I was waiting till I got another photo of the whole gang to go with this before posting and time got away from me, I never got the other photo, and Mother’s Day seemed to be receding. Until I just read my weeks-old blog comments with so many nice comments about Mother’s Day that I decided, screw it. I want my followers to rejoice with me that for Mother’s Day dinner, I went out as a guest of Bob and Ginny Newhart and their daughter, a son, 3 granddaughters and a grandson. And man-o-man was it fun. It’s a great idea to have a friend who’s a stand up comedian. You laugh a lot.

You see, the Newhart’s are neighbors and all during the pandemic, every Friday, all of us neighbors on the cul-de-sac have pulled out our folding chairs, brought out a drink , sat, masked, 6 or 8 feet apart and carried on. We watched our 2 youngest neighbors learn to walk, two of us died (not from COVID) and the rest celebrated last week at not having to wear masks.

Because they are totally fantastic, big hearted people, the Newhart’s wrote me the next day and invited me to celebrate Mother’s Day with them. Isn’t that the sweetest thing?

So here I am with Bob. A few weeks late. I’m sorry I don’t have the photo of Ginny and all the grandkids.

Ahhhh, here’s the rest of the Newhart’s Mother’s Day dinner that I was honored enough to be a part of! Good lookin grandkids, right?


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  1. Hi Jane i’m grace 😁 i’m glad you had a good mothers day x

  2. Hi Jane,
    Right now in my country, we’re suffering an unprecedented humanitarian and migratory crisis, among other things because of Trump’s erratic policy with Morocco, especially due to the recognition of his sovereignty over the Sahara. In this days Spain has welcomed Brahim Gali, leader of the Saharawi Polisario Front for humanitarian reasons, he’s hospitalized by Covid. The king of Morocco, a tyrant without discussion who feel himself stronger since Trump supported him against saharawi people, avenges opening the borders by the sea to thousands of African immigrants and those citizen from their own country, regardless of the risks they run to they arrive to Spain and therefore to Europe. The images of thousands of people arriving to the borders of my country swimming make the hair stand on end, adults, childs, babys…… there’s tens of deads every day, what Morocco does is a shame!
    There would be much to comment on the povertiy conditions in Africa that the first world has sustained over time and now with climate change is getting worse, from here we can see clearly that african migration due climate change is already a reality.

  3. By the picture, i can tell that your Mother’s Day was lovely and fun! I also noticed that your both were without masks, that’s great!! Unfortunately i couldn’t do the same, because my country isn’t vaccinating as fast as the USA are.

    I was (re)watching ”Barefoot in The Park” these days and i realized something: you don’t do movies since 2018 (Book Club) if i’m not wrong. It isn’t a criticism, it’s just that i miss you working on movies and as Grace and Frankie is ending this year, don’t you think about coming back to the movies? I don’t know if the sequency of 9 to 5 is going to be with the same actresses (you, Lily and Dolly) doing the same roles, or if will be with different actresses.
    I know that you have 2 different roles in life that are: being an actress and being an activism. And they both are important to you. Do you think you maybe can retire after Grace and Frankie ends? Retire from the actress role, because on activism you have Fire Drill Fridays. Or maybe thinking about a Grace and Frankie movie?

    I don’t know, the point is that when you’re acting, more people can have access to you and to your work, but with activism is harder for people who don’t live in the USA, it’s not impossible, but it gets more difficult. I don’t know if you will continue doing the FDF meetings every friday on Zoom, or if will be back to be in Washington (when the pandemic is over).
    Don’t get mad or anything like that, i’m just trying to make you see the other side. I’m saying this by my point of view, and that’s all.
    If i could make a choice: i don’t wanna you to retire. You’re too good for that. Hollywood needs Jane Fonda, new theatre students need to know you and meet your work. You’re an icon!!! I know that Hollywood may be a little prejudiced about older women making cinema, but keep fighting, don’t give up!

    Anyways, i hope you get to read this message.

