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    If bison is cooked properly, it tastes like the best steak you ever had, the difference being that bison has less fat and cholesterol than turkey!!

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    Boig congratulations on your birthday, Luiza. Sending birthday Love, Jane Fonda

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    These are challenging times and we need to find and nurture all the things that can calm us, inspire us, and raise the vibration that will awaken us to fight for the future, to heal the planet and each […]

    • Wow looks like fun

    • A great evening had by all and a gourmet meal!
      Your last blog mentioned garden space limited and yet birds and a squirrel visiting.I love my garden especially just now, and find the birds love suet pellets and dried mealworms .
      I saw a YouTube video today in which Martin Sheen was canvassing for votes as per .I presume he was his garden looking well as are you .My interest in the 2020 US election has been keener than usual for obvious reasons.It is so important to all of us.Climate change action needs the full participation of a caring, competent administration .
      That is not another 4yrs of DT !!!!
      This week ahead should be exciting .Brooklyn decker is doing her bit enthusiastically.
      Good luck .

    • Jane, I have a friend who is a big fan of yours, she will be having her birthday in a few days, you could send “congratulations Luiza” to her? sorry to bother you, but for us this is very important.

    • Hi, Jane, I’m very happy that you can participate in this moment, as you said yourself, art is essential for all of us. Taking advantage, you are also art. xoxo

    • Hi Jane,
      Great. I started my own theatre company in 2018 and were enjoying a lot of success, so we were sad in March that we had to cancel all future projects for 2020. But I decided with my colleagues to start Couchcasts online, where we read poetry, which is in the public domain.
      On Facebook they’ve now been viewed over 13,000 times. We need the arts more now than ever!!
      Take care

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    Try Fonda at O.P. Box 10927, Beverly Hills, CA 90209

  • We were half way through the 5th episode when we had to shut down cause of covid. We, the 4 stars, are all over 70 so have to be careful. We’ll start back up when covid is not as big a danger.

  • OMG KM, thank you soooo much for sending me that. What a trip!!!

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    Thank you for this, Dona xx

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    Thank, Candita. I got my annual flu shot last week. xx

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    That’s a beautiful story, Flora. It’s actually in mt new book. I quote the great Kenyan warrior, a Nobel Prize winner, Wangari Maathai, who also told the story.

  • Christina, I have not experienced the “bottomless pit” hunger. About 8 years after going cold turkey from Bulimia, I began taking Prozac and that reduced my anxiety and any desire to eat inappropriately went away. Prozac may not be for you but maybe talk to your doctpor about something that will reduce anxioety.

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    Thanks for the tips, Debora: gardening, aromatherapy…hadn’t thought of those.

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    Yeah, Robin. You all reached 2.1 million as of today!!!

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    Yeah, I had screws and metal things that keep the discs apart. They sent in my stomach, closed that up and then went in my back. Biut you’ll end up fine. It just takes time and patience!

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    Elaine, wow yes I have had back surgery. Was in the hosp[ital 2 weeks. I was intense. Follow the docs orders, do your therapy. It works.

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    Oh goodness, Jack, how fantastic to hear from you. Thanks for being in touch. I’m glad you’re ok. We may be re-releasing fTA in theatres when that happens again.

  • Thanks for this ‘pep talk’, dear Dona. Appreciate it and I hear you. xx

  • I went to the post office with Tulea several days ago to mail my ballot. And yesterday, having tracked it, I was told it had arrived and been counted!

    And speaking of voting, let me tell you this good […]

    • Jane, do you read Heather Cox Richardson? I think you would enjoy her daily updates. And thank you for all that you do.
      Keeping fingers crossed for Nov. 3.

    • Good morning Jane 7-50am here in a soggy Scotland .
      Have been following fire drill fridays since march.I was new to Netflix so new to G&F which has helped so much .waiting for season 7 and disappointed it to be the final season.
      Stephen Colbert has guided me thru this election ,we despair at the thought of another 4yrs of Trump .
      Finally how much you care and the energy you have is inspiring.
      Was sorry we couldnt get West wing benefit in UK.
      Martin Sheen at 80 is a sex symbol I admire you all from Grace &Frankie .I dont get scammed !!!I was in July !!!by paying nonexistent customs on a package supposedly from Martin Sheen.I sent him an 80th birthday card he prob didnt get.Love to you all .

