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    Candita, the light blue are 2 lbs and the slightly darker blue are 10lbs.

  • Love Brazilian music, Brazilian culture.

  • Definately wearing the hat at the protest

  • Kathy, No photogenic (photographic) memory. I get depressed sometimes. I’ve lost the weight already!

  • This is an article by V (formerly Eve Ensler) that just appeared in The Guardian. I think it’s really important so I’m sharing here.

    Disaster patriarchy: how the pandemic has unleashed a war on women
    As Cov […]

  • It felt as though we were eating under an arbor on a Venetian island.

    Monica Rosenthal serving salad.

    Some kind of pizza-like dish but not pizza, that made me die and go to food heaven. I’d […]

    • Just celebrated our Golden Wedding .
      Martin and Janet Sheen will be 60yrs married later this year .Our best wishes to you all.

      How is it so damned impossible to communicate with such a “normal”humble man who isnt a member of a private country club .I take our granddaughter and sneak on to a 9hole course which looks across the Irish Sea .Ridiculously expensive .

      Sri Lanka is dealing with an environmental disaster just now .

    • Hi Jane,

      It makes me smile to see you smiley and enjoying yourself with lovely people; I can imagine it’s super refreshing after the toll of quarantine and your endless hard work. (You’re a champ)! Fingers crossed the trend of being able to socialise continues and things keep progressing in a positive direction. I’m going to miss being part of Fire Drill Friday weekly, but the pauses in between make a lot of sense, and I’m sure will be beneficial down the road. Thank you for all that you continually do. Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a quick hello!

      Sending love from Newfoundland, as always.
      Megan xox

    • Hi Jane!

      Looks fantastic. If there’s one thing I’ve learned during the pandemic (well, I never needed to learn it) is that eating and drinking in the company of close friends (which I also did tonight) is really the best thing in life. We’re human beings and not human doings. And that the tribal instinct of social gatherings is so important.
      Jason x

    • LOVE this happy post! So many people that I enjoy at one table, looking happy ~ what a blessing!

    • I seem to be experiencing tastebud envy at the moment! 😂

    • Love the hat

    • Kathy, No photogenic (photographic) memory. I get depressed sometimes. I’ve lost the weight already!

    • Hi Jane!
      Love the hat!! Take it to Minnesota!! Black looks great with red!! Hope you have a safe trip and accomplish many important goals!!

      With much love and admiration!!

    • First of all: i really loved your hat!!!
      Second: this pizza looks incredibly tasty and you look extremely happy and in such a good company!

      Jane, i was thinking these days, if you like or ever heard Brazilian music? For example any ”bossa nova” songs…
      I know it’s very popular in the U.S. specially in Miami, or at least it was a few years ago.
      And if you like, what singers and songs do you like?
      Just out of curiosity…


    • OMG!! I love “Somebody Feed Phill” and love even more this amazing reunion ♥️ Thanks for this Jane!

  • While I’m one of the privileged ones that wasn’t really hurt by the pandemic, it does feel good to be going out from time to time and invite people over. The 2 things I miss are the zero traffic during loc […]

    • Let’s talk movies and Santa Monica:

      I worked in downtown Santa Monica for fourteen months, spending many of my mornings and lunch breaks overlooking the Pier. And now I’m thinking of “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” I kind of wish I knew the Santa Monica you describe. I’m 27 now, and I’ve listened to various Californians describe a Southern CA from decades past that sounds so exciting, village-like, and low-key (yes, even people from Beverly Hills describe an older, pre-“everything is Prada and Gucci and …” Rodeo Drive). Joan Didion driving around Malibu in her yellow corvette. Oh well. It happened — I wasn’t there for it, and I don’t want to go on a nostalgia trip but, damn — seems like there was some fun being had.

      I’ve gone to the Laemmle once or twice (I think the last time was for Alex Ross Perry’s film Golden Exits), but my most recent Santa Monica movie-going experience was to see a print of Sunset Boulevard at the Aero (August 2, 2019 — played as a double feature with the great Sullivan’s Travels).

      COVID-19 brought on the longest stretch in my entire life of not seeing movies at a theater. I went from January 14, 2020 (Uncut Gems), to May 15, 2021 (Army of the Dead), without seeing a film in theaters. I would, prior to it, average at least one trip to the theaters a week. It was a long 487 days. One day we’ll bump into each other!

      Signing off but before I do: not that you haven’t seen footage of yourself, but are you familiar with these various Roddy McDowall home movies, circa 1965? (Some vids feature you, Julie Andrews — others have Anthony Perkins, Tuesday Weld, hot Paul Newman, Judy Garland, Natalie Wood. Y’all hanging out!)


