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  • @jane I obviously do my bit over here in the UK regarding climate change etc, but from what I have researched and learnt, helping your voters to remove Trump is essential. What can I do from the UK to help specifically with the upcoming elections!?

  • @jane Hi Jane. I’ve written a legal drama with you in mind.
    logline: A famous civil rights attorney is pressured to come out of retirement by her equally famous ex-wife and their rising star daughter, but she won’t be easily convinced to rejoin the fight for justice in an unjust world.

    Jane’s Law is a contemporary legal drama starring two ‘ov…[Read more]

  • @jane Hello! I’m new to blogging… been a fan forever! We saw you speak in Saint Paul MN last summer and you are Phenomenal!! I have a few (very important to me) questions regarding cosmetic surgery. I would love to know what procedures/ timeline you worked with. I am in my 40’s and want to do it right, you are immensely inspirational! And I LOV…[Read more]

  • @jane
    Hello Jane! Nice to meet you!
    My name is AngeLee and I hope you could read this long message I wrote to you and Lily hahaha 🙂

    I do not know if I will be lucky enough to get read by you but, out of all the things that I have tried this year and failed completely to make it through (I must include myself on the list), I think trying this…[Read more]

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    @jane I think being very young as I am, I’m going through all your 60s gems ✨.. Just watched Les Félins and I’m probably gonna dream about Melinda tonight. LOVE YOU SO MUCH. It’s magical and blissful how much movies, performances and artistic creations matter and influence people!! Certainly helped me after 5 months of house prison /Quarantine…[Read more]

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    I am an eighteen year old girl from Brazil and my English is not very good, I apologize for that. Anyway, I need to say that you are very important in my life. I went through eating disorders and your book “my life so far” was one of the most important things that made me get over it. You inspire me, I am one of your biggest fan…[Read more]

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    The new @jane , omg she looks so beautiful and gorgeous ♡♡♡

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    @jane hi my name is Sofía and the only thing that i want to tell you is that you are an amazing woman and that you are my idol, love you so much i hope you read and answer this please.

  • @jane huge fan of you and Lily Tomlin. I\’m also a film director and self-published author. I love the show and you, my dear are funny to me! Lol and Ms. Lily as well. I support whatever you do. Love you!

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    @jane hello Jane! I’m reading your book “My life so far” I really get excited, your simple words trapped me in my mind in moving and inspiring messages through the book, I just love it. I am 14 years old, it is an early age, of growths and others, but now I know that you are my inspiration and my example to follow as an actress, activist and…[Read more]

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    @jane Hello Ms. Fonda! I hope the new year finds you well. Forgive me if I’m posting this in the wrong section, but I’ve just recently signed up. My best friend Yerlyn absolutely adores you; you are her favorite actor and biggest inspiration. I was wondering if you would be doing a book signing, or any sort of appearance in NJ or NY soon/this yea…[Read more]

  • Julia and Agnes of God, are among my 10 favourite movies of all time. I reckon Jane really appreciates Julia, but i very rarely heard her talk about Agnes of God. It’s a superb film, brilliant performance by Jane, as usual, but also supported by a magnificent Anne Bancroft. The story is both fascinating and intriguing, which has led to a lot of…[Read more]