to do!

      You may be interested in partnering with 2030 or Bust. 2030orbust.org or facebook.com/2030orbust

      Laughlin Artz who has extensively studied with Werner Erhard has been leading this campaign for 7 years. He has skateboarded across the United States, is creating the Concert for Power slated for January 2023 in New York and is demonstrating OUR starving for power by literally starving until he reaches the monetary goal to fund the Concert for Power.

      I donate to both Campaigns and I thought I would mention a possible merger.

      I have loved your films my whole life and watched Grace and Frankie all seasons at least 4 times so far.

      Wishing you lots of love, light and power in your journey against cancer.

      I have no doubt about you.

    • It is my honor. Sending you ❤️🕊🙏 today and always.

    • Hi again, looking forward to approval for my comment or even forwarding to the right person to continue the conversation about Jane accepting an interview by an award-winning teenage journalist as a reward for their already great journalism.

    • Dear Jane, You are such an awesome inspiration to young people! I don’t know if this is the right place for this, but here goes: My organization, Global Youth & News Media based in France, encourages teenage journalists to profile climate champions who are making a real difference, especially among their peers. We’ll soon morph that work into a competition to give further visibility to their work with the best profiles published in the educational news service News Decoder. Here’s the idea: Would you be willing to let the winning teenage journalists also do an interview with you?

    • Amandine, Appreciate your idea for trainings. What Greenpeace and Fire Drill Fridays are doing is like a training. We give Calls to Action and then Trainers at Greenpeace train people to be trainers of others or train them directly to call and/or visit their elected official about the specific issue we are tackling. Right now it’s an all-hands-on-deck moment to stop the Schumer/Manchin side deal. These are the kinds of things most impactful right now for individual people to do because they become part of an organized collective effort. Individual action isn’t nearly as impactful as working with an organization that already had strategies and tactics have been been proven. We have 8 years left before when we need to cut carbon emissions in half. It’s the time for big collective action.

    • Jane, I might be one of those candidates you’re looking for. Veteran of many campaigns, but running for the first time. Independent for the state House from Oregon’s North Coast. Climate crisis is my top issue. How do I contact your PAC?

    • Hi Jane

      Your ClimatePac is such vital next level activism. We need to do more to disrupt the everyday not just with marches but precisely in this manner.
      Also keep an eye on the wider release of this brilliant documentary: Finite: The Climate of Change. It tells of the solidarity, skill shares and sacrifice of two big anti coal (opencast extraction) campaigns and how sustained (community) campaigning does make a difference. Exceptional storytelling of a campaign in Northern England stopping the expansion of one and the opening of two further sites and the very tough campaign against RWE in Germany destroying villages and ancient woodland in parallel most footage from 2018 to 2020: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt14961862/

    • Hi Jane,

      Congratulations on launching your climate PAC! This is hugely important and if there’s anyone who has the platform and ability to pull in donors, it’s you. My wife and I signed up to become monthly donors right away.

      Politics in general, and the climate crisis in particular, occupy the majority of my thoughts and time. I feel very helpless watching governments’ inaction across the globe as reports of irreversible impacts keep mounting. Being able to donate feels like taking action, more so than the actual organizing I’m involved in. I wish there were a way for all disparate movements to come together to create a collective capable of pressuring governments into meaningful action worldwide.

      The war in Ukraine has highlighted our dependency on fossil fuels and how that dependency is escalating the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, because leaders are reluctant to impose adequate sanctions against the Kremlin for fear of energy insecurity. What could be strategically used to emphasize the importance of a fast transition to clean energy has instead turned into simply changing fossil fuel vendors. It’s frustrating on so many levels.

      A little side note: About two years ago, you gave me the advice to focus my energy on winning over the people who are willing to stand up for climate justice, but have not been asked to get involved, rather than trying to convince those who speak out against climate action to change their minds. That was some of the best advice I have ever received. Getting away from constant conflict made the activism much less overwhelming. It felt like getting permission to shut up once in a while. 😉

      Wishing you all the success and a whole lot of donors!

      xx Dani

    • Dear Jane, I wanted to write you this message for so long but never really found the right words, so I decided to just write down whatever’s on my mind!! the first thing I wanted to say to you is a massive THANK YOU!! thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a fierce, amazing and inspiring woman. i sometimes can’t wrap my head around the fact how much you’ve inspired me in my life so far and how different my life would probably be if I never discovered you and your work- crazy to think how someone can influence someone’s life without even meeting them personally. I’m a 20 year old woman. there were many moments in my life where I felt lost and had no idea who I really was and what I wanted in life. many times I felt so alone and thought I was never gonna fit in. and somehow I came across you in one of those moments. I’m so grateful that I discovered you in this exact time- in a time where I was trying to fit in but felt so lonely and had no idea who I really was and was afraid to show my true personality because I was afraid to get bullied again and became a version of myself that just wasn’t me. I found you exactly when I needed someone like you in my life. your honesty, creativity and strength inspired me so much and helped me to find out who I really was. your movies, interviews and of course grace and frankie made me realise who I am, what I want in life and helped me to stop hiding behind a version of myself that wasn’t me at all. I wouldn’t be the woman that I am today if I hadn’t discovered you and your work. your energy and constant fight for justice is beyond inspiring. your work, especially Grace and Frankie, helped me so much to stop hiding and to truly embrace my true self and discover that true self. it’s a long journey and I’m still learning so much but I just wanted to let you know that I’m so so grateful that I found you on this journey. I really wanted to let you know that you and the things you do and say really changed my life in the best way possible. I found so much inspiration and positive energy while listening to you talk about your experiences in life or just watching Grace and Frankie and it was just really important for me to say THANK YOU for being you!! I’m sending you so much love!!

    • Dear Jane Fonda,
      I am Brazilian. I have 2 twin daughters – Cecilia and Helena. They are 9 years-old. Thanks to you and all your contribution to our Earth planet, I am able to teach my girls to help the environment. They still don’t have social media, but I show them your posts ans interviews. It’s been a great inspiration. We all love you. We deeply need help in Brazil!

    • Getting people to just give money to an environmental cause is all good and well but you and I both know that it is a looong and slow slog. It’s hard to get people to part with their $$$…FULL STOP. It’s much easier to entice them into buying something that they already covet and want. It’s a win-win combination of getting people to HAPPILY part with their money. My idea will create a platform where people can shop for 100% donated items and 100% of the sales goes to your cause. (there is so much more to it, I promise) I don’t have the time or energy to start my own Charity but I believe in you and anything that you attach your time and energy to. People would feel GOOD shopping here and would get a virtue signal opportunity and get positive public acknowledgment and a pat on the back(which most people these days seem to need. Also, they will feel a part of something greater. Celebs will want to get involved for the same reason. I PROMISE it is worth your time to just hear me. Thank you:) sorry if I come across as pushy. I am just SOOO excited about creating a constant stream of money to save and SUPPORT the Earth. I’m also hell-bent on getting Clean Water for everyone.

      • Hannah, thanks for the idea. I will ponder. I may not have the bandwidth to create a shopping place with donated goods right now. Maybe after the midterms. Appreciate your thinking of this.

    • Hi Jane! I am so excited to be here. I just finished watching an interview with you about your career and I feel so grateful and connected to you. We are so blessed to have you and your powerful voice. I just turned 50 and am dedicating the rest of my life to saving Mama Earth. I have had this idea that I have been cultivating for a while. I really want to share it with you. It’s a way to raise 100s of millions of $$$ for the environment…and for your cause. I’m not looking to make a profit…I just want to change lives. It’s a way to literally save the planet. It is a combination of using the population’s desire to be seen on Instagram,TV, and the Red Carpet. It’s a way to grab people’s attention through fashion and being seen. It’s also fun and interactive…which I think a lot of people need right now. I don’t want to drop the whole campaign right here though…I was hoping to message you privately if possible? I PROMISE you it’s an amazing idea and it wouldn’t take any of your energy…other than possibly bringing awareness to the campaign. It’s a campaign that never ends as it will constantly be raising $$ through fashion and what’s current. If you are willing to receive a private email from me, then please give me an email or email me at [email protected] also my website is http://www.gohannahstone.com just so that you can see that I’m not a crazy stalker 🙂 I’m just an amazing idea person and I see an opportunity gap in Hollywood and regular everyday life that can and will wake people up and get them excited about raising $$ for Mother Earth. Thank you for your time, Jane, <3

    • Jane, It’s worth viewing Russell Brand’s youtube channel today – – 18 April – – whose description is this:
      “Klaus Schwab and the WEF tout their work in saving the world using environmental metrics called ESGs. But if companies that have good scores are actually the worst environmental violators, could it be that what the WEF are really working towards is a social credit scoring system?” I note Brand has many of your concerns across the spectrum including the the future of the planet. I think you should guest on his channel, which has over 5 million subscribers, to explore your common concerns. Here’s the link:

    • Dear Ms. Fonda and thank you for using your voice to adress issues that affect the entire world. I know you have been known to speak loudly and clearly during your years, and I am thrilled to see that your voice boom as loudly as ever.

      I am lucky enough to live in a country that takes the environmental issues very seriously, even though our population is but a small fraction in the whole scheme of things. Norway try to lead by example, and hope the rest of the world will follow and at least do some of the things.

      I know Norway is not there yet, by far, but at least I know the topics are taken seriously and not silenced, and small steps are taken all the time to improve. Is it enough? I don’t know.

      I wish you the very best of luck and send all the positive energies I can muster your way, may your words shake the stupidity out of the politicians and open their eyes to the problems we are facing as a united world.

      Best regards from Norway
      Axel Aubert

    • Dear Jane, Again thank you for your leadership, tenacity, and courage. Donation made today, happy as always to join with you on this next leg of our journey. I’ve been MIA lately taking risks with my heart to stretch myself but I’m still here. So glad you are too. much love, Dona

  • Awhile ago I got a letter from a Boise Idaho high school student, @Shiva_rajbhandari, telling me that he and 9 other students were very concerned about the climate crisis and wanted to learn more about it but […]

    • Wow! Very impressive! It makes me feel like our future is in good hands.

    • Dear Jane!

      Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a wonderful day with people you love, and I wish you much happiness, health and love in the next year!

      I’m so sorry to hear about Tulea. I’ve had pets in my life since I was born so I know how hard it is to say goodbye. I hope you find some comfort in that she lived a long, wonderful life with you.

      It felt so good to have a Fire Drill Friday meeting the other day! I really miss having them weekly on Zoom, and engaging with the amazing community of people that regularly attends. It isn’t quite the same on Facebook since we can’t engage with each other in the same way as we do on Zoom. I know you’ve been incredibly busy finishing Grace & Frankie and the film you just wrapped (Congratulations on both!), but I’m looking forward to seeing what 2022 will bring for Fire Drill Friday!

      I continue to be very active as a volunteer with Greenpeace, and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming electoral work we will do in 2022. This is going to be so important. I’m currently a Greenpeace Ambassador and I’ve started leading national orientations for new volunteers via Zoom. It has been such a privilege to introduce newcomers to GP and watch them get involved. I’m also a coach for the Action Pod program that started over the summer, and I’ve guided pod leaders and their local groups as they organized rallies and petition deliveries, held call and text banking parties, and wrote letters to the editor on climate-related topics. This has all been very rewarding work and I’m looking forward to the projects GP has planned for 2022.

      I’m so grateful that you started Fire Drill Fridays since this is what got myself and so many others to start volunteering with Greenpeace. And our community of staff and volunteers is just incredible. It truly feels like a big family!

      I hope you are doing well and get a chance to relax every now and then during your projects.

      Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!! See you in 2022!!!


      • This is very good to hear, Jenny, that the last Fire Drill Friday was important to you and you want more in the New Year. Me too. We’re working on it, deciding on the best way to move activism forward in 2022. This will be such an important year– for the climate and for democracy. xxx Jane

        • As a math teacher, I love that Shiva is creating math problems around this issue that can be used by others. This kind of interdisciplinary work brings relevance to math and teaches about climate change in various contexts. Bravo to Shiva and to you for supporting the curiosity and passion of these students.

    • Was thinking of you today as it’s winter solstice and that always reminds me that it’s your birthday. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And Merry Christmas. I hope you get to spend it with some family and friends. All the love and support ( especially for Tulea). I know what you mean too. I had a dog once that was my soulmate. There’s others you love with all your heart but that soulmate bond can never be broken. Love from Newfoundland, Canada


    • Happy birthday Jane❤️🎊I want to wish you good health and that this new year is one of many changes and that you can continue to share with us your love for the planet, I love you❤️❤️

    • Very cool stuff! Admirable young people. THE future!
      HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jane… you saved thousands in a time of war, thousands by promotion of good health and emotional, spiritual, physical wellbeing… you and Lily comforted and made us laugh in pandemic living,, and your presently saving the Earth for future generations ~ now that’s a meaningful, well-lived, purposed life!!!!! Congratulations 🎊 🎂🍨 🎉

    • This is inspiring. Thank you, Jane for all that you do and give and for your caring spirit. And Happy Birthday, Jane Fonda! Your kindness inspires us all.

    • Dear Jane, I wish you all the best for your birthday and especially health and happiness!
      I hope you will spend a few beautiful festive days with your loved ones. I wish you a blessed Christmas and a good start to the new year 2022!

      Best regards from Germany
      Barbara ❤🍀

    • Thank you so much for sharing! This is incredible. And, happy birthday!

      Thanks again for all you do.

      Kennedy Davis

    • Hi Jane! I am very happy to hear about these students, I believe it was the best birthday present you could ever receive, hope, hope that the future is not totally lost, there are still young people who want to fight global warming. I live in Brazil, unfortunately I’m out of high school, I’m at university and studying History, but next year, when the in-person classes return, I’ll do everything so that some environmental movement can also happen here. Here we have many problems with mining dams, now in the last flood of rivers in the Amazon, several ferries were installed on the main rivers in Brazil, and unfortunately nobody does anything. We are in serious global trouble, but we must not give up hope. Now with the arrival of new elections, we must seriously analyze the candidates and vote for those who want the best for the environment. Thank you Jane for always sharing stories like that, they motivate us. Happy Birthday, health and lots of love in your life. kiss Joana

    • Fantastic story. Happy Birthday Jane. All the very best for you and your new year. Jason x


    • So nice to learn about this, it gives me hope too.

      P.s. I remember your birthday is on winter solstice 🙂 I wish you all the best, have a great day and happy birthday Jane!

      Lots of love from Croatia,

    • Do you have an idea of when the new movie you’re working on with Lily will be released? Will it be for only for the theatres or only by the streaming?

      This past year was not easy for Brazilians (my people!) we had so many losses on the enteirtanment world (with the actor and comedian Paulo Gustavo, he was incredibly funny and loved for everybody), many loved musicians left us, and it had all of the covid situation that I assume you already know, about our terrible president…

      I hope I get to watch you next year making the protest in front of the White House, always with a smile on your face and an uncontrollable desire to change the world!!!

      Xoxo, I hope you have an incredible 2022 with great health to continue giving us wonderful films and tv shows and to continue giving us hope for a better world.

      I wish that you, in a few years, be here celebrating your centenary with us, whether here on the blog, on the streets protesting, anyway, you got the message!!

      I love you so much and I’m thankful every single day of my life because I live in the same Universe, the same galaxy, in the same world that Jane Fonda lives. You have no idea how much you inspire me, and inspire young people too. 💗💗💗

    • Happy New Year, Jane!

      Thank your all you’ve done this year, especially elevating very important voices with Fire Drill Fridays! Cant wait to see what’s in store this coming year for Fire Drill Fridays! The last one of 2021 was especially empowering.

      2022 is going to be a critical year, and I am looking forward to fighting along with you and so many others in 2022!

      Kennedy Davis

    • So impressed with these young people! We need more kids (all over the world) like these, who are committed towards making the world a better place for all of us!

      Hope this reply gets ‘approved’, Jane; it seems that none of my other comments on your blogs have been approved, although I am certain I have not said anything I shouldn’t 🤔🙏🏻❤️!

      Ruth Jane Davison

    • Hi Jane!
      I wish you and all of us find the best way for our challenges in the coming year.
      Don Quixote tells very sweetly to Sancho, “As you are not experienced in the world’s things, all the things with some difficulty seem imposible to you, Trust the time that usually gives us sweet outlets to many bitter difficulties”.
      Today we could say “Worthwhile things are not inmediate or easy to get them but time can make them possible”. That’s what it will be like if we’re all together.
      Thank you Jane for all you do. My Christmas card.


    • Jane, when will be released the last episodes of G&F on Netflix?
      hugs ❤

    • Sj replied 2 years ago

      Really great blog… love to see inspired young people propelled forward with the encouragement and resources of such a solid, committed and authentic rolemodel.

    • Lovely Jane, I honestly can’t begin to express how much you matter in this world. You really rock.

      Keep fighting like you always do. I’m from the UK and I genuinely want to visit the USA just to be on Fonda’s turf! You’re so cool 😎

    • Hi Jane,
      I want to say you that at last I’ve found your book “What can I do?” in Spanish and finally I’ve been able to read it. First of all, I would like to thank you and Greenpeace also for the ongoing struggle and information tasks regarding climate change that’s reflected in this book. Thank you also for your work in Fire Drill Fridays.

      There’s something that has surprised me in the book like the relationship of individualism with the lack of sensitivity towards this problem, I’ve thought about it a lot and I think it’s true. The three countries that you mention as individualists, USA, Canada and UK may also be the Western countries most involved in the fossil fuel businesses and maybe that’s why changes could be more difficult for them. The most countries in the world even Europans ones are small in size compared to the US and Canada (It’s not the case with UK, by the way, in all senses they see themselves great and try to seem great but that time is over…) and maybe this size allows that all issues be more easy to handle included climate change. Each country in Europe isn’t itself a power and therefore we’ve fewer economic interests. The end of fossil fuels is rahter an opportunity to get out of the current dependence of them and time to undertake the change to renewable energies where we can compete more equally, I think because of that there’s a less resistance to change.

