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  • Kate, depression can (and often is) due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. If that if the case then you need to have a psychopharmachologist make the determination and prescribe a drug I was on prozac on 2 separate occasions several years apart and it totally helped me. Meditation has helped as well. xx

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    internationally. xx

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    Terrific, Robin. Thanks for letting me know and thanks for volunteering. Lt me know how it goes. That bill you’re supporting is CRITICAL

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    Thanks for letting us know about Heather. xx

  • Kate, truthfully, I don’t know if I will want to travel ever again.

  • major kudos to your grandmother. wow. xx

  • Thanks for this, Stacey. Now’s the time to read “Prime Time.” forties are hard for many women. Not all, but many. It’s largely a hormonal thing. I talk about that in Prime Time.

  • I will ‘set the intention’, Nicoleta

  • Awww, always grateful to hear from “an old Vietnam Vet.” Glad you’re ok. I’m speaking at the Veterans For Peace conference next week.

  • Karine, In my younger days, martinis were my fav but now, I lose at least half of the next day to fatigue and loss of focus if I have even one martini the night before so I rarely drink anymore and when I do it’s very little. I don’t have that many next-days to squander. And regarding Lily, she and I are yrue friends in real life. I love her very much. xx

  • Joana, Tomorrow, my Fire Drill Friday will feature the Amazon and its indigenous peoples with guests Alice Braga (Sonya’s nice) and Tica Minami, Greenpeace Brazil

  • Danbiel, I did see Mrs American and also liked the performamnces but today I will post an article that Gloria Steinem co-wrote today about the show. Hope you can read it.

  • Shellee, I have just finished the audio version!

  • I was surprised by the response to my last blog post. I guess people like to know how someone like myself spends their time during a pandemic. I feel somewhat uncomfortable talking about my daily routines at a […]

    • Hi Jane
      I’m hoping you will narrate an audio version of your new book?
      I like to multitask – mostly walk while I read/listen. Not only do I like to hear the author’s voice but I retain it better.
      Thanks for everything Jane

    • I am always so glad to read your thoughts and it is certainly really inspiring to see you always working towards the good of others. And it’s great that you share both your optimistic and your alarming thoughts.

      But I realized I never connected the dots: thanks to Mrs. America, my generation got a new introduction to your good friend, the great Gloria Steinem whom you mentioned here. What did you think of her portrayal? I thought Rose Byrne (a magnificent actress) gave a terrific performance and I was shocked to find that she wasn’t nominated for an Emmy. Have you seen that show? I thought it was really profound and certainly relevant. I know most people tuned in to see Cate Blanchett being THE villain, but I myself stayed because of the portrayal of great ladies like Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug etc.

      • Danbiel, I did see Mrs American and also liked the performamnces but today I will post an article that Gloria Steinem co-wrote today about the show. Hope you can read it.

        • Thank you for sharing that article, Jane. It was great to hear from the great Ms. Steinem herself – and I am happy to have more context about this being a more complex issue than Schlafly’s personal vendetta.

          I am still glad the show was made for two reasons:
          1. I consider myself very much into history and I got to learn more about great women like Gloria, Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan, Shirley Chisholm…
          2. It may have gotten the whole context wrong about the economic background of these issues. However, I do have to disagree in a way with the article that the show does inspire you to go out and make a change in November. It does show there is a LOT at stake. And I feel that does a great job of the “banality of evil” and how fear takes over the rational thinking.

          However, if I am brutally honest to myself, I have to admit that I started this show to see this showdown between great actresses – and I have to agree that it is very wrong to use such an important issue to provide people with that. And providing a more complex picture would have been much much much more important than entertainment value.

          Thank you for sharing and letting all of us educate ourselves! Take care ❤️

    • Hi Jane, I am happy to see that you and some Americans have the hope that with the new election things can change. Here in Brazil we went through a nefarious moment and it seems that it will never end. The president is not qualified for the position he takes, he is extremely arrogant, he does not care about the environment and much less about people. During the pandemic, deforestation in the Amazon increased 51% more than the same period last year. And you know what’s the worst? about 50% of the Brazilian population still supports him and they want him to be re-elected in 2022. Sorry about that, but I want you to know what is happening in South America. Virtual hug

      • Joana, Tomorrow, my Fire Drill Friday will feature the Amazon and its indigenous peoples with guests Alice Braga (Sonya’s nice) and Tica Minami, Greenpeace Brazil

    • Hi Jane!

