Frankly, I’ve been worrying about the possibility that in the 15 months since we were last filming “Grace & Frankie,” I may have lost the ability to act. My main activity during those 15 months was hosting Fire Drill Fridays and interviewing climate experts and that’s really different than acting.

But last Monday we went back to the set and, turns out, I can still do it and I’m happy doing it. Some of our crew is new but most of the main people are from before COVID and it was really sweet to see them. Our Unit manager and producers have a knack for hiring nice and diverse people, so the set has always been chill. Actually, sometimes way too hot or too cold but always chill…if you get my meaning.

Kelly Akers, in charge of continuity, and, to the right, our director Gail Mancuso.

The COVID protocols are serious but not so overwhelming that they stifle our creativity or make things too difficult. I’m really glad we waited till now to return to work and not when the restrictions were even tighter.

Then there’s the problem of the Biden Administration. The planet is on fire. Climate scientists are sending grave warning that if we continue to drill and burn fossil fuels we risk catastrophe. This isn’t a game. This isn’t hyperbole. It’s way to late for half measures. Why did Biden pause the Keystone XL but say he supports Line 3 in Minnesota and will fight attempts to stop it in court? It’s the same heavy, dangerously polluting oil as Keystone from the Alberta, Canada tar sands passing under some of purest bodies of water including the headwaters of the Mississippi. Why does Gavin Newsom, California’s Governor, keep issuing new permits for drilling and fracking? Does he think we won’t notice or won’t care? What’s with these guys?

People, we need to up the ante. Get out of our comfort zones and make our voices heard. For those who can get there, there’ll be a big rally in front of the DC Capitol this Tuesday. We need to all do what we can to put maximum pressure on the Democrats to act bravely and boldly to save us and our planet. Time is running out but it’s not too late.

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  1. I wish there was a way I could help.

  2. Wow! I wish I could be there to help you.😊

  3. Jane I love hearing from you, I am very happy because you are enjoying acting again, in Mexico we say: “what is learned well is never forgotten”, even though my husband makes fun of me, I am seeing all the seasons of Grace and Frankie again, it is incredible but he gets jealous of you, he likes that all my attention goes to him and now to his grandchildren which does not bother him he loves them, but me following and admiring a public person is new to him and even I am surprised, only you did it and I like to do it. Thanks for all your work for the climate, I do what I can here.💕💕💕💕

  4. What’s with these guys, indeed!

    I immediately thought the answer to politicians’ après-nous-le-déluge approach is simply “because they can”.

    Short term economical gains are more important than the long term consequences, none of which these politicians will be around for or have to clean up after. Another, future administration will have to deal with that.

    It doesn’t matter which country we look to, governments are all trying to weasel out of taking responsibility and implementing measures to ensure that we reach the 1.5-degree target. Germany’s carbon budget is 4,200 million tons, which means we have to be carbon neutral by 2032 (linear reduction) in order to reach the 1.5-degree target. If we reduce emissions a bit more, maybe we’ll have until 2035. When the German Constitutional Court declared current measures unconstitutional in April, policymakers came up with a new “progressive” approach, which would allow us to be carbon neutral by 2050. By 2050, however, we’ll have emitted 10,300 million tons instead of 4,200 million tons and would not to be able to reach the 1.5-degree target. In short, it’s a joke.

    “The patriarchy” has always sounded a bit obscure to me, but it does all come down to exactly that. The world is on fire and yet we still have to beg men to treat us equally, to grant us autonomy over our own bodies, to wait for them to decide who they deem worthy of respect and whose rights they will allow to be accommodated (women, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, disabled people, the sick, the poor etc.). Considering what they have gotten away with, I’m not surprised that they are treating the climate crisis with the same apathy.

    I feel more and more that it’s impossible to strong-arm these people into empathy and, as a result, action, because they don’t work the way we do. They won’t act until it’s too late for a lot of people, because they know that “a lot of people” doesn’t include them; at least not yet.

    I know it’s impossible to do this very nuanced issue justice in just a few paragraphs. I have so many thoughts on this and how it all connects, but, mostly, I just wish that the world would come together and tackle this crisis with the urgency it deserves.

