I feel badly cause I’ve gone silent lately in terms of my own writing. For instance no blog since I went to Minnesota. Lots going on. Some good some bad. Mostly good. Here’s some really good: Michigan Gov Gretchen Whitmer just cancelled the Enbridge Line 5 oil pipeline that’s been leaking worse than Rep Matt Gaetz’s buddy in crime, Florida tax collector Greenberg. Sometimes, like these last weeks (or has it been months?), every part of me feels filled up with things I have to do, things I have to figure out and deal with, people I have to spend time with. I am filled up with all this and there’s no room to compose a blog.

I’m not the type who can write about every little thing I’m doing. If I do post a photo of something I’m about to eat you’ll know I’ve had a drink. maybe that’s it: I haven’t had a drink in ages. Even though I’ve been out a few times with people who’ve been drinking. Won’t name names. I’m so busy that I can’t afford to be at half-mast the next day which is what happens when I have even one drink. That’s what you have to look forward to in your 80s. But as Ted Danson said to me two nights ago when I told him why I wasn’t drinking, “But with age you have the wisdom to figure that out.” (That the next day I’d be at half-mast.) So okay, now you know that one of the people/places I went was to Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen’s home for dinner. They are about the absolute nicest human beings in the whole world and always so much fun.

Here’s something else I must confess: See I never used to watch TV so I missed all the great. classic sitcoms like “Friends,” and “Cheers.” Well, during the pandemic I started to watch “Cheers” and now I have crush on Ted. I told him that. What a terrific show!!! And then I re-watched the film, “Body Heat,” with Kathleen Turner and William Hurt and Ted. OMG!!!

I recently have become obsessed with the Israeli series, “Shtisel.” I would never have figured but several of my Jewish friends recommended it and, as I’ve seen all the Oscar films, I figured, “Why not?”. “Mare of East Town” too but I have to wait for Sundays for that. Kate Winslett is the bravest actor of all. I so admire her.

As for the Oscars, I applaud the producers for doing as well as they did under the circumstances but I do hope we return to the pomp and glory of the big room, big stage, winners looking straight into the camera, snippets of the films and performances. I anticipated every single win up until the last two…Best actress and actor, Whew was I surprised I guess everyone else was too, along with the winners themselves. But I do love Union Station for its beauty and for its place in my life. See, when I was very young, people didn’t fly across the country, they took trains and that’s what I did, with my family, or relatives. And let me tell you, when the Green New Deal becomes a reality and we get light rail, electric, fast, I urge you all to take trains. You’ll see this beautiful country of ours and fall in love with parts of it you may not have known. And if you fall in love, you’ll want to save it. I so clearly remember the vast hall of Union Station where we’d arrive with steamer trunks. It all seemed so thrilling.

I’ve run out of time and need to walk my dog, Tulea. She’s gotten very old, deaf with a bit of dementia. Makes me sad. But she still chases the squirrels…and I’m still feeding the squirrels and a pair of turtle doves were bathing in the bird bath I got when it was 112 degrees here last summer and I got scared when birds were falling dead out of the sky. See, my mind always comes back to the climate crisis…which is why I haven’t written more on social media. I’m pretty much preoccupied with all the climate ideas people have for me.

Bye. Stay Safe.

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  1. Please please please add me to your “climate ideas people.” Mine is critical, timely, time sensitive and has potential to change human behavior and the future of the planet. I first reached out to you April 2020 with a profound idea. I have now written the first season of a Cli Fi web series and it needs a producer. I am confident this is the way to invite citizens of the earth to be part of the solution. I joined Twitter with the notion that I could reach the ears of Jane Fonda. I need maybe 180 secs of your time.

  2. I love that you are well, I keep praying for you every day, you have been on my list for four years, give you a chance to the series “This is Us” , I love it, not as much as “Grace and Frankie” of course. Thanks for come back to the blog 💕💕

  3. I totally admire and respect everything you are doing for the planet. I would love to hear more about your life. I think you are a wonderful human being. This world is lucky to have you 😊

  4. Dear Jane fonda, my name is Melissa Santonocito .
    I am a 19 years old girl who adore you,
    thanks to you I understood the importance of knowing my rights, I understood the importance of being aware and contribute to a more civilized world, thanks to you and your speeches I chose to study law at university in Amsterdam and it was the best choice I ever made. I love you from the bottom of my heart, you are not just a fantastic actress but also a wonderful person/activist/philanthropist, I wish you lots of positive energy and happiness
    And for me would be a dream meet you one day and may help you in one of your battles for protecting this wonderful planet.

