The issue of fossil fuels takes up most of what’s remaining of my brain space but I’m going to quickly write this short blog about mundane stuff.

All of my favorite TV series I was watching pre-covid- -“Homeland,” “Dead To Me,” “Ramy,” “Better Things,” –are done either forever or for the season, so, like you, I’ve been discovering things I probably would not have seen. The most recent is the very special, “I May Destroy You.” It’s totally unique, to me at least, and very eye-opening. Kudos to the remarkable writer and striking star, Michaela Coel. It’s 96% Rotten Tomatoes. “Defending Jacob” is a mini-series but really surprising. I’ve liked “Little Fires Everywhere” and “The Morning Show–once I got into it. Kudos to Reese Witherspoon who.’s responsible for both Also, I’ve started watching “Black Monday.” I know, I’m late getting there but I’m really liking the fantastic cast. Someone just recommended the Amy Schumer cooking show with her husband so I’ll add that to my list. By the way, do check out “Ramy.” It funny, moving, nuanced and, in my opinion, important.

I’m maintaining my filming schedule tendency to get in bed early–6:30 or 7pm. (When we film, I have to often get up at 5am). I always watch Rachel Maddow taped, and then I go to these other shows. I’m normally asleep by somewhere between 9 and 10pm and my little Tulea mostly wakes me up at 5:30-6am. On weekends, I feed her and we go for a walk. During the week I have breakfast and then workout for an hour.

I spend the weekends alone with Tulea and I write the opening to the next Fire Drill Fridays and read. Right now I’m reading Jane Mayer’s “Dark Money,” having finished all my books about trees. I cannot recommend “Overstory” by Richard Powers strongly enough. Brilliant!! I’m a big reader and books have always been crucial to the various transitions in my life. I have a big stack of them next to my desk that have been accumulating for almost a year that I’m slowly making my way through.

In a recent blog, I gave you the names of a few of the books about race that have had a big influence on me.

During the week, besides seeing a few doctors, I do a lot of Zoom meetings, mostly involving the climate crisis and things involving help for our essential workers. Also many virtual fundraisers. I actually like the virtual phone meetings. You see, I am NOT a phone person. I always try to get off phone calls as quickly as possible. But it’s not so bad when I can see faces and can check out people’s homes and offices and try to read the titles on their book shelves. I also workout several more times.

I’ve been true to my word and not purchased one new article of clothing since I bought my iconic red coat last October. And I’ve gathered about half my wardrobe and either sold or donated the outfits. Lightening up in my dotage!

My assistant is with me 5 days a week so I feel lucky. I am super aware of just how lucky. My home is paid for, I’m healthy, I have terrific, smart friends and I have never minded being alone. Still, I’ve made new friends since the pandemic. One is Darrell Hammond, the amazing talent from Saturday Night Live who played Clinton, Gore, Trump, Daffy Duck, and just about anybody. It’s uncanny. A friend of mine was a producer on a documentary about Darrell called “Cracked Up.” I watched it last year and recommended it to Netflix where you can watch it. It’s an important doc for those interested in generational trauma, which I am. Darrell and I ended up doing a podcast together about the subject and I wanted to get to know him so he came over for dinner. We wore masks except when eating and sat at opposite ends of the table. Now he’s back in New York. Next week, Maurice Mitchell, Director of The Working Families Party is coming for dinner. He was a guest on a recent Fire Drill Friday, and we wanted to get to know each other so I’m taking advantage of his proximity–he lives for the moment in San Diego.

What else? I walk whenever I can. I do facetime and I’ve twice visited with my one-year-old grandson which is heavenly but I can’t hug him…or my son and daughter-in-law. That’s what I miss doing most during this pandemic.

Time to make myself lunch. I eat a big breakfast and a healthy lunch around 3pm and nothing more after that. That’s my routine. Stay safe. Were a mask!

What I fixed for lunch: yellow beet salad, sprouts, avocado, tuna fish salad, melon and lemon mousse

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  1. Jane, thanks for sharing this! Some of the series I also watched and liked and some will have to catch up upon )) Will the pandemic influence the date of Season 7 of Grace and Frankie release? Is it still the beginning of next year? Can’t wait to see it! And do you have any other movies/series planned with your in the nearest future? Book Club is great, watched it three times already!

    • Karine, We’ve no idea when the final season of Grace and Frankie will actually air. It’s 16 episodes, 3 more than in the past and they may decide to release it in 2 seasons of 8 episodes each. As for work after that, I have NOTHING in the works. I’ve read several scripts for movies that have been sent but they weren’t very good. Frankly, I’m nervous about what I will do if nothing comes my way in 2022. But I’ve lived bare-bones before. I can do it again. Ha!

      • Jane, we are all looking forward to the new season! Hope it won’t be delayed! And 9 to 5 reunion by the way – you said in several interviews that you have writers working on it. I am sure something worthwhile will come up! You have so many fans! Just please take care of yourself, be careful with all this covid19 situation and stay healthy! We love you so much! You are a star!