    • I did read the whole blog, but even before that, the title gave it away.
      Because that’s exactly how I feel, “On pins and needles.” I feel the cortisol, pain flaring up and my BP is off the charts, election dreams and night sweats.

      I am doing everything I can to get this nightmare over with. Volunteering to get out the vote with moveon.

      I was doing your exercise videos during the earlier months to stay mentally sane. Now I m just running on rage 🙁

      Today I decided that, I m assuming we will win, well, I will still do my part to volunteer, but trying to get rid of the worries!

      I m fighting for so many things but climate change is one of the bigger issues. I m worried about the progressive vote, and Jane what you said about “choosing your opponent” really resonated with me. I have quoted you in several discussions and on Twitter. Wish more progressives vote Would listen to you and turn out for Biden. Otherwise our democracy and many other democracies are at stake.

      Until better days!

    • Jane,
      Thank you for this blog! Ever since I have started volunteering with Fire Drill Friday’s and Greenpeace, I really found something that really ignites my passion for justice. After I make phone calls or text many people or send postcards through the volunteer program, I just get this wonderful feeling of hope in my chest. I think it’s great that so many people are now apart of the electoral campaign! Watching it grow everyday is just absolutely heartwarming. You often say that your role in your activism is to be a repeater, and let me tell you, it’s working. Watching the number of people attending fireside chats and rallys just grow and grow is amazing! I just wanted to say thank you for drawing attention to this cause and using your voice to remind people that we can make a difference… but that it is also okay to take a breath, make sure that you are ok to keep fighting. I really needed to hear that today.

      What Jane said is true, now more than every we need people to volunteer and help mobilize efforts for a safe, just, GREEN future. Volunteering for Fire Drill Friday’s and Greenpeace’s electoral campaign really does kind of relieve the pins and needles feeling. It does this because you know you are joining thousands of other people who want the same future as you and are dedicated! It gives you so much hope. I’m young, I’m not even old enough to vote. Which is why I’m asking you who can, please vote, try to at least remind 3 friends of family members to vote, and if you have the spare time and energy to help, please check out the links Jane provided in her blog to check out volunteering opportunities. Volunteering with Greenpeace has been very life changing for me. I’ve made so many new friends who are just as passionate about the world’s issues as I am. I really hope you have maybe read through this and will check in on some possible volunteering opportunities. Stay safe!

    • Kia Ora Ms Fonda, As you may be aware, here in New Zealand, we have just had a radical and progressive election. There was an extremely high early voting turn out and a slew of new, young climate focused Green Party candidates. With a majority left government, we now have the most women, LGBTQ+, and Maori MP’s than ever before. The Green Party – with its focus on climate change – has 10 seats in parliament. I hope this gives you hope that the events of this year will bring out all the voters in the US to make the changes in power that are needed to save our planet. Kia Kaha, Rachel Plank

    • 😊

    • Love her way of staying positive with everything going on in the world. 😊

    • Jane, I was a young Marine at Iwakuni Japan when you came with the FTA Show. My friend Mick is in the opening scene of the film FTA 1972 talking about how he wrote a letter to his mother saying he was anti war. Some of us keep in contact with each other and planned a reunion when covid hit. We may try again next summer. We’d love to hear from you. Six of us are in the film. Jack Baldwin

      • Oh goodness, Jack, how fantastic to hear from you. Thanks for being in touch. I’m glad you’re ok. We may be re-releasing fTA in theatres when that happens again.

    • Hi Jane!

      So happy you mailed your ballot out early!!!

      What a pleasant surprise to have you read my comment as well as Robin’s last week!
      Thanks to you, the two of us “second act” women have virtually met and together joined the Fire Drill Friday/Greenpeace volunteer team months ago! (And are now lifelong friends!!!) Now that we are Text Team Leaders together we have been working very hard on reaching voters, making sure people know where to go for early voting, how to request and where to drop off their ballots!

      Between the anxiety of the pandemic and the election, this volunteer work has been such a positive and uplifting experience! The community is made up of so many outstanding people of all ages from all around the country!
      2020 has been such a trying time for all of us, but this experience has been one of the best things to come from it!

