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  • I think the zip 90209 is right but I will check.

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    Thank you, Daniela. I’m reading “The Sum of Us” by Heather McGhee. It’s an importnt (ne) book. You can write to me at P.O. Box 10927, Beverly Hills, Californioa 90209

  • Thanks, Kennedy. Really appreciate it.

  • Right, Candiota. This is a global issue. xx

  • What a beautiful letter, Kathy. Thanks. Is this the message you were wondering about—why it hadn’t been “accepted”? Well now I know. I hadn’t opened mu “Blog Comments for a few days.

  • Yes, Marty. Good idea.

  • I have no idea, Kathy. It’s not me. Jane

  • In the face of a worsening climate crisis, with scientists telling us we must not permit any new fossil fuel development and begin a managed phase out of existing fossil fuel infrastructure, a Canadian Oil […]

    • Why are my comments still waiting approval?? 😊😊🔥🔥

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    • Dear Janewood !

      Would you, Stan and Father Greg be interested in meeting some time to discuss making Blue Corn Homeboy Tortilla Chips the official Tortilla chip served at Dodger Stadium?

      Best, Marty McMejo

    • 😳 Yes it’s long but so very informative. I did get sidetracked after clicking on the links you provided, 😂😂 This one should stop the h8ters. Why does everything always have to be about making more and more money???
      You know, if I had not watched On Golden Pond (again) and binged Grace and Frankie (again) while recovering from back surgery (again) I would not be involved with “helping” the climate crisis. I watched a couple (then some more) of YouTube videos and bought your (awesome) book. Then I started watching Fire Drill Friday’s and realized that even though I can’t be on the “front line’s” I could still help. You know your stuff.
      I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration. I have been searching for something sedentary (I used to be super active) that interests me for the last 20(!!!) years and I found it; all because of On Golden Pond.
      Thanks so much for that. But, just as important, thanks for all you have done and continue to do. 😊

      • What a beautiful letter, Kathy. Thanks. Is this the message you were wondering about—why it hadn’t been “accepted”? Well now I know. I hadn’t opened mu “Blog Comments for a few days.

        • You rock dude! I can’t believe you responded to my comment. It made me smile! I figured your assistant read these and your instagram and twitter (oh-and facebook). I figured you were(understandably) way too busy to devote your time to social media.. But anyway, to explain a little further (if you read this), I had trigeminal neuralgia and a craniotomy, a few years later I got transverse myelitis which gave me spinal cord damage and scoliosis-which led me to the 4 back surgeries.( In between those 2, I had my sinuses scraped and got bacterial meningitis and was in a coma for a week and had to, once again, learn to walk again) I’m like you! All the metal. I have a new hip also, LOL! with that new hip I got trendelenburgs gait. I ALWAYS had a great attitude. its always bothered me that I couldn’t find my reason for still being here. After my last surgery (to repair a fusion and 2 rods) I didn’t think I was going to be able to walk. I had a lot had “nerve swelling”. I started getting better very slowly but i really lost hope; I was in a dark place. That movie-I do not know why-just touched my heart. I watched it a couple of times. Now it has replaced “The Reader” as my favorite. I guess that higher power gave me what I needed at the right time. So, “with all my heat” I thank you! Oh- and my other comments are on your others posts-the Cecil B DeMille awards, before and after. And, I just looked and they are still waiting approval! ha ha Seriously-YOU ROCK!!

    • Jane,
      This is kinda personal to me since I was born in Michigan and live in Wisconsin. I can’t believe that they are treating people this way. I have no words. It’s sad. We definitely need to stop this! I will do anything to help stop this . Starting with writing a letter to Biden and supporting the center for protest law and litigation. Thank you for all you do. I am so happy that Firedrill Friday’s are such a success. I watch the recording every Friday when I get done with work. I was so glad to hear you were vaccinated and back out peaceful protesting.
      Love always,

    • Right, Candiota. This is a global issue. xx

    • Thank you for this post, Jane. I’m going to share it with friends and family and try my best to raise people’s awareness in my community about Line 3. Thanks again for all you do!


    • Your doing great work for our planet. Keep up the good work. Stay safe

    • Jane I have been following your fire drill Fridays for a while now and they are informative and inspirational. Your activism in this area has brought a lot of things to my attention as to how I can help save our environment and help stop climate change. Thank you for bringing this to people’s attention because it’s extremely important. Line 3 definetly needs to be stopped to help save the planet. I look forward to following you to learn more about what we can do to help stop the destruction of our planet by the fossil fuel industry and what we can do to save our planet. Keep up the good work Jane!!

