Jane Fonda Climate PAC

Dear Friends,

Today I am launching my new effort to stem the tide of climate change and address the outsize influence the fossil fuel industry has on our political system. It’s called the Jane Fonda Climate PAC. The PAC is laser focused on one goal: Do what it takes to defeat fossil fuels supporters and elect climate champions at all levels of government. A link to our launch video is here.

Time is running out to avoid the worst case climate impact. After decades of advocacy, public education and other 501(c)(3)-compliant organizing for climate, our attention is shifting to the political roadblock that is preventing not just bold action but even the most basic no-brainers, like ending the billions of dollars of fossil fuel subsidies we give to coal, oil and gas corporations every year. The climate movement has many strong elements but has not engaged in electoral work at scale. The crushing defeat of the Build Back Better bill, after months and months of advocacy and massive public support, made it clear that we need more elected leaders working for people on the planet, instead of fossil fuel interests. You know the saying: “if you can’t change the people, change the people.”

Over the last months, I’ve been working closely with my allies in the climate movement and have brought in additional help on the electoral front to launch this effort. We only have eight more years to meet science-based climate targets to avoid worst case climate scenarios, but that also means only 4 more election cycles.

I don’t say this lightly, but I feel this is likely to be the most important thing I do in my life. The climate crisis poses unprecedented threats to our communities, our environment, our economy, and our security. It’s not too late to change course. But it won’t happen as long as oil, gas, and coal companies maintain their stranglehold on American politics.

Today, I unveiled a new website with more information on how to get involved and donate to this effort.

I hope you’ll join me.
With Love, Jane

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  1. Thank you.

  2. Dear Ms. Fonda: Congratulations on the launch of your new political pac. The question I have for you is: do you still have a mailing address (such as a business address) where one could contact you in order to send photos and the like for your autograph? Thanks for taking the time to read this. Have fun! Yours-Steven Vasko

  3. You are such an inspiration for me! The Climate PAC sounds fantastic. My name is Porter Betts from Atlanta and I have just begun an Atlanta Tuesdays Climate Walk down Peachtree Street during lunch hour every week. I am active on Facebook (Porter Betts on FB). Right now we have only a very few people interested, but I pray this may catch on with time and visibility (Greta inspired me by her singular stance which started a movement). Atlanta needs to see this, our city needs to step up visibly and symbolically.

  4. Jane, I have very young grandchildren 1.8 and 3 years old, I suffer for the world in which they are going to live, thank you for your teachings, I do what I can, I thanks you for your time and dedication to this cause.

  5. I think what you are doing is just great, I am all about making an effort to cut down on fossil fuel and the carbon footprint we are leaving.

  6. Wishing you every success with your PAC, Jane! Sadly, I am in the U.K. so cannot contribute; however I am supporting your work from afar.

    My best to you always,

    Ruth Jane Davison xx

  7. Jane, you can’t imagine how I need this words: “everything will be fine said for you”, sorry but I can’t tell you here what’s going on. Your example is very important to me💕💕

  8. So, so incredible that you are doing this. This is going to help move mountains. With you all the way and will support this in any way that I can.

    Kennedy Davis

  9. Dear Jane,

    I want to say: thank you!

    I am a 27 year old woman from Hamburg, Germany. I have had my fair share of childhood trauma, I have gone to therapy for many years. After my last therapy session about 2 years ago I was finally able to say that I am quite fine with my life. But still, I had that underlying sadness. An underlying feeling of despair, a sense of a lack of purpose in my life.

    My upbringing has made me a person that longs for security. I have built my life on a safety net. I have never taken any risks. I have never done the bold thing. Even though I am very intelligent, I have always had the feeling of not being smart enough. Not being pretty enough. Not being thin enough—I am sure every woman in the modern world knows these feelings.

    Completely randomly I came across an interview of yours some time ago. You spoke about being whole and living an life in integrity. And at that very moment the truth has struck me: I am not living my life authenticly or in integrity at all. That false desire of security has parted me from my true nature. I don‘t want to live the same day for the rest of my life. I want to take risks. I want to be courageous.
    This realization has made me very vulnerable. I have been crying a lot in the past weeks. Even though I don‘t want to build my life on fear and on the feeling that I am not enough, my life to a new direction is very stressful still. I am very afraid of failure. I am afraid of being hurt. I am afraid of rejection.

    But you won‘t experience deep human connection without putting yourself out there. And that is the essence of being alive in my opinion. The most valuable gift we have as humans is feeling that deep connection to other people.
    To hear you talk about your childhood experiences, about you not feeling good enough, not receiving the love you needed as a child… it really resonated with me. You said, if there was one thing you wanted people to know, it would be that it is never too late and that one should never give up! This touched me very deeply.
    Isn‘t it the most wondrous thing how two people that have never met each other, share experiences on such a profound level? We have never met each other and most likely never will, but still your words describe my life, my feelings and beliefs perfectly.
    The human experience as a whole is simultaneously an individual experience as well as a shared experience. And it all boils down to the basic knowledge that we all are searching for love, safety and a sense of belonging.

    There is this beautifu quote by Terentius Lucanus: I am a human being, I consider nothing that is human alien to me. This should be the wisdom we need in our life. What a different we would live in if people would be able to truly emphasize with each other. If we could put ourselves in the shoes of one another and walk a few steps. This would cure the temper of any cynic person.

    All these words are written with just one intention: to let you know that there is this at least this one person that you have had a profound impact on. I am trying to change my whole life. I am applying for new jobs (as my job is making the most miserable). I want to get into a different profession, one that is meaningful to me as well as to the society. I have started my daily practice of meditation. I have found interest in Buddhist philosophies. I am trying every day to find my integrity, my true and authentic self and live my truth.

    The life you are living is inspiring. I aspire to live a life as bold as you do. I want to start standing up for myself. For my beliefs and for our planet!
    I have looked into your FDF and I would love to be a part of that movement. But they do not seem to take place in Germany yet, do they? I think we should change that! Is there any possibility to bring them to Germany?

    Again, thank you for everything you do.


    • Dear Nicole, Your letter has moved me deeply. Please send me your address. I’m so glad you found my interview helpful. WE aren’t able to bring Fire Drill Fridays to Germany or anywhere outside the US because we don’t have the resources. Why not check out your local Greenpeace. I know that Greenpeace is strong in Germany. Where in Germany do you live? Keep on growing and searching and reading. xx Jane

  10. I am grateful for your efforts and commitment to making the world a better place. I’m a monthly donar. ✊🌎

    • Carrie, it means a whole lot to me to learn that you are a monthly donor to my Climate PAC. Thank you.xxx Jane

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