  5. I’m glad you are back! I enjoyed reading this new post. Stay safe Jane <3

  6. Hi Jane – hope you’re doing well! I’ve been learning so much about the climate crisis through Fire Drill Fridays. I recently got Naomi Klein’s and am eager to dig in. You’re spot on re: the Oscars. The producers did the best they probably could under the circumstances, but the ceremony lacked the atmosphere the Oscars usually bring. Fingers crossed we the nominee clips come back next year.

    Shtisel is terrific, isn’t it? Have you watched Unorthodox on Netflix? Similar storyline and characters to Shtisel, slightly more dramatic, and features a truly stellar performance by Shira Haas, who plays Ruchami in Shtisel. Highly recommend!

    My sincere thanks for all your efforts to bring greater awareness to the climate crisis and for inspiring folks like me to get active in the movement.

  7. I love your focus, Jane. When something is important to you, you seem to zero in on it until the topic no longer needs your assistance. And your assistance is VERY MUCH NEEDED on the climate crisis so…no need to apologize.

    However, it is also very important to surround yourself with all different loves and projects, as I’m sure you know. Just as it is extremely important to surround yourself with all different kinds of people, in my opinion. So, I’m happy to hear you’re still discovering new shows and movies and keeping up with good friends. (So jealous that you know Mary & Ted!) And, to my point, glad you take the time to sit down with us and stay in touch. We all look up to you so much and I’m positive I’m not the only one here to truly appreciate the time you set aside for your friends/fans/followers. So, thank you.

    Love and safety from Newfoundland, Canada

  8. Jane,

    Thank you for mentioning “Body Heat,” and reminding me to see it again soon. The cinematography is so atmospheric that I can feel the high temperature while I watch the movie. Kathleen Turner is brilliant~ one of my favorite femme fatales! I’m about to re-watch “The Postman Always Rings Twice,” with Lana Turner, which is great every viewing, too.

    I’m glad you mentioned your love for Union Station. I also like to rail travel, and hope we get more electric trains in the US with the Green New Deal.


  9. Hi Jane,

    I just love a train ride. Even though I work for an airline, I often use the train. Sit back, relax, watch the countryside go by. I’ve even been on Amtrak a few times and coming from Buffalo to NYC there is no better way to arrive in NYC than via the Hudson Valley. Just spectacular.

    Love Shtisel too!
    Take care and stay safe.


  10. Much love. Jane

  11. Shtisel is interesting. Interesting in that none of the characters are particularly likable, but the show is very good! My favorite was Hanna Rieber, the bobbe from Season 1 who was obsessed with her programs. (She died and was replaced, but her replacement was barely a decent Dick Sargent.)

    I loved how the newest Season ended and the person that deserved bupkis got bupkis!

  12. Smart about the drinking! I have all but stopped drinking. I found I was getting angry too easily about our new post covid reality. My fox news watching mom has moved in with us after my brother kicked her out of his house while she was in the hospital with covid….anger comes easy enough without alcohol.
    The Good Place is a wonderfully fun series with Ted Danson.

  13. Hello from Scotland follow fdf.Thankyou for being you and love to tulea.
    I’m 68 very soon and only during lockdown subscribed to netflix.Thank god I did as G&Fmade me laugh when i could have cried.
    Now vaccinated we canhug our grandchildren.
    One small request as you know Martin Sheen tell him how much I enjoyed “The Way”!I bought the dvd then realised it uploaded to youtube.
    Hope you are all good and be back on set soon .
    If you get over for the climate summit you welcome here anytime X

  14. What a delight to read a new post on my birthday. I consider this a gift. Gratitude for all the contribution you make in my life!
    Who is the Indian I see in the photo during the FDF?
    I love you

  15. Jane, don’t feel sorry. It’s a weird time for all – but you more than keep yourself occupied. I, myself unfortunately don’t save the world unlike you – but I decided to take up French and I have been working at it. My dream is to work with Isabelle Huppert in French. And I formed the first Hungarian improv company that works like I learned in the UCB. It’s been really rewarding.

    The Oscars were certainly interesting, but I was pleasantly shocked when Frances McDormand won. Nomadland had so much soul and I feel she had a great deal to do with making it the Best Picture of the year. I am always disappointed about Glenn Close ALWAYS losing – but I felt more disappointed two years ago, when I was so sure she would win. I loved Yuh-Jung Youn’s performance in Minari. I keep reminding myself of your father and what he said about “apples and oranges”. And also the fact that it took him forty years to finally win his Oscar. Hopefully, Ms. Close will have the same glorious moment that he did.

