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  • Jane, your climate crusade is impressive, but alone can’t work. Reason: the economy. Tens of millions of average people will initially be hurt by effective climate action, and they vote. 50 million jobs are already doomed by Artificial Intelligence. E.g., in 5 years 10 million truck drivers will be out of work. We cannot solve the climate issue…[Read more]

  • More good news: the price of oil is falling again, probably because of the trouble in China—a big help to the opponents of development of (expensive) tar sands oil. But it won’t stop Shell, which is looking to the […]

  • The Wall Street Journal says that Shell Oil is making a massive push in Alaska, more by far than any other company. So it will put up strong resistance. But on the other side are rumors circulating in the energy […]

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    Just today the NYTimes officially noticed that debt around the world seems unstoppable: nations are increasing their debt just to stay even, but are falling farther behind. This observation by the Times is highly […]

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    Tar sands oil is extremely expensive to extract. With oil prices low the projects should go on hold at least. But the Saudis may raise the price again before long because they need the revenue for their social […]

  • You live at such a stupefying pace but I wish I could do 1/10 of what you do. What a range of friends you have, all deserved no doubt. I’m 3/4 of the way through your book My Life So Far and am reluctant for it to […]

  • Jane, you’re right: your endurance and continuing vitality are almost supernatural. You look, and sound, so good. Do you take nutritional supplements? I haven’t been able to see the show but am looking for it. I […]

  • You have an unbelievably active life and see so many great people.

    Jane, this note might save you from a mortal threat to all you have worked for. Good person that you are you need to be forewarned. A recent […]

  • It is stupefying that Jane can write a blog like this in such a busy week. Thank you Jane for confiding in us. I would probably agree with non of your politics but greatly admire your sincerity, concern for […]

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