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    Barbara, sorry, I’m not going to be much help. Jane tries to come on to blog once a month. Lately, she has been on several times which is unusual because she lives a very busy life. What you can be sure of is that she will read your posts when she does. She may or may not post or respond to them. I have several in moderation also. Some she will…[Read more]

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    Ronie, Since you are head of this group and this is the only group I belong to, I want to ask a question that isn’t for publication or out in the big posts aimed at Jane. It used to be before Jane gave her blog this new face that you could report a problem. I don’t see the way to do that now and thought maybe you had a way of reporting a possible…[Read more]

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    Of course, to not be a default choice, Grace would have to choose Frankie over Nick. Hummm.

    • Dona totally according to your comment. Cross your fingers and hopefully the writers also consider this situation.

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    Claudia, Here’s my take on that. Grace said she thought her marriage was “good enough”. Even her husband thought that she didn’t really love him and it wouldn’t hurt her to lose him. But she was hurt to find that she wasn’t loved like she assumed she was. She has been looking for passion like she felt for the Sam Elliott character, but she…[Read more]

  • Dear Jane, July 7th has been since 1955 the date to remember the loss of my father, but this 2019 that date has been transformed into one of my most wonderful memories. A transformation made by you. You gave me the precious minutes I dreamed of and they were perfect. I loved your sharing on stage. I am going to write you a long letter about this…[Read more]

  • Jane,
    Just two days until I leave for Madison!!!Five days until we see YOU!!! We are all so excited. Kelly heard you do an interview on radio, I think. She said it was interesting and that what you said, “Helped her.” I’m looking forward to a conversation with her about that. Can you delete the post with their full names? That was just for you…[Read more]

  • Jane,
    As usual, one thing leads to another and here I am still in my bathrobe jumping from one 2009 post to another. I’ve kvelled???, I’ve O’Neilled, been to The Ranch and eaten ice cream designed as a baked potato, learned more about Greer Garson, re-read more closely comments on racism. It’s been a happy two-hour visit, which I can look…[Read more]

  • Jane,
    Well her Mom did cry when I told her. I decided to keep it as a surprise and not tell Kelly or Bob. So here is some background on Kelly. She’s a nurse. For years one of the special jobs she did was help recipients of transplants. You know, the person who helps pick and match , then works with the patient until the organ is available. Then…[Read more]

  • Just an extra note; correction on the part of Kelly working in a neo-natal unit. I was wrong on that. Also, she has recently retired. Bob is like a lay-minister at their church. They had dreamed of joining the Peace Corps after retirement to work in countries like Africa in connection with diseases like Aids, but that dream won’t be realized…[Read more]

  • I just finished listening to a reading on NPR of “The Apology” and an interview with author, Eve. So powerful, deep, filled with truth, revelation and insights into our nation’s deepest wounds. She spoke to Patriarchy, idolization and racism. It provoked thoughts about our/my own idealization of others and also, came together with thoughts I had…[Read more]

  • Greenpeace support Tweet. NICE! Been a supporter, still a supporter, always will be a supporter. Dona

  • Re; Grace and Frankie I want to do a shout out THANK YOU to whoever decided NOT to have a laugh track or music overlay. I absolutely hate having my emotions manipulated in that way. It is such a relief to be treated with respect as a viewer and to see the actors and writers respected. Whoever made that decision, kudos to them or her or him or. It…[Read more]

  • Dear Jane, Seems I missed being online with you by about 20 minutes, ah well. This is a Private message because it’s about someone else and this is a wish that you probably can’t fulfill anyway, so I’m not asking. I’m just sharing. My dear activist friend who I mention often, lost her only son to brain cancer 16 yrs ago. Her only daughter, Kelly,…[Read more]

  • Just to let your sponsors know that you DO have influence over your fans; I now use L’Oreal face moisturizer and quit my use of another; I watched all the episodes of Longmire; I looked but couldn’t find the Vogue magazine article(guess I don’t shop in fancy enough stores), but I would have bought it; I couldn’t get Ray Donovan so I bought a…[Read more]

  • I loath, abhor, and detest the news headlines that mislead to any degree to get people to look at the salacious gossipy crap stories constructed it seems without any moral conscience just to get a reader. The writers of those headlines are the parasites who prey on people’s honest feelings toward their fellow human beings. It is so upsetting to…[Read more]

  • I just told a friend to look for Capernaum on Netflicks then after she left I went looking for it to watch. It wasn’t there. I’ll keep looking because I really want to see it. I read your last blog to her and she plans to look into Working America. She was interested in your book referral. I copied it for her. I did locate Our Planet on Netflicks,…[Read more]

  • Jane, I just found out from my cousin that the film clip, Flip the Switch is the film he produced, that I went to see. Seems Pat is speaking about the film in several places including Georgia. He didn’t know that Pat was a friend of yours. He wondered if you might speak about the film in Georgia. I explained just how very busy you are and all the…[Read more]

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    If I went to work at 5:30 am and didn’t get home until midnight, the right emoji for me would have her eyes closed, and mouth open in a snore .D

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    Look I am in the same boat with you. I have three posts that so far have not been posted/read YET. It looks like they’ve been jumped over. But I believe she is just working the line in some fashion that we can’t make sense of but I believe she will get to them. I have told her in the past that I just want her to read them and she doesn’t have to…[Read more]

    • Thank you so much for replying. At least I know I’m not the only one. They definitely have an odd way of approving them if not in chronological order. Anyway, sending something by real mail is a great suggestion, thanks. Do you have or know where I can find her address for things like that? I guess a fan mail P.O box or something?

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