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  • Gianna, what a beautiful post! I’m so glad things worked out for you and your friend. I LOVE it when folks just decide to come on down. This must become the new normal as climate gets worse, moire creatures go extinct, people die and the Fossil Fuel Industry tries to keep us ignorant. We MUST amass in the streets in greater and greater numbers.…[Read more]

  • Last Friday was the 5th Fire Drill Friday at the Capitol in DC and it was swell in every way…wonderful speakers, especially Phyllis Bennis, longtime activist and policy expert on militarism and war, Ben […]

    • Jane, I hope I’m not impertinent, but I have to tell you this, people don’t realize it and it bothers me, you make a great sacrifice being away from your dog and your home and you’re living in a colder place than where you live , not any people would do it I would like to have a little of your courage, thanks for the inspiration.

    • Dear Jane, you make great u commit yourself to other people! I think they are great u what they do everything u commit u no matter what some people say to you u are jealous of them, they do not listen! You are a lovely and great person with a lot of heart! I admire you very much u you are a great role model for me and give me strength !! I love you ♥ ️ Greetings Barbara

    • Hi dear Jane! Glad to read you on the blog. But I’m glad to know that you’re going to take care not to go to jail again. You must take care because you are more useful outside of it. I live in another country. I’m from Uruguay. I speak and write in Spanish although I understand English in context. I use the translator here. Hope it’s understandable.
      Today I woke up and read sad news. In Bolivia, a country close to ours, US soldiers train the police. At this moment, the Bolivian government is on the verge of a coup d’etat. We wonder why. Sure! We know that Bolivia has “much lithium” so necessary for military use but also for electric batteries. Unfortunately, Trump is stuck with this. He supports the blows in Latin America, so rich in natural resources.
      For all this, I ADMIRE your intelligence and your fight for climate change, for the lowering of your country’s budget in the military field, since the desire to lead and extend is as great as it is unnecessary. People want to live in peace !!! Enough of wars and confrontations where the most vulnerable are killed first.
      Your fight is important. I wish you ALL THE ENERGY AND HEALTH OF THE WORLD !!! It takes MANY “JANE” like you !!! I love you and GO ON! A big hug from this Uruguayan to a brave of all time !!! 😊😊😍😍🇺🇾

    • Jane, I’m so touched by everything you’re doing for saving our planet and so very proud of you. If you’ve been warned about the possibility of spending 90 days in jail it’s wise as you already said to step away and focus on what you can do from now on. You can definitely be more effective outside jail.
      I’m sending my good vibes and love to you <3!

    • Jane, you have the best team supporting you, the posters every week are excellent, the dissemination of the events is very timely and efficient, congratulations very good job

    • You’re inspiring me every day. I am learning a lot about and I am in awe with you and your fight, how brave and amazing you are. I love you.

    • Dear Ms. Fonda,

      I was at the last Fire Drill Friday on November 9th. I live in New York, and have a wonderful friend named Emma who goes to American University in Washington D.C. After learning about the start of Fire Drill Friday, I would eagerly read the news every week, waiting for which topic your team would choose to discuss, and watch the Facebook teach-ins religiously. Emma and I would talk each week about your protests, and how I felt so trapped with my tight schedule and being in New York instead of DC, so far away from your action. One day, something snapped inside my head and suddenly I couldn’t take being on the outside anymore. I bought an Amtrak ticket to D.C. I borrowed my roommate’s red jacket. I packed my bag, and I called Emma.
      We arrived at the southeast lawn of the U.S. Capitol right at 11 am on Friday, and were immediately knocked off our feet by your speakers. You are so passionate, Jodie Evans is so fiery, Krystal Two Bulls is so inspirational. And of course, Ben and Jerry’s dedication to using their platform to bring awareness to the climate crisis is more than admirable. The march began, and Emma and I started walking in the general direction of the crowd, not sure when we’d actually start moving or how any of this worked. Suddenly someone, a member of your Fire Drill Friday team presumably, said “hold this” and handed me a piece of the long, black “Remove Trump” banner. I looked to my immediate left and realized I somehow was two people away from you. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the row of passionate, inspiring, dedicated, powerful people holding the same banner as I when I looked upwards and made eye contact with you. Through our sunglasses we locked eyes, made mutual faces of excitement and anticipation, then nodded in a mutual understanding of what we were about to do. We began to march.
      There are no words to describe the feeling of what happens during the Fire Drill Friday marches. There are hundreds of people walking as one, raising their voices in solidarity for a cause we all believe in above anything. We walk, we sing, we chant, we hold hands and smile and push onward. And at the front of that spectacle this past Friday? Me and Emma, 20-year-old college students from the same rural town in Massachusetts who suddenly decided that we would not sit still any longer. Being a part of the beating heart of the climate justice movement is a feeling that will stay with me always.
      Thank you for creating Fire Drill Friday’s. Thank you for encouraging myself, Emma and others to scream at the top of our lungs that our planet is dying and we need solutions NOW. Thank you for teaching us that our voices matter in a fight as large as climate justice. Thank you for giving us a place to put our passion, a place to be with like-minded people and discuss what we believe in. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