      I’m really enjoying these blog posts! They are taking me back to the time when you were on broadway in 33 Variations and you’d always blog about your day and sweet little Tulea. Glad to hear she still has that puppy energy at 15 ½! I still remember that story about her making her “broadway debut” as she ran out onstage during the curtain call. Too cute!

      I like what you said about Biden and I think it’s important to get in the mindset that he is going to win. For me, it’s the only way to get through this tough, confusing time in America. I am constantly amazed by the people who are out on the streets protesting and doing all that they can to make sure our politicians are held accountable. I fear that if we don’t all come together and back Biden, we may have a repeat of 2016. I was a Bernie supporter from the beginning, but Biden is our only chance to save the environment and I think he can be persuaded to make the necessary changes to do what is needed to stop catastrophic effects of the climate crisis. With 45, that will not happen for sure.

      Thanks again for all you are doing with Fire Drill Fridays. The weekly zoom calls have kept me sane and I find myself going back to watch the archived videos all the time. The one with Jamie Margolin in particular really resonated with me! I have signed up to volunteer with FDF and am just waiting to hear back so I can get started and do all that I can to help!

      xx Robin

    • As I step over the midpoint of my 70’s I find it so helpful, and fun, to see how, no matter how much we have, our basic needs are all so similar. Reading, caring, grandchildren, and a bit of food.
      I love reading your blog and my little pup wakes me by 6:45…staring in my face. 🙂

    • Always love reading your blogs, lovely Jane! I’m in Melbourne, Australia and struggling with the lockdown. Reading blogs of other people’s days takes me away from the here and now. Incidentally, did one of your workouts this morning – the easy one, as my body’s getting more sensitises I get older. Please post again soon, I look forward to it. Best, Kathryn 🙂

    • Jane, you are my inspiration. I’m a Brazilian girl, I’m eighteen years old and I’m an actress. My reality is a little different from yours and I love to follow your routine. Your book “my life so far” is so important in my life, it has helped me to overcome many problems and I identify so much with you. Thanks for your wonderful posts. I have to ask a question, do you ever plan to return to Brazil?

    • Hi Jane,

      I recently have been watching the new docuseries with Zac Efron called Down to Earth on Netflix. One episode explores Sardinia, where there are some of the longest life expectancy rates in the world. Called a Blue Zone because of the number of centenarians per capita, Efron talks to researchers and locals about what it means to live a long, healthy life, from food to attitude. Very interesting! I’ve just hit, I think what you describe as, my second act. My friend and I talk all the time about what it is that people who are now in their 70’s and 80’s prioritize in their lives and what makes them thrive. As you have mentioned, finding things to be passionate about helps our daily focus. Certainly, I have found a renewed sense of purpose through volunteering with Friday Drill Fridays and participating in protests! As a teacher, I am of the mindset you should never stop being a student, and you certainly are the perfect embodiment of that ideal! Such an inspiration!

      Keep fighting the good fight!

    • Thank you for sharing your stories with us. You are such an inspiration and a wonderful human being! I love that you are blunt, something I sometimes got in trouble for, we Germans tend to tell it like it is and some don’t want to hear it 😉
      I have had such high hopes when I became a citizen under President Obama.
      The environment was always dear to my heart, I guess the school system in Germany played a major role in educating us early on, but it was never enough, always a struggle to educate people. When I met my husband 30 years ago I was stunned how little America cared. Now I am scared that everything that was accomplished will vanish. I hope people in the US will vote this disaster of a president out. It’s sad to have to think about how disastrous another four years would be in so many ways. I am scared for my daughter who for the first time in her life is scared of people because she is of mixed race. I can’t imagine staying here if he will be reelected…

      I love that you take such good care of your Tulea! Dogs are such wonderful souls, the connection we share is special beyond words. Love Jutta and Golden Retriever Indica

    • your dog is an angel by your side does not need to hear your voice because it really hears the voice of your heart.
      I spend my days inside with many animals around me and what I do is try to write a story good enough for you to perform. I need help producing it but it is ready when you are.

