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    @jane Hello Ms. Fonda! I hope the new year finds you well. Forgive me if I’m posting this in the wrong section, but I’ve just recently signed up. My best friend Yerlyn absolutely adores you; you are her favorite actor and biggest inspiration. I was wondering if you would be doing a book signing, or any sort of appearance in NJ or NY soon/this…[Read more]

  • Dear @Jane

    I’m not sure who this post will be seen by, I’m assuming by no one, but indeed I thought I’d write something anyway as I’m currently making my way through all your movies.
    On my iPad, I’ve written down all your movies on Notes, and I’m deleting titles as I come to watch them. Yesterday was a busy day, coming off from my Scorsese…[Read more]

  • Julia and Agnes of God, are among my 10 favourite movies of all time. I reckon Jane really appreciates Julia, but i very rarely heard her talk about Agnes of God. It’s a superb film, brilliant performance by Jane, as usual, but also supported by a magnificent Anne Bancroft. The story is both fascinating and intriguing, which has led to a lot of…[Read more]