  5. Blessings Jane,

    Hope you are well..The start of this decade has been one of the most challenging times in my life. Remind me so much how the world changed since 9/11. It’s been a while and hope to connect soon. As far as politics go.. you have to start at the legal bribery of lobbying. Many of our politicians have to decide is it money or we the people?? Money is security! Morals go out the window when it comes to receiving an offer you can’t refuse. That’s the problem I see in politics.
    Great resource to follow for all activist and voters is open secrets. Check out the open secrets link at the bottom. Keep it saved before you get the many campaign promises every election cycle.
    Money in politics.. is the root cause to every policy dilemma. Hope you have a beautiful summer.. keep acting and doing the work you love. Acting is very therapeutic. I appreciate your transparency and all work that you do.
    A timeliss beautiful soul
    Hope to connect soon Goddes🌟 Love & Bless!

    Hasani ❤🙏🏽💛


  6. Thank you Jane climate change is impossible to deny .A documentary recently highlighted the effect on the environment and the lives of the indigenous people in Alberta due to Tar sands extraction.
    Also the extreme temperatures in BC,Oregon California just now .My sister lives in Vancouver .
    Glad to hear you settled back into work it’s just like riding a bike you never forget .
    I was thrilled recently to get a reply to a card I sent from Scotland to MS.I told him “The Way”a wonderful movie .12 mighty orphans another movie would like to see also.Give him my regards please.
    Anyway thanks once again for
    your efforts over the yrs have been following FDFs
    Look forward to G&Fs return have binged on it endlessly.these past 16mnths. Love to you all and stay safe .

  7. I agree with you. This is so, so frustrating and heartbreaking… not to mention disgusting.

    I don’t know if it’s my place to say and if anyone will read it, but a lot of the frontline camps are in urgent need of donations. You can check out stopline3.org for more info on how you can help.


  8. Thinking I’d seen everything you’ve acted in, I stumbled on a movie I had never seen tonight. “Old Gringo” is a beautiful, spirited movie. You acted beautifully then and still.

    Your activism and ability to inspire others to DO something is another credit to your many accomplishments.

  9. Legendary ultra talented actors like you never lose their ability to act Jane, it’s in your blood and soul! I can’t wait to see the new ‘Grace & Frankie’ episodes. During lockdown I rewatched the entire seasons on Netflix which brought some good and much needed laughters during these difficult times. Keep acting, keep fighting, keep inspiring us, the world is a better place with you in it!

  10. Hi Jane! I’m happy for you that going back to work was good and the set was “chill” ( I totally get your meaning 😂😂). And I’m sure none of your fans had any doubts about you still being able to act!!😊😊. Recently I’ve only seen you on FDF’s (which I miss every Friday)and Grace Hansen is a totally different person than Jane Fonda on FDF’s. My brain has a hard time reconciling that. See, your a great actress!
    Maybe Biden has to make a “trade” or whatever they do in politics. It really will be a tragedy if Line 3 construction is allowed to continue. Greenpeace tweeted an article about “ecoside”. Just like genocide people in charge could be prosecuted for war crimes. Well Enbridge and anyone higher up could be prosecuted for crimes against the earth. It would be wonderful if we would adopt that law in the US. At this point I think the earth is more important than us humans.
    Hmmm so you’re going to get busy after July 5??? Are you going to Washington again???
    You mentioned something a while back about going to Houston?? Where are you going to protest ??
    Anyway, have a great July 4! I hope you get to see some fireworks. But, you go to bed early; do you stay up and watch them? Take care!

    • Gosh, reading your letter, Kathy, I realize it’s been a long time since I went into my socials and read the blog comments. Things changed. Nothing new happening except i’m filming. I’ll be doingn my once a month Fire Drill this coming Friday. With Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, one of the best, most important members of the House and a friend. Excited

  11. I am so happy that you have returned to the set, Jane! 👍👍 Yu-hu-hu!!!
    I beleive acting is in your blood, printed in your DNA, and no matter what happens you will never forget it. Maybe you will be a little bit nervous at the beginning, but eventaully you will find the way to the character.

