With James Oles curator San Francisco MOMA

On Saturday, James Oles, curator of the Diego Rivera show at the San Francisco MOMA, gave my small group a guided tour of the extraordinary exhibit. It will be in San Francisco until January 3rd and is well worth a visit. It includes 3 of Diego Rivera’s massive wall murals and James Oles deepened our understand and appreciation of Rivera’s brilliance and prescience.

The last of the many rooms housing Rivera’s works is dedicated to his “society paintings.” These are the ones he did for money, often paintings of wealthy Americans. One of the final paintings, the one I am standing against above, is of my mother and half-sister in 1941. It has been hanging in my niece’s home since my sister passed. My niece, Pilar Corrias, is an art dealer based in London at the Pilar Corrias Gallery.

Seeing the painting restored and hanging in the museum was an emotional experience for me. But actually the entire show was breathtaking and emotional for me. Try to see it!

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