• I love this! These are great, easy ideas for all of us to participate in. Thank you for sharing! Let’s keep making sure our voices are heard.

  • It was amazing to see all of the marches across the world. My mother and I traveled on bus from Michigan to Washington DC to participate in the Women’s March there. What an incredibly inspiring experience! Thank […]

  • What a perfect, purposeful way to spend your birthday. I am sure it was quite a sight to see on Sunset Blvd. with the dance. Wonderful! I canceled my credit card with one of the banks listed on the link you had […]

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    Sigh. What a mess. Trump and his cabinet will cause an incredible amount of damage in the next four years. It will takes years of work to fix it. His cabinet choices are unbelievable. If I am reading things […]

  • This is a very well written article. Thank you, Jane, for standing up against the Dakota Access Pipeline. I just read that Veterans are now heading there to help as well. This has gone on way too long. I am afraid […]

  • It is very interesting about the two ladies at the beginning of this blog entry. There must be soooo many people involved in making a movie! And Tulea is absolutely adorable! I am sure she is skipping from pure […]

  • While looking up more information on your movie, I read that you stepped over to a group of fans to give autographs in Colorado. I just wanted to say that was extremely kind of you. I am always amazed to see huge […]

  • Colorado is so beautiful! What a perfect place to film a movie! And your motor home! Nice! How long will it take to film the movie? I have a feeling it is going to be an extremely popular movie.
    In your last […]

  • I already left a comment, but I forgot to ask you something. My sister just finished a long year of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Next weekend, I am going to treat her to a little trip to the Toronto Film […]

  • It’s great to read your newest blog, but never feel guilty about not writing one. Your fans understand. You are one busy lady!
    I can’t wait for your movie to be completed and out. It’s a Netflix movie, right? […]

  • I am almost done with Season 2. Excellent! I like how your character has started showing a softer side. I could be wrong, but it seems that your character matches your real personality quite well. Anyway, I love […]

  • I love my Apple i-Phone and i-Pad. They are older versions, but they still work well. I would love an Apple Watch, but can’t afford it. Maybe someday the price will go down. It looks awesome. I am curious about […]

  • Wow! What an absolutely beautiful hotel! The coca business must have been quite impressive! I wonder what the palace was used for recently before it was turned into a hotel. Just stunning! And did I read […]

  • I already asked you a question about when you first met Jane Goodall. Sorry, that was not worded correctly. In the interview you mentioned you first met her in Santa Monica at a luncheon. I guess my actual […]

  • That was a very interesting interview! Of course, I knew of Jane Goodall’s work, but would love to know more. I looked up the titles of the books Jane Goodall has written. There are so many that I am not sure […]

  • This was fascinating to read. What a journey of growth and realization! I have had misconceptions in the past about what feminism really was. Also, I had thought in the past that there were so many more important […]

  • She must have some absolutely fascinating stories to tell. And thank you for sharing this information.

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    Thank you so much, Jane Fonda and Robin Morgan. I know you are both extremely busy people and I greatly appreciate you passing along this information. I promise you I will start getting involved with some of these […]

  • SusanK commented on the post, A VISIT TO MIAMI 1 year ago

    I just saw “Where to Invade Nexr” after seeing that you recommended it. The whole documentary was insightful, but the woman’s rights portion was fascinating. I am an educated, hard working woman, but seem to lack […]

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    My goodness! That first picture is absolutely beautiful! Is Lowes an Art Deco hotel? Miami is such a cool place! Lots of character!
    So, are you a Bernie or Hillary supporter? (I am assuming you have not gone to […]

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