It’s New Year’s eve and I’ve been writing almost without cease for 4 days and will continue until I have to stop for the Thursday Fire Drill teach-in. I’m writing a book about the Fire Drill Fridays and I’m very excited. Pouring over the transcripts of everyone’s speeches, I’ve really been able to internalize so many things I didn’t get when I first heard them. I’m learning so much. I think people will be interested in this book and moved to take action. It will be quite unique and I have to turn it in by March which is why i’m so obsessed. As anyone who’s ever written a book knows, that is a VERY short time to get one done. But I’m already on my 7th chapter out of about 15.

There are only 2 Fire Drills Fridays left. Sam Waterston is coming back as is Ian Armitage and the 10th, the brilliant Bill McKibben, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Saffron Burrows will join us. It will be a bittersweet thing to return home. But I ache to see my 6 month old grandson and my dog, Tulea.

I have made so many good friends these last 4 months and learned so much on many different levels. And I’m energized to a level I haven’t felt maybe ever.

I don’t have to think hard about what my New Year’s resolution is: To grow the Fire Drill Friday’s movement with Greenpeace’s exquisite help and, in collaboration with the young climate strikers, so that by next fall there is a growing army of people willing to go into the streets and halls of Congress and state legislatures and make their voices heard for the sake of the planet and of the millions of people who are already being devastated by extreme weather events and pollution. This is our year to take back Democracy. A large majority of Americans want to see their elected officials confront the climate crisis in a bold, urgent way but their desires are being blocked by the stranglehold that corporations have on the political process, especially the fossil fuel industry and the Pentagon. We outnumber them and we must win. The future depends on it. We have ten years. Let’s do this!

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  1. Happy New year Jane and thank you for al your good work what is soo needed. I will read your book when it’s coming out, can’t wait. In the meantime stay healthy and I hope that you later in January will hold your grandson and Tulea again. I follow you every Thursday and Friday for Fire Drill Friday from the Netherlands. Love you 😘

  2. Jane, I wish you a happy new year and only the best for 2020🍀 Above all health, love and happiness😊 Greetings Barbara

  3. Hey Jane!

    I wish all the best to you for 2020 and I hope you had a good time!

    First of all, I think it’s so beautiful how much you care, I haven’t seen this much enthusiasm in a long time and I hope you not only reach out but something changes in 2020.

    Then I have this weird question: do you have advice for self work in 2020? It would mean the world to a lot of people if you maybe did a blog post on this, I think.

    And last, but not least: I look so much forward to grace and Frankie and am so so so excited after last year’s cliff hanger!
    Let’s see what this year brings.

    A wonderful 2020 to you and thank you sm for doing this for our earth!

    • Hi Jane!
      You have always been a big part of my life. I’ve been asked countless times if I were related to you sometimes the answer is no but sometimes I just play the part and say yes! My license plate was J.Fonda (not intentionally) and people would say “Look honey Jane Fonda” and I’d come back with “ya like Jane Fonda would be driving a Honda.” I live in DC and was hoping to get to meet you while you were here but didn’t know how to go about it… My life has been quite difficult these past 2 years for me and my husband are homeless with our beautiful Puggle princess forced to live out of that very same Honda. Now without the vanity tag though. We are struggling to keep afloat and the help that DC provides the homeless is mainly geared towards family with children, understandably so. If you could please help us through this rough patch me and my husband vow to dedicate our free time to fight climate change with our heart and soul like you and Greta! Please I fear what is ahead for me and my fantastic husband. I don’t want to lose him or the life we were just starting to build together before we found ourselves living on the streets of our capital… I hope you see this…

  4. jane,

    congratulations on the new addition to your family. is this troy’s son? it must be heartbreaking not to see him at such a young age. i can’t believe how much energy you have to write a book in less than three months, absolutely absurd, but i’m amazed. i wish you luck! i will of course be purchasing and look forward to reading, i’ve been keeping track of you, and fire drill fridays, all the way from the uk.

    if you pass over some of that energy to this 24-year-old, that’ll be much appreciated!

    much love, and happy new year.


  5. Hi dear Jane!
    Happy New Year and congratulations on such a brilliant work this year! You are a reference and an inspiration for generations to come and God bless you for that!
    Just wanted to wish you and your family ALL the best!
    Btw, forgive me for being intrusive, but is the new 6 months old grandson from Troy?
    Happy Days my absolute shero! I love u! Please send my love to Tulea from this dog mom 😘😘😘
    Love ❤

    • Happy New Year,

      Jane ♥️

      Thankyou,for your weekly Thursday, teach-ins. I will continue to follow Green Peace email updates on future events.

      I thank you all for sharing your time and educating us on climate change.

      Def looking forward to reading your book on your experience in DC.

      I’m doing work now to for Tulsi Gabbard getting her message out locally in Del, Md and PA.. I hope we get representation who support our future and climate. I’m sick and tired of corruption and greed in this country.