      Thank you, Jane!
      xo Kara

    • Hi Jane!
      I too have already voted. First time I have voted by mail. Thanks to your encouragement! Dropped my ballot off at the post office. Jane I am so worried about the outcome of the election. That there may be so much anger from both sides if their candidate doesn’t win, that there won’t be civil disobedience but out right rioting in cities all across our great country. What, if anything, can we do or say that will help in alleviating such situations? I pray that everything will be fine and we have a peaceful election.

      I have mentioned to you before that I too have osteoarthritis and you recommended Uncle Bud’s for pain. It works! However, I am having lumbar back surgery November 3rd, election day! Yay! Right?! I know you have had several surgeries due to your osteoarthritis – have you had surgery to your back?

      You are doing so much for this country and the climate! But please be safe and take care of yourself. Make time for YOU!
      With much love and admiration!

      • Elaine, wow yes I have had back surgery. Was in the hosp[ital 2 weeks. I was intense. Follow the docs orders, do your therapy. It works.

        • Thanks Jane, I will do everything they tell me to do. By doing physical therapy here recently, trying not to have the surgery, got me into doing some of your exercises. I do feel better when I do them. Not necessarily my back, but overall feeling. At our age we must keep moving!!
          They are removing a disc and putting an implant in, as well as,
          screws to help stabilize the spine. I will do the physical therapy after surgery, when it is safe and also will continue your exercises after that.
          Again, Jane, thank you for your time. As always, be safe.
          With much love and admiration!!

          • Yeah, I had screws and metal things that keep the discs apart. They sent in my stomach, closed that up and then went in my back. Biut you’ll end up fine. It just takes time and patience!

            • OMG Jane! So sorry you had to go through all that! We’re like Timex watches! Take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’!! LOL Don’t let anything keep us down!! I will keep up with you, as usual, on Fire Drill Fridays! Haven’t missed any since started in February!!
              With much love and admiration!!

    • Yes, I truly agree about what you said about watching TV Shows that don’t increase anxiety. My best discovery for this year was Grace and Frankie, and since I started watching I couldn’t stop spread to my friends and every people I know, because here in Brazil the show isn’t so known, but I already got 5 new people that started to watch because of my recommendation and guess what, they are obsessed and wanting so badly to have their friendship on real life!!
      If I could recommend a TV Show for you, that is for binge-watching and relax, would be Emily in Paris, also available on Netflix! It’s a good option If you’re looking for something light to watch!
      Kisses to you and Tulea, I hope you’re doing well and taking care of yourself.

    • Hi Jane!

      I’ve been textbanking for Greenpeace, and a majority of the people I talked to today had already voted! It made me very hopeful. I hope to vote in person next week.

      Sadly, I expect Trump to win here in TN, but I’m anxious to see if there’s any improvement in blue votes from 2016. I know a lot of young people like myself have either changed beliefs or are voting for the first time.

      I hope that Fire Drill Fridays can make a stop in Nashville once everything is safe. I wouldn’t miss it for the world and would love to even help with the rally if possible!


      • Hi, C.,

        I am quarantining with my 89 year-old father in East TN. HEAVY Trump country, but I have seen only ONE Trump sign, and LOTS of Biden’s. I wear my Biden/Harris T-shirt whenever I walk, and have received MANY compliments. Maybe we have hope.

        I usually live in Texas.

        My Biden ballot was sent, and counted. I’m working on my father’s, right now.

        I hope that he doesn’t vote for Trump.


    • Hi Jane, I just wanted to say that I’ve been text banking with Greenpeace for about a month now! It was a leap out of my comfort zone, but once I started I realized it’s SO SO SO easy! I finally feel part of a community! I feel…honestly… part of a huge family! I even got my best friend to do it too. She was super anxious, just as I had been, but this is her second week and she’s LOVING it too! My only regret is that I didn’t start A LONG time ago! I’d let my anxieties rule my emotions and make me believe I couldn’t do it! Well, I CAN! And from here on out I WILL! I want to thank you! I’ve never been so actively political and outspoken in my entire life- and I TRULY have you to thank!!

      So glad you got the squirrel to take the peanut out of your hand! Progress! I’m loving this little saga!

      Keep up the great work Jane- You’re changing the world and bringing a whole damn army of generations with you!

