I did it myself. It took 2 days. I put the TV music station on a listened to cool jazz. My college music.

Here’s the tree with lights off.

…and lights in

Some of my longtime favorites: This one has a miniature crèche inside.

Tulea’s decoration

A gorgeous, hand blown Frabel ball that refracts the light gloriously

A salted martini for Grace

Ever since I watched “My Octopus Teacher” I’ve fallen in love with octopii so I found this octopus ball. The yellow one behind it with mirrored circles I made in 1965 while filming “Barefoot in the Park.”

I made The panda With my grandkids when they were little.

These lovely wooden figures came from Germany and I’ve had them for 70 years!

Someone gifted me this: It’s me as a workout angel!

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  1. Hi Jane,
    Absolutely stunning. Congratulations. And an artist friend of mine has painted those wooden German figures and are the mottos on her Christmas cards this year.
    Jason x

    • Hi, i like your Xmas style, we in Austria celebrate it a litle bit smaler 😉

    • Jane. That tree is amazing. I hope you have a beautiful Christmas and will get to relax a bit. Is there any way I can send you a Christmas card? Lots of love from Germany! Lea

  2. This just made me miss my Mom so much! She loved Christmas and had a tree like this, with all the meaningful and gorgeous ornaments…and she also believe in plastic …took it out every year…as she got older she had to have someone else help with the decorating..but even on her last Christmas…we had the beautiful tree and all the decorations. Thank you for posting your tree…

    • You continue to inspire me Jane, such a beautiful tree. Thanks for sharing. X

  3. Stunning! Your collection of Christopher Radko ornaments are amazing. ❤️

  4. Fantastic decorations! I’m new here, Jane. Looking forward to low key chilling at home and personal posts—-as well as climate change updates. Getting your new book for myself for Xmas. My Life So Far was a huge influence on me in my 20s.

  5. So Beautiful Jane! Happy that you are feeling the joy that can come with the season. Many are not so lucky this year. May you be Blessed with many more holidays to share with your family. Love you Jane ❤😘

  6. Oooh Jane, your tree is great!!!!!❤️❤️❤️
    I also have some glorious figures for me for over 50 years: a Charles Chaplin!!!! Jajajajajajaja I love him! ❤️❤️
    And, You climbed a ladder it seems!!
    I wrote to you in the precios blog. I don’t know ir you read me.
    I’ ve been waiting your book for two months…almost three. I hope arrive before Chrismas.
    Y send You twelve thousand kilometers of hugs (so, I make sure they arrive!!!😏😏)
    I love You from URUGUAY!! 🇺🇾🇺🇾😍❤️
    STAY SAFE!!!🙏

    • Send me your address, Graciela

      • Dear Jane, I forgot to tell you that the cost of the book and the shipping I am going to donate to RESCATE FAUNA MARINA – URUGUAY who are in great need since the place cannot be visited due to Covid and it was their greatest sustenance to survive. It was about to close but it still persists.
        Again, THANK YOU for sending me the book, it is already one of my most precious treasures !!! XOXOXO❤️🇺🇾

  7. Beautiful tree!! I love how unique all of your ornaments are. Everything goes together wonderfully. Merry Christmas!

    • Dear Jane, how are you?
      Today, January 7, I just received the best gift: your book WHAT CAN I DO? I did not expect it. And I least expected you to send it to me dedicated.
      It’s great!!!
      I have no words to thank you for your gesture.
      Hopefully you read this. I do not know why my approved comments do not appear. However … here I have you, at my table …
      God bless you!
      Stay safe!
      I adore you and send you many hugs. ❤️😍❤️😍🤗💪🇺🇾

      PS: I hope everything returns to normal in your country and Biden arrives at the government calmly. Hatred has invaded the people. But there they only have one culprit: Trump!!

  8. Hi
    Love the tree and the decorations .
    We all have little things to remind us of happy times.
    I have among other nicnacs.
    Our Son Craig’s little baby from his Christening cake.
    He is 46 now .
    You have some really nice decorations .Junediane was “poisoned”accidently by her husband! miracle gro christmas tree food.She ok we hope .
    Happy St Andrew’s day.
    Take care .🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇺🇸

  9. A Lovely tree. Full of fun from a Santa wearing sunglasses to a panda with a whimsical face, a barbell lifting exercise angel, birds with featherly tails, a dry martini for Grace, a Cinderella coach, a Nutcracker soldier standing on a drum, pigs, pickles and a mouse, a sad jester, topped with a beautiful Angel and two Oscars on the side.
    Yes, your fans love this sharing. Thank you. Dona

  10. Thank you for sharing these pics! What a treat to see the ornaments that mean so much to you. Love the panda (I have grandkids, too!) and, like you, I’m quite fond of octopi now that I watched My Octopus Teacher. You’ve inspired me to get an ornament for my newfound fascination with that wonderful creature!

