My squirrel keeps eating the walnuts I leave but she doesn’t seem to be getting fatter or showing me more love. Are any of you knowledgeable enough to know if it’s a girl or boy? I think girl. All I know is that feeding her my nuts everyday makes me feel good. About 7 years ago, I was in a swimming pool in Baha, California, when I heard the news that the Fukushima Japanese nuclear power plant had had a serious accident. I know something about these things. I made “China Syndrome” and I’ve studied the subject of nuclear energy so I was overcome with emotion. Right then, I saw that a bee had fallen into the swimming pool and was struggling. I wanted above all else to save that bee and I did, scooping it out of the pool with a leaf. In fact, I think I blogged about doing that and how it made me feel better. Just doing that little act of kindness helped. It’s like that with my squirrel.

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  1. Jane, I love your posts. It is really cool to know more about your routine. I admire you. I am a young Brazilian girl and you inspire me to be better every day and do better … about climate change and so many other problems we face … you inspire me.

    • Just one simple act of kindness to creatures great or small, that’s all it takes. Yes, Jane.

  2. Hi Jane,

    If you look closely at that photo, near the leaf stem, there is a little dark pointy thing, and that is his penis! We, too, have squirrels, so have seen (and taken photos) of both sexes. We feed ours unsalted peanuts and a squirrel mix, which they eat, but they also do “squirrel away” some of the peanuts! I find them in rose bushes, planter boxes, etc. They also eat sunflower seeds from the bird feeders.

    Peace ✌🏼 Kristi

  3. Your little squirrel is a lucky to have you! Have you given her a name?
    Your love & kindness to all of earths blessings is truly inspiring.
    Love to you!
    xo Kara

    • I know a squirrel that loves all nuts and visits daily. I think she is a she too because she shows up with her little ones from time to time. I watch her do tricks out my front window from the many trees we have here in Oregon yes she is FAST

  4. Look towards the bottom where its tail starts. You will notice two small holes; the back one is the anus and the one in the front is the squirrel’s genitalia. If there is hardly any separation between the two holes, your squirrel is a female. If there is a notable space between the two holes, your squirrel is a male.

    • Tyra, well Flora says her holes are very close so my instincts were right. It’s a girl!

  5. I know what you mean, Jane. And I think doing those little things helps ones self-worth and mental health far more than whom we are helping. I’ve always felt a little silly doing it but have continued since I was a teenager – whenever I do something that deserves a pat on the back, I praise myself out loud. Just as if I would if I saw a friend doing or saying the same thing. As silly as I feel, I know this “Good girl, Dovey”…or “You done good, girl” is as important to my body and health as food and water.

    I believe we’ve been taught in this culture that self praise is just being cocky and self-righteous. But (if not to an unhealthy excess) is the wink and smile we need from someone we admire. Why can’t it be ourselves sometimes, right?

  6. So adorable! Are you gonna give the squirrel a name when you know whether it’s a boy or girl? x

  7. Yes, I think your squirrel is a girl too. (Nuts inside her, but not on her 😉 ). Do you think she’s eating them all, or is she putting some of the walnuts aside for the Winter? Either way, I imagine she appreciates your gifts. I wish we had more squirrels through our yard, but I think our other critters make them a bit wary.
    ~~I always do my best to rescue creatures who need help. Spiders found in the house are carefully carried outside and released. We have TNRed a feral cat colony and now feed them in our back yard, along with the occasional opossum, skunk, and raccoon.
    ~~Right now we have an older female raccoon we just call “Mama” because we’ve seen her through a number of seasons of babies. (such fun!) She’s slowing down now and still comes by every day for lunch/dinner and then to just hang out in the yard, scratching her belly or lying on the grass having a nap. It feels like such a gift to have her trust us this much.

  8. Jane you are an inspiration.
    The squirrel can feel the love♥️

  9. Hi Jane

    Animals are amazing! I feed my squirrels as well. I have been for some time. They trust me now. I gained trust by talking to them and making little chirping noises while I throw the walnuts to them. They come up close to me now. (Not too sure it’s a good thing). But they listen to me if I tell them to meet me on the side of the house. I enjoy feeding them too! Can’t help on the gender thing. They look like females to me. Take care.

