Fire Drill Fridays

Fire Drill Fridays

As Greta Thunberg said, “This is a crisis. We have to act like our house is on fire, because it is.” She’s right, just like the young people from Standing Rock, the kids on the islands disappearing under the Pacific and in Houston and Flint and Kern County and so many other places. They’re all right. This is an urgent, major crisis. And they’re asking our help. That’s why Jane Fonda has moved to Washington, DC. Every Friday for the next 4 months at 11 am ET in front of the US Capitol, Jane will be joined by scientists, movement leaders, experts, activists, Indigenous leaders, and community members to answer the alarm sounded by young people and demand that action by our political leaders be taken to address the climate emergency.Join us for #FireDrillFriday 🔥Read more:

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🔥 WE’RE LIVE 🔥 Join Jane Fonda, Cherri Foytlin, Phyllis Bennis, Krystal Two Bulls, Jodie Evans, Ciara Taylor, and Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield from Ben & Jerry's to draw attention to the intricate connection between war and military and the climate emergency.Then we march to the White House with Remove Trump.Wherever you are, join the conversation using ​#FireDrillFriday 🔥

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We are live for #FireDrillFriday! We are having a rally at the US Capitol and stay tuned for a massive civil disobedience action 🔥Climate change is a women’s issue! And women are at the heart of climate solutions. While the climate crisis threatens everyone, it especially impacts vulnerable populations, including women and girls. Around the world, women and girls are leading climate solutions, from stopping deforestation and improving agricultural practices to leading Climate Strikes and running for office as the kind of real climate leaders the world needs.We are joined by Jane Fonda, V-Day, Women's March, Emira Woods, Rosanna Arquette, Catherine Keener, Eve Ensler, and more!

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We’re live for #firedrillfriday demanding the protection and restoration of our oceans! Featuring: Jane Fonda, Ted Danson, John Hocevar with Greenpeace USA, Denise Patel with GAIA US Canada, Whitney Crowder with Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, Inc., and Jennifer Jacquet

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We are live for #FireDrillFriday calling for a Green New Deal!

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Welcome to the first #FireDrillFriday!We are demanding urgent action on a Green New Deal—clean, renewable energy, creating new good jobs and protecting communities—and an end to all new fossil fuel exploration and drilling.Follow along as Jane Fonda, Naomi Klein, and many others will commit civil disobedience at the U.S. Capitol Building.

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Welcome to the first #FireDrillFriday! Part 2.We are demanding urgent action on a Green New Deal—clean, renewable energy, creating new good jobs and protecting communities—and an end to all new fossil fuel exploration and drilling.Follow along as Jane Fonda, Naomi Klein, and many others will commit civil disobedience at the U.S. Capitol Building.

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As Greta Thunberg said, “Our House Is On Fire”, and we need to act like it.

Inspired by Greta and the youth climate strikes as well as Reverend Barber’s Moral Mondays and Randall Robinson’s often daily anti-apartheid protests, I’ve moved to Washington, D.C. to be closer to the epicenter of the fight for our climate. Every Friday through January, I will be leading weekly demonstrations on Capitol Hill to demand that action by our political leaders be taken to address the climate emergency we are in. We can’t afford to wait.

Welcome to Fire Drill Fridays.

The climate crisis is not an isolated issue — it involves every part of our economy and society. Because of that, each Friday demonstration will have a different focus as it relates to climate. Scientists, movement leaders, experts, activists, Indigenous leaders, community members and youth will come together to share their stories and demand that action be taken before it’s too late. To ensure the topic and its connection to the climate crisis is thoroughly explained, I will host a live-streamed “Teach-In” with a panel of experts each Thursday evening before the demonstration, for the public to attend virtually.

Our climate is in crisis. Scientists are shouting an urgent warning: we have little more than a decade to take bold, ambitious action to transition our economy off of fossil fuels and onto clean, renewable energy. We need a Green New Deal to mobilize our government and every sector of the economy to tackle the overlapping crises of climate change, inequality, and structural racism at the scale and speed our communities require. We need and deserve a world beyond fossil fuels while creating millions of family-sustaining, union jobs, and prioritizing justice and equity for working people and communities of color on the frontlines of climate disaster and fossil fuel exploitation, so the clean energy transformation leaves nobody behind.