      • Hola Jane,te sigo en Facebook y soy nueva en tu blog, estoy feliz con tu publicación cuando hablas de como don tus dias.Te agradezco tus recomendaciones de series.Durante el confinamiento vi Grace ang Frankie y no me sentía sola,era feliz. Vuestra serie es la mejor que he visto en los últimos años, seguro que recibirás proyectos interesantes para 2021.Soy feliz solo pensando en la posibilidad de que leas mi comentario.Un fuerte abrazo de Isabel que te admira much

      • Hola Jane, soy nueva en tu blog, aunque te sigo en Facebook.He visto Grace and Frankie durante el confinamiento en España y no me sentía sola aunque vivo en el campo , vuestra serie es la mejor que he visto en años, seguro que tendrás otros proyectos interesantes para el próximo año, no tengo duda aunque a tí te preocupe. Es muy agradable leer como son tus dias y tu vida. He visto Jane en cinco actos y me gustó muchísimo, descubrí a una mujer con una capacidad de resiliencia increíble,valiente, una joven luchadora por los derechos civiles y pacifista de una mente adelantada en décadas.Te admiro muchísimo como persona y actriz.Soy feliz con pensar que tal vez leas mis palabras.Un fuerte abrazo y deseo que pronto puedas estar con tu familia. Isabel

        • Jane, She says: Hello Jane, I am new to your blog, although I follow you on Facebook, I have seen Grace and Frankie during the confinement in Spain and I did not feel alone although I live in the field, your series is the best I have seen in years, you will surely have other interesting projects for next year, I have no doubt even if you are concerned. It is very nice to read about your days and your life. I have seen Jane in five acts and really liked it, I discovered a woman with incredible resilience, brave, a young civil rights fighter and peacemaker with a mind ahead of decades. I admire you so much as a person and an actress. I am happy. with the thought that maybe you will read my words. A big hug and I wish you could be with your family soon. Isabel

          • Candita, so glad to hear you made it through Covid. Wow!!! Whew!!

      • I am so happy I have started to watch this show – it introduced me to you as a person and as a writer. I bought your book and am reading it now. It surprises me how similar we are. I’m 25, but I’ve been struggling with a very embarrassing disease from 4 yo. Despite that, I have always been the strong one and brave one among all of people in my life.
        And right now, when my life became so much darker (last few years my health condition has got worsen and no doctor has been able to help me), I found help in your book. I read it and cry. I read it little by little because of how deep it is – every few pages you just have to stop and think! To realize how hard the life of that little Lady Jayne was and how alike you are with her.
        I am so grateful for this show, I wish it was longer than 6 seasons.
        I wish I’ve had a mother like you, and I’m sincerely jealous of your kids. You are the WOMAN who will be in the history forever.

      • Grace and Frankie saved my quarantine days. It could go on forever, as far as I am concerned. Few years back my mom told me about the show and that it was nice, but I didn’t pay much attention to her. My mistake, it’s one of my favourite shows ever. Love,
        Nat <3

  2. Jane,

    So glad you’re well! My roommate and I have decided we are going to turn on your work out and get in shape so that we can come out of quarantine healthier and better than ever! ( gotta work my way away from pizza and towards something more like your lunch )!

    Anyways, do you have any advise for gig workers ( like myself ) who lose the pandemic relief this week, but also cannot play shows due to Covid and its rapid case increase? I’m feeling quite overwhelmed and scared!

    As always, thanks!!


  3. Hey, Jane
    Thank you for sharing how is a normal week for you during this quarantine which seems eternal.
    I think your labor through this hard time is still impressive and honestly, since I read your memories, I am so in to learn more about you in the present time so this entrance was so enjoyable to read, we are so lucky too because we got to know you and feel inspired by you every day.
    Thank you for that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    I really appreciate everything you do and say,
    Lots of love for you,

    • I honestly am in a point in life which one would rather call “far too young”, but alright to understand Jane Fonda classics! Anyway, I just watched /finished Les Félins(about 5 minutes ago) and being in that similar type of a house prison /Quarantine situation as in ‘Joy House’, I believe I can say that yet again the sheer power of movies and powerful captivating performances have taken a front seat 🍸🙏🏼… I JUST WANTED TO MAKE SURE I THANK YOU FOR BEING EVER SO POWERFUL on and off screen! Lesson from Melinda : if you don’t get it, make it come to you! I LOVE YOU, x 💙🍸

      • Priya, how did you see Les Felins? I should see it again. People have told me it’s quite good. My first French movie.x

  4. It’s been a particularly hard week watching the alarming Covid trajectory and losing two civil rights legends in one day. Reading your post was oddly relaxing and calming. It’s comforting to hear you are talking good care of yourself, the people you love, and trying to heal this planet. Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight and for staying productive and optimistic in these anxiety ridden times. I’m inspired to turn from my despair and focus on repair. Sending love to you and yours.

