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I can’t comment on Jane’s latest blog post! Administrator or anyone? What’s the reason??? View
  • Jane, it’s been a beautiful journey. To think of all the anticipation that I had for this show and how we all grew throughout – it’s crazy to think about what a success story this has turned out to be, millions of people my age getting crazy about it and you especially. I am always moved when I get to witness a show from the very beginning to its…[Read more]

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    We should do it together… 😉

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    Jane, don’t feel sorry. It’s a weird time for all – but you more than keep yourself occupied. I, myself unfortunately don’t save the world unlike you – but I decided to take up French and I have been working at it. My dream is to work with Isabelle Huppert in French. And I formed the first Hungarian improv company that works like I learned in the…[Read more]

  • Jane, I am so glad to have been able to see your speech at The Golden Globes. I got emotional because I saw my journey with you right in front of me. We have been connecting through this blog for more than 10 years (I will NEVER forget your first words to me: “Happy New Year” :-D) and I was fortunate to see you in person 3 years ago (a…[Read more]

  • Thank you for sharing that article, Jane. It was great to hear from the great Ms. Steinem herself – and I am happy to have more context about this being a more complex issue than Schlafly’s personal vendetta.

    I am still glad the show was made for two reasons:
    1. I consider myself very much into history and I got to learn more about great w…[Read more]

  • I am always so glad to read your thoughts and it is certainly really inspiring to see you always working towards the good of others. And it’s great that you share both your optimistic and your alarming thoughts.

    But I realized I never connected the dots: thanks to Mrs. America, my generation got a new introduction to your good friend, the…[Read more]

  • Jane, I am so glad to read this lovely post. And guess what, tuna salad is one of my favorite go-to meals as well. Being (in my case, even) more active in the kitchen was one of the few silver linings of the whole nightmare… and as you said, it’s important to maintain a nice schedule and to deal with every day.

    Thankfully, I recovered from…[Read more]

  • I hope you had a nice long weekend, Jane! And you’re so right: we cannot and should not go back to “normal” – this was ample warning that we have to stop eating up this planet.

    My thing is: all these macho politicians and protesters are also really dumb. They have a chance to play Superman and “save the world” and show up that they are those…[Read more]

  • Jane, I am heartbroken. It’s just so easy to fall into depression and despair, seeing what’s happening to the world. I’m trying every day to put just one foot into the future until this nightmare is over, planning and preparing future projects, taking some time off the news and social media. Not gonna lie, being alone in a strange country…[Read more]

  • Go, Jane! We honor you and all the other great women fighting for us on this International Women’s Day!

    On another note, it was so nice to see you at the Oscars, delivering us a historic moment so beautifully and with such lovely suspense. Also, many people can learn from you how to make a statement with taste and respect. Bravo!

  • Dearest Jane,

    I wish you the best for this upcoming year. Words cannot express how much we appreciate you putting yourself out there still and using your influence and celebrity to bring about change. You could just literally rest on your laurels – but it’s also a great nudge for us to get up from our couch. The horrifying events of these last…[Read more]

  • Jane, I am thinking of you and your whole family. I am sending you all my love and compassion. Take care of each other in this sad time! Much love!

  • Wow, time surely flies. Reading these words really late just made me realize that I missed you. And I wanted you to know that. There are so many things that are hard to swallow but I salute you for taking action. You are a rock star.

    Update on me: I just graduated drama school and now I am taking classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade, where…[Read more]

  • Your documentary was indeed beautiful and inspiring. I really cannot wait to see the next season of Grace and Frankie!
    It was really heartening to see the process of these elections from the outside. Seeing a […]

  • Our world is getting so depressing. I have now gained experience in two countries how some of these trends can wreck a society. The frustration, depression and desperation that I sense in people (especially back […]

  • Jane, I saw it yesterday (you better believe I watched it on the first day). It exceeded all my expectations – it was lovely, subtle, beautifully acted and very tasteful yet naughty sense of humor. It had […]

    • Love your profile picture Daniel! The movie was awesome! I have seen it quite a few times. Very lucky to have met such a amazing lady. I’ve had a bucket list for years and she is on it! Have a great day

  • I wish you a beautiful, productive and happy new year! Lots of hugs, Jane! Xx Stay fierce!

    And once again, happy birthday! <3 Love, Daniel

  • Not being American, I don’t celebrate this holiday, but there are a lot of reasons to be thankful for. A lot of dreams came true (meeting you surely stands out). But mostly I’m gratefulfor the strength and courage […]

  • Jane, I POSTED IT as you told me in no uncertain terms <3!!! In fact, all our pictures, it's on my twitter ( @dinasztie13 is my username if you want to see them) and instagram ( @dinasztie but those are the same). […]

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