I will be on the Capitol every Friday, rain or shine, inspired and emboldened by the incredible movement our youth have created. I can no longer stand by and let our elected officials ignore – and even worse – empower – the industries that are destroying our planet for profit. We can not continue to stand for this.

So please, join me.

— Jane Fonda


Our demands center and uplift those of youth climate strikers across the country, who on September 20,2019 sounded the alarm on the climate emergency and answered Greta Thunberg’s call to action.


Transform our economy to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2030 and phase out all fossil fuel extraction through a just and equitable transition, creating millions of good jobs;

A halt to all leasing and permitting for fossil fuel extraction, processing and infrastructure projects immediately.


Honor the treaties of protecting Indigenous lands, waters, and sovereignty by the immediate halt of all construction, leasing and permitting for resource extraction, processing and infrastructure projects affecting or on Indigenous lands;

Recognize the Rights of Nature into law to protect our sacred ecosystems and align human law with natural law to ban resource extraction in defense of our environment and people.


A transition that invests in prosperity for communities on the frontlines of poverty and pollution;

Welcoming those displaced by the cumulative effects of the climate crisis, economic inequality, violence, and lack of opportunity.


Protection and restoration of at least 30% of the world’s lands and oceans including a halt to all deforestation by 2030.


Investment in farmers and regenerative agriculture and an end to subsidies for industrial agriculture.


Vote for the climate in every election up and down the ballot. Vote for candidates who are in favor of a Green New Deal and a bold and responsible transition from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy.

Tell your candidate or elected officials that climate can’t wait. Call them, sign petitions, and go to their town halls. Write letters to the Editor of your local paper. Put your money where your mouth is: divest from fossil fuel companies and invest in a sustainable future.

Join an organization working for real climate solutions. March, protest and recruit your friends to join. Listen and show up for communities most impacted by climate change and, if you can, put your body on the line.


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  1. Hi Angel Jane,

    I needed to be in DC anyway so playing catch up to your work with climate.

    How can I help you and the others while you’re staying in DC. I grew up there and only an hour & half ride with Southern DE. Let me know how can I get in contact with you about assistance. I can work around your schedule and make time. Let me know how to start. Tomorrow will not be good because gonna need a rental car head start. I’m planning a trip so I can help out where help is needed. [email protected] I don’t want to post phone number but that’s email I’m using for special work purpose.

    I def want to help.



    • You actually think she will read your email begging for a rental car to help out? If you were steeled in your beliefs, you would walk or ride a bike.Mind you, the jacket she is wearing cost about the same as a rental car for a month. Maybe she will respond to you while flying back to California in her private jet.

      • Poor, uninformed, angry you, Adonis. I feel sorry for how you approach things. And, BTW, never had a private jet.

        • Ima have to whoop his Adonis ass if he keep fucking with me Jane. Have a bless day. Thankyou!

  2. This goes to show you get clarity from honesty. Sincerity is what spells it out, not dumbing down, and there’s a clear-as-day contrast here between Fire Drill Friday’s message and the p-r coming out of the White House.

    • I’m just seeing this comment. Adonis.. i was just being transparent with Jane. My comment was none of your business. This is the problem with some or you Americans. Even if Jane had a private jet. Thats her right. I respect her for her work. She does not have to have an open platform ro share thoughts. I suggest you stop nitpicking a fighy. Learn by reading without judgement. You can go on a maga page if you want to start an argument. Im not on here for that. Stop assuming shit. Learn some shit. Respect boundaries on this site. This is not about your ego. I suggest you chill. You saw me in person i would smack your ass for being disrespectful.

      Stop being a troll.. learn something.

    • I never asked Jane to get me a rental car. I had plans to rent one because i didnt want to drive my car or take a train. Since you so concern about what the fuck im doing.