  10. Your squirrel is not getting fatter because she is storing some of the nuts preparing for winter. I watch the squirrels often as I have huge oak trees in my front and back yard. The trees are like squirrel condos.

    • ah ha, okay, Kelly, sothe nuts are stored, not eaten. makes sense. x

    • they especially love to bury them in my lawn. And of course mother nature is counting on squirrels to forget about some of them so they can grow into trees.

  11. Hi Jane,
    I’m 20 years old and live in England.
    I have always felt very connected to animals too and have a little red robin that comes and sits by my window for a while almost every day! I wanted to tell you how much watching your HBO documentary helped me understand my family better and gave me hope to not give up. Hearing you talk about your life truly opened my eyes to seeing why my own parents are the way that they are, I cried through a lot of it as I could relate to so much.
    I hope your squirrel starts warming up to you more soon though either way I bet she’s very grateful for all those nuts!
    XX Noa

  12. hi jane, in your next publication i already want a name for your squirrel. as you also like animals a lot, have you ever thought about making movements, or participating in an organization against the trafficking of exotic animals? here in Brazil lately this subject is on the rise, mainly due to the creation of snakes and birds. kisses, you are very special to me

    • Joana, I hate animal and human trafficking. It makes my blood boil. But I only have so much bandwidth so I focus my time and energy on what I consider the great existential crisis, the one that hangs over and dooms everything else if it isn’t addressed and stopped—the climate crisis.

      • Ok Jane, thanks for the answer. and it is true, the climate crisis influences absolutely everything. you as always, are fighting for what is most urgent.

      • Jane you are just right, even if I am not vegan,may be one day, I am almost 70, and the more and more thinking about this

      • Jane I love u so much on grace and Frankie and i just watched your table reading for season 7 I’m sooooo excited I’m 14 but u are the most amazing actor I’ve ever seen and I think if u replied I might cry tears

        • Thanks, Raleigh. I love having a 14-year-old following me. xx Jane

      • Hi Jane! I wanted to thank you for being such a positive strong woman and being so willing to help others! Feeding squirrels and birds and even rabbits in our backyard, over the years is something my mother and I loved to do together. All three species have been keeping me company while I attempt to recover emotionally and physically after her death two months ago. Although I give Mom majority of the credit for giving me the strength to get healthy enough to return to work after medical leave and hopefully find a way to heat my home this winter, I appreciate everything God offers to help me through this difficult time. Watching the wild animals eating in the yard, your show on Netflix, cuddling with my friends dogs and cats, et cetera, really help me hang in here. I promised my mother a few things, including improving my health now that I did my best for her. Working out at the Y, trying to rebuild muscle so I can rebuild my life is challenging, but the strong women in my life both in person over the years and in the entertainment world keep me hanging onto hope things will get better with hard work. Your activism and pure spirit inspire me too! Thank you! Enjoy your furry friend and God Bless your mission to enlighten people who, just this past week, told me global warming is a myth. ❤ Thank you!

  13. Thanks for sharing this. I have been leaving out the un-popped and half-popped kernels from my bowls of air popcorn for the birds and squirrels in my backyard. The birds usually go first, taking the half-popped kernels, and then the squirrels come in and finish off the un-popped ones, turning them over and over and gnawing at them until they finish them off. Like you said, it’s a good feeling to perform an act of kindness, no matter how small. Thank you for all you do and your inspiration.

  14. Your stories put a smile on my face Jane. You are everything that I strive to be in life. Your passion for this world and preserving it are unbelievable. 🌍❤️🌍

  15. I’ll never forget the first time I saw The China Syndrome. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, and now it’s one of my favorite movies. Since then I’ve seen over 40 of your films and loved each one! Your talent is unmatched, and your kindness and determination off screen is even more inspiring.

