Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors proclaims April 30 ‘Jane Fonda Day’

Here I am with (left to right: Supervisor Holly Mitchell, Chair Lindsey P. Horvath, Supervisor Janice Hahn receiving the Jane Fonda Day scroll.

This morning, Lindsey P. Horvath, Chair of the LA County Board of Supervisors, officially declared April 30th Jane Fonda day. Suffice to say, I was bowled over. I didn’t even know such a thing was done. I kept thinking of my father. I wanted to hold the scroll up for him to see, “hey dad, I’ve turned out OK. Look at this!” Back in the early 70s if I had told him this would happen neither one of us would’ve believed it.

Los Angeles County has a really fantastic Board of supervisors, All brave, powerful women and all of them care about people more than they do about getting rich and they are all paying a lot of attention to the climate crisis. In my acceptance remarks I spoke about how important it is for people to vote not just for the top tickets like presidents and senators but for down ballot races including boards of supervisors, city Council and state legislatures. You may not know it, but these elected bodies have a great deal of power over things concerning the climate crisis and ensuring our cities and towns are resilient. Let’s remember that when we vote.

My deepest gratitude to the LA County Board of Supervisors.

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