  5. Hi Jane! Enjoyed your post. I’m in Australia but just wondered where you got that great book holder? Have always been a fan, take care 🙏🏻❤️

  6. Hi Jane!

    Thanks for sharing what your days is like. And just like the rest of us, were all interested in what’s going on in the back round of these zoom calls! Checking out the details of the space behind who were speaking to or watching! Love it! I do have to say, you have the back stuff going on in yours with tour wall of photos!!
    I participated in the interview you did with Darrell. It was powerful to say the least. Thank you for being so open and sharing your story. As for Darrell’s documentary, that is a must watch for anyone. Especially those having been through trauma. He is a true warrior and our world is much brighter with him in it. I’m glad you brought this up in your blog!
    One day soon you’ll be able to hug your family & friends and your sweet grand baby!
    Much love & blessings to you and little Tulea!


  7. Hi Jane!

    I’m so glad you enjoyed “dead to me” as much as we all do in the community!
    Do you really not eat dinner? That sounds smart, dinner takes all of my time up as well, getting the food on the table, when you can do so many other things, besides that!
    I hope you are feeling very good on this Monday! I watched “on golden pond” with my mother, it always tears me up. Could you pick a favourite Joan Crawford movie?

    My deepest Love


  8. Jane, I am so glad to read this lovely post. And guess what, tuna salad is one of my favorite go-to meals as well. Being (in my case, even) more active in the kitchen was one of the few silver linings of the whole nightmare… and as you said, it’s important to maintain a nice schedule and to deal with every day.

    Thankfully, I recovered from (the physical part of) COVID, which was a horrible experience. During those 8 weeks (!), I had very serious doubts that it would end (well, on a positive note, at least) and I am really furious that people are so ignorant about masks and other preventive measures. I first did not want to talk about it anywhere to anyone ever, but now I put it out there on any surface possible so that just one more person listents and takes it seriously. And it’s hard not to feel resentful of people when I myself got it because of a roommate being careless… if people were just endangering themselves, that’s fine, but people are wearing masks and quaranting to protect OTHERS (and as a result, themselves). But this just further enlightened the toxicity of an extremely self-centered, entitled society. And it’s the root of everything – the pandemic, our Climate Crisis and those diabolical creatures we have for politicians. We are all in this together, but are so reluctant to give up any of the “comfort” or what “we are entitled to”. I don’t see that anymore – we are not entitled to anything. Everything we take for granted is a gift – food, nature and its resources, our health, our life, our planet. I just wish others did not have to go through the same process that I did to learn this. But I am glad that there are people like you with influence who show that working together is the way to go and inspire us to take action instead of just sitting there with out depression and frustration. I’ve learned my lesson and I am ready to do something.

  9. WoW,Jane! You are a magnificent person,I admire all your work, and your attitude in life.I thank you for supporting health care workers (I am a doctor from Argentina). I am glad and proud to be following you! Big and warm Hug.

  10. Jane thank you very much for showing us your life in the pandemic, you are right having health we are privileged, what you do is the now famous intermittent fasting that is so fashionable for the benefits that it brings even for cell renewal, which you practice Years ago, I am struggling to achieve it, I go day by day, sometimes I fail, I hope to achieve it. Thank you for going to your blog, your company and advice for me have been one of the best things I have received in these new and difficult times, you are right, the most painful thing is not being able to hug those we love, I love you.💕💕

    • Hello Jane, greetings from Canada! I Just wanted to commend you on your activism both political and environmental. I hope to retire soon and work with environmental and animal rights activists. You are an inspiration!

  11. Hola Señora Jane, la admiro por decir lo que piensa a pesar de lo que digan los demas. Con respecto a los libros, me parece interesante su recomendacion. En America Latina hay un libro que se llama Las venas abiertas de America Latina el autor es Eduardo Galeano, es muy bueno y habla de lo que ha ocurrido en nuestra region sobre la explotacion de los recursos minerales y de petroleo por parte de paises industrializados, siguiendo un modelo de desarrollo que daña el ambiente. Soy venezolana y vivo actualmente en Bogota, Colombia.

    • Jane I translated it for you: Hello Mrs. Jane, I admire you for saying what you think despite what others say. Regarding books, I find your recommendation interesting. In Latin America there is a book called The Open Veins of Latin America, the author is Eduardo Galeano, he is very good and he talks about what has happened in our region regarding the exploitation of mineral and oil resources by industrialized countries. following a development model that damages the environment. I am Venezuelan and currently live in Bogota, Colombia.

  12. Thanks for posting this “week in your life”! It was a nice post to read this morning. What do you like to eat for breakfast usually?
    Take care, Jane!