    I hope you have a great week and your squirrel continues to visit. You can count on “Chelsey from Nashville” to tune in to the next Fire Drill Friday!

  16. I keep telling people, All we can do is our best. 😀

  17. Jane I am very glad that you take life like this, the world is upside down, we all know it, but you have to learn to value those little things that make your day, very good for you💕💕💕

  18. Hi Jane!
    The squirrel girl has a very close vagina and anus. I believe that is the case with your squirrel, at least that’s what I think of that photo. I sent you a photo as an example.
    To save a bee today is to save an entire world. The life of bees is fundamental for the planet and for the balance of ecosystems, since, in the search for pollen, its flour, these insects pollinate fruits, vegetables and grains. As Einstein warned, “if the bees disappear from the face of the earth, humanity will be only four more years old. Without bees there is no pollination, there is no reproduction of flora, without flora there are no animals, without animals, there will be no human race. ”
    with love

  19. Jane,
    I’m putting a packet in the mail tomorrow. I hope you will look at it. Dona

  20. Squirrels are robbers.They steal by bird feed and my tomatoes. I dont feel empathy for them. I try to discourage them

  21. Dear Jane,
    I have been watching Grace and Frankie – its so much fun! And at the same time such layers. As is often the thing… its the people you are -all your ordinary lived experiences like offering nuts to a squirrel that you bring to the character – I love knowing these little stories of you as I watch the show – you bring some of those same lovely experiences to light as Grace.
    with thanks,

  22. Dear Jane, Hello from Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia (the country)!

    I’ve been wanting to write to you for some time now just to tell you how you inspire me in so many ways. As a human to human, woman to woman… Your life and work is a true example of an honest person whose heart is full of love for people, animals and basically, everyone.
    I watched the documentary about you recently and your words resonated so much with me and somehow it’s amazing. I am a 32 years old woman, living in a totally different environment and yet, your life lessons seem so useful for me. What you said about female friendships and how important they are… How you always seek to improve yourself and your environment, that is truly amazing.
    But I know that probably, sometimes you also doubt yourself but that’s normal for such an emphatic person as you. In those moments please remember that you inspire people all over the world with your words, work-outs, heartfelt confessions, openness while talking about your (self-perceived) mistakes, care amazing sense of humor and acting. “Grace and Frankie” makes me much much much less scared to grow old because now I know for sure: sense of humor will always be with me. Also, remember that you managed to inspire someone of a completely different background and helped me a lot realize how much I should appreciate myself and my true friends which is a huge gift in life.

    If you would drop me a few lines, that would mean a lot to me, [email protected] is my e-mail address but if not, I know you read and hopefully enjoyed this.

    By the way, your squirrel is super-cute and probably just needs some time to fully trust you. Too bad I couldn’t talk to it to explain how great you are.

    A lot of warm hugs from sunny Tbilisi,
    Salome <3

    • Or you can reply directly here, of course, never mind the e-mail address 😀
      P.S. I have taken a course about climate change during quarantine and I am so impressed by your work and activism as well.

    • Thanks, Salome. xx Jane

  23. Jane,
    keep on feeding that little guy or girl.. we had kind of a similar situation but with a stray cat. My sister saw her under our shed one day and fed her. Months later she was plump and pregnant! The kittens were so adorable but we couldn’t keep them all! We had to call our local animal shelter to come pick the kittens up for shots and put them up for adoption, they took the mom as well to spay and give her the shots. After that there was a terrible fire that happened between our shed (her home) and our neighbors shed.. not sure what was going on over there to cause it (I’m sure you can think of a few things ;)).. it woke all of us up thank goodness! We didn’t see the cat for a while but she later showed up still wanting food of course.. now she has to deal with our two dogs who want to chase her all the time lol…..Her name is Frankie if you’re wondering.. :P… the things we do for animals! <3

    • Whew! So glad there was a happy ending to your cat story. She survived the fire.