      Hope everyone research on their own and do not fall for biased media narratives.

      Green New Deal, OFF Fossil Fuel Act!

      Support the candidates in 2020 who support you.

      NoWarInIran..Our Trillions of Tax Payer Money is needed for We the People! Climate, Infrastructure, Education, Innovation. Stop giving votes to war criminals like Trump and Neo liberals in the Democratic party!

      Voters over 65! Please stop the madness! No disrespect against Boomers or Seniors but we need to wake up and vote smart!2020 Ditch Mitch McConnell Kentucky!!!

      God Bless!🙏🏽❤


  6. Happy New Year, Jane! I’m so thrilled that you’re working on a book about Fire Drill Fridays! I’ve learned so much over the past several months about climate change, and your weekly teach-ins have been so helpful! One of my goals for 2020 is to get more involved locally with the Sunrise Movement and several other organizations. I’m so glad to read that Greenpeace will be continuing the Fire Drill Friday movement. Thank you for all of your hard work! It has made such a difference!

    Congratulations on your new grandson! I hope 2020 brings you great happiness and joy!


  7. Dear Jane,
    You are one of those rare examples of what an iron will can do!!!
    In the latest years, you’ve become one of my favorite women on Earth! And this fact helps me to keep on working to become a better version of myself.
    When I’m hearing persons around me complaining about being already too old at 60s to still do something, I instantly reply to them: “And when you’ll be 82 as Jane Fonda how will you think then?” And my question is blocking for a moment their cognitive scenario.
    GO, JANE! Don’t stop!After all, LIFE is about “moving”!
    Be blessed! Love you!
    <3 <3 <3

  8. Jane,
    Happy new year! Congratulations on your new grandson! Also I can’t wait to read your new book about fire drill Friday’s. I am learning soo much on the Thursday teach-ins. Can’t wait for the new season of Grace and Frankie.

  9. Dear Jane,

    I don’t know how you do it, I am always aware about things you’re doing and you never cease to amaze me. You must hear this a lot, but from the bottom of my heart I need to tell you that you are my biggest inspiration next to my mother, you are unstoppable, brave and going after your ideals. Keep going with the amazing job, we are learning a lot from you and I am willing to spread this information to my students in Mexico. We need to know, to be informed and aware of reality and do something about it to save our home.
    Congratulations on the new addition in your family.
    Happy New Year, Jane!!
    I wish you all the best because good is all that you deserve,
    I love you.


  10. Hi, dear Jane! VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Your energy and determination are incalculable. I follow your steps from Uruguay and there are times that I end up laughing because I’m sure you’re going to be “immortal.” (If death looks for you, YOU WILL NOT FIND IT !!!) 😏😅😅😅 I don’t know if you imagine the admiration you provoke in the “poor mortals” who suffer from osteoarthritis !!! Hahaha
    I would love to read your book … as long as they publish it in Spanish too … and if not … I will read it in English and thus continue to learn your language and reaffirm concepts about climate change.
    I follow you on Fire Drill on Thursdays and Fridays and I look forward to “the reunion with my two old friends, Grace and Frankie” !!!! 😍 😍 I adore them!!! I adore you. You are my inspiration to do things that I had in the memory drawer … for example, write. Although, sometimes I give up but then restart. It’s like “Frankie’s diary”, hahaha, it’s not in the air or in front of the cell phone but things that are very felt and true come out.
    I am glad to know that you join Túlea and a new grandson. ENJOY THEM, because if what you do in activism is important, imagine that having them in your arms is even more important because you will renew your energy to continue fighting for a healthier and better world for them! Form your army !!! From my place, in my country, I will look for ways to continue fighting for what I always preached as a teacher: a better world!
    I send you a warm and tight hug (God knows how I want to give it to you in person!)
    I love you so much.
    Graciela 😍
    (here they tell me Grace a thousand years ago! 😏😅😅)
    😍♥ ️😍♥ ️🇺🇾

  11. I’m glad to hear your writing’s on fire. I’m hoping when the Fire Drill book is done that you will carry right on through another memoir (maybe one trading chapters between films made in a particular decade and parallel political activities for the same period in the next chapter). You know, serve and volley.

    • Happy New Year ❤️❤️❤️

      I would love to send you letter where could I send it to?

      Well wishes and all the best 😘😘

      Love Kiara

  12. Dearest Jane,
    Like you, I found myself depressed and feeling hopeless. Not having the drive or influence that you have, I decided to take action within our county and small Colorado town, Salida. Knowing that you are fighting at the national level lightens my heart and gives me hope for our children and grand children (congratulations by the way on the new grand son!!)Thanks again and again and I’m with you in spirit today on Firedrill Friday – GO GET EM GIRL!!!!!

