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  • Whoa, Joie de Vivre, this is too many questions and I am too busy right now. Either cut it down to 3 or you;ll have to wait indefinately.

  • Sienna, I pass my time working on Fire Drill Fridays, helping raise money for essential workers’ funds,writing speeches, reading good books (I’m reading last year’s Pulitzer Prize winner, “The Overstory,” by Richard Powers)

  • I wish you a fast recovery, Alyssa

  • I don’t understand some people. The guys armed with assault weapons in front of the state capitol in Lansing, Mi. The ones that broke the restauranteur’s arm for asking them to wear masks. The restauranteur […]

    • Have you ever apologized to our servicemen for your betrayal to them in Vietnam? I’ve never heard a word of any kindness from you. It’s a shame because you could have made a positive difference In the world instead of just filled with hate.

    • Dearest Jane,

      Oh, how I love your posts. I have been thinking about your journey through activism, how it’s been the heart of your being, and this is why I was so motivated to dedicate a video to your activism; it’s a collection of clips and pictures that mean a lot to me. I have posted on twitter, and it’s got over 200 likes already. I hope you will enjoy as much as I have, going through the archives, finding beautiful moments you have created. Here’s the link: https://youtu.be/ZNDhd-z9L_k

      Much love,


    • Hi, Jane!
      So good to know you’re ok!
      As for other countries having “male leaders with empathy problems”, Romania is one of them. Romanian leaders have more than empathy problems. I believe their mental health is “affected” :D. Unfortunately I feel the Romanians will experience a tough 2021 as many other people from other countries of course.
      Love you and be safe XXX

    • Hi Jane!
      Hope you are doing well. I couldn’t agree with you more—I do not understand the people who are protesting with guns throughout the country. It’s upsetting that a public health crisis has been made into something so political, and people are unwilling to look out for one another by simply wearing a mask and abiding by the rules put into place. I think of people like my grandmother who is high-risk, and just pray that they can make it through this without getting sick. There are so many good people out there who deserve recognition and I wish we’d hear more about them on the nightly news, rather than the ones who refuse to comply. I have several friends who are home care nurses for older adults and I am in awe of the work they are doing every day. Their selflessness gives me hope during this difficult time. The essential workers on the front lines deserve so much more and I hope we can get a people’s bailout in effect very soon. I’ve been calling my representatives daily and will continue to do so.

      I’m really enjoying the weekly Fire Drill Fridays zoom calls. Thank you for continuing to hold them each week! They are helping me to stay informed with my climate activism and I have enjoyed sharing them with friends and family. My Sunrise Movement hub has been doing book club meetings each week via Zoom and we’re just finishing up Naomi Klein’s On Fire and it’s brilliant. I wish everyone who doesn’t understand the necessity of a green new deal would be open to reading it. It was incredibly eye-opening and I think it could change the minds of millions. Do you have any recommendations of books that you’ve read lately about the climate crisis? Really looking forward to reading your new book!

      xx Robin

    • I absolutely agree with you about our country’s history of rugged individualism. It no longer serves us and we are better together. Thank you for your example.

    • Hi Jane,
      I pray you are being vigilant with staying safe. I pray every day for you, Jane W and Lily. I pray that God protects each of you from this virus and anything that may come your way. I love Grace and Frankie in that I relate to so many things of the show. I am watching for the 17th time. It gives this old lady hope for the future. Please stay safe!

    • Hi Jane!

      In my home state a man hanged a dummy with a picture of the Kentucky governor on it! What the hell is going on?? To be honest, I’ve been in quarantine- today is day 70 to be exact- I guess I’m not understanding what’s so important that I should leave my house and risk getting sick??
      I cannot fathom, other than from what you said, why ANYONE would be protesting the reopening of a state when numbers are rising and people are dying!
      Side note: protesting with GUNS??? Why??
      I am a gig worker. I was sooooo terrified of going back to doing concerts this month. But Tennessee opened right up. Last week I found out I have a cyst on my vocal chords ( a singers worst nightmare ) and have to have surgery in two weeks…. is it bad that I’m almost glad this happened so that I’m not forced out of the house prematurely??
      Sorry that was a big ramble

      Thanks for sharing and listening!!