  16. Such a lovely post, Jane! I don’t think you should feel bad about not posting as much! You stay active in so many other important ways. I admire how value your time and always seem to be laser focused on the issue at hand, yet still allow yourself time to relax and watch frat film and television, of course! That’s something I’ve always struggled with, when I get too focused on and issue or on my schedule, I forget to take breaks and take care of myself and then just… bleh.

    So excited for this weeks rally! I’ve been doing my research on the speakers and I think we are all in for a real treat.


  17. Hi, Jane!
    What did you meant by “I anticipated every single win up until the last two … best actress and actor”? You never expected for Anthony Hopkins to win an Oscar for his leading role in The father?!
    I saw the movie before the Academy Awards and, personally, I was extremely touched by the character he played so beautifully and naturally. Maybe I was also touched because I am a Psychologist and dementia became so frequent not only among elders.
    By the way, I spent this Easter with my parents and my sister at our country house and we went there by … train 😉.
    I am so so happy you are OK and you’re keeping yourself so busy and active.
    sending you good vibes and love❤

    • Nicoleta, I loved all of “he Father”! I admired Hopkins performance tremendously and it’s not that it didn’t deserve an Oscar it’s just that I, along with millions of others, was sure Chadwick would win just as loved “Nomadland” and Frances’s performance but was sure Viola David or Audra Day would win. xx

      • You’re right, “The father” hit a lot of people hard, we have similar stories in the case of us. My father-in-law is very hard for the whole family, but acting is something else and you know a lot about that of course, same in “Nomadland”, it is also an excellent movie.

      • Thanks for explaining your position.
        As for Viola Davis, I must admit that she is a fabulous actress, and I’ve looked for to see Fences (2016) and her character that brought her first Oscar. Everytime I see Viola acting she reminds me of Cicely Tyson.

  18. Dear Jane,
    We usually say “Give time to time” as advice or almost certainty when things don’t run as well as you like. In these moments it seems that time consumes our days or as José Mujica says we maybe are consuming time so, don’t worry!, I think you must give time to time. It doesn’t such important that things don’t go as fast as you want or the way you would like due to lack of time, it’s the price you pay for being a singular person, I would say unique, who is committed to many issues and also committed with yourself beyond that no other does and that fills you with many responsibilities. The important thing is that your words and actions leave a mark, your fight against climate change leaves a mark, your own life leaves a mark! and many people like me, we look at you in awe for such many things you do and we try to follow some of those marks and new people will come to continue doing it too, and this is an invisible award to add to your list, maybe the most important that almost nobody in the world gets and that you’ve earned day by day, you must be proud and happy for it.
    A Machado’s verse says ” Walker, there’s no path, you make the way by walking,” and with or without time, that’s what you’re doing, you’re making paths to get a better world, you’re opening paths for many people. Thank you!!!
    How about vacation to recharge your batteries and enjoy a deserve rest?

  19. Jane, this article is very very interesting: https://www.treehugger.com/52-climate-actions-change-behavior-5183676

  20. Hi Jane!
    How nice that you write on the blog again!
    How many things you do!
    What about Grace and Frankie, season 7?
    I admire you very much, you are such a complete woman, and you do everything wonderfully.
    You inspire me a lot.
    I love hearing from you, it’s good that you’re well, I also pray for you every day!
    Much love.
    Take care and stay safe.

    • Hi Jane,

      My name is Saiesha and I am from South Africa.

      Might I begin with, that this is such an honour to write to you via this blog. I took the liberty of registering to your blog after watching the auto correct video on YouTube with Lily. You guys naturally throw off a burst of constant happiness and joy whenever you’re together.

      The moment I found out that I can communicate with you somehow, I jumped at this very opportunity.

      I have admired your persona from the movie Monster in-law and ever since then I just fell in love. You are simply amazing and such a great mentor for us as women.

      I have watched all Grace and Frankie seasons twice already because of the comfort; you, Lily and the entire cast offer to this amazing series. I hope you guys are thinking off filming more seasons.

      Thank you so much for creating this portal of magic where we can communicate with you. I hope you and Lily are taking care during this pandemic and I so look forward to your response.

      Love and hugs from a great fan.

  21. Beautiful rally today! Can’t wait to share with my mom and other family members (I’m hoping it will give them the final nudge they need to join the movement!) Happy Mother’s Day to you and thank you once again for all the work you do!

