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    Just watched Mark Ronson’s The Sound, Synthesizer episode and it is inspired. “Unsung women” were transformative in the industry. Delia Derbyshire composed some of the very first synthesized music still used as the opening for Dr. Who. She was a brilliant mathemetician and musician. Wendy/Walter Carlson as well. One woman said electronic music…[Read more]

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    Thank you for writing My Life So Far. It really moved me. You openness is incredible as is your Life. I just read Stand Out of Our Light by James Harris. It helped make sense of the present day “mobocracy”. Did anyone else read this?

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    Jane, my eyes were opened today how you are saving lives by raising the minimum wage: Today, in “The Economist”, they have a chart showing raising the minimum wage reduces the suicide rate -based on a study at Emory University! Thank you.

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    Fame, perhaps has allowed people to be reminded of you and pay attention in a crowded world. I have found for better or worse, people listen to those that they like and feel are relevant. Perhaps also G&F has simply reminded people of how truly special you are. I am just very happy to be a beneficiary of your wisdom and find you inspiring. I…[Read more]

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    Dear Jane: Would you share the list of books you love? I saw in an interview that you send friends books you have read and I think you are very well informed. My recent favorite is “My Own Words” Ruth Ginsburg. Kindest,

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