      All my love,
      Gianna DiReda

      P.S. I’d feel weird if I didn’t also include a thank you for your workout videos- doing those for years is probably the only reason I had the arm and core strength to wave my Fire Drill Friday sign above my head for hours yesterday. You’ve taught me so much, in more ways than one.

      • Gianna, what a beautiful post! I’m so glad things worked out for you and your friend. I LOVE it when folks just decide to come on down. This must become the new normal as climate gets worse, moire creatures go extinct, people die and the Fossil Fuel Industry tries to keep us ignorant. We MUST amass in the streets in greater and greater numbers. That’s always what creates change. So thanks to you for your guts!!!!

  • Join Jane Fonda, Phyllis Bennis, Krystal Two Bulls, and Ben Cohen to talk about the intricate connection between war and military and the climate emergency.

    We’re live! Join Jane Fonda, Phyllis Bennis, Krystal Two Bulls, and Ben Cohen to talk about the intricate connection between war and military and the climate emergency.Join us this Friday at 11am at the US Capitol for #Firedrillfriday

    Posted by Fire Drill Fridays on Thursday, November 7, 2019

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    Poor, uninformed, angry you, Adonis. I feel sorry for how you approach things. And, BTW, never had a private jet.

  • Jane commented on the post, Fire Drill Fridays 1 week, 3 days ago

    Thank you for this, Kristen. xx Jane

  • We know that climate change is spooky. That’s why we’re live with Jane Fonda, Emira Woods, and Eve Ensler to explain how Women and Climate are so intrinsically connected. It is no trick that women bear the burden of the climate crisis, but it is a treat that they lead the way to climate solutions.

    Posted by Fire Drill Fridays on Thursday, October 31, 2019

    • Jane, I’m praying more than ever for you, I don’t like you being in jail even though I understand your motives.Love you 💕💕💕

  • Digital teach-in with Ted Danson (actor, producer, director, activist), John Hocevar (Greenpeace USA’s Oceans Director), and Denise Patel (Program Director at GAIA) to talk about why our Oceans are such an […]

    Teach-In: Oceans

    We’re live! Join Jane Fonda, Ted Danson, John Hocevar, and Denise Patel to talk about why our oceans are such an important part of our flight for the climate. Join us this Friday at 11am at the US Capitol for #Firedrillfriday

    Posted by Fire Drill Fridays on Thursday, October 24, 2019

    • Congratulations for your action, Jane, for a better world. A French start up has patented and designed the tool you couldn’t dream, able to change world economy into sustainable, profitable process from oceans, while saving it.Just allow us exposing it to your attention. You will get a new enthusiasm for the future and new breath for your action. We need your help.Best.Stefan

    • I just have to say that I find how you are using your platform so inspiring and I just wish more people would follow suit 💗

    • Thank you for posting these on your blog!

    • Dear Jane, you already arrested Sam, Ted … who’s next? Lily, Robert Redford, Harrinsin Ford? That said jokingly, of course. From my country, URUGUAY, I follow your actions (I believe that at any moment I am imprisoned for political militancy) Tomorrow reaffirming democracy, we vote in my country a new president! AMERICA ARDE, but my country is being the balm of the region. “VOTE, I SPEAK, I ACT” !!! LIVE THE DEMOCRACY! You are my inspiration! Bear hug! 😍😂

    • I loved seeing you so happy and I understand you perfect, your daughter is with you.🔥🔥😍😍