    • McCain Oatmeal, fresh fruit or scrambled eggs and fresh fruit or a large smoothie

  13. Ms. Fonda I have been a follower and a fan since doing your workouts in the ‘80’s (they really worked!). You are brave and bold and not afraid to stand up to the old white guys that have a stranglehold on mother earth. Thank you. Thank you. Keep going. Thank you. And you and Lily Tomlin are the greatest odd couple ever. Don’t ever stop acting!!!! Also, I’m struggling a bit with weight/exercise right now so it’s very helpful to know what your routine is. You have always been very disciplined and it shows.

  14. Hi, Jane

    Hope you’re well!
    I’m happy to see that we’ve been enjoying the same shows. I don’t know about you but I really enjoyed the finales of The Morning Show and Little Fires Everywhere, such talented casts!

    With Dead To Me, a lot of us have noticed the many similarities between Jen+Judy and Grace+Frankie. There are many instances where Jen and Grace are very much alike, and the same with Judy and Frankie! I’m curious, have you noticed these similarities too?

    Stay safe and much love,

    • Nope, Aa-iosha, I didn’t notice any similarities but maybe that’s because I like to think no one is like Grace and Frankie. xx

    • Hey Thanks for the heads up. I love Frankie and Grace and you gave me something else to look at when I’m finished. I hope to agree with you….

  15. Hello Jane,

    It’s so great to see that you are still doing well and starting to have some semblance of “normal”. I have been very inspired by all of your livestreams, and they have truly changed my life. Thank you so much for helping me to learn more about current issues and what I can do to help. For someone who never cared about politics or activism, you’ve shown me that it’s never too late to get educated and involved. You’ve helped me discover my own identity and taught me to never change my beliefs in order to please others.

    What advice do you have for someone who wants to get more involved but has no idea where to begin? How do I start having meaningful conversations with those around me who may not agree?

    Hope you have a great week!


    • Well, my book that comes out Sept 8th is a good way to learn how to get involved and develop communication skills for talking with folks who may not agree. Also, go onto the Firedrillfridays.com/takeaction and you can choose actions like writing postcards (we provide the postcards, the addresses and what to say), texting etc. We are training 1000s of volunteers to have an impact.

  16. Hi Jane! I just joined your website and I am a big fan of yours.
    You mentioned some shows that I also love, especially Homeland. I’m curious to know what you thought of the finale. It is sad to see that show end but what an incredible show!

    • Ugh! Elizabeth, Truth is, I can’t remember how it ended. It feels like 5 years ago.

  17. I have the exact same book stand for when I read at mealtimes

  18. Jane! Your lunch looks delightful. Thank you for the book recommendations. I too have been enjoying “Little Fires Everywhere”, “The Morning Show”, “Better Things”, and “Dead to Me”. All wonderfully done, female lead shows! I hope you are staying as well as you can be. Have a wonderful week!

  19. Hi Jane–Thanks for blogging. It’s a crazy time for all of us and it’s comforting to read about how you’re hanging in there. I’ve been spending a lot of time researching Italy in WW2 (for a project I am working on) as well as rewatching many of your exceptional films. I just acquired the Brit import of THE CHINA SYNDROME, one of my all-time favorites, and I was wondering if there was any pressure on you guys to not make the film WHILE you were filming. I know it was kind of hush hush but I was curious if you had to fight any higher-up or even someone at the studio to get it made? I think Kimberly Wells is one of your greatest achievements in a list of great roles (Gloria, Sally, Bree, Alex, Lillian, Martha…) Is she one of your faves?

  20. How do you upkeep the stamina?… mentally, physically! You must get many many charities/organizations who solicit your support. What is your internal process that decides on causes you want to spend your time and effort in? Needless to say, you’re a big inspiration.

  21. Jane,
    Thank you for sharing! I have to admit I’m not a cook. Lol. Your lunch looked amazing. I usually just have a TV dinner. I usually just eat once a day. I just ordered two books one you suggested the new Jim Crow and also a book by Tehran’s Lopez Bunyasi and Candis Watts smith called stay woke. Can’t wait to get them! I also watched most of the same shows. I also watched Madam Secretary with Te’a Leoni and Tim Daly. It was really interesting how to see how things work inside the White House. You might enjoy it. I am also not a phone person. I prefer texts. I signed up to volunteer!! To send text messages. Hopefully they will get a hold of me soon. I know they have soo many people to get a hold of. I have to admit one more thing during fire drill Friday’s I look at the pictures on your wall and wonder who they are. Curiosity I guess. Stay safe

  22. Hi Jane!

    Hope you are keeping well and safe 🙂

    I would firstly like to say how much Grace and Frankie made me smile during some crappy times in quarantine. I would love to know how Grace would have coped while in quarantine with Frankie!
    How are you finding doing Fire Drill Fridays virtually? Do you find it to be more interactive and exciting that people all around the US and globally can be apart of them?

    Much love,
    Robyn x

    • Robyn, I’ll try to answer later. I’m swamped right now. x

      • Thank you Jane, I’m surprised you even get a chance to reply to comments on your blog with all the work that you do!