  12. Dear Ms. Fonda: Well, one of the projects I worked on during the pandemic was a second edition of the “Barbarella” art portfolio that I gifted you about two years ago. It has a much more professional page layout, artwork that is upgraded from the original portfolio’s presentation and photos of my last two Barbarella paintings (don’t worry though…after all that work I am definitely “all Barbarella-ed out). What I was thinking of is something that would be the icing on the cake for the portfolio…I was wondering if I could send you a photo of my favorite Barbarella painting through your people so you could autograph it and have it sent back to me. All I need from you is your blessing on this and a mailing address where I could send you the photo plus a SASE. If you could do this I would really appreciate your effort in this. I really thank you for your time and attention in this matter, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have fun! Yours-Steven Vasko

    • Sure, Steven. send it to me at P.O. Box 10927, Beverly Hills, CA 90209

  13. No shit, Sherlock. The day you forget how to act is the day horses forget how to walk, trot and gallop. No dis in the comparison as I love horses. But okay I get it, you are human, you worry. You set high standards and you don’t want to disappoint. Hah! as if! That’s never happened on this receiver’s end. Is this too much of a personal tone? Sorry, if so. It’s hard not to feel a close connection even if it isn’t real on your end. The guy that does “The Hidden Brain” on PBS has a new book out on how having our illusions can actually be okay, helpful even. He’s a rational kind of guy, so this is something coming from him. So I got license from him. I’ve been looking for you in the news. Wondering what’s happening. Did you know they have wild horses in Arizona? I didn’t. Went to see the river where they hang out, but unlike you I couldn’t get up at 4:30 AM to see them there. However, I’d get up to see you on the G&F set had I ever been lucky enough to have that opportunity. I’m upset because Christiane Amanpour is battling cancer. Again, someone I don’t know, but admire and care about as if we were friends. Wish I could send her a card, a note of encouragement etc but no real way to do that. So I’m venting on your blog because at least you know her. She is so excellent in her field as you are in yours. I’m a bit soggy today, which is crazy since it has been 66 yrs today that I lost my father. Such a long time, but it’s still there. A turning point in my life. But you know about how that is. A Chelsea in the water moment. Enough. Love you for being there. Dona

  14. Jane, the world really needed that video you posted earlier today (the call to action). Thank you.

    The past few days have been rough, especially on the frontlines of the indigenous communities. A lot of people (specifically youth on social media platforms) want to help but don’t know how, don’t know the facts and are confused on how to go about researching them. In the video you were very direct and to the point about certain policies, what was promised to us as a country from our President, and by giving people an avenue of where to go to take action. I have heard a lot from friends that are often not very involved in social and political issues that this video (and the many others that were posted today by other very influential people) gave them the wake up call they needed.
    And you’re right. We are running out of time. It’s hard not to lose hope, but know that people were watching and listening today, and that they hear you and have had their eyes opened to this crisis and are willing to DO something about it now that the severity of the crisis has been explained, and most importantly they were called to action.
    I began to think about how a lot of people were propelled into the movement today by social media, and I began to wonder if maybe what today’s society needs is sort of a massive roll out of celebrity/influencer made videos like yours promoting this crisis. Often times we only see these people sharing their opinions, but not really suggesting a course of action.

    Do you think that would help exponentially? And if so, is it even plausible to ask those people to do so? I’m sure activists such as yourself often are telling your influencer friends to promote this crisis and they often do… but would a regular-people, online movement to get influencers to take action have an effect, or is it a waste of time.

    Hopefully this ramble doesn’t waste your time!!! 😬 I don’t know who you might be connected with who could answer this question, or if you would be able to answer it yourself, but we need to do everything in our power to stop this, and before I invest my time into trying to get something of this sort started/ and or joining a group that does this I would like your/or someone you know who deals with this kind of thing’s opinion.


    • Good to hear from you, Kennedy. This means you got home from line 3 safely. Your idea may be terrific, I don’t nknow, but I personally lack the bankwidth to oragnize it. xxx

  15. Hello,
    I am happy that I am finnaly succeeded to acces the site, because I was receiving a message telling me that my IP adress was blocked by the admin. So, dear admin, please do not block anymore my IP adress, because I am a normal person who admire Mrs. Fonda and want to have news abour her. Thank you!
    Dear Mrs. Fonda,
    I am Daniela from Romania. I am happy that you are ok and filming again, I wish you to enjoy this time on the set! I haven’t written you a letter so far, as I promised, and I’m sorry, but I must tell you that, after reading your book and receiving an answer from you on the blog, I decided to take some action, so I left home for 2 months and returned to a city that I love and where I spent my college years, trying to find a job here. Finally, I managed to find an even better job, not here, but in Bucharest, at the French Institute, where I will deal with cultural projects, from September 1st. So I must thank you for inspiring me! And soon I will find the courage to write you a letter!
    This evening I watched on Netflix “This is where I leave you” and it was so great!
    I send you all my admiration and love and I wish you to stay healthy and safe!

