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    You are right Candita. It’s 90213 not 09 on the end. Just sayin..that’s what the postman told me some time ago and nothing has came back. The extra 4 digits are 3927. The 09 was the Georgia zip on the end.

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    Jane, On FDF I enjoyed my former Governor Inslee, who I voted for twice and sent money when you asked, so he could make it to the next level in his Presidential bid. His knowledge and passion were impressive. You could tell he has been in the trenches for climate change for a long time. He had some good answers to the viewer questions. I heard you…[Read more]

  • Jane, Thank you for the information and highlighting this urgent need and providing a clear way we can help. I will put a check in the mail today. I’m grateful that they included an address so I can just do it my old-fashioned way through the postal office. I will get the letter to Biden done on Saturday and in the Monday mail. If Greenpeace gets…[Read more]

  • Good FDF. That Theresa Landrum, what a powerhouse of focused, determined, dedication. She really knew her stuff. I wanted to hug her too and so happy you will go give her support. Shine a light on her community effort. Take some oxygen with you! Check written for CPLL/Line 3. Tried to call State Rep on SB1485 and SB1713 to stop the assault on our…[Read more]

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    Jane, Regretfully, I only caught half of the Shalanda Baker’s visit on FDF today. Now in Arizona, I didn’t have any clues that the “spring forward” had happened. So I sat waiting for the 12:00 I was use to when the change in Book club’s time the night before hit me and I jumped in. The part I caught was very high energy and positive especially the…[Read more]

  • Love this picture with such a beautiful lineup of appreciation of achievement. So, I don’t have to wait until Christmas with a photo of your Christmas tree. It’s also a representation of a ripple of outcomes that comes when you are a giver. I could say so much about that, but will let this stand as enough said.

  • Jane, You hit it out of the park! I found the first hour and a half painful, but they had so much of a challenge within the limits. I enjoyed Norman Lear but you took it up to a even higher level. Even the book club members are raving about your speech today. Your speech made the night for me. I took pictures of you with the others listening and…[Read more]

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    Jane, I’ve been able to watch most of your FDF events but lately it has become difficult and I have missed one and now today’s because I can’t find a way to access through Greenpeace in the way I use to be able to get an invitation. I don’t TWEET, not on FACEBOOK, but usually Greenpeace would have a place on your page where I could ask for an…[Read more]

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    Okay, I was able to see this FDF just before I almost gave up. Great FDF! I promise to write President Biden, and my Senators Sinema and Kelly to support THRIVE and to confirm Holland? (I’ll look up spelling) I will have the letters in the mail before Monday. Wright and Gun-Wright, both were so knowledgeable, enthusiastic and on top of every…[Read more]

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    Wu-WHOO! Vaccination one down, one to go. Me too. 2nd one scheduled for the 3rd. Just a slight sore arm, like every flu shot I get every Oct. Masks are staying; no changes there but now I’ll fly to Washington to help a friend. Glad you are doing this for your self and for all of us.

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    Jane, It’s off subject but the day is right and there is no other place to put it and I just want to wish you a Happy Valentines Day, while it is that day. I’m sending you an imaginary Chocolate heart with just the right amount of calories, dark or milk, your choice. Forget the commercial silliness and profiteers and let me use it to say, that you…[Read more]

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    Today someone sent our community a link on Utube about Powerful women. The lead in was; “They Are Coming.” After showing all the women in the highest offices in the world ending in Kamala they went on to Hillary and a few others. I pumped YES! when I saw you included. Color me happy.
    And Sooo happy about the Cecil B. DeMille award! It is both…[Read more]

  • Jane, It’s DAY ONE and I am high on the beauty of hope! I’m wanting to share this with you. I think you must be here in spirit with me but you haven’t found the time yet to makes the words to connect us. So just saying, I’m feeling this day deeply and can’t help but think that you are too. Dona

  • FDF Jan 22nd. What high energy vibes between two people who have passion for solving the fossil fuel problem. Dr. Leah Stokes was a great find in this field. I jotted the two books down to buy and refer to my cousin who is working on his degree in at U of W. All We Can Save and Short Circuiting Policy. This will be right up Brooks’ alley. And…[Read more]

  • Jane, Here’s my “re-send”. Nothing special, just a sharing. As long as it wasn’t offensive, I’m happy.

    Hi Jane, So this is weird, sort of. Last night, after a nice thanksgiving and the only person in my pod/bubble had gone home I watched Kiss the Ground. As I watched, I thought, “I don’t remember Jane saying that she actually watched this yet…[Read more]

  • Dani, That was beautiful! Coherent, thoughtful, passionate, uplifting, and with positive solutions. I’m so glad I went back and found this post. Thank you for saying every single word of it. Dona

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    Writing the last post gave me some further inspiration to email my new Senator, Mark Kelly. I also gave him my wish list along with remarking on my values and how they translate to particulars issues. If he is going to represent me, he needs to know them. I will end following up with a longer letter by snail mail. It feels good to begin the yr…[Read more]

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    I’ve asked myself what can I do, what can I still contribute when I look at myself within my limitations? Not sure that I can handle hours standing or walking on cement in protest. It seems what I could do at this point is start by writing letters. So yesterday I mailed my first letter to President-Elect Biden. I gave him my wish list of three…[Read more]

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    I’ve watch two Movies this week with extraordinary performances by aged to perfection actresses. The first I saw yrs ago when it first premiered in an Independent theater in my community. It was Maggie Smith in The Lady in the Van. The second was a new presentation on PBS with Glenda Jackson, titled, Elizabeth Is Missing. The performances by both…[Read more]

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