        • Robyn, resend your questions please

          • How are you finding doing Fire Drill Fridays virtually? Do you find it to be more interactive and exciting that people all around the US and globally can be apart of them? Thanks again,
            Robyn x

  23. Hi Jane,

    I just want to tell you what an incredible inspiration you are to me. Your compassion, your humility, and your determination to always fight for the little guy and for the planet without regard to self is absolutely awe inspiring.

    Another Jane, Dr. Jane Goodall, has said that we need to start reducing our population if we are ever to fix things. Because there are too many of us, we are using up resources faster than the planet can replenish them. We will require the equivalent of 3 Earths by 2100 to sustain our population of 11 billion. Humans and livestock now comprise 96% of all mammals on earth with wild animals being only 4%. It was the other way around 20,000 years ago.

    Do you agree with Dr. Goodall that over-population is a serious problem or do you think that all our problems can be solved through technology, renewable energy, etc?

  24. Hi Jane.
    So nice to read from you about your daily life. I met you once at a ‘So far so good’ presentation in Cambridge, MA, many years ago – bio that I loved deeply. Since then, I follow now and again, among busy days of working and mummying, much of your public activity from afar.
    I only recently got into Grace&Frankie, now I’m addicted to…!!
    Thank you for all the fun and fine emotional awarness you transmit with your character. Sorry for my bad English, I don’t practice often.
    Wish you all, all, all the best! Susanna, from Italy’s east coast.

    • Sorry I meant ‘My Life so far’…

      • Hi Jane we are on holiday which is what we can do as I live in Western Australia. We are in Coral Bay 1200kms north of Perth. Lots of sunshine. Our life needs sunshine. My brother is in Victoria and I worry for him as he is recovering from cancer and they have a second wave happening there.
        You certainly seem to keep yourself busy. Take care

  25. Hi Jane,
    I just found your blog after many years of being a fan. Right now, though, I am particularly interested in your lemon mousse. Any details, especially recipe, that you can share? Thanks and take care! 🙂

    • Hi Jane !!! I am always aware of all the incredible things you do, I love your blog. for next year comes the new season of grace and frankie? greetings and blessings ♥ ️

  26. Hi Jane! Love your post and great to see how you’re keeping busy like the rest of us during these crazy times. Any chance you were driving a gray Ferrari down the 52 in La Jolla the other day? I could’ve sworn it was you. Either way, it was fun to pretend it was. It made our kids day as we’re all huge Grace and Frankie fans. Wishing you all the best. Stay safe!

    • Ha! No way, Jose! I don’t drive fancy cars. I drive and electric car though but I’m really not going anywhere these days.

  27. Hi Jane! How about a physically/socially distanced Fonda Descendants’ Fire Drill Friday? Your fifth great grandfather, Jellis Douw, is my sixth gg, so I think that means I’m your sixth cousin once removed.

  28. With reading so many important things lately as so many things happening in the world right now are deemed important – it’s nice sometimes to read a blog entry like this. Nice and relaxing. Thank you for taking the time.

    Quick question: As everyone else seems to be catching up and branching out with new tv shows, I’m trying to get to know past Hollywood stars that have somehow slipped through the cracks with me. I’m a huge fan of what I call “the originals” lol – like Kate Hepburn, Vivien Leigh, Cary Grant, Gable, Ginger, Bette, Judy, Jimmy and of course your father. But ya can’t know ’em all without making an effort, right?. I’ve done pretty good as a 34 year old cinephile but there’s always room for improvement. So, my new conquest is Barbara Stanwyck. My question is: What is your favourite Stanwyck movie?

    • Truth is, Smitty, I’ve never really watched many old movies but I once watched a really early, naughty movie of hers for an TCM how. Can’t remember the name. Short blonde hair.

      • Thanks! I’ll do a deep movie hunt and see if I can find it.

        One more question (if you don’t mind) about your upcoming book. Is there any way that a Canadian can pre-order your book and still get access to the special “behind-the-scenes” video? Maybe a general/no reply email we could send the proof of purchase to from Amazon?

        • Smitty, you can pre-order right here on my website. Under “Shop” and hen click on “books” and pre-order “What Can I Do?”

      • I wonder if you could be referring to Baby Face? A fabulous pre-code starring Miss Stanwyck, and she had a short blonde wig. 😉

        • That’s the one!! Good for you. x

          • How does one say this without sounding weird…I’m a…dedicated Barbara Stanwyck fan. I think she was a fantastic actress who came from nothing to be somebody great. Didn’t agree with her politics, but that’s neither here nor there anymore. Let’s just say if there were a degree in Stanwyck’s work, I’d be a Ph.D. I have studied her. Watched every film (that’s available). Read about her. I’m fascinated by so many people. I love learning all I can about them. She is no exception. I just find her to be a fascinating person and brilliant artist and can usually name any film of hers based on a few clues. They say don’t meet your idols, but I can’t meet Stanwyck anyway. You having met her and seemingly knowing her fairly well, I hope she was as badass as she seems to have been. (And it isn’t true in some cases, I wrote Carol Burnett a letter and was invited to meet her after one of her shows in Nashville. She spent 20 minutes with me and I felt like the only person in the room with her. She’s a beautiful soul, just like you’d imagine. I imagine you’d be the same way. 😉

          • Stanwyck was strong and fragile…like many women. Feisty but her husband broke her heart.

