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    What a surprise! “The Morning After” movie is rarely mentioned, I saw it for the first time a few days ago, It’s really good! the film and the performance of the main actors Jane Fonda and Jeff Bridges are terrific, I love both, wow! and the final scene is superb, super cute. Congratulations!

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    What book Candita? “What can I do?” I haven’t seen it here in Spain

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    Dear Jane,
    We usually say “Give time to time” as advice or almost certainty when things don’t run as well as you like. In these moments it seems that time consumes our days or as José Mujica says we maybe are consuming time so, don’t worry!, I think you must give time to time. It doesn’t such important that things don’t go as fast as you want…[Read more]

  • Hi Jane,
    I want to show you the powerful speech in the form and background in defense of women that Ursula Von Der Leyen’s did in a Parlamentary response, before the unprecedented hostile act of President Erdogan did towards her when he denied the chair to her corresponding as President of the European Commission. He did it undeterret to the…[Read more]

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    Hello Jane and to all the followers of this blog,
    Do you all know the news about the recent incest’ scandal in France? The surveys say that in France 10% of the population has suffered this type of abuse at some point which translates into almost seven million people, seven million! I honestly think that french people aren’t different than oth…[Read more]

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    Thank you very much for the Grace and Frankie’s music. I’ve could discover some singers and some beautiful songs that I didn’t know like “Misty Blue” by Dorothy Moor or “Who knows where the times go?”, so beautiful!, I didn’t even know the band The Teskey Brothers, and now I love their music, it’s great!, according to the comments on YouTube, m…[Read more]

  • Hello Jane!,
    Your text and photos has reminded me this beautiful poem which I’ve translated as I’ve could, unfortunately the rhyme is lost.
    You and your mind have been there!!!!! Bravo! Nature talk to us!
    I wish you all good luck in that challenge.


    What does the river want that it comes to heal me?
    It comes down from th…[Read more]

  • Hi Jane!,

    A headline of one spanish newspaper said “Jane Fonda never fails!” and it’s true, it’s totally true. Congratulations on your award and on your clear and courageous speech! The same newspaper defined your speech as powerful, necessary and worthy of applause, all a compliment to your person, I make all its words my own. All the medias…[Read more]

  • I liked the expression “crazy fire”

  • Hello Jane!,
    Happy Working Women’s Day to all!

    Congratulations to all working women including housewives. Congratulations Jane! I think you are the most worker of all of us ha ha. I take the opportunity to write something that seems important to me about women and work in Science.

    On this day, we must also talk about those jobs in which we…[Read more]

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    Hi Jane,
    I’ve finished reading your Memoir book yesterday and it seem to me an especially beautiful book because it’s full of feelings, honesty and candidness. You’ve been able to create a story that shows us that you’ve always been a coherent person in the research of authenticity despite the many turns you’ve given to your life. Nothing…[Read more]

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    I know that My LIfe so Far it’s a book published a long time ago but I’ve still just read it these days, there’s always a moment for everything, it doesn’t matter because what’s written there remains in time and confirms that Jane Fonda is a singular intelligent and authentic person and full of good feelings since ever. The story is moving and mak…[Read more]

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    Hello Jane and everyone!
    A few days ago it was the International Day in Memorial of the Holocaust´s Victims, the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camps is commemorated.
    Liliana Segre is an Auschwitz’s survivor and now Senator for life from Italy. This great woman was not able to tell her tragedy until she was 60 years old, not even to her ch…[Read more]

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    Hello Jane!

    First of all, Congratulations on your new and deserved Award!!! This year is yours!!!

    In these days I’ve started to read your Memoir book (it took me a lot to find it) and I’ve seen your interest in your last name’s origin and I´ve thought that maybe you would like to know FONDA word also exists in Spanish like name and adject…[Read more]

  • Dear Jane,
    Astonishment, disbelief, indignation, sadness, a lot of sadness…. Words are not enough to express what we felt yesterday when we saw the images that came from Washington D.C., I can’t imagine what this has meant for good Americans, nor how you’ve been able to endure these last years with serenity. America doesn’t deserve this!…[Read more]

  • Hi Jane,
    Happy New Year!

    In these days I’ve been seeing old movies, one of them was “Barefoot in the Park”, it’s a silly thing but I wonder why the Salamanca’s bullfight poster decorated your apartment, it’s a lot of funny, do you remember something about this poster? In a school’s trip when I was about fifteen I bought one like that with my…[Read more]

  • “¡Feliz Navidad! ¡Bon Nadal! ¡Boas Festas! ¡Zorionak!”

    Hello Jane,
    Merry Christmas to you and to everyone!,
    I almost sure that those who are writing here, all of us, fortunatly, have resources and have all the needs covered. Christmas Eve is a big ocasion to join in family (I don’t think so this year) but I think it’s also time to remind po…[Read more]

  • Hello,
    Very good intentions from today and brave commitments!!
    Earth’s photos from space are breathtaking. That small point of light keeps the treasure of the adventure of Humanity´s life and we, all together, have the responsability and duty to preserve it.

  • Happy birthday Jane!!,
    I wish you are very happy today and in the future with all your family and friends, and I wish you are very happy too, in the development of all your causes and movements that you’re involved, knowing that neither now nor ever you’ll walk alone because you are a sincere woman with a big heart and a very good head, so many p…[Read more]

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