  11. Jane, your tree is freaking incredible! Amazing ornaments. That octopus!!! That tree is goals…

  12. Absolutely beautiful and spectacular wow, an explosion of colours and happiness, I love the workout angel and the double deck British bus lol! Like you I have collected Xmas ornements for the last 40 years from around the world. The only difference is that they are mini ones, no more than 2 inches. My ornements are all made out of glass. The tree is also a mini one, about 2 1/2 feet high made of polyethylene, molded from real tree branches, it looks very realistic and no real tree was “harmed” lol

    Have a fab Xmas Jane!



  13. Jane,
    Wow! Your tree is so gorgeous!!!The ornaments are all so beautiful! Your so lucky to have such great ornament treasures. Thank you for sharing your tree! It has given me a little more holiday cheer!❤️🎄
    Love always,

  14. Jane – Thanks for sharing your tree this year. I set my tree up this year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (and at the tail end of COVID-19 – thankfully just mild symptoms). What else do you do to get in the spirit? I’m working from home and looking for some tips to elevate the joy this year!! Any favorite recipes? Activies?

  15. Forgive me, but the first shot is, IMHO, the best.
    A pair of Oscars do wonders for a Xmas tree!

  16. I loved your Christmas ornaments,specially Tulea’s and martini’s. Do you have any favorite ornaments?

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your family.

    I just realized we are in December, can you believe that? For me, we stopped on March. What a crazy year! How was your 2020 in a scale of 0-10? Do you have any plans for 2021 besides shooting the last season of G&F?

    Giovanna Montanhan Banho

    • 2020 was a challenging year that especially took a deep toll on people of color, women and caregivers. I feel very lucky. I have been busy with my weekly Fire Drill Fridays which has gathered a very large audience that’s sticking with us. I will be continuing with this, along with Grace & FRankie in 2021. And when covid is no longer such a danger, I will be back in the streets stirring up good trouble.

      • YES! Keep stirring up good trouble! Sadly, I grew up in a family where you were vilified for your activism during the Vietnam war. I never understood the hatred; even as a kid. Somehow, I always got that you were not being represented to me correctly and as an adult I’m a proud supporter. Thanks for all you do!

  17. Lovely and so personal!

  18. Jane,
    What a lovely tree! I loved it. The martini 🍸 was a great touch😉 I still have to decorate my tree! In Catalonia we also set up the Nativity scene… I love it 🥰
    Happy December!

  19. Hi Jane,
    I loved your Christmas tree. There are so many stories. I loved the angel up there. He’s alive, believe me. In fact, your entire tree pulsates. I loved your bookshelf with your 2 Oscars. On Sunday, I had time to see my octopus teacher and I couldn’t help but cry. We have a lot to learn from animals. Since I was a child I live among them. Today I have a 6 month old puppy that I adopted on the street and that is absolutely in love with me. I had a deaf cat like Tulea. Below is a You Tube link, which shows the thanks of a baby octopus to a person who saved it. He was stuck in the sand.
    Love is everywhere, just be open to it.
    PS – I didn’t talk about Brazil anymore, because I believe that you must be
    following the news, but I still do my part and I have faith that, like you, we will change our government in 2.022.
    As for learning Portuguese, as you already speak French, it is not so difficult, since the construction of the phrase in French is the same as in Portuguese. Subject + Verb + Complement.
    with love

    • Ahhh Flora, I’m unable to access that video “in my country” it says.

      • Ohhh, what a pity!
        I tried to send you another way, but I couldn’t. What the video shows is a man on the beach who rescues an octopus chick stuck in the sand and puts it back in the water. He was almost dead, but he comes back to life and when he is well he goes to the man who saved him and puts a tentacle in his boot, he stays for a while and then he leaves. It’s so beautiful!
        I found out that they have 3 hearts!
        Stay safe.
        with love

  20. Hi Jane,
    Your Christmas tree is really nice, you have worked so hard, some of the figures are very original. Although the custom of putting up the Christmas tree is already a global habit, in my country, Spain, we continue the tradition of putting the Nativity or Portal of Bethlehem, with the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, Jesus, the shepherds, the Magi…., all those who went to worship the Child, It is the influence of Catholic Church I think. On a trip I made to Chile, I bought a Nativity scene where the figures are Indians from the Andes, I find it really beautiful, I put it every year and the Christmas tree also. For the less religious, I have an alternative idea, there is the “secular nativity scene” as I say it, they are english-style houses forming a town with their lights and any other things, althoug the snow is the only thing that makes seem Christmas, but my nieces like it, me too. All this things cheer up Christmas.

