Arriving in Northern Minnesota and pulling off the side of the road to see firsthand Enbridge’s Line 3 Pipeline. This expanded Line 3 will have the capacity to carry 760,000 barrels per day of heavy tar sands oil through Indigenous lands.

In the face of a worsening climate crisis, with scientists telling us we must not permit any new fossil fuel development and begin a managed phase out of existing fossil fuel infrastructure, a Canadian Oil company, Enbridge, is pushing ahead with the largest project in its history. Known as Line 3, it’s a 1,097 mile crude oil pipeline extending from the tar sands of Edmonton, Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin.

It will expand an already existing line that Enbridge says it could operate without problem for a number of years, but it wants the new one to double the amount of oil that it’s transporting. This expanded Line 3 will have the capacity to carry 760,000 barrels per day of heavy tar sands oil through Indigenous lands, which could result in an annual increase of 193,000,000 tons of carbon emissions. The estimated carbon intensity of this pipeline is equivalent to the emissions from 50 coal fired power plants or two 38 million vehicles on the road.

Articles about Enbridge say Line 3 will “provide much needed incremental capacity to support Canadian oil production growth and US and Canada refinery demand.“

But we don’t want to do that!! We can’t do that and avoid climate catastrophe! Please, there’s a new team in town –Team Biden—and they tell us we must listen to science and science says—and this is really critical—we already have more developed oil, gas and coal than we can burn and stay within our carbon budget. There’s no wiggle room. Undeveloped fossil fuels must stay in the ground. We have but a decade to reduce our carbon emissions before we reach a tipping point when we lose control. Too many of the ecosystems that support life will start to collapse. This is not a rehearsal! This is a locomotive heading right at us. Help!

Please help me and all the Indigenous Water Protectors and their supporters to stop this. It’s every bit as dangerous as the Keystone XL and the Dakota Access Pipeline going through Standing Rock. On his way out, as a lame duck president, Trump greenlighted a number of these pipelines, illegally, without properly considering Treaty rights, environmental justice and climate impacts.

Hope is not lost.

President Biden can stop these risky pipelines by reversing all of Trump’s water crossing permits granted by the Army Corps. Trump did not follow a process based on science. Line 3 is at a critical moment as I type this message to you so we need to all help now.

Enbridge says they negotiated successfully with Indigenous communities. Oh yeah? Then how come 3 Tribes in Minnesota are suing them to stop the pipeline?

Not only is this exactly what climate scientists are warning us must absolutely not happen but it’s ignoring Anishinaabe and Ojibwe Treaty rights, and endangering the tribes wild rice crop as well as their water, some of the only remaining clean, drinkable water in North America. The pipeline would pass beneath 200 bodies of water including the headwaters of the Mississippi. Tar sands is heavy and when it sinks it’s very hard to clean up.

Wild Rice is central to the culture and history of the Indigenous Peoples of northern Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. It’s the only place it grows in the world apart from an area in Canada. This unique rice is also central to their food supply. Running huge pipelines under these lakes of rice is damaging in and of itself, even without leaks. But Enbridge’s pipelines tend to leak. From 1996 until only 2014 they’ve had over 1000 leaks approaching 1 billion gallons of oil!

I know this is long and intense but there are 2 more things I need to say:

1. Enbridge was required by the state of Minnesota to put large sums of money into a special Trust that is meant to cover law enforcement costs related to the pipeline. But what’s happened as a result, is that local sheriffs’ departments are billing the trust for every minute they spend harassing and arresting water protectors. This flow of money has incentivized the police to crackdown on peaceful opponents of the pipeline and bill for it. One woman I spoke with was strip searched while a male cop watched through a crack in the door. Some I spoke with have been put in a cage. Others are crammed into cells, without sufficient protection from COVID.

There are militarized drones buzzing low over protestors houses at 3am. Many have been followed by police and stopped for no reason, their identity information taken. I was followed on two separate occasions and a car in my caravan was stopped on the way to the press conference we were headed to and questioned for a long time before being released. I wondered how much extra money that officer was making from that episode.