  13. 2020 is going to be a fabulous, impactful year. We are going to take this country back and lead it back in the right direction! Thank you for your hard work in 2019. I can’t wait to read your book. Perfect! And Tulea is going to be one extremely happy dog!

  14. Hi, dear Jane!
    I’m new here. I just wanted to hop on and say Hi! 😉
    Congratulations on the new addition in your family.
    Happy New Year, Jane!!
    I wish you all the best because good is all that you deserve,
    I love you.

    Margaret x

  15. Dearest Jane,

    I wish you the best for this upcoming year. Words cannot express how much we appreciate you putting yourself out there still and using your influence and celebrity to bring about change. You could just literally rest on your laurels – but it’s also a great nudge for us to get up from our couch. The horrifying events of these last weeks in Australia and around the world, show that activism is necessary for us to survive. We need to be mindful of WHAT we need and HOW MUCH we need – it’s time for us to be mindful consumers especially now when we are reminded every day that our resources are NOT endless (contrary to popular belief). We need to understand that we don’t need two plastic bags for a Snickers bar.
    Also, a personal note for the both of us and a little bit of reflection: it was ten years ago that we first had a little interaction here when you wished me a happy new year. You have no idea what that meant to me at that point of life. You taught me important lessons about kindness and graciousness by your example. As Meryl Streep said paying a tribute that kindness will be passed on an on and on…
    To be honest, I miss our little chats from time to time. But I just see you rock the world and I am just so proud of you. Take care! I cannot wait to see the next season of Grace and Frankie! Also congratulations on your youngest grandson – I wish him a lot of joy in his life on a healthier planet and congratulations to the whole family on this blessing!

    Love from your old blogging pal,

  16. Jane, I hope you had a good start to the new year and I wish you all the best. Arrive back home safely in LA. The countdown is on …. I’m so excited about the 6th season of Grace and Frankie and can’t wait !! I hope season 6 has several episodes. I hope that Grace and Frankie don’t get lost by marrying Nick. You and Lily, indescribable … Simply adorable and great! I look forward to it! All the best for you! Barbara xxx

  17. Jane is time to charge energy and enjoy your grandson and your dog, you deserve it thanks. Love you 💕💕💕

  18. Jane I loved the 6 season, all of you are amazing, congratulations.😍😍

  19. Jane I return to the load I sent a gift to your Atlanta office by DHL in May last year was a letter next to the gift, my daughter found out and she says that an important person like you, does not receive or read anything from your fans that your attendees should receive the gifts and never come to you, I want to prove otherwise, but I can’t do it, I promise it is the last time that I ‘ll say you about my present but this became a matter of pride I have to show her that you are different. 💕💕💕

    • My office does send me things my fans send me but I have not receiuved the scarf you describe. xx

      • I keep praying every day for you, so that the Lord protects and takes care of you💕💕💕

      • Jane a big surprise for me to discover that your movie: This is Where I leave you, for me one of my favorites is on Netflix. 😍😍

  20. Hi Jane. My name is James and I’m from England. Like you, I’m trying to save the world. I run a mental health text service and organisation that aims to prevent suicide. We’re only small at the minute and trying to raise funds so that we can be worldwide, and I was wondering if maybe you could write a post about us? I can send you any information you need. Thanks, James.

  21. Dear Jane, You are a pillar of strength and resilience in the face of change and the unknown. Following your leadership has given me that small place inside my mind that invokes change. The thing I want to most learn from you is to overcome my fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear that I’ll be knocked down and when I am insidiously knocked down I go silent. Silence has been the tool I’ve used for the past 6 years in a small professional world that restricts a bold voice. How does one at 64 crawl out of the square peg and jump into a world that involves voices… all sorts of voices that push change and are proven to stand with their voice to invoke change. Words become like snow flakes.. and fade.. unless so much of it falls on everyone’s head to push them to do something if they are to face it. Maybe a weak analogy. Je ne sais pas. I struggle with my vision even in my own family where it’s split for not having the family cultural vision shared with my spouse. My children are split. My oldest is lost. My youngest (11, yes I said 11) has taken up the role of big-sis and controlling voice. And then there are your intense interviews and books I rely on to do a reset in my mind. There are bigger things than me in this world that I can help with and goddess knows I need to get my children involved where it is hard to do. So much of your past life painful events dovetail mine. Suicide, loss, bipolar mom, a dad involved in only whatever flows through his mind. At my age, and living life in reverse since having adopted in my 50’s and not being a woman of wealth and having to work f/t makes me split in more ways that one. My priority, however, is to find a community of people who share the same vision of healthy living, emotional cognizance, a peaceful mind, and a will to live with as small a carbon footprint as we can while voicing to our politicians to STOP taking money from the oil profiteers. And they need to start living like their country is on fire. <3 <3

    • Mary, where do you live? xx

      • Dear Jane, I JUST checked back on a whim. I NEVER in the world thought you would answer. I thought.. heck.. why not check out your blog to see what you did, how you were, and if you were checking in here. Voila! I live in Mystic, CT. It use to be a quaint whaling town 100 years ago, then sailors’ town.. with lots of townies and off beat artists.. and alas, I thought ah! This is for me. Well like all little quaint villages by the water in New England this one is high end touristy, but there are still a few of us hanging it there.

