On October 10th I was one of the Lifetime Impact Honorees at the 6th annual Variety’s Power of Women luncheon.

In a partnership with Lifetime, Variety established the award in order to honor Women in Entertainment who have a significant philanthropic impact. Imagine how excited I was to receive this award alongside, Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon, Viola Davis, and Universal’s Donna Langley.

It was fun to have some (brief) time before the luncheon began to catch up with these other 4 amazing women.

I was being recognized for my work with GCAPP. Hard to believe its been 20 years since we started. I am so proud of the work we do. It was fun and important to have the opportunity to speak about the 20-year history and work of GCAPP to that audience which by the way was 500 people! And I was thrilled to have Aaron Sorkin present the award to me. Love the man! GCAPP’s President, Kim Nolte, our director of Public Relations, Bev Jones, and our board chair, Tom Larsen, were all able to attend and sit at my table. Tom has worked for Coca Cola for years and now runs the Laguna Beach, CA coconut water company, Zico, that Coke recently acquired.

Here we all are in the GCAPP “booth” where our literature was available along with copies of my recent book “Being A Teen.”

You can read more about GCAPP here on my website, but I hope you will visit www.gcapp.org

Here is the article from Variety Magazine, enjoy!

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  1. Looking radiant, Jane. Congrats!

  2. Hi Jane, Thank you so much for all you do. I’ll never forget your thumbs-up when you saw me working as a scenic artist on ‘Stanley and Iris’… and you didn’t even know I had two young sons… and had traveled 15,000 miles solo cross-country by motorcycle.
    I expect you and your brother Peter would enjoy knowing about my woman’s ‘Easy Rider’ PROJECT. https://vimeo.com/107770617 and OUTTAKE: https://vimeo.com/107770618
    It is intended to better our world. Your wisdoms regarding this mission/movement would be greatly appreciated.
    Always a fan… Chris

  3. Congratulations on your recognition! You fellow honorees should be very happy and proud to be in such a great company. 🙂
    I’m happy to see you there with Viola Davis. She’s such an amazing person and I think she gives a phenomenal performance on her new show (well, that didn’t come unexpectedly) 😀

  4. You are so thought provoking… I think sometimes, a lot of times, when the word “power” used as it relates to women, especially women who have seemingly “made it”, our minds automatically go to their social status as it relates to money. Your programs, and the programs you bring attention to, feel more about the power of having self worth. I really don’t know what it is about your energy, but I felt it through a screen when I was 11; and for whatever reason, knew that I was worth more than I was being led to believe. And so with that, my life didn’t change all of a sudden, but I had that idea in my heart, and I kept it, and finally “broke free”. I think a lot of times, all of the time, children are victims of circumstance; your programs, I hope, are giving young people that place in their heart to hold on to, a sense of self worth. I think your energy is amazing. Mindfulness is a powerful thing; and I think you are wonderful.

  5. And, I think people get caught in a soul trap, and we are taught to blame our circumstance and then not taught how to make it any different. It seems like you teach young people to take their circumstance and look it right in the face and find a place of growth and healing in it and move forward, rather than stay stuck in the trap. If all you ever do is blame other people for how your life is, there is not too much room or even the idea of the need for room for change. I really love you, Jane, a lot.

  6. You are such an inspiration to me. I am currently reading your book “Prime Time” and it’s really making me think and wonder and plan for the rest of my 2nd act and my 3rd act (I’m 46). Changes are happening in my life (in more ways than one) and I’m beginning to think that, even though some ships in my life have sailed, I’m beginning to think that there are other ships for me. And that’s a good feeling!
    Rock on!

  7. Congratulations Jane!!
    You’re an inspiration in everyone’s live!! <3
    xoxo, Gra.

  8. Awesome! Well deserved recognition! I have always been impressed by the work that you and others do for GCAPP. It sounds like an amazing organization that should be nation wide.

  9. I happened across the interview “Death, Sex & Money” by WNYC and appreciated your openness, and transparency. It is inspirational. Congratulations to you for your Lifetime Achievement honor and work with GCAPP. I read the content on the GCAPP website and you are so right that hope gives the strength to make good life decisions (paraphrasing here :). Really well done!