      Thank you, thank you, thank you,
      ( and catch you on FDF! Can’t wait for this week’s! )
      – Alyssa Hoover

    • I think it’s important that we all do our part in casting our vote! I love that Tulea went with you to mail your ballot. I hope you stay well, Jane. Thank you for your commitment to Fire Drill Fridays. They are the highlight to my week.

      • Ms Fonda I applaud your fearless efforts to help “save our Democracy”
        Did you know that 2020 is the Year of synchronicity? It is a striking coincidence that Mr Biden’s Birthday is on 20 November, and Kamala’s Birthday is 20 October! This is a positive Bid to the upcoming Presidential election.
        Ms Fonda, please, we need your Help. This is Joy Millsaps, CEO & Founder of environmental Public Charity HYDRO RELIEF and Water Conservation Resources. HYDRO RELIEF is a national Public Charity, that operates from the Nation’s Capital Region, Northern Va. We specialize in defining “Waters in Crisis” and initiating Project PLANS to CLEANSE Pollution, and Restore CLEAN Water. HYDRO RELIEF also will implement SOLAR, clean renewable energy Systems, to move from toxic Fossil fuels, to the CLEAN energy of SOLAR & WIND. This action is imperative to fight Climate Change. Ms Fonda, We ask for your support for our “Action” MISSION PHOENIX” Project Plans for Puerto Rico, Lake Okeechobee, Florida and the NAVAJO NATION, Red Mesa Arizona. It took 4 years of intensive Research, & then, the Design & Development of these Project Plans.HYDRO RELIEF is solely unique in our Methods to eradicate sources of Pollution, & CLEANSE the Waters. We have cultivated specialist Contractors, that have Invented “genius”proprietary Inventions to Restore CLEAN Water. Ms Fonda, I will provide more Detail in another POST, and an Email to your Support@janefonda.com Thank you Jane! Joy Millsaps CEO HYDRO RELIEF and WCR 571 244 5957

        • Ms Fonda, Let me offer Verification of our status as a Public Charity, 501C3, & a Not for Profit {Non Profit} Corporation with the Virginia State Corporation Commission.HYDRO RELIEF and Water Conservation Resources is registered as an “Active” & good standing, DLN #26053445001337 & EIN 47-2968656 The IRS Public Charity status is 170{b} {1]{A}{vi} Our Website is HYDRO RELIEF and Water Conservation Resources.com We identify our upcoming MISSION PHOENIX Projects in Caguas Puerto Rico,Lake Okeechobee Florida, & the NAVAJO NATION of Red Mesa Arizona! Since COVID we are Headquartered at Central Base 9864 Shallow Creek Loop #102 Manassas Virginia 20109 Ms Fonda, your Team can reach me at 571 244 5957. Our Team will be Partnering with the excellent Team of California based, ELEMENT RENEWAL. Sam Pashall, Primary Partner of ELEMENT RENEWAL will be working On Site with HYDRO RELIEF in Puerto Rico, Lake Okeechobee, & Red Mesa Arizona, the NAVAJO NATION. You can reach Mr Pashall, of ELEMENT RENEWAL at 760 535 9500. Ms Fonda, let me know what information you need to confirm our Status & our important Initiatives to help improve our Environment, & help Fight Climate Change! Thank you Ms Fonda! Joy Millsaps CEO HYDRO RELIEF and WCR 571 244 5957

    • Jane,I’m so glad to hear that so many have voted already! Let’s just pray we get Biden/Harris elected. Thank you for all the examples of things we can do. G&F is always my go to, but I’m going to look for an app tonight for meditation.since I have trouble sleeping to I am going to look for some nature sounds also. You have two squirrels now!!!! That is so cool that you got one to eat out of your hand! Now you need to name them. Please keep us posted on the the squirrels. (When you have time) I just want you to know How much you have helped me. I say it a lot, but right now more than ever we all need you. With all the hate. You care so much about people and have so much knowledge. Especially for someone like me who isn’t really political or an activist YET. Lol. I’m learning so much. Thank you.
      Love always,

    • Hi Jane!
      So glad you were able to get your vote mailed in early! I just early voted this week here in Cleveland at our Board of Elections and was pleasantly surprised to see that for the 3rd week in a row, voters are turning out in droves! We have already seen over 200,000 early voters, which is more voters than we saw all together for the entire early voting period in 2016. It makes me so happy to see that people are showing up and doing their civic duty!

