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    Mirit, I loved loved loved “Sylvie’s Love.” The two actors are so good. Did you know that the man Sylvie loves is, in real life, the husband of Kerry Washington?

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    Candita, what’s sold out?

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    Routine’s are important, Candita so create a routine for yourself…walks, reading, keeping a journal, meditation on what your next job should be.

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    Floren, That was some 50 plus years ago and I don’t remember. Sorry.

  • Lesia, I don’t think that’s something Greta would want to do. Plus, she’s Swedish, not American. Biden has some good people advising him on climate. Now, if we can just win the GA runoffs we can make the ideas reality

  • Dear Dona, I must have missed seeing that email from you. You certainly never offended me. It was just an oversight. Can you resend?

  • I will try to make it happen, Pam xx

  • Laurence, I’m afraid I cannot accept your invitation. I am not going to do any more interviews until I have to. No extracurricular ones, especially. I’m sorry. x jane

  • Thanks, Jenny. Very proud that you’re the Greenpeace volunteer trainer for the runoffs. so grateful. xxx

  • Thanks so much, Katie for volunteering. xx

  • And thanks again, Kara, for the squirrel and xylophone!!

  • Thank you, Kerry.

  • Beautiful, Sandra. Thanks!

  • Beautiful song, Floren.

  • Day after tomorrow, Monday the 21st, is the Winter Solstice. A year ago in D.C. at the Fire Drill Friday action on that day, I told the large crowd, “The solstice reminds us that even in the darkest time, t […]

    • Dearest Jane,

      Thank you for your message of hope. I look forward to seeing the planets kiss tomorrow after sunset. I can already feel vibrations beginning to change, but change in a way that I haven’t felt during an equinox or solstice before. Hopefully over the coming year, we can manifest more kindness, awareness, and positive change.
      Happy 83rd, and enjoy the Winter Solstice!

      Oceans of love,


    • Happy birthday Jane!!,
      I wish you are very happy today and in the future with all your family and friends, and I wish you are very happy too, in the development of all your causes and movements that you’re involved, knowing that neither now nor ever you’ll walk alone because you are a sincere woman with a big heart and a very good head, so many people know this, and know your wisdom and your courage and trust you. You must be proud because of people’s support and affection. I want this video to serve you as a gift and as a tribute. I hope you like it.
      With love,

      (At the beginning of the pandemic, this song sounded simultaneously on hundreds of radio stations in Europe as a gesture of unity and hope in the face of Covid19)

      • Beautiful song, Floren.

        • Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day…Have a wonderful time and a very happy birthday!” “Hope your special day brings you all that your heart desires! Here’s wishing you a day full of pleasant surprises! Happy birthday Jane!”Lots of love ❤❤❤ God bless you with great health

    • Hello dear Jane.
      First of all I must wish you a very Happy Birthday. That’s where winter comes in, summer comes in my country. I hope you have the best possible time, taking good care of yourself.
      CoVid 19 confronts us with a reality that in my 65 years I did not know. I have already gone through economic crises, military governments , and the persecution of my superiors trying to dominate my “revolutionary” side. At this moment I say with pride that they could not me. I always did what I thought was convenient and was learning for me and my dear students. Do you know what one of my little struggles was? Try to make those around me more environmentally friendly. Many years ago we warned that “the climate was changing.” Some laughed in our faces. Even fellow teachers.
      I still read everything that came to my hands. And, since Greta Thumberg appeared, the idea penetrated very deeply in young people.
      And for a year now, a person named Jane Fonda has taken up the climate change torch and illuminated my life. Every day that you took that torch, you went to Washington DC, you created Fire Drill Fridays myself, I am a strong listener although my command of English is basic.
      I have maintained my loyalty to you and to the cause and, although I have not received the book I bought in September, I still am.
      I congratulate you on that army you have formed. I hope it grows in strength and continues being the peaceful one as before. They are great. A hug to all. It is important to make your voices heard and stand up to civil disobedience.
      In Uruguay we have our struggles. I’m not an activist, I don’t walk the streets. My thing is more written communication. I don’t know if it works, but “it’s what I know how to do.”
      May God have a nice Christmas, alone or with someone, even if only with Tùlea and your little squirrel. Stay safe.
      I will still be there next year if life permits.
      From Uruguay, a country with a “heart shape” I send you twelve thousand kilometers of hugs!!! hahaha. Some will come to you, I guess! LOL
      I love you very much and I pray for you. Hugs and kisses.xoxo
      Until the next post….