    • I watched your teach-in and am currently watching you and everyone else being arrested at the capitol… live! (Ted Danson just got put in the paddy wagon!) Thank you for your passion, drive, motivation, and inspiration! I hope to have the opportunity to meet you and to attend one of the fire drill Fridays as I am still learning about climate issues (with your help) and striving towards change! I currently am getting a Ph.D. and am focused on advocating for victims of violence and although it’s extremely personal for why I do it and needed in this world, you are advocating for every single person in the world (~7.5 billion) who are falling victim to the fossil fuel industries ruining the planet and contributing to our climate crisis. I am in awe of your spirit but I am grateful you have been put on this earth to do so many amazing things from acting to civil rights. You are changing the world, still! Thank you for blessing us with your tenacity and spirit and for influencing all of us to make change. You truly are an amazing human, and you represent the people we need more of in this world. You’re a legacy and I’m extremely inspired by you.
      Thank you

    • Your activism is something that will inspire me forever. Thank you so much for using your voice every time we need it. You are awesome.

  • It was a successful action last Friday. The crowd was bigger, there was more press covering it and spirits were high. Press is important because that’s how to get the word out: “Wake up folks. The house is on […]

    • Hello Jane, I know you are very busy at the moment and have moved to Washington DC for the next four months to work for other people. But would I like to ask them if they still receive and answer their fan mail from Atlanta and Beverly Hills? I sent them a letter to these addresses in August and would just like to know if they received them. To find out, I can unfortunately only find out here on their blog. Please excuse this question. It would be nice if you could answer this question. I wish you a good time in Washington. Dearest greetings from Germany xxx Barbara

    • Dear Jane, developing countries worry about changing although their resources are minimal, BUT the big countries, which have the real power, care more about filling the pockets of a few and are slaves to their greed. GREEN BEW DEAL bothers them because it “attacks their comfort”. I follow you on the networks from my country. Hopefully, what they do on Fridays will help people and your congressmen and business people to become aware that YES can be changed. A big hug from URUGUAY 🇺🇾😍😍 LOVE flor SAM and YOU!!!😘😘😘

  • Facebook Live Teach-in Every Thursday @ 7pm EST https://www.facebook.com/firedrillfriday

    We’re Live! Join Jane Fonda, Sam Waterston, and Joanna Zhu with Sunrise Movement to talk about why a Green New Deal is so critical if we stand any chance to protect our climate.Join us this Friday at 11am ET at the US Capitol for #FireDrillFriday

    Posted by Fire Drill Fridays on Thursday, October 17, 2019

    • Dona replied 4 weeks ago

      Dear Jane, I watched your first Teach-In on your blog since I’m not on Facebook. I liked Sam’s comments on HOPE, your comment on moderation being radical and empathy is enlightened self-interest. True. True. I made note of your concern only people with a GOOD wage can be prepared to handle the burden of a carbon budget. And I do understand that racism, poverty, greed have got us here.
      I had the sound turned up 100%, but often I couldn’t hear Joanna, for two factors that the cars sloshing thru rain here was competition and second she spoke to Sam and you instead of to the camera. Both you and Sam for the most part knew to raise your voice and direct it to the camera which helped. I will look forward to the 24th, but may miss the next as I will be on the road to Arizona. (I’m driving not flying.)
      I received a reply of sorts from Sen. Maria Cantwell in regards to my email on asking her to be radical and support the Green New Deal. She did not mention GND but instead listed all that she had done to support our needs to meet climate change, i.e; Carbon Limits & Energy for America’s Renewal, (CLEAR) which includes a monthly dividend to help the lower and middle class to meet the resulting energy price increases. (This seemed aimed at dealing with the concern like having a good wage.) She thinks this will guarantee that the US will meet emission reduction targets and our international commitment.She also mentioned S. 1425 regarding research for the Ocean and S. 47 to extend the Land & Water Conservation, Management & Recreation ACt. She cited other legislation like $7,500 tax credit for consumers who purchase electric vehicles. (I laughed at that.)
      I’m only on page 24 of the very long introduction to ON FIRE. After I read it, I will be better able to answer Cantwell, with a thanks for all you have done, now here’s what and why you need to do more that supports GND.
      I was thinking of sending you a copy of her letter. Not that you have time for this (HAH HAH!) maybe someone working with you? It would be helpful to have some insightful comments from someone who know this better than I, so I can construct a strong response with salient points. That is my next step after writing the first letter. Canned letters don’t get much attention so I am not asking for that. And I will continue to read and learn from your tutorials etc, but if you want to move the dial especially toward the GND goals, then the letter needs to acknowledge what that person has done and what that state needs to have done next to support the GND. Perhaps, a discussion in another tutorial since you are trying to lift awareness. State by state, good things done, where they can move toward the GND goals.
      So dear Sam is no longer a virgin to being arrested. Good for him, he’s ahead of me. I appreciate that he is doing what he is doing. I enjoyed his comments. I’ve always appreciated his acting skills. I hope you didn’t get hurt & someone gave you a hand getting into the paddy wagon. with love & admiration, Dona