      I also just wanted to share some other exciting news I just received. One of my fellow Greenpeace team leaders just told us that we have officlally surpassed our goal of contacting 2 million voters to get out the vote for climate leaders this election! I’m so proud of the work we’re accomplishing together and I’m really impressed that so many of our volunteers are willing to put in extra volunteer hours, even after working a full 40 hours a week in their day jobs! I’m currently juggling my full-time job and volunteer shifts 5 days a week and really feel that in these last 2 weeks before the election, we need to all give it everything we’ve got.

      Fire Drill Fridays has really had an amazing impact on this election and I’m so glad we’ve been able to bring in so many volunteers. I believe we’re over 1,000 on the text team now.

      Thanks again for all you’re doing, Jane!

      Xo Robin

    • Hello Jane ! I’m quite new here but happy to have discovered your Blog. I wanted to comment quite quickly that I too have voted Blue here in Savannah, Ga. My actual home state is South Florida which I’m crossing fingers will go Blue too.
      I’m looking forward to navigating this site. I’ve been quite active politically since 2007. At age 65 I have no plans on stopping using my Voice whenever possible.
      I love your squirrel stories, they are a balm to the soul. As an Empath who has had her life turned upside down not once but twice by 2 separate Narcissists , I find turning on the news too much very triggering. Music, ( especially the ” Chill Out ” station on Pandora I highly recommend ),connecting to nature via gardening , walking , Aromatherapy , all are wonderful ways to decompress from the onslaught.

      I’m thrilled to have discovered this … Keep up your very important work !



    • Very sad news about James. I guess you knew him well, Jane. I didn’t know much about him, but anyone devoting their time and energy to the Conservation of the Environment deserves my admiration and respect. My heart goes out to his dad, (my heart belongs to daddy, just as well – one of my top 3 favourite people on the planet). Hope he (James) finds greener pastures, wherever he went, Handsome Angel…

      On a different note – I so wish I could vote (not a US citizen, regrettably, for many reasons) – this time round, during an American election, I feel totally helpless and powerless.
      ATB Jane, Bob xx

    • Isn’t that ironic that Trump himself – the president of the USA! – inadvertently led to violation of the First Amendment? It’s because of his previous unruly, rude, obnoxious, scandalous, aggressive conduct during the 1st debate, that the Commission on Presidential Debates decided to mute the microphones of the candidates. Turning off someone’s microphone, even if it’s for just two minutes, is a restriction of the freedom of speech. Abridging the freedom of speech, especially of Trump and Biden’s, kind of runs against the Constitution…

    • My dear Jane,
      I’m here waiting for the winner to be your candidate. I have followed whenever I can FDF, because working with therapies and holistic studies doesn’t give me more time. I loved that your squirrel family is growing. Regarding the hummingbird that you mentioned in the other post, here in Brazil it is considered the symbol bird of Ayahuasca for representing the cure, the divine love. Maybe you already know, but I take the opportunity to send one of the legends about him.
      The ancients say that thousands of animals lived in an immense forest. One day, a huge column of smoke was seen in the distance and the flames were already visible through the treetops. The animals to save themselves from the fire started to run, to run away … Behold, at that moment a very strange scene happened. A hummingbird flew from the waterfall to the fire, carrying drops of water in its small beak, trying to put out the big fire. The elephant, admired with so much courage, approached and asked him:
      – Hummingbird, are you going crazy? Don’t you see that you won’t be able to put out this fire with drops of water? Escape while it’s time! Don’t you see the danger you’re in? If you delay your escape, there may be no time to save yourself! What are you doing that is so important? And the hummingbird replied:
      – I know that putting out this fire is not only my problem, elephant master, but I’m just doing my part! I need this place to live and I am making my contribution to save it! Mr. Elephant is right when he says that there is a great danger in the middle of the flames, but I believe that if I manage to take a little water on every flight I make from the waterfall to the fire, I will be doing the best I can to prevent our forest from being destroyed. In less than a second, the huge animal quickly marched after the hummingbird and, with its vigorous capacity, added hundreds of liters of water to the small drops it threw into the flames. Realizing their efforts, amid steam rising from some charred logs, other animals launched themselves into the waterfall, forming an immense firefighting army. And they won the fire.
      I wish your army of hummingbirds to grow more and more every day.
      I love you

      • That’s a beautiful story, Flora. It’s actually in mt new book. I quote the great Kenyan warrior, a Nobel Prize winner, Wangari Maathai, who also told the story.