        I go back to your interviews quite often to keep me afloat. No matter the subject of the question whether it’s thrown at you thousand of times, your statements are Fresh, Alive, Personal. I go back to the one with Oprah… I think it was with Oprah where you and your adopted daughter are together… correct me if I’m wrong here. I admire Mary Williams for her appearance of beloved loyalty to you. I have an adopted brown daughter. Two. One never ever let go of who, what, when, why she was born and born to a young woman who was useless as a Mom and neglectful of herself. To make a very long story brief… I have grown old and weary from raising this precious baby of mine and then watching her gravitate to the bad, the bruised, the rowdy, and the mindless. I shall take the risk here and tell you that she dropped into a bad crowd… imagine me charging into houses and pulling her out!… anyway… a bad crowd of kids, doing street drugs laced with Fentanyl(spelling?) and then stealing money from my neighbor. My heart broke like one of my Cut Glass Crystal Wine glasses on hard tile floor. Shattered. Traumatized. She’s got mental health issues…she’s always somehow eluded the therapists being on best behavior toying with something in the office while I acted stressed out and crying in my tissue. Fingers pointed to the Parent. Must be the Parent! At home she would return to her temper tantrums… and well the age of 18 came along and she was arrested in Aug 2019. Since then she’s been on house arrest and during COVID-19 this month didn’t she just burst being in the house. She went to the beach everyday with friends. I warned, yelled, chased, I can tell you Jane… I spent 95% of my mental real-estate on this child. It couldn’t have lasted. She “broke bond” as they say, she was pulled into court yesterday, I pulled on my big girl pants and approached the Judge who poo-pood me. My statement was that with mental illness comorbidity mixed in with a teenage brain of rebellion and separation from parents; house arrest is NOT a framework for long term… one or two years for a teenager! I made a motion that my kid be placed in a Teen Behavioral Residential setting so she can get the psych eval she needs… and the correct medications and intensive therapy.. but I need help doing that from the state. The Judge laughed at me after speaking up and delivering my plea. My daughter is now sitting in Jail… in isolation (due to covid-19) and I know she’s not living in the same reality we all are.

        Anyway… that felt good. It’s sunny. It’s a good day to work from home and pop into the Jane Fonda blog. You really are a pillar of strength from which I learn and try to emulate. Just to draw on the strength so I can step through a storm w/o breaking apart.

        I mentioned my heart shattering like fragile crystal.. Well today it feels like it’s ground beef. It’s there… red and filled with blood.. still pumping… but beat to hell. Thank god I have a beautiful bottle of aged Tequila and fresh lemons to get through today. That and a good swallow of CBD gives way to sleeping through the night. Love to you Jane. Love to your family and everyone who is dear to your heart. You are certainly blessed. So much more… but I am getting verbose. I leave it to you whether you feel inclined to comment. <3 Mary Vona

        • Mary, sometimes we just have to take a deep breathe and realize we’ve done all we can. Just be there with a loving forgiving heart but don’t let her destroy your life. Some things we can’t fix. xx

          • There you go being the voice of reason, wisdom, and love. Now my eyes are leaking tears. I have yet, these past raw days, to allow the demonstration of Love to push through the thicket of briars, barbs, and prickers of anger and disappointment in my voice to her when she calls begging, crying, and angry from Prison. But e-hearing you now… I will be mindful. Thank you thank you thank you. xx Mary

        • Mystic, CT. There was that movie, “Mystic Pizza” shot there. Our first glimpse of Julia Roberts. x

          • Yes! And remember the home in which her friend babysat, and the dad made a move on her? That home is spectacular with it’s widow walk turned into a Light House atop the home…. It’s nestled in Noank on a steep hill overlooking the marina. Wonderful. The movie was actually shot in Stonington Borough… which use to be a place that Barbra Streisand loved to do her Antique Shopping. And the building in which they shot the movie was an Antique store in which they cleared out for the Movie. Alas the tiny pizza parlor, in Mystic, the namesake of the movie has Mystic Pizza running on screens all day til midnight in the summer! 😀

            Your sweatsuit: Love the rainbow w/your name down the middle of the jacket. Very diff and chic. Getting a set.

            Trumpster and Covid: This time that COVID has the world and the U.S. by storm, within the eye of the storm is Trump and what he’s doing to roll back all the regulations on pollution control. Not sure yet all that he’s doing but how can we STOP this crazy batard! -Mary

  22. Jane, my eyes were opened today how you are saving lives by raising the minimum wage: Today, in “The Economist”, they have a chart showing raising the minimum wage reduces the suicide rate -based on a study at Emory University! Thank you.

