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    – – O and I hear Criterion is releasing KLUTE on blu-ray disc this year. I hope they approach you for input. Criterion is a longstanding iindependent label, active in film preservation, and goes the extra mile […]

  • This might give Jane a laugh.
    ‘Wait Till Your Father Gets Home’ was a 1972-73 cartoon series about the generation gap between a conservative middle class portly Dad and moderate Mom and their liberal teenage […]

  • Came across a cool clip while watching this uplifting Helen Reddy interview =

  • “try to get outside whatever bubble you’re in.” I like that. A variation on Think outside the box. Expand your mind. Know the world beyond your world.
    Bubbles are self-contained, a way of circling the […]

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    Jane, can you remember your voice-over sessions for narrating JULIA?
    Did Fred Zinnermann give any directing for your narration? did he do many takes?
    I’m guessing you read the narration after the shooting […]

  • ROLLING STONE, 5 July 1973:
    Paul Newman: “I think, say, Jane Fonda is probably a little more radical than I am, although not all that much. I suppose the main thing she and I have in common is that we are both […]

  • Reader’s Letter, Correspondence page, ROLLING STONE, 6 July 1972:
    “Thank you for the Jane Fonda interview. America should not have to wait until she is 50 to realize Jane is a great and courageous woman.” […]

  • Hurrah – – keep ’em coming. You see? 9 years later your blog entry is still ‘in print’,in circulation and being read. The Internet isn’t as ephemeral as I thought.
    Kurt Vonnegut showed he could be a Luddite […]

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