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  • Hi Jane –
    I found you describing this area in Santa Monica fascinating in your book, as at the time it seemed like you were kind of exposed in a community that didn’t normally have stars as neighbors. How does Biden plan to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030 if he can’t adopt a stronger GND? Thank you, as always, for using your platform to…[Read more]

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    Hi Jane,

    Thank you for making me aware of Pipeline 3 and making it easy to reach my state reps via Twitter (the site does this)and Biden. Also I’d love to take trains across the country for work travel, but I dont think corp companies will ever allow this in terms of time vs. cost. I love when you share a bit about America pre-70’s and how…[Read more]

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  • Fantastic decorations! I’m new here, Jane. Looking forward to low key chilling at home and personal posts—-as well as climate change updates. Getting your new book for myself for Xmas. My Life So Far was a huge influence on me in my 20s.

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