      I’m glad you mentioned in the book the necessary social protection within the Green New Deal, but I think it must be now, the implementation of this measure also supposes a fight against inequality. In Europe we’re trying to create the so-called “welfare state” where no one is excluded from education, health, …. basic rights…. and guarantee a salary when someone loses their job, this social protection has worked perfectly with the pandemic where many people have lost his job for months, if this protection had not been, we would have a social crisis never seen before, we avoid it and I’m proud of it.

      With no offence I must say that I’m very worried about democracy in USA, about voting restrictions and your strange electoral system, …. in fact many people in the world are worried too. What is happening with the Republicans? It’s insane! you know the rest of the world needs USA to be a strong democracy in order to move towards fairer societies and obviously to fight against climate change, I deeply wish and hope so!.
      We’re citizens in the world and our greatest responsibility is to exercise the right to vote, we must elect the right government to undertake the transition to clean energy. Each country must take on this challenge, in my country it has already happened with coal a few year ago.

      The film “Don’t look up” reflects the irresponsibility of our leaders and just at the ending of the movie, just before the tragedy take place, it’s very inspiring when someone say “we really did have everything, didnt’we?” I hope it never happens with climate change. I’m very very gratefull for your activism. Congratulations for the book!!

      I wish you a soon recovery for your recent surgery.

      (It would be interesting if some of your guests in Fire Drill Fridays will speak about a future with new energies and how the necessary transition would be approached)

    • Jane,

      Great FDF today! Excited to see how the community can get involved in the March 4th show!

      I just saw the trailer for Apple TV’s “Dear…”! Filming that episode here in Indiana last January will be something I will look back on for the rest of my life. The crew was incredible, and it was such a learning experience! I can’t wait to see the other letter writer’s stories and to hear your thoughts! It was sort of funny watching the trailer and seeing how much I’ve grown and changed physically, in my activism, and my career.

      Right after I filmed that episode, I got involved in local climate organizations, and then in June, I attended the Treaty People Gathering, met some amazing people, and since then we have held rallies and protests at multiple bank branches in urban areas of Indiana, temporarily put on hold now for safety reasons. But we’ll be back out there as soon as we can, doing our part to stop Line 5!

      You said in the show “I can’t make my life longer, but I can make it deeper.” From my point of view, you have accomplished this and more. I know for a fact that you’re books, activism, and acting have given countless people new ways to look ahead in their life and to examine the past to become whole. By sharing your journeys and your wisdom, you have played a part in helping people all over the world find their paths.

      I hope your shoulder heals very quickly! Stay safe out there!

      Kennedy Davis

      • Jane replied 2 years ago

        Really good to hear news of you, Kennedy. I’m so proud. Stay strong!!! Love, Jane

    • Hi, Jane❤!
      What’s your position regarding Russia-Ukraine war? What do you think about both the ways in which Putin and Zelensky are managing this military conflict? How about Biden’s position?!
      I live in the Northern part of Romania and we share two borders with Ukraine.

      sending you love,

      • I think what Putin is doing is criminal, horrendous and must stop. But how? I agree with Biden that the US and all other counties must avoid having this escalate into a world war. We, the US, must not get into a war with Russia but must help the Ukraine in whatever ways we can short of going to war. It’s a terrible thing.

        • I totally agree with you about avoiding another world war, but where helping Ukraine must stop?!
          I hear more and more often about a possible military support of Ukraine from NATO states like Poland and Romania (my country)- the closest ones to Ukraine. But that would be a potential trigger for Putin to expand the war. Don’t you think?
          stay safe, ❤

    • Lovely. That insight that storytelling is the best way to convey something is what New Journalism was crafting in the Sixties – – the transparency about ALL news stories being narratives that are structured by reporters and editors. And now this blog too is a narrative overview of something ongoing. So one way and another JF didn’t just donate, she got creative just as her students (and I like to think of them as having an extra tutor because what’s that Zoom call if not a group tutorial) are getting creative with an evolving narrative of their own. JF has street smarts as well as being a fab fine actress.

    • hello Jane, it was just my birthday and im going to see company on broadway im very happy.

      I wanted to share with you my cupcake shop https://northwoodsfarmcupcakes.com its my own shop dedicated to My father our farm is called Northwoods farm anyways I was wondering I would love to send a couple boxes to your grace and Frankie set and to you.

      is that possible.


  • It’s been a while. For months, it’s felt like all I could do was make it from one day to the next. No time or energy to write about it. All my energy went into working, keeping my spirits up and taking car […]

    • Blessings for your Bday!!!! May it be filled with peace, love, laughter. Good health, family and friends!! And, many more to come!!! The Earth needs you.🎁🎀🎊🎈🎉🍨🎂🍰☕❤

    • Querida Jane:
      Me da gusto saber sobre tí en el blog.
      Siempre he admirado tu postura hacia la vida. Eres fuerte y valiente y por si fuera poco hermosa! ☺️
      Extrañaré a G&F. Esas dos “viejas damas” me devolvieron la alegría y me hicieron sentir una más en el set…
      Me apena mucho saber lo de Túlea. También mi perrito Chopin con 17 años se durmió en mis brazos. No lo he podido superar aún y ya hace varios años. Siento tu dolor como mío. Tienes buenas fotos de tu “alma gemela”. Realmente hay que dar gracias por haberlos tenido con nosotros.
      Te deseo un muy bonito y FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!! Y una MEJOR NAVIDAD! Ya con hecho de verte rodeada de tu familia, hijos y nietos ya eso vale oro!!!! Desearía poder conocerte y darte un abrazo pero los miles de kilómetros lo impiden personalmente. Sé FELIZ! Continúa tu lucha. Es justa y valiente.
      Desde Uruguay, ayer, hoy y siempre, te amo! ❤️😍🇺🇾🥂😘💪 GRACIELA

      Dear Jane:
      I’m glad to know about you on the blog.
      I have always admired your stance towards life. You are strong and brave and if that were not enough beautiful! ☺️
      I will miss G&F. Those two “old ladies” brought my joy back and made me feel like one more on set …
      I am very sorry to know about Túlea. Also my 17-year-old Chopin dog fell asleep in my arms. I have not been able to overcome it yet and it has been several years now. I feel your pain as mine. You have good pictures of your “soul mate”. We really have to give thanks for having them with us.
      I wish you a very nice and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! And a BETTER CHRISTMAS! With the fact of seeing yourself surrounded by your family, children and grandchildren, that is worth gold !!!! I wish I could meet you and give you a hug but the thousands of kilometers prevent it personally. Be happy! Continue your fight. It is fair and courageous.
      From Uruguay, yesterday, today and always, I love you! ❤️😍🇺🇾🥂😘💪 GRACE

    • Happy birthday beautiful Jane!!
      So sorry for your loss…
      Thank you so much for taking a moment and telling us about yourself.
      Ii can’t wait to see the end of G&F and your new movie. Congratulations!!!!
      You are an amazing woman and I wish you all the best.

    • I’m so very sorry about your sweet dog. We had to do that with our Shiloh last year and I still miss him terribly. We probably won’t have another dog, either.

      My dad died last night so the holidays will be somber for us. Yet there is still so much to be grateful for and I’m trying to remember that.

    • So sorry to hear about your little one. My husband and I lost sparky on January 1st of this year. It’s left a space there that anyone who has not been privileged enough to have a four legged soul mate wouldn’t understand. You are a very special person, take care of yourself.

    • I am so sorry for your loss – all my best wishes for you!

    • Hi Jane, glad to know everything for you is still rolling along despite another unpredictable year. Hoping 2022 sees a better year for the World. I’m in Perth and we have been so lucky but Omicron is now here and about to take hold.
      Take care 💕

    • I’m late on this blog, but I’m sorry to hear about your dog Tulea, and typical of you, I feel, to be right by her and when she died. That happened to me too back in 2012 and I too resolved, No more. It’s achingly hard to go through, even if it’s all part of life doing its thing, whatever the hell that’s all about. So these days I just feed the birds and squirrels out back, and maybe break up the odd squirrel spat, which is manageable – – I mean it’s not like they’re pressing the escalation button like our own mad bstards. If only diplomatic solutions were this manageable, like all we need are separate food stations…

    • Dear Jane,
      I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your darling Tulea. I didn’t know. Animals are a gift. There is no other way to put it. Their passing is a devastating loss, that only animal lovers and protectors can understand. I know the pain all too well. It brings you to your knees.
      I hope you can pass the pain soon and live with her memory forever. They never leave us, their presence is constant and eternal.
      All my love
      Isabel xxx

  • I’m getting excited that we’ll start filming “Grace & Frankie” again tomorrow. I’ve enjoyed having to learn my lines for my scenes tomorrow and Tuesday. I won’t mind having to get up at 4:30am. I’m used to […]

    • Love the show with you and the rest of funny talented actors! Can’t wait to see Season 7. I love the cameo appearances of other famous actors that I haven’t seen in a very long time. It is the highlight of my evening to watch your show after a long busy day at work and then settling my kids to bed. You have inspired me to try eat more healthy and exercise too! 🙂

    • Hi Jane, Yahoo! Grace and Frankie! How was your first week at work? Was it exciting to see the people that (maybe) you hadn’t seen in a while? Do you get to keep your gray hair??But, yuck, getting up at 4:30 (thanks for doing that, though). But I get it, I keep “farmers hours” also (in the summer). I love being up when the sun rises and love that it stays light out so late (even if I am inside watching tv, LOL). June 21 is my favorite day of the year because it’s the longest; I guess I just have great memories of past summers. I hope you actually had some time off between the last FDF and the start of filming. Hey, I watched the Goldman Prizes and it was excellent! I learned 80% more than I knew. I also am reading “The Village of Ben Suc” (and it’s excellent) and am waiting for The Sum of Us…. and On Fire: The (burning) case for a green new deal. I don’t like reading digitally; I like to hold the book and turn the pages (yep, I am weird).
      I miss FDF’s but it’s so understandable to go to once a month (and thank you for that!).
      So, how long is filming; where are you headed for the next protest? okay-I’ve taken enough of your time. Hope you’re doing well! 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Jane,
      Is the 24th your saint? I don’t know, just in case, congratulations! In Spain we congratulate both the saint and the birthday, I suppose it is a Catholic tradition, almost everyone here weare a saint’s name. The St John’s Eve is a magical night, pagan rites prior to Christianity are mixed to celebrate the summer solstice and religion, large bonfires are made in the street where, metaphorically, all the things that have gone wrong in the year are burned. Fire always has a purifying effect so it gives a way to a new light scene, (Right now I remember FDF). I think we will all have wanted to burn COVID forever and so many other bad things, I hope so!.
      If it really is your saint, I found it curious because you were born on the shortest day of the year and your saint’s day sometimes coincides with the longest day of the year, the two solstices are in your life!
      Good luck!

    • Your hair is gray and shorter than it used to be, when you still dyed it blonde, and it was longer than it is today. How are you going to do with Grace now? Will you wear a wig or your regular hair? I was wondering…

    • I just wanted to tell you that Grace and Frankie is my favorite show even tho I might be one of your youngest fans! When i finished season 6 I was so sad and all the other shows I’ve watched after Grace and frankie can’t Even compete. And now that I see there will be a season 7, I’m so happy!

    • Hola Jane, qué gusto saber que compartas tus días con nosotros. Me alegra enormemente que hayas comenzado a filmar nuevamente “Grave & Frankie” (no veo las horas de verlas nuevamente). Me alegra verte bien, eres un ejemplo, te felicito, a tus 83 te mantienes tan activa y transmites esa energía y alegría. Muchos cariños desde Argentina para vos, Lili y todo el elenco!!!

    • Hi, Jana!
      This is such a good news.
      I’m guessing you’ve missed a lot filming G&F, right?
      Initially, my 35 years oldsister refused to watch the sitcom, but recently she took my advice and she was so excited after seeing all the seasons.
      Good luck and stay healthy!

    • Wishing everyone the best of luck, I hope you all have a wonderful time back on set! The excitement for season 7 is well and truly alive, and I look forward to our next Fire Drill Friday. Until then! xo

    • Dear Jane Fonda (-Team),
      This is what I call “real good news”! I’ve been watching s1-s6 in a row, kind of a marathon, picking some special moments and scenes watching over and over again. First of all, cause I really enjoy “Grace & Frankie”.

      The main reason is, I’m kind of obliged in “serious watching”. As a senior student at the University of Vienna (Department of historical–ethnological Studies/ Cultural Studies) I’m part of a research project focussing on “Stardom and Fandom… perspective on ageing, intersectional ageism” etc. My special research interest is about Jane Fonda.
      After all I adored “Barbarella”, lost Baby-weight doing Aerobics “with Jane”, learnt to survive being a single-mum (of 3), got cancer (obviously survived again) and got used to repeating “starting over”… I don’t have to tell you about developing resilience, dear Jane Fonda!
      Being a senior-student at the age of 59 is kind of rewarding myself, I already passed the “Bachelor” (first academic degree in Austria, wrote my thesis about a special example of female invisibleness), currently longing for my “Master”.

      Is there any chance to ask you few questions, may I request an interview (time frame for my research is till November/ latest Decembre, 15th)? I understand Zoom fatigue very well, so I gladly would go to US to talk to you (living as a climate activist since more than 25years now maybe I’ve earned this one flight…).
      Or maybe you’re eagerly anticipate a visit in Vienna (where Viktor Frankl lived… and was forced to develop his great work of forgiveness…)?

      In any case: All the best for you, “break a leg”!
      Best wishes and greetings from Austria,
      Karin Kuna

      • Karin, I can’t say for sure about that interview. Things are about to get very intense for me. Right after the July 4th holiday you will understand what I mean. Stay tuned.

    • It was very early! 6months early with Birthday wishes oops sorry .

    • Yaaaaay! What a great news. G&F is my favorite show EVER and I miss it so much, can’t wait to the next season. I can remember the readings in the beginning of the pandemic on zoom, we hoped that it would be filmed soon and now we finally have a day! Little big victory.
      And yes, me too, I feel like I don’t sense of time because of COVID.

    • We miss you too! I now know that so many of the Firefighters have been taking action because of posts I see on social media! Some have been calling and lobbying our representatives, sending postcards and flooding executives calendars with invites (to stop Line 3) and a few people who have even joined the frontlines via the Gathering or one of the camps in MN.
      I know I can speak for all viewers when

      Fridays haven’t felt the same! I miss our community, and especially hearing from the guests. But, I have also enjoyed rewatching past episodes and taking notes!

      Have fun filming! I haven’t watched Grace and Frankie completely yet, but I’ve heard only positive things! I’ll have to check it out before the new season!

      Kennedy Davis

      • Thanks, Kennedy. Glad to know my FDF family has remained active. Thanks for being such a true new activist!!

    • Happy Birthday .
      Not sure a 4-30 am start would suit me .
      Was thrilled to get a reply from Martin recently ,thank him please.
      Did hear the temperatures are causing concern yet again in California .We have no such problem in Scotland.
      Was also concerned about the damage being done to the environment in Alberta ,a tv documentary last night highlighted the lust for oil.
      One good thing about lockdown few cars on the rds.
      Once again stay well and I look forward to final season of G&F😥 love to all

    • Have a great shoot Jane! I’m so sad I won’t be there to finish the show. I miss all of you.

    • Sooo glad you’re safely back to work! I observe your birthday every year, being your biggest fan since I was 14! Thank you for bringing me and my family joy and laughter with Grace and Frankie, and for educating us about climate change. As always, thank you for blazing trails for me! Love you, Jane!

    • Jane, I hope you are having fun, fun, fun on the set everyday. While you focus and feel the sense of purpose and creativity, I hope you savor every moment. I have fallen into a repeat watching like so many who want to feel the connection with you and Lily and feel lifted up emotionally. I’m on season four, I think. The wondrous scene with Grace when Nick sees the real Grace w/o all the decoration. The above photo is from one of my most favorite episodes, with Grace owning her years and striding across the crosswalk. Just loved that whole episode. Frankie with Margaret’s itty-bitty walk. The anticipation is SO high! What will the writer’s do to end this wonderful series? And now you have me anxious about what is coming after the fourth of July. My mind always races to catastrophe first. “Get Intense?” You are so passionate, you almost fry the cables as it is. I just pray that you are well and safe and are not planning to throw yourself under the bus to try to save the earth. See? Right to catastrophe. So what Friday in July is our Drill back on, so I can put it on my calendar?
      I’m about ready to write a scorching letter to Senator Sinema. I composed it in my head all night long. The joy of having two Dems for Arizona seems long gone. What’s the point if one acts like a Republican? If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck… Some of the new leaders need what a a horse riding person calls a lot of wet blankets. That’s why the some of the old guard have to hang in there too long. A cutesy little curtsey lacks professional polish and doesn’t treat a subject of filibuster with the seriousness it deserves. Got to go..company. much love, Dona

    • I just got a notification about All We Can Save Project’s (which I follow closely) live stream, and I joined! I was absolutely overjoyed to get to hear from Dr. Hayhoe, and was excited to see you there as well! I had no idea what the content of the livestream was supposed to be, so I was pleasantly surprised to see both of you there together! That book is one of the ones that unlocks something deep inside of you and it deserves so much love and attention, which I definitely think you helped with today!

      It was lovely to attend last week’s FDF! It still amazes me too see people in the comments organizing and learning. You and the FDF team are still filling people up with hope and motivation in the time when we need it most!

      Kennedy Davis

    • Grace & Frankie is hands down the MOST delightful show I have watched in so very long, and you and of course Liky Tomlin, as well as the rest of the cast, are nothing short of brilliant!