    • I can’t admire you enough, Jane Fonda. Thank you so much for your voice ❤️ I look so forward to November (with great Optimism). 🤗 Hugs from Florida. 💜 Cary

    • I hope you had a nice long weekend, Jane! And you’re so right: we cannot and should not go back to “normal” – this was ample warning that we have to stop eating up this planet.

      My thing is: all these macho politicians and protesters are also really dumb. They have a chance to play Superman and “save the world” and show up that they are those tough guys who are handling the situations well. But not only do they lack “the manliness” they so desperately want to show off, but they are also too stupid to realize that here’s their chance to use it.

      Being dumb as a rock is a disease in itself and the most contagious of them all.

      P.S. Don’t worry about the post not being light-hearted enough. I feel you – I’ve been passing a kidney stone trying to watch my “comfort movies” and enjoy them. But I can’t and I figured, it’s fine. We’ll try next time. 😉

    • jane,
      the world sure is a crazy place right now! in michigan, our governor just extended our stay at home order for the bottom half of the state, (it’s predicted the virus won’t hit its peak here until mid-june), while the top half and the upper peninsula opened this past friday. in the past weeks there have been facebook groups threatening harm to gretchen whitmer for her action against covid-19 in michigan, and facebook has finally shut these groups down. people here haven’t been wearing masks, despite it being required, and the ones who do are deemed “too fearful” by the ones who don’t. i’ve found myself very anxious and depressed throughout most of this.
      how are you passing your time in quarantine?
      i hope you’re doing well and staying safe, i’m sending all my love and can’t wait to see you again as soon as possible.

      • Sienna, I pass my time working on Fire Drill Fridays, helping raise money for essential workers’ funds,writing speeches, reading good books (I’m reading last year’s Pulitzer Prize winner, “The Overstory,” by Richard Powers)

    • The message and information was true. The feelings honest. What more could we hope for in our communication than that? No apology necessary. If you feel silly next time then that message will be true as well. As long as you are being true to yourself and share it honestly with us, we can’t ask for more. That’s why you draw our attention. You being you. I can barely wait for that book to come out.💖 xxDona

    • You know what, Jane? Today we Stan harder than any other day. This is what being up human is all about: kindness and empathy.

      You rock.

    • You are absolutely right, we are facing unprecedented times, all change and we have to assume it, is hard to make jokes and enjoy life with everything that happens in our world, I pray a lot and that give a little paece, works for me.💕💕💕

    • Thank you Jane! You always seem to have the right words and say what we need to hear. Normal was the problem. And some people just do not comprehend that. So much change has to happen in order to move forward in all areas and hopefully we as a nation can get to where we need to be!
      Many blessings and safe wishes to you and all the readers!
      xo Kara

    • Whoa, Joie de Vivre, this is too many questions and I am too busy right now. Either cut it down to 3 or you;ll have to wait indefinately.

  • Heather, I will pass this on to the appropriate person on the production. Your work is truly beautiful. xx Jane

  • Dona, we won’t go back to work until it’s safe and will take all precautions. Trust me. xxx

  • Donatella and Maunuela, my PR firm is Sunshine Sachs. Ask for Kimberly Christman. kimberly@sunshinesachs.com or 714/308-1288

  • I copied this from you to the people who do the hiring. I don’t get involved but I reminded them you’re the one I mentioned in my new book.