    • Thanks, Giovanna. I will be making more movies for sure. Including a “Book Club” sequel. xx Jane

  4. Dear Ms. Fonda: You probably don’t remember me, but I was the guy who mailed you a portfolio of “Barbarella” artwork about a year-and-a-half ago to your Atlanta business office, where it was promptly lost for a couple of months until it was finally found and delivered to you. Given your work in combating climate change I thought I’d write you to get your opinion on something. Besides creating artwork, my other hobby is building, painting, and accessorizing plastic model kits. I’m good enough at the hobby to make the finished kits look as good (if not better) than the box art on the packages the kits come in. Often, I put LED lighting systems, motors, and sound cards into my kits to increase their “WOW factor”. Most of my kits are manufactured from polystyrene plastic, though a sizeable number of then are limited edition kits made of polyurethane resin (you are probably having a heart attack right now upon reading that last factoid). On top of that, I have a collection of 29 unbuilt model kits in storage in a closet in my apartment. I just wanted to tell you this to see if you though, all things considered, given the effects on the environment caused by the manufacture of plastics, that it was okay for me to continue this hobby. I hope I’m not bothering you with this, and I look forward to hearing from you soon in this venue. Have fun! Yours-Steven Vasko

    • Hi Steven. Well, it would be better if you switched to non-plastic.

  5. How kind of them! I love your advice about having a friend who is a comedian. We have a couple of friends who are hilarious and in fact, my husband makes me laugh every day. That’s always my advice to newly married couples – laugh together every day.

  6. That is just BEAUTIFUL. What a lovely story!! Thank you for sharing that. It made me smile and feel so deeply happy I felt like crying. I’m so happy you have such wonderful neighbors. I always enjoyed Bob Newhart’s humor. “Family” is such a wider scope than we realize. Friends and good neighbors can make such a wonderful connection on days when family is elsewhere.
    Like your little cul-de-sac, this little community has gone through those losses, (another today), and shares laughter, music, zoomed books and met outside with drinks or played Pickle Ball. Some are line dancing. Today, a small group started the card game of Hand & Foot. Others enjoy the pool in 90 degree heat. We are all getting through this with each other’s help. Again, thanks for sharing and letting us be a small part of your life. It lifts us. Dona

  7. I’m happy to see you’re happy and i’m glad to know you don’t need to wear masks anymore. Here in Brazil we’re having our worst time in the pandemic, sadly, so I hope you are enjoying this time there with no masks and hope we’ll gonna have this feeling as soon as possible. Love you so much.
    PS: you look stunning in this picture (as usual).

  8. Seems like it was a good time! Glad you could all get together in person all while being safe and even now 🙂

  9. I know you have more important things to do but why isn’t this comment approved?😂😂😊

  10. Jane, I know I promise not to bother you and I don’t, but did you get what I mailed to your PO box?💕💕

  11. Indeed! A happy looking group. For years I use to have the LP, The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart. I loved his role in In & Out as the principal. It’s in my DVD collection. I can still see him at the end doing the dance and the look on his face. Makes me laugh every time.

    • So much to say…you are an absolute inspiration. I turned 57 in August..raised 3 grown children on my own with mistakes… and short of being in a 3rd world country, have lived through some “stuff”. Earned degrees and worked all my life…still working! I have high admiration for women who “get it” and maintain their independence in what they believe to be true. So many sell it out. I am listening to your book and since I was young, wanted to write my own story as well as have my grown kids share their story together. Once again, I feel inspired as I listen to yours. All I can say is, thank you from Texas….and, send us a FN Governor! This 1 is A Trump wannabe. Fight or flight…still in debate.

      • I lost track of the theme…I lost my mother who I was not close to in 2002 to breast cancer. Much to say there but Mother’s day is always special and what makes it so more for many of us are the children. Im passionate about many things but protecting our kids in this world, should be first and foremost. I am really learning much more about you from your stories. Thank you so much for sharing!

      • Hang tough, Roshelle. Our side MUST win!!! Jane

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