    • Dear sister Jane et al,

      PLease see:
      https://bmaddigan.blogspot.com & Enjoy…

    • Jane, I am praying every day for you, for your health in these months.💕💕💕

    • Hi Jane I live in another country, far from you. Speak Spanish. I use the translator to read and write to you. But, I am learning English and I listen to you carefully. Although I don’t understand everything perfectly, I can say that I know what you said today, you, Sam and Joanna. You have to have hope to restore the weather. We must trust people, but, my big question is, by choosing our rulers and they will come to power, will they keep their promises? We need hope on a global level … pir young people who have woken up and are pushing. You have to help them !!! And we must insist on changing this world in which we live where consumerism is slowly killing us. From Uruguay, small country I send you a big hug. THANKS FOR BEING !!! 😍😘🇺🇾

    • Dear Jane (or Jane’s web managers who read this): Thank you for all you are doing to draw attention to the ticking climate clock and to move people into collective action, including getting arrested at 82! I especially appreciate how in interviews you successfully shift the emphasis in discussion *away* from personal, privatized, voluntary actions (as you say, you drive a hybrid and recycle — not enough!) and toward the need for structural changes and collective action. I teach Environmental Policy and Culture at the university level, and I would love to send you a copy of my new book, Ecopiety: Green Media and the Dilemma of Environmental Virtue. It details how environmental messaging that emphasizes “personal ecopiety” can distract from the kind of broad-spectrum policy action needed to address the climate emergency substantively. It comes out next month. My email address is listed in my member profile. If you are interested, please have one of your staff email me a good mailing address. Thank you again! And here is more about the book: https://www.amazon.com/Ecopiety-Dilemma-Environmental-Religion-Transformation/dp/1479891312/ref=sxts_sxwds-bia?keywords=ecopiety&pd_rd_i=1479891312&pd_rd_r=606d9918-caa4-4d13-b1ea-35821263d128&pd_rd_w=C3nAo&pd_rd_wg=JhfsH&pf_rd_p=a5491838-6a74-484e-8787-eb44c8f3b7ff&pf_rd_r=1EC5P2T3NQSJAJX6MGSN&psc=1&qid=1572279850&s=beauty

  • Speaking today at the launch of Fire Drill Fridays.

    17-year-old Jerome Foster 11, who has been striking for Climate every Friday in front of the White House.

    Left to right: Medea Benjamin of Code […]

    • Well done! You continue to inspire us all to stand up for what we believe to be right. Your warrior spirit is contagious. Thank you for all you do for the good of humankind.

    • I published this article in Nation of Change about the launch and the events thereafter. There will be a followup. https://www.nationofchange.org/2019/10/12/lets-get-arrested-with-jane-fonda/
      I would love to have a more direct way of sending you a copy.

    • Jane, I understand the importance of what you do and I admire you a lot but I miss you anyway on the blog, I have to tell you😢😢

    • When I saw that you had been arrested on the steps of the capitol building I immediately smiled. The publicity this made was perfect. It is so in your blood to protest and I love it! This is the Jane I love, respect, and admire. Thank you for helping lead the fight on such an extremely important crisis. I will tune in on Thursdays at 7:00 to hear the teach-ins. Of course, I would also love to join the fight on the front-lines. I will check out more of the details. May I ask you a question? Why were you arrested? Was it because you are not allowed to protest on the steps of the capitol?

    • Handcuffs? Seriously?

      Congratulations to the brave American activists for real change and reform on climate !

      Only a small number of huge investment funds control a big proportion in fossil fuels –

    • Hi Jane!

      You go, Jane!! It’s absolutely brilliant what you’re doing. You have already attracted the world’s attention to this issue within your first two weeks like no other can.

      I’m behind you all the way. Via Social Media I will support you in any way I can. Retweeting, sharing, posting.

      I already do a lot for the environment. I already protest in Hamburg, Germany in support of Greta – Fridays for the Future as it’s called here!
      Can you believe the negativity she’s experiencing? Horrific!) And if I’m ever in DC I will come and join you.


