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Are you OK? We haven’t heard from you in a bit…. Even no Fire Drill Friday :{ I just hope you are OK! View
  • Are you OK? We haven’t heard from you in a bit…. Even no Fire Drill Friday :{ I just hope you are OK!

  • I just wanted to thank you and tell you how grateful I am-to you! I was so “insulated” that, before December, I didn’t even know there was a climate crisis; yep; hard to believe. But you led me to it and I, somehow, found the courage to get up in front of grade school kids (k-3)and have a “conversation” with them. They were so interested,…[Read more]

  • I love “bothering” you! LOL I watched G&F last night; it was (better than) awesome; thankyou :)!

  • PPS- I just saw that the first 4 episodes of G&F were out- Yahoo!!! I know what I am watching as soon as I am done with my “stuff”!! “smiley face, smiley face!!”

  • PS-instead of emojis I can write my standard to you- “you rock dude!”.

  • I know/suspect you don’t read these …. but I actually have something to tell you about the climate crisis! Yay! I am going with one of our councilwoman to the grade, middle and high schools in our area to talk to the kids about the climate crisis. Let’s hope I am ready; I have read all the books you suggested and more. It is huge for me…[Read more]

  • Yahoo!! You are the actress of the day on Friday on TCM 🙂 :)! I hope you’re doing OK with the addition of work in your day to day

  • Kathy Stange posted an update 10 months ago

    The concept behind Stoner Cats is really innovative. Almost anything Ashton K is is backing or behind is a winner; the guy is crazy smart. Ms. Stoner, there were only 20 minted. The rarity value must be off the charts! And to be paid in ethereum? you killed it again! Congrats!!

  • Kathy Stange posted an update 10 months ago

    You didn’t tell everyone you were in Stoner Cats!!👍😊 Also how many books do read each month (can u tell us next time you blog?)? And I saw a 2015 interview with Pat Mitchell, you and Lily Tomlin and you were talking about fossil fuel then. You also said your girlfriends were a renewable source of energy! That is insanely cool 😎!!

  • OMG! You “said” that perfectly!

  • Hi Jane! I’m happy for you that going back to work was good and the set was “chill” ( I totally get your meaning 😂😂). And I’m sure none of your fans had any doubts about you still being able to act!!😊😊. Recently I’ve only seen you on FDF’s (which I miss every Friday)and Grace Hansen is a totally different person than Jane Fonda on FDF’s. My b…[Read more]

  • Kathy Stange posted an update 11 months ago

    You should read this; it will infuriate you. https://www.ecowatch.com/bp-gas-project-africa-biodiversity-2653507418.html (It’s an article Greenpeace posted on Twitter)

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    Hi Jane, Yahoo! Grace and Frankie! How was your first week at work? Was it exciting to see the people that (maybe) you hadn’t seen in a while? Do you get to keep your gray hair??But, yuck, getting up at 4:30 (thanks for doing that, though). But I get it, I keep “farmers hours” also (in the summer). I love being up when the sun rises and love…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your random thoughts; it was such a nice surprise😊 I also went to the movies but I saw a far different movie: Quiet Place 2! There were 16 people in my theater! I read the synopsis on yours and it sounds really good. Besides, Alain Delon is easy on the eyes,LOL
    You know, when I heard you say it was the last FDF until 7/16, I was…[Read more]

  • Duh!!😂😂 I promise I really do know it’s MN but my mouth keeps saying Michigan!😉

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    Tulsa Race Massacre on tonight; 8 pm History Channel

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    I know you have more important things to do but why isn’t this comment approved?😂😂😊

  • Hi Jane, I think its wonderful that you are going to Michigan again! I also feel it’s awful that you need to because Enbridge so destructive. And how great you put the message out there. It’s going to be interesting and exciting to see how many people come together for this “fight”. I’ll be there in thought and spirit. You are going to crush it!…[Read more]

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    I forgot to mention- There are 2 more episodes to Mare from Easttown and then you can “binge” watch. If you haven’t already started watching, make sure you do at some point. I am on episode 5 and I never saw what happened coming!! Kate Winslet is absolutely fantastic and beautiful as always.

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    Hey Rockstar (you are you know!!) I was really happy to see you wrote on your blog! First, I hope you have/had a great Mother’s Day. Second, congrats on hosting The Goldman Prize Awards; I will be watching.
    But, part of me felt bad because you sounded “stressed” or slightly overwhelmed. I kept wanting to say ” breathe, breathe”, LOL. You are…[Read more]

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