  23. Hi Jane,
    you allways represents to me a women that is beautiful in the inside and the outside,
    who is open minded (I saw your films from the 70’s and the series in Netflix)
    a person with courage, Truthfull who say what’s on the heart and the most important has goodness in the heart.
    love. Oz.

  24. Hi, Jane!

    About the new season of Grace and Frankie. Are Grace and Frankie going to realize their feelings for each other? And will they get married?

    • Not married, no. Grace is hetero.

      • Not for Frankie’s lack of trying!!!! Hahahaha!!! I love it when Frankie leaves us wondering about her sexuality. I was so hoping something would happen with that lady that came to clean/organize but here we are left wondering. Grace is like the “straight girlfriend” we lesbians have that we know they’re straight, we aren’t attracted to them, but they’re so funny to joke around with for shock value and because they have a sense of humor with fantastic comebacks.

    • oh geezzz I have to comment. NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo….. the most deepest of loves doesn’t have to be sexual. And sex doesn’t prove love. My friend so wanted me to change our close relationship into a sexual love thing and I went Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… Not because I’m afraid to have sex with a woman, hell been there done that… it’s because the frame of reference for which all our deepest knowledge and love for each other would have changed dramatically and we would not ever be as close as we are. Just had to say something here. I see no sexual fit between G&F. It would be a turn off and remove all the growth in their relationship into one frazzled shallow word, “why?!”

  25. Dear Jane,
    I am a 17 year old activist from Montreal and a head organizer with the Montreal branch of Fridays for Future. Every Friday since November 2018, we strike for the climate and for a right for all species to have a safe future on this Earth. I am so overjoyed to know that we have adults with power and influence, like you, working with us and supporting this movement to avert the crisis. We really need adults out of the streets with us and I cannot thank you enough or you contribution to the movement. If you are ever in Montreal, I hope you will come to one of our protests (our instagram is pourlefuturmtl). Thank you for bringing awareness to the crisis on all the talk shows you are invited to and for acting on the science.

    Best regards,
    Olivia Ruge
    17 year old climate activist

  26. Dear Jane,
    I live in Australia and the devastation that is happening to my country just tear’s at my heart. All the lives lost, including 3 brave fire fighters from US, homes and all the beautiful animals and flora. I hope the governments can come together to try and reverse the climate situation for the sake of our existence.
    Warmest regards

    • My heart breaks for your beautiful country, jennifer. xxoo

  27. Dear Jane, After asking you to keep a toe in blogging and you promised “a toenail”, I find myself not keeping up with my monthly hello to you. I plan to write an in-depth letter sometime in the future, but this is to say I am still watching, listening, supporting you here and in all that you are doing. I saw you on Kimmel, but missed the latest with you on Ellen with Lily. I binged season six, then turned around and binged it again. It’s the first season that I have loved the ending and not been filled with fear about the next season. Being a tall woman and heavy in the lower beam I could really relate to the RISE UP. I loved all of the episodes. While I appreciate the humor, I love the meat of it. The Nick ending shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did. I’m looking forward to season seven and your new book. Cousins, who also are avid watchers, have chosen to ration out the episodes but I just couldn’t do it. When you finish your book, you know it will be my #1 Christmas or birthday gift to friends and family. (They probably know that too.)
    Anyway, as I have said, I’ve bought a home in Arizona so I am packing every day until midnight or later which is why I am AOL but once moved, I will join your Greenpeace affiliated army for climate change activism. (I announced this to my book club.) So dear Shero, I’m happy you survived the cold, the adversity, and hopefully are snuggling your grandchild and Tulea. your admiring fan with one N. Dona

  28. p.s. I finally ordered “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They, from Amazon along with Season 4 of F&G. I asked for Comes a Horseman, as well, but the computer glitched, so I have to re-order that. It will be my treat to me to watch these after so many years. D

  29. Hi Jane! My name is Taylor. I just want you to know how much of an inspiration you & Lily are to me. You both are always making me laugh, even on the darkest days. The way you both go about things, is just absolutely phenomenal. As a young girl, I often struggle with many things. But thats when I turn to people like you, and it honestly makes everything feel so right. Sending my love to the both of you. & thank you girls for being you!!! Xoxo, Taylor

  30. Miss Fonda,
    Your memoir was a true masterclass in vulnerability. It is difficult to articulate how deeply your story resonated with me. Perfectionism, an inability to recognize inherent worth, a fear of intimacy, and disembodiment are all issues I continue to struggle with at 32.

    I admire your bravery and your candor, and am so proud of you for doing the work. It fills my heart to know that it is possible for someone like me to eventually reach a place of self-fulfillment. Thank you for sharing your story- you given me hope and helped me to feel less alone.