      PD(Sorry for My Bad English)

    • Hello,
      Very good intentions from today and brave commitments!!
      Earth’s photos from space are breathtaking. That small point of light keeps the treasure of the adventure of Humanity´s life and we, all together, have the responsability and duty to preserve it.

    • Jane-

      Warmest birthday wishes to you! I love the winter solstice for so many reasons, but namely because I think it’s the Earth way of forcing us to stop and reflect. In darkness, we naturally pause in order to determine our next move. For me, on this cold winter night, it’s a beautiful opportunity to think about “what’s next?” Your mission is working; you are gathering people like me who weren’t quite sure how to make a “big move” for climate action. Enjoy this rare celestial event and keep fighting the good fight; so many of us are with you in this moment!


    • Wow! I definitely needed to gear this today. Thank you for this post! After reading the facts your presented in this post, I feel a lot more motivated to ask others to join Greenpeace’s efforts, something I’ve always been afraid to do because I didn’t want to offend or annoy people, but it’s totally worth to it! We all have to step up if we want a live able future.

      I like that you keep that photo somewhere where it can serve you as a reminder. I line my walls with things such as poetry and picture of outer space too, because you’re right. They really have a way of putting things in perspective.

      Thank you for sharing your goal for this year also. I think it is something I would also like to accomplish as well.

      Happy belated birthday!!! Do you have any special birthday plans? I know CA is in a sort of lockdown right now, correct? How do you plan to celebrate?

      All my best,
      Kennedy Davis

    • Jane

      Thank you for all you have done; past, present and future! We need more people like you! You being born on the Winter Solstice day is probably why you are a cosmic nerd and to our benefit you were. I know through the year I have stepped out and did more than I normally do through your encouragements!! I thank you for that!! I wish you a very Happy Birthday! Hope you have an awesome day!!

      With much love and admiration!!

    • Hi Jane, I don’t know if you are going to read this or not but I just wanted to say you are such an inspiration for me and I hope that when I grow up I can be like you, an actress (that it’s my dream and my passion), an activist for help to do a better world like you and have your positive attitude and all your potential.
      I’m a 16 yo Spanish girl and I have to say that I didn’t know about you until I watched Grace and Frankie (that literally is one of my favorite shows ever). Since then, I started watching all your interviews, some of your films… I really love your work, but when I discovered all the good things you do for our planet and to help everyone, I was really impressed! Now I’m addicted to your blog, Fire Drill Fridays Lives, and everything you do! I’m learning a lot of things with you and you are just an icon for me and for a lot of people, believe me. I’m so happy I found you because you are such an inspiration for me, I support you, I love you and everything you do.
      I’ve made you a short video for your birthday (I know it’s on Monday but I send it to you now hahaha) so here it is: https://mega.nz/file/lYUWAZBT#HhAhhhxHuhfGdHG52ToDtvOnohsxfk_BS8wl8m8dnbs
      Thank you, Jane, for everything.
      Btw I’m so sorry if I’ve said something wrong in English, I’m not really good at it.
      Hope you are doing well,

    • You have been my hero since the 70s. Just an amazing person who has so much passion to help better the world! Happy early birthday in advance. BTW, the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is in Aquarius, which is going to usher in the true Age of Aquarius. Equality and community (think groups of people, NOT corporations) will be key themes of the 2020s. Your wish will be granted. I love your book; I bought the signed copy.

      • I hate disagreeing with my fellow astrologers, but IMHO, and with all due respect to you, the Great Conjunction won’t usher in the true age of Aquarius. It’s merely a preview. We’ll get an even bigger preview when Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024. At that time, Pluto will enter Aquarius and will make an exact trine to Uranus in Gemini – something that as far as I can tell in my extensive research – hasn’t happened since the fall of the Bronze Age and the beginning of the Iron Age. Also, the Kali Yuga ends in 2025. We are in for some MAJOR changes. As for when the “real thing” comes along is highly contested. The range covers hundreds of years. I’m probably also more wary than most that it isn’t necessarily something we’re going to enjoy all that much. Back in the day when “the Moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with Mars” not many people had any inkling of the computer age, surveillance or social networking to come. Although we did talk quite a bit about “Big brother is watching.” Aquarius is the sign of “together alone,” not to be confused with “alone together.” If you ever want to join me in the Uranus – Pluto trine research, give me a shout. I could really use another pair of eyes on it. Namaste.

    • Hi Jane, I always learn so much from your blog posts! Thank you for all you do for the climate. I can say you have inspired many of us to make changes! I don’t waste as much now (water or electricity) . I always recycle!! Even at work every day, I’ve cut down on how much paper I use at the office . I re-use a lot too. Your book was so inspiring.

