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    Jane, just a quick thought. I read your recent New York Times interview. It is interesting how all media started gossiping about what you said about not having an affair with Marvin Gaye. It made the headlines out of everything you talked. And you talked about so many things. Is it all media is interested in these days? Don’t get it!

    I f…[Read more]

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    It’s interesting that you spent time to look for me on the internet. I am not representing Exxon, Bob. I live on an island on the Far East of Russia, where there is no industry except fish and oil. So everybody is working for either of the two. Because you have to feed your family. That doesn’t make me a bad person. And I do love Jane and dee…[Read more]

  • Jane, thanks for keeping the blog. I can imagine how busy you are these days with the forthcoming elections in US and the the activist work that you do. I was wondering whether you had a pet when you were a little girl? Do you think it is important for kids to have an animal to take care of when they are little? Did your children have pets in…[Read more]

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    Jane, I have written a comment to this post and it is in “awaiting approval“ status for several days already. Is something wrong?

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  • Jane, I watched your interview with Mary Trump on Fire Drill Fridays. Thanks for bringing her on, it was interesting to hear her view on DT’s actions and behavior. Listening to your conversation, I was thinking what made those so many people vote for him In the first place? Or were they voting against Hilary/existing situation in the country? M…[Read more]

  • Paper books are my favorite also. Nothing better than the feeling of pages between fingers 🙂 You said nothing about Melania. My guess is you don’t want to comment. Have a great start of the week, Jane!

  • It is great to hear from you, Jane. You seem to read a lot. Do you prefer books in paper or electronic versions? Do you still present those you like to your friends?

    It’s true that many things in us come from our childhood and effect our lives in so many ways. When the election campaign started in US, I was watching interviews and debates w…[Read more]

  • Jane, thank you for keeping this blog. It’s great to hear about your daily life and most of all your thoughts about life and things around you. Please don’t stop! Especially in challenging times like now, cause we all have our daily lives and little problems and concerns and it’s good when you can share them. I was talking to a friend of mine…[Read more]

  • 12 years in 25 days – I read your blog in full, Jane. It is an amazing story and I am so glad you shared it with all of us. And I am very much looking forward to the new chapters.

    I wish you would see my country from a different angle – the wonderful people that we have, rich and tragic history, beautiful cities and amazing places, where…[Read more]

  • The show does change over seasons, only becoming better. I watched the whole series, seasons 1-6, it took me several days. And now re-watching it for many times, I notice new things – things I didn’t pay my attention to when I watched for the first time. Grace is definitely becoming more whole, as Jane would say – she is a different person now b…[Read more]

  • You received so many awards, Jane. After so many of them do you still have that feeling of being honored when you receive a new one? Do awards mean a lot to you? I guess you don’t need any to feel yourself successful and worth it and appreciated anymore. I was wondering whether they still mean something to you and what is the best way of a…[Read more]

  • Jane, congratulations on the award! (6 years post the event, but still :)) is there a place where one can watch the full ceremony? I was able to find several videos on YouTube, but full version is not available. Tried to search internet – no luck(((

  • Jane, we are all looking forward to the new season! Hope it won’t be delayed! And 9 to 5 reunion by the way – you said in several interviews that you have writers working on it. I am sure something worthwhile will come up! You have so many fans! Just please take care of yourself, be careful with all this covid19 situation and stay healthy! We l…[Read more]

  • You’ve met so many amazing people, Jane! It is so common that physically challenged people are so strong inside, fighting for life. And we all, having fully functioning body, often give up when difficulties come. It is a great reminder that life can be very fulfilling and interesting in any condition and that we should never give up. No matter w…[Read more]

  • Thanks, Carolyn! Will look for it!

  • Sakhalin Island, where I live in Russia, is very close to Japan – just 40 mins by plane. When the earthquake and tsunami happened people were very worried – both because it was that close to us and because we have so many friends there. I personally visit Japan several times a year. But people there are amazing – especially in circumstances like…[Read more]

  • Jane, thanks for sharing this! Some of the series I also watched and liked and some will have to catch up upon )) Will the pandemic influence the date of Season 7 of Grace and Frankie release? Is it still the beginning of next year? Can’t wait to see it! And do you have any other movies/series planned with your in the nearest future? Book Club i…[Read more]

  • Nice to meet you, Dona! Thank you for your note. It is really amazing that Jane is that available being such a busy person. Internet kind of lacks that personal touch when you engage with people, but Jane makes it very personal. I am reading through her blog from the very beginning. What a read! All the best to you and your family. Stay safe and healthy!

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    Friends are important. Do you feel you make friends with people like you, who share the same views, feelings, thoughts? In my case my closest friends are those different from me – they have something in their character that I don’t and that’s the reason we stay together through life – we compliment each other.

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