    • Jane, I am so inspired by your activism and also the student strikers. Much pike you, I am reading Naomi’s book and it is very troubling, but also very important to find out what is actually happening to our climate. As a 15 year old, activist like you are inspiring me everyday to stand up for what I believe in and to find out the truth and put ourselves on the line in order for the greater good! I can’t wait to meet you and Lily on October 30th in Detroit. I also admire the work lily does for Voice For The Animals. I very much look forward to watching the live teach-ins on Facebook and I look forward to becoming more involved in activism and educating myself about current situations. -Kennedy

    • Jo replied 1 month ago

      I think what you and all the other advocates did was amazing. It’s confusing to me that people who are only advocating for a better planet and better economy for the future are the ones getting arrested… Unlawful demonstration? Because you were protesting for positive changes and bringing awareness to crucial issues that are tearing our planet apart? I commend all of you involved for continuing to persevere through all of this and continue your acts of good and protests for change. If I lived closer (& wasn’t in grad school) I’d be there with you. I plan on attending all live-streams of firedrillfridays to learn, gain knowledge on these issues as I need to learn more, and figure out how I can make a change from where I’m from and influence others to follow in your footsteps regarding efforts to resolve our climate issues. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being you and being determined, strong-willed, and fearless. We need more people like you and the group of activists with you in this world to understand the issues of climate change without ignorance. I feel like that’s the biggest issue; people are ignorant of realizing climate change is dire and just because people have been living on this earth for thousands of years, doesn’t mean we have that much longer at the rate we’re going. Bear Grylls is a good source of knowledge for climate change as well! He did a show with President Obama a few years back explaining the need for change. Keep up the good work! Sending positive vibes your way and wishing you all the best out there! Please be safe and I’m hoping no one gets punished by the criminal justice system with jail time for only wanting to make positive changes for our planet and economy. (I watched your video about your choice to move to D.C. after reading Naomi Klein’s new book, “On Fire: The {Burning} Case for a Green New Deal.” and plan on buying it soon to read! I’m hoping to get to it over winter break when I’m not overwhelmed with grad school work for my PhD).
      Best of luck,

    • Hi dear Jane! How are you?
      See how they took you prey, spy, hands back as if you were a criminal mw broke your heart. I know that you are strong and brave; that you give yourself body and soul to those causes that you consider fair. I know your voice rises and annoys. You say you are inspired by young environmentalists but you are their light. Your inner fire is like a tsunami that takes everything ahead. Many will learn from you right now. Some time ago you wrote about “FAME”, which was not important. At that time I wrote you in my mother tongue, Spanish, and you answered “how I would like to understand what you say”. I almost died of emotion so I used the translator as now and I replied “wishing you would return to the post” !!! It wasn’t like that, but I’m going to tell you something. Fame is important when you surf the wave and don’t fall. You have the strength of Grace and Frankie and your last name but, most importantly, it is your way of hanging towards others. As far as I’m concerned, I love the actress but I love and admire your activism more. You never decay You are pure and “renewable energy!” You are an example of struggle and dedication, of resistance and resilience. From my country, very far away. I follow and admire you. And I keep a dream: to know you! (I will save some pesos and continue learning English! ! 😂) I send you a warm hug and I pray for you, for your health, for your life! I love you a lot! BE CAREFUL !! 😏😊, 😍😘

    • It’s almost been 50 years since you were arrested in Cleveland, how does it feel 50 years later? Also pretty funny how they used zip ties this time around, they’ve gotten smarter.

    • This is so awesome! I wish I was old enough to attend, and closer to Washington… The part where you said “Me getting arrested, not my first time…”, I cackled. 😂

      • Bryan replied 4 weeks ago

        Jane, I wish I knew you were in Minneapolis again. Welcome back so soon since you were here this summer. Hope to see you again soon!

    • CeCe replied 4 weeks ago

      Go Jane!!!! So proud of everything you’re doing! You inspire all of us.