    • Hi, Jane!
      I feel and think exactly like you that there are crisis far worse that the COVID pandemic. It’s definitely a major humanity crisis. These almost two years taught me again that the key is LOVE and HUMAN CONNECTION. Don’t you think the same?!
      As I’ve read your post I understood that you are eager to get back on the streets to push the Biden administration into doing something about climate crisis. You’ve told me once that you believe Biden can be pushed by activists to do THE RIGHT THING. Do you still believe this?!
      sending my love and good vibes to you❤❤❤

    • Hi Jane,

      I get so despondent sometimes. I recycle everything (including a lot of wine bottles during the pandemic 😂). I try to use as little plastic as possible. We buy regional and seasonal and organic wherever. Like most Germans actually. However, the German government is still using open cast coal mining and STILL trying to find a site where they can dump all their nuclear waste (been looking for years). It’s ludicrous.

      However, there has been a huge surge in support for the Green Party (general elections are in September where Merkel will step down) and it looks as if they might win. If not win then will be in the coalition.

      Let’s wait and see. Sometimes it makes no sense when we do the small stuff to help the environment and our governments get away with environmental murder.

      Take care
      Jason x

    • Hi Jane-
      A few friends and I just flew into Las Vegas earlier today from Pennsylvania. We drove through Death Valley on our way to Sequoia, Kings, Yosemite and on to Big Sur. I couldn’t help but think what a dichotomy Death Valley really is: conserved land that gives us a glimpse into how unforgiving the realities of climate can be. Driving through the Searless Valley, abandoned mining towns also show the failure to provide just transitions for workers after closures. I am so grateful for the continued preservation of lands across the US, however, protected spaces and waterways can only take us so far. As it evidenced by places like Northern Minnesota and similar stories from peoples across the country, there is still work to be done if future generations can hope to experience untouched expanses in nature!
      Keep fighting the good fight-

    • Can’t wait til you’re back marching in streets. Will be joining you. “Bodies on the line” … yrs as a criminal defense attorney, jail isn’t something I’d relish, but do-able for the cause. Best wishes for filming the final season of G&F. Thank God, literally, for the series… it was my sanity/white noise of peace and laughter thru worst times of the past yr… be it the week leading up to the election, the months following it until the inauguration… and the heights of the pandemic crisis. Nights of insomnia… G&F floated thru the house~ that and rereading My Life So Far and Prime Time, and then What Can I Do? It was manageable. I too was one who had a privileged existence in the midst of the devastation~ but the emotional/spiritual toll was still deeply painful.

    • Good afternoon Jane
      Thanks for introducing me to FDF initially as a G&F newby!
      Yes too many cars on the rd again .
      My husband Ian &I celebrate our golden wedding June 2nd.wow !Ian is 86 I am 68.We have 3children ,6 grandchildren .Where has the time gone .
      Please tell me is Martin Sheen contactable? I saw an interview he did and among the many reasons he has my great respect is that he wouldnt join a country club .He carries his clubs in back of his car .Since retirement ive tried the golf we have a course which looks across the Irish Sea .
      Keep up the great work and love to all on the show .
      Apocalypse now never seen it!The Way I loved.

      The UK has compulsive liar in power just now.Many mistakes made during Covid not least closing down late .Brexit a disaster !English nationalism i.e. little Englanders longing for the empire .I can feel a rant coming on .
      Grace&Frankie has kept me sane I think!
      Take Care
      I hate my name Gladys

    • I wish it was that easy. You know, a flick of the wrist, twitch of the nose (yes that was a *Bewitched* reference), and BAM all the things we could do to save the environment, our planet, and the species that inhabit it would all be fixed! Someday we’ll get there or at the very least to a point in which things are stabilized enough and keep building from there. Do I make sense anymore? I feel like I sound insane haha! On the positive note: I hope the making of the last season of *Grace & Frankie* goes well, I hope the costume fitting is fine, and continue being you, Jane 🙂

