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  • Hi Jane !
    Very good pictures ! and this deer is so beautiful !!
    I wish all of you a happy working. it will surely be a very good film.
    I’m very happy for you this shooting with Robert Redford.
    Take care of you ! xxx

  • Hi Jane !
    Addie is you few years ago, when you had the same hairstyle !
    I hope to see this movie in France.
    Also, I cross my fingers for Hilary is elected !
    I think it will be really good for you and the […]

  • i Jane !
    I hope, for you and for the USA, Hillary Clinton will your future Président !
    She’s really a great woman.

  • Hi Jane !
    it is great life lesson ! Thank’s for this information.
    Very interesting !

  • florence commented on the post, Birthday 3 years, 6 months ago

    i Jane !
    Sorry ! I’m late to wish you a very good HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
    You had a very good day with your family. That’s wonderfull !
    you still seem young, you seem to have fun with children. It’s genious !
    i kiss you

  • I wish you a Happy belated Birthday. Sorry, but I have thought of you on December 21.
    And I wish you a very, very Happy New Year with much joy and happiness for you and your family
    Your post is wise , full of […]

  • Hi Jane !
    Excellent photos. the last one with your son is beautiful !
    Congratulations, you deserve much with everything you do. I’m happy for you !
    Take care of you

  • hi Jane,
    I wish you courage. it’s great to be able to help one another
    love is stronger than anything and it is very important. it gives you strength to fight against the disease !
    I think well of you xxx

  • florence commented on the post, CRYING 5 years, 3 months ago

    I’m not surprised ! I was like you at first.
    are the tensions that come, and after you cry no more. It feels all clean inside!