Frankly, I’ve been worrying about the possibility that in the 15 months since we were last filming “Grace & Frankie,” I may have lost the ability to act. My main activity during those 15 months was hosting Fire Drill Fridays and interviewing climate experts and that’s really different than acting.

But last Monday we went back to the set and, turns out, I can still do it and I’m happy doing it. Some of our crew is new but most of the main people are from before COVID and it was really sweet to see them. Our Unit manager and producers have a knack for hiring nice and diverse people, so the set has always been chill. Actually, sometimes way too hot or too cold but always chill…if you get my meaning.

Kelly Akers, in charge of continuity, and, to the right, our director Gail Mancuso.

The COVID protocols are serious but not so overwhelming that they stifle our creativity or make things too difficult. I’m really glad we waited till now to return to work and not when the restrictions were even tighter.

Then there’s the problem of the Biden Administration. The planet is on fire. Climate scientists are sending grave warning that if we continue to drill and burn fossil fuels we risk catastrophe. This isn’t a game. This isn’t hyperbole. It’s way to late for half measures. Why did Biden pause the Keystone XL but say he supports Line 3 in Minnesota and will fight attempts to stop it in court? It’s the same heavy, dangerously polluting oil as Keystone from the Alberta, Canada tar sands passing under some of purest bodies of water including the headwaters of the Mississippi. Why does Gavin Newsom, California’s Governor, keep issuing new permits for drilling and fracking? Does he think we won’t notice or won’t care? What’s with these guys?

People, we need to up the ante. Get out of our comfort zones and make our voices heard. For those who can get there, there’ll be a big rally in front of the DC Capitol this Tuesday. We need to all do what we can to put maximum pressure on the Democrats to act bravely and boldly to save us and our planet. Time is running out but it’s not too late.

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  1. Jane, I don’t know what you think but for me this last photo session is one of the best of your life, you are beautiful you don’t need much to look incredible but these photos are amazing💕💕💕

  2. Hi Jane,

    Trusting that you are well and taking great care.

    You must be busy with the work of Grace and Frankie. Just sending a message to check up on you and to say that I am missing your posts on the blog however missing you more. Please send my well wishes to Lily Tomlin as well.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Saiesha. xoxo

  3. Jane!!! Yesterday, as I’m sure you know, was FDF’s 2nd anniversary!!! How is that possible!? It feels like it all started yesterday! Congratulations 🔥!!!

  4. Jane, I was rereading some comments and saw where you said that you and Lily have TWO MOVIES lined up after Grace and Frankie ends! I don’t know how I missed that but I am so looking forward to those creations. I haven’t been in a movie theater since before COVID but I’ve got my booster now, so when they come out I will be there on the premiere night, as usual, to give you the seat count when it counts and of course a few extra times after because I will savor every moment. I wonder what the genre will be. Comedy or will you try something off the chart like “What ever Happened to Baby Jane.” I know fans can expect one thing because G & F has been so successful but I also know both of you can do any genre and do it well and being the people you are you like to stretch and show your range. Just wondering.. and anticipating. Dona

    • All comedies though first one, MOVING ON, is a dark comedy

  5. Jane, have you taken the third dose of COVID vaccine? I heard that they are already applying the third dose for older people….

    I’ve been very busy these last few months, and that’s why I haven’t participated in the last FDF, I’m finishing my college degree, and finishing my graduation paper.

    I’ve been watching it later, on Greenpeace’s YouTube, but nothing compares live, with you and all the guys, who I already recognize by names. I don’t know if you still remember me, after all it’s been a while since I’ve written here and not even from live broadcasts.

    How are recordings of the latest episodes of Grace & Frankie going? I can’t get enough of watching the episodes that have been released for season seven, and I can’t wait to watch the full last season.

    I was very sad about the end of the series, and your partnership with Lily, but I was happy to hear the news that you will continue to work together on an upcoming film by the same director as Grandma! I can’t wait to see you work together again, please don’t stop working together! I love you so much!! I am so attached to you. Please take Lily to the next Book Club movie!! It would be amazing, even if it’s a special participation.

    Giovanna 💗

  6. Hello Jane!

    I hope you be fine still working in G&F. We continue to miss you on the blog.

    Last week has been incredible for me, the delivery of the Princess of Asturias Awards took place in Oviedo last Friday, I have been able to meet many of the winners, including Gloria Steinem. I’ve been able to attend the meetings of the winers such a chef José Andrés or the doctors and researchers of the COVID vaccine and of course the meeting with your friend Gloria Steinem. These Awards involve society and they are very opened to people in their celebration and I think this’s something very positive, we all live this week with intensity, cinema, concerts, conferences, exhibitions …….

    Prior to the public meeting with Gloria, a concert was held in her honor with exclusively female interpreters and pieces by female composers from a century ago until today, very very interesting!. What can I say about the Gloria’s meeting?, she alone with her wisdom, her joy and optimism, seems to fill the Auditorium creating a current of connection and sisterhood between all of us, being able to see and hear her has been really exciting, It was fantastic, she’s an amazing woman. We finished off the day with another rock music concert from Gloria’s time, we left the auditorium with enthusiasm and emotion for everything we had experienced.

    I think Gloria was very moved, I suppose these days will have been a great experience for her, although somewhat exhausting, I hope that Asturias and Spain in general are for her a memory of affection and frienship, that she have enjoyed her award, her time here and the most important thing I wish that she have felt happy among us.

    Good luck with G&F. I hope to see you soon. A hug.

  7. Jane, your book in Spanish is in the most popular bookstore in Mexico, here we are many millions of persons, and it would be very good to inform us about these issues and do something for our environment, I think you should give an interview to a national media about the book If you need help with that, tell me or your publisher or publicist could do something I suppose.

  8. Dear Ms. Fonda: I just wanted to write to find out if you received my photo of my “Barbarella” painting that I asked you to autograph for me, as well as it’s SASE return envelope. Without going in to too much detail I had a lot of difficulty with the Post Office before finally being able to mail it to you. The tracking feature on my SASE indicated that it got to the address you gave me on a previous post here on your blog website. I just wanted to make sure you got it. Thanks for your time and attention in this matter, and I hope to here from you soon. Have fun! Yours-Steven Vasko

    • Steven, I have not received it yet but will check with my office.

  9. Of course you can! You are one of the rare phenomenal actresses of all generations. Your dramatic acting is compelling, vulnerable, and, when warranted, empowering. I am completely enamored with every work, with every character you create. I believe that it is the vulnerability of your emotions, the expressions in your eyes, that most draws me to you in each role–and, I usually feel that the vulnerability comes from your life experiences, for which I have great compassion and empathy. I am grateful that you still have opportunities to practice your craft, because I have an insatiable need to watch your work!

  10. I wanted to share this with you because well I’m a fan thats still working from home and desperate for any attention. I have of course watched a lot of your films and as a young man in the 70s was to stoned to appreciate them at the time. I found myself on a Fonda rewatch rampage with some of the movies I needed to see again like, Fun with Dick and Jane, California Suite, and barbarella to name a few. Well I had a lot of fun and I really like Grace & Frankie so funny. You are and have always been involved in great causes and Im hoping you may enjoy this painting I did because of the increase of homeless people.
    Here is a link to it on my facebook. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=4643210542407122&set=a.277460275648859

    God Bless and thanks for all you do and have done.

    John Catalfamo

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