      I will look up on the sky to see this Wonderful went on Monday! Thank you for telling us

      Happy Birthday on Monday (my fellow Sagittarius)! I hope your 83rd year is everything you have hoped for. I know it won’t be a typical birthday for you like some of the ones you’ve had in the past, but you have all of us who will be thinking about you on your big day!

    • Hi Jane,

      I don’t usually comment but whilst digesting the tough news that the UK is essentially entering another lockdown, I’m feeling reflective and thought I’d drop you a note…

      I want to thank you for this past year, Jane, for being a constant source of light. Your presence has been a huge comfort to me as you continue to inspire me from afar with your boundless energy and strength. It has truly made me smile to be able to connect through your posts. Your unwavering passion and determination to achieve your goals is amazing, it’s a thing of beauty to see you come alive when you talk about your desire to make a real difference to the world. Your enthusiasm is infectious and it makes me want to learn everything I can and do anything I can to help.

      It’s impossible for me to express the impact you’ve had on my world. So many of your wise words and life advice over the years has deeply resonated with me. Your ability to be authentically yourself, to challenge the norm and continuously reinvent yourself takes courage, and I couldn’t applaud you enough. I carry this with me always and now, more than ever, you inspire my 28 y/o self to be the best version of me that I can be.

      Happy Birthday for the 21st and I wish you all the very best for 2021.

      Love and hugs,
      Kerry x

    • Sending you Solstice joy, Jane. Thank you for being gracious, giving, and brave.

    • Hi Jane, how u doing?

      I loved the last Fire Drill Fridays of the year, that one was the only one I could participate and I loved the experience by Zoom. I hope one day I can join you to protest on the streets.

      Exactly on this day, December 19th of 2020, it’s been 40 years since the movie 9 to 5 was released. I don’t know if you remembered, because you didn’t write anything about it. How much time has passed since the movie was out and it’s sad to think that in 40 years not much has changed. Also, i can’t wait to watch the remake!

      WOW! It’s a big thing to have a birthday on the Winter Solstice! And this year will more special than ever because of this rare ” Christmas Star” that will be on the sky. I didn’t know the Winter Solstice was on your birthday! That’s amazing!! i’m so excited to watch this big cosmic event, i’m really hopeful that where i live in Brazil i will be able to see too, i’m also a lover of the sky, this cosmic world, the Universe, it all intrigues me a lot and i think is that the reason i’m so fascinated by.

      Every superstitious person uses to say that it gives bad luck when you wish an early happy birthday to someone, but i’m not that kind of superstitious so if you allow me, i would like to wish you a happy birthday, full of blessings, happiness, love & prosperity.

      And also, a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
      For curiosity, do you have a tradition on your family that you have to do every Christmas? And what are your New Year’s Resolutions?

      May 2021 be better for all of us (with the vaccine, i hope)!

      Giovanna Montanhan Banho

    • Happy Birthday Jane!
      You are one of the brightest stars in our sky!
      As one of the “great unasked,” I am forever grateful that many, many months ago you said to text JANE, to 877-877 to get involved with FDF. I did and never looked back!
      What a journey this year has been. Thank you for being our leader in this fight. We owe it to ourselves, the generations after us and of course our planet earth…to be kind and to do what is needed to make the future of this planet a livable one for all species.

      Be well!
      Love, Kara from Amsterdam,NY

      • And thanks again, Kara, for the squirrel and xylophone!!

        • Hello Jane,
          Happy Belated Birthday!
          This should be quite a momentous year! The eclipse on your Sun, both a Jupiter and Uranus return and Neptune trine your Midheaven! A powerful year where a new level of personal illumination can lead to a truly positive effect upon the world.
          Wishing you the best as you travel the path of this exciting new odyssey.

    • Happy Solar Return, Ms. Fonda! I would like to tell you that the Great Conjunction today conjoins your natal Jupiter at 00 Aquarius 18 at your Ascendant, and what it means to you. I’m just not sure you’d like me to take up that much space here. If you’d like to know, please tell me the best way to do that. You have my email since I used it to register. Warmest wishes for a stellar year ahead.

    • Dear Jane,

      I want to wish you a very happy birthday! You’ve been a light in a very dark year, and I am so grateful for your dedication to our planet and to all of your fans. Thank you for inspiring me to become active and volunteer. It has been a very rewarding experience, and I hope to continue in person once it’s safe.