    • Dear Mrs. Jane Fonda,

      I write to you from Romania, I am far away, but very happy to have this possibility to communicate with you (I think internet is a great invention!). I am 43 years old and I worked as a PR and marketing specialist for several opera theatres. I didn’t imagine to be able to write you, but now I want to send you my admiration as an actress, activist and person. I feel that words are hard to find in order to express complex feelings (besides the fact that this message is not a quite private one, but a blog comment). But I want to tell you that I watch every week your Fire Drill Friday and I learn a lot about climate changes issues, I watched twice the show Grace and Frankie because I loved your character and I think your presence at the Golden Globes was an example of elegance, intelligence and leadership. Now I just bought our book My life so far, I am reading now about your childhood and I am impressed by your sincerity and your struggle to understand yourself and the others. I wish I could hug that child. You lived a such complex life and now you have so much to give! And I want to thank you for this. I imagine you don t have time to read so much messages, but if there is a possibility to send you a private one or a letter (yes, by the post!), please tell me.
      I wonder what book you’re reading now :). I wish you good health, positive energy and strengh to be able to make all the changes you want! Daniela

      • Jane replied 1 week ago

        Thank you, Daniela. I’m reading “The Sum of Us” by Heather McGhee. It’s an importnt (ne) book. You can write to me at P.O. Box 10927, Beverly Hills, Californioa 90209

        • Jane, I’m in Texas and I sent you something from here, I went to the mail and there they told me that your address is wrong that it is not 90209 this does not exist but it is 90213, you should check it because when we send you things there can be confusion, I hope that you’ll recieve my mail.🙏🏻

        • Thank you so much for your answer, I’m very happy! I will write to you! These days I am reading David Attenborough and I am waching “Our planet” (besides fiction literature and “Lucifer” on Netflix) :). I send you all my good thoughts and I can’t wait to see you on Friday. Daniela

    • Happy Easter, Jane!!!
      Hope u had a lovely day w/ your family!!!

      My day was amazing! It was my mom’s birthday, she is now 60 years old!!! I’m so happy it’s getting close to her to be vaccinated! Here in Brazil, the vaccine for the elderly aged 60 is getting closer and I can’t wait!!!!


    • Hi Jane, how are u?
      I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and i started to follow your career in 2019.
      I started by watching Grace & Frankie, I’m loving it!!! Thank u for bringing comedy to us, and I hope one day to meet u in person!
      I’m thinking to do a fan club to you on Instagram, what do u think?
      Kisses from your huge fan,
      Nathália. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Happy Easter Jane!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family. Will you dress as the Easter bunny this year? Stay safe!
      With Much love and admiration!

    • Dona replied 1 week ago

      Good FDF. That Theresa Landrum, what a powerhouse of focused, determined, dedication. She really knew her stuff. I wanted to hug her too and so happy you will go give her support. Shine a light on her community effort. Take some oxygen with you! Check written for CPLL/Line 3. Tried to call State Rep on SB1485 and SB1713 to stop the assault on our voting rights, but couldn’t get through. I will work on Biden letter now. Keep plugging. Dona

    • Dona replied 1 week ago

      Jane, Thank you for the information and highlighting this urgent need and providing a clear way we can help. I will put a check in the mail today. I’m grateful that they included an address so I can just do it my old-fashioned way through the postal office. I will get the letter to Biden done on Saturday and in the Monday mail. If Greenpeace gets an invitation to the zoom route set up, I will see you tomorrow. Stay well. Best Wishes. Dona

    • Hi Jane!

      Thanks so much for this extremely important and informative post. I’m going to be sure to share it with our GP volunteer community this week when I’m moderating our slack channels as a part of my ambassador duties. Everyone needs to read this!

      I (and so many others!) really enjoyed our first movie night last week! Chasing Coral was both heartbreaking and inspiring. And it is always so wonderful and therapeutic to come together with the Greenpeace community for an event like this. I can’t wait until the next one!

      I will be in the virtual audience for the Fire Drill Friday Rally this week and I’m really looking forward to it!

      See you very soon!

      Jenny Xoxo

    • Jane,
      Thank you for all you have always done for people. I’m a huge fan of yours and have been since I was a kid! My mom always loved you and still to this day is also a fan, haha. We have so much respect for you as a person and you’re of course a fantastic actor. I am so glad to see you have this website and I will share this post and spread the word. Thanks Jane! Appreciate you.

    • L replied 1 week ago

      Honoring the Indigenous Water Protectors and Climate Change Warriors :

      Honoring : by Peter Kater – R. Carlos Nakai

      Female Vocalist : Chris White

    • Jane, so, I kind of guessed when I’ve asked if you are planning on getting a new hair cut ✌😉 I saw you on Harper Bazaar’s cover!!!

    • Floren replied 1 week ago

      Hello Jane!,
      Your text and photos has reminded me this beautiful poem which I’ve translated as I’ve could, unfortunately the rhyme is lost.
      You and your mind have been there!!!!! Bravo! Nature talk to us!
      I wish you all good luck in that challenge.


      What does the river want that it comes to heal me?
      It comes down from the mountain to nowhere
      that It keeps me in suspense that It let me go
      without asking, without knowing, without killing.

      The current runs more than the present
      And there goes my mind and there goes my mind and there goes my mind
      And there my mind goes.

      And in a sigh you feel that it burns
      Burns more the fire of those who are cowardly
      The voice of a child that comes looking for you
      With no other desire than to be one more.

      The current runs more than the present
      And there goes my mind and there goes my mind and there goes my mind
      And there my mind goes.

