People’s Climate March in Wilmington near the Tesoro Refinery

rfk-april2017Me, speaking on top of the rally bus at the People’s Climate March in Wilmington near the Tesoro Refinery. The very explosive crude oil from North Dakota will, if we cannot prevent it, be brought through Standing Rock, under the Missouri River, across the Plains states down to this refinery as will the most dangerous, poisonous, methane-producing tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada. This is what the Keystone XL pipeline is all about.

Bobby Kennedy Jr took this photo. He gave a powerful speech, talking about the
disasters and disregard for the well-being of people and nature that occur when our government is run by corporations. What a travesty that the former head of Exxon is now the Secretary of State, for instance. Not to mention the money that the Koch brothers spend on buying off our politicians.

And if you sometimes wonder why there so many Russians intertwined with the Trump administration please remember that Exxon had a humongous multi billion dollar deal with the largest Russian oil company that was blocked and they want to re-open it now.

Here I am with Bobby Kennedy Jr and his wife, Actress/Activist Cheryl Hines

Below are some additional photos from the day.











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    • I haven’t heard about this, Diane. Where can I find out more? This must be stopped.

  2. Dear Jane,
    I’m sure that you won’t see this, but I wanted to try just in case.
    My name is Madison Felger, I’m 18 years old, and I absolutely adore you. I am writing this because you have inspired me to let the past go and live in the present by being my true self. You helped me become whole. I was raped when I was 13. I was extremely lost, and thought that the abuse was my fault. I had thought this up until about a year ago when I read your book. I guess I was so focused on MY pain and my experience, that I didn’t realize that this had happened to other people. When I read your book, it gave me the courage to speak up about my rape and other things as well. I was also bulimic at the time, and I was scared because I wanted to stop but I didn’t know how to stop. After I read that you had also been bulimic, I had the courage to speak up and tell someone, and was able to get help. When I finally told my story, I was able to start healing. I was so, so lost. Not only was I bulimic, but I was also doing drugs and drinking, I was selling myself, I was constantly running away from home… I just was not who I was meant to be at that time. But because of you and your story I was able to get help and start becoming the awesome person that I am today. I’m now a senior in high school and go to a votech school and take Commercial Arts. I am going to school in the fall to become an art therapist, and for the first time ever I actually like myself and who I am. And I have to thank you, because if you hadn’t told your story, I would not be where I am today. I owe a lot to you, so thank you. Thank you so, so much.
    Grace and Frankie is my life. I love that show so much, it’s ridiculous.

    • Dear Maddie, thanks for letting me know about this. I’m so glad you learned to speak your truth, your experiences, to break the wall of silence. Keep it up. Stay strong. LOve, Jane

  3. Having marched in DC. in “69 and before “W” admitted to the intent of war, I do have some history with that old question of, “does marching accomplish anything?” Recently I wrote a letter suggesting that a movie might do more with it’ longer history, but I now with more thought I need to amend that statement. Actually, I believe the greatest effect may be not just on the image of thousand or millions marching in cities around the country and the world, (as powerful as that is), but is on the individual who interrupts his/her/z life and puts their own “skin in the game.” It’s a first step for many which opens the door to the second step, third step and on to a marathon. That second step may be to make the effect to ALWAYS vote, to write a letter to their congressperson, to give money to a cause, to speak up with friends, and to pay attention to the sources off the media along with their information. Marching does lead somewhere. It changes lives. So as exhausting as it is, you, Jane, are as usual doing good work. Personally, I’ve had three “Sheros”, in my life: Eleanor Roosevelt, Maya Angelou and Jane Fonda. I admire people who face their fears rather than succumbing to them and lives their lives with bodacious passion. Thank you, Jane.

    • Thank you, Dona. TRuth is, EVERYTHING MATTERS…marching, writing texts to your elected officials, attending town hall meetings, voting, becoming part of a progressic
      ve organization/movement. Where do you live? xx

  4. Thank you for Marching in LA! You are an inspiration Jane. I marched in Michigan. We will rise!

  5. Oops, I accidentally submitted before I finished my comment above. The Saturday event sounds like an important cause and I am thrilled to be a part of it. I had never heard of this restaurant and it’s mission. Fantastic!