    • Jane, you’re such an inspiration for me. I turned 60 my last birthday and was a bit down about it. But seeing you and all your involved in really brings it home that I’ve got miles to go before I sleep. I wish there was more I could do. I did a BLM demonstration in my neighborhood and it felt good to be involved. Mostly very young people. I just think you’re my role model even though I’m falling short. With the added bonus that my mom looked very much like you but was your polar opposite. So sometimes I feel like I’m watching mom finally get “with it”. Haha You’re such a ray of sunshine. If you ever need bail money just send me an email. I got you.

    • Ha ha ha thanks for the blog post. Even though it had “heavy” issues in it, it was still lighthearted and calming to read. Also, I suffer from Major Depressive Disorder and have been for 3 years now. I thank my lucky stars everyday that being from Newfoundland, Canada I have access to a free family doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, occupational therapist and medication. But it is still the hardest thing I have ever dealt with and I very much agree with you that understanding the science of it helps. For me personally, it’s 75% a chemical imbalance of the brain so searching for the right medication has been high on the list. (And not to get too serious, but I’ve recently fallen into serious suicidal thoughts and reached out in many ways. One of which being searching for a book from the first person point of view on this issue. Just in case anyone out there is in the same boat, I highly recommend the book “Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me” by Anna Mehler Paperny.) But I’m over the moon to report that my newest medication is doing wonders!!! It’s amazing how 1 tiny pill a day can bring you back to your real self.

      Anyway, I think I did the exact same thing as you and typed a lot heavier than I initially intended – lol. But hopefully I didn’t bum anyone out. PS: I pre-ordered your new book today!

    • 12 years in 25 days – I read your blog in full, Jane. It is an amazing story and I am so glad you shared it with all of us. And I am very much looking forward to the new chapters.

      I wish you would see my country from a different angle – the wonderful people that we have, rich and tragic history, beautiful cities and amazing places, where nature is untouched and so beautiful. It is a shame that politics get in between people and nations, while we all live on one planet and are indeed one human race.

      I am sending you my love and gratitude for coming to my life. You said in one of your blogs that you are amazed that Netflix brought that much attention to your persona and your voice on various matters is heard differently. I think it is a great reflection of the world rules today and I wish more people like you (not those Instagram empty faces with luxury accessories) got voice through all available channels to be heard on a big scale.

      I wish you happiness and joy, strong health and much energy and let all your loved ones be healthy and safe. Let every day of yours come with a smile. From far away Sakhalin island, Karine

    • Jane, thank you for keeping this blog. It’s great to hear about your daily life and most of all your thoughts about life and things around you. Please don’t stop! Especially in challenging times like now, cause we all have our daily lives and little problems and concerns and it’s good when you can share them. I was talking to a friend of mine (she is in her early 60th) and I asked her if she had a dream. She said in her age she doesn’t have dreams, she has plans. I wanted to ask the same question to you. Do you have a dream, Jane? And if so, what is it about? (If you can share this with us of course). All the best to Tulea, she is such a lovely dog 🐕

    • Thanks so much, Jane, for these posts and all you do with FDF. You are such an inspiration to me and a real example of intersectional feminism. I know it’s gauche to post this here, but I DM’ed you on Instagram about something my literary agent tried to send before COVID hit. I’d love it if you could check your message requests so we can mail you my book and a small token of my appreciation.

    • Ms. Fonda,

      Thank you for being who you are. We live in such chaotic times and your voice,written and spoken, is a like a balm.

      I’m in my mid 40s and have just added “Prime Time” to my reading library and have pre-ordered your new book. In the midst of what the world is experiencing, self-care has become priority. I love meditation, PBS, yoga, and walking (downloaded the “old school” Walkouts to walk outside). Plus, exercise is crucial to my mental health.

      Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts and truth. You are appreciated and respected. I hope you and your extended family stay safe and well.

      Love and Light,
      Paul Greene

    • Jane:
      I hope You read this.
      Just an old Vietnam Vet who wants to say he loves You for all You have done for America

      • Awww, always grateful to hear from “an old Vietnam Vet.” Glad you’re ok. I’m speaking at the Veterans For Peace conference next week.