  3. Jane, you moved me, grandmothers have to do something for the world that we leave to our grandchildren, I will first inform myself of my world because mine and yours are totally different, thank you very much for the motivation💕💕💕💕

  4. Let’s build our social currency by taking a tried and true peer based, small group community and resiliency building practice from a prestigious university called “Critical Reflection” and rally the 20,000 or so grads who internalized this practice and launch it thru the public sphere, meeting up in coffee shops, pubs, libraries, bookstores, wherever and everywhere 5-10 can gather for an hour or two once a week. I bet right now we can spin a World Wide Web of small groups meeting everywhere. Rethink big vs small – like Margaret Mead reminded us; “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world; indeed, it’s the only the thing that ever has”. Let’s build this as a hub for everything else we do. I want to connect with those I march next to. I want to collaborate and innovate and employ a science based tool for maintaining our resilience and integrating wisdom into our movement, knowing resilience allows us to be calm in the storm and maintain access to the neo cortex, because our fight or flight response might get me to show up, but it’s our executive functions that bring about peace.

    • oops – I forgot to mention the university! (speaking of fight or flight thinking…haha) San Francisco State University!

  5. i’m so inspired by your motivation to make a difference and get arrested every friday— someone pointed out that the police use plastic handcuffs on you each week, maybe bring your own; think they’d like pink fluffy ones?

  6. I know Ms. Fonda spent the night in jail at D.C.’s Central Cell Block, where those of us have been arrested multiple times for our activism have been sent when U.S. Capitol Police determine we are no longer eligible for post & forfeit. I spent the night at CCB on 9/11/19 and documented the conditions there and in the custody of the Capitol Police and the U.S. Marshal Service. While I hold and enjoy unearned privilege as a white woman and did not fear for my life while incarcerated, Jamaal Byrd, who was held 2 weeks after I was and one month before Ms. Fonda was, died while incarcerated at CCB. Many of us who have experienced these conditions are determined to shine a light and demand accountability. We hope Ms. Fonda and Fire Drill Friday organizers will join us. I wrote a 4-part series of my most recent arrest/incarceration in DC that I’d be happy for everyone participating in Fire Drill Fridays to read. They’re publicly available on my FB page:

  7. Jane, Now in Arizona, caught you on PBS with Judy Woodruff. Excellent interview. Smooth, filled with clarity, honesty and truth. One of the best yet. You are doing what is important, needed. I’m still reading, ON FIRE. I can’t yet do the getting arrested act, but there may come a day. Don’t think I haven’t thought of joining you there, but I’d be more trouble than I’m worth with-out meds etc. For now, I’m just shining a light on you to my friends and anyone who will listen. Read the book, get knowledgeable. So keep shining your light, Jane. All you do counts. The ripples are happening. XX Dona

  8. Wow! The last time I posted a message to you In April 2014 I asked you to help me Save the World and now that something has happened that causes me to contact you now, you are trying to Save the World. What has happened NOW is GREAT NEWS for you as it re-affirms what I claimed then.

    What I asked you to do and what I claimed was possible in 2014 was to help me in the effort to RAPIDLY find Medical Miracle Cures using clues found within the Bible using the Bible Code Computer Program. Cures such as Reversing Aging, curing Paralysis, and any other things God would be willing to reveal.

    I told you I had had Spiritual Experiences that led me to try using the Biblecode Program to see if it worked and if there was any truth to it. It did work.

    In April 2014 I PUBLICLY DOCUMENTED a request asking God to show you a SIGN in order to get you to help. God did that. But I was unable to make you aware of it.

    NOW TREMENDOUS PROOF has come that God favors my endeavor and I’m right in what I’ve claimed.

    In a Court of Law, a DIARY is considered PROOF or EVIDENCE of Events as they happened. I have been PUBLICLY DOCUMENTING my Spiritual Experiences since at least 2012, which includes real life experiences,PICTURES, and Dreams, etc. Even though some things seemed very odd or strange, if I thought they might mean something in the future, I REPORTED IT PUBLICLY.

    NOW, AMAZINGLY, multiple unique elements from 2 different Spiritual Dreams,YEARS APART, have MANIFESTED into a very popular FILM released this year, that I saw for the first time on 9/13/19!

    Not just general everyday ordinary things but VERY SPECIFIC UNIQUE THINGS! And what is the MAIN IDEA/THEME of this film that God has given me Dreams about? In the film a FAKE, STAGED, WORLD THREATENING CRISIS/EMERGENCY is attempted, to bring about a FAKE SAVIOR/MESSIAH to RULE the EARTH!