      I laugh. I cry. I’m moved and inspired.

      I’m also crushed that this will be the last season. I think you need to get Netflix on the phone, somewhere in between everything else.

      And thank you for writing the book; I have despaired about our environment and it hurts so much I’ve had to stop trying. Perhaps after reading it I will find the heart, and the courage, to become active again.

      Please keep being amazing you!


    • No we won’t be marching then because we’ll still be filming Grace & FRankie and the production won’t let us cause of COVID.

    • Well guess what, Ann, your wishes will come true. Lily and I have 2 really good movies to do together after we finish G&F!!!!!

    • This is the best news! I love you and Lily so much! I can’t wait to see your two new movies together. I’ve been watching the two of you on several interviews recently. I loved your Ted talk so much! you and Lily are hilarious together.

    • “Grace & Frankie” has truly been one of the great joys of my life! The dramatic and comedic talent of both you and Lily is absolutely astounding! Both of you have the ability to create a vulnerability that is deeply touching. “Grace & Frankie” is now tied with “Cagney & Lacey” as my favorite television of all time–and, of course, my favorite coupling. Thank you both so much for this incomparable viewing experience filled with love, laughter, adversity, and enduring female friendship.

    • Hope replied 2 years ago

      Been binging on Grace and Frankie. Wasn’t sure I would like it but it’s like watching a train wreck—I can’t look away. Sam Waterson is quite a surprise! And you and Lily Tomlin are hilarious-a female modern version of the Odd Couple! What a hoot! Congrats!

    • Hello Jane,
      Je me permets d’écrire en français vu que vous le parlez très bien. Je voulais juste laisser un petit mot ici car je viens de terminer tous les épisodes de Grace & Frankie disponibles sur Netflix en Suisse… MERCI, THANK YOU so much, à vous et à Lily pour m’avoir fait tellement rire. Dans cette période pas très drôle (COVID, Ukraine war, planet…) qu’est-ce que cela m’a fait du bien de regarder Grace & Frankie et de découvrir cette amitié hors norme ! Je me réjouis de voir la suite de la saison 7 et ainsi que votre nouveau film ensemble ! J’espère que vous être toutes les 2 en super en forme ! Salutation à Lily Tomlin,
      Take Care

      • Thanks, Tracy. The final season of Grace & FRankie drops April 29th so you have that to look forward to. xx Jane

        • Thank you for this kind reply. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of season 7 in April! Coming to your website, I also discovered your activism and your energy which galvanizes me. I will try to see the next Fire Drill Friday live even though I am in Switzerland. I wish you a nice Sunday & Take Care Tracy

    • Thank you for the update, Jane! I’m so excited 😁to see the final episodes of ‘Grace and Frankie’…though it’s bittersweet because there won’t be any more 😞! This show has been my go-to; like ‘virtually’ seeing friends when we actually couldn’t due to COVID restrictions!
      Thanks again,

      Ruth Jane Davison

    • Love, love, love Grace & Frankie! I smile when I think about the roles you’ve played but I am inspired by your tireless activism. Wishing you good health & thank you! <3


  • On March 23, I posted about the Enbridge Line 3 that I had visited. Now, again, I want to call people’s attention to this travesty because we must stop it.

    Line 3 is a proposed pipeline expansion that w […]

    • You know, it really has only felt like a very small amount of time since virtual FDF’s took this community by storm. I’m so excited to see the next step into the new chapter and join with my fellow firefighters on the street in D.C., Houston, and wherever else I can make the trip to!

      This year has opened up an incredible amount of opportunity to change the way I think about things and to take action. I have been taught so many different things by you, FDF guests, and the friends I have made within the FDF community and Greenpeace. One of the most important things I have learned during this time is to not be afraid to step out and put myself on the line. Most importantly, empathy.

      I had the privilege to watch a video by Tara Houska during an orientation meeting for the Treaty People Gathering. She encouraged us to, before we gather at the sacred lands, to find out where we come from, address our fears and our prejudices and to take time to be grateful for what we have, to reflect on our trauma so we can understand and stand in solidarity. Do I’ve been taking the time to reflect on my journey so far and want to acknowledge the people in my life who have (knowingly or unknowingly) affected me.

      Your stories and advice (whether it be through your books or otherwise) your acting and the way you connect to your characters, coming out about your past trauma and your empathy have all made a significant impact in my life, especially since I have never really had anyone in my life talk about the world’s important issues, let alone personal trauma or feelings. It has been very helpful hearing your story and how you have grown from all of these things. It gives me hope for myself.

      I’m certainly going to miss the FDF family every Friday, but I’m incredibly excited for what’s next. In the meantime, I’m going to lobby my representatives, continue to call people to action, and volunteer and join the Treaty People Gathering! I would have never had the courage to do these things if it weren’t for the amazing guests on Fire Drill Friday’s and the stories you have shared about your own life, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      All the best,

      • Oh Kennedy, this is so beautiful from you and I am very moved and grateful. Deep gratitude. xxx Jane

    • And thanks again for another great movie night! Can’t wait to watch the other 3 acts of that amazing film!

    • Hi Jane,
      Congratulations to your friend Gloria Steinem for the Communication and Humanities’ Princess of Asturias Award. I live here in Asturias and I’m very very happy that she has been honored with this important award, It’s recognized her life as a promoter of the feminist movement and the equality of women and men. It’s nice and fair to recognize the efforts and the struggle of people like her who’ve helped so much in the empowerment of women, you all are a brave and clever women’ generation.
      These awards are giving throughout weeks and when the list is completed you will see that the winners are always very very interesting people and I suppose it’ll be very attractive for Gloria to spend time with them. The awards ceremony is always held in October and I trust the sanitary conditions have been normalized by then (we are already much better because the vaccine) and she can come without problems to pick it up. As she likes traveling I think this trip she cannot let it pass by because Asturias is one of the most beautiful places in Spain, …sure! It’s away from the usual Spain’s clichés, it’s a very green place with truly beautiful sea, beaches and mountains, fantastic food and lovely people ha,ha,ha, I’m not kidding, the Asturians, we’re the most valued by the rest of Spaniards, there are many interesting visits that can be made, towns, landscapes, monuments, …. we even have a princess ha,ha,ha, this title corresponds to crown’s heir, these are Monarchy’ stuffs that for those who live outside this system they could sound exotic, they really are!, and this stuffs bring to Asturias a certain notoriety especially because of this Awards. We’ve a kind of fool’s pride and something to brag and joking about.
      The prize-giving is in Oviedo, a small city where fortunately we do everything on foot, that week’s full of cultural events that revolve around the prizes and the winners, conferences, concerts, cinema, books, … it’s a very lively week. I hope that I’ll be able to attend some Gloria’s acts if they finally take place. The winners are honored in a big way, does her like the sound of the bagpipes? If is not, she’s lost!!! , it’s our traditional instrument, a heritage of Celtic culture and those days it sounds everytime and everywhere. Any other information? Ha ha, I’ll be here for whatever you want!. Anyway, I say all this to encourage Gloria to come here because I’m sure that she will enjoy the days that she spends among us. Tell her!, we’ll not let her down!
      You could come with her too!, why not?

      • Floren, I am copying this from you and will send to Gloria. It sounds right up her alley. Thanks. xx Jane

    • Hi Jane, I think its wonderful that you are going to Michigan again! I also feel it’s awful that you need to because Enbridge so destructive. And how great you put the message out there. It’s going to be interesting and exciting to see how many people come together for this “fight”. I’ll be there in thought and spirit. You are going to crush it! Be safe and be careful 🙂
      P.S. Oh- and I need you to know: When I give you S–t for my comments not being approved, I am just joking around. It’s no big deal. Have an awesome day!!

      • Thanks, Kathy. It’s Minnesota, not Michigan xxx

      • I was just wondering how Jane got to this event. Did she walk, or ride In a horse-drawn wagon? Or possibly ride bare back? Chances are great that she used oil-fired transportation. Close the pipeline. Now the oil will be shipped by train. Not necessarily much safer…

    • I talked my mother into letting me go and I’m very excited bud super nervous. This will be my first time traveling to a protest and staying by myself without a family member. I also don’t know which location I should go too, as there are several. Any suggestions?

      • Check the weather. comfortable not fancy shoes. layers. See you there. xxx

        • Kennedy, looks like it’s pretty warm up there. Today it’s in the 60s and next weekend it may be in the 90s!!!!!!

    • Rosie, Well we stay in the town of Park Rapids in northern Minnesota, about 3-plus hours north of Minneapolis. I don’t know yet where the gathering is taking place.

    • Beautifully articulated, Daniela. xx

    • OMG! You “said” that perfectly!

  • I feel badly cause I’ve gone silent lately in terms of my own writing. For instance no blog since I went to Minnesota. Lots going on. Some good some bad. Mostly good. Here’s some really good: Michigan Gov G […]

    • What a delight to read a new post on my birthday. I consider this a gift. Gratitude for all the contribution you make in my life!
      Who is the Indian I see in the photo during the FDF?
      I love you

    • Hello from Scotland follow fdf.Thankyou for being you and love to tulea.
      I’m 68 very soon and only during lockdown subscribed to netflix.Thank god I did as G&Fmade me laugh when i could have cried.
      Now vaccinated we canhug our grandchildren.
      One small request as you know Martin Sheen tell him how much I enjoyed “The Way”!I bought the dvd then realised it uploaded to youtube.
      Hope you are all good and be back on set soon .
      If you get over for the climate summit you welcome here anytime X

    • Smart about the drinking! I have all but stopped drinking. I found I was getting angry too easily about our new post covid reality. My fox news watching mom has moved in with us after my brother kicked her out of his house while she was in the hospital with covid….anger comes easy enough without alcohol.
      The Good Place is a wonderfully fun series with Ted Danson.

    • Shtisel is interesting. Interesting in that none of the characters are particularly likable, but the show is very good! My favorite was Hanna Rieber, the bobbe from Season 1 who was obsessed with her programs. (She died and was replaced, but her replacement was barely a decent Dick Sargent.)

      I loved how the newest Season ended and the person that deserved bupkis got bupkis!

    • Much love. Jane

    • Hi Jane,

      I just love a train ride. Even though I work for an airline, I often use the train. Sit back, relax, watch the countryside go by. I’ve even been on Amtrak a few times and coming from Buffalo to NYC there is no better way to arrive in NYC than via the Hudson Valley. Just spectacular.

      Love Shtisel too!
      Take care and stay safe.


    • Jane,

      Thank you for mentioning “Body Heat,” and reminding me to see it again soon. The cinematography is so atmospheric that I can feel the high temperature while I watch the movie. Kathleen Turner is brilliant~ one of my favorite femme fatales! I’m about to re-watch “The Postman Always Rings Twice,” with Lana Turner, which is great every viewing, too.

      I’m glad you mentioned your love for Union Station. I also like to rail travel, and hope we get more electric trains in the US with the Green New Deal.


    • I love your focus, Jane. When something is important to you, you seem to zero in on it until the topic no longer needs your assistance. And your assistance is VERY MUCH NEEDED on the climate crisis so…no need to apologize.

      However, it is also very important to surround yourself with all different loves and projects, as I’m sure you know. Just as it is extremely important to surround yourself with all different kinds of people, in my opinion. So, I’m happy to hear you’re still discovering new shows and movies and keeping up with good friends. (So jealous that you know Mary & Ted!) And, to my point, glad you take the time to sit down with us and stay in touch. We all look up to you so much and I’m positive I’m not the only one here to truly appreciate the time you set aside for your friends/fans/followers. So, thank you.

      Love and safety from Newfoundland, Canada

    • I’m glad you are back! I enjoyed reading this new post. Stay safe Jane <3

    • Dear Jane fonda, my name is Melissa Santonocito .
      I am a 19 years old girl who adore you,
      thanks to you I understood the importance of knowing my rights, I understood the importance of being aware and contribute to a more civilized world, thanks to you and your speeches I chose to study law at university in Amsterdam and it was the best choice I ever made. I love you from the bottom of my heart, you are not just a fantastic actress but also a wonderful person/activist/philanthropist, I wish you lots of positive energy and happiness
      And for me would be a dream meet you one day and may help you in one of your battles for protecting this wonderful planet.

    • I totally admire and respect everything you are doing for the planet. I would love to hear more about your life. I think you are a wonderful human being. This world is lucky to have you 😊

    • Please please please add me to your “climate ideas people.” Mine is critical, timely, time sensitive and has potential to change human behavior and the future of the planet. I first reached out to you April 2020 with a profound idea. I have now written the first season of a Cli Fi web series and it needs a producer. I am confident this is the way to invite citizens of the earth to be part of the solution. I joined Twitter with the notion that I could reach the ears of Jane Fonda. I need maybe 180 secs of your time.

    • Hi Jane!
      How nice that you write on the blog again!
      How many things you do!
      What about Grace and Frankie, season 7?
      I admire you very much, you are such a complete woman, and you do everything wonderfully.
      You inspire me a lot.
      I love hearing from you, it’s good that you’re well, I also pray for you every day!
      Much love.
      Take care and stay safe.

      • Hi Jane,

        My name is Saiesha and I am from South Africa.

        Might I begin with, that this is such an honour to write to you via this blog. I took the liberty of registering to your blog after watching the auto correct video on YouTube with Lily. You guys naturally throw off a burst of constant happiness and joy whenever you’re together.

        The moment I found out that I can communicate with you somehow, I jumped at this very opportunity.

        I have admired your persona from the movie Monster in-law and ever since then I just fell in love. You are simply amazing and such a great mentor for us as women.

        I have watched all Grace and Frankie seasons twice already because of the comfort; you, Lily and the entire cast offer to this amazing series. I hope you guys are thinking off filming more seasons.

        Thank you so much for creating this portal of magic where we can communicate with you. I hope you and Lily are taking care during this pandemic and I so look forward to your response.

        Love and hugs from a great fan.

    • Dear Jane,
      We usually say “Give time to time” as advice or almost certainty when things don’t run as well as you like. In these moments it seems that time consumes our days or as José Mujica says we maybe are consuming time so, don’t worry!, I think you must give time to time. It doesn’t such important that things don’t go as fast as you want or the way you would like due to lack of time, it’s the price you pay for being a singular person, I would say unique, who is committed to many issues and also committed with yourself beyond that no other does and that fills you with many responsibilities. The important thing is that your words and actions leave a mark, your fight against climate change leaves a mark, your own life leaves a mark! and many people like me, we look at you in awe for such many things you do and we try to follow some of those marks and new people will come to continue doing it too, and this is an invisible award to add to your list, maybe the most important that almost nobody in the world gets and that you’ve earned day by day, you must be proud and happy for it.
      A Machado’s verse says ” Walker, there’s no path, you make the way by walking,” and with or without time, that’s what you’re doing, you’re making paths to get a better world, you’re opening paths for many people. Thank you!!!
      How about vacation to recharge your batteries and enjoy a deserve rest?

    • Hi, Jane!
      What did you meant by “I anticipated every single win up until the last two … best actress and actor”? You never expected for Anthony Hopkins to win an Oscar for his leading role in The father?!
      I saw the movie before the Academy Awards and, personally, I was extremely touched by the character he played so beautifully and naturally. Maybe I was also touched because I am a Psychologist and dementia became so frequent not only among elders.
      By the way, I spent this Easter with my parents and my sister at our country house and we went there by … train 😉.
      I am so so happy you are OK and you’re keeping yourself so busy and active.
      sending you good vibes and love❤

      • Nicoleta, I loved all of “he Father”! I admired Hopkins performance tremendously and it’s not that it didn’t deserve an Oscar it’s just that I, along with millions of others, was sure Chadwick would win just as loved “Nomadland” and Frances’s performance but was sure Viola David or Audra Day would win. xx

        • Thanks for explaining your position.
          As for Viola Davis, I must admit that she is a fabulous actress, and I’ve looked for to see Fences (2016) and her character that brought her first Oscar. Everytime I see Viola acting she reminds me of Cicely Tyson.

    • Such a lovely post, Jane! I don’t think you should feel bad about not posting as much! You stay active in so many other important ways. I admire how value your time and always seem to be laser focused on the issue at hand, yet still allow yourself time to relax and watch frat film and television, of course! That’s something I’ve always struggled with, when I get too focused on and issue or on my schedule, I forget to take breaks and take care of myself and then just… bleh.

      So excited for this weeks rally! I’ve been doing my research on the speakers and I think we are all in for a real treat.


    • Jane, don’t feel sorry. It’s a weird time for all – but you more than keep yourself occupied. I, myself unfortunately don’t save the world unlike you – but I decided to take up French and I have been working at it. My dream is to work with Isabelle Huppert in French. And I formed the first Hungarian improv company that works like I learned in the UCB. It’s been really rewarding.

      The Oscars were certainly interesting, but I was pleasantly shocked when Frances McDormand won. Nomadland had so much soul and I feel she had a great deal to do with making it the Best Picture of the year. I am always disappointed about Glenn Close ALWAYS losing – but I felt more disappointed two years ago, when I was so sure she would win. I loved Yuh-Jung Youn’s performance in Minari. I keep reminding myself of your father and what he said about “apples and oranges”. And also the fact that it took him forty years to finally win his Oscar. Hopefully, Ms. Close will have the same glorious moment that he did.

    • Jane, it’s alright to be a little bit offline these days. It’s so complicated what we’ve been going through. I think I started to drink more, more frequently, but nothing extraordinary.

      I was supposed to write to you a couple days ago, but I had many things to do, I was pretty busy, so here I am (just a little bit late). I was at the Mother’s Day Rally, and It was sooo amazing. I was so touched by the ” Mother Earth ” song, sang in some indigenous language, and the lyrics oh my! Thank you for that experience! And of course, all the speakers were incredible!

