• The post office said your zip was 90213 not 09 or 10 for your P.O. Box. I hope that is accurate since that’s where I sent my card and letter and plan to send your BD gift. It hasn’t come back yet,so I have assumed […]

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    Pramila Jayapal won BIG! I think her numbers were higher than any others running in Washington, that I saw on the screen. I think having you come here helped her, Happy to say Km Schier and Cantwell won. Sorry […]

  • Hi Jane, I don’t think you will be doing your blog until after the elections. Since I don’t know the outcomes yet this may all sound strange. I just wanted to say that I hope the surgery (whenever it happens, I […]

  • Lisa, I’m going to tell you what I have figured out because new posters often ask this question as I did, but you generally figure it out by yourself over time. Waiting in moderation means that Jane who is super […]

  • Possibly going to a fundraiser on Sunday for Maria Cantwell. Corey Booker is suppose to be there. He is an inspirational speaker and I like how he sounds. We agree pretty much on politics except for the middle […]

  • I’ve been thinking about how I could give myself a wonderful birthday present by going to Milwaukee on Nov 3rd, but the timing and the cost is prohibitive. If I thought I could actually meet you I think I would do […]

  • On a personal note, I tried reaching out to Lily and Jane on their TOMLIN/WAGNER site but it seems they are all about tweeting, Facebook, and all the other newer ways of communicating now that I don’t use. Their […]

  • Jane,
    I’m feeling good, today because I did my civic duty and voted for people who I think will continue or begin a career of service to this nation. I also contributed again to ONWARD TOGETHER, which is […]

  • Jane,
    You and Lily have a new fan. My dear friend’s granddaughter came from Israel and she stayed with me for a while. I took her touring Western Washington, Rain forest etc then we hung out at my place and […]

  • The Tony’s allow someone of modest means like myself to experience a small glimpse into those beautiful, wonderful productions and the magnificently creative artists who use that medium. I will probably never get […]

  • Jane,
    I just finished reading. Born A Crime” by Trevor Noah for my book club this month. It was a wonderful easy read on racism. I learned so much. I highly recommend it. I look forward to discussing it with the […]

  • Jane,
    We are on the same page here. I joined VISTA back in 1969-70. I was assigned to a group to work in the “black urban ghetto.” I knew nothing about racism, people of color, our history etc .My favorite movie […]

  • Jane,
    I just spent a little time re-reading old comments and came across your comment on a coming documentary dealing on Vietnam coming in Sept on HBO. I missed that comment before, but I don’t want to miss the […]

  • Candita, Thank you for answering my question. That saves me from pestering Jane with reminder #2 and 3 and… Dona

  • Jane,
    I couldn’t wait until today so went to the evening opening of Book Club last night at a small theater near me. I have to admit that I was nervous about this film. As much as I want to see you on the screen, […]

  • Jane,
    So the artist isn’t Wagner, but it is a she. That’s great. I would like to read about her and see more of her work, so don’t forget. This is reminder #1.
    If you travel up to my neck of the woods,Western […]

  • Jane,
    Who is the artist for Frankie? The art in her studio and the art show she had. I tried to find the artist’s name, but I didn’t see any credit given. Is it Jane Wagner? I so enjoy looking at her art, stuck […]

  • You may want to leave this in moderation. This is regarding political choices I’m making. I believe that I need to help grow and support candidates. I’ve chosen two who are running for congress in my state and a […]

  • Jane,
    Absolutely have the date circled on the calendar! Asked a friend yesterday to go with me and I have passed the word to others. Usually, I wait a day or two after the opening but I’ll try to add to the head […]

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    Marla, I had my first knee replacement when I was about 60 and the next four yrs later. I don’t know if it was luck or skill of the surgeon, but it went well and I recovered fully. I had reached the point of not sleeping well with pain in the knee. It was “bone on bone” so I felt I had to do it. NO regrets at all for me. I’ve had friends who…[Read more]

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