  21. Beautiful tree, and amazing ornaments. 💞
    And thanks for all you do, we’re not grateful enough!! ✊🏾👏🏾✌🏾
    Best holiday wishes to you and your family.

  22. Hi Jane, absolutely love it feel inspired.It’s my first Christmas living with my fiancee💕. We are getting our tree this weekend and decorations. I love how your remember the pieces you picked up over the years. I’m looking forward to new memories this year feeling blessed. Seasons greetings 🥳x

  23. I love it 😻 my mom is a big fan of yours for one and two she loves grace and Frankie. She’d had a hard life and now has severe anxiety so a lot of shows with too much serious stuff over stimulates her brain. She watches comedy’s usually nothing else and I told her to watch that one and she loved it (she’s also obsessed with the office) anyways the tree she has is so old and weird but she always keeps it and calls it her Charlie Brown tree. I’m trying to decide what to get her this year so if anyone has any suggestions lmk she means the world to me and has been through so much I’d do anything for her. (Except I’m not the best at thinking of gifts).

  24. Beautiful tree !!!!! I love all the ornaments too!
    What type of award is that cup on the top shelf?

  25. Hi Jane,

    Beautiful tree. We’ve just today come out of full lockdown here in London and after a difficult year we are going for it this Christmas. The perfect excuse to find some joy. Tree is up, decorations being hung and Christmas songs on!

    Best wishes for a cheerier December.


  26. Stunning! You’re inspiring me to start collecting meaningful ornaments. <3 Merry Christmas, Jane.

  27. December always reminds me of a Romanian Traditional carol that is called “God, be with me!” It’s about a poor kid who’s asking Santa to bring him a wooden horse. Here you have the link to the Christmas carol I’ve just mentioned you.
    In the video, you can enjoy the snowy landscapes that are something typical in Winter times in my country.

    Ps. By the way, I really loved the wooden figures you received from Germany 70 years ago!!!
    stay safe and well,

  28. Hi Jane,
    Could you tell me if your book “What can I do?” will be published in spanish at any time?, I have looked for it and I haven’t find it so I think it’s not have been published in Spain yet

  29. Hi Jane! I just put my Christmas tree up too. I just wrote an essay for my music history class on cool Jazz. One of my favorite genres (especially during this time of year)!

  30. FDF! Right on target with perfect timing for the next step! Adopt Georgia! I was wondering how I could send some money that way for the election that is so important and voila, FDF answers the question. Merci Beaucoup.

  31. Hello Jane, your tree is amazing, every detail is unique. I loved the training angel. I love doing things and listening to music, I think it’s a good combination. Your tree at night should look beautiful. This year it was like in the movie ‘Jumanji’. I am from Brazil and I have been following the ‘Fire Drill Fridays’ on Fridays and I have enjoyed it very much although my English is not the best, but I always think it is important to talk about the environment, climate change and what we can do to change that. Oh and I’m in the fourth season of Grace and Frankie, looking forward to seeing the other seasons.

  32. Hi Jane Fonda,

    I know you must be terribly busy-so I’ll make this quick. Love your tree. Fire Drill Friday today was so inspiring. I feel the same nervousness I did about the general election.
    A couple of months ago I asked if I would hear about your availability to attend our book club and you said Jess Wilson (I think) would connect w me. I haven’t heard from her and my book club, who loves your book, keeps asking me if you are joining! Did my request get lost in the shuffle or are you booked solid?


    Pam Clifford

  33. Jane,
    First of all, great tree! Looks great! Second, I just wanted to let you know that I have admired your work for quite some time now and I enjoy watching and listening to your work. I am currently a freshman in college, and trying to figure our who I am, and what I want to do for a career.. and I was wondering if you had any advice for me, a young women getting ready to figure out what she wants to do and trying to find out who I am? I am very stressed out, knowing that I need to have a plan and pick a career because I am only 19 years old. Did you know what you wanted to do at 19? Any advice?

    Thanks and hope you and your family are well!

