I’m getting excited that we’ll start filming “Grace & Frankie” again tomorrow. I’ve enjoyed having to learn my lines for my scenes tomorrow and Tuesday. I won’t mind having to get up at 4:30am. I’m used to getting up at 5:30 so no big deal…except getting to sleep at 8pm. Yep, that’s right, I go to sleep very early. Well, usually not at 8pm, closer to 9-9:30. I sort of keep farmer’s hours: to bed with the sun and up with the sun. The only one of my 3 husbands who felt as I do was Ted.

Tomorrow is also Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. 6 months after it’s mirror image, December 21st, Winter Solstice, the shortest day and my birthday. It’ll be my 84th. COVID has so screwed up my sense of time that I feel winter is a few months from now, skipping all of summer. Which might be a good idea since weather forecasts for this summer shows record heat hitting the southwest and likely a very bad fire season. Heat is the most dangerous of all effects of climate change.

We’re taking Fire Drill Fridays to once a month starting in July because it’s too hard to do them weekly when I’m working. Besides, I think we’re all suffering a bit from Zoom fatigue. I miss the Drills though and my Fire Fighters. I hope they are staying safe and willing to take action.

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  1. I am very pleased Jane, that you return to work, thank you for the time you dedicate to this blog, it is a real delight to be close to you in this way, your company in these months was a great gift for me, good luck, I Love you💕💕

    • Hi Jane!
      I want to personally thank you and Lily for bringing joy back into my life. I went through a bad depression several months ago and “Grace and Frankie” brought me right out of it. I’m so sorry to see the show end next year. Please find another project for you and Lily to do together!
      Peace, love, and hugs to you both!
      Ann M. Fayette 🌼

      • Jane,
        Have you read Kate Moore’s book, The Woman They Could Not Silence? It’s a great read and it would make a fabulous film. With the war on women that’s currently going on in this country (Texas), a film project based on this book would be particularly timely. Please keep it in mind.
        Peace, love, and hugs to you and Lily.
        Ann M. Fayette 🌼

      • Well guess what, Ann, your wishes will come true. Lily and I have 2 really good movies to do together after we finish G&F!!!!!

        • I’m so excited, Jane! That’s the best news ever! FYI: When 9 to 5 was released in 1980, I saw it 10 times at the theater. You, Lily, and Dolly are magnificent talents.
          Peace, love, and hugs to you three. 🌼
          Ann M. Fayette

    • Jane,
      Will you and Lily be marching for women’s rights on October 2? It will be my first march and I am looking forward to seeing you both on the front lines!
      Peace, love, and hugs to you both.
      Ann M. Fayette 🌼

      • No we won’t be marching then because we’ll still be filming Grace & FRankie and the production won’t let us cause of COVID.

      • Jane,
        I saw On Golden Pond for the first-time, at my local movie theater, when I was 14. The scene between you and your dad where you say, “Well, goodbye Norman…Dad” choked me up then and has ever since. It was such a beautiful film and I’m so happy that you had the opportunity to act with your father.
        Peace, love, and hugs.
        Ann M. Fayette

  2. Have a great shoot Jane! I’m so sad I won’t be there to finish the show. I miss all of you.

  3. Happy Birthday .
    Not sure a 4-30 am start would suit me .
    Was thrilled to get a reply from Martin recently ,thank him please.
    Did hear the temperatures are causing concern yet again in California .We have no such problem in Scotland.
    Was also concerned about the damage being done to the environment in Alberta ,a tv documentary last night highlighted the lust for oil.
    One good thing about lockdown few cars on the rds.
    Once again stay well and I look forward to final season of G&F😥 love to all

  4. We miss you too! I now know that so many of the Firefighters have been taking action because of posts I see on social media! Some have been calling and lobbying our representatives, sending postcards and flooding executives calendars with invites (to stop Line 3) and a few people who have even joined the frontlines via the Gathering or one of the camps in MN.
    I know I can speak for all viewers when

    Fridays haven’t felt the same! I miss our community, and especially hearing from the guests. But, I have also enjoyed rewatching past episodes and taking notes!

    Have fun filming! I haven’t watched Grace and Frankie completely yet, but I’ve heard only positive things! I’ll have to check it out before the new season!

    Kennedy Davis

    • Thanks, Kennedy. Glad to know my FDF family has remained active. Thanks for being such a true new activist!!

  5. Yaaaaay! What a great news. G&F is my favorite show EVER and I miss it so much, can’t wait to the next season. I can remember the readings in the beginning of the pandemic on zoom, we hoped that it would be filmed soon and now we finally have a day! Little big victory.
    And yes, me too, I feel like I don’t sense of time because of COVID.

  6. It was very early! 6months early with Birthday wishes oops sorry .

  7. Dear Jane Fonda (-Team),
    This is what I call “real good news”! I’ve been watching s1-s6 in a row, kind of a marathon, picking some special moments and scenes watching over and over again. First of all, cause I really enjoy “Grace & Frankie”.