  • Yeah, Grace, I will answer the que3stions you send me. xx

  • Will do, Alexandra. It made me happy to see your name in the chat box. I recommend Robert Reich’s new book, “The System: Who broke it And How To Fix It.” Reich will be my guest next Friday. xx JF

  • Ahhh, you’re good, Candita. Thanks. Stay tuned and if for some reason you don’t hear back about it remind me again. xxx

  • Help me remember to answer your question, Candita. xx

  • Thank you, Kara. That makes me happy. xx JAne

  • Beautifully said, Dona. Do it!

  • When we are once again able, the cast and crew of Grace and Frankie will resume filming the 7th and final season of the series. Bittersweet. Legally, I am unable to read your play allen unless it comes to me through an agent. It’s complicated but long ago I ran into trouble and I’ll never do it again. x

  • I have a new book coming out on September 8th, called “What Can I Do? My Path From Climate Despair to Action,” published by Penguin Press in the US and by HQ Stories in the UK. I love this book so much! It […]

    • Happily ordered four hard copies. I’m thinking I will get more in December. YEAAH! It’s going to be a long wait but so nice to anticipate the read. Thanks, Jane. xxDona

    • Hola, querida Jane! Cómo estás? Me encantaría tener ese libro en mis manos pero en español!! Siempre fue un tema apasionante, para mi, como docente, hablar y enseñar a cuidar el lugar en el cuál vivimos. He aprendido mucho más viendo y escuchando Fire Drill y tu continua lucha por el bienestar de la gente. Ojalá te hicieran caso a ti y a los científicos los poderosos, esos que se creen dueños del mundo y que con esta supuesta pandemia se han vuelto más y más ricos. Definitivamente tendré que continuar con mis estudios del idioma inglés para tener ese libro, a como dé lugar, entre mis manos. Un gran y cariñoso abrazo “from Uruguay”. Graciela 😍🇺🇾❤️❤️🤗

    • I am very much looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of your upcoming book. The goal I set for myself during this period of social isolation was to become familiar with climate change and the current climate crisis. It has taken a lot of concentration and research as the subject matter was not in my wheelhouse (as a nurse in intensive care), however, the content is no less important. We all have an important role to play in making changes for the future of our planet! 🌍

    • Hi, Jane!
      I am so thrilled about your new book coming out so soon.
      You never stop to amaze me with your capacity of rebirth again, and again.
      Thank you so much for existing and for inspiring me everyday!
      sending my love to you,

    • Hi Jane!
      Very much looking forward to this book!!! Spreading the word to everyone about it.
      Will there also be an audio version?


      • Yes, I will do an audio version. xx

        • Awesome!!! Myself, mother & niece have listened together to “My Life So Far” & “Prime Time” and those two books have brought us closer together. A wonderful bonding time between 3 generations of women. I have read your books alone to myself, but hearing them aloud in the same room with my mom & niece just made them that much more powerful and meaningful. We all took away so much from them. I encourage all to do this. Truly eye opening!
          Thank you again, Jane!!

          Kara 🙂

    • Ahhh, you’re good, Candita. Thanks. Stay tuned and if for some reason you don’t hear back about it remind me again. xxx

    • Hello Jane,
      I really want to read your book soon and continue learning!!
      Everything you do for our Planet is admirable.
      Thank you for inspiring me all the time.
      Sending my love to you.

    • Will do, Alexandra. It made me happy to see your name in the chat box. I recommend Robert Reich’s new book, “The System: Who broke it And How To Fix It.” Reich will be my guest next Friday. xx JF

    • Hi Jane, I know this is an absolute longshot, but as Muhammed Ali said “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” So here goes…

      I write for my school magazine in the UK and am in the process of writing some articles as a series to motivate students when they eventually return to school in the hopes of motivating them and showing that even though we are in uncertain times they can still achieve their aspirations.

      With as many inspirational people as I can persuade (like yourself) along with MPs and NHS staff I would really like to make some sort of difference and I hope that you would possibly answer some interview questions about your career, how lockdown has been for you and your work as an environmental activist to help motivate students and maybe even some teachers, with around 2,000 people in my school I hope that this would make a real difference.