  29. hii grace!
    i just watched your show grace and frankie and lets just say im in love with that show. i dont want it to end!! i was wondering have you ever visited the middle east? i would love to meet you someday. please stay safe

  30. Jane, thanks for recommending the TV series “I may destroy you”. I already put it on my short list. Lately, I’ve seen a couple of good TV series as “SelfMade: Madam C.J. Walker” (the leading role is played by Octavia Spencer), “The Handmaid’s Tale”, “”Outlander or “Sense 8” (about homo sensorium and telepathy) … and also the movies “Never look away” (a very very good German movie) or The Giver (a 2014 production starring Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges).
    stay safe,

  31. Darling Jane
    Grace & Frankie was such an extraordinary & brilliant manifestation that proves what happens when you have a great team effort!
    For your next project hook up with those you love & make something really worthwhile. A documentary on climate change perhaps.
    With your moxie, intelligence & deep caring you can make it so sexy everyone will have seen it. We’re behind you. Love Donna

  32. As an essential worker myself, I must thank you for all you do for those of us who don’t have a choice of whether to work or stay home and isolate. As a nurse, I took an oath and signed up to take care of people no matter the risk to myself. I’m sure none of us thought we’d be signing up for a pandemic of this magnitude, but we are doing our best! We need all the help we can get! PPE is becoming easier to obtain, but still difficult. I’ve been exposed to COVID twice, I’ve been sick once but because I was not “critically ill” I was not tested. This is definitely the most stressful time in my life and probably in the lives of most.

    I love reading your blogs about what you’re doing, what you’re eating, your recommendations on TV and books. I’m not much of a TV person, I’d much rather be watching an old Barbara Stanwyck movie (She and your dad were my favorite pairing).

    I, too, have been following the climate situation and am very concerned. I don’t know if you saw it, but there’s a video on YouTube where Emma Thompson and her daughter were invited to visit the arctic on a Greenpeace ship. It was very moving to see the arctic and its beauty, but terrifying at the same time to hear how drastically it has changed and how continuing to drill for fossil fuels will eventually destroy it all if it isn’t stopped. It’s collective suicide. There is no excuse for not converting to renewable energy when we have the resources to do so. Unfortunately the almighty dollar means more to the powers that be than the health of our planet and the lives of its inhabitants.

    Keep fighting the good fight Jane. You’re an inspiration. I try to do what I can as well, when I’m not busy at the hospital (which, let’s face it, is all the time). People like you and Emma Thompson help give me the drive. Thank you Jane, for caring.

    • Stay safe, Brittany and thank YOU and all the essential frontline workers who are risking so much for the rest of us. God Bless. xx Jane

  33. Hi Jane!

    Just wanted to let you know I made it through the coronavirus! I’m not 100% but getting there! As your friends that had it said – it was rough! I haven’t missed a Fire Drill Friday since February, even with being sick. You are doing so much for the environment and many other causes. You are truly an inspiration in so many avenues! Thank you for all that you do. Could say more, but I know you are busy and I know so many are reading what I say. Not comfortable with that, I guess I’m too private. You are in my prayers everyday, as is, Lily and Jane #1. Please continue to be safe!



  34. I guess Catherine O’Hara was busy working on Schitt’$ Creek, while you all were busy working on Grace & Frankie, otherwise how could she not be some significant guest star on G&F?! https://thetruetruetruth.com/catherine-ohara-2

    I could see her as a woman without a home who wanders up the beach and turns out to be Grace’s surprise younger sister.


    Or, bear with me, Catherine could play Grace’s surprise child, had at 16 and given up for adoption, brought into the show by a startling DNA match? I realize that the show’s parents/children age range thing is fuzzy (like, it makes sense for today’s Gen-Xers, but for members of the Greatest Generation or Boomers?)…but it’s possible. Hmmm…

    Oh well. Next time.

  35. Hi Jane!

    I’ll second what you said about ‘Overstory.’ What a profound and beautiful book – it moved me to tears and I was sad to see it end. I passed my copy onto a friend I met during my first FDF arrest and she is savoring it as well. There really is nothing as delicious as finding the right book at the right time in your life. I just recently finished Angela Davis’ autobiography and can’t recommend it highly enough – what a force.