      P.S: loved you shirt embroidered written ” fire drill fridays ” and the red scarf you wore. Fabulous!


    • Hi Jane!

      It is always so great to hear from you on this blog, but please don’t feel bad for taking breaks in between your posts. We all understand how busy and crazy life gets and we are just grateful that communicate with us on here whenever you can!

      Greenpeace staff told me that you will be pitching our lobbying initiative on today’s Fire Drill Friday. I’m one of the volunteers helping to lead the initiative by aiding other volunteers in preparing for and setting up meetings with congress people and senators. We are guiding volunteers through the entire process so we are hoping that even those who have never lobbied before will participate. We’ve gotten a pretty good response so far, but we are hoping many more people will sign up after you talk about the initiative today. I’m looking forward to another great Fire Drill Friday today!

      See you very soon!

      Jenny xoxo

      • Jenny, Let me know if “many more people” signed up after last week’s Fire Drill Friday. And thanks for how you’re helping us.

    • Hi Jane,

      Thank you for making me aware of Pipeline 3 and making it easy to reach my state reps via Twitter (the site does this)and Biden. Also I’d love to take trains across the country for work travel, but I dont think corp companies will ever allow this in terms of time vs. cost. I love when you share a bit about America pre-70’s and how different it was.



    • No apologies needed. I’m actually using this blog spot to thank you for purchasing the rights to “On Golden Pond,” and making the movie. Just sat through it (cried most of the show). Was blown away. My dad just turned 90 (I’m sixty), and mine was also a very private guy, quiet, and with a sarcastic sense of humor just like the character Norman in the movie. Dad is suffering from dementia as well, and like Norman, gets angry (usually at me) when things don’t go right – especially if it’s caused by the dementia. Like your character Chelsea, I have screamed at my dad, and he’s screamed right back at me, even to say, exasperated at one point, “God, we are SO ALIKE!” Studying up on the disease and learning more about it, as well as taking each day one at a time (I am dad’s family caretaker – although he is in assisted living) has helped. The movie was very cathartic for me, and I wanted to tell you that. It’s hard to watch someone you love (and sometimes want to punch), suffer through this horrible disease. Anyway, I am a retired schoolteacher, and people often say that “teachers” make a difference in the lives of those they teach in ways they will never know. Your producing and acting in this movie made a difference in mine.

    • P.S. and if your joy centers on the climate crisis, so be it. I love your passion. It’s honest. It informs, leads us, expands our world. I have no regrets or criticism in that regard. Go go girl! Dona

    • Dear Jane, No apologies needed. As I have said before every thing you do to communicate with us is a gift and we recognize and appreciate that. I don’t want to be a “should do” on your list. Most stars at your level do not reach out in this very personal way and it continues to amaze me that you do. Now if you miss blogging as an outlet for you that’s another story.
      Other feedback; I also enjoyed watching “Shtizel” and got very involved with the characters, although like normadesmond, I often found them, not likeable. I wanted to shake that father till his teeth rattled for the pain he caused in his children’s lives. But I also understand that every society has expectations, and parameters that limit. It is the elders who enforce those standards and the children who challenge them. The Lubavitcher, who I know, is already setting new looser rules for herself instead of her mother’s more ultra-orthodox leaning standards.
      I also was not fond of this year’s Oscar awards ceremony. The best moment for me was Glenn Close on the question game when she gave everyone a surprise with what she knew and her genuine laughter. I loved “Nomadland”!! I was surprised that it got the Oscar but not surprised that Frances McDormand got her Oscar. Although I was so impressed with Viola Davis, (when am I not?) and also thought Chadwick Bozeman would get it over Hopkins. Kate Winslett has always taken chances. I marked her for her bravery with that performance with Harvey Kietel (sp) yrs ago. As far as Mank goes, Hollywood loves Hollywood. Not wanting to be offensive, but sometimes it gets lost in its own navel.
      I love red wine and use to spend big bucks (that’s relative) to serve great wine to my friends. Going on blood thinner changed that for me. I got rid of my cooler and stock. Now if I have half a glass at Christmas once a year, I consider myself lucky. Kahlua is a thing of the past.
      I missed the Mother’s Day FDF because the only way I could see it was on Facebook and I don’t do Facebook. I’ll try to get a Greenpeace invitation for next week.
      I would love to travel by train. Flying is not fun anymore. Packed like a sardine, with my knees with no room, it’s a choice only when there is no other choice.
      Finding balance and keeping balance in a busy world is a challenge even for us elders. We hunt for the “sweet spot” on a teeter totter. What is too busy, what is too empty with more limited energy? Forget the merry-go-round. What moments give value for the energy exchange? Stay safe. Find your joy. Love, Dona

    • Hi Jane, it’s Kathy again, LOL. My back was “screaming” at me so I didn’t get to finish. I just wanted to write: I grew up in NY on Long Island. We took the train to the city (and beyond) and out to the far end of the Island all the time! I totally agree with you 🙂 It’s the way to go. I miss the trains and subways. Then I lived in Seattle, WA and there’s a light rail system there!! It’s absolutely awesome. OK, that’s it, LOL! I hope you have “fun” speaking at the laane luncheon today..

    • Hey Rockstar (you are you know!!) I was really happy to see you wrote on your blog! First, I hope you have/had a great Mother’s Day. Second, congrats on hosting The Goldman Prize Awards; I will be watching.
      But, part of me felt bad because you sounded “stressed” or slightly overwhelmed. I kept wanting to say ” breathe, breathe”, LOL. You are so so incredibly busy that you never need to apologize for not blogging for a bit. Anyone who is a fan certainly realizes how busy you are. Just last week I saw you on 3 virtual shows (one of course bein FDF) and heard 2 podcasts- the one you did with Chelsea Clinton a while back and iweigh with Jameela Jamil.
      I know you know your stuff but it has to take a bit to get ready for those shows!! And that’s without “having a life” LOL!
      What was really cool to me was that you apologized which meant to me that you were exactly the person I thought you were. We only know what a celebrity puts out there about themselves and from what I’ve read and watched you seem really honest about “who” you are. Besides, the sort of life you have led really says a lot.
      So, I know you were excited about Line 5 but (yes I had to go read about what was going on with that and Matt Gaetz and the Greenberg dude before I replied, LOL I got side tracked) they said they are not going to shut down!! They may invoke that 1977 treaty and wait until DHMSA or a federal or state judge shuts them down. Doesn’t seem fair…
      OK- Mare of Easttown is awesome!! And you are right, Kate Winslet is fearless! From Heavenly Creatures to Ammonite she has chosen no bad role (especially The Reader). Also, she is fearless because she was on the Bear Grylls survival show a few years back and she rocked it!! You don’t have much time but “7 Seconds” with Regina King or “Little Fires Everywhere”.
      I’m happy you got to start watching “Cheers”-very funny show. I thought Ted Danson in Mr. Mayor was hilarious!! I am glad you have great friends like them to drink(!!) and have dinner with. SO important to keep you going as strong as you do.
      You are still such an inspiration to me. I watch FDF and go to movie night. I think your a very very selfless person who has given us waaaaay more than we could ever hope for. Thanks for being my “Angel” (and I am sure many others).

    • Beautiful rally today! Can’t wait to share with my mom and other family members (I’m hoping it will give them the final nudge they need to join the movement!) Happy Mother’s Day to you and thank you once again for all the work you do!

    • Climate Ideas… did you catch Fareed on GPS, CNN today (Sunday, June 20)? I like his idea for reducing carbon emissions, using the market competition to drive them down. Course I am not as articulate as Fareed, but you can look it up on the CNN website. It’s a short segment. My friend Anita (who was the Energy Secretary in NM for 12 yrs, under 4 governors) says its not a new idea, but its a good one in her gov programming and regulatory experience.
      Congrats on getting back to work. Course, we await Season 7 anxiously. (I hope Grace and Nick find a way to make things work ~ think its such a beautiful relationship.) Nick and Grace are a great role model for my relationship… I just turned 50, retired from the practice of regulatory law and am starting a new business. My guy just turned 29. The dynamic and insecurities as the older woman is a challenge… I love seeing Grace’s age “issues”, as I’ve got them in spades.

  • I got to know Larry because I was married to Ted. We spent many fun hours with Larry. I especially liked it when he’d visit us on one of Ted’s ranches and be a totally out of his comfort zone, 100% the cit […]

    • I’m sorry you lost your friend. Sounds like you shared many good times.

    • Those are great memories Jane!! Very funny!!! You sure have lived a FULL life!!!!!

    • Very sweet memories. Thank you for sharing! May he Rest In Peace.

    • Thanks for sharing your memories. He definitely was an interesting man. He will be missed.

    • Dear Jane, nothing to say. I’m sorry for your loss. Friends leave gaps that are difficult to fill. They are irreplaceable.😔
      A hug from Uruguay.
      Graciela ❤️

    • RIP!❤️greetings Jane, you are an inspiration to me ❤️

    • Thank you for sharing these memories of Larry King. It’s nice to see him in a different light . I also love hearing your ranch stories!

    • That’s a wonderful picture 😊

    • Jane,

      I’m so sorry for your loss, i recognize Larry King was HUGE, it’s so sad we are losing dear people because of this terrible disease named coronavirus. I pray and hope that soon everyone will be vaccinated.
      Just out curiosity, did you already take the vaccine?

      Gosh, you have no idea how much I was wanting new posts on your blog and I was just waiting a new post to tell you that i became a volunteer on Greenpeace Brazil(YAY!) and I owe it to you, who made me even more interested in environmental issues, so thank you so much for that! I also don’t miss a single Fire Drill Fridays, if I can’t watch on Zoom, I watch it later on Youtube. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration to me and for so many other people, you’re a special one, Jane! Don’t think this is too much flattering because my zodiac sign is Aries and I don’t flatter anyone who is not what I am saying, so please, believe me!

      I hope you’re doing okay besides all the atrocities that are going on these days. Stay safe. Love you!

      Giovanna Montanhan Banho.

    • Jane,
      Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories of Larry.
      What an amazing man and legend.

      xo Kara

    • He was a vivacious man with a wonderful sense of humor and a drive for the truth. I am so sorry for your loss. Hold tight to the wonderful memories you have.


    • Hello Jane!

      First of all, Congratulations on your new and deserved Award!!! This year is yours!!!

      In these days I’ve started to read your Memoir book (it took me a lot to find it) and I’ve seen your interest in your last name’s origin and I´ve thought that maybe you would like to know FONDA word also exists in Spanish like name and adjective and also there’s quite a few verbs derived from it. Italian and Spanish are both quite similar Latin languages with many words in common. Here, it’s also quite common that the surname corresponds to some place possibly lineage’s origin as you indicate.

      The Spanish adjective FONDA/O (we’ve gender, fonda f. and fondo m.) means deep, bottom, profound, base of something….
      The name FONDA corresponds to a type of cheap hotel where you can also eat, I suppose that’s why Cubans when someone doesn’t eat well, they say “they’re out of fonda”, isn’t it funny?.
      There is the verb FONDEAR, which means to go to the bottom of something, physically or better intellectually (it could be said in the form of research), this verb also refers to the fact of securing a boat on the bottom by means of the anchor.
      AFONDAR, is another verb that means to go to the bottom, to sink.
      Another verb is DESFONDAR, which means to break the bottom of something, or the fact of completely emptying your energies in sports or when you´re falling apart by so much suffering, then you end up DESFONDADO, this is much more than being exhausted or feeling very much grieved for instance.
      As you can see, all this has to do with depth, bottom etc….
      Our dictionary says that the FONDA/O word comes from the Latin “FUNDUS” base or foundation of something, farm, settlement, from where many other words come like fundament and its derivatives. I also believe that FONDA/O here, is a very old word because it’s quite common that in old Spanish many words began with F have evolved to the same word but beginning with H and this is one of those cases, we’ve HONDA/O too with the same meaning, we use both words but in different contexts.
      Languages are an incredibly attractive and interesting world.
      I hope I’ve explained myself in such a way (I don’t know) that you can understand in a wide sense Fonda word in my language. Did you know anything about this stuff?

      • Well, Floren, I knew a little bit. The family originated in a deep valley outside Genoa, Italy, hence Fonda, at ‘the bottom.’ But thyanks for all the info. Fun

    • Yes, I was saddened too. When I heard the news about Larry King’s death I felt a sense of loss and will miss his haunched shoulders and suspenders. I did not know him personally only through watching his talk show, but I came to love his shows especially the one he did on the terrible plane crash of John F Kennedy Jr.
      My christmas too was quieter, yet I decorated a bit. A tree and a few other decorations about the house including the christmas lights around my outside front door and down the railing on my front steps. Here in MN we finally got some snow right before Christmas, and the white snow was just enough to highlight the blue and white outdoor lights. It was pretty.
      My motto for christmas decorations is I set them up for a month. If they go up on December 15th then they come down 30 days later January 15th. Kind of like an advent time alotment 🙂
      Anyway, I have gained 65 lbs during this horrible pandemic. I have never ate so much in all my life, and now I have my exercise work cut out for me. So where do we all turn to or think of? Why the Jane Fonda exercise videos of course…Plus I am 62, so it is going to be a challenge. I am in my last pair of fat pants, so again, I have my work cut out for me.
      We will miss Larry King.

    • Jane,
      Congratulations on the Cecil B. DeMille award!!! You’ve earned it. Over 60 years of using your talents to help fight for what is right. You’re selflessness and your courage continue to inspire me to be a better person everyday. I hope you have a great day and I’ll see you in this week’s Fire Drill Friday! ❤️🧡💛🔥

    • Poor Larry. I too, was (am) a nebbishy Jew like Larry. As a teen, I was convinced to go to a stable to ride a horse. I demanded to get the oldest, slowest resident they had and they accommodated me. Once in the saddle, the horse, whose name I’ve forgotten, took off as if a firecracker had been ignited in its ass. You can imagine my happiness.

    • Dear Jane,

      Thank you so much for sharing with us these memories with Larry wow, so envious of you that you knew him personally and that you had the opportunity to share these precious moments with him. Larry was one a kind, so much integrity, he knew the right questions to ask and treated his guests with respect, never interrupting them and was always attentive to what they had to say but always respected their opinions even if he didn’t always share and agree to them. Journalism at its finest!

      Happy New Year and hopefully we’ll hear more from you soon, you might want to share your opinion on the new administration decisions regarding environnemental issues which you have been fiercely fighting for etc…

      With much love

    • Sorry about your loss. What great memories you have of him. Larry King was a legend. Every time I would go out to LA, I would be guaranteed to see him eating breakfast with his group of friends in Nate ‘n Al’s. I never wanted to bother him, but eventually decided to get his autobiography signed by him. He was very kind, graciously signing without hesitation.

    • Hi Jane,
      Yes it’s so sad. When I moved to Germany from Wales in 1991,CNN was the only English-language channel I could get (I couldn’t speak German then) and so I loved to watch Larry King Live (especially when you were the guest). He entertained me through the homesick years. I will be eternally grateful.

    • I was wondering these days if it’s really a possibility to cut the fossil fuels to 50%, I want this to be a real possibility and to be a real thing in the future, but i’m not that much sure.
      Do you really believe people can do that? I know you’ve been on a hard battle to end fossil fuels, but i’m asking you to be honest, not what you want to happen but what you envision.
      I can say by where i live, people don’t give a f*ck for environmental issues, always throwing garbage on the streets, polutioning the oceans with plastics. It’s really hard to change people’s mind and their way to see things. The only thing that is susteinable i see people doing is using stainless steel straw only because it’s forbidden to use plastics straws on restaurants, bar, on public spaces at all, there is also a law for that. It helps, but i still think it’s not that much.
      In L.A. there’s something you use to avoid plastic? Or some law that forbidds plastics straws?

      • Jane replied 3 years ago

        I have to trust the scientists as I lack the necessary information to detyermine if we can cut carbon em issions in half by 2030. They say we can. Now that Biden is president and seems determined, we have a good chance I feel.

        • Yes!!! I hope we can do it by 2030!
          Jane, will you join the new social media called “ Clubhouse “? I would love see you there!!! Xo

    • Hi Jane, I’m so sorry for your loss!
      Thank you for sharing this memories with us.
      Much love, from Brazil ❤️

    • Hello Jane and everyone!
      A few days ago it was the International Day in Memorial of the Holocaust´s Victims, the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camps is commemorated.
      Liliana Segre is an Auschwitz’s survivor and now Senator for life from Italy. This great woman was not able to tell her tragedy until she was 60 years old, not even to her children. Since then she has dedicated himself to recounting her experiences in Auschwitz to children at schools.
      On a visit to Dachau’s camp when I saw the map that showed each and every one of the camps from those years I was really impressed, it’s impossible to leave you indifferent when you know all that happened there.
      I think Liliana Segre´s testimonies are necessary now that it seems that hateful, racism and xenophobia speeches are returning.

      (If there’re Italian subtitles they can be removed, English subtitles are permanent)

    • Hi, Jane!
      Have you listen to Olivia Newton-John’s recent song, Window in the Wall?
      Great lyrics and message for the entire human race!!!

      sending you my love,

    • Dona replied 3 years ago

      Today someone sent our community a link on Utube about Powerful women. The lead in was; “They Are Coming.” After showing all the women in the highest offices in the world ending in Kamala they went on to Hillary and a few others. I pumped YES! when I saw you included. Color me happy.
      And Sooo happy about the Cecil B. DeMille award! It is both recognition and a big Thank you that is well deserved. Next Christmas when you share your tree, I hope to see it on the shelf with your Oscars. The journey you chose to take from despair has carried us on to a world where we can feel empowered and hopeful. and again as always I’m saying, Thank you! Dona

    • Dear Jane, i just saw you’re gonna receive an important award on the Emmys, congrats for that achievement!!!! You’ve worked your whole life, you deserve that.