  24. You are on the right track in your social networks the trolls are unhinged, bravo Jane🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  25. Hi Jane!
    Loved your new interview for The NY Times! And beautiful photos! You truly are a hero to me & so many!
    Also, so happy to see that Ed Markey won! The voters we had been texting just love and admire him and had nothing but wonderful words to say about him!

    Counting down the day’s for your book release! Can’t wait to read it!!
    Much Love,

    xo Kara

  26. Jane, you gave an excellent interview to New York Time, thank you very much for sharing so many good episodes from your interesting life.

  27. For better or for worse, you can teach squirrely to take the walnut from your hand. I have a bushy one that knocks on the window for its daily snack. I can tell you how should you want to take your relationship to the next level!

    • Love this. Time to go back and check out your other blogs. Full disclosure… just watched a “Wired” interview with you and Lily and you mentioned your site. So why not? Just registered here and so looking forward to all. Have a beautiful night. Love from NY.
      p.s. Did you name your squirrel? ☺️

  28. Hi Jane!

    I just wanted to tell you about a really neat conversation I had while making calls for Fire Drill Friday/Greenpeace this week. I ended up calling a 70 year old Vietnam Veteran who told me he did some activist work with you and Tom Hayden in the 1970s. He also explained that while he served in Vietnam he was vehemently against the war and refused to pick up a weapon while he was there. It was quite fascinating to talk to him. Since then he has been very involved in various types of activism and explained that he wanted to join our volunteer team because of you and all of the work you’ve been doing with GP. He ended up letting me sign him up for the Latinx Team which is awesome! Anyway, I just thought it was really amazing how he worked with you all those years ago and now he is back working with us at age 70! His name is Dr. Mario Acosta in case you happen to remember him. It is incredible how you have been inspiring people for decades. I think it is such a privilege to do this volunteer work and have the opportunity to meet amazing people of all ages. Thank you so much for putting this program together with Greenpeace!

    See you soon for Fire Drill Friday!

    Jenny xoxo

  29. Hi Jane,
    Loved today’s conversation with Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen! My friends and I started a book club to read your new book and are looking forward to learning even more about how we can fight the climate crisis. We’re from different countries (United States, England, Canada, and South Africa) and we all met via twitter over our shared admiration of you and the work that you’re doing with Fire Drill Fridays. Super excited to start reading on Tuesday!

    I’m a volunteer with Fire Drill Fridays/Greenpeace and was just asked to be a Text Team Leader, so I will be training for that next week. Volunteering has been an incredibly rewarding experience and it has been such a pleasure to meet other volunteers and speak with like-minded individuals across the country. Of course there are a fair share of negative replies, but the positive replies by far overshadow the negative, and that is encouraging! I had a great conversation with a woman named Linda from Pennsylvania. She told me she was in her 70s and wasn’t sure if she would be able to volunteer due to health reasons but was interested in trying it out and learning more. Totally made my day. It makes my heart so happy to see that so many people are moved to help us, just from a small conversation.

    I’ve been following Fire Drill Fridays from the beginning and can’t even tell you how much I’ve learned. It feels good to know I’m making a difference, even if it’s just a small part of it! Like you’ve said before, we’re building an army and the more people we have, the better! Totally agree with what you said about Biden, about it being easier to push a centrist than fight a fascist. 60 days left—we can do this!

    Xo Robin

  30. hey jane,

    i’m finding these squirrel blogs very amusing to read. we had one once, you could literally feed her with your hand. she would sit outside the sliding door and wait; i have some great photos and videos of how close we got, wish i could share with you. we named her susan even though we could never see if she was a girl or boy. from your picture yours looks like a girl! hope you find some name inspiration.

    much love, as always
    kate <3

  31. Hi Jane
    Another Great Friday with Fire Drill Friday. The “book club” conversation with Candace Bergen and Mary Steenburgen was great! Looking forward to receiving my book next week. Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend! Stay safe!
    With great admiration and love!