      I hope you have a great birthday and the biggest blessings in 2021. I look forward to seeing all that you have in store with Fire Drill Fridays, Grace and Frankie, and everything else!


    • My dear, a great birthday for you. Today we have finally entered the Age of Aquarius.
      The oldest truths can be as vibrant as avant-garde thoughts and the most recent perspective as worn and cynical as the most frequently repeated lie. This conjunction in Aquarius weaves the past and the present in a vivid singularity, creating a change in perception that radiates a new and enlightening light. As Jupiter and Saturn announce the beginning of a new twenty-year cycle, they expand future possibilities beyond our wildest dreams. What we think we are is changing. More of the mystery is being revealed. They say that we cannot change the past, but outside linear time, this is not even true. Timelines are constantly changing and changing, and within them we can create in ways that are not possible when we “follow the rules”! When we simply look at the present in our past, we change it, because we see it in a new way, from new perspectives. We are our own saviors. We must know this without a doubt. For in this same knowledge is the Sovereign Self, which fears nothing and no one – radiant, immaculate and free. As we move towards 2021, this Grand Conjunction will light our way. Who or whatever we believe to be is now, more than ever, open to question. We can reinvent ourselves from scratch and choose a different future.
      Your photo is beautiful. It is very good to see each other from other perspectives. As a mantra of access to consciousness, everything is the opposite of what appears to be and nothing is the opposite of what appears to be.
      I wish you the most beautiful in this world for you! Gratitude for everything. Love and Light!

    • Hello Jane !

      I hope you are having a good day, I wish you a happy birthday peace, love, health and positive energies in your life. I admire your courage in defending the environment and I believe that your actions have inspired many people like me. You have been a great inspiration to me since I learned of your participation in protests in defense of the environment. I admire your courage and believe that your actions inspire many people. I have accompanied you in the life of Fire Drill Friday and it has been great to see that there are people concerned about the environment.

    • Dearest Jane,

      Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day…Have a wonderful time and a very happy birthday!” “Hope your special day brings you all that your heart desires! Here’s wishing you a day full of pleasant surprises! Happy birthday Jane!”Lots of love ❤❤❤ God bless you with great health

    • Happy Birthday Jane. You share birthday with Paco de Lucia. The day is all yours – Have fun!

    • Happy Jane Day! Wishing you health and continued strength and courage! And hoping to see you in a film again soon!

    • Happy Birthday Jane

    • Happy birthday, Jane! In the midst of a strange year, I hope this solstice birthday is a happy and meaningful day for you.

      I really appreciate the perspective in this post–what an incredible photo of our tiny, unique planet. And I’m so grateful for your leadership and perspective in general. I’ve always been politically active, but the pandemic has changed so much about the structure of our days and what is possible. I’ve been volunteering with Greenpeace as a text team leader (along with Robin and Kara!) since a few months before the general election, and it’s been such a fantastic experience. I’ve gotten to be in the Zoom as an audience member for a couple FDFs, too, and that’s been a great experience as well! Thank you for helping to expand the community of people taking direct action on climate. I’m looking forward to being involved in this fight for years to come. (Not that there’s another option!)

      Once again, a very happy birthday–and thank you so much for all the good you bring to this world through your activism and art. <3

    • Happy Birthday Jane! A true hero and inspiration to me, thank you for everything you do!

    • Dear Jane,

      Happy Birthday!!
      Hope you have a wonderful day, you deserve it. You inspire me everyday, you are truly amazing.
      I really hope to meet you one day, it would be a dream come true!

      Lots of love,
      Georgia Thomas xx

      P.S I hope you are spending your birthday as Grace Hanson would… Drinking lots of vodka martinis 😉

    • Hi Jane
      Happy birthday to you ! May this day be sweet to you
      and I hope you can be with your children and grandchildren at Christmas.
      Extraordinary this photo … the earth is so small and it needs so much care!
      Respect to you for all your actions, it’s extraordinary this fight that you still lead today !
      take good care of yourself and happy birthday again. xxx

    • Dear Jane, I wish you all the best for your birthday! Above all, good health and happiness during this difficult time! And Merry Christmas with your loved ones and all the best for the year 2021! 🍀❤ All the best, Barbara from Germany

    • Hola Jane, feliz cumpleaños,te deseo un buen dia. Las dos cumplimos años en diciembre, yo el 30.Aprovecho para desearte también Felices Fiestas, te mando un fuerte abrazo desde Mallorca”espero que llegue”aun en la distancia. Isabel

    • Happy Birthday Jane!!!! I pray you have an AWESOME day!!!!