  10. Talking about the “power of woman”, do you have any knowledge of our Brazilian President, Dilma Roussef ? We will have election next week, and because she is a woman, I can feel that there is a prejudice about it, for the majority of man, who never spoke so bad abou a Candidate, like they are doing now abou her ! I am working hard for her and her party, P.T. who is a people´s party, a social party, and it has been very dificult to hear and read all the atacks on her as a woman, person and politician, mostly on the INTERNET, many offense toward her person and figure, and some of it came from…woman! I just don´t understand it. My whole life, we, brazilians tryed hard to have a job a carrer and be independen, in a Country where, in my time, that was not ok for a woman, but get married and have children, but not both ! And now, 45 years later, I see this happen. Don´t know what to think…It is like times flew back !! Very disaponted !! Best regards from Brazil..

    • Yonnegler–better late than never—and all I have to say is BUT SHE WON!! despite all the sexism and misogyny, she won!!!

  11. Ms. Fonda,

    I just had the pleasure of listening to the interview you gave for “Death, Sex, and Money.” And while I enjoyed it, felt bolstered by it, nodded my head in commiseration, and shed some empathic tears, there was one thing of which you spoke that left me shaking my head. It is a benevolent bone of contention, and I must respond to it.

    Near the end of the interview, you made the observation to Ms. Sale that you are not, by nature, a caretaker. I must say, my dear, this is not true. Not true at all. You said it’s a statement with which your friends do not agree, but you know.

    But there are a wealth of examples from your life which show demonstrably that you are of a mind, heart, and soul that are, at their core, dedicated to taking care of others. During the last phase of his life, you were there for your father. I know. I read what you wrote about that period. I observed the pictures from that time you were so kind to share with us. I’ve seen firsthand a person caring for a loved one during his final months, weeks, days, and hours of life. What I observed in your words and photos reveals that you are a like soul. And I will tell you: such human beings are indeed very rare to encounter.

    What’s more, you are honest about such a situation: It is uncomfortable. Very. But you do it. You have accrued the wisdom to know that one must take such a situation one day at a time. Which, when we find ourselves dealing with such things, is all we can do.

    As if this weren’t enough, consider your life as it has been and continues to be. You have lived an extraordinary life, and no one could justifiably assign blame to you if you decided to retreat 14,000 feet above the timberline to seek silence and respite. However, you haven’t done this. And I bet I know why. Simply put: You care too much about this world and those of us who populate it.

    Consider GCAPP. My goodness, you didn’t have to do it. No one forced you. Except yourself. Except your love and compassion for others, both of which are formidable in the best possible way. And what of Lulu? Without you, would she have been bolstered to search for and become her own best person?

    Consider, too, we to whom you have offered kind words and valuable advice during the times when we most needed it. Times that might have descended into self-destruction if not for the extension of your empathy. Speaking personally, I struggle with depression every day. Just as many other human beings do. But during those darkest of periods, when it’s midnight in my soul and I’m feeling helpless and the depression has begun to rise to its most acute level, I think of what you wrote to me. It allows me to feel less alone. It shears up my stamina. It fortifies me. It provides me with knowledge, compassion, and wisdom that allow me to get my chin up and to continue waging battle in the trenches. And I’ve largely you to thank for this. Whenever things get too hard; whenever the pain seems insurmountable; whenever I feel alone and of no worth — you inevitably come into my thoughts, along with what you wrote to me, and you champion me on. You have shown me that defeat is not the sole choice in one has in life. That’s it ever so much better to live and do my part in making the world, however I can and to the best of my ability, a better place. A kinder place. A fairer place.

    There are many people who have become famous who choose to talk the talk without walking the walk. This does not apply to you. Not only do you speak; you listen. And this is the only way true communication occurs. One cannot wholly exist without the other. You understand this. You practice this. How wonderful it would be if more people did.