      I also just known that Tulea is sick, i’m so sorry, i’m sending to you and to her all the best vibrations, i’m praying for you, everything will be okay soon. I lost my poodle called ” Pompom ” many years ago for a heart diasease, but he died with 20 years. I miss him every single day, when I born, he already was a member of the house, so i grew up with him. I’m sending you a virtual hug, i’m with you at this hard moment. Trust in God, He knows what He does. Love you. Everything will be fine soon you’ll see.

    • Kara replied 3 years ago

      Hi Jane!

      I wanted to share this response I had received from someone I texted during the #BuildBackFossilFree week of action. During the follow up text we asked if they were able to take a picture with President Biden and share it on social media and this was a response I received:

      Great…I got some negative feedback which was ok because I had a comeback to their objections to ending fossil fuel production…and I could do that because I watched Fire Drill Friday with Ms Fonda’s interviewing Tara and Nalleli…and that’s how I got informed and had the comeback to the criticisms flung at me.
      I really didn’t see that coming. The lash out .. ouch .. but I was well informed and another thing that was very very important I carried on with the energy of Ms Fonda and the young ladies which disarmed the aggressors.. that energy was devoid of anger.. bitterness.. and other low frequency emotions. It was an energy of love and respect and knowing and sovereignty/ service if you will.. really words don’t quite reflect what I picked up from that energy. Only that this is the energy a respectful citizen our World emanate. That really made a lasting impression on me and it seems to kick start to a desire to keep up with this frequency. Who would have thought that an afternoon Zoom meetup would end up being so transformative! Blessing to you all. And Thank you.

      I just love the people that we have been reaching and knowing that they too are reaching others! Thank you for the powerful use of your platform and the amazing movement that is doing wonders to save our planet! <3

      Much love to you!
      xo Kara

    • Hi Jane,
      I’ve finished reading your Memoir book yesterday and it seem to me an especially beautiful book because it’s full of feelings, honesty and candidness. You’ve been able to create a story that shows us that you’ve always been a coherent person in the research of authenticity despite the many turns you’ve given to your life. Nothing you’ve ever done in life is simple or easy and yet you’ve done it. Congratulations!

      Reading it, sometimes I’ve laughed with your fine sense of humor telling histories and other times I’ve felt a lump in my throat with some of the sad times you’ve get, feeling them as mine.

      About Vietnam, we all know what happened and you shouldn’t feel bad about anything, criticism is very easy when someone is sitting in a chair comfortably, whoever does nothing doesn’t mistakes neither, and you know it’s always the same kind of people who criticize, they’ve already pestered enough! forget it!, we usually say “no one is a prophet in own land”, but you know that you’re very loved in the rest of the world, these things happen!, most of the people there love you too.

      I liked seeing what a deep and difficult it’s to be a good actor, the identification with characters and how hard you’ve prepared each one of them in your best movies. You might write another book about different experiences of acting! yes you can! ha ha.

      You’ve got an intense life full of experiences like few others and that is a great luck. Over time I suppose that you will have realized that with mistakes and successes your impulses, your thoughtful attitude and your hard work looking for an authentic whole life have taken you much more than good and the end result finding yourself and being happy is fantastic, you deserve it! I wish you a future full of happiness.

      • Jane replied 3 years ago

        Thanks for thios feedback, dear Floren. I’m so glad the book resonated with you

    • I just finished watching The Trial of the Chicago 7. Were you already close to Tom Hayden at this time?

      • Jane replied 3 years ago

        I started dating Tom in 1972. The events in Chicago happened in 1968. But I did accompany him to the contempt trial from which he was acquitted

    • Dona replied 3 years ago

      Jane, It’s off subject but the day is right and there is no other place to put it and I just want to wish you a Happy Valentines Day, while it is that day. I’m sending you an imaginary Chocolate heart with just the right amount of calories, dark or milk, your choice. Forget the commercial silliness and profiteers and let me use it to say, that you are surrounded by love from me and millions of others. We say it all the time but why miss the chance to say it on Valentine’s day too? I’m not techy enough to know how to put a red heart here so you will have to imagine it too. If this gives you a smile, it’s all I want. Much love and good wishes. Dona

    • Hello Jane, i’m Erik, i really like your blog and i wanted to let you know I’m obsessed with Grace&Frankie, i just made an account today but been reading your blog posts for a while so you should be hearing from me a lot moving forward.

      Much love from Nigeria 💕

    • Dona replied 3 years ago

      Wu-WHOO! Vaccination one down, one to go. Me too. 2nd one scheduled for the 3rd. Just a slight sore arm, like every flu shot I get every Oct. Masks are staying; no changes there but now I’ll fly to Washington to help a friend. Glad you are doing this for your self and for all of us.

    • Off Topic: I just saw OUR SOULS AT NIGHT. A bit late, but getting old myself I wasn’t ready watch a film about getting old even though there was never a doubt I;d watch it sooner or later because of 2 people in it who, at a distance, I go way back with. Turns out to be a heartwarming, encouraging film, perfect pace, perfect pitch, a joy to appreciate, and an acting masterclass going on there without ever exhibiting itself, just pure craftsmanship. And there’s an incidental scene in the car where you reach back to pat the dog and you’re probably trying to get the dog’s butt out the way of the camera upfront so we can see all of you – – driver, upfront passenger, and the kid and dog in back. I don’t know whether it was directed this way or you were improvising (?) but you pat the dog and then pat the kid on the head. That was a lovely and smart incidental touch, just a passing moment thrown away down the road. OUR SOULS AT NIGHT is full of those ingenious little touches that make up the composite of two lives. What a terrific follow-through on the trail from The Chase and Barefoot in the Park and Electric Horseman. You just HAVE to be pleased about that quality of continuity. Some things Do maintain after all.

    • Hi Jane,

      I share the sentiments of others on this forum in thanking you for sharing your memories of Larry. He was a television giant, the likes of which we will never see again! I particularly loved watching his interviews with your good friend and my all-time favorite comedienne Kathy Griffin!

      On a personal note, it is possible to contact you directly (or vice versa) on this forum? I know its a long-shot but I have a personal issue I would like to seek your guidance on, if possible.

      Keep up your great work!

      Kind regards,
      Alan Clarke
      (Dublin, Ireland)

    • Dona replied 3 years ago

      Okay, I was able to see this FDF just before I almost gave up. Great FDF! I promise to write President Biden, and my Senators Sinema and Kelly to support THRIVE and to confirm Holland? (I’ll look up spelling) I will have the letters in the mail before Monday. Wright and Gun-Wright, both were so knowledgeable, enthusiastic and on top of every answer to every question. I already bought the book, All We Can Save, because of a former FDF discussion but I haven’t read it yet. I just finished Rebecca Traister’s GOOD and MAD, The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger. Really good information.

    • Dona replied 3 years ago

      Jane, I’ve been able to watch most of your FDF events but lately it has become difficult and I have missed one and now today’s because I can’t find a way to access through Greenpeace in the way I use to be able to get an invitation. I don’t TWEET, not on FACEBOOK, but usually Greenpeace would have a place on your page where I could ask for an invitation. What I don’t understand is why after I have been a regular attendee that Greenpeace doesn’t just send an invitation every month where I can enroll or not. OR why not in your EVENTS section at the top of your blog List the FDF events so that bloggers can ask for an invitation there. I’ve tried Googling, looking on your page but just go in circles. I also don’t know what Twitch is. It shouldn’t be so hard to get an invite. I bought a NETFLICKS acct just to watch Grace and Frankie, but I will not get on Facebook for this. I guess this dinosaur is going to be left behind. I can maybe catch them on UTube after the event, but I like being in the moment with you. Dona

  • It’s Sunday. The Sunday before the Tuesday election. The election that may well determine the future of the planet and whether or not it will be hospitable for human life. The latter will be challenging w […]

    • Thank you for doing what you do. None of this is easy. And right now with the political and social climate weighing heavy on us all, I hope that we will go deep within ourselves as a whole to figure out what is best for us ALL and learn to work with each other to find some middle ground in the least. This is so draining. I envy you. I wished I had the energy to push through it all. After everything else, it is daunting and it is harrowing to witness. To be a part of. I admire you greatly. I pray you continued strength and energy while I try to regain mine 🙏💖✌

    • Hi, Jane!
      I’ve just finished reading your post, and American elections will have a huge impact on the entire planet indeed.
      You’ve wrote that ” the size of the government isn’t what’s important, it’s who the government works for, right?” You are right, and I admire you for believing in something that should be a fact in every country. Unfortunately, in practice, things are so different in many countries, and many governments do not work for the people anymore.
      As you already have lived through several American governments, you do have an advantage on annalizing this issue. But I want to ask you something, and you are free to asnwer if you feel confortable enough with the questions. Do you strongly believe that although Biden believes in incrementalism he can be “pushed” to ACT beyond his personal beliefs or you simply HOPE that this will happen? You are somehow scared that things may not happen as they should or you do not consider this option at all? I’m asking you because I believe in your good intentions for the well-being of people, and because I’m also worried about our future.
      sending my love,

      • Nicoleta, I DO believe that Biden can be pushed. I believe we’ll win th senate an keep the house. So, with all the 10s of 1000s of climate activists ready to move, I do believe he can be pushed. Some of it may take time but we will make him do it.

        • Thanks a lot, Jane, for answering!❤
          I DO believe in your inner power to move mountains and be a part of this process as long as you can. I HOPE that something good will come out for the entire planet, and especially for those small countries as mine where activists are not so many and so vocal.
          stay healthy,

        • At least Biden will listen with both ears. Can you imagine the tweets that would come out of the White House in the middle of the night if Jane Fonda asked for Trump to listen? “Socialist” “Communist” “tank sitter” ” Vet murderer” etc. It wouldn’t be just Trump either. An avalanche of hate would come out of every Republican able to talk. LOL. You should feel gratified that you can still ruffle their feathers and be such a thorn in their side. Think about it – 50 years later and they won’t forgive or forget. Not that you did anything wrong except point out what a mistake that war was. It also shows them for what they really are – vindictive, petty and willing to rain hate down on a woman who only exercised her right to free speech. I guess free speech only applies to them when they want to talk. They repulse me and I can’t look at people like Mitch McConnell and feel anything but contempt.

    • Jane, I don’t think you have to worry about your followers and fans not reading what you have to say fully. We are here for you, with you and forever. That’s what I find great about Fire Drill Fridays – that I believe it’s going to be continuous. After I’m gone, after your gone, it will still be fighting for the rights of the people and the planet.

      “Pugnabit enim terra!” (Latin for “Fight for the Earth!”

      Love Lesley, Love from Newfoundland, Canada

    • Dear Jane, thank you very much. Love your blog as always. Fingers cross all goes well on Tuesday. Please stay safe and healthy. Wx

    • Hi Jane, I’m not American . I don’t live in the USA either so I can’t vote in your elections, but I really wish I could. I know exactly how my vote would go. (Biden/Harris) . I hope for the sake of the environment and other causes , that they get elected. I hope they continue to have strong relations with Canada (my country).

      Out of curiosity and because I’m such a huge fan of his, do you know how Ted Turner is doing? I just read his grandson got married. Since his diagnosis, I haven’t seen/heard much about him. Are you still able to communicate with him?

      • His grandson, John R Seydel was married yesterday. I watched online. Ted suffers from Louis’s body disease (what Robin Williams had but he was misdiagnosed). It can;’t be cured but Ted’s is being carefully managed. So sad.

        • Unfortunately, this type of dementia was diagnosed too late for Robin. Because I am fascinated by everything it happens in our brain I’ve read many scientific litterature and it seems that Lewy Body Dementia is the second cause of death after Alheimzer (neurological causes). And everything is messed up by an abnormal deposit of a certain protein.
          😒😢 It makes you think how little we still know about our brain’s functioning.

      • Jane,
        Thank you so much for this. You know I have listened to you or your guests on FDF explain the GND plenty of times, but just didn’t understand until you explained it here in your blog. I read the whole thing and will probably read it again and jot stuff down. You are so great. Thank you! Can I ask a question? What can I look for tomorrow for any hope. Like how do you know what states have what numbers. They keep saying election coverage. I have never been this involved in an election ever so I hope this isn’t a dumb question. The only thing I know is that we won’t know the results tomorrow.
        Love always,

        • Stacey, We probably won’t know the elections results tonight but it’s not impossible. If Biden wins Florida or Texas, it’s pretty much decided. The key states to watch for are Wisconsin, Michigan, Texas, Florida, Georgia. Trump may declare victory tonight but don’t be fooled. We re demanding, millions will demand, that all votes must be counted. Trump declaring victiry tonight is like eating uncooked dough and calling it bread!

          • Jane,
            Thank you for replying. My day just got 100% better.The key states are the swing states right? I’m learning! I was a mess this morning as probably were a lot of people. On the way home from work I ran to McDonald’s and as I pulled out of the driveway I ran over the curb and my whole side bumper came off! Ugg I just stopped and cried, when I got home I sat took some breathes and read your blog again. I’m ok now. I went to theGP teachings for what to expect at a protest and I signed up for an event for tomorrow.so I’m ready! Thank you so much! let’s try to stay positive we got this! The thing that keeps me going is knowing I’m not alone. We are all on this together.
            Love always,

    • Jane, your words are allways so clear. I will be staying up to watch the count from here in the UK. Thank you x

    • I don’t even want to think what would happen if Trump remains in office. We have so little time and we’d be inevitably losing another four!
      So I ask- How do you remain optimistic for a future if he’s re-elected?

      On a much lighter note I read we texted 340,000 voters ( as of 6:30pm ) last night!!!! Probably more after that!! But that was ONE day!

    • Jane,
      You’re right. This is scary. Thank you for being a person who realizes that we are in a crisis and that it needs to be dealt with now, and that us “power-hungry dems” aren’t overreacting.

      I’m sixteen and I live in an area of the U.S. that is an agricultural area but has giant factories and CAFOs that poison our air and water (and I’m one of the lucky ones, there are so many people suffering so much more than I am, which is why I am so motivated to fight for this issue) Lately, my hopes have been very low for our future (but volunteering with FDF and Greenpeace, meditating, and exercising has definitely helped!). I’m obviously already feeling the pre-election and the post-election stress, just like everyone else, so I figured after reading this blog that I would give you some words of encouragement, just because 🙂

      One thing that you are known for saying is that as a celebrity, you are a repeater. You help lift up the voices that can’t quite get over the mountain by themselves. You do this every day of your life, you have for years, even when it put your reputation and your safety on the line. So many amazing, powerful women have done just the same and I hold you and all of those leaders in a special place in my heart.

      I was raised in a very old-fashioned home (still am). You know the usual “women should be submissive” and “children should be seen not heard” I never really learned to have my own opinions about issues, let alone fight for what is right. Then about a year ago, I came across On Fire by Naomi Klein. And when I tell you I was f l o o r e d. I was so angry! I had so many questions and I was so confused. I was always taught that America was the greatest, un-corrupt, fair, happy. But now all I see is corruption, hate, and misery.

      This is why it is so powerful when I see women like you, women who don’t have to do this but do it out of the goodness of their hearts. Women who have seen and been through really hard times. When I see that, I think “I want to be what they are to me someday” if that makes any sense. I really wish I could get a chance to talk to everyone who has inspired me on my activism journey, just to tell them how they have helped, letting them know that they are making a difference.

      I know this may just seem like rambling, but it is always great to have some appreciation sent your way every once in a while. So I’ll leave you with this.

      Just whenever you begin to lose hope or motivation, just remember. I am one of the lucky ones, sure my air and water are unhealthy and disgusting, but at least I’m not in a life-threatening situation like so many other people from my generation are right now, especially people of color. Now multiply my gratitude and inspiration towards you, times all of everyone who is following and being uplifted by this movement. You mean so much to so many people and you inspire people to fight for what they believe in! You are apart of an army of powerful women that are changing the world! You’ve been apart of films and television series that have made a huge impact on people. You were willing to camp out in the middle of D.C. for Christ’s sake! If that doesn’t show commitment, then I don’t know what does!

      No matter who wins the election, I know I’m going to fight for the GND and I know you are too. Thank you so much for being one of my biggest inspirations and helping me find something that I’m really passionate about. I am honored, along with many other young people, to have you as someone to look up to.

      Just remember, when things get tough, us women, we’re strong, and we’re going to fight like hell for justice and peace together!

      xo Kennedy

      • Thanks, Kennedy. Stay strong. I will do everything in my power to help rural america heal from the poisons of industrial farming. xx

    • oh, Jane, a friend of mine asked you to send me “happy birthday” the other day and you did it very kindly. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me!

    • Jane, thank you for being an inspiration, especially for your young followers. I hope that the people of the USA will make the best choice in this election so that it does not end up like we do here in Brazil, where we have a president who does not care about our people and does not give a damn about important issues like climate change.

    • 😊

      • You know what’s great? That you have done all that you have and that you are such an inspiration to young and old and I think you have always and continue to make a difference in the world. You know what’s not great? I really wish you could have run for President, (not saying you would have) But you have the mental and emotional make up of what this country needs. You have the ability to be inclusive you are a very good speaker, you write brilliantly and you actually research and look at a problem and accept input. You engage other’s opinions to raise the level of an idea and you don’t seem to care about “pride of ownership”. Well, regardless, you are truly a National Treasure. 🙂

    • Hi girl,
      Oh my God, rooting for you and the planet today. Our news is totally focused on the elections. I will only sleep when I know the result, although I know it will not be definitive yet. I am sending a lot of energy of light and love to this Being, so that he accepts to lose himself, because if he does not accept it, he can be a bad example for all democracies, including ours, that we are struggling to keep what remains. Good luck to all of us.
      Love You

    • Hi Jane!

      First of all: what true words you speak.
      Secondly: if I remember correctly, you acted in „walk on the wild side“ with LGBTQ icon Barbara Stanwyck, do you have any fond memories of that filming?