    The main reason is, I’m kind of obliged in “serious watching”. As a senior student at the University of Vienna (Department of historical–ethnological Studies/ Cultural Studies) I’m part of a research project focussing on “Stardom and Fandom… perspective on ageing, intersectional ageism” etc. My special research interest is about Jane Fonda.
    After all I adored “Barbarella”, lost Baby-weight doing Aerobics “with Jane”, learnt to survive being a single-mum (of 3), got cancer (obviously survived again) and got used to repeating “starting over”… I don’t have to tell you about developing resilience, dear Jane Fonda!
    Being a senior-student at the age of 59 is kind of rewarding myself, I already passed the “Bachelor” (first academic degree in Austria, wrote my thesis about a special example of female invisibleness), currently longing for my “Master”.

    Is there any chance to ask you few questions, may I request an interview (time frame for my research is till November/ latest Decembre, 15th)? I understand Zoom fatigue very well, so I gladly would go to US to talk to you (living as a climate activist since more than 25years now maybe I’ve earned this one flight…).
    Or maybe you’re eagerly anticipate a visit in Vienna (where Viktor Frankl lived… and was forced to develop his great work of forgiveness…)?

    In any case: All the best for you, “break a leg”!
    Best wishes and greetings from Austria,
    Karin Kuna

    • Karin, I can’t say for sure about that interview. Things are about to get very intense for me. Right after the July 4th holiday you will understand what I mean. Stay tuned.

  8. Wishing everyone the best of luck, I hope you all have a wonderful time back on set! The excitement for season 7 is well and truly alive, and I look forward to our next Fire Drill Friday. Until then! xo

  9. Hi, Jana!
    This is such a good news.
    I’m guessing you’ve missed a lot filming G&F, right?
    Initially, my 35 years oldsister refused to watch the sitcom, but recently she took my advice and she was so excited after seeing all the seasons.
    Good luck and stay healthy!

  10. Jane I know you are very busy but if you have time watch the series “Physical” on Apple TV.

  11. Hola Jane, qué gusto saber que compartas tus días con nosotros. Me alegra enormemente que hayas comenzado a filmar nuevamente “Grave & Frankie” (no veo las horas de verlas nuevamente). Me alegra verte bien, eres un ejemplo, te felicito, a tus 83 te mantienes tan activa y transmites esa energía y alegría. Muchos cariños desde Argentina para vos, Lili y todo el elenco!!!

  12. I just wanted to tell you that Grace and Frankie is my favorite show even tho I might be one of your youngest fans! When i finished season 6 I was so sad and all the other shows I’ve watched after Grace and frankie can’t Even compete. And now that I see there will be a season 7, I’m so happy!

  13. Your hair is gray and shorter than it used to be, when you still dyed it blonde, and it was longer than it is today. How are you going to do with Grace now? Will you wear a wig or your regular hair? I was wondering…

    • My hair grows out with more gray showing and then i’m all gray.

  14. Hi Jane,
    Is the 24th your saint? I don’t know, just in case, congratulations! In Spain we congratulate both the saint and the birthday, I suppose it is a Catholic tradition, almost everyone here weare a saint’s name. The St John’s Eve is a magical night, pagan rites prior to Christianity are mixed to celebrate the summer solstice and religion, large bonfires are made in the street where, metaphorically, all the things that have gone wrong in the year are burned. Fire always has a purifying effect so it gives a way to a new light scene, (Right now I remember FDF). I think we will all have wanted to burn COVID forever and so many other bad things, I hope so!.
    If it really is your saint, I found it curious because you were born on the shortest day of the year and your saint’s day sometimes coincides with the longest day of the year, the two solstices are in your life!
    Good luck!

  15. Hi Jane, Yahoo! Grace and Frankie! How was your first week at work? Was it exciting to see the people that (maybe) you hadn’t seen in a while? Do you get to keep your gray hair??But, yuck, getting up at 4:30 (thanks for doing that, though). But I get it, I keep “farmers hours” also (in the summer). I love being up when the sun rises and love that it stays light out so late (even if I am inside watching tv, LOL). June 21 is my favorite day of the year because it’s the longest; I guess I just have great memories of past summers. I hope you actually had some time off between the last FDF and the start of filming. Hey, I watched the Goldman Prizes and it was excellent! I learned 80% more than I knew. I also am reading “The Village of Ben Suc” (and it’s excellent) and am waiting for The Sum of Us…. and On Fire: The (burning) case for a green new deal. I don’t like reading digitally; I like to hold the book and turn the pages (yep, I am weird).
    I miss FDF’s but it’s so understandable to go to once a month (and thank you for that!).
    So, how long is filming; where are you headed for the next protest? okay-I’ve taken enough of your time. Hope you’re doing well! 🙂 🙂

  16. Love the show with you and the rest of funny talented actors! Can’t wait to see Season 7. I love the cameo appearances of other famous actors that I haven’t seen in a very long time. It is the highlight of my evening to watch your show after a long busy day at work and then settling my kids to bed. You have inspired me to try eat more healthy and exercise too! 🙂