    I know you wouldn’t know me from Adam. I’m just a struggling writer living in Columbus, Ohio, taking care of a parent and finding those hours when I can hole away in his room and read and study and apply what he’s learned to his art. Someone who isn’t famous, nor has a desire to be; but who writes because he must, and who does his best to remain steadfast in the belief that he will share what he has learned of the world with others through his work. And yet you — who has done so much, and has applied her talent and humanity in making the world a better place — has listened to me. Has told me, “Damn it, you have worth.” And has offered that to so many other human beings who struggle? What that means! Words hardly seem adequate.

    You offer care and compassion to people you’ve never even met! And for those you have, for your friends and family, you offer the same. My goodness, you even sign your emails “Ma.” As in “Mother.” As in she who brings life into the world and loves and nurtures that life. And who does that? I’ll tell you: A person who cares for and takes care of others.

    And that, Ms. Fonda, exemplifies you. Perfectly. You might not agree with it, but there it is. You cannot help but care for others and do what you can for them. It’s hardwired. It’s rare. It’s a blessing.

    Gratitude cannot quite get its arms around what I feel when thinking of you. By your very presence, you make me keep fighting even when I think the only thing to do it throw in the towel.


    Ma, indeed!

    With very warm regards,


    • John, this warms my heart–which I sorely needed today. Thank you very much. xx Jane

  12. My commente is on hold for so long. What happened???

    • Yonnegler, don’t know. I’ve been AWOL for a time because we work every day, such long hours, I don’t get to my website. sorry. xx

  13. Re-read…. It is curious to me, that in my re-read of this “blog”, that I was exactly what I was talking about. I immediately went to the word power meaning money. Nothing that you said in this even remotely sounded like the word power meant money. :/ Having said that… I really do believe that what you do gives young people a place to hold on to.

  14. PS… How is Richard? I’ve been thinking about him today.

    • Nancy, it’s hard. Thanks for asking. BTW, I ‘hear’ you.

  15. Jane, I NEVER write reviews but I just watched the episode of you and your beautiful daughter, Mary, on Oprah’s next chapter. I am 23 years old and have seen (and loved) many of your movies. My main message to you is When I look at you now, especially after watching that episode on tv, I see a beautiful and spiritually aware soul that has made an even larger wave by bringing knowledge, light, and love into the world. You and your daughter Mary inspired me today and I thank you. I hope you continue to enjoy your “third act” and I hope when I reach my third act I can look back and genuinely say that I made a difference, like you did. Also, please tell Mary that her courage to face her fears and go to Antarctica as well as see her biological mom has helped me see that I too can find the strength to face my own fears. Lots of love from a small town in IL – Samantha Lehmkuhl 🙂 xox

  16. I hope everything is OK with you and it’s “just” business and exhaustion for you and nothing more serious. Anyhow, I send you all of my love to you and wish you all the best, lots strength and above all, happiness, dear Jane. I’m also heading towards a possibly life-changing event so I can relate to your challanges. I hope we both can send support to each other, somehow, with this challange, I also need your blessing and good luck charm as well.
    I never forget how I got a good luck wish from you before my exams three years ago. There’s a great sense of community on this website.

    BTW, I just watched This Is Where I Leave You (yeah, I’m late unfortunately). I so enjoyed it, it was true to the book: funny, smart, well-paced and the performances were outstanding. Obviously, I expected you to be excellent (which you were) and I was really happy to see a new side of the great Tina Fey. 🙂 That whole cast rocked.

    All the best from your loyal old blogging pal, Daniel 🙂

    • Daniel, you have my blessings on your new life adventure xx

  17. Reese …. Eye am finding out is guardedly seeking from me more answers to her deep spiritual and political questions <3

  18. Eye may be wrong but Eye suspect she (Reese) knows the answers but has a hard time with it 😛 <3 #FallenMan #Zion!

  19. Hi Jane, Nothing happens in life without effort, effort come in different guises. Have seen you on TV and papers and you are a very optimistic and giving person, I dont know you but I can see that .You cant act that. Good luck in Italy

  20. Congratulations!

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