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    - "Are you OK? We haven’t heard from you in a bit…. Even no Fire Drill Friday :{ I just hope you are OK!"View
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    - "CFAH is your go-to resource for accessible, trustworthy, and up-to-date CBD and hemp information. Visit for more information about CBD."View
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    - "@jane I am a neuroscientist/ women coach/ innovator at Stanford and part of a research initiative that is aimed at empowering women (to step into our shining lights and, collectively, change the world). Our […]"View
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    - "Miss Fonda, When I watch your movies or see posts on Facebook of you it makes me smile. I try really hard to read your blog when ever I’m feeling down and it cheers me up. Thank you for that.🙏"View
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    - "Watching the rain at work….wishing I was home watching Grace & Frankie!"View
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    - "@jane Hello Jane, while reading the post “I CAN STILL ACT,” one thing really stood out to me. When you said, “I’ve been worrying about the possibility that in the 15 months since we were last filming “Grac […]"View
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    - "@gramar Hola Graciela, he visto que eres uruguaya lo que supone que podamos comunicarnos con mas facilidad y percibo una cierta sintonía en nuestra forma de pensar, de hecho estar en este blog ya supone esa […]"View