  32. Jane I loved the book club today, good Friday, each time is better🔥🔥

  33. Hi Jane!
    I’m from Brazil and I found this channel to connect to you and I just want to say that Grace & Frankie is saving my quarantine, I was depressed by a lot of things, It’s hard to not get into that mood by living in Brazil these times.
    When Netflix suggested me the show I was ” hmm should I see it? ” because I love comedy movies and I’m not into comedy series too, but you know these times are being hard for everyone and all I needed was a light thing to watch, that you can watch without having to think too much, just watch and relax, and OMG It’s all I needed! You and Lily (please send this message to her) are being my heroines.
    My personality matches a lot with Frankie but at the same time I’m so Grace. It’s awesome, there are scenes where my jaw is painful from laughing.
    Thank you so much for making myself company, you and Lily during this hard period. I love you both and I’m obsessed with Grace & Frankie ( the characters and the show).
    You rock!!!!

  34. Jane I just love you and everything you stand for. I love reading your blogs. It helps me to feel better when I’m feeling down. I just wanted to thank you for everything you do including being a climate activist.

  35. Hi Jane, your squirrel looks very cute 😍, we have a hedgehog “Spike” not very original I grant you ,but still nice to have wildlife in the garden.
    I know I asked you some questions before, I was wondering if perhaps you might have some time to answer a few more… Obviously pick and choose if this is too much. I really appreciate it ☺️.

    1)You have been arrested 5 times; even on your birthday it was your goal to be arrested. Why is it so important for you and others with a platform to engage in civil disobedience?

    2)What are some experiences you have had that show you activism is effective and can create change?

    3)In your Lifetime Achievement acceptance speech you said that you wish you would have asked people like Betty Davis and Barbara Stanwyck more questions. What are some of the questions that you wish you had asked them?

    Thank You

    • 1. History has shown that Civil Disobedience is what works. It can change history. It means breaking a law that is bad (segregation of lunch counters, Great Britain’s colonizing India) and risking being arrested as a result. What happens is that it attracts attention globally. People are made aware of the bad law and are moved that brave people were willing to spend time in jail in order to change the law or get certain policies passed. To put your body on the line for something important feels very empowering. An activist doesn’t start with Civil disobedience but we’ve spent 40 years protesting, marching, petitioning, writing articles and books, lobbying on behalf of the climate…we’ve exhausted all the levers that Democracy offers us and we’re facing a dire emergency. This is when you step it up and engage in civil disobedience
      2. Again, history shows us many examples of how activism can change history. In fact, it’s the only thing that can. Had I not included civil disobedience as part of Fire Drill Fridays, there would have been far less awareness of what we were doing. We started with 16 people. The last Friday in D.C. over 600 people risked arrest. Most for the very first time. They told me they were transformed. many kept coming back. We’re doing Fire Drills virtually now and in July and August over 3 million people watched us across all platforms and 1000s signed up as volunteers. There are 13 millionpeople in the US who say they would engage in civil disobedience but no one asked them. We’ll I’m asking them.
      3. Too numerous to mention now. Their feelings about their career, how they balance private life and career. About relationships with me etc.

      • Congratulations Jane on “What Can I Do” being chosen Best Books of September by Apple Co. Looking forward to seeing you on many interviews this week!Take Care! Be safe!

      • Enhorabuena por tu libro Jane,tu comentario es muy acertado,nada cambia si no se lucha en grupo por los derechos cíviles.

  36. Ahhh Jane, you must be a fellow empath?

  37. Thank you so much. That was super speedy.

  38. I do the same thing you did with the bees,Jane, saving them from the water containers they fall into. It feels good inside. Not feeling superior, just that I did something to save a life. Especially in the summer when I’m visiting my parents at their house in the countryside, I’m “fishing” all the bees from the large containers that my parents are using to collect rainwater.
    Right now, I’m enjoying the exceptional book “Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?” written by Frans de Waal (2016). My Psychologist mentor recommended it to me and she said she was fascinated by the book. Have you heard of it?!
    Sending you good vibes and love,

  39. Jane, happy Sunday I was at Mass online, I entrusted you a lot so that you are well but you take care, please do not lower your guard, this COVID continues.💕💕

  40. Jane, just a quick thought. I read your recent New York Times interview. It is interesting how all media started gossiping about what you said about not having an affair with Marvin Gaye. It made the headlines out of everything you talked. And you talked about so many things. Is it all media is interested in these days? Don’t get it!

