• The Tony’s allow someone of modest means like myself to experience a small glimpse into those beautiful, wonderful productions and the magnificently creative artists who use that medium. I will probably never get […]

  • Jane,
    I just finished reading. Born A Crime” by Trevor Noah for my book club this month. It was a wonderful easy read on racism. I learned so much. I highly recommend it. I look forward to discussing it with the […]

  • Jane,
    We are on the same page here. I joined VISTA back in 1969-70. I was assigned to a group to work in the “black urban ghetto.” I knew nothing about racism, people of color, our history etc .My favorite movie […]

  • Jane,
    I just spent a little time re-reading old comments and came across your comment on a coming documentary dealing on Vietnam coming in Sept on HBO. I missed that comment before, but I don’t want to miss the […]

  • Candita, Thank you for answering my question. That saves me from pestering Jane with reminder #2 and 3 and… Dona

  • Jane,
    I couldn’t wait until today so went to the evening opening of Book Club last night at a small theater near me. I have to admit that I was nervous about this film. As much as I want to see you on the screen, […]

  • Jane,
    So the artist isn’t Wagner, but it is a she. That’s great. I would like to read about her and see more of her work, so don’t forget. This is reminder #1.
    If you travel up to my neck of the woods,Western […]

  • Jane,
    Who is the artist for Frankie? The art in her studio and the art show she had. I tried to find the artist’s name, but I didn’t see any credit given. Is it Jane Wagner? I so enjoy looking at her art, stuck […]

  • You may want to leave this in moderation. This is regarding political choices I’m making. I believe that I need to help grow and support candidates. I’ve chosen two who are running for congress in my state and a […]

  • Jane,
    Absolutely have the date circled on the calendar! Asked a friend yesterday to go with me and I have passed the word to others. Usually, I wait a day or two after the opening but I’ll try to add to the head […]

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    Marla, I had my first knee replacement when I was about 60 and the next four yrs later. I don’t know if it was luck or skill of the surgeon, but it went well and I recovered fully. I had reached the point of not sleeping well with pain in the knee. It was “bone on bone” so I felt I had to do it. NO regrets at all for me. I’ve had friends who…[Read more]

  • Osteoarthritis-Check!
    Gnarled fingers, swollen joints-Check!
    Two replaced knees-Check!
    One low back injury with osteo-stiffness. Dr. won’t operate. “Too old”-Check!
    73 yrs old, new wrinkles […]

    • I’m 64 & getting my right knee replacement in a week. I’ve had a lot of pain for years & now that my surgery is scheduled I’m running around & playing pain free.. I’m worried that I’m making the right decision. Normally, I’d concider waiting, because it’s finally feeling so good, but with what we have in the WH right now, I’m afraid if I…[Read more]

  • WOW! In terms of speeches that is one of the best Golden Globes I have ever seen. Oprah’s speech was the best of the best. I really think this movement is going forward. I was cautious, but now I am very hopeful. […]

  • I just took another look this morning at your Women’s Media section thinking to share it with my activist friend today and wow what a huge expansion and improvement from when I last looked. This is so very […]

  • First Impression; WOW! The lantern is still held up high, the light bright and strong, still shows the way. You are remarkable! You are my first contact on this new day, this new year and you strengthen me, […]

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    Okay ,so I watched the SLAPP piece about the lawsuit and Green Peace, now what is the next step? I’ve sent money before to GreenPeace, but certainly it needs something more than the small amount I can give.
    Patty […]

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    I’ve tried to put this out of my mind, but I’m worrying about you and Lily and herjane because I don’t know really where you live. I just want to know that you are okay and your home and loved ones are safe.Her […]

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    I wish there was a way to retract a comments I posted on 10/19/07 and 10/21/17 that are still ”in moderation.” You’ve read them, it’s unnecessary to post them. There should be a retract button.Dona

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    I looked at your Tweet with your Grace and Frankie room set and really came close to getting on board with Tweeting. I especially wanted to Tweet Lily that I would be in the front row on her left on the 16th at […]

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    On GRACE and FRANKIE; From the first, I thought WOW we have an” ALL IN THE FAMILY” series for this time in our lives! Current, courageous in challenging prejudices, old myths, and yet so funny with two giant […]

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