    • Jane, What love pours out to you from all these people who may have or may not ever meet you. It shows just how very much you have touched us all so deeply. You have added to our lives and we are grateful. I can only add my meager words to say that I wish you the Happiest of birthdays. I wish you a day of joy and may it be ten times more than all the joy you have created in this world. Yes, we’ll be there in the next yr. Learning from you, following the trail you blazed, appreciating what this beloved Earth gives us and fighting to save it for all the children to come. I will look for Jupiter (my rising Sign) and Saturn and think of you. I hope the little painting of the Octopus found it way to you and gave you a smile. Much love, xxDona

    • Dear Jane!

      Happy 83rd Birthday to you! I hope your day will be filled with peace and love. You definitely deserve it! You are so incredibly inspiring, and your activism and influence have brought so many of us into the climate movement, including myself. You have truly reached out to so many of the “unasked,” enriching our own existence as well as that of the planet. Fire Drill Fridays and the voter outreach work with Greenpeace have made this tumultuous time a lot more tolerable. We’ve become members of an incredible community and we have you to thank for that.

      I have continued to do voter outreach (calling and texting) through Greenpeace for the Georgia runoffs. I train newcomers to our environmental call banks every Monday. This time around I’m the only representative of Greenpeace who is a trainer so I get to give the audience an intro to our organization before the beginning of each session which is such an honor. Today I’m going to make calls and train others in honor of you and your birthday!

      It is crazy to think it has been a year since I met you after your talk in Morristown, NJ. At that time none of us could have ever imagined how drastically the world was about to change. It feels like yesterday and a lifetime ago at the same time. But in times like these it is important to look for the silver linings. The pandemic allowed so many of us to gather together virtually every Friday regardless of our location. And since we are all at home it was easier to devote a great deal of time and effort to voter outreach, and create an amazing community while doing so. For this I will be forever grateful. So many of us are now hooked on climate activism and we will be a part of the Greenpeace movement for the rest of our lives.

      I can’t thank you enough for sharing your kindness, experience, talents and knowledge with all of us. I am so grateful. God bless you on your birthday!

      Jenny Xoxo

      P.S. I just loved your post about your Christmas tree! Thank you so much for sharing. It is so special that you have ornaments that date back decades and know the stories behind them. I absolutely adore antiques and vintage objects. I think they can be a great way to engage with the past. Whenever I would go to an antique shop I would always catch myself wondering where an object came from or who may have owned it. It is exciting when these questions can actually be answered. Anyway, your tree and its history are gorgeous!

      • Thanks, Jenny. Very proud that you’re the Greenpeace volunteer trainer for the runoffs. so grateful. xxx

    • Thank you so much, Jane, for this interesting post and the perspective. I did not realize that we could tip the scales with 3%. That makes me feel motivated and empowered. You’ve convinced me to do something. Thank you!

    • “¡Feliz Navidad! ¡Bon Nadal! ¡Boas Festas! ¡Zorionak!”

      Hello Jane,
      Merry Christmas to you and to everyone!,
      I almost sure that those who are writing here, all of us, fortunatly, have resources and have all the needs covered. Christmas Eve is a big ocasion to join in family (I don’t think so this year) but I think it’s also time to remind poor people that they have a hard time for many different circunstances and they have no reasons to be happy, so they have nothing to celebrate, when I think about this, I feel Christmas means happiness and sadness at the same time,here is not the day of gifts!.
      When I was a little girl, at Christmas Eve dinner, every year, when we’re setting on the table, my father always started saying “On this Night I always remember my mother…..” my brothers, sisters and I, (we’re five), looked at each other thinking about, “Here is Dad telling us the story again!. He always remembered his mother because she’ve died in this day a few months before I was born, I bear her name because of that, but he also remembered she used to invite some poor man to the table to have dinner and rest with them at their home, What a Great Gesture!, even though my grandfather didn’t like it. Unfortunately we learn to appreciate the value of this things over time. And now, we will be here, his daugthers and sons remebering the same story like every year with a little sadness, but at least Solidarity with the poors remains in our hearts.
      II hope it will be a Merry Christmas for everyone. I wish you Peace and Happiness!.

      (By the way and about Christmas, here, the Conjunction is also called the Bethlehem’s Star, I could see it perfectly from my home with the binoculars, without them it certainly looked like the famous East’s Magi Star, thank you!)