        • Uahhuuu how beautiful. I haven’t read your book yet, I really want to read it. I was very happy with the coincidence, although I believe that they do not exist, perhaps the name is synchronicity. My heart is racing with your answer. Love you.

    • Hi Jane,

      I bought your book “What can I do?” the day it hit the shelves (from a local bookstore to support smaller businesses) and I have to thank you!

      Since reading your book I have set up a little donation, I am a student currently, to Rainforest Alliance because I could not sit at home anymore doing nothing.

      I am actively trying to reduce plastics in my home and I try to make other people more aware of climate change and the dangers of fossil fuels.

      I am German, living in Berlin and here climate change is seen as fact as you may know. I sincerely hope that your book will change hearts and more importantly, the minds of the people of the USA and that your next president Joe Biden will take immediate climate action.

      You are an inspiration in so many ways to me!

      Love from Berlin

      Julian 😀

    • Thank you Jane for your tireless efforts on climate change. I have been phone banking for Amy McGrath to hopefully take out Mitch McConnell in the Senate and also for Jaime Harrison to beat Lindsey Graham.

      We need to make our voices heard in all 50 states that what the Republicans are doing is unacceptable. From ramming through an unpopular Supreme Court Justice that will surely vote against what the majority of Americans stand for, to letting 8 million Americans fall into poverty with no hope of an added stimulus package.

      I am thrilled to see as of today more than 41 million Americans have already voted, even states like Kentucky show a 17% lead for Democrats!!

      Thank you Jane for your voice and efforts, you are an inspiration to all of us.

      Peace and Love,


    • Hola Jane,enhorabuena por la participación que habeis conseguido en estas elecciones.
      La verdad es que llevaba varias semanas mirando tu blog y no sabía el motivo porque no escribías,al principio pensé que era por la promoción de tu nuevo libro,ahora leyendo los comentarios sé que has tenido una operación en tu espalda,deseo que te recuperes pronto y mucha suerte para su país. Un abrazo de Isabel.

    • Hi Jane 🙂

      Just wanted to say a quick thank you for introducing me to Naomi Klein’s book “On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal”. I’m loving it so far. As a Canadian I was wanting to learn more about what exactly the Green New Deal was made up of and this book is definitely helping. Fantastic! Thank you for suggesting it. I probably never would have heard of it otherwise. I found it easy peasy in my library app as an electronic loan.

      Thank you!

      PS: Naomi really makes you want to know her, doesn’t she? lol

      Love: Lesley and love from Newfoundland, Canada

    • Hi Jane,
      We are watching from afar with bated breath and hoping that Americans will see sense and go for Biden/Harris. I don’t think I could take another 4 years of you know who and he’s not even my president. I actually don’t know how you manage with him as your ‘leader’.
      Amazing how he got the vote by telling Americans they were a laughing stock around the world (not true by the way). I think we’re now too gobsmacked with his performance to be laughing.

      I watch you every Friday on Firedrill Fridays and am loving it. We’re 9 hours ahead of you so I always watch with red wine. 😊
      I learn so much every week. But doesn’t time fly? Can’t believe how quickly Friday comes around.
      Keep up the fantastic work.
      Take care

    • Thank, Candita. I got my annual flu shot last week. xx

    • Jane, To take the “pep talk” a little further here’s what just happened today. You or Greenpeace sent out the FDF link with AOC to me. I turned around sent it to friends and family. One in Italy who is political and a writer/producer, (age 54) and will forwarded it to many. One in Israel, age 24, getting her Masters in law. Two in Iowa. Three in California, Three in Oregon. Six in Washington. One of those who is 27 yrs. old and getting his Masters at the U of W in Public Policy on Climate Change!
      None have seen FDF. It’s a ripple and I’m not done. I will be ordering more books to share, plus a CD for another friend. Seeds, Jane.
      Take heart. It’s a process that takes time. I know we all have our eyes on that clock, but here’s the thing, we don’t know what we don’t know. I turn on PBS, or some short on the news and someone somewhere has taken action to really turn something around. It’s happening, we just don’t know it. There are many scientists coming up with solutions every single day. We just have to be knowledgeable and ready to jump in to make change which you ARE doing. Small stuff, large stuff, you are readying us to do our part. I speak to your faith. Don’t dig up your seeds with doubt. You haven’t wasted a moment. It ALL counts. Okay, That’s all for today. Dona