      Lots of love!

    • Hi Jane,

      Thank you for this insightful blog post. I wish I could get so many of the people I encounter everyday to read it. So many people have little to no understanding of the GND. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been called a socialist or communist when texting for GP.

      I was elated yesterday evening when we learned that we had surpassed or doubled goal of reaching 4 million voters! We have such an incredible team and it was the news I needed to give me a boost of encouragement as we head into one of the most anxiety ridden days in our nation’s history. There were so many people texting through the Spoke app that that the system could not process all of the texts we were sending in real time so we are going to have a lot of replies to answer later this morning when texting begins. There are so many good people in this fight so I continue to have hope! Thank you for inspiring us daily.

      I want nothing more than to take back our country today!

      Stay safe and well!

      Jenny xoxo

    • I made it to the end of the article, Jane. I am so fed up with the bullshit that comes out of Trump’s mouth that I don’t think I can watch the news tomorrow, election day. I mailed my ballet a week ago and I don’t even want to leave the house tomorrow. Here in Los Angeles many businesses are boarding up in preparation for tomorrow. I have been depressed for weeks and nothing seems to shake it out of me. If I have to see one more f—–in Trump supporter go on about “fake news” I will scream! Cant these people see what he is all about? I think our government did this and it didn’t just happen when Trump stepped into power. All the administrations before him ignored them and finally someone paid ATTENTION TO THEM and as a result Trump has their loyalty. I know people who think all the stories about the prostitutes and porn stars AND PRETTY MUCH ALL OF IT was made up by the “fake media.” (incidently the same media that gave Trump front and center stage during debates and made all the attention on him. None of the others had a chance.) Now they want to destroy him. Well, I am hoping for a landslide tomorrow and he has his gang of terrorists will get ran out of town. That includes all his enablers. One can only wish. But this clown will drag it on if he loses and unleash his forces on the bigger cities and I am afraid it will be the summer of 1968 all over again!

    • I’ve read this twice, maybe three times. I’ve lived the last seven days between CNN and PBS, going back and forth, trying to digest the facts, the energy, the spectacle of people in the streets. I’ve alternated between holding my breath, trying to breathe, shedding a few tears of relief on one hand with Biden & Kamala looking at fireworks yet with a sad horror at the near equal division of this country.
      It’s not done quite yet. I’m waiting to see how Georgia will shake down on senate seats. Of the 14 million who didn’t vote for Trump, we need to also recognize that in that number were many Republicans who crossed over to vote against Trump, but who also voted for a Republican Senate and House. A thank you needs to go to them for making that choice for change.
      I’ve read Klein’s book, I’ve read your book. I’m 100% for the GND. I get the urgency and the time frame and the justice and morality. I’m also pragmatic. We didn’t win the Senate. At this point we are so stuck, I’m ready to call the above tenants by any name that can get them to pass legislation. A rose is a rose as long as it is still a rose. Name it whatever they want. I’m ready to send every Senator a bottle of MiraLAX, including Pelosi. I want to see movement, no matter if it is exactly getting everything on my wish list. Biden will have to have the freedom to be able to break the damn loose. That means, yes, we have to push him and support some of his compromise at the same time. This is scary because so much is at stake. And there is such a huge range of needs. No one wants their needs cut. We have to keep trust with each other that nothing is going to be dropped. We have to keep our eyes on the big goals while maybe temporarily letting some things be the second tier of push. Tier One; get back in sync with the world on saving the planet. Tier Two; ?. Tier 3. ? Yes, we have to do more than walk and chew gum at the same time. Biden will delegate.
      As for Trump, he will continue to be toxic. I hope Biden can help by being a anti-serum against his residual toxicity.
      P.S. I loved FDF this time too. I didn’t know of Rebecca Solnit, so that was a wonderful discovery. Rev William Barber, I love listening to his ideas, words, thoughts even if I’m not religious. But the best was having Joan Baez sing. I choked up too. The song was hopeful, strengthening, beautiful. It was the best Birthday ribbon on my birthday wish for Biden as President.

    • Hi baby,
      Ohhh my God, oh my God !!! I am very happy! Congratulations for the victory. Now he just needs to fulfill what he promised in relation to the Amazon. Success for FDF and GND.
      I love you

    • Sorry, I cannot believe that I actually forgot to mention that I am very sad to hear about Grace and Frankie ending after 7 seasons, but I am have currently re-watched the entirety of the show and I am 10 minutes from ending the last episode. I almost cannot bare to do it, but I do know that one more season is coming. Thank you and Lily from the bottom of my heart for being a part of something that is wonderful for not only women, but has been able to create a whole new dialogue for older men and women in a delightful yet realistic way. I love you both so much, and the rest of the cast/creators/writers for all of this. Thank you

    • Jane, thank you for you thoughts and strong determination to making this world a better place. I am from Alberta, which I know is a contentious area of discussion. I am not directly involved in the old/gas/fossil fuel industry but I suppose that my existence makes me involved. I remember that you created quite an uproar when you were down here protesting the pipelines, and I thank you for that. I am against it in terms of our planet and I am very glad that you are able to rabble the rousers. Thank you for your persistence in wanting our world to be better.
      I just wanted, as a side note, to share a short story about how you have personally affected the relationship between my grandmother and I.
      I remember being woken by what seemed like a march underneath my bed. I was irritated by this, and soon found that it was the result of my grandmother (who raised me since the age of 10, approximately the time of these stampedes). I went downstairs to find my grandmother, approximately 50 years of age, doing your Beginners Workout. What could I say in my sleepiness? “Grandma, how dare you take care of your body and health?”. Hah, hardly. What ensued was her and I disturbing the household from then on, in tandem,at 7 am and I LOVED IT! It gave me a goal to work towards, a guide telling me to “feel those buns burning” and the basis of my want to provide a healthy lifestyle for my grams and I. We did that for about 5 years together and she has tapered off, but I swear the only workout she wants to do is any portion of the one we shared. We both had your smiling face and intense workouts. I admire her for sticking with you for so long!!
      I still encourage her to work out with the hour long walk videos that you have generously provided, and one day I may actually be able to finish that same Beginners Workout/Advanced workout without swearing at you. You have created something unknowingly, and that is a beautiful gift for my grandmother and I. Thank you <3

    • Dear Jane, I have been thinking a lot about you and your fellow Americans. It must be a nerve-racking time for you all. (Hope you manage some decent sleep at night.) I am following live updates of the election by the minute and I sincerely hope the right candidates (president, senators and house of representatives) will get through. You are a superb leader and please continue to guide us through climate and other social issues. Afterall, we only have just-this-one planet to share and to protect collectively. Please stay safe and healthy. Wx

    • All too true. Nice ref to FDR too. But why have people stopped factoring in Overpopulation as a serious problem in all this? Up to the 1970s, Overpopulation was regularly on the agenda. In the ’80s it was dismissed as if we had solved the problem, as if the answer was to double the population and forget about it.

    • Hi Jane !
      I really hope Biden will win ! I am also looking forward to the results

      to talk about ecology i think you saw the movie Erin Brockovich with Julia Roberts that came out in 2000 in France. I really liked this film and it is current!
      In France things are also bad between the covid and the attacks, it is very worrying

      Like you, I do meditation and yoga, also walking to free yourself from tension!…and then I do watercolors which also relaxes.
      let’s keep our fingers crossed to make things calm
      Take good care of yourself xxxx

    • Jane,
      Trump came out and said he won. He keeps saying we can’t catch him. With all his followers without masks. Said he is winning Michigan nope and Wisconsin nope
      They aren’t going to be able to count all the votes in Michigan or Wisconsin till later so stop saying that. I’m sorry but he is lying about all this!He said as far as I’m concerned we already won. This is ridiculous! I’m sorry to retire this to you but this is so frustrating!
      Love always,

    • Jane, it’s almost 2 at night in Warsaw now, but I’m watching CNN and keeping my fingers crossed. We’re with you!

    • Jane ,
      Now that things have calmed down I want to say I am so sorry for those crazy post I wrote on your blog. You did not need to know all that info. Tuesday was rough for me. And I’m sure for many Americans. I don’t even know what I was thinking? You had just wrote that “ trump declaring victory was like eating uncooked dough and calling it bread”. I knew that in my head, but when it happened in that moment I was so upset and annoyed. I was dealing with zero sleep and anxiety. So I’m sorry for the craziness. I hope you accept my apology. On a happier note I’m so happy the people have spoken!! One more thing I watched Lily on Ellen the other day and they played this game and she ended up holding up a book that was titled I think you need to talk to someone. I was like well played Lily! Thank you. So I ordered it. Hope all is well
      Love always,

    • You’re so right, ALC

    • Hello Jane!

      I don’t live in the US, but in a peripheral Western country, that is Greece. Our current government is going at the exact opposite direction of a new green deal, opting for setting up resource extractions all across the country,up the mountains and deep into the sea. In fact we are talking about areas that had been characterized as areas of nature preservation! Should they proceed with their plans, the damage caused will not be contained within Greece’s borders;nature does not give a damn about people-made borders. Neither do environmental catastrophes.

      At the same time the government is failing with dealing with the covid pandemic on every possible level. So things are not so different from the US even if we are kilometers – or miles – apart.

      If anyone is wondering what is the thread that is connecting all those phenomena that you have described in our post, as well as those that I referred to in my reply, well I would say that this goes beyond specific miserable governments and towards the largest capitalistic structures we live in. It is in that sense that the New Green Deal, with which I am totally on board of course, can never be put into motion unless we fought for deeper and wider structural changes. So, I really wish that the fight for the GND actually comes hand in hand with the fight for Socialism, i.e. an socio-economic system that work for all of us.Otherwise, I honestly don’t see no future for any of us.
      Thank you for taking the time to read my reply and thank you for the awareness you are raising over the most important issues of our time!

  • I’m pretty excited about interviewing Mary Trump for next Fire Drill Friday. We had a preliminary “talk” yesterday and she’s way smart and interesting…as is her book. One of the things I like about her […]

    • I adore you Jane, but sometimes hate has simply got to stick. I loathed my father and even though he’s been dead many years, my feelings have never wavered. And yes, my grandfather probably did a number on him, but that didn’t give Dad permission to treat me the way he did.

      Besides, I don’t care very much what made Trump Trump. It’s everyone else that supports him.

      Again, I adore you. 💜

    • I am so excited for this interview!☺️

    • Since the election I have felt angry , fearful and anxious. I never knew that an election could do this to me. For me it’s not only about Trump but witnessing over the last 4 years that we have people in this country who stand behind him and support the racism, narcissism and cruelty he represents. What does this say about America? I have been born and raised in East Berlin. I saw the wall come down. With a history like Germany we were brought up to never love your country blindly because that leads to nationalism. When I met my husband and moved to the US I admired how open everyone was, but I was always asked how Germans could have supported the rise of Hitler. Even for me the last four years have shown me how easy it is to turn a country and I now know that if Trump stays another four years the America that the rest of the world admired will be no more.

    • Hola Jane, me alegra saber que tu próxima semana será muy intensa, se nota que estás ilusionada. Respecto a vuestro presidente, yo todavía no puedo creer que ganó las elecciones. Tienes razón al decir que odiarle no sirve para nada,supongo que está enfermo y es peligroso como otros presidentes de distintos países.
      Me gustaría ver alguna foto de esa sesión que te han hecho.
      Ahh y a tu ardilla mucha paciencia la verás, estos pequeños detalles nos alegran la vida, yo también disfruto con la naturaleza.Un abrazo.

    • Thank you for this. Before retiring, I was a therapist and specialized in substance abuse and trauma. Trauma often results in behaviors that we as a society abhor. The trauma begets more trauma. With these people I was always compassionate (no matter what bad they had done) because it knew where it started, and if healed, the negative behaviors would hopefully stop. With out president, I have lost any compassion and have felt such anger and I carry it around with me like you mentioned in your blog. Thank you for reminding me that resentment only hurts the person that carries it around. It doesn’t do anything to the person who one is resentful at. Thank you for reminding me to to hold him accountable for his actions, but view him with compassion (that will take a lot of work) for my own sake. Walking round in a rage at what is going on, is not helping me to be a better neighbor, friend, lover. It’s just making me anxious and shutting me down. I so respect your wisdom. You walk that walk. Thank you.

    • Hi Jane,
      I would love to read this book, as well as all the others you have indicated here. I am finishing my training in psychoanalysis, I am reading and studying a lot. The human being enchants me for its predictable and unpredictable mysteries. I don’t think he has sublimated much of his trauma. And yes, these are the people who really need our compassion. They are in the dark and, in a way, it is a cry for help transformed into false power. Anyway, I wish you could get him out of power so that we can change this egregore on the planet and make it easier for us to get our president out of here.
      I’m here in defense of indigenous peoples and the Amazon. This is one of my struggles. I watched FDF with Tica and Alice.
      How beautiful your squirrel. You reminded me of when I was a child that I put pieces of fruit on the wall of my house for birds to come and get them. I thought that if they didn’t take it, an angel would take it to people who didn’t have it. Did you name it? Maybe Lily? Ohhh, why are we in the habit of naming everything? Is it a form of approximation, of possessing?

      • I bought the audio of Mary L. Trump’s book and listened every morning with my husband while having our coffee. Too Much and Never Enough is a very excellently written book, in exposing Donald Trump and the Trump Family.

    • Jane💕
      I’m writing to you in complete gratitude and admiration over the remarkable legacy you continue to live out today. Turned 19 today and I absolutely can’t wait to age beautifully & successfully just as you have. I was sent home from film school in the U.S due to this pandemic, and my passion for film has somewhat leveled down. Although seeing your work increased my love for film, it left me the impression of what a hard-working woman achieves in life. Totally stoked about these blogs and can’t wait to see this interview. Lots of love from Indonesia!

    • Jane,
      My bff has read the book so I am saving
      my money for another which is yours. I have followed your FDF’s since October and I must admit my head was in the sand about climate crisis, so thank you. I have a feeding station for the birds and whatever wildlife trips over from the nearby golf course. Grandpa bunny (big as your cute dog), psycho squirrels trying to bust the squirrel proof feeders, and chipmunks who climb the pole to get seed and nuts out of a tray. Getting my kicks too! G/F keeps me in a happy place, again thank you. Thanks for keeping us informed about your up coming projects. Will catch you on Andy’s show. Be safe snd God Bless.

      Jamie (Mason, OH)

    • It is great to hear from you, Jane. You seem to read a lot. Do you prefer books in paper or electronic versions? Do you still present those you like to your friends?

      It’s true that many things in us come from our childhood and effect our lives in so many ways. When the election campaign started in US, I was watching interviews and debates with both Trump and Clinton and I also read and watched interviews of Melania Trump. What are your thoughts about her? Do you have any sympathy for her? She seems to be a very sad person. And the same sadness is in the eyes of her son.

      Great that many things are happening to you and around you these days. You have such an interesting life. Take care and please stay safe.

      • Maybe it’s my age, Karine, but I read books. I like the paper and I mark up my books a lot.

    • Hi Jane,

      Thanks for another great blog post!

      Squirrels are so beautiful – I live by a Red Squirrel Reserve and nothing comes close to the pure joy of one taking food from your hand. I hope you see yours on the wall soon!

      The next Fire Drill Friday sounds interesting – definitely not one to be missed. I’ve been carrying hate around since my childhood and though the toxicity is overwhelming, I think it’s played a part in shaping me to be the compassionate person I am today. Shame the same can’t be said about Trump!

      Very much looking forward to your ‘Virtual Town Hall’ event with Andy Cohen tomorrow!

      Laura. xx

    • Hi Jane,
      As someone who does not live in the US I am always in wonder as to how your country has not just fallen to pieces with a man like him running it. Do you have any hope that if he does get elected next term (touch wood he doesnt) that there will be any chance of change in his behaviour or do you think it will cause irriversible damage specifically when it comes to climate change?
      Robyn x

      • Robyn, if he’s re-elected it will be the end of our democracy and we will be unable to do what the scientists are telling us we must do to avoid going over the climate cliff: cut fossil fuel emissions in half by 2030.In other words, it will be a catastophe that we won’t come back from

        • Jane, it’s scary to think about right? Hopefully if enough countries pull their weight and cut their emissions and work hard towards a greener future we can make a difference. I am currently a vegetarian and listening to you speak about methane emissions a week or so back on FDF has made me confident by cutting back on my meat produce I am making a difference even if it is minuscule, it is something.
          Stay Safe,
          Robyn x

    • Jane,
      This is making me consider to read Mary Trumps book. It actually seems like a quite interesting and insightful read.
      Also, I’m so excited to hear more about your new book. I have been trying to pre-order it but it’s not available in Germany yet, I think. I’m sure it’ll be possible to pre-order soon enough though.
      And by the way, the squirrel sorry made me smile, they are adorable!
      Charlotte x

    • Hi Jane, will your show with Andy Cohen be broadcast on Monday, 8/10? I don’t see you listed in the lineup. Good luck with your squirrel. She’ll come around. And thanks for every single thing you do to better our country and the world. I strive to be like you!

    • I read Mary Trumps book and it very good and certainly explains a lot, not that its a surprise considering the way Trump is.

    • Dear Jane,
      I have turned 18 this April and I asked to be given your book “My Life So Far” as a present for the occasion. HOnestly, I couldn’t wait to devour it. I cannot explain its impact on me, how revealing and eye-opening it was. I wholeheartedly thank you, you’ve saved me. This blog post reminded me of the section of the book about the Vietnam war where you described President Nixon’s need of showing himself as a “true man”, of continuing the war because it would otherwise resonate as unmanly. I see a lot of that not only in President Trump, but also in the men around me, even my classmates. There should be more discussion about this. Thank you again for writing about such important issues, don’t stop!
      You are such an inspiration.
      Have a great day, greetings from Milan!