    • Hi Jane..been inspired by you over the years..instagram is such a great platform to follow people. I live in Cape Town..things are pretty crazy here at the moment. Feels a little communistic as opposed to a democratic country.
      My sister lives in San Francisco..definitely voting for Biden!
      My Mom recently turned 100..6th February..gracious beautiful lady..asked her what her secret to her longevity was…she said she didn’t know..and when she finds out she will share the info..!!
      Interesting you have a dog who is getting on in years and deaf…I have a cat that will be 20 in November…also completely deaf…staring blankly at random things…just when I think he is really old…he jumps up onto kitchen counter and makes off with a piece of cheese.
      Keep challenging climate change..
      Ps…I just finished watching Grace and Frankie…lovely light viewing under this current stress
      Hard to think that in August last year I was in DC……
      Heard there was another season of G and F….
      Photography is my hobby….keeps me positive….
      Take care

    • Hi Jane,

      I always enjoy reading your blogs and have learnt a lot from both them and yourself in general.

      Tulea is gorgeous and I had to laugh at how she wakes you up – I have a four year old cat called Charlie who wakes me up at a similar time by sitting on my pillow and playing with my hair!

      I’m fascinated by the possibility of changing the wiring in your brain – it’s something that i’m trying to do at the minute to combat my anxiety and depression. I took a lot away from your book ‘My Life So Far’ and it had a really positive effect on how I view myself, my life expectations as I get older, etc. I’ve just started ‘Prime Time’ and am particularly looking forward to the chapters that you’ve just mentioned.

      Take care! Sending love from England.

      Laura. xx

    • Jane, about the fact that you often wonder how long will you live, and that you are perfectly resigned to death …you know that what Gloria Steinem did by wanting to live 100 years is setting the intention. This is an extremely important “nutrient” for our mind, because as you said by giving him repeatedly the “command” to folllow the same path our intentions become realities. I believe that older people shouldn’t give up on the intention to life no matter the age, and shouldn’t surrender not even for a moment. Any new breath is a triumph and a blessing. One of my grandfather’s brothers is still living and he is 93 years old. He has some serious heart problems. I remember that one time he wasn’t feeling very well and the family called the ambulance. The paramedics refused to take him to the hospital given his age and he didn’t gave up on him. He told them that he wants to go to the hospital because he wants TO LIVE. So, if you want to see what happens on planet Earth in the next few years, just set the intention!
      love you and stay safe XXX

      • I will ‘set the intention’, Nicoleta

        • Speaking of elders, I wonder if you’ve seen the Japanese movie “The Ballad of Narayama”, winner of Palme D’Or Cannes Film Festival in 1983?!
          “In a small village in a valley everyone who reaches the age of 70 must leave the village and go to a certain mountain top to die. If anyone should refuse he/she would disgrace their family. Old Orin is 69. This winter it is her turn to go to the mountain. But first she must make sure that her eldest son Tatsuhei finds a wife.”
          Maybe the story is not real, and it’s just Japanese folklore. But it’s still a sensitive topic considering how elders are treated nowadays.
          sending you my good vibes XXX

    • Good afternoon Jane,

      I think it is so amazing that you have learned these things about yourself and have committed to helping others do the same. You have become a great role model for young people like myself who want to live long and fulfilling lives.

      For younger generations growing up during the climate crisis along with many other things, the future may not always seem bright. How can we actively try to stay positive and hopeful both now and as we grow older?

      Looking forward to tomorrow’s Fireside Fire Drill!


      • I haven’t read your story yet on How I spend my days….I will read it after this post. I just wanted to start by saying, How I love the Grace and Frankie show. I just accidentally found it looking to watch something. I find it to comforts me. I know it might sound stupid to many. But I have recently lost my sister she was disabled since childhood. I watch the show before bedtime and the show ends with a good nite. Nice. Anyway….I see that you are a strong women and always been active. I admire that. For all women to express our voice. I am considering doing some expressing my voice for the disabled. They desperately need our help. It gives me something to do. Also following eating healthy and getting back to shape. I want to say Thank You for the show Grace and Frankie. People love you….remember that !!! Also give a hello and send my love to Lily Tomlin. I used to watch her as a kid in her big chair. Send my love also to Martin Sheen I watched the west wing and loved it. Also to law and order Sam Waterston.

        • Oh and now I will read How I spend my days ….I’m interested.