    I finally received your book “My life so far” from US (in spite of all the issues with USPS) and read it. What a great book, so many amazing stories which I can totally relate to in so many ways, so many things to think about. Like many other your readers, I stopped reading many times thinking about events in my own life and relationships with people on my way. Thank you for being open and honest. Made a pre-order for your new book with autograph, can’t wait to receive it. Had a great time watching your latest Fire Drill Friday, where you discussed the book with Candice and Mary.

    Do you plan to write more? If so, what would (could) be the subject?

  41. Hello dear Jane! How are you?
    I am writing to you from Uruguay. Every Friday, since your Fire Drill journey began, I have followed and listened to you. I understand English in its general co-text and I am intensifying my studies of your language, alone, with my 64 years. I think my family considers me a crazy fanatic and laugh at me. I do not care. At this age and living alone in the company of my beloved pet, a rescued dog that I fed with warm milk from a bottle (she was barely 25 days old), I think I have earned the right to do whatever comes to my mind. While I was working teaching I was one of the “crazy teachers” who took to the streets with her school students to protest for a cleaner, healthier environment, a cleaner air, although I live in a small city but with a beautiful river that some people don’t know how to care. The deforestation of the native mountains is abused to feed the stoves, garbage is dumped on their shores … well. Seeing you I have realized that in my own way I have been an “activist” during my professional and personal life. Obviously I do not even reach the heels of true activists like you. But, I am comforting to have some points of connection with you. I admire you and have followed you for years. I have two of your books (in Spanish) I would love it. buy this last one you wrote. I don’t care if it’s in English. I will keep learning !!!!! An advertisement appears on facebook that allows me to order it and maybe even autographed by you but I don’t know if it’s real. I would like to know if you can confirm that to me because I will make an effort and buy it. It says that I can even send a question for you to answer in the book along with your signature. It is true? I pray that you read this message. I would very much like to receive your answer.
    I wish to have your book in my hands!!!!
    Receive a loving and tight hug and a million Kisses!❤️❤️❤️😍😍😘😘🤗🤗🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾
    PD: I hope The traslator was not wrong!!!🤦
    I love You.

    • I’ve signed many many hundreds of books over the last month. I’m not sure if you will receive one of them but I hope so. Let me know.

      • Thanks for your answer. Yes, I will let you know when I receive it !!!! I guess it will be in a few weeks … 🤦I’ll be looking forward to it! Hugs and kisses!😍❤️🤗🇺🇾

      • Jane, I have written a comment to this post and it is in “awaiting approval“ status for several days already. Is something wrong?

        • A mí también me ha sucedido,escribí un comentario y no se ha publicado.Pregunté en la sección de ayuda si el problema es que escribo en español, pero no se nada.Escribí otra vez y salió publicado.

        • This is my case, I write many comments and I understand when Jane does not publish all of them, there is nothing wrong, we are more than 10,000 in this blog, I think they should enable an option for us to delete them.

        • Karine,
          maybe they found out about your job? Fossil fuels are a big NO-NO on this site. Jane Fonda and EXXON not friends at present!

          • It’s interesting that you spent time to look for me on the internet. I am not representing Exxon, Bob. I live on an island on the Far East of Russia, where there is no industry except fish and oil. So everybody is working for either of the two. Because you have to feed your family. That doesn’t make me a bad person. And I do love Jane and deeply care about things she says and fights for. That’s what matters. Spend the time that you have to read about Sakhalin island, it’s people and life here. May be you will understand more. All the best, Karine

        • I wasn’t looking you up, but the Russian oil & gas industry in connection with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and Navalny, and also the currently discussed termination of the Nord Stream 2 project versus fossil fuel consumption rise in Europe, climate change threat, environmental damage to the sea and a possible ecological disaster. During the research somewhere your photo (same as on Jane’s) came up and I recognized it. Magic of the Internet! Sorry if it caused you any grief…