    I hope this message finds you happy, healthy and whole. 
    With love and deepest gratitude.

  31. Dear Jane,

    I would love to write to you and possibly send you a gift, but I have no idea where to send it. Can I have an address please for you to receive it?

    Love the new season of Grace and Frankie by the way, you are amazing!!

    Lots of love,

    Georgia Thomas xx

  32. Dear Jane,

    We’re so encouraged to see your advocacy work on this important topic and want to send our deepest thank yous’. We started a business a few years ago that works with film and television to make production more environmentally sustainable. The data we’ve collected over the years tells us that an average episodic production can emit as much as 400 metric tonnes of Co2 into the atmosphere ( to give some context that’s like driving 85 cars on the road for one year). This motivates us to do our part by transforming the industry one sustainable step at a time.

    A big part of moving the dial is awareness and we also host an event each year that welcomes members from the film and television industry to gather and learn about sustainable production and what action they can take (whether be crew member, above the line, or talent). It’s called the Sustainable Production Forum.

    We also look forward to attending a Fire Drill Friday in the near future!

    P.S. We live for Grace and Frankie!


    Dear Jane, I am re-posting to you the 11/9/19 post I made to you below, today Jan 28, 2020; 1/28/20. I think the Global Events that have occurred since that post bolsters my claims made in the post. On Dec 24, 2019, I posted asking you to watch for what may be “Signs from God” from around Dec 24 2019 to around Jan 7, 2020 more or less. Pres. Trump killed a Iranian General and Jan 7 Iran bombed US Bases in Iraq with Missiles. Rumors were B-52’s were flying ready to nuke Iran. We were/are still on the verge of WW3!

    NOW, a World-wide “Pandemic” is spreading from China. If/when the quarantines come to the USA, you will not be protesting anymore; you’ll be under Medical Martial Law not allowed to leave your house.

    I believe God is watching how you respond to what I ask of you, Jane, and if you help me with what I’ve asked, God may step in and take action to stop and postpone the Evil Events that are unfolding.

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and I have that for you to see. For what I propose to work, you WILL see quick positive results for Medical Cures. I believe you WILL have a “Spiritual Experience”. ALL the good things YOU desire for Mankind can be achieved, God willing, from what I propose. It’s the simplest, quickest, easiest way to get things done.

    EXAMPLES: Read (I suggest NASB Version) from {Joshua 14:10 Now behold, the Lord has let me live, just as He spoke, these forty-five years, from the time that the Lord spoke this word to Moses, when Israel walked in the wilderness; and now behold, I am eighty-five years old today. 11 I am still as strong today as I was in the day Moses sent me; as my strength was then, so my strength is now, for war and for going out and coming in.} and Isaiah 58:6-12. THESE PASSAGES WERE FOUND USING THE BIBLECODE COMPUTER PROGRAM ASKING ABOUT REVERSE AGING!

    At 82, with the World going into Chaos, what have you got to lose?

    Please help. Contact me, Jim: at [email protected]

    { chicagomiracle November 9, 2019, 1:38 pm

    Wow! The last time I posted a message to you In April 2014 I asked you to help me Save the World and now that something has happened that causes me to contact you now, you are trying to Save the World. What has happened NOW is GREAT NEWS for you as it re-affirms what I claimed then.

    What I asked you to do and what I claimed was possible in 2014 was to help me in the effort to RAPIDLY find Medical Miracle Cures using clues found within the Bible using the Bible Code Computer Program. Cures such as Reversing Aging, curing Paralysis, and any other things God would be willing to reveal.

    I told you I had had Spiritual Experiences that led me to try using the Biblecode Program to see if it worked and if there was any truth to it. It did work.

    In April 2014 I PUBLICLY DOCUMENTED a request asking God to show you a SIGN in order to get you to help. God did that. But I was unable to make you aware of it.

    NOW TREMENDOUS PROOF has come that God favors my endeavor and I’m right in what I’ve claimed.

    In a Court of Law, a DIARY is considered PROOF or EVIDENCE of Events as they happened. I have been PUBLICLY DOCUMENTING my Spiritual Experiences since at least 2012, which includes real life experiences,PICTURES, and Dreams, etc. Even though some things seemed very odd or strange, if I thought they might mean something in the future, I REPORTED IT PUBLICLY.

    NOW, AMAZINGLY, multiple unique elements from 2 different Spiritual Dreams,YEARS APART, have MANIFESTED into a very popular FILM released this year, that I saw for the first time on 9/13/19!

    Not just general everyday ordinary things but VERY SPECIFIC UNIQUE THINGS! And what is the MAIN IDEA/THEME of this film that God has given me Dreams about? In the film a FAKE, STAGED, WORLD THREATENING CRISIS/EMERGENCY is attempted, to bring about a FAKE SAVIOR/MESSIAH to RULE the EARTH!

