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  • Jane,
    The date is set. I’m on page 103. It’s a terrific book! Stickies are at work. Just got off the phone with Colleen who finished it a couple hours ago and wants to compile her volume of notes. In a matter of just a five minute conversation, she enthusiastically repeated at least four-five times, “this is a GREAT book!” Another statement,…[Read more]

  • Just watched this week’s FDF with Colette Pichon Battle & Juan Parras. It was excellent! Colette was so impressive I’d vote for her for any office she wants. She didn’t miss a beat. Great answers to every question. I appreciated Juan but Colette just blew me away. She was down to earth speaking with excellent insight, gave clear representation of…[Read more]

  • Jane, I’m in shock! When I got the email from Jess, from Greenpeace, I thought she meant by “finalist” that the book club had made it to the second round. Not like FINAL as in chosen, one of the ten. OMG! So, I replied as in surprised that we made it that far, but, still holding back my excitement beside really, I didn’t expect… ALL those book…[Read more]

  • It’s been a full day with a heavy ending. It started well with the Zoom FDF guesting Ben & Jerry. I enjoyed and learned some about them then covered a range of topics regarding the environment including military spending statistics to their taste buds. The day was off to a good start. Then I caught the Eva Longoria interview on LIVE Talks in Los A…[Read more]

  • Jane, I checked the 1979 bit out and indeed, you have been shining that light of yours for a long time. What a gift you have been and are. Merci Beaucoup! Dona

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    Jane, It made my heart feel good to see all that support for the Post Office & it’s workers. Dimondstein and Karol were excellent communicators. Their passion and dedication was evident plus lots of good information. I had located the place to drop off the ballot as a back-up plan considering I am sitting smack in Republican territory, but after…[Read more]

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    The women in this park love birds and are very happy that the owls have made their home here however, with a caveat. Many have little dogs like your beloved Tulea. Besides walking them early they have two small dog-runs where they can be let to run off leash and play with their neighbors. Ollie in his investigation of the park has been seen…[Read more]

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    I’m a bit of a night-owl so I watch Amanpour & Co. regularly. Regarding our being able to heal from this Donald mis-adventure in our world affairs, Amanpour asked two of the very experienced, in the eastern and European trade-craft people, (yes, I forgot their names) if America would be able to recover it’s ability to influence and lead in that…[Read more]

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    Jane, I had three squirrels in my backyard in WA. I watched them chase each other on top of the fence all the time, threw them almonds, cashews etc which they buried all over my yard, and they chased the neighbor’s cat out of the yard.They liked the birdbath too. My move to AZ has exchanged them for a family of Great Horned Owls in this park. One…[Read more]

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    It’s been a “Fonda” week for me. First, I watched a rerun of “Comes a Horseman”, one of my favs of Jane movies, then I caught the ending of “Barbarella” which I had never seen before. Then, I signed up to volunteer for Greenpeace to get out the vote. I was hoping to do postcards, thinking I could get away with having no tecky skills for that task.…[Read more]

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    P.S. again. I pre-ordered four copies of your book when you first brought it up way back. I made the order with Amazon so I suppose I’m not eligible for that video trip thru the kitchen with tips on down-sizing my footprint? 🙁 Dona

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    One more, then I quit for now. I’ve hear Mary L. Trump in a couple interviews and am looking forward to hearing this one with you. I’m not surprised at all. I felt all along that this was an injured human being. I am sorry that he, along with so many, are injured in this way, and I am even sorrier that he has been given so much power to hurt so…[Read more]

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    My first Zoom/Fire Drill Friday ends out my “Fonda” week nicely. It was an interesting and informative experience. I didn’t quite get the hang of using chat rather than the question/answer Button to ask a question, but that’s alright. I didn’t want to be vocal anyway. I was more comfortable just writing it out. My question was more of a leading…[Read more]

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    Just to counter-balance, yes, my order was delayed but they weren’t difficult to reach. They answered quickly, explained the delay, apologized and I received the t-shirt not long after that. It was worth the wait. Lovely, soft and enjoyable to wear as I said earlier. Sorry that others have had a problem. I thought at the time that it was a…[Read more]

  • I have especially enjoyed reading the posting since July 4th. It has depth, hope with Biden, charity towards parents who are stuck, new people voicing their insights and appreciation, more heros & sheros to discover, (who’s Howard Zinn) and a real warmth of connection. I also loved watching the Burning questions segment with you and Lily. I really…[Read more]

  • Karine from “Russia, I loved what you said in your post. It took me back to my first time posting to Jane thinking, Is this real? Will she really read what I have to say? I was as thrilled as you are to learn it was when she answered me. Welcome, to her community of posting fans. I will look forward to reading more of whatever you have to say.…[Read more]

  • I thought I heard you say that. Obviously, I misunderstood. Glad to hear I was wrong and put it out there so you could correct that misunderstanding, in case someone else heard it that way.
    So we still have a date on Friday. 🙂 See how outdated I am. I have to smile the old way. Dona

  • Also, I love the picture of earth and the hands. It is beautiful. And I like that it centers on Africa, where supposedly according to scientists we all started on this go-round. I say this particular go-round because I have read according to Hindu belief that we have had several go-rounds before this one. Archaeologists are just finding so many…[Read more]

  • Jane, I just watched today’s Fire Drill Friday. It was very uplifting and inspirational. Hop was new to me and I found him very hopeful and positive. I feel energized. So this was the last FDF? I missed a few before this. Hope I can find access to them.
    I’m still struggling with learning on my first Iphone. Not doing well with messages, texting,…[Read more]

  • Jane, Okay, you said do it so I am starting on the painting. The idea has grown, becoming more than a sketch. It will take a long time as I am slow and it is complicated. Size 24″ by 48″. But I need to ask you this, if I put in your sign “Fire Drill Friday” with the Greenpeace name on it, do I need to get permission to use it? I plan to use…[Read more]

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