    • Shouldn’t known you’ve found Overstory!!! go Alexandra

  36. hey jane,

    i’ve joined your fdf streams for the last two weeks and i have to say, i’m in love with them, i wish i had started sooner! i’m looking forward to this movie you’ve been busy with.

    on a completely different note, have you had the chance to watch ‘mrs. america’ yet? it’s finally on tv here in the uk and i’m obsessed. i would love to know what you think of it. it’s very emotional, inspiring and as each episode goes on, it really fuels the fire inside of me.

    much love as always,


    • Kate, I like “Mrs America” but didn’t love it. Gloria has told me that it was historically inaccurate. For instance, the insurence company was the money behind Phyllis Shaffley. She wsn’t just some regulaqr, ordinary housewife. Corporate America was behind her. Thatwould be a pretty significant omission in my oppinion

      • woah, i had no clue! that makes me sad they don’t stick to the complete truth. in the warning message before the show they said they only change the dialogue but i should’ve known; that’s typical among ‘fx shows’— ‘feud: bette and joan’ was another show that went crazy with fiction, olivia de havilland even tried to sue them.

        thanks for sharing, jane, hopefully people will do their research and not trust every word of the show. but the show as a whole has definitely resonated with my generation, which will hopefully birth more feminists, and they can shake off the impression it’s an extreme word.

        i love your quote on embracing feminism later in life; “it’s ok to be a late bloomer, as long as you don’t miss the flower show”. and although you said you never felt a true feminist inside, during the 70’s, i see it in you when i look back at interviews and photos.

        much love,
        kate xoxo

        • and to add to this, i just read gloria’s interview with the guardian over the show and i completely understand. the show focused on a “cat-fight” between women for entertainment and it drew focus away from the men who were actually able to change the law. that’s a shame.

  37. Hi Jane!

    Thank you so much for all of the fantastic work you are doing on and off of your blog. Environmental problems cannot be divorced from white supremacy and you are able to integrate so many ideas to illuminate the bigger picture while remaining optimistic and authentic. You also have impeccable taste in TV – Ramy and I May Destroy you are both excellent!

    I am in a psychology doctoral program and for one of my classes, we were asked to write a psychobiography – an in-depth exploration of a subject’s life using established theories of psychology as a lens. You really are my hero, so I wrote my paper about you using Linda Kreger Silverman and Sharon Conarton’s 1988 “Feminine development through the life cycle,” which is heavily influenced by Carol Gilligan’s work in feminist psychology. I know you are a fan of Gilligan, so I thought the lens was appropriate. If there is a way I can send it, I would really like to share with you the paper that I submitted.

    Keep up the fight, you are an inspiration! x

    • I’m on the run just now, Emily. Please remind me to send you a PO Box address xx

    • Hi Emily! I’m a producer in LA working on a docu-series about Jane’s wide influence on people. I’d love to talk to you more about your comment here. Feel free to reply here or shoot me an email [email protected] if you’re interested. Thanks!

  38. Hi Jane!
    Some of us have signed up to volunteer with Fire Drill Fridays a while back and then again when postcard writing was added but we have not heard anything back yet. Just checking in to see when we will be contacted to get the ball rolling!

    Thanks for all you do. We Love You!! Stay safe & be well!
    Kara xo

    • Kara, I’m so moved and grateful. Thanks for signing up. I will check on your quetion. Don’t give up on us. xx

      • Hi Jane!
        Thanks for the reply! I wouldn’t dream on giving up & I am sure the others wouldn’t either!!!
        We are here, ready & waiting to do all we can to help!!!

        Kara xo

  39. Jane, I read your blog a few years ago. Saw you in Omaha at Film Streams event about 8 years ago. I am from Omaha originally.
    This note is about Stanley and Iris. I saw it for the first time tonight and it now may be my favorite film ever. What a joy to watch.

  40. Hi Jane, I’m so glad you’re okay.
    Thank you very much for sharing your week on the blog, it’s admirable how you maintain your routine between so much work and things you do.
    Personally I haven’t had a good week, but reading your blog did me a lot of good.
    I share with the rest of the readers the concerns about Grace and Frankie. I wish I was watching the seventh season already! It’s the best TV series I’ve ever seen and I enjoy it over and over again.
    I also recently watched YOUTH, I loved the film and I was very moved by your performance. It was really brilliant. I also read some interviews with the actor Roly Serrano (here in Argentina he is very well known) who played the part of Maradona. He talked about how much he admires you and what a great experience it was for him to share the shooting with you and the rest of the actors.
    Stay safe and much love.