    And what were some of the things referenced in the film God showed me in Dreams and in REAL LIFE? References to SPIDERS. A GIANT SPIDER WEB next to the Pope. A SPIDER Helicopter/DRONE. A FIGHTING MAN made out of WATER coming out of a FLOOR DRAIN while waiting to be FORCIBLY VACCINATED in Jerusalem that we took Buses to! References to Sports. References to Pennsylvania.

    What this suggests to me, is God gave me these Dreams and Events that I PUBLICLY DOCUMENTED so when this film came along NOW, I could use this as PROOF and EVIDENCE of what I say I think I can do is TRUE and POSSIBLE.

    AND that a FAKE WORLD CRISIS may be coming soon that will bring in a FAKE MESSIAH, the ANTI-CHRIST from the Book Of Revelations!

    I have said before that I believe God MAY BE giving us the chance to POSTPONE the coming of the Anti-Christ, the coming Great Tribulation, and the Rapture by doing these Miracle Cures from the Bible to show the Evildoers there IS A GOD. AND this effort shows God’s Mighty POWER and MERCY. These Cures will be Gifts of Love from God to change Hearts and Minds.

    THIS IS HOW WE CAN SAVE THE WORLD! This is what I am asking YOU to help me with Jane! The BONUS for YOU is, with Reverse Aging, you’ll have the body of a 18-25 year old again!

    Please help! I’ve got a lot more proof and evidence to show you personally. You can Email me, Jim, at: [email protected]

  9. Jane, your climate crusade is impressive, but alone can’t work. Reason: the economy. Tens of millions of average people will initially be hurt by effective climate action, and they vote. 50 million jobs are already doomed by Artificial Intelligence. E.g., in 5 years 10 million truck drivers will be out of work. We cannot solve the climate issue without a whole new kind of economy, and it’s not socialism. I have been working on that issue for 30 years and have come up with a solid answer that will strongly appeal to at least 95% of all people, including capitalists. If you want to forestall climate disaster, help me find a publisher for this book. It may be the last and best real hope.

    Good luck.

    • Bob, The Green New Deal envisions a “new economy” (not socialism but heavily regulated and humane capitalism) with just and fair transitions for workers who are displaced due to transitioning from fossil fuels to a clean energy system. Watch @firedrillfridays on Facebook or Instagram at 7pm this Friday when we discuss fair transitions.

  10. Hi Jane – I have an idea for a ‘makeover’ show, ala “Queer Eye”, focused on making over environmental habits. For example, helping people sort out their energy options and choosing from both an environmental and financially smart perspective; installing solar panels on their roofs; working with local environmental consultants to make the wisest food choices, etc. All with an eye to saving money, as well as the environment. Any ideas about who could bring something like this to fruition? I’m not the one, but would love to see it happen!

  11. Hello Jane,
    Thank you so much for all that you do. Such important work.

    I wasn’t sure if you were aware of this. It seemed like something you should know about. It could impact our future in so many negative ways, if people don’t stand up and say something. Profits over planet will not work anymore.
    The deadline is Aug 15. Sorry for the short notice, but I believe there are stages to their survey. This is the first one. Thank you for your time.

    The US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management has issued a national survey seeking public input towards redefining mature forests and their protections.

    The springs, rivers and headwaters that supply the water to our communities comes from the forests. Without the canopy to provide shade and retain the moisture, these water sources would dry up.

    Our entire country has been critically impacted by loss of fresh water. The greatest danger is that the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management fail to connect overharvesting to the destruction of water sources.

    Please take 5 minutes to be a voice for the water and our future.

    Please tell the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management to install special protections over any forest that contains or contributes to any springs, rivers, headwaters, lakes, ponds, aquifers, wetlands or watersheds. Any forest with a canopy that supports wildlife, water and living soil beneath must be considered a mature forest.

    They must be conservative with the last of our precious resources. We cannot afford to get this wrong.

    The more input we get, the more we will be heard.
    Please pass this along.
    Submit comment to: US Forest Service NEPA Projects Home (

    Main project page –

    The website posts conflicting deadline dates. The deadline is Aug 15.

    Thank you

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