    • Molly, I had no idea at all what I wanted to do at your age nor did I have a clue who I was. No worry. That’s totally normal. It’s a rare person who knows those things at your age. Don’t sweat it. Take courses that interest you. maybe something will peek your interest. Even when you graduate you may not do what you will end up doing or be who you end up being. Just don’t settle too early. Do what you must do to earn money but keep ecxploring. x

  34. Jane,
    I ordered my red jogging suit!! I can’t wait to get it! I will always support you and fire drill Friday’s. Both have helped me with my confidence and sticking up for myself. I didn’t think at age 40 I would have to defend myself, but I am. And I’m doing it in a much more productive way.I know it’s not all about me. I am also worried about people in this country. Friends on my Facebook page still think that you know who is going to win. I bite my tongue. I don’t want to argue. It’s kinda scary that people still defend him. Including my parents. They called me a communist? Anyway to better news I watched the documentary kiss the ground. I had no idea how much work farming was. Is that what Vanessa does on her farm. It was so amazing to watch. I didn’t know that leftover food could be made into soil. We waste so much food at my work it’s so sad. I also watched the equality now online Galla . That was also great. If you have any more suggestions on documentaries or shows I would love to watch them. Thank you Jane.
    Love always,

    • You inspired me to show mine, thank you.

      When I was little in Shasta County we used fir trees from local paper company tree plantations because they are weed trees there, because they grow faster and shade out saplings. This can even be true in a burned forest. Now I buy recycled paper and I dislike tree plantations, but we have a lot of fir tree farms in the Santa Cruz mountains near where I live now, and it’s not environmentally damaging to use them period in fact, if you leave the bottom couple of rings of branches, the tree just regrows out of the trunk, while the plastic ones are a little harder on the environment to make. That said, if you keep it for as many years as you have, it is certainly a worthwhile investment.

      • yours is a beautiful and very personal and, thus, meaningful, tree.

  35. Jane…….. your tree is GORGEOUS!!! What a blessing! Christmas should be about memories and reminders of what means so much to us. This year……. Wow! Let’s just say “Prospective”!
    Thank you for sharing your life with the world. I have never been one to “put my story” out there. Rather private. But I’m learning that we can be an inspiration, a blessing, to others. Celebrity or not. Obviously, I’m your average Joe, but I can relate to so many things you’ve experienced. And I have others that have related to my experiences. It forms somewhat of a family. Sometimes that is all we can pull from to move forward. Your Firedrill Fridays give some of us something to look forward to. Something that gives us the ability to feel like we are needed, doing something worthwhile. Especially when darkness, like death and gloom, surrounds us. I want to wish YOU the person, not the celebrity, a very Merry Christmas- Holiday season and thank you for being REAL!!! XOXO

  36. I love your beautiful Christmas tree 🎄🥰 in the Netherlands don’t have such a beautiful Christmas tree

  37. Hello Jane and everyone,
    I would like to say something about TELEWORKING, which has caught off guard to some of us as a result of the pandemic. I think could be very interesting because many people are in the same situation of me and could say what they thinking about it. Personally I had never worked from home and now I’m doing that for months. I have spent through different stages, at first I’ve been excited and calm to be a little safe from the disease, but as time passes I have started to get tired….. you miss the place you worked, your colleagues or simply the fact of getting ready, getting dressed, take your car and leave the house to go to the office and you begin to feel lonely physically and lonely to making work decisions every day. The new routines breake with all you’ve done for years, for me working at home every day is like groundhog day! Teleworking seems to me it’s not good for our mental health, socialization is very important for each of us and the feeling of belonging to a group too, teleworking takes us away from all these things. Companies want to continue with this form of work and we should reflect and realize how this could modifie the labor relationship forever, will continue to be like that in the future? I wouldn’t like it.

    • Floren, hopefully the future will be a combination of work at home and work in office. Do you ever schedule Zoom get-togethers with friends? I do and it helps. Just sharing your experiences with all this new stuff and solutions to the issues you talk about…loneliness, groundhog dayism, etc

      • Oh yes, of course, with friends, family and work, it’s fantastic and it really helps. We have even made dinners online and we dressed elegant for the occasion.

        For the future in Teleworking, it seems it will be as the way what you’ve said, some days at home and some days at the office, it would be much better

  38. Hello Jane,
    Stunning! Your Christmas tree is so beautiful, and the ornaments are amazing!
    A story for each ornament! Thanks for sharing!
    Once again I tell you that you are an inspiration to me, I hope you can read it.
    Love always,
    Natalia, from Argentina.