  17. Jane, I hope you are having fun, fun, fun on the set everyday. While you focus and feel the sense of purpose and creativity, I hope you savor every moment. I have fallen into a repeat watching like so many who want to feel the connection with you and Lily and feel lifted up emotionally. I’m on season four, I think. The wondrous scene with Grace when Nick sees the real Grace w/o all the decoration. The above photo is from one of my most favorite episodes, with Grace owning her years and striding across the crosswalk. Just loved that whole episode. Frankie with Margaret’s itty-bitty walk. The anticipation is SO high! What will the writer’s do to end this wonderful series? And now you have me anxious about what is coming after the fourth of July. My mind always races to catastrophe first. “Get Intense?” You are so passionate, you almost fry the cables as it is. I just pray that you are well and safe and are not planning to throw yourself under the bus to try to save the earth. See? Right to catastrophe. So what Friday in July is our Drill back on, so I can put it on my calendar?
    I’m about ready to write a scorching letter to Senator Sinema. I composed it in my head all night long. The joy of having two Dems for Arizona seems long gone. What’s the point if one acts like a Republican? If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck… Some of the new leaders need what a a horse riding person calls a lot of wet blankets. That’s why the some of the old guard have to hang in there too long. A cutesy little curtsey lacks professional polish and doesn’t treat a subject of filibuster with the seriousness it deserves. Got to much love, Dona

  18. Sooo glad you’re safely back to work! I observe your birthday every year, being your biggest fan since I was 14! Thank you for bringing me and my family joy and laughter with Grace and Frankie, and for educating us about climate change. As always, thank you for blazing trails for me! Love you, Jane!

  19. I just got a notification about All We Can Save Project’s (which I follow closely) live stream, and I joined! I was absolutely overjoyed to get to hear from Dr. Hayhoe, and was excited to see you there as well! I had no idea what the content of the livestream was supposed to be, so I was pleasantly surprised to see both of you there together! That book is one of the ones that unlocks something deep inside of you and it deserves so much love and attention, which I definitely think you helped with today!

    It was lovely to attend last week’s FDF! It still amazes me too see people in the comments organizing and learning. You and the FDF team are still filling people up with hope and motivation in the time when we need it most!

    Kennedy Davis

  20. Grace & Frankie is hands down the MOST delightful show I have watched in so very long, and you and of course Liky Tomlin, as well as the rest of the cast, are nothing short of brilliant!

    I laugh. I cry. I’m moved and inspired.

    I’m also crushed that this will be the last season. I think you need to get Netflix on the phone, somewhere in between everything else.

    And thank you for writing the book; I have despaired about our environment and it hurts so much I’ve had to stop trying. Perhaps after reading it I will find the heart, and the courage, to become active again.

    Please keep being amazing you!


  21. This is the best news! I love you and Lily so much! I can’t wait to see your two new movies together. I’ve been watching the two of you on several interviews recently. I loved your Ted talk so much! you and Lily are hilarious together.

  22. “Grace & Frankie” has truly been one of the great joys of my life! The dramatic and comedic talent of both you and Lily is absolutely astounding! Both of you have the ability to create a vulnerability that is deeply touching. “Grace & Frankie” is now tied with “Cagney & Lacey” as my favorite television of all time–and, of course, my favorite coupling. Thank you both so much for this incomparable viewing experience filled with love, laughter, adversity, and enduring female friendship.

  23. Been binging on Grace and Frankie. Wasn’t sure I would like it but it’s like watching a train wreck—I can’t look away. Sam Waterson is quite a surprise! And you and Lily Tomlin are hilarious-a female modern version of the Odd Couple! What a hoot! Congrats!

  24. Hello Jane,
    Je me permets d’écrire en français vu que vous le parlez très bien. Je voulais juste laisser un petit mot ici car je viens de terminer tous les épisodes de Grace & Frankie disponibles sur Netflix en Suisse… MERCI, THANK YOU so much, à vous et à Lily pour m’avoir fait tellement rire. Dans cette période pas très drôle (COVID, Ukraine war, planet…) qu’est-ce que cela m’a fait du bien de regarder Grace & Frankie et de découvrir cette amitié hors norme ! Je me réjouis de voir la suite de la saison 7 et ainsi que votre nouveau film ensemble ! J’espère que vous être toutes les 2 en super en forme ! Salutation à Lily Tomlin,
    Take Care

    • Thanks, Tracy. The final season of Grace & FRankie drops April 29th so you have that to look forward to. xx Jane

      • Thank you for this kind reply. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of season 7 in April! Coming to your website, I also discovered your activism and your energy which galvanizes me. I will try to see the next Fire Drill Friday live even though I am in Switzerland. I wish you a nice Sunday & Take Care Tracy

  25. Thank you for the update, Jane! I’m so excited 😁to see the final episodes of ‘Grace and Frankie’…though it’s bittersweet because there won’t be any more 😞! This show has been my go-to; like ‘virtually’ seeing friends when we actually couldn’t due to COVID restrictions!
    Thanks again,

    Ruth Jane Davison

  26. Love, love, love Grace & Frankie! I smile when I think about the roles you’ve played but I am inspired by your tireless activism. Wishing you good health & thank you! <3


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