      Have a good one!
      -Ducky x

    • Thanks for your random thoughts; it was such a nice surprise😊 I also went to the movies but I saw a far different movie: Quiet Place 2! There were 16 people in my theater! I read the synopsis on yours and it sounds really good. Besides, Alain Delon is easy on the eyes,LOL
      You know, when I heard you say it was the last FDF until 7/16, I was happy, grateful and kind of sad all at once. I felt you had given us so much by doing FDF’s weekly. I realize you know your “stuff” (you are SO intelligent!) but it must take a bit to prepare; what a huge commitment and “gift” to us. Thank you. I was happy because you were getting back out and able to use your “celebrity” for the most important situation we’re facing. I have no understanding as to why the climate crisis is not “top of mind”. It seems like a no brainer And the fact that we subsidize all that money to the oil companies bothers me like people voting for Trump (😡😡??!!)
      So, I discovered On Golden Pond, you and the Climate Crisis (FDF’s) when I needed it the most. I’ve had 8 months of very limited activities and the amount I learned about in that time is incredible. A whole new world opened up. I’m extremely grateful for all you’ve done and how you inspired me to learn even more.
      I look forward to hearing how it’s going with you and your friends at The treaty Gathering in MN(!!). You guys are going to crush it!
      Stay safe and Thank you

    • It’s great to see you getting out and about again. Please stay safe. I wish there was a way I could come meet you while you are traveling to all these wonderful places and helping everyone you meet. I also think it’s wonderful that you’ve been able to keep in touch with your best friend from school. 😊

    • I’ve always wanted to see Santa Monica! I have a portfolio book of old pictures that my grandparents took when they were there back in the 70’s. Quite the group will be attending the gathering it looks like! Keener, Arquette, Schilling and Williams, oh my!
      Are you planning on participating in a direct action during the gathering? (If you are comfortable sharing) If you are, we’re you planning more high risk or low risk for arrest? I’m planning low risk since I would have to have a parent come and bail me out.

    • Hi Jane –
      I found you describing this area in Santa Monica fascinating in your book, as at the time it seemed like you were kind of exposed in a community that didn’t normally have stars as neighbors. How does Biden plan to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030 if he can’t adopt a stronger GND? Thank you, as always, for using your platform to wake people like me up from occasional complacency.



  • Kennedy, looks like it’s pretty warm up there. Today it’s in the 60s and next weekend it may be in the 90s!!!!!!

  • Rosie, Well we stay in the town of Park Rapids in northern Minnesota, about 3-plus hours north of Minneapolis. I don’t know yet where the gathering is taking place.

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    Elaine, I think we will be doing Fire Drill Fridays once a month from now on. xx Jane

  • Jane commented on the post, MOTHER’S DAY 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Thanks, Giovanna. I will be making more movies for sure. Including a “Book Club” sequel. xx Jane

  • Jane commented on the post, MOTHER’S DAY 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Hi Steven. Well, it would be better if you switched to non-plastic.

  • Check the weather. comfortable not fancy shoes. layers. See you there. xxx

  • Thanks, Kathy. It’s Minnesota, not Michigan xxx

  • Jane commented on the post, MOTHER’S DAY 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Not sure, Candita. What is it? x

  • Floren, I am copying this from you and will send to Gloria. It sounds right up her alley. Thanks. xx Jane

  • Oh Kennedy, this is so beautiful from you and I am very moved and grateful. Deep gratitude. xxx Jane

  • I was waiting till I got another photo of the whole gang to go with this before posting and time got away from me, I never got the other photo, and Mother’s Day seemed to be receding. Until I just read my w […]

    • Indeed! A happy looking group. For years I use to have the LP, The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart. I loved his role in In & Out as the principal. It’s in my DVD collection. I can still see him at the end doing the dance and the look on his face. Makes me laugh every time.

    • Not sure, Candita. What is it? x

    • I know you have more important things to do but why isn’t this comment approved?😂😂😊

    • Seems like it was a good time! Glad you could all get together in person all while being safe and even now 🙂

    • I’m happy to see you’re happy and i’m glad to know you don’t need to wear masks anymore. Here in Brazil we’re having our worst time in the pandemic, sadly, so I hope you are enjoying this time there with no masks and hope we’ll gonna have this feeling as soon as possible. Love you so much.
      PS: you look stunning in this picture (as usual).

    • That is just BEAUTIFUL. What a lovely story!! Thank you for sharing that. It made me smile and feel so deeply happy I felt like crying. I’m so happy you have such wonderful neighbors. I always enjoyed Bob Newhart’s humor. “Family” is such a wider scope than we realize. Friends and good neighbors can make such a wonderful connection on days when family is elsewhere.
      Like your little cul-de-sac, this little community has gone through those losses, (another today), and shares laughter, music, zoomed books and met outside with drinks or played Pickle Ball. Some are line dancing. Today, a small group started the card game of Hand & Foot. Others enjoy the pool in 90 degree heat. We are all getting through this with each other’s help. Again, thanks for sharing and letting us be a small part of your life. It lifts us. Dona

    • How kind of them! I love your advice about having a friend who is a comedian. We have a couple of friends who are hilarious and in fact, my husband makes me laugh every day. That’s always my advice to newly married couples – laugh together every day.