          • I love …love your blog and I will get your books and tee shirts soon….I wish you could have tee shirts with Grace and Frankie on them. I love your videos especially with all the crew doing a script read. I don’t engage in media stuff … I have no face book nor Instagram etc. You are the first media group I have engaged in and now I see it. If you want to be involved, have a caused you must must be engaged. I love you and don’t know how you keep up with everything. Feel bad I’m another person grabbing your attention. 💝

    • Jane,
      I know you are super busy I just wanted to let you know that I loved this blog post and your last one. Thank you. My mom and Dad complained about that bill being over and it’s their party who isn’t helping? Ugg. I asked my mom if she saw any of the Lincoln Projects ads and of course she said yes I kinda forgot she works at Nbc 26 and has something to do with commercials. She said they are ridiculous. So I’m going to take your advice and just let it go. I love my parents, but it is just frustrating. I am surrounded by republicans most of my friends and family. I feel at a loss. We don’t talk politics. I want you to know something ever since I discovered you on G+F I am a different person. I have a different outlook on life and people. I am very passive and introverted, but since fire drill Friday’s I have done so many things that surprised me!! I feel I have more confidence I am sticking up for myself at work and with family. I will be turning 41 aug 9th and I’m scared. I’m not sure why. My second act. I feel I have changed though, it’s still scary. I have your book Primetime I wasn’t sure when I should read it. I hope that’s not a dumb question. I’m sorry if this is all over the place. I hope this isn’t narcissistic. I’m really just trying to relate. I hope some day I will be able to meet you in person and tell you how grateful I am. You are so personable and honest to everyone. Thank you Jane for everything you do.
      Stay safe

      • Thanks for this, Stacey. Now’s the time to read “Prime Time.” forties are hard for many women. Not all, but many. It’s largely a hormonal thing. I talk about that in Prime Time.

        • hey jane,

          i’m so gutted i didn’t get a chance to see your “an evening with…” in london, with graham norton. is there any chance you would have london on one of your tours again?

          kate xoxo

          • Kate, truthfully, I don’t know if I will want to travel ever again.

            • kate replied 2 days ago

              that’s okay, jane, i understand. do you mean travelling around the states too?— or just internationally?

              much love, kate

            • Thank you Jane, I will only wait for Trump to stop being president, and I will meet you when you make your presentations again.

        • Stacey replied 2 days ago

          Thank you Jane. I was wondering about when pre menopause starts. I’m sure that’s in your book. I know it’s different for everyone. I tried to ask my mom we don’t really talk about that type of stuff ever so I will start reading your book. I just feel different so.
          Take care,

    • Jane, it was my 28th birthday this week and my favourite gift was my Jane Fonda mug shot mug! My daily reminder while drinking my morning coffee, to live boldly and work to carry myself with grace.
      I love this blog post; curious about any book suggestions you have on the rewiring of brain neural pathways? I’m a chef and have been wanting to study how food has an influence on improving mood and adjusting brain chemicals. Not sure what this study would be, but looking into it. I’ve worked through an anxiety disorder and have witnessed a family member with bi-polar, so fascinated by the topic and how the brain ticks. I know it’s a complex topic but would love to find a way to help people make lifestyle and diet changes to assist in the healing process of depression.

      Prime time is on my audiobook list, so it’ll be up next. Nearly finished with Michelle Obama’s book.
      I listened to My life so far about a year ago and gifted the book to my mom. So it will be good to get another dose of Jane wisdom 🙂

    • Your my favorite actor!!! I’m 16 years old and I love you and lily Tomlin so much!!!! Your so beautiful

    • You got to be kidding us Jane. You will want to wait even if that piece of trash is reelected (like Whoopy Goldberg, I never prononce his name). You will want to be around and keep fighting for all the causes you mention in your post and more. So I tell ya, you are not going anywhere girl ha! All of us must keep fighting, if not for ourselves, at least let’s do it for our children and grand children right until our last breath like true heroes. They deserve it.

      My grand mother had 13 children, survived two wold wars, poverty, an abusive husband and the most dire living conditions. She lived to 102. You never know when it’s your turn but I can well imagine you living even longer than that so you will not only be able to witness your children and grand children growing and evolving but also continue to inspire us all like you always have. Jane, the world is a better place with remarkable and inspiring human beings like you in it.