      And the body runs and the world flies
      And they convince him that it’s a race
      And the body runs and the world flies
      Take me the pain away!.

      And the body runs and the world flies
      And they convince him that it’s a race
      And the body runs and the world flies
      Take me the pain away!, take me the pain away!

      The current runs more than the present
      and there goes my mind and there goes my mind and there goes my mind
      And there my mind goes.

    • Dear Jane fonda, my name is Melissa Santonocito .
      I am a 19 years old girl who adore you,
      thanks to you I understood the importance of knowing my rights, I understood the importance of being aware and contribute to a more civilized world, thanks to you and your speeches I chose to study law at university and it was the best choice I ever made. I love you from the bottom of my heart, you are not just a fantastic actress but also a wonderful person/activist/philanthropist, I wish you lots of positive energy and happiness


    • Jane, read this (when you have time). Alice Braga shared on her Instagram Stories and it is a very important matter, not only for people who live in Brazil.
      The article is written in English even by the link it is in Portuguese.
      I don’t what can you do to help the Amazon, but if you can do something, please help! We’re needing people who really care about our forest.

      Deal with Bolsonaro would sanction Brazil’s tragedy, NGOs tell Biden


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    Thanks so much, Dani. This is very helpful. xx

  • Jane commented on the post, HALLOWEEN 1979 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    Bonne anniversaire!!! Buon Natale!!! Happy Birthday!!! xx Jane

  • For a number of years, I organized a Disco Dancing Halloween fundraiser for CED, the California Campaign for Economic Democracy. This is the same organization that profits from “The Jane Fonda Workout” sup […]

    • You´re a huge inspiration to me!!! My birthday is tomorrow,it would mean the world to me if you respond 🙂

    • Wow, 1979! The year I was born!!!

    • Are you KIDDING ME, with this post?

    • Jane, Regretfully, I only caught half of the Shalanda Baker’s visit on FDF today. Now in Arizona, I didn’t have any clues that the “spring forward” had happened. So I sat waiting for the 12:00 I was use to when the change in Book club’s time the night before hit me and I jumped in. The part I caught was very high energy and positive especially the ending with the positive answers from you and Shalanda to women’s role to change our direction. Greenpeace is making it easier again to get the invitation on your site and it makes it a better participation with chatting. Next Friday, I’ll be there on time. Dona

    • Wow, I didn´t know about the Michael Jackson thing! Thank you for this amazing Blog, it is the first time that I comment something but I have read your blog for a long time now. I enjoy your little storys very much and if you read this: Thank you for everything you have done, you are such a rolemodel to me and to so many others! I also just read your last book about the climate crisis and now I trie to do my part to safe our planet. You have such a big impact on my life and I want to thank you for that. You are also the reason why I do sports now haha. Keep doing what you love and I will always support you. Stay safe and feel huged, Thomas.

    • What a throwback! Around that same Halloween I remember you, Tom Hayden and Cesar Chavez spoke at UCLA, where I was a freshman, to address labor issues on behalf of United Farm Workers (I think Dolores Huerta was there too?). Now it’s inspiring to see you at every Fire Drill Friday, speaking at this moment about the travesty of the Citizens United decision that has facilitated funneling of dark money. My friends and I at the FPPC continue to be appalled, now wondering what we little people can do to overcome, beyond just voting and networking. Thank you for continuing to be such an inspiration, ever since the days when my parents and I used to canvas on behalf of CED, and before that in ’76 going door to door for Hayden for Senate.

    • Your life. Wow!

      I’ll join you today for FDF. Thanks for continuing to host these. I teach college students and know of several who also tune in for FDF. Gen Z is really showing up for climate change. Inspiring.

    • What is it they say, “the more things change, the more they stay the same?” Meaning, in this case, the need for solar energy has been here for a very long time and now, like you said, we have the power to make it happen

      (Also, a disco themed Halloween fundraiser? That must have been a fantastic time.)

    • Keep up all your wonderful work. I’m at work most of the time when fire drill Friday is live but I alway save them and try to catch up on them at night.

    • Hopefully, we will all move more and more towards both solar energy, wind energy, and — someday — cold fusion, too.

    • Looks like it was a fun party! Can’t wait for Friday and to hear from Shalanda! Hope your trip to Minnesota is going well… and I agree with you… we are NOT going to let Line 3 get built!


    • Hello, Jane. I love when you share memories and when you have conversations for Fire Drill Friday. So I’m gonna take this post as a birthday gift for me (it was yesterday). Love you. Kisses from Brazil!

    • OMG Jane, that photo is fantastic. And that histoy with Michael Jackson is truly amazing.
      Any more amazing history about yours 10 days with him?
      Lots of love 😚

    • As always, you rock!😊

    • Thanks so much, Dani. This is very helpful. xx

    • Hi Jane! I can see how great you have been doing, with you two vaccines taken. Are you feeling good and confident? Thank God for President Biden and the end of those 4 years nightmare! Love this post, and having read you book twice, already new the story behind the photo. So incredible, such an increadible life, so much to learn from you! God bless you Jane, we need you so much!
      Hugs & kisses from Portugal.