      I would be extremely grateful if you – as a prominent and inspirational figurehead would be involved as I think it would really promote the magazine and the powerful messages inside.

      If you would be willing to participate please let me know and I will post the questions- my school and I would really appreciate it.
      Thank you for reading

    • I am sorry. The date and time we are zooming is May 9th at 1 pm eastern.

    • Jane,
      I just want you to know I can’t wait to read your book! I know it will be so helpful to me and so many others! I am also excited for this Friday’s fire drill Friday call! I’m finally off of work this Friday so I can watch it in peace usually I have to go hide to watch when I’m at work. I also Love my Jane Fonda track suit! It is so comfortable! So.. I came across a interview with you and lily for access live. They asked you questions and it was hilarious. I’m writing this to you because it’s important to laugh even when there is a pandemic. And I want to thank you. You and lily always make me laugh! You two have helped me through a lot so I’m explaining it to you because it’s funny! I am sure you remember it. The host asked you to finish the sentence in high school you were: and you said the baddest and lily looked at you and said you were bad? You were a bad girl? Do you know what that means?And you said well I didn’t get kicked out. And lily says no but you were a bad girl you put out? And the best response ever you said no that would be a good girl! I was laughing so much. Until this . Then u told a story and I never stopped laughing. I’m still laughing. You said you had a Roomate that you didn’t like very much and over 40 min you convinced her that a cockroach crawled up her leg and up her you know what!!! Jane please tell us more! You said there was more where that came from! Please just one story! I did some crazy pranks as a kid but that was good!! Thank you! Laughter is important.
      Love always,

    • Great! I’d love to have an audio version too!

    • Candita, Here is a link to the purchase page for the video that has my meditation:

      Jane Fonda Prime Time: Firm & Burn Low Impact Cardio (2011)

      • Jane, thank you. Your meditation is the best thing that has happened to me in the last two months.It was wonderful exacly what I need.🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • I copied this from you to the people who do the hiring. I don’t get involved but I reminded them you’re the one I mentioned in my new book.

    • Jane!!,
      I just wanted to let you know yesterday’s Fire Drill Friday call was great! The example of calling your representative you and Lily did was very helpful and made me feel more confident with calling. Since I knew what to say and what to expect. I’m glad Fire drill Friday’s has that tool!!! I’m going to be honest I didn’t know who my representative was. I wanted to tell you though I called! Twice! And plan on calling again tomorrow. I never thought I would ever do this because I am so scared of what people think of me, but after you told those stories about those people who were so sad and angry. I felt I had to call. I hope I’m not bothering you with this but I was so happy I did it but had no one to tell because my friends think I’m crazy and my family could care less so I knew you would appreciate it. Now I have a little more confidence and could probably get more involved. I want to help! So thank you! Can’t wait till this coming Friday!!!
      Love always ,

    • https://www.svtplay.se/video/26675762/jane-fonda-ikon-och-aktivist You are a hot spot on Swedish national TV now <3 Go girl!!!!

    • SusanK replied 1 week ago

      I will definitely be purchasing a copy of this book! Very interesting! Will the stores have autographed copies to sell? Every book I have of yours has been signed. 🙂

    • Dear Ms. Fonda,
      We hope this message finds you well.
      It’s Donatella Mulvoni and Manuela Cavalieri.
      We are two Italian journalists based in the US (Washington DC and New York).
      We are contributors for “Il Gruppo Espresso” , one of the leading Italian media groups. We would like to ask you an interview about your new book “What Can I Do? My Path From Climate Despair to Action”, coming on September. Also we would like to talk with you about this particular time that the world is living under the Covid pandemic. As you know, Italians love you so much and for us would be an honor to have the chance to talk to you. Sorry if you are using this space, if could you give a contact for your publicist, an email, we will provide all the details. Thank you so much, best Donatella and Manuela