      With love

    • I have been following your blog/read your books/seen many of your movies for years..and have enjoyed all..I just wanted to bring to your attention an American /Political Historian..Heather Cox Richardson..She is a FT professor at Boston College..She has an amazing ability to clarify and analyze our present USA current events like none I have ever read before..She produces a daily summary of the previous 24 hour events under the title “Letters from an American.”..She works by herself other than having a technician to help produce her video’s..She stays up frequently till 3-6 a.m. in the morning researching the news of the previous day…As she says, she does so because the USA is in crisis..She is so Amazing! She is on FB and has a substack.com venue under her name.. A couple of days ago she did a podcast with Bill Moyer..on Democracy..She started 1 hour video’s from her home in Maine, on American Politics and also American History..She does these live videos every Tues./Thurs..both on topics of history and politics..They are So interesting..and that says alot from someone who had so little interest in history during my schooling..Anyway..I just think she is So worth you looking at..She is such an authentic person as well..

    • Hola Jane, está bien que escribas como te sientes, con mucho esfuerzo ha obtenido curarte de la depresión, es muy interesante lo que dices sobre la edad y la forma de enfrentar los problemas, mi enhorabuena por haber obtenido este nivel de bienestar contigo misma, eres una persona muy resistente y te admiro profundamente. Tu actitud frente a la muerte es la mejor que puedes tener, tienes muchos motivos por lo que vivir y luchar, esto es fundamental y por tanto suma años a tu vida. Gracias por tu sinceridad y recibe un fuerte abrazo de Isabel.

    • Hi Jane!
      I signed up for my first shift volunteering with Fire Drill Fridays/Greenpeace and will be texting voters in California this week to ask that they contact their Senators to demand legislation that will stop local drilling. Also super excited because we will be inviting Greenpeace supporters to join the volunteer call to promote the new electoral program in partnership with FDF! I’ve been following and watching each rally and teach-in from the beginning and am thrilled to finally be able to lend a hand and get to work. I am so passionate about this movement and am grateful for all you’ve done to help bring to light the urgency of the climate crisis. This is such an important year and I just know we’re all going to make a big difference together!

      xx Robin

      • Jane replied 2 days ago

        Terrific, Robin. Thanks for letting me know and thanks for volunteering. Lt me know how it goes. That bill you’re supporting is CRITICAL

    • re: you travelling

      i’m glad you’re still travelling around the states, i will have to save up to fly to you instead— wouldn’t want to miss it, or the opportunity to tell you thank you in person.

      after reading this blog post i watched gloria’s documentary and when she said “i want to live to 100, i love it so much, i never want it to end” i realised i’ve never wanted this, and maybe you felt the same.

      do you have any books that helped you with your depression? therapy is great but it’s expensive. i’m thinking of purchasing gloria’s self-esteem book she mentions in the doc.

      much love,
      kate xoxo

      • Kate, depression can (and often is) due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. If that if the case then you need to have a psychopharmachologist make the determination and prescribe a drug I was on prozac on 2 separate occasions several years apart and it totally helped me. Meditation has helped as well. xx

    • Hi Jane!
      Thank you for always being so open, honest & real! For us everyday people, being able to get a little insight of how our favorite celebrity lives their daily life is always interesting. Take away all that makes you a celebrity and you’re just like the rest of us!
      I am 37 and have read Prime Time three times already! A must read for anyone. It truly has opened my eyes on me living in my now “second act” and eventually & hopefully “third act.” The book has truly made me excited for all the wonderful things that do come with age & knowing that it is never too late…for anything!
      So thank you for so many reasons (too many to list!)
      Hugs & Kisses to your sweet girl, Tulea!! Dogs do make life so much sweeter. May she always have that youthful spunk to her.

      As long as you’re living we will be here to listen & learn from you! You truly are one amazing woman! This world is a better place because of you!

      Much Love & Respect,
      Kara xo

  • Oh my god, Darcy. That is beyond horrible. I’m so sorry. Is your son alright now? Recovered from the police beating? Where did this happen?

  • Priya, how did you see Les Felins? I should see it again. People have told me it’s quite good. My first French movie.x

  • Yes, awards mean something to me still unless I know that I;’m receiing the award just so the organization can sell rickets.

  • Isabel, I’ve never been to Mallorca. Sad.

  • I’m on the run just now, Emily. Please remind me to send you a PO Box address xx

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