  41. Im a women in pain. At the end of my ropes. Sitting here trying to stay awake because my son is lying on the couch with an untreated broken jaw and numerous
    Other less severe injuries sustained at the hands of the police doing what is called street justice in our town on a population of the people that do not have the means to fight back. My son is no angel by far and there is a history; he is also an epileptic. I will say that I have not gathered all the information about what happened but right now that does not matter to me this just happend and my son is suffering and in pain and I need to be awake in case he needs me. How can I sleep when i can hear his moaning in pain. I was reading your article about white privilege and thought how much police brutality ties in to that. And why did i pick this article! I am white with two black beautiful sons. I am 63. I remember how things used to be. I know what white people think and what black people think. I’m afraid my family will never recover from this. The specifics are heart wrenching. I am filled with so much rage I can’t function. I want people to realize how the families of the victums suffer. That the realization that no one really cares is so overwhelming to me. The fact that a human being can be treated in this way. The hopelessness is to much to bare. Life is a circle. Unless we take a stand as a nation and break this circle…. Looking back and where we are now I hope this time that black lives truly matter and not just the popular thing to do in the moment. Because thats what usually happens. I quess we’ll see. I’m sorry I have no compliments or acknowledgements I can muster right now. 🌱

  42. Dear Jane,

    I just recently learned that you write a blog. I read your autobiography, My Life So Far, while quarantined. I have always admired your vast talent; your stark, honest revelations within the book deepened my admiration.
    I am a psychiatrist and since the election of he-who-shall-remain-unnamed, my engagement in activism has increased exponentially. Please accept my deepest gratitude for all the light you have shined and continue to shine into our world. You are an Avatar for many.
    Please stay healthy and safe during these very challenging times.

  43. Just an update on my earlier comment. Found 2 witness. one they threw in the county jail and released her without bail being required. Police were called because my son had a seizure. Its very frightening for untrained onlookers. He goes into gran mal seizures and when thats done he gets up trying to get out. He stumbles around semi unconscious and totally disorientated. He stumbless and falls and doesn’t respond. He fell out my second story window one time if you can imagine what that must of been like for us. When police arrived they recognized him. The witness told me they told the officers that he was havivg a seizure. The officers beat my son in tbe apartment. Dragged him out side. While beating him and him screaming for help and that he could not breathe. The side walk is still covered with his blood. im sorry i can not finish this.

    • Oh my god, Darcy. That is beyond horrible. I’m so sorry. Is your son alright now? Recovered from the police beating? Where did this happen?

  44. Hola Jane mi comentario esta dos veces. No he tenido la enfermedad ni yo ni nadie de mi familia y amigos. En Mallorca hay menos casos. Una pregunta, has viajado alguna vez a Mallorca?

    • Isabel, I’ve never been to Mallorca. Sad.

    • No es triste. Has viajado muchísimo. Un abrazo.

    • Mi abuelo era Mallorquin, yo tuve la dicha de visitar Mallorca, tu vives en un verdadero paraíso, la comida igual exquisita, yo tengo que volver si Dios lo permite, todos muy amables.

  45. Hi.
    I just posted a tweet to say that just posted a tweet to thank you not only for entertaining me over much of my life but also for your enlightened political activism.
    I tweet and troll Trump though I’m a rapidly aging Englishman in France…the planet will breathe a sigh of relief when he’s not POTUS.
    I loved what you said on your interview bit about climate change..
    The quote you cited from your ex is how I try to live my life; ‘hope for the best and prepare for the worst’
    It’s more poignant now as I get around in a wheelchair- don’t know my neuropathy is caused by chemicals or pesticides I’ve worked with/,been close to or random gene mutations..
    Anyhow. More power to you and what you do!

  46. Hi Jane, Thank you for this glimpse into your day to day. Loved reading about what you have been watching during this time and your daily routine. Well done on staying true to your vow to no longer purchase new clothing! I also avoid fast fashion and frivolous purchases, knowing how wasteful & pollutive the clothing industry is. However, when I try to share this with friends and family, I find they get defensive, critical, and challenge me on my choices rather than encourage them. It’s so upsetting and can lead to tense conversations.

    Do you have any tips for communicating sustainable practices to others in a way that doesn’t offend them? Is this something that is covered in your upcoming book?

    Thank you/love you xoxo

    • That spcifically isn’t covered in my book..the clothing issue. I don’t try to convince the skeptical but teach by example.

      • Jane, you are right, this is my philosophy to respect so that they respect you, but some of the ambitalists there are people who go out of line, I never get hooked but on Instagram I answered someone who criticized you for eating tuna. Everything in excess is bad.

      • Thanks so much, Jane. Your response means a lot 🙂

  47. Hi Jane last night you popped into my head, and I wondered how you were going in these times. I googled you and found your post “off the top of my head”. I joined your website so I could tell you how much I enjoyed reading about the minutiae of your life, your day, it was very nourishing for me. Thank you for sharing, for your honesty, and for all you give us.

  48. Thanks for sharing. This is the first time I’ve heard of these shows, along with your book suggestions. I will be checking them out.

    Your lunch looks yummy!

  49. Hi Jane! About what time do you eat breakfast? I thought that if you get up very early and have breakfast, and go to sleep early, it could be that breakfast is like lunch and lunch is like dinner.

  50. Jane,
    This is my FIRST time ever joining a blog and boy am I glad it’s yours! I watched a YouTube video of you and Lilly answering those google questions ..You two crack me up! Can’t wait to surf the website!

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