But there’s no question that local police are seeing more money than they ever have and they’re being turned into a privatized force working in the pay of a foreign corporation. This is not only a bad idea, it’s illegal and some of the best Constitutional Rights lawyers in the country at the Center for Protest Law and Litigation, are preparing litigation to challenge and end this illegal privatization of public police in what will be a pioneering lawsuit.

2. There are apparently some several 1000 workers mostly from out of state working on Line 3. The climate crisis isn’t their fault. They do some of the most dangerous jobs in industries that fueled this nation’s energy systems for the last 100 years. Along with all the coal, oil and gas workers, we need to thank them for this work and then make absolutely sure that, as the world moves on from fossil fuels because the future depends on it, the workers immediately get union or union equivalent jobs with benefits and bargaining rights.

Fossil fuel stock is plummeting. 1000s of the workers are being laid off. But there are millions of jobs that desperately need doing. Not just in the green, renewable future –which aren’t unionized and that’s something that needs fixing–but our roads and dams and sewage systems and storm systems and water pipes are decaying and, as we just saw in Texas and Mississippi, our utility companies are unable to withstand extreme weather events.

Oil and gas wells need to be remediated. The workers have the skills for this, and the oil companies are supposed to pay for that. Well let’s make them do it before they declare bankruptcy and leave us holding the bag.

Please, let’s direct our justifiable anger at the fossil fuel company executives, never the workers.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Write a letter to President Biden to ask him to stop Line 3. We urge you to customize the sample letter —personal stories about why this fight is important to you are invaluable.
  2. Support the Center for Protest Law & Litigation by contributing to their work. Donations will support a funding pool to subsidize and offset legal defense of civil and human rights of persons arrested while exercising their First Amendment rights in opposition to Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline AND support their work affirmatively challenging unconstitutional official and police efforts to deprive front-line activists of their fundamental First Amendment rights to peaceful assembly, free speech, community educational activities, and religious practices.

With Tara Houska and Winona LaDuke. The river behind us is just one of the many sacred and beautiful places that will be threatened by Line 3. During the press conference a river otter came up to the bank of the river to watch and show his support.

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  1. Jane I have been following your fire drill Fridays for a while now and they are informative and inspirational. Your activism in this area has brought a lot of things to my attention as to how I can help save our environment and help stop climate change. Thank you for bringing this to people’s attention because it’s extremely important. Line 3 definetly needs to be stopped to help save the planet. I look forward to following you to learn more about what we can do to help stop the destruction of our planet by the fossil fuel industry and what we can do to save our planet. Keep up the good work Jane!!

  2. Your doing great work for our planet. Keep up the good work. Stay safe

  3. Thank you for this post, Jane. I’m going to share it with friends and family and try my best to raise people’s awareness in my community about Line 3. Thanks again for all you do!


  4. Jane, thank you very much for all your work, it is not my country but this is worldwide, we must all become aware and do what we have to do in our trenches.

  5. Letter to Biden sent. I’ve been following this for months. The Minnesota Court of Appeals is expected to issue a decision by June ( I’m assuming that means that, unless Biden stops Line 3 now, construction will continue until then. The courts tend to side with Enbridge. Let’s just hope that public pressure pushes Biden to bring construction to a standstill.

  6. Jane,
    This is kinda personal to me since I was born in Michigan and live in Wisconsin. I can’t believe that they are treating people this way. I have no words. It’s sad. We definitely need to stop this! I will do anything to help stop this . Starting with writing a letter to Biden and supporting the center for protest law and litigation. Thank you for all you do. I am so happy that Firedrill Friday’s are such a success. I watch the recording every Friday when I get done with work. I was so glad to hear you were vaccinated and back out peaceful protesting.
    Love always,

  7. 😳 Yes it’s long but so very informative. I did get sidetracked after clicking on the links you provided, 😂😂 This one should stop the h8ters. Why does everything always have to be about making more and more money???
    You know, if I had not watched On Golden Pond (again) and binged Grace and Frankie (again) while recovering from back surgery (again) I would not be involved with “helping” the climate crisis. I watched a couple (then some more) of YouTube videos and bought your (awesome) book. Then I started watching Fire Drill Friday’s and realized that even though I can’t be on the “front line’s” I could still help. You know your stuff.
    I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration. I have been searching for something sedentary (I used to be super active) that interests me for the last 20(!!!) years and I found it; all because of On Golden Pond.
    Thanks so much for that. But, just as important, thanks for all you have done and continue to do. 😊

    • What a beautiful letter, Kathy. Thanks. Is this the message you were wondering about—why it hadn’t been “accepted”? Well now I know. I hadn’t opened mu “Blog Comments for a few days.