  42. Jane you said in your interview that you have sold clothes that you are not going to use I would love to have something that you used and I use it of course, when you have time after the launch of your book, you please organize an online auction to all of us who live outside the United States, this would be amazing.🙌🏼🙌🏼

    • Jane you can sell your bags, shoes and accessories and organize a good auction, many of us would be happy to have something that was yours, I love your earrings that you now wear a lot that are like little golden plates, but obviously those would not go on sale but me with something else would be happy.💕💕

  43. Good Morning Jane,

    Have you listened to WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion? It’s a very popular song with the younger generation. I wanted to know your thoughts on such vulgar content being produced. Do you think it’s empowering or degrading to women?


  44. Hello Jane, thank you so much for taking care of those lovely creatures ! I juste registered here, and happy to join you and your community !

  45. There are two squirrels that run up and down the trees every morning in my yard. It’s so cool to see them playing every morning.

    I’m sure your little squirrel friend is very grateful for the walnuts you are gifting to her.

  46. Hi Jane!
    I don’t know if you knew or not but the city of Charleston, South Carolina has filed a lawsuit against major oil and gas companies seeking to hold them accountable for damages to the city caused by global warming and climate change today, September 9th. This is great news along with President Trump on Tuesday signing an order to ban offshore drilling off the coast of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida!!! Your hard work is paying off!!

  47. I already experienced what I will feel when you return to work, I already miss you.😢😢

  48. Hi Jane,
    I appreciate everything you do so much. I just received your book in the mail and have begun to read it and am so excited for it. It feels so surreal reading your book and looking outside to see all the smoke from the fires. I hope you are doing well

  49. Dear Jane,

    I hope you see this! This is my first time posting on here. I recently saw a clip of you on twitter advocating for LGBT equality way back in the 1970s and I just had to come on here and say thank you. As a 23 year old gay man who just recently came out to my family, that video of you really touched my heart. And to think that you were doing that back when virtually no one else was, and back when you could’ve lost your career for making such statements, literally moved me to tears. I don’t know what else to say other than thank you SO much. I’ve been such a fan of yours for years (I do your 1988 complete workout all the time!) and that clip just further solidified my love for you.

    On another note, I wanted to let you know that I plan to get more involved with Fire Drill Fridays and doing what I can to tackle the climate crisis. I live in Houston, Texas and I can tell you from firsthand experience that you are SO right when you say that this is the biggest existential crisis we are currently facing. We seem to be getting “hundred year storms” just about every year now, and still no action is being taken by our leaders at the state or federal level. We need change & action ASAP and I am so ready to help in any way I can! Thank you so much again.

    Love Always,


  50. Jane,
    So I have a question?i know you are so busy promoting your book so it’s ok if you don’t get back to me . I love your book by the way. You are helping soo many people understand what’s going on and what we can do. So thank you. Wisconsin just delayed or paused absentee request in Wisconsin because there is a dispute over3rd party candidates. I requested an absentee ballot on aug 5th, so my question is when should I receive my ballot? I’m kinda have anxiety now I mean you probably don’t have the answer, but you know Soo much so basically the 4-3 decision which broke ideological lines stems from GB party presidential candidate Howie Hopkins bid to appear on the ballot in Wisconsin where polling shows Democratic joe Biden holding a narrow lead. 😁 what does this all mean? I have so much to learn . I can’t wait to watch Firedrill Friday tomorrow! I have been supporting you from the beginning and I will always support you!
    Love always,

    • Good question, STacey. Give me a little time and I’ll try to find the answers. xx JF

      • I appreciate that soo much Jane.❤️ Take your time I know you have soo much on your plate right now. I’m just wondering if it’s an excuse to hold up absentee voting? Especially with the election so close.I don’t know anything though. I pray for you Guys in California every night. Those wildfires are horrific. Can you see the smoke from your house? I just think of all the people effected. Hope that’s the right word? So sad. Keep safe
        Love always,

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