    • Hello Jane!
      I hope you had a beautiful birthday, surrounded by all the love you deserve. Please tell us!!
      I wish you a wonderful Christmas Eve, a Merry Christmas and a better New Year.
      Thank you for inspiring me.
      Please take care of yourself always!!
      Hope to see G&F soon!!!

    • Happy birthday Jane! I am writing to you from Greece to let you know that your opinions and your advice are valuable!! Keep writing… Love you

    • Lesa replied 1 month ago

      A very special birthday this is! What a sight the planets are.
      Wishing you all the best…. Happy Birthday, Jane!

    • Robyn replied 1 month ago

      Happy Birthday Jane !
      I hope this year will be full of success for you and that you will hopefully be able to do fire drill fridays in person by your next birthday. I also agree that there are so many people willing to take progressive action to fight the climate crisis and show the governements that they are serious in their fight but we all just need a shove and to be asked.
      Robyn x

    • Just wanted to wish you the happiest of birthdays!!! I hope, even though everyone’s birthday this past year has been different, that it’s still filled with family and friends thanks to programs like Zoom and Skype. I saw on the calendar a few days ago that the Winter Solstice was coming up and I thought of you 🙂

      Hope you’re having a great day and evening.
      Love and hope from Newfoundland, Canada

    • Happy birthday Jane Fonda!
      You’re a wonderful person and I’m lucky I can learn lessons of life from you.
      I follow you since when I was young and my admiration for you has only increased in so many years.
      Wish you all all all the best!
      Ciao 🥳 susanna from Italy

    • Jane,
      Happy Birthday!!! This is awesome that this event is happening on your birthday. You are a shining star in my eyes and so many others! You are an amazing actress and activist and the time and energy and care you put into Firedrill Friday’s and trying to save the planet is incredible. I look up to you. I hope you have a happy birthday, A Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the new year.❤️
      Love always,

    • Dearest Jane,

      I am writing on behalf of my utter admiration towards your passion to preserve our future and to combat climate change. Thank you for enlightening my views on the importance of unity, tolerance and a constant need to look after our planet and us as human beings. This years Fire Drill Fridays truly have been both educational and heart-warming.

      I wish you good health, happiness and strength to keep moving forward with everything you feel passionate about! Happy birthday! You are a rock star!

      Hugs and kisses,


      Thank you for asking! I’m in!I have been trying to juggle the many causes that capture my heart, but I need a focus. I’ve come to the conclusion that Climate Change is the umbrella that so many problems fall under. So, with a new year, 2021 (saying 2021 sounds really, really good), I will be funneling my energy into this cause. Keep leading the way, Jane! I will be right by your side all the way . . . well, 6 feet away from your side until I get my vaccine and Covid 19 is under control. 😉 Have a wonderful birthday!

    • Dear Jane, I am Laurence in Paris. I love you very very much!
      Would you accept me to send you a private email about a magazine online I have created talking about French art de vivre.

      I would be so so happy if you accepted to play the game and answer some questions about your vision of French art of living.

      I would like to send you the link so you could have a look to see what it is about.
      If you accept to provide with a contact email address, mine is scondet@gmail.com I would be pleased to send you the details
      thank you very very much for your time dear Jane, I would love to see the French art de vivre through your eyes! By the way, I am not a journalist at all

      • Laurence, I’m afraid I cannot accept your invitation. I am not going to do any more interviews until I have to. No extracurricular ones, especially. I’m sorry. x jane

        • Hi Jane! Hope you had a great Christmas! Wishing for you and your family a very Happy and prosperous New Year!! I pray that this year will be a much better year and that many things can be accomplished for our great environment! Thank you Jane for all you are doing for our children and grandchildren’s future.

          Looking forward to Fire Drill Friday 1-9-21!!

    • punctuation?

      Hi Jane Fonda,

      It’s me Pam Clifford…again. I followed up on my ask to attend our book club and you said don’t give up yet. So, here I am w the great ask. Have you had an opportunity to check w Jess to see if it’s possible to attend our book club?

      The conjunction was amazing-and I feel good about the opportunity all of us at Greenpeace and other climate groups have in 2021 for progress saving our planet and ourselves. I can’t wait to get back to volunteering, continuing to learn from Fire Drill Fridays. Hopefully there will be an in person FDF in 2021. I was in attendance last year for your birthday FDF. It was inspiring and all the speakers that day, Gloria Steinem, Rev William Barber III, Delores Huerta and others-amazing. I road in the paddy wagon with you-Big FUN.

      Again, I understand if you can’t attend-but, as we have learned, it’s good to always ask,yes?