  • Happy early birthday, Candita. xx jane

  • I saw the “Undoing.” IT was okay.

  • I saw that you were there, Giovanna. The photos on the wall behind me are mostly my heros, Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez and Delores Huerta, Harvy Milk, Hoawrd Zinn, Gloria Steinem and there are also photos of me, me and Tom Hayden, my family during WWII. that’s it. xx

  • Stay tuned, Kennedy. You didn’t hear wrong.

  • I spent a HUGE amount of time on my speech. xxx

  • Thanks, Molly. xxx Jane

  • A most exciting, rewarding evening last night. Grateful to my son, Troy Garity, for filming all the important moments. Wish he’d been on stage with me, he looked so gorgeous. One of my favorite Golden Globes […]

    • Love this picture with such a beautiful lineup of appreciation of achievement. So, I don’t have to wait until Christmas with a photo of your Christmas tree. It’s also a representation of a ripple of outcomes that comes when you are a giver. I could say so much about that, but will let this stand as enough said.

    • Your speech at the Golden Globes was about as good as any made by anyone anywhere. You managed to speak truth to power without insulting anyone. I am impressed. I wish I were capable of such politic behavior. Thank you for being a role model for me, yet again.

    • Congratulations, Jane! You absolutely deserve this honor and have for a long time. So happy that you got to during this crazy pandemic, and how you got to share the moment with your family and friends.

      I also wanted to write to you and tell you how much I appreciate you and you’re work. You’re such a amazing role model for young girls like myself. I’m 19 years old and a freshman in college, and I enjoy watching and reading your work. I can remember talking about you with my grandmother, who was also a fan. She passed away last Summer and so seeing you receive this deserved honor made me miss her a bit, because I would’ve talked to her about it. I know we don’t know each other and this might sound weird but I just wanted to tell you how much of a role model you are for me for many reasons. Like you, I lost my mother at a young age (I was 9 years old) to ALS, and I know that you know all the crazy and confused feelings that leaves you with, and how it stays with you forever. Do you have any advise for me on how you’ve been able to cope with growing up without a mother, and how you continue to do so? Or just any live advice in general to be happy, even during the hard times?


    • Congratulations, Jane!

    • Hello Jane,

      Thank you for your inspiring speech at the Golden Globes this year. You answered one of the backstage questions about your father, Henry Fonda, by saying you could feel his spirit. I love the little gleam you had in your eyes when you said that. I recently saw ‘The Lady Eve,’ and was pleasantly surprised by his performance. He and Barbara Stanwyck are hilarious together, and such a joy to watch. Both of you greatly deserved the Cecil B. DeMille award. I can’t wait to see you next.


    • Is that tape on your Emmy? What happened?

      BTW, if you can find out how we can get our hands on a high quality transfer of The Dollmaker, that would be amazing! I don’t know who has the rights, but it should be something Criterion should consider restoring! Of your roles, that might be my favorite, and I’ve only been able to see it through a low quality transfer on YouTube! I’ve always appreciated you in roles like Gertie or Iris (of Stanley & Iris) — people who get the job done because there’s no time to waste – unfussy, honest, no condescension.

      One other question: everyone who has read your memoir (My Life So Far) knows you have chosen your words very carefully while accepting awards. Your Oscar speech for Coming Home has gone viral on Twitter again recently, with people appreciating you for having signed much of your speech and bringing awareness to the fact that the broadcast did not feature closed captioning for the Deaf and hearing impaired.

      Your Oscar speech for Klute was also fantastic (and I know you credit your dad for his advice on it) because it was to the point, brief, respectful, and surprising – you’ve written and talked about feeling like those attending let out a sigh of relief when you were through (some were concerned you would “hijack” the situation to get “overtly” political).

      You were also at the Oscars when Vanessa Redgrave won for her performance in your film Julia — that, needless to say, became one of the most memorable speeches ever given at an awards show.

      So, knowing all this, I was thinking a lot about what you might say at the Globes. There were so many directions you could have gone. You could have talked about the films you produced and the casts and crews you’ve worked with (— I’ll brag for you: no one who won or was there that night has worked with Jean-Luc Godard BUT you, or someone like George freaking Cukor — these are such titans to a cinephile like me). Anyway, you could have talked about the movies, and I’m sure there was some consideration to mention Fire Drill Friday but, again, you surprised me: your speech was about art as a means to better understand humanity. You raised awareness to work you felt has done that recently. It was a very considerate, poised and selfless speech.

      Did you think about the speech a great deal and the variety of approaches you could have taken with it, or were you always going to go the direction you took?