      Also, side note – I know Vasser isn’t related to you (biologically) but I find she looks a lot like you lol

    • Dona replied 4 weeks ago

      Jane, So I have repeated a version of the above message to both Cantwell and Heck. If you see something that needs revision, I hope you says so.
      Now to the debates. I’m going to throw some money towards Klobuchar. I know she is not saying a strong support for GND with “aspirational” language, but I think she will go there. I want to keep her in the race.
      Second, I was SO PLEASED that no sooner did I message you that I was looking for you on Amanpour and there you were! YEEAAH! You did very well. I loved the that way you answered the question you WANTED asked, not the old hash of Vietnam. Good going. You side stepped much better than Elizabeth Warren. She could learn a thing from you. And she will need to before the next debate. I expected better from Christiann than repeating the old ruts of other journalists.
      I think it is interesting that politicians like Biden say as Americans we can set our will to do something and do it. So take that thought and apply it to GND. Going to the moon sounded radical back in the day but we got it done. GND is far more important than having gone to the moon. It’s the survival of all species, including ours, and the planet. All we need to do is our part as Americans in partnership WITH the rest of the world. We will not all be moving to outer space in 20 years. Let’s ask the 1% if that’s really appealing to them. Maybe a fun vacation, but for the rest of their lives? Anyone with claustrophobia want to wear a whole head-mask to breathe the rest of your life, let alone all of the other basic functions with a space uniform? You burn it, you lost it. Gone for good. No returns walks down memory lane. Enough. Dona

    • Dona replied 4 weeks ago

      I emailed Senator Patty Murray just now. Here’s basically what I said; Dear Senator Murray, As your constituent, I want you to know that while I may not be getting arrested on Fridays in protest on the Capitol steps, I do entirely stand with & support Jane Fonda in her support of the Green New Deal. I am a liberal Democrat who has supported Gregoire, Cantwell and you in all aspects including by vote. I now realize that being moderate in voting in this issue is not enough. I appreciate what you have done but am now asking that in this issue you be as radical as it takes to get us off fossil fuel. As an elder with no children or grandchildren, I could close my eyes and exit easily except my heart has always seen your children as my children, and your grandchildren as well. So I recycle for them, I make change for them, and I beg for them. Please use all the knowledge and power that you have garnered with our support and lead us to change away from fossil fuel. Sincerely, Dona

    • Hi Jane, I hope u r well. I’m glad you are an advocate for our population and planet. I wrote you a letter and posted it on your FB timeline photo where you are pic’d with Mr T Turner and another gentleman. Please take a moment to read it. I’m reaching out to you because I’m launching a project that provides consolidated services that include green housing and office space for seniors and healthcare/wellness providers respectively, bridges the social gap between youth and seniors through a volunteer beneficence program and disrupts the wasteful practices of our current healthcare system, urban planners, consumers…by cutting costs all of the way around and vastly reducing reliance on fossil fuel energy. I’d like to match or improve on the Bullitt Centre – Seattle- accomplishment : energy usage of 32 kWh/square meter and feeding so much more energy back into the grid. Mr Turner was my first point of contact. In my research this morning I was saddened to find out about the LB Dem diagnosis. Im requesting your audience as well since you are a vested member of the global conservation movement. On a side note- We need to set a standard here in Atlanta- home of Turner Enterprises and Turner Foundation. This project is to launch right here in metro Atlanta. I need your expertise and accumulated wisdom. Together we can set the precedence here and abroad and totally disrupt wastefulness and neglect of our people and planet.

    • Hello Jane, I respect what you do for other people. I follow your blog and your social media from Germany every single day. It would be nice in spite of everything to hear from you again 😊 I send you greetings from Germany and all the best for you. xxx Barbara

    • Jane, I wrote much of the climate dystopian epic “Man Shall Follow” during the days I visited my friend Bruce who lived immediately to the south of you on the ridge above Santa Barbara. I performed the Sound Cloud version in 1986 when there was still hope. One of every nine doomed people who listened to it have downloaded it over the past 6 years.

      Rick Masters

    • Dona replied 4 weeks ago

      Ah Jane, you leave me speechless. I will buy the book and share it. Already have emailed all the book club to see all this on your blog. I so want to join this in some physical strong-like-you way, but wonder how long I would manage in jail without my meds, my CPAP, with my stiff arthritic body. But you did it, do it etc. Oh I wish I had been one of your exercise followers. I think radically. I’m aware but I have been more moderate in voting, trying to figure what will sell on the whole while moving the dial slowly toward what needs to be done. This house afire approach does really challenge me to follow the more radical choice. Dare I hope that Warren could make it? Can we focus on the most important issue of our life, when all the other needs are used to distract us? I want Universal care for all Americans not just Medicare. I want dental care as part of that total care. I want a livable wage for every family. Fair wages. If no one candidate has the right package but does this one most important earth-home-on-fire approach, can we keep the focus on that? Maybe, with more people like you. Well, maybe I’m not speechless, but I am still just in total awe of you. Dona

    • Jane, you’re on your way to Bertrand Russell’s peaceful resistance record when he was 90-something.