    • Hi, Jane!
      The increased number of shootings in the States it’s more than concerning. More innocent people become random targets, and this saddens me.
      As you mentioned that our anxiety level is rising in these times, for quite some time I’m systematically listening to an anxiety meditation created by psychotherapist Marisa Peer, and and it manage to restore my inner peace and balance after every hectic day. I liked a lot because is based on the conscious breathing. You can find it clicking on the link below.
      Stay safe and healthy!

    • I too have been feeding birds, squirrels and deer. We’ve had a family if deer for many years who every other year have twins. Since I’ve been working from home and feeding the birds for a sense of purpose after our two dogs have passed, the deer have decided they want the bird food. So momma jumps over the give foot fence and the twins look on. I feed them all on the other side of the fence. Momma knows to be cautious she grew up with our dogs. She’s a bit curious as to where they are but knows they are gone. So I try to bridge the hesitation. She’s a protective mother and I get that I have one too. At the end of the day she’s just trying to show her babies the way.

    • Hi Jane,

      My first time on your blog and I’m excited to be here! I sincerely hope you are well. I’m also happy to see that you are a fan of Wangari Maathai as well- I’m Kenyan, and her book made a huge impact on me. Anyway, I’m here also because I wanted to send you a heartfelt thank you letter as an early Thanksgiving gift! Perhaps to brighten your mood and just remind you of the impact you’ve had. I’m an actress that grew up in Nairobi; now in Columbia’s MFA -Acting program. I discovered you not too long ago through Grace and Frankie- which inspired me to use my actual first name Grace and introduced me to your body of work, including the movie whereby you and Frankie had reversed roles in the movie 9 to 5. Since then your books and story have hugely impacted me. I wasn’t sure if you’d get the letter through the family foundation in Georgia, or who to address it to; maybe your agent? Either way, I’d love to send a big thank you and would love to know how to do that.

    • Jane dear!
      Speaking of post offices and mail:

      While CDC Covid policy prevents tenants unable to pay the rent from eviction until Dec. 31, at least one large landlord in Athens, Georgia has come up with a heartless way to retaliate.

      University Oaks apartment complex at 2360 W. Broad St., reported to the post office that tenants who have not paid their rent actually don’t live there anymore (“ no longer at this address”) so all mail delivery stopped from all shippers! No UPS, USPS, Fed Ex. Tenants were not informed of this action and just wondered where their mail was.

      I learned that after sending five packages of essentials to a family in need. All packages were returned to Target and my credit card refunded. This happened even with the replacement packages we sent out, thinking the mail was lost.

      I spent hours and hours, a week or more, to figure out what happened, originally blaming it on the shippers.

      This has got to be an illegal act! And if not, an extremely cruel one. Can you kindly shop the story to the press? I will provide any details needed!

      A grateful reader, an incensed American!

    • Hi Jane,
      Received your hand-signed book. Thanks so much for writing this very important book. Can’t wait to start reading it.
      Take care

    • Hi Jane!

      What a huge surprise to find out yesterday from one of the Greenpeace staff members that myself and Robin were featured in an article that the Hollywood Reporter did on you about Fire Drill Fridays and volunteering!


      The countless hours of reaching out to voters has been a wonderful experience. It is hard to believe that we are in the final stretch!

      Thank you for being the inspiration behind so many of us coming together to do something so valuable and important!!!

      xo Kara

    • You, Jane, as most welcome. You have my back with what you are doing and I have yours. Dona xx

    • If bison is cooked properly, it tastes like the best steak you ever had, the difference being that bison has less fat and cholesterol than turkey!!

  • Dona, I am surprised that few seem to really understand what is meant by “systemic change.” The main focus for the women tends to be smaller scale change, personal change. Which is good but not enough.

  • Stay tuned, Thanos. I am sending your message to my PR team.

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