    And what were some of the things referenced in the film God showed me in Dreams and in REAL LIFE? References to SPIDERS. A GIANT SPIDER WEB next to the Pope. A SPIDER Helicopter/DRONE. A FIGHTING MAN made out of WATER coming out of a FLOOR DRAIN while waiting to be FORCIBLY VACCINATED in Jerusalem that we took Buses to! References to Sports. References to Pennsylvania.

    What this suggests to me, is God gave me these Dreams and Events that I PUBLICLY DOCUMENTED so when this film came along NOW, I could use this as PROOF and EVIDENCE of what I say I think I can do is TRUE and POSSIBLE.

    AND that a FAKE WORLD CRISIS may be coming soon that will bring in a FAKE MESSIAH, the ANTI-CHRIST from the Book Of Revelations!

    I have said before that I believe God MAY BE giving us the chance to POSTPONE the coming of the Anti-Christ, the coming Great Tribulation, and the Rapture by doing these Miracle Cures from the Bible to show the Evildoers there IS A GOD. AND this effort shows God’s Mighty POWER and MERCY. These Cures will be Gifts of Love from God to change Hearts and Minds.

    THIS IS HOW WE CAN SAVE THE WORLD! This is what I am asking YOU to help me with Jane! The BONUS for YOU is, with Reverse Aging, you’ll have the body of a 18-25 year old again!

    Please help! I’ve got a lot more proof and evidence to show you personally. You can Email me, Jim, at: [email protected] }

  34. Your Soul is much younger than mine and I’m 35 years old. I live in a country I don’t like. I used to think that onde day I’ll change the World and do things I love. Not evident for everyone. I love watching you, you smell happiness hhh

  35. HEY HEY! HO! HO!
    Climate change has GOT TO GO !!

  36. After a long week of packing and listening to the “impeachment” trial, I took a break to watch “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They.” What a powerful movie. No wonder it hit me so hard. Yet, my memory had lost so many details that I had even blanked out the ending. You got the Oscar for “Klute,” but this also was definitely an Oscar level performance. But you give your all in everything you do, so no surprise there. I’m so happy to have this movie in my collection. Gig Young. Who knew? Also steller. Now to get “Comes a Horseman.” That I’ve seen many times on TV.
    Can’t wait to get to AZ. Not so long a drive to L.A. from Apache Junction. I’m going to have to get involved to change the color of that state. I know where I plan to start. Back to packing. House goes on the market on the 16th. Stay well. XXDona

  37. Nice Post

  38. Jane your hair is spectacular, you look beautiful💕💕💕💕

  39. All the best for this year. I’ve always been a fan, Jane, and I hope you’ll forgive me for adding this issue, but Julian Assange is undergoing an extradition “trial” in Britain and we all should know how it will end. Please read this article at I feel it is very important. Public discourse is limited and in deep trouble. Please do what you can, everybody, to preserve freedom of the press.

  40. Hi Jane,

    Well I just can’t keep up with you anymore.

    However, you are such a wonderful glam-ma (a glamorous grandma) and such an inspiration. In 2000 you wowed us with your return to the Oscars and 20 years later you did it again.
    I can only applaud and be inspired.

    Jason xx

  41. Hello Jane,

    I admire your whole hearted efforts to push this country ( and world ) into the right direction. Words cannot express the admiration I feel looking up to such a strong woman as yourself. I would LOVE to join a Fire Drill Friday, and plan to when I have some downtime from the road ( musician ). I wonder if, through the efforts of those fighting alongside you, we could expand to all 50 states!! I’m currently in Tennessee and would LOVE to see ANY kind of progressive movement here! Something to make me feel like I’m doing something again. Back where I’m from, Kentucky, we had quite a movement ( small, but powerful ) for standing rock, and education. Standing on the stairs of the Capitol never felt so empowering. To feel so passionate about something so important gave/gives some of us, who at the time felt/feel lost in all the noise, A sense of purpose

    I Thank you with everything fiber of my being,

  42. Jane, I’m very sad I can’t stop crying, my grandson was with me for a month because his parents were to Honeymoon, my daughter traveled yesterday back with him, I need a word from you to comfort me😢😢💕💕💕

    • I want to comfort you, Candita. You can stay in touch with him. Knowing you’re there for him will be so important for him. xx

      • Jane, I miss you and I’m reading old blogs to feel close to you, I came to this one and I’m still in the same now with two grandchildren now living in my home 😢😢and I have to be in another city with my husband for his work, this is irony of life, nothing to do. Love you💕💕

      • Jane, I bought a ticket for the conference in Philadelphia on October 6 where you are going to be, I really need to be close to you for once, my husband is very confused, it is the first time in my life that I admire a public figure and for him it’s strange he can’t understand it but well he told me if you want to go do it, every day I understand better my marriage is similar to yours with Ted, and it’s my fault my life revolves around him, in Mexico we have a saying “I dance the music that he plays for me” thank you for all your influence and example, that’s why I want to see you in person and take you again the gift I sent you to your office in Atlanta that you never received, thank you again and knowing you will be my 60th birthday gift , the best gift for me.💕💕