    • I’m so happy you mentioned your plan to NOT buy any more clothes. If icons such as yourself can show the world that fast fashion is a disaster, perhaps young women will boycott the wasteful purchase of stupid “stuff.”



    OCTOBER 25

    OCTOBER 18

    We are live for #FireDrillFriday calling for a Green New Deal!Posted by Fire Drill Fridays on Friday, October 18, 2019

    OCTOBER 11
    PART 1

    PART 2

    As […]

    • oops – I forgot to mention the university! (speaking of fight or flight thinking…haha) San Francisco State University!

    • Let’s build our social currency by taking a tried and true peer based, small group community and resiliency building practice from a prestigious university called “Critical Reflection” and rally the 20,000 or so grads who internalized this practice and launch it thru the public sphere, meeting up in coffee shops, pubs, libraries, bookstores, wherever and everywhere 5-10 can gather for an hour or two once a week. I bet right now we can spin a World Wide Web of small groups meeting everywhere. Rethink big vs small – like Margaret Mead reminded us; “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world; indeed, it’s the only the thing that ever has”. Let’s build this as a hub for everything else we do. I want to connect with those I march next to. I want to collaborate and innovate and employ a science based tool for maintaining our resilience and integrating wisdom into our movement, knowing resilience allows us to be calm in the storm and maintain access to the neo cortex, because our fight or flight response might get me to show up, but it’s our executive functions that bring about peace.

    • Jane, you moved me, grandmothers have to do something for the world that we leave to our grandchildren, I will first inform myself of my world because mine and yours are totally different, thank you very much for the motivation💕💕💕💕

    • This goes to show you get clarity from honesty. Sincerity is what spells it out, not dumbing down, and there’s a clear-as-day contrast here between Fire Drill Friday’s message and the p-r coming out of the White House.

    • Hi Angel Jane,

      I needed to be in DC anyway so playing catch up to your work with climate.

      How can I help you and the others while you’re staying in DC. I grew up there and only an hour & half ride with Southern DE. Let me know how can I get in contact with you about assistance. I can work around your schedule and make time. Let me know how to start. Tomorrow will not be good because gonna need a rental car head start. I’m planning a trip so I can help out where help is needed. ggodlove77@gmail.com I don’t want to post phone number but that’s email I’m using for special work purpose.

      I def want to help.



      • You actually think she will read your email begging for a rental car to help out? If you were steeled in your beliefs, you would walk or ride a bike.Mind you, the jacket she is wearing cost about the same as a rental car for a month. Maybe she will respond to you while flying back to California in her private jet.

        • Poor, uninformed, angry you, Adonis. I feel sorry for how you approach things. And, BTW, never had a private jet.

    • Thank you for this, Kristen. xx Jane

    • i’m so inspired by your motivation to make a difference and get arrested every friday— someone pointed out that the police use plastic handcuffs on you each week, maybe bring your own; think they’d like pink fluffy ones?

    • Wow! The last time I posted a message to you In April 2014 I asked you to help me Save the World and now that something has happened that causes me to contact you now, you are trying to Save the World. What has happened NOW is GREAT NEWS for you as it re-affirms what I claimed then.

      What I asked you to do and what I claimed was possible in 2014 was to help me in the effort to RAPIDLY find Medical Miracle Cures using clues found within the Bible using the Bible Code Computer Program. Cures such as Reversing Aging, curing Paralysis, and any other things God would be willing to reveal.

      I told you I had had Spiritual Experiences that led me to try using the Biblecode Program to see if it worked and if there was any truth to it. It did work.

      In April 2014 I PUBLICLY DOCUMENTED a request asking God to show you a SIGN in order to get you to help. God did that. But I was unable to make you aware of it.

      NOW TREMENDOUS PROOF has come that God favors my endeavor and I’m right in what I’ve claimed.

      In a Court of Law, a DIARY is considered PROOF or EVIDENCE of Events as they happened. I have been PUBLICLY DOCUMENTING my Spiritual Experiences since at least 2012, which includes real life experiences,PICTURES, and Dreams, etc. Even though some things seemed very odd or strange, if I thought they might mean something in the future, I REPORTED IT PUBLICLY.

      NOW, AMAZINGLY, multiple unique elements from 2 different Spiritual Dreams,YEARS APART, have MANIFESTED into a very popular FILM released this year, that I saw for the first time on 9/13/19!