  39. Jane! What a beautiful tree! I adore it. I hope you have a good Christmas and get some time to relax over the holidays! Is there any way I can send you a Christmas card? 👉🏻👈🏻Lots of love from Germany! Lea

  40. hi Jane dont know if you remember but ive written and published my new book its called “in the mind of a teenage girl” I really hope you can get it I know it’s a lot to ask but I look up top you so much its on barnes and noble look up ruby freedman

  41. I’m sorry for say that but Trump has made a big mistake again with his decision on the Sahara, ignoring the UN resolution on this matter and committing Biden for the future. No western country has recognized the sovereignty of Morocco over the Sahara, and he do that when he only has a little more than a month left as President, It’s Incredible!. I feel sad because the Sahrawis are a very close friendly people for us and they fight a just cause since years. All the things Trump has made in the last weeks are sperpentics, I’m sorry.

  42. A beautiful tree. THank you for making this a better world in so many ways.

    My favorite piece from a visit to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA

  43. Hello Jane, my name is Miguel and I am very much a fan of you and I really admire your work both as an activist and as an actress, and today I am on my birthday and it would be very important for me if you could send me a “happy birthday”,thank you.

  44. Such a beautiful tree! ♥️♥️♥️ I love the sentimental ornaments. I have several with special meaning to me and my family as well!

  45. Jane I no longer understand, why does the electoral college have to vote? If the citizens have already decided, it’s a little weird, isn’t it?

  46. Hello Jane!
    hope you are doing well, what a lovely 🌲 you’ve put together, the decorations are beautiful, 🤙

    The decorations from the old days, like the wooden ones may be the best because they seem to be indestructible, ive seen many back in Europe and you can glue or tape them up fairly quickly and easily if they are damaged,

    They are all wonderful, the 🐙 is outstanding, that documentary was really special too, everyone i speak with says, “i learned this and i learned that” most of which was unknown even to people who study the ocean, cheers to the Craig Foster for his efforts,

    So many cool attributes to point out, changing colours was neat, regrowing limbs, that can come in handy, possibly the way she was picking up those shells and rocks to blend in with the oceans’ floor was the most impressive…then again there was the reproduction at the end…also Craig Foster had a set of mighty lungs on him that we shouldn’t forget, anyhow that was one of the best documentaries ever made,

    Thanks for sharing Jane, we are all super lucky to have you with us, you are the best!

    Happy Holidays and very Merry Christmas to you,
    ☮️ ♥️


    • Ljubisa, I agree with everything you said

      • Hey Jane, Happy New Year, 🥳 its almost Jan 20, big day

        You know i watched ‘My Octopus Teacher’ again and thought the price of the Octopus meat, per pound, should be more expensive…maybe 2 or 3 million USD per pound,

        Here in Canada its about 25 CND for a pound, lots of the Octopus we have at the grocery come from Portugal,

        In India and other Asian countries you can buy the Octopus for much cheaper, a box of cereal here is more expensive than 3 pounds in India,

        Our lives are very valuable…we dont (really) put a price on our lives, naturally everything has a price, yet it isnt 10 quid a pound now is it Ms Fonda?

        Our bodies arent even capable of regrowing arms…all we can mimic from our Octopus friend is hiding…occasionally playing in the waves, most important the Octopus is very even in its life cycle, as you know 2 for 2 is usually the pattern…which seems to be sustainable and reasonable,

        Well im wishing for a Happy and Healthy New Year for you Jane, hoping your having fun, enjoying the outdoors as much as possible, watching news here and there,

        As you know a day or so ago, Greta and a Super panel of Doctors and Teachers had some information that can be really helpful for our 🌏 , solutions helpful for human survival,
        Its always nice to remember that there are many many Gretas (no one quite like her of course) Janes, the real heroes, the ones out there who are doing their level best to avoid catastrophe, and if they keep on going, the chances are good 💜


  47. Happy birthday Jane, I wish you are full of love and health as you deserve, thank you for all the good advice that you have given me for 5 years since I discovered you, this is the first time that it happens to me, I admire and respect you without knowing you personally I hope I can do it one day, I love you.💕💕

  48. Hi Jane, It’s a stunning tree, but I have something very hopeful to share with you before your regular Friday event. Hope for the planet. A new technology, that if broadly commercialized could solve 46% of the problem. To put that in context, the part Elon is working on (the entire Transportation sector) could solve 27% of the problem. Take a look at Thank you for everything you are doing. Best, Andrew

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