  16. You have always been a wonderful actress. I’ve seen 3 of your movies and on golden pond will always be my favorite

  17. Jane, I just have to tell you how much I love ‘Grace and Frankie’. You ladies are amazing, with such great chemistry! I’ve enjoyed both of you in so many things over the years, and you’re both so talented. I love everyone on the show. It’s such beautiful representation, and has so much love. I just finished watching it all the way through for the third time, and look forward to the next season.

    You’re both an inspiration to me. Would you please let Lily know that I will never forget meeting her after a show she did in Commerce, TX back in the 70s? I treasure the poster she signed for me, and the autograph she gave me, and she was just lovely to the 8 or 9 year old kid I was then.

    I loved theatre in high school, and did some community theatre a number of years ago, and participated in Murder Mystery dinner theatre back around 2012-2013. I’m not physically up to it any more, but still have great affection for all types of theatre.

    Thank you both so much for the joy you bring to me and many others!

    Best regards,

    Robin Abess

  18. Dear Ms. Fonda: I just slipped my photo of my “Barbarella” painting ready for you to autograph along with my SASE in the mail today. It’s all in a manila envelope complete with a sturdy cardboard backing to keep everything nice and flat. I just wanted to thank you for helping to make the second edition of my “Barbarella” art portfolio complete. Have fun! Yours-Steven Vasko

  19. Jane, I’m so sorry Grace & Frankie didn’t get an Emmy nomination 🙁 . I wish it had been nominated, i got really upset…
    But on the other hand, I’m glad you’re back to the set, cannot wait to see Grace’s outfits for this season, and I’m super excited to see what Grace and Frankie will do, what business they will be involved in.

    Have you seen “ Hacks “ on HBO Max? I started watching the show and I’m obsessed with it.
    What are your bets on winning the Emmy? Have you seen the list of nominees?

    And I’m so so so happy and excited to watch FDF on this Friday, I miss it so so much.


  20. Jane, I’m sorry but I have to tell you, I miss you so much I used to being close to you, in this blog and in the FDF💕💕

  21. Dear Ms Fonda,

    I am working with an incredible playwright that I would like to bring to your and Ms Tomlin’s attention.

    Welcome to the mad world of The Playwright James Lewis Huss as Directed by Stewart Glen.

    Imagine finding a treasure trove of Elizabethan classics that prove to be the source material of every single play William Shakespeare ever wrote?

    A cheekier and far more gruesome “bawdy of work” you’ll ne’er find.

    More phallic puns per foot than ever before.

    And yet…strangely present in the thematic application, discoursing upon every ill wrought of human weakness. We accomplish this by reexamining history, then, rebooting classic literature.

    It’s almost as if a time-traveler took in our modern world, and returned to 1500 England to write all these plays for Shakespeare to plagiarize. And he doesn’t stay there.

    Who doesn’t love a good contemporary period piece?

    We have 5 completed drafts already and would love to send them to your team for notes and other possible considerations. We are currently workshopping them all for our resident playwright to hear and developing further. We’ve accomplished amazing things with zero budget and a pandemic ravaging the world.

    Can we zoom and chat about this? I know that is a bold request, but I cannot think of 2 better artists to work with.

    My email is [email protected]

    Greatest and Humblest regards,

    Stewart Glen
    Artistic Producer
    The Post Pandemic Renaissance Theatre Company

  22. Hi Jane, it’s really humbling that you are sharing your doubts your abilities after a long break. It shows you’re human. However, you shouldn’t doubt them because you have always been able to act. And do it brilliantly. I still think you’re one of the greatest actresses to ever grace the planet in my opinion. You may doubt that but if you look at all the work you’ve done and how much you have inspired your fans. I think it’s safe to say that it isn’t as bold of a statement!

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your time on set and that you are well. I love that you like to keep in touch with your fans and we are forever grateful for it.

    Keep on keeping on and thank you for constantly inspiring.

    Lots of love,

    Victoria xx

  23. Thanks Jane, today was FDF surprise, I loved seeing you, I miss you so much💕💕💕💕

  24. Hi Jane, Love that you work so hard for Climate Change. Behind you in all your efforts…..Your movies are really great. However, I am partial to seeing you, Lily, and Dolly together…….Enjoyed Grace and Frankie so much. You and Lily should have your own talk show. You two are so funny together and you look like you are having a great time. Hope to see you on tv or the movies soon.