      Not just general everyday ordinary things but VERY SPECIFIC UNIQUE THINGS! And what is the MAIN IDEA/THEME of this film that God has given me Dreams about? In the film a FAKE, STAGED, WORLD THREATENING CRISIS/EMERGENCY is attempted, to bring about a FAKE SAVIOR/MESSIAH to RULE the EARTH!

      And what were some of the things referenced in the film God showed me in Dreams and in REAL LIFE? References to SPIDERS. A GIANT SPIDER WEB next to the Pope. A SPIDER Helicopter/DRONE. A FIGHTING MAN made out of WATER coming out of a FLOOR DRAIN while waiting to be FORCIBLY VACCINATED in Jerusalem that we took Buses to! References to Sports. References to Pennsylvania.

      What this suggests to me, is God gave me these Dreams and Events that I PUBLICLY DOCUMENTED so when this film came along NOW, I could use this as PROOF and EVIDENCE of what I say I think I can do is TRUE and POSSIBLE.

      AND that a FAKE WORLD CRISIS may be coming soon that will bring in a FAKE MESSIAH, the ANTI-CHRIST from the Book Of Revelations!

      I have said before that I believe God MAY BE giving us the chance to POSTPONE the coming of the Anti-Christ, the coming Great Tribulation, and the Rapture by doing these Miracle Cures from the Bible to show the Evildoers there IS A GOD. AND this effort shows God’s Mighty POWER and MERCY. These Cures will be Gifts of Love from God to change Hearts and Minds.

      THIS IS HOW WE CAN SAVE THE WORLD! This is what I am asking YOU to help me with Jane! The BONUS for YOU is, with Reverse Aging, you’ll have the body of a 18-25 year old again!

      Please help! I’ve got a lot more proof and evidence to show you personally. You can Email me, Jim, at: chicagomiracle@aol.com

    • Jane, Now in Arizona, caught you on PBS with Judy Woodruff. Excellent interview. Smooth, filled with clarity, honesty and truth. One of the best yet. You are doing what is important, needed. I’m still reading, ON FIRE. I can’t yet do the getting arrested act, but there may come a day. Don’t think I haven’t thought of joining you there, but I’d be more trouble than I’m worth with-out meds etc. For now, I’m just shining a light on you to my friends and anyone who will listen. Read the book, get knowledgeable. So keep shining your light, Jane. All you do counts. The ripples are happening. XX Dona

  • I went to the Lynching Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama today. Each hanging block represents a county in a southern state and has the names of the victims and the date of their deaths. Some blocks had hundreds of […]

    • Dona replied 4 weeks ago

      I really enjoyed listening to Bryan Stevenson on Firing Line (last night or the night before). So very impressive.

  • I’m inspired by Greta Thunberg and the young people who came out in unprecedented numbers, behaving like the mature adults in the room. Greta has called on us to get out of our comfort zones, stop business as u […]

    • Im glad you are doing firedrill fridays. We need big names out there in the street so Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have a phrase that I use in comments on Twitter and FB, which is #MoratoriumNow. I have a description on my blog heres the link: https://bluebird23.blogspot.com/2019/09/what-moratorium-now-means-and-why-you.html I hope you take a minute to read it. If you like please think on this idea and perhaps mention it. I feel that not enough people are saying that the big things that need to be done are actually Very Big, and a moratorium is one of them. My brother who is finance poo-poos me but, I persist. I also have an idea for a public awareness campaign involving “Ask ME” T(each)-shirts that is quite good. If you want to reach me I’m at heartwings1123@gmail.com Thanks again for using your power for good in the world.

  • In this time of escalating femicide in South Africa – ONE BILLION RISING (OBR) – AS A GLOBAL MOVEMENT AND AS A GLOBAL COMMUNITY – STANDS WITH OUR SISTERS IN SOUTH AFRICA, as we RISE, RESIST and UNITE for their […]

  • Thank you, Susan xx

  • April. what you’re doing is called fighting for environmental justice. Good for you. I focus a lot on the lack of proper sewage disposal in rural areas which is particularly worrisome in the South where the ground is wet and when it rains, raw sewage comes up through the ground and even into people’s homes. It’s very dangerous. In parts of Lowndes…[Read more]

  • Jane commented on the post, A QUICK CATCH UP 3 months ago

    Thanks Garry xx

  • Tell me what your gift is, Candita. I’m not sure if I received it. I get so many things sent in. xx

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