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  • Sara,
    What latest movie with Robert Redford?? I haven’t heard that he has done a new one. Dona

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    I’m putting a packet in the mail tomorrow. I hope you will look at it. Dona

  • Jane, That is one gorgeous tree! “Beau-Ti-Full,” as my aunt Vi would say. I stopped decorating in ’99 when my mom died, but we had a fake tree for eons. Xmas for me is gift-giving. I love it but it has grown harder. Most friends have everything they need and buy everything they want. They are voracious readers like you, so it is hard to know what…[Read more]

  • I remember you and Lily doing a skit in a kitchen in (Chicago?)and doing a shoutout to Homeboy Industries. Lily had flower all over, or threatened to flower you, if I remember right.
    Lily was on Ellen DeGeneres last week to plug a movie she co-produced. I hate that I can’t be supportive and go see it in the theater. Hoping for PPV. Anyway, Ellen…[Read more]

  • Wow! the Harper’s Bazaar “conversation” was perfect. Smooth as silk and covered everything, that I’ve heard you say before, but all in one great piece. I wish I could own a copy and play it to my friends and anyone I could share it with. If it was on a disk, I ‘d send it for Christmas. It was just perfect. It was Jane 101 as the passionate,…[Read more]

  • Thank you, Jane. That means so much to me. xx Dona

  • I tried to get to watch this FDF today but when I went to GP the RSVP for invitation was only on Facebook. I don’t do Facebook, so I will have to try to catch it at another showing later. I thought if I watched last time, then an invitation would come to see the next one, but it hasn’t been working out that way. I set aside the time and told…[Read more]

  • Okay, I did get to watch FDF on Sat. when I found it on your blog site. Thank you. Very upbeat. Good next step info with clarity & purpose. Love Annie’s energy. Got good new thoughts started by Cassie & Charlie.
    I would do postcards to Georgia, but I only know one person there, (I did send her a postcard for Biden). If GP wants to send me more…[Read more]

  • P.S. You have a new painting perched on your couch with two men embracing. Who are they and who is the artist? Very nice work. Dona

  • I’ve read this twice, maybe three times. I’ve lived the last seven days between CNN and PBS, going back and forth, trying to digest the facts, the energy, the spectacle of people in the streets. I’ve alternated between holding my breath, trying to breathe, shedding a few tears of relief on one hand with Biden & Kamala looking at fireworks yet with…[Read more]

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    Thanks, Candita. It turns out that Amazon has it on Kindle but I have a Nook, (Barnes & Noble). The Audible, I’m not set up for nor quite understand. I don’t want to play it on my one computer and have to be in that room to hear it. So I haven’t quite solved this yet. But thanks for the information and reaching out to help. Dona

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    Jane, Technology is leaving me in the dust. I assumed CD’s were still being made. Seems your book is on Kindle through Amazon, not on the Nook through Barnes and Noble nor on CD. I wanted to hear your book in your voice and give it to my friends who are not readers, but would listen to it. Two bookers in my club have the Kindle, which is why they…[Read more]

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    I went to Barnes & Noble the other day and bought another copy of your book but asked for the CD. They didn’t have it and couldn’t ordered it. I just now went to your SHOP site and they only have the book, no CD. You asked if we had bought the CD yet, so it sounded like it was out somewhere. So I will try Amazon next. But have you done the…[Read more]

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    You, Jane, as most welcome. You have my back with what you are doing and I have yours. Dona xx

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    Jane, To take the “pep talk” a little further here’s what just happened today. You or Greenpeace sent out the FDF link with AOC to me. I turned around sent it to friends and family. One in Italy who is political and a writer/producer, (age 54) and will forwarded it to many. One in Israel, age 24, getting her Masters in law. Two in Iowa. Three in…[Read more]

  • Jane, You posted this answer in the AM, then at 4:00 had the Zoom with my book club. Let me give a little feedback, here. Everyone reported to me a positive experience and was very happy that I had brought the book to the Club and very much enjoyed the interaction with you. In answer to your above comment, it’s like social work or teaching, you…[Read more]

  • Jane,
    By now you have had several zoom meetings with book clubs. I’m wondering what the experience has been like for you. Are you getting the response you hoped for? What is your take-away from your experiences? Dona

  • Thank you for responding, Jane. Wow, that would seem obvious, but it is a different milieu and maybe one just wouldn’t think of it. I’ve just joined in with others and followed them without knowing the protocols. But it’s been a long time ago.
    Maybe someone should write a book about protesting and marches and protocols/manners, history and…[Read more]

  • The one day that I truly feel happy to be an American is the day I VOTE. It positively makes me giddy to be able to seal the envelope and take it either to the post office or this time to the Recorder’s office and put it in the box. My rose-colored glass view of America changed back in 1969 when I got “woke” by my year in VISTA. So the 4th of July…[Read more]

  • Jane,
    One of the members in Tacoma came up with the idea of reaching out to the Tacoma News Tribune with the story of your zoom/visit with out book club. I don’t know if it will be taken up or not but I thought you wouldn’t mind as any press on your book is a good thing. Right?

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