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  • Congratulations Jane on “What Can I Do” being chosen Best Books of September by Apple Co. Looking forward to seeing you on many interviews this week!Take Care! Be safe!

  • Hi Jane!
    I don’t know if you knew or not but the city of Charleston, South Carolina has filed a lawsuit against major oil and gas companies seeking to hold them accountable for damages to the city caused by global warming and climate change today, September 9th. This is great news along with President Trump on Tuesday signing an order to ban…[Read more]

  • Hi Jane
    Another Great Friday with Fire Drill Friday. The “book club” conversation with Candace Bergen and Mary Steenburgen was great! Looking forward to receiving my book next week. Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend! Stay safe!
    With great admiration and love!

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  • Jane
    I don’t mean to bother you, but this post from Mary Jean Lily Tomlin has a picture of you and Lily on it. They are promoting your book coming out next month. I responded to it and then I received a message from (Lily?) to send her a private message. I read the rest of the responses and they were told the same thing. Just didn’t sound right…[Read more]

  • Hi Jane!
    Loved the interview with Mary Trump! Looking forward to this Friday’s FDF all to do with the post office, vote-by-mail and postal workers. Quick question: can you tell me if Lily corresponds with fans on Twitter or Facebook? I have been speaking to someone under her name. I just am not sure it is Lily, or someone pretending to be Lily.…[Read more]

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