      • You rock dude! I can’t believe you responded to my comment. It made me smile! I figured your assistant read these and your instagram and twitter (oh-and facebook). I figured you were(understandably) way too busy to devote your time to social media.. But anyway, to explain a little further (if you read this), I had trigeminal neuralgia and a craniotomy, a few years later I got transverse myelitis which gave me spinal cord damage and scoliosis-which led me to the 4 back surgeries.( In between those 2, I had my sinuses scraped and got bacterial meningitis and was in a coma for a week and had to, once again, learn to walk again) I’m like you! All the metal. I have a new hip also, LOL! with that new hip I got trendelenburgs gait. I ALWAYS had a great attitude. its always bothered me that I couldn’t find my reason for still being here. After my last surgery (to repair a fusion and 2 rods) I didn’t think I was going to be able to walk. I had a lot had “nerve swelling”. I started getting better very slowly but i really lost hope; I was in a dark place. That movie-I do not know why-just touched my heart. I watched it a couple of times. Now it has replaced “The Reader” as my favorite. I guess that higher power gave me what I needed at the right time. So, “with all my heat” I thank you! Oh- and my other comments are on your others posts-the Cecil B DeMille awards, before and after. And, I just looked and they are still waiting approval! ha ha Seriously-YOU ROCK!!

  8. Dear Janewood !

    Would you, Stan and Father Greg be interested in meeting some time to discuss making Blue Corn Homeboy Tortilla Chips the official Tortilla chip served at Dodger Stadium?

    Best, Marty McMejo

  9. 👏👏👏❤️❤️

  10. Why are my comments still waiting approval?? 😊😊🔥🔥

  11. Jane, so, I kind of guessed when I’ve asked if you are planning on getting a new hair cut ✌😉 I saw you on Harper Bazaar’s cover!!!

  12. Hello Jane!,
    Your text and photos has reminded me this beautiful poem which I’ve translated as I’ve could, unfortunately the rhyme is lost.
    You and your mind have been there!!!!! Bravo! Nature talk to us!
    I wish you all good luck in that challenge.


    What does the river want that it comes to heal me?
    It comes down from the mountain to nowhere
    that It keeps me in suspense that It let me go
    without asking, without knowing, without killing.

    The current runs more than the present
    And there goes my mind and there goes my mind and there goes my mind
    And there my mind goes.

    And in a sigh you feel that it burns
    Burns more the fire of those who are cowardly
    The voice of a child that comes looking for you
    With no other desire than to be one more.

    The current runs more than the present
    And there goes my mind and there goes my mind and there goes my mind
    And there my mind goes.

    And the body runs and the world flies
    And they convince him that it’s a race
    And the body runs and the world flies
    Take me the pain away!.

    And the body runs and the world flies
    And they convince him that it’s a race
    And the body runs and the world flies
    Take me the pain away!, take me the pain away!

    The current runs more than the present
    and there goes my mind and there goes my mind and there goes my mind
    And there my mind goes.

  13. Honoring the Indigenous Water Protectors and Climate Change Warriors :

    Honoring : by Peter Kater – R. Carlos Nakai

    Female Vocalist : Chris White

  14. Jane, I have enjoyed it, you are in all the news in the world for your declaration of your fantasy with a minor man, in Mexico you are in the headlines of the best newspapers, you set the networks on fire🔥🔥

  15. Jane,
    Thank you for all you have always done for people. I’m a huge fan of yours and have been since I was a kid! My mom always loved you and still to this day is also a fan, haha. We have so much respect for you as a person and you’re of course a fantastic actor. I am so glad to see you have this website and I will share this post and spread the word. Thanks Jane! Appreciate you.