  6. Great pictures!!

  7. Hi Jane, I just want to say I finally finished your book “My life so Far” after 2 Costa Rican, and 1 Croatian Vacation. It was such a great and meaningful book to me, I didn’t want it to end. How can a famous movie star and a poor girl from Canada have so much in common? It just goes to show ,that as women we are more tied in spirit than we sometimes realize. I would love to meet you in person one day and give you a great big hug! Thank you for who you are, have become, and all that you do for the world! I’m trying to do my part here in Costa Rica, and hopefully someone opens their eyes here, with the garbage and plastics on the beaches, and jungle.
    Much Love, Rhonda Holloway

  8. Jane,

    I am an autism specialist/teacher. I help children to speak. I feel very blessed in my work.

    I am single at the age of 55-which I was feeling badly about until watching your Netflix series- Grace and Frankie. Two marriages, dated a lot in the last decade only to be disappointed in not having the right match, the perfect man for me.

    But then …reflections …

    Here are these two women, both strong and full of life and magnetic personality, struggling but in a provocative manner. With each episode, new wisdom, new personal understandings as well as understanding about people whom they love.

    My mom was sick in the hospital when I discovered the show. I am watching again the series for a second time.

    I am hopeful Netflix will continue the series.

    You really shine in this role-from inside out. Thank you for a model of a strong independent woman on and off the screen.

    It really gave me a lot to think about


    • Oh Jenean, this makes me so happy. I’m going to show your comment to Lily an our writers. We are halfway thru season 4!!!! It’s very funny so far, and real. I think there will be more. Turns out it’s a really big hit. Who knew!!

  9. Happy mother’s day, you are one of the best people in the world. We need more people like you

  10. SALUTE !! As I cannot be there, cause I live very far away in Brazil, I can just say that YOU REPRESENT ME !! All the way ! Kuddos from Rio de Janeiro…We miss you….

  11. I’ve missed your posts for a while, Jane. I see it was a busy period for you. But for me as well and thankfully, it has been fruitful. I was noticed a short while ago that I was accepted to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. And I just saw that Troy also attended AADA!!! So damn cool! 🙂

    On the one hand, I’m overjoyed. On the other hand, I’m a bit scared to leave my home behind and move to another continent. Just when I settled and got satisfied with my opportunities here, this happens… The funny thing is that sometimes life goes beyond your expectations. What you might believe is just risk-taking and an unrealistic dream, may actually turn out to be your future. So I’m gonna work darn hard to have the chance to work with you (and also Isabelle Huppert) in the future. 😉

    And if it wasn’t for you “never too late” philosphy I learned here over the years, I would still be just daydreaming and denying myself. I always left you enthusiastic comments about being inspired – obviously, they were mostly fueled by fanboyism, but actually, over time I’ve adapted my brain to this philosopy (consciously or unconsciously, who knows) and gee, it ACTUALLY worked out. And I’m happier than ever. No fanboyism right now, you did inspire me. And it’s just a part of me now. 🙂 I listened and it worked out.

    P.S. Aren’t you attending Cannes this year??? :O Also, I just read Kathy Griffin’s book. You part was hilarious. Glad to know that no-nonsense part of you. 🙂

    • Go for it full out, Daniel. It’s a good school. Troy loved it. I’m glad you feel I’ve inspired you. Sometimes we just have to take leaps of faith

  12. I could not attend the rally but caught up with your talk on YouTube. Thank you from this connected heart for persisting with loving, considerate, caring, fully aware and courageous action as you always have along your path; speaking up with the intention of equal rights to health, wealth and happiness for all living beings including the planet herself.

    This pipeline, Trump’s commitment to destroy protected public lands like the Grand Canyon, and well, all of Trump’s choices, exemplify the proliferation of insidious greed at the cost of all those benefits for all beings including the future generations of these extremist republicans. Do these “alt right” republicans never take their children into nature? Do they just want to seal themselves in their locked down homes and when the do venture out they just want to destroy everything they encounter? Do these selfish alt right narcissists not think beyond their present greed and into the future of their great grandchildren who will, with their votes, will be dehydrated, shriveled cancerous fearful genetically modified blobs?