      • Jane replied 1 week ago

        Donatella and Maunuela, my PR firm is Sunshine Sachs. Ask for Kimberly Christman. kimberly@sunshinesachs.com or 714/308-1288

        • Dear Jane, thank you so much! We will contact Ms. Kimberly Christman. We really hope to have the chance to talk to you. We are dreaming this interview for long time.
          Have a beautiful week end
          best regards,

          Donatella and Manuela

    • Dona replied 1 week ago

      Dear Jane,
      You may decide to not post this as it will be too long and uncomfortable, but I hope you will read it. I woke up with this in my head, but it’s been brewing since you announced that you were going back into production on the last season of Grace & Frankie.
      I’m scared. I’m afraid for you, Lily, Sam and Martin and for any grandmothers, grandfathers, favorite great uncles and aunties, and young sons and daughters of the grips, best boys, lighting people, make-up people, etc. I know they need the work, the paychecks and you worry for them over that. I want them to not have to choose Covid over food, rent, mortgage, medical etc. I wish I could send them all at least the $1200 wrongly sent to me, but it is not enough anyway.
      Of course, I want to to see a last season. Like every avid fan I want to see the writer’s ending revealed, one more chance to experience the magic of actors coming together to bring characters, I love, to life; but it’s my part in all this that chokes me, shakes me, haunts me.
      Who drove the paparazzi’s crazy pursuit of Diana? Who yells for one more song even when Judy’s voice is too broken to sing? Whose applause begs for one more appearance when you are ready to drop, when you have already given your all? It’s me, the consumer. And finally, now at this horrible crazy time in the world, who drives the producers, the studios, the networks, the industry to put your lives in danger for money, if not me, the consumer?
      What can I do? What can I say? Do I boycott the last season? I would fall in front of a bus to save any or all of you rather than play a supporting role in your life ending through the agonizing death of Covid 19.
      If we need to own our part in destroying this beautiful earth; if we need to own our selfishness and prejudice that causes so many to have less than they should have; then part of our responsibility is owning that our consumerism is part of that selfishness.
      That consumer sickness is not just in sweat shops in foreign countries or in the fossil fuels we rip from the earth, it is also in the way we demand to be constantly entertained at the expense of the talented, creative souls in your industry.
      It doesn’t matter that you want to please and entertain us, that it gives you joy, that you are paid, small or exorbitant amounts. It’s the unhealthy lengths, the lack of boundaries that cause so many to suffer an unbalanced life or the wasteful deaths. It doesn’t matter if our selfishness is unconscious or not; we are not excused from the pain or loss we cause.
      With millions dying, with no vaccine, I’m not being dramatic. This is real. How can you possibly do this production safely and not be in danger? You can’t. I know I can’t picket and stop it. But I don’t want you to do it for me. Please, don’t, Not any of you wonderful, precious, talented people. I will not be at ease until you have finished and a reasonable amount of time has passed to show you have made it safely through. Probably, I will never know the cost. I want to scream and plead with Lily to stay home and COOK. I never dreamed that I would say that, but I am. I release you to live. Live for yourself, not my laughter and applause. You created enough for me. It’s in my heart and memory forever. I am rich because of your gifts.
      I’m not saying because we are old that we should have no goals, no purpose nor contribute to society, but you don’t need to die to do all that. Already we have people who are willing to have old people die from this so their losses are less. Reminds me of when AIDS first started. Many were unconcerned because it was thought to be a homosexual disease. Slippery slope when you are willing to let one group of people die due to your prejudice, whether it is in a holocaust or from a disease. The cost turns out to be too high for everyone. We all pay the price. Besides you don’t know what group is next. We must be in this together, to end the disease, save the planet or just to grow to be a more humane race. with love, Dona

      • Jane replied 1 week ago

        Dona, we won’t go back to work until it’s safe and will take all precautions. Trust me. xxx

    • Megan replied 1 week ago

      Hi Jane!