  16. Hi Jane!

    Thanks so much for this extremely important and informative post. I’m going to be sure to share it with our GP volunteer community this week when I’m moderating our slack channels as a part of my ambassador duties. Everyone needs to read this!

    I (and so many others!) really enjoyed our first movie night last week! Chasing Coral was both heartbreaking and inspiring. And it is always so wonderful and therapeutic to come together with the Greenpeace community for an event like this. I can’t wait until the next one!

    I will be in the virtual audience for the Fire Drill Friday Rally this week and I’m really looking forward to it!

    See you very soon!

    Jenny Xoxo

  17. Jane, I saw a Czech movie, “Burlesque”, I liked it a lot for if you want to see it.

  18. dear Jane fonda, my name is Melissa I am 19 years old and I live in the Netherlands, you don’t know me but I wanted to tell you that you are a model for me! thanks to you I understood the importance of knowing my rights, I understood the importance of being aware and contribute to a more civilized world, thanks to you I chose to study law at university and it was the best choice I ever made. I love you from the bottom of my heart, you are not only a fantastic actress but also a wonderful person/activist/philanthropist, I wish you lots of positive energy and happiness.

  19. Jane, Thank you for the information and highlighting this urgent need and providing a clear way we can help. I will put a check in the mail today. I’m grateful that they included an address so I can just do it my old-fashioned way through the postal office. I will get the letter to Biden done on Saturday and in the Monday mail. If Greenpeace gets an invitation to the zoom route set up, I will see you tomorrow. Stay well. Best Wishes. Dona

  20. Good FDF. That Theresa Landrum, what a powerhouse of focused, determined, dedication. She really knew her stuff. I wanted to hug her too and so happy you will go give her support. Shine a light on her community effort. Take some oxygen with you! Check written for CPLL/Line 3. Tried to call State Rep on SB1485 and SB1713 to stop the assault on our voting rights, but couldn’t get through. I will work on Biden letter now. Keep plugging. Dona

  21. Hi Jane, how are u?
    I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and i started to follow your career in 2019.
    I started by watching Grace & Frankie, I’m loving it!!! Thank u for bringing comedy to us, and I hope one day to meet u in person!
    I’m thinking to do a fan club to you on Instagram, what do u think?
    Kisses from your huge fan,
    Nathália. ❤️❤️❤️

  22. Happy Easter, Jane!!!
    Hope u had a lovely day w/ your family!!!

    My day was amazing! It was my mom’s birthday, she is now 60 years old!!! I’m so happy it’s getting close to her to be vaccinated! Here in Brazil, the vaccine for the elderly aged 60 is getting closer and I can’t wait!!!!


  23. Dear Mrs. Jane Fonda,

    I write to you from Romania, I am far away, but very happy to have this possibility to communicate with you (I think internet is a great invention!). I am 43 years old and I worked as a PR and marketing specialist for several opera theatres. I didn’t imagine to be able to write you, but now I want to send you my admiration as an actress, activist and person. I feel that words are hard to find in order to express complex feelings (besides the fact that this message is not a quite private one, but a blog comment). But I want to tell you that I watch every week your Fire Drill Friday and I learn a lot about climate changes issues, I watched twice the show Grace and Frankie because I loved your character and I think your presence at the Golden Globes was an example of elegance, intelligence and leadership. Now I just bought our book My life so far, I am reading now about your childhood and I am impressed by your sincerity and your struggle to understand yourself and the others. I wish I could hug that child. You lived a such complex life and now you have so much to give! And I want to thank you for this. I imagine you don t have time to read so much messages, but if there is a possibility to send you a private one or a letter (yes, by the post!), please tell me.
    I wonder what book you’re reading now :). I wish you good health, positive energy and strengh to be able to make all the changes you want! Daniela

    • Thank you, Daniela. I’m reading “The Sum of Us” by Heather McGhee. It’s an importnt (ne) book. You can write to me at P.O. Box 10927, Beverly Hills, Californioa 90209

      • Thank you so much for your answer, I’m very happy! I will write to you! These days I am reading David Attenborough and I am waching “Our planet” (besides fiction literature and “Lucifer” on Netflix) :). I send you all my good thoughts and I can’t wait to see you on Friday. Daniela

      • Jane, I’m in Texas and I sent you something from here, I went to the mail and there they told me that your address is wrong that it is not 90209 this does not exist but it is 90213, you should check it because when we send you things there can be confusion, I hope that you’ll recieve my mail.🙏🏻

        • I think the zip 90209 is right but I will check.