      Pam Clifford

      • I will try to make it happen, Pam xx

        • And if you can’t, while I will be disappointed, I will understand. 2021 is the start of great opportunities for our movement. I’ll wait to here.

          Pam Clifford

    • Dear Jane, I’ve been a fan of you for 6 years. You are a great actress and activist. I wish you a fantastic 2021 full of love, health and happiness. Love regards Joël Knobbe from Leeuwarden-Friesland

    • Jane, I wouldn’t have seen the conjunction if you hadn’t posted this. It was such a fun experience. I drove just a half mile from my place into the desert with no lights and met many in my community to watch it together. (Masked and distant). I did take binoculars but I could see it without. Several passer-bys, including a police officer wanted to know what was going on and joined the watchers. When I got back home I was delighted to find that I could clearly see it from my front porch. Someone in the community took a photo which I passed on to the book club in the cloudy skies of Washington. I was thrilled and I remembered your earth photo and your perspective. Thanks, Dona

    • I’m sorry Jane i can’t message the video that i edit because i don’t know how to send it here but i try to send it on your messenger in Instagram i hope that video is not bond to your country but if it’s bond I’m sorry but still i try it

      Love Thrizha from Philippines

    • Hi Jane,
      Happy New Year!

      In these days I’ve been seeing old movies, one of them was “Barefoot in the Park”, it’s a silly thing but I wonder why the Salamanca’s bullfight poster decorated your apartment, it’s a lot of funny, do you remember something about this poster? In a school’s trip when I was about fifteen I bought one like that with my name on it, ha ha!!. I must say that Salamanca is one of the most beautiful cities in my country, I like it very much!, the movie too!!

      • Jane replied 3 weeks ago

        Floren, That was some 50 plus years ago and I don’t remember. Sorry.

    • Hi Jane I’m Thrizha Anne Mae from Philippines I’m one of your fun here and super duper belated happy birthday to you i make some video of your few movie and I try to edit it im not good edit but I hope you see it and I hope it’s bond to your country and if not I hope you like it and i wish one day im gonna see you here in the Philippines

    • Jane,
      Happy new year! I wish nothing but the best for you and Firedrill Friday’s in 2021!
      Love always,

    • Happy New Year Jane.
      2020 is a year we’ll never forget, but 2021 can only be better and happier for us all if we all pull together. There’s no one ‘out there’ trying to harm us. It’s in our hands. ❤️

    • Happy New Year Ms. Fonda and also to the members of this page. Thank you Ms. Fonda for you continued righteous activism. I have but few heroes, and you are a solid one. And thank you members of this page, for giving her the support she deserves. As someone who is usually posting on the very negative parts of the internet, coming here gave me new hope, to see so many supporting a true American hero. I am sure I will be defending her lifetime actions again soon enough. But this year, may more people wake up to the truth and listen to those who not only speak it, but mobilize it…. people like Jane Fonda.

      All the best!

      Thomas Jayne

    • Jane replied 2 weeks ago

      Candita, what’s sold out?

    • Dear Jane,
      Astonishment, disbelief, indignation, sadness, a lot of sadness…. Words are not enough to express what we felt yesterday when we saw the images that came from Washington D.C., I can’t imagine what this has meant for good Americans, nor how you’ve been able to endure these last years with serenity. America doesn’t deserve this!
      Trump’s ego has inflicted too many wounds, deep wounds that will be difficult to heal.
      “Michael Moore at Trumpland” comes to my mind and I think he actually fell short, impossible to believe! but I don’t think even he could imagine this ending.
      The Spanish adjective “Tramposo” sounds like “TRUMPoso” and means a person who do cheats, funny coincidence! Ther’s no doubt that he is.
      Cheer up!, I’m sure everything will be fine!

    • Coucou Jane <3
      que ce nouveau circuit autour du soleil soit rempli de douceur, de sérénité et surtout, d'une prise de conscience globale quant à la protection climatique de notre jolie planète.

      Non seulement vous êtes bellissimamissima, vous êtes pour la moi la fille la plus lumineuse, la plus audacieuse et la plus déterminée.


    • Jane,
      It’s a great day! Freedom of journalistic expression and transparency win! Julian Assange will not be extradited to the US (for now, at least). Like Ms Fonda in the 70’s, he wanted the world to know about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, (and more…), and both got “intimidated” by the US government. Long live the Fourth and Fifth Estates, and US government – go screw yourself!

      Also a great day today, as Donald Trump was banned from coming to the British Isles. Equality and justice for all! Hey, Donald, pardon Julian and maybe someone will want to play golf with you again. Can’t wait to see you go.