  25. OMG Jane, of course you can still act.
    You are a talented actress and of course I’m not the first to say that anyway… But yes you’re an amazing , inspiring women : )

  26. Wow Jane, great news Dolly with you and Lily in “Grace and Frankie” this is going to be amazing🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

    • Jane,

      I really enjoy reading your blogs. It makes me want to do the blog, too. I hope the viewers would visit my blogs: https://rayoflightpeters.wixsite.com/patrickjarrodpeters

      I am learning how to write well because I am not the best writer in the whole world. I hope the viewers would read my blogs and share their points of view, too. I hope I can keep on going to write more blogs and hope visitors to check out my blog would like it.

      By the way, I loved your show “Grace & Frankie,” and you can act very well! I am looking forward to seeing new shows from “Grace & Frankie!”

  27. Jane, I saw the photo you posted on Instagram about your vibrating bed, what kind of vibration would it be? Something to improve the spine, perhaps? I was curious to know… Btw, I loved the headboard of your bed, it looks a lot like mine.

  28. Greetings Jane!!
    I woke up this morning and went to put on Grace and Frankie as my usual morning background noise. I’ve been chomping at the bit for the new season to arrive, and I was ELATED to be surprised with 4 episodes to hold us over!!! Thank you to you and the team for this bit of laughter. Can’t wait till next year for the rest! 💜

  29. Jane OMG I’m so happy bc of this 4 new episodes of season 7 of Grace and Frankie. I just watched this four episodes that were released and I can’t wait for the rest of the reason. Omg omg omg. Made my Friday more happier and excited!!! And now I’m sad because I missed FDF cause I was watching the new episodes 🙁
    I’m impressed how the show gets funnier and funnier every new season. And loved your hair, getting white.


  30. Just watched FDF and got my new marching orders. Write Newsom even if I live in another state. Check! Write Biden again. Check! Write Kelly & Sinema, again. GRRR. on Sinema. Check! Relook at the Chapter on stopthemoneypipeline. Jump in where I can. Check! Put movienight on the calendar (Aug 26th 5pm)(time clarified later) Check! Pay attention and act on the “documentary moment”. Check! Take heart the fat lady(I’m fat so I can say that) hasn’t sung, yet. (Not said on the program just MY interpretation) Talk about the paperback of “What Can I Do? to friends. Check! Card to Shero who needs to hear her words back. Rest, take care of yourself. We want to you here with us for a long time. love, Dona

  31. Congratulations on your upcoming paperback release!!! And the new episodes of Grace and Frankie are hilarious and gave me a much needed dose of serotonin! 😂 Perfect timing!

    Hope all is well with you and your family, take care!

    Kennedy Davis

  32. My first thought on grabbing their attention would be a letter. Normally these kinds of letters expressing concern go to your congress rep. but have a much more effective idea… instead, we send the letters to your 401k or 403b retirement institutions. Not your employers HR Dept. but the actual asset management company’s holding your assets. Financial Institutions (not banks), actually listen and take these letters seriously… because the people who write letters are the same people holding the majority of AUM. If you really care, take a look at what you’re invested in and where your asset management company is invested. There are plenty of green options out there that just need people like us to say, “Hey, I want more of that!”

    Make it easy for people to come to your website and just click a button. Post a letter on your blog with a drop down menu so we can select our financial institution and send our concerns.

    Just my first thought and my two cents 🙂

    • *Also, when I say “you” I don’t mean Jane Fonda, because I know Jane is already as green as can be 🙂

  33. Wow Jane the episode of Grace and Frankie “The Bunny” one of the best I have seen, I really loved it, thank you for these moments in this third Wave of COVID in my State, that is worse than the previous ones, a little fun is the best what can happen to you these days💕💕

  34. Jane, I know that you are very busy and now you can’t watch TV like before but have you managed to watch “Physical” on Apple TV? The main character has features of your life, very different from you of course in character but I think they took something from your life, I would like you to give me your opinion of it, it was successful and they said it will have a second season.

    • I watched several episodes because I was told they sort of copied things from me. I didn’t like it at all. Not sure it will be renewed.