        • You are right Candita. It’s 90213 not 09 on the end. Just sayin..that’s what the postman told me some time ago and nothing has came back. The extra 4 digits are 3927. The 09 was the Georgia zip on the end.

          • Thanks Dona for answering, since I started following Jane I sent her many letters from Mexico and tall returned to me, in your country a very attentive lady in the mail explained to me and changed it and well I had to accept I hope Jane has received what i send to her.

      • I’ve written a letter to you and will hopefully get a response soon. It would great to hear from you. It would be even better if I could meet you.😊

  24. Jane, read this (when you have time). Alice Braga shared on her Instagram Stories and it is a very important matter, not only for people who live in Brazil.
    The article is written in English even by the link it is in Portuguese.
    I don’t what can you do to help the Amazon, but if you can do something, please help! We’re needing people who really care about our forest.


  25. Dear Jane fonda, my name is Melissa Santonocito .
    I am a 19 years old girl who adore you,
    thanks to you I understood the importance of knowing my rights, I understood the importance of being aware and contribute to a more civilized world, thanks to you and your speeches I chose to study law at university and it was the best choice I ever made. I love you from the bottom of my heart, you are not just a fantastic actress but also a wonderful person/activist/philanthropist, I wish you lots of positive energy and happiness


  26. Jane, On FDF I enjoyed my former Governor Inslee, who I voted for twice and sent money when you asked, so he could make it to the next level in his Presidential bid. His knowledge and passion were impressive. You could tell he has been in the trenches for climate change for a long time. He had some good answers to the viewer questions. I heard you on backing the U.S Climate Alliance and the West Coast Climate Alliance. I like that we need to ask the balking Senators to think about their Legacy long term and about being on the right side of history. I did want to ask who you would support over your Governor Neusom, if he were recalled. Seems Inslee needs to know that there are maybe better choices out there. I’m going to miss next FDF, because I will be on the road, helping a friend move. Hope I can catch it later. Stay well. Best Wishes, Dona

  27. Hello Jane and to all the followers of this blog,
    Do you all know the news about the recent incest’ scandal in France? The surveys say that in France 10% of the population has suffered this type of abuse at some point which translates into almost seven million people, seven million! I honestly think that french people aren’t different than others, so the same is sure could be happening in our countries.
    I’ve read and I would like recommend you all a James Rhodes’ book titled “Instrumental” (it’s not new) about his own experiences in sex abuse in his childhood.

    James Rhodes is a young British pianist (now he’is Spaniard too) living in Spain since a few years that he’s known also for his activism in the denunciation of sexual abuse in childhood that he himself suffered by a teacher in a British school from the age of 5 to 9 and that they caused him physical and mental damage, even times to suicide attempt, he maintains that the piano and music, where he found comfort and energy, have been his deliverance. This book teach us the things that people who have been abused have in their mind and their consequences, it’s painful and very sad but it’s worth it to read. I liked having read it accompanied by the pieces of classical music that he explains in each chapter, it’s really moving. Yesterday in my country the law for the protection of minors called “Rhodes law” has been approved, because among other things it has been promoted by him, sometimes the fight produces good results!!!!! Good for him!!!
    This interview with him is extremely interesting:

  28. Jane, I recommend you this beautiful movie: “The Year Earth Changed” on Apple TV.

  29. Jane, today (April 19th) it is my birthday, and it would mean the world for me if you send me a happy bday message. I just turned 21!!!! 💗💗💗💗

  30. Hello Jane! it’s OK? I want to ask you a favor. today is the birthday of a friend of mine and her fan, i think you must remember her, because she is always present at the FDF, her name is Giovanna Montanhan from São Paulo, Brazil. So, if you can answer with congratulations, her day will be much happier. thanks for your attention and we love you.