    • Dear Jane
      How are you?
      Congratulations on the Golden Globe. Nobody deserved it like you!
      I owe you.
      You sent me your book, dedicated and I wrote a long letter but I haven’t sent it to you yet. I confess that I started to cry. The surprise was very big. I need you to receive more than one letter.
      I admire you deeply. Not only as an actress, but also because of your position in front of life, in front of the world we live in and your love for the most helpless neighbor. You are pure inspiration to many people. A heart overflowing with love and great intelligence.
      A writer from my country once wrote that “from above you can see a world of little fires and that each one shines with its own light.” Yours is undoubtedly the strongest and the one that fills the air with sparks and infects their enthusiasm: “a crazy fire.” Hahaha
      So I see you and I feel you. I would like to meet you and give you a hug. (but there is a pandemic and I don’t even have a passport … and money hahahahaha 😜)
      Life allowed me to meet you through the movies and now I have three of your books and Grace and Frankie. I follow you on social media and I don’t miss Fire Drill Fridays even if I understand half of it. It does not matter. Great exercise to learn your language !!!! 🙄
      I hug you strongly from my country URUGUAY and I send you an affectionate kiss. BE HAPPY and MAY LIFE ALWAYS SMILE YOU !!!
      I Love you! ❤️🥰🤗😍😚😘🇺🇾

      P.S. I hope the translator serves something.😜🙄

    • Dear Jane
      How are you?
      Congratulations on the Golden Globe. Nobody deserved it like you!
      I owe you.
      You sent me your book, dedicated and I wrote a long letter but I haven’t sent it to you yet. I confess that I started to cry. The surprise was very big. I need you to receive more than one letter.
      I admire you deeply. Not only as an actress, but also because of your position in front of life, in front of the world we live in and your love for the most helpless neighbor. You are pure inspiration to many people. A heart overflowing with love and great intelligence.
      A writer from my country once wrote that “from above you can see a world of little fires and that each one shines with its own light.” Yours is undoubtedly the strongest and the one that fills the air with sparks and infects their enthusiasm: “a crazy fire.” Hahaha
      So I see you and I feel you. I would like to meet you and give you a hug. (but there is a pandemic and I don’t even have a passport … and money hahahahaha 😜)
      Life allowed me to meet you through the movies and now I have three of your books and Grace and Frankie. I follow you on social media and I don’t miss Fire Drill Fridays even if I understand half of it. It does not matter. Great exercise to learn your language !!!! 🙄
      I hug you strongly from my country URUGUAY and I send you an affectionate kiss. BE HAPPY and MAY LIFE ALWAYS SMILE YOU !!!
      I Love you! ❤️🥰🤗😍😚😘🇺🇾

    • Hi Jane Fonda, you were sublime at the Golden Globes! You really are one of a kind. Thanks, Pam Clifford

    • “My Octopus Teacher” was a great recommendation. I remember your pretty octopus decoration on your tree. It was great seeing your speech yesterday, I’m so happy they gave you this prestigious award. Congratulations! You earned it. I hope you are well and happy. Take care of yourself. I Look forward to more film roles from you.
      Ps: feed the fat squirrel more nuts. Gus Gus squirrel like in Cinderella. 🐿

    • Eeeeew, so who eats Octopus anyway? lol. So, it is good to keep the smart ones in the ocean. Chuckle chuckle.

    • I stopped eating them long ago because I knew how smart they were. That documentary just reinforced my position. I’m still trying to get my sisters to oblige. Long live that beautiful creature the Octopii, My Octopus Teacher was brilliant. 🐙

      Thank you Jane for using your soap box for good. You’re a true leader in so many areas, women’s health, climate change…the list is endless ! YOU’RE A NATIONAL TREASURE.

    • Very well deserved and an incredible speech. Congratulations Jane! I enjoyed the montage they played before your speech which featured your incredible acting roles. What was it like to see those moments from your career and life again?

    • I´m so happy for you, Jane! You´re a huge inspiration to me!!! My birthday is comming,it would mean the world to me if you respond 🙂

    • Hi Jane,
      I loved your backstage videos. It is funny how it seems that we are closer to the person. And yes, your son is a very beautiful man. We can see how much love he has in his heart through his eyes, as well as in yours. Congratulations once again on the award.
      With love

    • Dear Jane!

      Huge congratulations on your Cecil B. DeMille award! That wonderful montage of your films made me want to watch so many of them again, especially Klute, which is one of my favorites! And your speech was just incredible! It was so important for everyone to hear your powerful words on diversity and inclusion, and it was truly the best moment of the night! The only thing that can compare to your stellar film career is your unbelievable life as an activist!

      I’m really looking forward to being a virtual audience member at this week’s Fire Drill Friday Rally! I participated for the first time last month and it was such an amazing experience! I’m just so thankful that you have brought me and so many others with you on the Greenpeace journey. Volunteering has truly been life changing in so many ways. I was recently made a Greenpeace Ambassador and am so excited to be working on additional projects with GP staff and other Ambassadors in this new role!