  22. Hey Rockstar (you are you know!!) I was really happy to see you wrote on your blog! First, I hope you have/had a great Mother’s Day. Second, congrats on hosting The Goldman Prize Awards; I will be watching.
    But, part of me felt bad because you sounded “stressed” or slightly overwhelmed. I kept wanting to say ” breathe, breathe”, LOL. You are so so incredibly busy that you never need to apologize for not blogging for a bit. Anyone who is a fan certainly realizes how busy you are. Just last week I saw you on 3 virtual shows (one of course bein FDF) and heard 2 podcasts- the one you did with Chelsea Clinton a while back and iweigh with Jameela Jamil.
    I know you know your stuff but it has to take a bit to get ready for those shows!! And that’s without “having a life” LOL!
    What was really cool to me was that you apologized which meant to me that you were exactly the person I thought you were. We only know what a celebrity puts out there about themselves and from what I’ve read and watched you seem really honest about “who” you are. Besides, the sort of life you have led really says a lot.
    So, I know you were excited about Line 5 but (yes I had to go read about what was going on with that and Matt Gaetz and the Greenberg dude before I replied, LOL I got side tracked) they said they are not going to shut down!! They may invoke that 1977 treaty and wait until DHMSA or a federal or state judge shuts them down. Doesn’t seem fair…
    OK- Mare of Easttown is awesome!! And you are right, Kate Winslet is fearless! From Heavenly Creatures to Ammonite she has chosen no bad role (especially The Reader). Also, she is fearless because she was on the Bear Grylls survival show a few years back and she rocked it!! You don’t have much time but “7 Seconds” with Regina King or “Little Fires Everywhere”.
    I’m happy you got to start watching “Cheers”-very funny show. I thought Ted Danson in Mr. Mayor was hilarious!! I am glad you have great friends like them to drink(!!) and have dinner with. SO important to keep you going as strong as you do.
    You are still such an inspiration to me. I watch FDF and go to movie night. I think your a very very selfless person who has given us waaaaay more than we could ever hope for. Thanks for being my “Angel” (and I am sure many others).

  23. Hi Jane, it’s Kathy again, LOL. My back was “screaming” at me so I didn’t get to finish. I just wanted to write: I grew up in NY on Long Island. We took the train to the city (and beyond) and out to the far end of the Island all the time! I totally agree with you 🙂 It’s the way to go. I miss the trains and subways. Then I lived in Seattle, WA and there’s a light rail system there!! It’s absolutely awesome. OK, that’s it, LOL! I hope you have “fun” speaking at the laane luncheon today..

  24. Dear Jane, No apologies needed. As I have said before every thing you do to communicate with us is a gift and we recognize and appreciate that. I don’t want to be a “should do” on your list. Most stars at your level do not reach out in this very personal way and it continues to amaze me that you do. Now if you miss blogging as an outlet for you that’s another story.
    Other feedback; I also enjoyed watching “Shtizel” and got very involved with the characters, although like normadesmond, I often found them, not likeable. I wanted to shake that father till his teeth rattled for the pain he caused in his children’s lives. But I also understand that every society has expectations, and parameters that limit. It is the elders who enforce those standards and the children who challenge them. The Lubavitcher, who I know, is already setting new looser rules for herself instead of her mother’s more ultra-orthodox leaning standards.
    I also was not fond of this year’s Oscar awards ceremony. The best moment for me was Glenn Close on the question game when she gave everyone a surprise with what she knew and her genuine laughter. I loved “Nomadland”!! I was surprised that it got the Oscar but not surprised that Frances McDormand got her Oscar. Although I was so impressed with Viola Davis, (when am I not?) and also thought Chadwick Bozeman would get it over Hopkins. Kate Winslett has always taken chances. I marked her for her bravery with that performance with Harvey Kietel (sp) yrs ago. As far as Mank goes, Hollywood loves Hollywood. Not wanting to be offensive, but sometimes it gets lost in its own navel.
    I love red wine and use to spend big bucks (that’s relative) to serve great wine to my friends. Going on blood thinner changed that for me. I got rid of my cooler and stock. Now if I have half a glass at Christmas once a year, I consider myself lucky. Kahlua is a thing of the past.
    I missed the Mother’s Day FDF because the only way I could see it was on Facebook and I don’t do Facebook. I’ll try to get a Greenpeace invitation for next week.
    I would love to travel by train. Flying is not fun anymore. Packed like a sardine, with my knees with no room, it’s a choice only when there is no other choice.
    Finding balance and keeping balance in a busy world is a challenge even for us elders. We hunt for the “sweet spot” on a teeter totter. What is too busy, what is too empty with more limited energy? Forget the merry-go-round. What moments give value for the energy exchange? Stay safe. Find your joy. Love, Dona