      But now Georgia is on my mind.

    • Hello Jane, or should I say Bonjour puisque je suis Française ?

      Anyway, I’m new here, and I have many things to tell you! First of all I’d like to thank you for being such an inspiration! Oh my God, I mean you’ve been through so much highs and lows but someway somehow your strength, your courage, your resilience always allowed you to go forward without looking back. I have to say that all of this is very impressive. So congratulations for the big achievement that you’ve made of your life and once again thank you.
      As I said, I’m a young French girl, I’m 22 and I kind of reflect on some things you’ve been saying through interviews, books or films. It is hard, well, I find it hard to be on my 20s, not really knowing what’s ahead of me, what’s waiting for me or what I am making myself wait for. I’ve already wasted a few years trying to be perfect and pleased everybody but thank God, or thank therapy I’d rather say, I’m finally making my way through it and now I’m just trying to please nobody but me. It’s tough but it feels awesome.
      I know that ambition is a must-have today, and I believe in myself, I know that I am capable of things, of good things but fear keeps me from trying and daring. So I just lay low and hope that things will happen on their own, thinking « if it’s meant to be it will be » and I hate myself for being such a sissy. But watching you taking actions on so many levels is empowering and encourages me to do so.

      Vous êtes une force de la nature, un exemple à suivre et un témoignage de volonté. Thank you for being a guidance until I find my very own purpose.

      I wish you the best, thank you for all that you’ve done and everything you’ll keep on doing.

      xx, Marion

    • FDF Jan 22nd. What high energy vibes between two people who have passion for solving the fossil fuel problem. Dr. Leah Stokes was a great find in this field. I jotted the two books down to buy and refer to my cousin who is working on his degree in at U of W. All We Can Save and Short Circuiting Policy. This will be right up Brooks’ alley. And Revolutionary Power by Shalanda Baker for another activist friend. I’ll see if I can see Merchants of Doubt and Rachel Maddow’s Blowout. I’ll look into “securitization” so I’ll be armed to send letters to Senators Sinema & Kelly. (Got to work this AZ blue to death.)
      In my first letter to Biden I gave a wish list starting with the Green New Deal; 2nd, ERA passage; 3rd. An Apology to all persons of color including descendants of slaves for slavery and all systemic racism which would include a promise of a turn a round to end it.
      I’m struggling with my position on wanting to have Trump impeached over moving on. I want it all and wonder if I really have to chose another time of walking away from what is right, just to get everything else done.
      I learned a lot today from Dr. Leah. You have the “repeater” mode down very well. Thank you for sharing. Dona

    • Wow, Jane! Another great FDF for the books! Dr. Stokes was incredible! Very informative and cleared up A LOT of questions that I had been harboring. Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

      Since the inauguration, I have been feeling especially grateful for everyone around me, especially my Greenpeace Friends and Fire Drill Friday’s. The words in the title of your book “My journey from climate despair to climate action” really described what I’ve been feeling and what many others experienced as well. Fire Drill Friday’s has been a HUGE step in my personal journey, showing me all kinds of ways to get involved and take action.

      I just wanted to take time to thank everyone who has helped me on this journey, and you are one of those people! You are a great role model to women of all ages and I strive to have your courage and empathy.

      I hope that you and your family stay safe and very excited to see who the next guests will be on FDF!

      All my best,

    • Jane,
      I’m over the moon for you. You’ve got your New Year wish come true – and so fast. The Paris Climate Agreement is resurrected!
      And kudos to the pipeline ban.
      Best wishes,
      Bob xxx

    • Jane, It’s DAY ONE and I am high on the beauty of hope! I’m wanting to share this with you. I think you must be here in spirit with me but you haven’t found the time yet to makes the words to connect us. So just saying, I’m feeling this day deeply and can’t help but think that you are too. Dona

  • Ljubisa, I agree with everything you said

  • Jane commented on the post, MY SQUIRREL 1 month, 1 week ago

    You sound like a wonderful prtson, Bryn!!

  • Floren, hopefully the future will be a combination of work at home and work in office. Do you ever schedule Zoom get-togethers with friends? I do and it helps. Just sharing your experiences with all this new stuff and solutions to the issues you talk about…loneliness, groundhog dayism, etc

  • Dona, I must admit I don’t know what you are referring to. I certainly have not found you offensive. What has happened to make you feel you have been offensive/ x Jane

  • yours is a beautiful and very personal and, thus, meaningful, tree.

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