      It is such a privilege to be able to learn from you, the Fire Drill Friday guests, and GP staff and fellow volunteers every week! These are life skills that we will be able to take with us as we continue to advocate for climate action, as well as other causes that are important to us. Recently I’ve been sharing my activist skills and knowledge with my Russian friends who are just learning how to organize and practice civil disobedience despite being beaten, jailed, expelled from school, fired or even tortured. Bloody protests have erupted throughout Russia over the jailing of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny who nearly died after being poisoned by the Russian government in August. He is now in one of Russia’s most brutal prison camps (a modern day GULAG) where they regularly beat, humiliate and dehumanize prisoners. Everyone knows he is innocent and is now being punished for speaking out against the corrupt Putin Regime, failing to die from the poisoning and daring to return home to Russia. He is the hope of so many Russians for a better future and this situation has crushed them to the point that many are willing to put their bodies on the line at great risk to fight for his freedom. I do what I can to pass on my knowledge and skills to my Russian friends even though it can be complicated to apply American norms of protesting and activism to the Russian situation. It is just a shame that this gross violation of human rights and democratic values is not getting nearly enough news coverage here in the U.S. I’m just praying the sanctions the Biden Administration and the EU are about to levy will be forceful enough to make a difference in this horrific situation. I’ve lived in Russia for several years and have many dear friends there so what is going on is personally painful to me as well.

      See you very soon at the Fire Drill Friday Rally!

      Jenny Xoxo

    • Hi, Jane!
      Congrats on your award👏👏👏!It is well-deserved!!!👌🎊I can only imagine what you have felt and what it means to you.
      As for your look, those two boys of you have done another amazing job with your make-up and hair. You looked so natural!!!
      I really love your gray hair, and I think it look great on you. Are you planning on getting a new cut sometimes soon?!
      stay safe,

    • Hello Jane!,
      Happy Working Women’s Day to all!

      Congratulations to all working women including housewives. Congratulations Jane! I think you are the most worker of all of us ha ha. I take the opportunity to write something that seems important to me about women and work in Science.

      On this day, we must also talk about those jobs in which we hardly have access to women, such as scientific-technical jobs and It’s in this context a campaing has been created called No more Matildas! It’s a Women Scientists Researchers campaign to end discrimination against women in Science through Education. I found it very interesting to talking about it.
      In the world, in general, as a result of making women scientists invisible, it has been installed the stereotype that the Sciences’ world is only for men.
      They wonder, What about if Albert Einstein had been a woman? the answer is that the merits probably would have been taken by a man as has happened in many cases.
      This campaign is intended to raise awareness among families and teachers in order to this stereotype be eliminate and references to silenced women scientists to this day be recover and they be included in school’ textbooks. This lack of references certainly makes that girls aren’t encouraged to study certain careers. Just as there’re currently more women than men in universities, however it doesn’t happen the same in scientific or technical careers where the percentage considerably drops .
      Jobs where women don’t be, by definition means a loss of talent and of course the confirmation of men’s dominance in them. I’m a mathematician woman and I can say that in my workplace there have always been many more men than women, unluckily this has been in that way and continues to (for the record I like working with men, ha ha).
      If women don’t get future scientific and technical jobs supposedly well paid, we’ll be faced with a new discrimination, in this case economic discrimination.
      We, women, need thinking and working in order to change people’s mindset and our too and these things stopping going unnoticed.

    • Hi Jane, I just wanted to let you know how much I admire and adore you. I was so excited to see you at the Golden Globes, you deserve everything and more. And not just for your incredible and unbelievable career but for your activists too. The world needs more people like you.
      I just hope to be at least half of the woman that you are.
      By the way, Grace and Frankie saved my life with a lot of love and happiness.
      I’m sorry for my English, it’s not my first language. I’m from Venezuela.
      With love and appreciation. 🙂

    • Jane,

      I heard you say during the rally last Friday that you were going to stand with the water protectors at Line3! (I hope you said that and I didn’t just imagine it…) Look forward to hearing about your experience afterwards if you feel like sharing. I’ve been trying very hard to promote the HonorTheEarth website and StopLine3.org to other activists I know so that we can help in any way we can.

      Stay safe!

    • Jane, I was at your last FDF Rally and I have a question for you, if you don’t mind. Behind of you, there’s a bunch of portraits, what are they? Who are on these? Just random pictures you like it or special moments?


      • Jane replied 1 month ago

        I saw that you were there, Giovanna. The photos on the wall behind me are mostly my heros, Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez and Delores Huerta, Harvy Milk, Hoawrd Zinn, Gloria Steinem and there are also photos of me, me and Tom Hayden, my family during WWII. that’s it. xx

    • tracy replied 1 month ago

      Your speech was just delicious, I gobbled up every word of it ! And now back to the work at hand…. CLIMATE ACTION NOW !!!

    • Jane, you were HUGE last night. You didn’t mention “ My Octopus Teacher “ but you did mention “ I May Destroy You “ which didn’t get any nomination, I was pissed off about that, because i think it’s such an important show and everyone should watch it, specially if you’re a woman. Thank you for doing that, that show deserved something, someone to say how important it is and you did that!!!
      I looooved your prize shelf, you have the most important ones! This is for a few!
      There’s another show I think you should watch if you haven’t seen yet, that is called “ The Undoing “ it was also been tipped to win something at the awards, but it wasn’t this time. It is also a show from HBO.

      I have a question for you: you have played so many characters through your whole acting life, is there some role either on theatre or in the movies or even on TV shows, you would like to play someday? Or you’re done with Grace? It can be anything, even if this dream will not come true. What’s your inner desire?