      • Thanks, Tommaso. Actually, it was President Lyndon Johnson who was worried about being manly man xx

    • Hi Jane,

      I agree, everyone is connected as one, so in hating we hate ourselves. Only love can conquer hate. Our united love will vote him out. Keep up the great work! Thanks! Kristy

    • As a Trump supporter, I come with deep respect and an open mind. I am eager to hear everyone’s opinions. From all sides.

      Poltical views a side, we all can learn from each other, in some form or another. That’s truly the beauty of our country! A melting pot of diversity and spreading more knowledge! Nothing but love and light,to all!

    • Hi Jane, I loved the part that you talk about the squirrel that is showing up at your house. have you ever had pets other than your puppy? or some animal in childhood that helped you to overcome difficult times? kisses, you are an amazing person.

    • Paper books are my favorite also. Nothing better than the feeling of pages between fingers 🙂 You said nothing about Melania. My guess is you don’t want to comment. Have a great start of the week, Jane!

    • Hi, Jane. Glad to read your perspective on the President. I agree, he acts more a victim of trauma. Stuck, unable to change, shedding the poison everywhere but never able to be free. I also feel empathy & work hard to focus on the policy issues. And the political side, the question of why he thinks acting like he does helps his personal goals.

      Meanwhile, love your work, love you, carry on!

    • Hi Jane,
      I appreciate your thoughts on this topic as it has been something I’ve thought about recently. Hate consumes a lot of our time and energy, and sometimes that person is just not worth it. It helps me to remember that empathy does not justify the person’s actions. We are rather just trying to understand why they do what they do, and that can give us peace, although all this is so much easier said than done. I adore you so much Jane, have a great day <3

    • Hi Jane,

      Another interesting and informative post. Curious to read this book with the others you have suggested. I like to read books. Would rather have the physical book accessible to me rather than the digital version ( not that I have anything against that).

      Looking forward to Friday’s Fire Drill. I attended the first one last Friday.

      Have a great day!

    • Hi Jane, I’m from Manchester, England. I love that your leaving nuts out for the squirrel .. will you keep us updated when she gains her trust with you x

    • your inner Snow White is coming out Squirrels are not shy around nuts and neither am I but if you are cool with it those little guys will come right inside right up to you I would hold out both arms nuts in your hands and they will climb on up

    • Hi Jane!
      Just wanted to thank you for today’s town hall with Andy Cohen! It was an honor to a part of it!! My question wasn’t able to be asked so I wondered if you could answer it here. Do you have any suggestions on how to help schools lesson their carbon footprint?

      Thank you!
      Can’t wait for your book!!
      Much Love
      xx Kara

      • Wow, Kara, great question…and complicated because there are soooo many:
        Cut food waste. Maybe start a garden where kids can learn about growing food and waste food can be composted and used for fertilizer
        Retofit the buildings to make them energy efficient
        Install solar panels on the roof
        Get kids to identify all the plastic they find in the school and try to come up with alternatives. There are many websites to help with this. Some of the things that are used to replace plastic (obviously treated and altered first)–sugar, fruit skins, hemp, bamboo
        stop using plastic bottles and if there’s a food vending machine, make sure they don’t dispense sodas, anythings in plastic wraps, junk food.
        Maybe there’s some small project that can be run with photovoltaic cells. These are panels of cells that transform sunlight into electricity

        • Thank you, Jane!
          I don’t have any school aged children, but I do have young nieces and nephews and I am trying to be a good example for them to lesson my own carbon footprint and help give them ideas to share at school in hopes for making great changes. Their young minds are excited to help the earth!

          I am also happy to have just started my volunteering with Greenpeace/Fire Drill Fridays! What an amazing opportunity!

          Thank you again!

          xx Kara

    • Hi Jane,
      I just got off of the Zoom call with Andy Cohen and wanted to thank you again for your advice. I am the Robin from Cleveland who asked about how to reach the people who don’t believe that the climate crisis is urgent. It was really nice to talk to you and I so appreciate what you told me. I’m looking forward to the zoom call tomorrow with you and the other Greenpeace/Fire Drill Fridays volunteers! This is such a great movement to be a part of and I can’t wait to do even more for our cause in the next few months.

      Thanks again!

      Xo Robin

    • Hi Jane,

      I just attended the volunteer call with Greenpeace, and I’m very excited to start helping! Thank you so much for inspiring me to step out of my comfort zone and do something that I never thought I would do, especially coming from a very conservative family in the South. I definitely wouldn’t be here without your encouragement and wisdom. I’m really looking forward to being a part of this community and learning more and more each day.

      Hope the rest of your week is great!

    • You are right about hate and plus, it’s very drying to the skin. Who needs that?! I am reading Mary Trump’s book now and I find it fascinating. Not that my family’s dysfunctional is comparable to hers I do find it is helping me to look past the toxicity of my family and find that empathy and compassion for not just others but myself as well. Thank you for all you.
      Peace, love and donuts!

    • My first Zoom/Fire Drill Friday ends out my “Fonda” week nicely. It was an interesting and informative experience. I didn’t quite get the hang of using chat rather than the question/answer Button to ask a question, but that’s alright. I didn’t want to be vocal anyway. I was more comfortable just writing it out. My question was more of a leading statement probably. I’ve read a lot about and known a few Borderline/Narcissistic Personality Disordered persons. Many in later life when their defenses can no longer hold up to protect them from their pathology, they crash and commit suicide. I basically was asking Mary if she thought this might happen with Donald. Once out of office if his supporters leave along with immense power I wonder if he will crash and burn. As I said, I don’t hate him, I don’t even like him but I can see him as I would an injured animal and feel compassion for his pain, while at the same time hate his destruction of all we hold dear. Have a great weekend Jane, and remember to take care of YOU. Dona

    • I hope more people who vote in the United States will read this book. We cannot have someone so unbalanced and delusional, not to mention corrupt, playing at running (ruining?) the country. I am a Fire Drill Friday regular, having worked on things environmental for more than 35 years, so I look forward To Mary Trump’s visit. She is one brave woman for writing this book and standing up to family members.

    • One more, then I quit for now. I’ve hear Mary L. Trump in a couple interviews and am looking forward to hearing this one with you. I’m not surprised at all. I felt all along that this was an injured human being. I am sorry that he, along with so many, are injured in this way, and I am even sorrier that he has been given so much power to hurt so many more innocent children now and in the future through his choices regarding this planet. I don’t hate him, only his actions and choices. Along with rejecting hate, I see an opportunity for us Americans to wake up, take responsibility, and take action. It can be done. You believe in the possibility of healing and change. Not in him, necessarily, but in the rest of us. Those who gave him our power to harm in our name. The question is can we do it in time. I hope so. We have so much healing to do, but because there are so many aspects of our illness of hate we have so much to recover from, so big a battle. I feel we have started the way forward, not back to what we have been, but forward to something better. I believe in the Green New Deal because of the WHOLENESS of it. Not one small piece here or there. Address all the injury; the racial ignorance that breeds hate; the greed that lets others starve, the rape of our planet that robs everyone’s future. Whoops! Didn’t mean to go on and on. Enough. See you on Friday. Dona

    • P.S. again. I pre-ordered four copies of your book when you first brought it up way back. I made the order with Amazon so I suppose I’m not eligible for that video trip thru the kitchen with tips on down-sizing my footprint? 🙁 Dona

    • It’s been a “Fonda” week for me. First, I watched a rerun of “Comes a Horseman”, one of my favs of Jane movies, then I caught the ending of “Barbarella” which I had never seen before. Then, I signed up to volunteer for Greenpeace to get out the vote. I was hoping to do postcards, thinking I could get away with having no tecky skills for that task. I had tried volunteering for Flip the West but found my skills obsolete for the tecky needs there. Instead, I wrote a check which is an old-fashioned skill still in favor except for paying your bills. I’m still resisting. I haven’t paid a bill online yet. I support the Post Office. The Greenpeace ZOOM meeting was quite extraordinary. I especially enjoyed seeing those youthful faces , intent & passionate, hopeful & organized except somehow the postcard thing is on hold. I’m waiting further instruction on that. I’ve written several checks to Greenpeace, that may be where this goes as well. Bouncing out of that experience I went to Jane’s newest blog, read that and all the posts. It was a good one, for sure, and I appreciated the posts as well. Somehow, I moved on to an interview with Jane on THE SHIFT with Marianne Schnall dated Jul/20/20. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend that you look it up on YouTube. I felt it one of the best interviews I’ve seen her do. I loved it! She was succinct, clear, passionate on every topic. I felt that I was seeing and hearing a core part of who she is and what she believes.
      I realize this week is not over so who knows what is next?
      p.s. Jane I put my BD card in the mail for RR and am gearing up for Lily next. Just a reminder. 🙂 As always I am appreciative of everything you do. Dona

      • Hi Donna!

        I just saw that you mentioned trying to volunteer for the Call Team with Flip the West. I’m on the Call Team and I’m actually training to be a trainer this week. So if you wanted to give it another try me or one of the other trainers would be happy to talk you through the process step by step. It can indeed be confusing at first if you are not accustomed to using this kind of technology, but after a few run throughs it will become like second nature. Regarding the postcards, I’ve been getting a lot of interest for this program when recruiting volunteers and I’ve been told that the program will be rolled out within the next few weeks so keep an eye out!

        See you!


    • I started w the Fire drill Friday Teach-Ins and then attended a Fire Drill Friday in Washington, DC and was arrested! I’m volunteering w GP to text voters, joining the Leadership team and continue to attend the Fireside Fire Drills. So, here’s my question: Hillary won the popular vote, but she isn’t president (still sad over this), how do we combat the electoral process? Not sure I can stand to see Biden/Harris be stumped by the electoral college.

      BTW, I bet you don’t know you’ve been my mentor for about 40 years now-thank you:-)

      • Well, Pamela, one way to do it is for so many people to vote for Biden/Harris that they win overwhelmingly and incontestedly. Get a mail in ballot NOW and vote early. xx

        • Correction to my BTW…my mentor for the last 40 years-“one of my mentors” is what I need to say. I’ve been so fortunate w several fabulous mentors, I don’t ever want to short change any. And I’ll vote ASAP… then, I’m going to pray, visualize, meditate and any thing else I can think of:-).

    • Jane, I had three squirrels in my backyard in WA. I watched them chase each other on top of the fence all the time, threw them almonds, cashews etc which they buried all over my yard, and they chased the neighbor’s cat out of the yard.They liked the birdbath too. My move to AZ has exchanged them for a family of Great Horned Owls in this park. One of the youngsters, recently named Ollie, was taken to reversing the order of who watches who, by peering into our windows and watching us. I wish I could send you the photo, it’s wonderful. Dona

      • I love owls!!!

        • The women in this park love birds and are very happy that the owls have made their home here however, with a caveat. Many have little dogs like your beloved Tulea. Besides walking them early they have two small dog-runs where they can be let to run off leash and play with their neighbors. Ollie in his investigation of the park has been seen sitting on the dog-run fence. A warning has been sent out to the dog-owners. It’s all about learning how to share when living with wild creatures. Dona

    • I’m a bit of a night-owl so I watch Amanpour & Co. regularly. Regarding our being able to heal from this Donald mis-adventure in our world affairs, Amanpour asked two of the very experienced, in the eastern and European trade-craft people, (yes, I forgot their names) if America would be able to recover it’s ability to influence and lead in that area of the world. Neither of the people answering made it sound positive. It’s going to be difficult and it may never get back to what it was fully. Trust has been broken and Covid plays a part in our resources for the future in regards to helping where leaders should be able to support. I feel grief & loss for that part of our identity. I wonder if America will know how to be a team player in spite of all the love it has for team sports. So much to learn & heal. Dona

    • Jane, I watched your interview with Mary Trump on Fire Drill Fridays. Thanks for bringing her on, it was interesting to hear her view on DT’s actions and behavior. Listening to your conversation, I was thinking what made those so many people vote for him In the first place? Or were they voting against Hilary/existing situation in the country? Many analytics say the country was demanding change through that vote and didn’t see the eager for change in Hilary. What are your thoughts on this? And do you believe Biden will bring that change America is looking for?

      • “Didn’t see the eager-for-change-in Hillary” is true and played a role. Her “basket of deplorables” was a nail in the coffin. But neo-liberal politics from the democratic party over decades also was a reason folks turned to an extreme. People who were hurting didn’t think the Democratic Party cared about them. And that’s partly true, I think. Some went for him cause they wanted to protect their wealth.Some because they’re racists. I think Biden can be pressured to do what’s needed but we’ll have to really keep a lot of pressure on cause the solutions don’t come easily to him. They’re more Eliz Warren solutions.

    • Jane,
      I absolutely loved your interview today with Mary trump on FDF. It’s so true what she said about community.Thats exactly how I feel . I’m supported by people who want the same things I do. And now especially that I’m volunteering I have that community as well. I’m learning so much. I’m super excited I joined a local activist group and I will be joining my first call with them Sunday. I also requested my absentee ballot which was super important. I also joined a watch group for the Democratic convention . Sorry I’m telling you all this I’m just excited. I’m trying to learn as much as I can. I will never be as great an activist as you are. You’re #1! You work so tirelessly. And know Soo much information. I’m starting to read book I read your book my life so far and am on another one of yours primetime. I also ordered Mary trumps book. So excited. It takes me a little bit longer to read but I get there . Thank you Jane.
      Love always,

    • It’s a dual problem. There are people who have wanted to privatize the U.S. Postal service for years to get their hands on the $60 plus billion dollars it potentially makes when times are good. But times aren’t good right now and the Postal Service has lost money because of the Covis-19 pandemic. The Trump administration hates the fact that the P.O. is public, a governmental institution and he wants to take advantage of this crisis to starve the P.O. and then privatize it. That’s why they’ve fought against giving any covid-relief funding to the P.O.

      The second problem is political. Trump doesn’t want people voting by mail because he knows he’d lose. So he won’t fund the P.O., has tried to remove mail sorting machines and mailboxes and wants to convince people that they can’t trust the P.O. to mail their ballots. I’m working hard to get the funding and show people they can vote by mail. Having the president of the Postal Service on my next Fire Drill Friday end of this week.

    • Hi Jane!
      Fabulous interview with Mary Trump! Thank you for using your platform to have her on and share her insight on 45 & their family. I can’t wait to read her book!
      I’ve also just started volunteering with Greenpeace/Fire Drill Fridays! An amazing opportunity and even more amazing are the people running it!! It’s wonderful to be part of this community!
      Hope all is well with you!
      Much Love,
      xo Kara

    • Hi Jane,
      Just wanted to say that your teach-in with Dr. Diana Beresford-Kroeger was beautiful and so moving. I was blown away by her words. Thank you for introducing us to the most amazing humans on this planet!
      Much Love,
      xo Kara

    • I don’t ever sign my books with stamps@!!!

    • I’ll try to find out about what Lily does.

    • Jane, It made my heart feel good to see all that support for the Post Office & it’s workers. Dimondstein and Karol were excellent communicators. Their passion and dedication was evident plus lots of good information. I had located the place to drop off the ballot as a back-up plan considering I am sitting smack in Republican territory, but after hearing them I hate to not trust in the post office workers to do what they have always done. If I get the ballot early and I will ask for that, I will fill it out the same day and take it back to the Post office immediately, all should go well. It was an excellent FDF event. Thank you. P.S. Did you get the Owl pictures I mailed you? (Ollie looking in the window.)Have a great day. Dona

    • Hi Jane ,im a guy 60 and I’m not a person to be fun of somebody, just you, nothing sexual, I think you are a great real woman , and i say real because you stick to reality as much as jou can . As far as Trump , I have to say I admire his tenacity just to be one of the most publicly hated man in the world , he manages to get his way and soar above the croud, he takes care of business, he works very hard and in my opinion he deserves another term. He is nobody’s fool and you have to be like that , he will play dirty if necessary but at the end comes out clean. Nobody that I know can beat Trump . You have to give him credit , he is the guardian this country needs.

      • Jaime, Well, I could argue with you about this but let me just focus on the climate crises which is of the most concern to me, enabling our children to have a liveable future and reducing the extreme weather events that will continue to rock our country, our economy, our health. DOnald Trump had rolled back all the regulations that could possibly stop the pending catastrophe. He is allowing oil wells and gas fracking to continue on public lands even though the scientists say we much stop that. He refuses to listen to the experts, scientists and doctors (which is why the coronavirus in the US has killed so many). Air and water quality will continue to decline leading to the sickness and death of many people. The World Health Organization estimates that already every day 93 percent of the world’s children under the age of 15 breathe air so polluted that it puts their health and development at risk. And Donald Trump has rolled back clean air standards. This is because he and his friends take large sums of money from the fossil fuel industry. Why would you support someone who allows himself to be purchased? Why would you support someone who doesn’t care about the health of the planet and it’s people? Why would you support someone who gives billions of dollars of covid bailout money to the fossil fuel industry and other very wealthy industries but deny help to small business owners and out-of-work men and women. Why, when hospitals in small towns in rural areas of this country are pleading for masks, testing and tracing equipment, when their doctors and nurses are collapsing from overwork, dos Trump refuse to develop a plan to help? And still you support him. I don’t understand.

    • I’m sad that I missed out on a signed copy, but I’m very excited to be receiving this book in a few weeks! I’m not a big reader, but your memoir was the first book I’d read in years and I had a hard time putting it down. You are a fabulous writer, and I can’t wait to learn more about the climate crisis through your next book.

      Do you anticipate bringing Fire Drill Fridays to other cities once it is safe? I would love to attend my first ever rally and hear you speak!