      • Jane, I am not at home, sadly my daughter and my grandchildren are there and I am in another city with my husband, yesterday my daughter told me that your book that I sent you a long time ago arríbed, thank you very much for being so generous and sending it to me, You are incredible, that is why you are the only public person that I have admired in my entire life, I like many of them and I recognize their work, but nothing like what I have with you.💕💕💕

      • Jane, I am sure that many people are praying for you right now, but I want you to know that since I discovered you I pray for you every day and now more than ever, I want you to know that in Mexico, you have a friend praying a lot for you💕💕

  43. I write to you from Argentina. I´m in my forties and I have young children. They care so much about the glaciers that are melting in our country and that in fact belong to all mankind. It is terrifying to think that there is no time.
    There is a well-known phrase that says: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire “.
    You inspired me. Thank you Jane!

  44. Dear Jane,
    If all goes as planned the house sale closes on the 23rd and I will do the first trip down to Apache Junction starting the 24th. Hope to have finished the move by April 7th. I’m downsizing so much it will be quite the job to fit my belongings into this tiny shoe. It only took 7 days to get a buyer, so the process has been fast.
    I’ve continued to watch all debates, town halls, interviews with Amanpour and Firing Line, NewsHour on PBS, and CNN. I’m about politically saturated to the last strand on my head. I will have to make a decision in the next two days. The one decision I have made is NO MATTER WHO IS CHOSEN for the dems, I will vote for him/her Period. On my birthday, yet. My greatest birthday wish will be to have Trump OUT of that office. I find myself liking all the D-candidates, but very uncertain who can make it all the way. If I wake to find him still in office I can’t imagine how I will manage my despair. I will have to, so I will put one foot in front of the other, but still just the thought is overwhelming.
    There is still so much to do. Find new medical coverage, Notify all services of address change, goodbyes to friends, besides squeezing my things into a U-Haul, and no access to TV for a while so I might miss what you are up to. Also, new email address so that will need to change on your blog as well. Stay well. XXDona

  45. Jane, Saw I segment on Amanpour tonight of you marching, followed by a segment with Bill McKibben, who mentioned April 23rd, 50th (?) anniversary of Earth Day, as a protest day at Chase Manhattan Banks across the country. If there is one in Phoenix, I could take part, but I don’t know who is organizing for that. Can you give me a suggestion of who to contact? I won’t hardly be unpacked but I want to start doing what I can. Dona

    • is the website to go to to find out about the critical divestment movement and their big Chase Bank event in April. Thanks for wanting to be part of that!!!

  46. Jane, on March 11 is my 58 birthday, please make me happy just tell me Happy Birthday , Love you, 💕💕💕💕

    • Happy birthday!!!!! Candita. xxx

      • Jane, thanks I think I’m going to pass out, I love you very much.💕💕💕💕

  47. Jane,
    I’m always happy to support your continuing passion to save the planet on your Fire Drill Fridays, so my first reaction at the photo of your march and the bus ride was positive. Then in light of the pandemic I found my next reaction was fear and upset at how close all of you were to each other, singing or shouting etc. It set me off. I feel so protective for you, Lily and Sam. I’m trying hard to adapt to these changes myself, because I feel a responsibility to the community I am moving into which has several 90 yr olds as well as 80 yr olds. I know this doesn’t matter and I shouldn’t say this, but I will be devastated to lose you or Lily even if I never see you again. Having you on this earth is just so very important to me. Please consider trying to be cautious for your family and friends who love you. I’m doing the arm and half distance suggestion and avoiding large crowds as much as possible. I’ll try to find a way to participate with a sign and be counted while keeping this protocol. Once we have a vaccine we can go back to normal, but for now, it’s a different world. I send white light to surround you, but let’s back it up with some modeling of healthy choices. Forgive me for intruding my vulnerability onto you. XXDona

  48. Hello jane
    I’m just saying wow. You look great! Your new hairstyle suits you very well! I saw her at the Oscar Awards and had to admire your new look! A really great hairstyle! You look adorable! As a hairdresser, I can only say that it is really good and to the point! You are beautiful!! Regards Barbara xxx

  49. I just visited and read through what banks invest our money in the fossil fuel economy and Bank of America (BoA) is a Bully in the field of investing. And here I was thinking months ago while following you on Firedrill Fridays that Chase was the worst, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg! My ex pulled her money out of BoA and went straight through into a Credit Union. And that is what I’ll be doing this month. Imagine being catered to with services just coz you have a credit score of 840! I was BLINDED! Dang. I’m out BoA! Anyone with me?!!

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