      Giovanna Montanhan Banho

    • Hi Jane!,

      A headline of one spanish newspaper said “Jane Fonda never fails!” and it’s true, it’s totally true. Congratulations on your award and on your clear and courageous speech! The same newspaper defined your speech as powerful, necessary and worthy of applause, all a compliment to your person, I make all its words my own. All the medias has praised your speech.
      The stories in books, movies, theater … touch somehow our minds and hearts. There’s some movies that I’ve seen in my youth that I can remember exactly the days when I saw them, movies like Apocalypse Now, The Killing Fields, Coming Home, The Deer Hunter, The Mission, Novecento, ….. and Spanish movies like The South, The Holy Innocents, all of them are keeped fixed in my mind forever and I’ve learned somehting in all of them. There’s no doubts that they’ve influenced in our lives.

      (You looked very pretty but, I’m sorry, I prefer your blonde hair, ha ha)

    • Congratulations on the Cecil B.de Mille award!!!!!
      I´m so happy for you!!
      You were really wonderful and trully beautiful that night…and your speech was so moving…
      I was very excited to see you and to see all the pictures of your movies put together.
      Thanks for being you, thanks for inspiring me.
      Love from Argentina.

    • Congrants in your Cecil B. DeMille. It’s my birthday and I’d love to receive a “happy birthday” from you. Love you so much. Kisses from Brazil.

  • Excited and looking forward to the Golden Globes Tomorrow. I am this years recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille Award!! It means a lot when you receive an award for your body of work. Hard to believe and very […]

    • Congratulations, Jane! You’re sure in good company…

    • I am so happy. Today is March 1, 2021, and I saw in the Headlines of Google News that Jane Fonda has received a LifeTime award for her work. Again so happy. It could not have happened to a better person. I do not know Jane Fonda personally but she has always been one of the few public figures that I have deeply respected. Clearly others too think this way. Congratulations to the steadfast, diligent, and ambitious women Jane Fonda. So happy.

    • Hello my dear Jane,
      Congratulations on yesterday’s award, more than deserved. I was very happy to see that you are very well and vaccinated. His speech was precise and absolutely necessary. With love

    • Jane you looked fabulous, as always!
      Congratulations on your award, you deserved it.

    • Hello darling Jane!

      My name is Kaia, and I am an actress and producer based in Toronto, Canada.

      Myself and a gaggle of gays are producing, and preparing to pitch a TV comedy based on a fictional 80’s aerobics set.

      Our team has been doing the Jane Fonda Workout Challenge since October to prepare… It is a VERY hard workout, but our bums look really nice.

      I thought I may be so bold as to seek guidance from the Queen Of Aerobics.

      Here is a link to our website: https://www.camponfire.com/

      I would love to tell you more about our passion project. You can contact us at info@camponfire.com .

      Thank you for being the ferocious woman you are.

      Truly, I look forward to hearing from you.


      Kaia Richardson.

      P.S We want to buy a DVD copy of the Jane Fonda Workout Challenge, but ALAS, it’s nowhere to be found.

    • Jane, You hit it out of the park! I found the first hour and a half painful, but they had so much of a challenge within the limits. I enjoyed Norman Lear but you took it up to a even higher level. Even the book club members are raving about your speech today. Your speech made the night for me. I took pictures of you with the others listening and responding, Jodie Foster, Glenn Close, Viola Davis. They were all greatly touched by what you were saying. You are a class act every single time. You tied it all together and gave it the meaning it should have. Love you so much!!! Dona

    • Dear Jane, I don’t know if you’ll read this but congratulations on your award!! It’s so well deserved!! You’re so amazing and I couldn’t have wished for a better role model.I’m in high school currently and you really inspire me everyday with all of your great work and always make me smile and make my day better whenever I watch your movies or just hear your inspiring words. Having someone so great to look up to has really helped me in so many ways even when I felt lost and your work for our planet and future reminds me of how important it is to fight for what is right.
      You truly are incredible
      With love and admiration, Era 💕

    • Jane, I am so glad to have been able to see your speech at The Golden Globes. I got emotional because I saw my journey with you right in front of me. We have been connecting through this blog for more than 10 years (I will NEVER forget your first words to me: “Happy New Year” :-D) and I was fortunate to see you in person 3 years ago (a conversation and hug I will cherish forever). But for me, it’s been longer than that. You started your speech about storytelling and how it can elevate our lives. I still remember being a 12-year-old loner who obsessively watched classic movies, not getting 99% of what I was watching. But as you said, storytelling gets you on a visceral level – and when I first felt that, it was Klute. A story and a character whose circumstances could not be further from my own (on the surface), I finally felt seen and understood when I saw Bree’s struggles and you inhabiting her. It was a feeling in my body, my heart, my spirit that I can still recall even after so many years. That experience that has inspired me to go out of my shell, open up and choose the art of storytelling as my own path. Last night, once again, I felt seen and heard in your speech. Thank you for being my biggest inspiration, thank you for being there for me in moments you were not even aware of it! I love you, Jane! Congratulations on you well-deserved accolade! Hugs from your old blogging pal, Daniel

    • Enhorabuena Jane,disfruta tu merecido premio. Ayer ví tu película,Paz amor y malentendidos,me gustó mucho tu personaje y una escena muy conmovedora cuando estás en en coche con tu hija y le preguntas si veinte años no han sido suficiente,nunca olvidaré este dialogo.