      I hope you are keeping well and safe.
      It made me so happy to hear that you have a new (and important) book coming out very soon. I hope to someday travel from Canada to participate in Fire Drill Friday in person, and of course see you there.

      I very recently casted for a job, as part of the application process I had to write about something I would do/stand for if I got it, I wanted you to know that I chose Fire Drill Friday and elaborated on it and its great importance – so, if nothing else, hopefully that will touch some others, provoke them to take action, and continue to spread the word about FDF! It would mean a lot to me if I could help in any way.

      Fingers crossed and positive vibes for it all!

      Much love,
      Megan xoxo

    • Kara replied 1 week ago

      Happy 15 Year Monster-in-Law Anniversary, Jane!!! Did you ever think that 15 years ago when you came back to acting after a 15 year break that your career would have been filled with so many wonderful movies and television shows?! We celebrate you always & are so thankful that you came back to the screens!!!
      We love you, Jane!!!

      Kara xo

    • Alexis replied 1 week ago

      Hi Jane! Can’t wait to pick up your book. I saw your Youtube video entitled “Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin” Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions.” You answered the question, “Can I write Jane Fonda?” You said you could be contacted through your blog, so here I am! My dad, Danny Tischler, always spoke about the chance encounter he had with you where you raised your hand up in New York City and needed a ride but since no yellow cabs were around he picked you up in his car in the city. He always talked about it. It was a highlight in his life. I am 24 years old. As a working actress/host in a local murder mystery dinner theatre, I have always loved this story and have been a fan of yours ever since. He passed away suddenly two years ago on Easter. I was Valedictorian of my High School and was the Theatre Award Recipient of the Year for my College. I recently graduated with my Bachelors Degree Summa Cum Laude. Like you, I am also a believer in special causes. I achieved The Ambassador Award for mentoring a student with autism and choreographing dances for a special needs girl group and I sang The National Anthem for the Multiple Sclerosis Walkathon in Aventura, FL. Since my mom has MS this was an important cause for me. I perform in professional theatre and recently was in “The Wedding Singer” at Pembroke Pines Theatre of the Performing Arts. I am ready to make a move to an area better for the entertainment industry as this is my passion. I was born to do this. If you could give me advice on how to succeed as an actress in this industry I would so much appreciate your guidance. My email is alexismichelle11@gmail.com. It would be an honor to speak with you or skype and get your expertise as well. I admire your honesty, beauty, and strength.
      Stay safe during these times!
      Alexis Tischler
      Ps. The picture of my father is on my cover photo so you can check and see if you remember that day

    • Jane, I trust your love of humanity. I trust your generosity, your desire to connect, create, to support, to inform, to grow. And while I have you so way high up in my admiration I still know you are human and fallible as I am. Sometimes our strongest features/traits are not only the best part of ourselves but they can be our most vulnerable part as well.
      You reach out to touch the persons you interview out of love, desire to connect, affirmation of thought and there the virus sits waiting like a vulture for that moment of contact. This has been the hardest part of all this contagion. It uses our best motives of desire to connect as it’s pathway to destroy. I’m afraid not because I don’t trust that you will use all your capacity to protect, but because this monster has so much unknown about it, and so much power to destroy. I have always admired your courage and determination to not let fear rule your life, so I feel torn to write like this, adding my fear to drag on you. I’m sorry for that. I want to support and lift you up. It’s a odd thing this duality of purpose/feeling. The desire to protect and the desire to free you to your own abandon at the same time. Don’t we all struggle to live with that duality? Thank you for reading both these posts and taking the time to respond. Stay well is my deepest wish for you at the same time staying YOU. XXDona

  • Thanks, Robin. Stick with us. We’re building a movement for the long haul. This Friday, May 1st, is our virtual version of a rally. I think it will be interesting. We’re focusng on workers. it being May Day and all. xx

  • Shel, it’s 1718 Peachtree St NW, suite 465, Atlanta, GA, 30309 but thge office is closed right now. xx

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