  31. Jane, have you heard about this website? . It’s like Google but the difference is that for every 45 researches you do, they plant a tree! It is an ORG, based in Berlin. They donate 80% of the profit to the environment.
    I’ve discovered about this website on TikTok and I’m so happy someone did this!!! It’s so great and will help our planet to improve even more.

  32. Thank you for another Great FDF! Sirish and Amara both amazed me. It made me really happy to see the response of all the adults in the chatroom actually LISTENING and digesting the information that they were saying. It’s always great to know that my generation is being heard because this isn’t a problem for one generation, it’s for all of us, and will take all of us to fix it!

    I’ve started filming for my documentary featuring youth activists, hopefully, to be released early in 2022 before I graduate high school. Watching today’s Fire Drill Friday really inspired me and gave me the idea to start a grassroots organization in my community that focuses on teaching people the science behind climate change and raising awareness.

    This wasn’t what I had originally planned for the documentary, which was just going to consist of multiple interviews and insights from young activists in order to try to mobilize children of my generation. But as I watched today’s FDF with my producer, I think it’s time to take a bigger action than that in my community, to sort of raise a ruckus. I’ve been researching, and Indiana is especially lacking in environmental organization and chapters, and also our learning curriculums don’t highlight climate issues as much as other states, and I am fortunate enough to have connections who would be willing to help me and my team set this up in my community.

    What I am a little scared of is the negative feedback I would get. As someone who has received a lot of pushback in your activism career, how do you deal with negative remarks and actions towards you personally or the campaign that you are working on. Since I live in a very aggressive conservative community, I am trying to prepare myself mentally as much as possible. Any advice?

    Thank you for all that you do and see you next Friday!

    Kennedy Davis

    • Where are you in school, Kennedy? You’re right, Indiana needs help in the climate department. When I am attacked by those who don’t agree and don’t like what I’m doing or saying, I tune them out and circle my wagon of friends and those I work with who get it. For instance, while I read these blog comments,and sometimes respond, I have never read what people say on my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter platforms. I write what I want to communicate and that’s it. I don’t follow anyone. I suggest you don’t read your plkatforms either. maybe someone else can read them and delete the cruel ones. There are those who critioque and that can be helpful. But too many are outright cruel. You don’;t need that. Just stay the course. do what you know is righjt. Educate and [email protected][email protected][email protected]@

  33. Jane, I saw you today at your foundation’s talk, I felt that you were a little sad or you had some pain, I hope I am wrong, sorry for meddling but I worried about you💕💕

  34. Jane, I know I’m nosy but I only do it when I care a lot about someone, just one question. Have you already had an antibody test to check that the vaccine has worked in your body? last time I discuss the subject with you, I promise💕💕

  35. 5 years ago I discovered you, I started reading your books and watching your interviews and this gave me the courage to make changes in my life, it was erased resentment and maybe a bit of hatred towards my husband, if I don’t want to do something or I don’t like it, I tell him, he gets very angry but I don’t give in, I turn around and ignore him after a while it goes away, It’s amazing that someone I don’t know in person has such an influence on me. It’s not my character. Thank you, Happy Mother’s day and the last favor, erase this comment is only for you💕💕

  36. Hi Jane,
    I want to show you the powerful speech in the form and background in defense of women that Ursula Von Der Leyen’s did in a Parlamentary response, before the unprecedented hostile act of President Erdogan did towards her when he denied the chair to her corresponding as President of the European Commission. He did it undeterret to the amazement of all. Machismo and intolerance are installed at truly incredible levels and it seems that with certain ideologies it will never end. I hope not!

  37. Jane, your book in Spanish, what a good surprise for me, congratulations. When are you going to present it and where?🙌🏼🙌🏼

    • What book Candita? “What can I do?” I haven’t seen it here in Spain

      • Yes Floren, is going to publish it a Spanish publisher for the fall, I don’t know if it will arrive in Mexico but you will surely be able to get it.🙌🏼🙌🏼

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