    • Hi Jane Fonda! I watched the golden globes tonight and it was awesome seeing you win your award! I just want to say that I love Grace and Frankie and my family and I are huge fans.
      -Emily Zapien 🙂

    • Hi Jane,
      I just wanted to pop in and congratulate you on your award! Your speech tonight was so uplifting, and I couldn’t agree more—let’s all be leaders! Thank you for speaking about how the industry/Hollywood in general needs more diversity and inclusion, and how we need to elevate all voices, and address the inequality that has been a constant in this industry. I was so thrilled to see that Chloe Zhao took home the Golden Globe for Best Director—only the second woman to ever win the award, and the first woman of Asian descent. It’s pretty shocking that this was the 78th ceremony and we’re still hitting these milestones. Nomadland was wonderful and I’m so happy she was recognized for her incredible work! Hopefully we will continue to see more diversity in all of these award categories!

      Really looking forward to this week’s Fire Drill Friday rally, and I’m so excited to attend again as a virtual audience member with my volunteer team leaders. Thanks for bringing us all together! I really look forward to this each month!

      Xo Robin

    • Jane, first I wanna say: congratulations for that award, so well deserved!!! I cried with your speech, so powerful, so full of tenacity, and truthful and so so honest!
      Second I wanna say: you career deserves all the possible awards to win, you’ve worked your whole life and nothing better than an accomplishment for all the hard work. So glad you were one of the women to receive the Cecil B. deMille Award, and I pray that many other women can be given this award, because women are the future!!

      You’re 83 and I have to say, you have so much youth and energy inside of you, and I’m not saying this to pamper you, I say this as a woman of 20 years old (almost 21!) who envisions reaching 80 with the same desire to live, to work as you do. You are such an inspiration to me, I really believe that I can reach almost 100 years of age by being healthy, exercising every day and having the disposition just as you have and display.

      I hope you get to read my message and feel all of the love I have to offer to you. I love u w/ all of my heart and I couldn’t get more proud of you after 2night.

      Xoxo dear,
      Giovanna Montanhan Banho

    • I just watched your speech at the Golden Globes. So inspirational! Congratulations!

    • You are such an inspiration. Keep up the hard and wonderful work you are doing. ❤️💕

    • Gorgeous, empowering, moving speech, Jane. Congratulations!Thank you so much for your career that has produced a body of work that inspires so, so many people of all age, race, gender, etc. It takes a strong person to put yourself on the line and follow your beliefs no matter where they take you.

      You’re amazing, thank you for all you do and enjoy that shiny new award! (Just don’t break another shelf!)


    • Looked very beautiful at the Golden Globe Awards!! Congratulations on receiving such a prestigious and much deserved award.

    • CONGRATULATIONS on receiving this well deserved honor tonight on the Golden Globes! This is my first response on your Blog. I admit that although a fan, this incredibly difficult year was saved nightly by my hubby and I binge watching GRACE & FRANKIE, but SO disappointed when we watched the last one! Glad to hear there will at least be one more season. Being a child of the 60’s and turning 74 in June I must say OLD is NOT how I feel! I’ve walked or hiked daily for the last 20 years, often with my husband and for the past ten, with our beautiful best friend Sophie, a Saintberdoodle . She tore her AOL in late August and due to her age and arthritis we chose a custom brace over surgery and built a lift to our 2nd floor deck to eliminate her using stairs. She helped us stay physically fit and emotionally stable, so it’s our turn to help her.

      BTW, LOVE your comment on decorating your Christmas tree. I take two to three days to decorate our now 9’ tree in our retirement home in Ocean Shores, WA from prior years having up the a 24’ tree, but since my first Christmas ornament gift when I was 12, I have been collecting them and each one is a sentimental journey. I give an ornament my two daughters every year and now one to each of our three granddaughters. I decided this year or we did as my husband decorates the outside and I do the inside (practically every room) that we would continue to do it until we can’t! We also have a potluck Christmas party every year. Our first year here we only knew three people, so we passed out flyers and had over 40 people and SO much incredible food. Now, we have even more people and most have become our friends. This year was painful, but hopefully, 2021 we can do it for them again. Our kids did surprise us with a visit, but stayed in a hotel and we had to “follow the rules” With sadly NO hugs, but a party in our garage and outside covered area with a portable fire pit, S’Mores, Christmas carols, my traditional clam chowder, and LOTS of love.

      ENJOY YOUR NIGHT tonight & Thank you & Lily (who I saw live in Chicago in a small comedy club in the 70’s!) for GRACE & FRANKIE!

    • Congratulations, Jane! You deserve it for so many reasons! I will be watching!

    • I´m so happy that the Golden Globes is tomorow.And happier to be able to watch for the seventh consecutive year, considering that I have discovered this world when I was 12!Also my birthday is coming and it would mean the world to me if you wish me happy birthday!

  • Yeah. Been wondering about that. Hardly any space.

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