    • Dear Ms. Fonda: You probably don’t remember me, but I was the guy who mailed you a portfolio of “Barbarella” artwork about a year-and-a-half ago to your Atlanta business office, where it was promptly lost for a couple of months until it was finally found and delivered to you. Given your work in combating climate change I thought I’d write you to get your opinion on something. Besides creating artwork, my other hobby is building, painting, and accessorizing plastic model kits. I’m good enough at the hobby to make the finished kits look as good (if not better) than the box art on the packages the kits come in. Often, I put LED lighting systems, motors, and sound cards into my kits to increase their “WOW factor”. Most of my kits are manufactured from polystyrene plastic, though a sizeable number of then are limited edition kits made of polyurethane resin (you are probably having a heart attack right now upon reading that last factoid). On top of that, I have a collection of 29 unbuilt model kits in storage in a closet in my apartment. I just wanted to tell you this to see if you though, all things considered, given the effects on the environment caused by the manufacture of plastics, that it was okay for me to continue this hobby. I hope I’m not bothering you with this, and I look forward to hearing from you soon in this venue. Have fun! Yours-Steven Vasko

    • By the picture, i can tell that your Mother’s Day was lovely and fun! I also noticed that your both were without masks, that’s great!! Unfortunately i couldn’t do the same, because my country isn’t vaccinating as fast as the USA are.

      I was (re)watching ”Barefoot in The Park” these days and i realized something: you don’t do movies since 2018 (Book Club) if i’m not wrong. It isn’t a criticism, it’s just that i miss you working on movies and as Grace and Frankie is ending this year, don’t you think about coming back to the movies? I don’t know if the sequency of 9 to 5 is going to be with the same actresses (you, Lily and Dolly) doing the same roles, or if will be with different actresses.
      I know that you have 2 different roles in life that are: being an actress and being an activism. And they both are important to you. Do you think you maybe can retire after Grace and Frankie ends? Retire from the actress role, because on activism you have Fire Drill Fridays. Or maybe thinking about a Grace and Frankie movie?

      I don’t know, the point is that when you’re acting, more people can have access to you and to your work, but with activism is harder for people who don’t live in the USA, it’s not impossible, but it gets more difficult. I don’t know if you will continue doing the FDF meetings every friday on Zoom, or if will be back to be in Washington (when the pandemic is over).
      Don’t get mad or anything like that, i’m just trying to make you see the other side. I’m saying this by my point of view, and that’s all.
      If i could make a choice: i don’t wanna you to retire. You’re too good for that. Hollywood needs Jane Fonda, new theatre students need to know you and meet your work. You’re an icon!!! I know that Hollywood may be a little prejudiced about older women making cinema, but keep fighting, don’t give up!

      Anyways, i hope you get to read this message.

    • Hi Jane,
      Right now in my country, we’re suffering an unprecedented humanitarian and migratory crisis, among other things because of Trump’s erratic policy with Morocco, especially due to the recognition of his sovereignty over the Sahara. In this days Spain has welcomed Brahim Gali, leader of the Saharawi Polisario Front for humanitarian reasons, he’s hospitalized by Covid. The king of Morocco, a tyrant without discussion who feel himself stronger since Trump supported him against saharawi people, avenges opening the borders by the sea to thousands of African immigrants and those citizen from their own country, regardless of the risks they run to they arrive to Spain and therefore to Europe. The images of thousands of people arriving to the borders of my country swimming make the hair stand on end, adults, childs, babys…… there’s tens of deads every day, what Morocco does is a shame!
      There would be much to comment on the povertiy conditions in Africa that the first world has sustained over time and now with climate change is getting worse, from here we can see clearly that african migration due climate change is already a reality.

    • Jane I was glad to see that you had a wonderful time with friends on Mother’s Day. Laughter is healthy for the soul. You need to take more time for yourself. I started watching Underground Railroad (after you recommended it) and am on the 3rd episode. It is a mighty powerful movie. Everyone needs to watch it! Will you be able to continue live Fire Drill Fridays each Friday after you start taping Grace and Frankie in June? Take care and be safe!
      With much love and admiration!

      • Elaine, I think we will be doing Fire Drill Fridays once a month from now on. xx Jane

    • Hi Jane i’m grace 😁 i’m glad you had a good mothers day x

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    Kelly, thanks. Beautiful!

  • Jane commented on the post, I’M SORRY 1 month ago

    Jenny, Let me know if “many more people” signed up after last week’s Fire Drill Friday. And thanks for how you’re helping us.

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