I’m popping out of my skin with happiness and pride! Last night, the Jane Fonda Climate PAC saw most of our supported candidates win. I’m posting about this because I want people to see that down ballot races are truly strategic when it comes to confronting the climate crisis. It’s state legislatures, city councils, county executives, mayors, and supervisors where the robust work on climate is taking place these days. Please remember this when you vote in 2024. And we must ALL vote. Voting for someone doesn’t mean you’re marrying them! It means making a pragmatic decision that will make a difference in how hard or easy your life will be. And let’s all remember this: IT’S BETTER TO TRY AND MOVE AN ALLY THAN TO BE BLOCKED BY A FASCIST.

In Virginia – 13 out of 14 of our endorsed candidates for Virginia’s state legislature won! That means that Democrats held the Senate flipped the House and won control of the State General Assembly. Take that Gov. Youngkin!

We also supported winning candidates for School Board and Board of Supervisors in Fairfax County, Virginia!

Our candidate for Minneapolis City Council won the first round of ranked choice voting by only 59 votes (which shows that EVERY VOTE COUNTS!)

Our goal in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, was to flip the County Council in a community that has 6 superfund sites, a proposed gas line expansion and NO environmental oversight committee. Of our 5 endorsed candidates — 4 of them WON! While we didn’t completely flip the Council, we helped elect four climate champions who will fight for their communities.

In Allegheny County, PA, our candidate for the County’s new Executive won her general election. These county executive positions can be very important when it comes to climate-related matters. Keep this in mind for future elections.

And finally in San Diego County, CA our candidate Monica Montgomery-Steppe won her race for the County Board of Supervisors, making history as the first Black woman to be elected to the Board.

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