Hello All,

I just read my “Blog Comments.” I so love hearing from y’all. And thanks so much to many of you for letting me know you were touched by my HBO doc.

Okay, so it’s over–for now. I’m talking about the elections. Thanks to all of you who voted and went the extra mile which created an historic turn out. We did pretty good and I am very grateful that the Dems took the House, so many and diverse women elected and many governorships, many great state-wide propositions. Most of the candidates and issues I put my time, energy and money into won, so that feels good. The 2nd to last weekend before elections I brought Patrisse Cullors (co-founder of Black Lives Matter) and Taraji P. Henson (“Cookie” in EMPIRE etc) to travel Michigan with me with the goal to get out the Black vote as well as the “unlikely” voters and it appears our work paid off. Patrisse and Taraji were rock stars. Folks were Soooo excited that they were there. An unprecedented turnout for midterms in Michigan.


So we should feel good, and for those who follow me who voted for Trump (and I hope some do)!, you should feel good too because many things that won on Tuesday will help working people across the board, expand health care, including covering medical pre-conditions and, fingers and toes crossed, the Democratic House will fight for an infrastructure bill that will put LOTS of people to work!!!

All that said, it was very clear that the road ahead will not be easy so please, spend the next 2 years educating yourselves on the issues that are of concern to you; try to get outside whatever bubble you’re in; if you only watch FOX, check out CNN and/or MSNBC time to time and vice versa. It’s important to know what people who don’t agree with you are thinking and saying. And then double check about which is correct. Facts are facts. And please, let’s all make a real effort to be kind to each other. When you go out to eat to a restaurant with servers, don’t just worry about whether your chicken is organic, look your servers in the eyes, treat them like the hard workers (and under paid) that they are and the same goes for every working person you cross paths with as well as the homeless. Take time to look a homeless person in the eyes and smile. Just being acknowledged as a person makes a huge difference. Don’t engage in road rage. Try to breathe deeply, relax and just let it go. You’ll live long and everyone’s stress will go down.

One more thing (well, actually I could go on and on but I have to pack): If you feel depressed, anxious, hostile, out-of-control sometimes or all the time, please seek help. Such a large segment of our population suffer from depression and other mental health issues and don’t ask for help. But I know from deep personal experience that these things– as well as all addictions– are NOT reflections on your worth as a person. They don’t mean you are a bad person. There are places to go for help and it means you are strong and brave if you ask for help.

Thanks for listening.