  35. Dear Jane,
    thank you so much for being the faboulous person you are, you are so inspiring! And thank you to you all for being back to the set of Grace and Frankie. I have loved you for a long time, since when I was much younger, in fact Barefoot in the Park is one of my all time fav movies. I love the show, the whole cast, and my son who is 9 loves it too. We have already watched the four new episodes released by Netflix, and we laughed so hard. Big hug to everyone and especially to you Jane.

  36. Hi Ms. Fonda,
    Is this your fan mail address?

    P.O. Box 10927, Beverly Hills, CA 90209

    I saw your ‘In Five Acts’ documentary on HBO on the heels of some news stories that already had my wheels spinning. Your story inspired me to write down what I’d been feeling/thinking about. It was a hit on FB, and it ended up getting published in the Hartford Courant.
    I wanted you to see it because it wasn’t until I heard you describe your tendency to define yourself within the context of your relationships with men that I understood something big about myself.
    Could I use that post office box to send you some fan mail, and a more sincere thank you note?
    If you only have a chance to read this and don’t respond, I get it.
    But I do thank you so very much for all of your truly courageous, fierce, pure-hearted, brilliant work. On the screen, off of it. Our world is better because of your beautiful spirit. And I understand the world and myself better because of your biography and documentary.
    Thank you 💜

  37. Jane, check this out. It was part of my “movie Friday”!!!


  38. Hi Jane,
    I hope you’re enjoying the summer, the filming of Grace and Frankie and friends by now.

    I would like to express here my sadness at the events in Afghanistan. They say that what starts wrong ends bad, now everything is pain and suffering especially for women and girls. No offence, hearing Biden’s words, speaking of revenge in his speech, it was a disappoiment for me, they have been unexpected words full of hatred and fury that still has me surprised, I think he spoke in a very inappropriate way that could affect to all of us. What happened to his moderate tone and appearance of a calm man? Do we like that some innocent children died with “his revenge”? It’s no way!!!

  39. Jane,
    I’m missing you on your blog!!! <3
    Stay safe!!!
    Kisses from Brazil!!
    I'm your big fan!

  40. I don’t know if these words will reach you, my English is not good enough،I just want to tell you that you changed my life,you said once “it’s much more important to be interested than to be interesting” ,i was thinking all my life that im late,for everything,and i wasnt try much thing as other,but im still here,and im interested ! it wasnt late even that im still here!! Existing and breathing ,I’m really jealous of the people in your life، cause if you can change and inspire Someone on the other side of the earth،How are the people nearby?،Sending you LOVE,wish if i can i met you someday.

    • ..

    • Good to hear from you, Amani. I think you’d like reading my memoir, “My LIfe So Far,” if it’s translated into your language. xx Jane

      • Oh god 19 Sep 2021,i got reply from JANE FONDA !!!!It means the world for me , It’s an overwhelming feeling to be seen “Even if it’s only in texting” &You will always be my role model,LUV U

        “I can’t wait to see the new ‘Grace & Frankie’ episodes”

  41. Hi, Jane!
    I know your busy filming season 7 of G&F.
    I just want to say that you’re being missed here.
    By the way, have you seen Supernova (2021) with Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci?
    Two extraordinary performances of this two actors and so beautifully directed the story.
    sending you lots of love ❤❤❤,

  42. Love this show. If you break up with Nick, I see a Pierce Brosnan in season 8. Please dont stop filming. I really want you to have a drinking match with Magan Mullally as Karen Walker. I adore you and the entire cast. Would love to see Martin’s sons watch him in his role….lol.

  43. Jane, I know that I am quite annoying and you are very busy but I have a question for you if you want to answer me if you do not want to, there is no problem I love you the same, how did you write your last book with pen and paper or on your computer?💕💕

    • I always write on my computer because I edit, cut and paste, a lot as I go.

    • Jane, many changes in my life, difficult to assimilate, thanks for your influence, I go little by little, I love you and I miss you💕💕💕

  44. Love your work. You are an inspiration in so many different aspects. I have just begun Law School in California and have aspirations to fight for the less fortunate, immigration and our environment. Thanks for being you.

  45. Thank you so, so much for another Fire Drill Friday. And urgent call to action was needed, and you and your team at Greenpeace delivered. ✊🔥❤️

  46. Time is running faster

  47. Jane I bother again but you must already get your third dose of the covid vaccine, remember it, I want you to be very well now that you have so much work remember that health is ours greatest treasure, of course I pray every day for you💕💕💕

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