      Much love,

      • Yes, Chelsey, we plan on bringing Fire Drill Fridays to cities and towns across the country assuming it will be safe next year. I’ll be shooting Grace & Frankie from mid-January till, maybe, end of June 2021. Then we’ll be out there. xx

    • Hi Jane, help, http://chng.it/jnN4hzkycM !!!

    • Jane,
      I’m just being me times a thousand! Lol. That is my second favorite episode the tremor. My favorite episode of G&F is the coup. Mic Drop! I’ve been watching G&F the last couple days to keep my mind off negative thoughts. I want to ask you how did you like the DNC? This was the very first one I have ever watched. I thought it was great and informative. Michelle Obama was my favorite speaker. I keep her catchphrase in my mind “ when they go low we go high”. I posted a lot on Facebook about the convention and speakers. After it was finished I looked at all the comments and was sad. Most of them were negative. I’m not a fan of posting negativity on social media so when I saw that from people I know it was disheartening. I don’t understand the hate? This is the first election I’ve paid attention to. Were they all like this? I mean people saying communist, baby killer, racists? I mean those are harsh words. I can handle my mom calling and saying 4 more yrs. How did you ever handle the hate you got in your earlier yrs? I wish I was as strong as you. That’s why I look up to you. As soon as I’m done with your book I’m going to use the meditation you have in the back. There is so much I want to ask you and say. I am just going to pray and keep thinking positive thoughts and volunteering. I can’t wait till FDF can be out in the streets again! (Hopefully). Thank you for being such a strong positive role model.
      Love always,

      • Yew, Stacey, there’s always been the haters and their heinous rantings. But Donald trump has caused it to multiply many times over because of his own hateful rants. I thought the DNC Convention was terrific nd I hope they continue doing them this way…much more concise and coherent, in my opinion.

        • Jane,
          I think that is terrible and sad. Though I don’t have anything to compare it to I think this way was a great way to conduct the DNC. Less distractions.

    • Jane, I also forgot to mention I’m sure you already heard that the house approved an additional 25 billion for the US Postal service!! Great news. I have a feeling your interview this past Friday might have had a little to do with that. At least that’s how I feel!

    • Jane, you’ve been with me through thick and thin, and I am so grateful! Originally from the USA, I’ve lived in Israel for all of my adult life. I live in an area that suffers periodically from rocket attacks. Grace & Frankie became my TV sisters in the bomb-proof room, and continued to keep me company through all of the seasons. (I was in seriously withdrawal when the last season ended). Now with COVID upon us, you’re helping me to keep fit. My abs have never been so engaged! When my 91 year old Mom in CT fell ill and it was impossible to fly over to be with her, you helped me to keep my sanity. My Mom was the type of woman that you will certainly continue to be: trim, fit, beautiful, intelligent, and glad to dispense smart advice. Thank you for being there for me!

    • Girl, you’re the only Candita I know. xx

    • I’ll do my very best, Bob.xx Jane

    • Hi Jane, I think you’ve shared a really interesting perspective on Donald Trump. I suppose it can be very easy for the media to present him as inhumane and heinous. It’s definitely worth having empathy for everyone, I only wish that he could show empathy and sympathy towards those he finds incomprehensible, but I suppose that would be a different world. I think it’s really important of you to share that perspective. Sometimes he does seem like a strange, almost made – up persona (sadly not) – I can understand why people shroud him with hatred, but you it’s helpful to be reminded that you can’t fight fire with fire. – Found this post really thought – provoking.
      Thanks Jane

    • Hi Jane,

      Thank you so much for everything you do. You’re such an inspiration to me. I’ve garnished a lot of anger for Trump, but there were moments in the last four years, where I saw the same thing you talked about. It’s also quite astonishing, how obvious (for some of us), he makes his childhood trauma. It makes me pity him, and his upbringing, I do feel empathy for him, but it hurts me more that we’re paying for it, as I’m sure you understand, and may also feel. But I thank you for encouraging not to hate. On the grand scheme, it won’t make this battle any easier.

      I do have a question for you – first I recently heard you say in an interview about Joe Biden, “I’d rather push a moderate, than fight a fascist,” which I thought was genius.

      To that point, every day, when I see the news headlines, I become more concerned that we’re heading in the direction of tyranny. I’ve thought this since the 2016 election, when I saw so many people in his base, the blind devotion. How (basically state/trump-owned media) Fox News brainwashes them, and then this narrative is reinforced and validated, for many, by social media algorithms that feed personalized, highly targeted content. But in 2016, I thought, maybe it won’t be that bad, maybe I’m being extreme and paranoid. There are processes in place, to help prevent this, experts and other leaders who he can defer to.

      Of course now we know, he doesn’t like to defer to these experts, basically across the board. It is worse than I ever could’ve imagined. Sometimes I ask myself, am I being insane by worrying about tyranny here? But I know I am not. I reread works from the 1930s and beyond, about signs of fascism, and tyranny, and how it could come to the US. Everyday I get more concerned, that this is it.

      I know this election is critical, for this reason. If Biden doesn’t win, who knows what our country will be in four years. I believe if we have an election that is secure and fair, that Biden will win. But I don’t believe Trump is going to let this happen. He’s of course doing everything to create confusion for voters, even in his own party. Now encouraging some to vote twice!? A good president would want to secure the faith in our voting system, for this election and for elections to come. I fear we will never have a fair election again. I used to criticize the voting system before, how naive I was, back then.

      Anyway, my real question is – what can we do now? What can we do to help prevent Trump from claiming victory before the mail-in ballots are counted? What can we do to prevent him and his base from self-militarizing when the results come in, especially if they don’t come until a few weeks after Nov 3rd? What can we do, to help prevent the russian interference (the propaganda is one thing, but I also recently learned there’s hard evidence that they were in the voting software that most polling places use. I imagine all it takes is one weak link, to let them back in.)

      I’m going to drop my ballot off in person, early. I am encouraging others to do the same. But there are so many things that can go wrong. And since he’s the one in the single most powerful position in the world, he’s not going to care to take measures that would secure our confidence.

      I’ve given up trying to persuade Trump’s base. Some people are too far gone. Instead I’ve been focusing, whatever I can, on encouraging people I know to vote who wouldn’t vote otherwise. I hate to be pessimistic, and I am actually hopeful at times, but everyday, things get worse.

      I studied Political Science, I saw these signs right away. It’s like, if anyone could go back to before Hitler began to consolidate power, I assume they would, and warn everyone. Some of us are trying to ring these alarms, and I understand why his base doesn’t want to listen (b/c it’s not convenient for them, or they just don’t understand, etc), and of course there is that notorious chilling phrase of “it can’t happen here.” I don’t know, I also feel like public leaders should be doing more to ensure the security of the election. For example, polling places, shouldn’t be connected to the internet at all. Eliminate the opportunity for hacking by disconnecting. Use the machines to count and then manually submit them. I don’t know the specifics on how all of the polling places operate, but from what I read, it seems many of the machines are automated, and then send in the results via the internet.

      The funny thing is, you would think, Trump wants to be remembered as a legend and the greatest president in history. If he wasn’t so narcissistic and childish, he had the opportunity to do great things during these unfortunately horrific times. I guess the problem is he values his ego, more than the truth, and take shortcuts. Instead of doing the right thing, I’m going to make my true supporters, believe I did the right thing. Or maybe he convinces himself what he does is right, I don’t think he’s that naive, though. I think he knows what he’s doing.

      That’s another thing that gets me, the way he tries to punish cities, states, and voters who didn’t vote for him, by withholding federal funding. That come from our tax paying dollars. That’s a huge indicator for what he could possibly do should he be “elected again.”

      As a gay woman, I’m concerned. I’m concerned what will happen. Not even just for me, for all of us. For black people, muslim, latino, asian, all women, all children, lgbtq, and really all americans. Maybe I’m doing the most I can do. I am getting involved in phone campaigning, and postcards, but there must be more at a larger scale. Who has influence that can help make the elections fair? I also contacted my local congresswoman with some ideas.

      I hope we can look back and just say, it was a threat, and we got close, but the American people came through in voting Biden in in a landslide. I’d rather that happen, than ever being able to tell Trumps base, “I told you so.”

      Anyway, I apologize for going so dark and for my comment being so long. I would edit it and trim it down, but it’s a stream of consciousness, really. I just wanted to see your thoughts on this. The american people, I believe are waking up, to racism, climate change, trump’s tyranny, and many other issues. That’s the one positive thing that came out of this. I just hope we’ll be able to use this opportunity. I hope it won’t be robbed from us.

      Thanks again Jane, for everything you do. I listen to your interviews, and firedrill fridays often, they help me a lot, your perspective, everything. You’re genuinely such an inspiration. I hope I get to attend a firedrill friday in person, sometime in the near future.

      • Christie, you’re right to be worried. It’s very dangerous what trump is doing and planning. We just have to do all we can to keep him from winning. Early voting, volunteering for an organization that’s getting people to vote. Fire Drill fridays is one of them and people are loving their volunteer experience. Also, there’s a huge need for people to work at voting precincts. You can Google what that looks like. (Google your state and then Poll Workers)You have to start now cause there’s training involved. Obama made a call-out to get people to go this.

    • Hello Jane Fonda,

      I think you are great! I love your shows and your work. In the 80’s I did the Jane Fonda workout daily. I will never forget when my boyfriend said “wow, you have a firm butt”. No doubt. Thank you Jane. I am going to buy the cd and get back on it!

      Trump definitely had trauma when he was young, no one who is healthy acts like he does. So sad that the world has to suffer so BIG because of it. I felt very relieved when I heard Biden say that there are many in DC, military and gov, who will escort him out WHEN he looses fair and square. Then I hope they escort him right to prison. Or better yet he disappears and we never have to hear his name or see his face again. Ok I digress.

      Sending you lots of love.
      In gratitude,
      Shannon S

  • Michael Blackmon
    BuzzFeed News Reporter

    As she prepared to risk arrest yet again to protest for action against the climate crisis, Fonda told BuzzFeed News, “I don’t want to die being part of the p […]

    • Hi Jane,

      You likely don’t remember, however we briefly met when you were filming On Golden Pond. My folks have a camp a few doors down from where the movie was filmed. It is still one of my favorite movies!

      I am writing you for two reasons. First, to say you have once again inspired me with your amazing efforts to help others and give back. In fact, I believe your fire drill Fridays initiative is the most important thing you have undertaken so far. THANK YOU!

      Second, I see you are going to be doing a show in the Boston area next week. This is my neck of the woods and I would love the opportunity to talk with you while you are here. I have an idea for your next initiative that is not only creative but also has a very positive focus and even a wee bit humor. Just enough to breakdown barriers in order to encourage people to listen and then commit to taking “EcoAction”. To learn more please visit http://www.ecoenlighten.org.

      Thank you again for all you do, and I very much hope we are able to talk when you are in the area.

      -Jeff Ackley
      Executive Director
      EcoEnlightened Charitable Organization

    • Hello Jane, I hope you are fine !? I wish you a nice 2nd Advent and another good time in Washington! They are really adorable! Greetings Barbara ♥ ️

    • Hello Jane, I wished you HNY in reply to your blog and in my reply stated that I hoped 2019 would bring rain as we were (we thought at the time) in severe drought. Well almost 12 months later we have been blessed with little rain. Last year we received 13 inches and this year to date, 6 inches. We live in a rich cattle country and yet our rainfall is less than a desert. We continue feeding our cattle (we are lucky we still have water) and have spent in excess of $1.5m on feed. Coupling with this is the mega bush fires around us. Northern NSW, Australia is literally dry and on fire. I agree we need dramatic change. My family are strong and we support one another and are determined to get through the drought. I am proud to tell everyone of you- the cheeky, strong and feisty ‘ol American chick- and what you are achieving. If you have plans in Australia I would love to support you and be part of it.

    • Hi Jane, I’m inspired by your true commitment to make a difference for Climate change. As a sculptor I’ve created a series of Climate Change Sculptures that i am searching opportunity to place in the greater Public Realm to communicate + remind communities of our most pressing priority, the need to take immediate action now to save our fragile planet – http://bit.ly/EnviroSculpture

    • You are kinda naive, aren’t you? I am too, I suppose for thinking that trip to North Vietnam was anything other than a propaganda stunt. Well, it saved my life and many others and anyone who can’t figure that out is just an idiot and we have an entire country just full of idiots. Myself included, I suppose. It’s kinda unavoidable, after all, we are all public school educated. Idiots educating idiots. Kisses.

    • Hi Jane. Something you should know. Our Federal Reserve has financed both sides of every war since it’s founding in 1913. Especially, the war that was meant to never end. Vietnam. The real purpose of the Vietnam war was to continue the financing of our national war machine. We had to do something with all of those surplus bombs left over from WW II. Else, the financing of our war machine would have stopped. So, we picked on a country that was well established in the art of war (Vietnam). It was a death trap for our soldiers, because every battle that was ever fought by our soldiers in Vietnam had been fought over and over and over again. The Vietnam soldiers would show up for the battles that they were assured to win from experience with other armies like France and Greece and stayed at home for those that they were destined to lose. By going to Vietnam you saved countless of our children’s lifes. We’ve all been brainwashed for over 63 generations by the very same people who have started every war since the founding of the Illuminati in 1776. Anything about that date that sounds familiar? You’ve literally been brainwashed by our phony history to switch sides. The winners of every war write the history books and the only winners of any of the USA’s wars have been our Illuminati owned Federal Reserve.

    • To make a difference in this world I believe we need two things:

      1. Strong, powerful individuals who dare to speak up and put their face, heart and entire soul on stake and

      2. Business, who are built on a strong Code of Ethics.

      You Jane are the first one and we are the second one.

      Please get in touch if you want to hear more and let’s work together for the sake of healthier Planet Earth.

    • .. Well, just in case you read this Jane, I was the one with the black Abraham Lincoln hat on. And I sat down right next to you At the Capitol building Rotunda. And boy howdy I sure was thrilled. More importantly message received And I thank you again for all that you’re doing. Xo

    • I was in Washington DC on November 15th at Jane’s Fire Drill Friday’s. Three weeks before that, I heard for the first time Greta Thunberg’s third speech to the United Nations. Then, that very same day, I heard what Jane Fonda was putting together (Fire Drill Friday’s) after she heard Greta Thunberg Speech at the United Nations as well. I was appalled and shocked. And it was at that moment that I was on the same page of the information in regards to climate change. I couldn’t just stand by and do nothing. And that was what catapulted me to go to Washington DC and protest. I came back with information and steam to move forward and multiply it. And after a few personal setbacks, it’s taken me this long to get to Jane’s web page and really make a difference and be a participant of the climate change movement. I had the very good luck and honor to walk right next to Jane and help hold up the protest sign. And at an appropriate moment, I put my hand on her hand, and I said, Jane Thank you for doing what you’re doing. And she turn to me with those beautiful blue eyes and said very kindly and heartfelt to me,thank you for coming.( a few minutes before that, she turned to me and corrected me in the “chant” .. “What do we want, A Green New Deal!” I was screaming, like everyone else but right in her ear, “A New Green Deal!” I said, oh, I’m sorry! And she said “that’s okay. I’m glad you’re here.” Xoxo

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    By: Yvonne Villarreal Contact Reporter

    Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are the kind of ladies who lunch while talking frankly about bionic body parts and joint diseases. At least that’s the case today.

    “I […]

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    READ COMPLETE ARTICLE: http://time.com/4587314/jane-fonda-standing-rock/

    By: Jane Fonda

    We must rapidly cure ourselves of this disease or it will take us all down

    I was at Standing Rock Sioux […]

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  • Jane Fonda is an actress, writer, and activist.
    The China Syndrome actress on the dangers of Shell drilling for oil
    In less than 30 days, Royal Dutch Shell wants to begin drilling for oil in the newly ice-free […]

    • The act of putting ALL of the New World Order elite into check, in JANE FONDA’S hands as the Pleiadian character SATIA, in my new film, where SATIA, also puts BETTE MIDLER as the demon LILTH into check also. I have just uploaded BETTE MIDLER, and myself dancing together in her movie: ”FOR THE BOYS”. What a joy to see JANE FONDA & BETTE MIDLER as adversaries in a space craft movie, where the NWO ILLUMINATI, which the character LILTH supports, take off running for the hills once they are completely defeated by the GALACTIC FEDERATION, where CHRIST’S daughter SA RA, & SATIA coordinated moves against those Reptilian humanoids in a space ship Dog Fight.

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    Sex symbol, Oscar-winning actress, 
fitness queen, and now, at age 77, TV star. 
Behold the unstoppable Jane Fonda.

    May 19, 2015 | by Lynn Hirschberg
    Photography by Steven Meisel
    Styled by Edward […]

    • I am an old friend of Jane Fonda’s sent for by her to come onto the movie set of KLUTE, and taken by Ann Roth to meet with Jane. We spoke by telephone everyday after, and we road in a limo to the Waldorf Astoria, where her father Henry placed us at the head of the table with him. Now I am wanting Jane to play the role of the Pleiadian Goddess SATIA, in my movie “COSMIC GANGSTA VS THE REPTILIANS” and command her space craft along with CHRIST’S daughter SA RA, in the Dog Fights against the bad guy Reptilians from Alpha Draconus. It makes “STAR WARS” look like children nonsense, as we time leap through time lines, condense the Sun Rays to manifest anything desired, walk through walls and do things MULTIDIMENSIONAL GODS & GODDESSES can do.

    • We are aiming at Jerry Bruckheimer as the Director on this project, Wesley Snipes as ANUBIS, Bette Midler as the demon Anunnaki, LILTH, Rosiario Dawson as BERNICE working in AREA 51 UNDERGROUND US Base with ORION ALIENS,

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    Two male law partners fall in love and leave their wives, women now bereft and enraged—all of which makes for stellar comedy

    April 30, 2015 5:30 p.m. ET

    Refreshing isn’t the […]

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