  25. P.S. and if your joy centers on the climate crisis, so be it. I love your passion. It’s honest. It informs, leads us, expands our world. I have no regrets or criticism in that regard. Go go girl! Dona

  26. Happy Mother’s day Jane, Love you💕💕

  27. No apologies needed. I’m actually using this blog spot to thank you for purchasing the rights to “On Golden Pond,” and making the movie. Just sat through it (cried most of the show). Was blown away. My dad just turned 90 (I’m sixty), and mine was also a very private guy, quiet, and with a sarcastic sense of humor just like the character Norman in the movie. Dad is suffering from dementia as well, and like Norman, gets angry (usually at me) when things don’t go right – especially if it’s caused by the dementia. Like your character Chelsea, I have screamed at my dad, and he’s screamed right back at me, even to say, exasperated at one point, “God, we are SO ALIKE!” Studying up on the disease and learning more about it, as well as taking each day one at a time (I am dad’s family caretaker – although he is in assisted living) has helped. The movie was very cathartic for me, and I wanted to tell you that. It’s hard to watch someone you love (and sometimes want to punch), suffer through this horrible disease. Anyway, I am a retired schoolteacher, and people often say that “teachers” make a difference in the lives of those they teach in ways they will never know. Your producing and acting in this movie made a difference in mine.

  28. Hi Jane,

    Thank you for making me aware of Pipeline 3 and making it easy to reach my state reps via Twitter (the site does this)and Biden. Also I’d love to take trains across the country for work travel, but I dont think corp companies will ever allow this in terms of time vs. cost. I love when you share a bit about America pre-70’s and how different it was.



  29. Hi Jane!

    It is always so great to hear from you on this blog, but please don’t feel bad for taking breaks in between your posts. We all understand how busy and crazy life gets and we are just grateful that communicate with us on here whenever you can!

    Greenpeace staff told me that you will be pitching our lobbying initiative on today’s Fire Drill Friday. I’m one of the volunteers helping to lead the initiative by aiding other volunteers in preparing for and setting up meetings with congress people and senators. We are guiding volunteers through the entire process so we are hoping that even those who have never lobbied before will participate. We’ve gotten a pretty good response so far, but we are hoping many more people will sign up after you talk about the initiative today. I’m looking forward to another great Fire Drill Friday today!

    See you very soon!

    Jenny xoxo

    • Jenny, Let me know if “many more people” signed up after last week’s Fire Drill Friday. And thanks for how you’re helping us.

  30. Jane, it’s alright to be a little bit offline these days. It’s so complicated what we’ve been going through. I think I started to drink more, more frequently, but nothing extraordinary.

    I was supposed to write to you a couple days ago, but I had many things to do, I was pretty busy, so here I am (just a little bit late). I was at the Mother’s Day Rally, and It was sooo amazing. I was so touched by the ” Mother Earth ” song, sang in some indigenous language, and the lyrics oh my! Thank you for that experience! And of course, all the speakers were incredible!

    P.S: loved you shirt embroidered written ” fire drill fridays ” and the red scarf you wore. Fabulous!


  31. Jane, if you have time tomorrow Sunday 16, it is the last day of the Varela International Symposium, the presentations are wonderful, it is a great opportunity to have it online, I leave you the zoom link:


  32. Climate Ideas… did you catch Fareed on GPS, CNN today (Sunday, June 20)? I like his idea for reducing carbon emissions, using the market competition to drive them down. Course I am not as articulate as Fareed, but you can look it up on the CNN website. It’s a short segment. My friend Anita (who was the Energy Secretary in NM for 12 yrs, under 4 governors) says its not a new idea, but its a good one in her gov programming and regulatory experience.
    Congrats on getting back to work. Course, we await Season 7 anxiously. (I hope Grace and Nick find a way to make things work ~ think its such a beautiful relationship.) Nick and Grace are a great role model for my relationship… I just turned 50, retired from the practice of regulatory law and am starting a new business. My guy just turned 29. The dynamic and insecurities as the older woman is a challenge… I love seeing Grace’s age “issues”, as I’ve got them in spades.

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