    If those in opposition to a healthy planet can not comprehend reality beyond this present moment, then here is a vision of what is happening presently at “Man Camps”- these temporary jobs boasted as beneficial, but certainly not for women…”in this country as around the world, extractive industries create so-called “man camps,” places where male workers often work 12-hour days, are socially isolated for weeks or months at a time, and live in trailers in parks that extend for miles. Many men retain their humanity, but as advocacy organizations like First Nations Women’s Alliance have noted, these man camps become centers for drugs, violence, and the sex trafficking of women and girls. They also become launching pads for serial sexual predators who endanger females for miles around.”

    Quoted from

    THANK YOU JANE FOR ALWAYS STANDING UP FOR THE REAL TRUE BENEFITS FOR ALL …even for the great grandchildren of those who oppose humanitarianism and altruism

    • Thank you, Michele, for calling attention to the “man camps.” My heart breaks, not just for what’s being done to women, children and the planet but also how this administration seems bent on bringing out the worst of our toxic masculinity and man camps are an example. I will add, many of the men are working in dangerous health condition. There’s been upticks in cancer in and around the tar sands mining pits in Alberta and beyond. xx

  13. The administration/Trump promises greatness but delivers disease on every level. Thank you for your response Jane and for your high-spirited consciousness + focus + action Keep on keepin on ✌

  14. Jane beautiful Jane 🙂
    I resent the pictures, did you get them?
    Oh God i hope so…
    Isabel xxx

    • Dear Isabel, what are the pictures of and where did you send them? xx

      • Jane, hi.The pictures are your portraits (two portraits) that i printed and sent you for you to sign and send them back to me… Remember? i sent them before, but you didn’t get them So you gave me this address:
        Jane Fonda
        P Box 10927
        Beverly Hills CA 90209
        United States
        So i sent them again. I sent them last March, the 27th, my birthday by the way… hoping for good luck.. But i guess it didn’t work again 🙁
        I was hoping that this time it would work out. I love you so much, you are my rolemodel, Jane.
        I’m a bit sad 🙁 You can follow our chat on this subject, on your post “First Week of Shooting”..
        Love Always. xxx

        • Isabel, That is the right PO Box. I don’t know what happened unless a postalworker took them. Doubt it, though. Dare I ask you to try again? sorry

          • Dear Jane, hi.
            Well, i would be glad to try again, i have absolutely no problem with that. The thing is, i honestly don’t believe it will work, because there has to be something wrong that neither you nor i can control 🙁 It simply doesn’t seem to work out. I can’t get things to get to your hands… 🙁
            That said, i was going to propose something, but i don’t know if it is possible. All i wish is a memory to stay with me always. Something as simple as your name, signed by you in a picture. Do you think it’s possible for you to send me one? That would be SO amazing 🙂 If so, please tell me so i can give you my address. Thank you so much, Jane, thank you so so much.
            Love always.
            Isabel xxx

          • Of course. Isabel, it will be my pleasure given all the difficulties you’ve encountered…about which I am really sorry. Please send me your address xx

  15. Hi Jane!!!
    My 18th birthday was the 21st and guess what I got from my best friend… one of your workout videos!!! She knows I love you, I’ve seen so many of your movies and we both love Grace and Frankie, we like to think when we get to be in our 70s that we are still friends like G&F and Lily and you!!! She knows that I do your workouts occasionally, I would just do them from looking on YouTube… so she bought me one! It’s the complete workout one, omg I love it Jane!! Its a different way to work out than just running or walking on the treadmill, the best part is that I think it’s fun! While I’m doing the video I find myself smiling! I just wanted to let you know(you probs already know) that even years from when they came out, people still use them:) you’re my role model and inspiration & I love you!!! Oh and p.s. I cannot wait for Our Souls at Night!!!! Literallyyyy cannot!!! I wish they would give out a release date!! You and Robert together is just the cutest thing!!! Barefoot in the park is one of my favorite movies <3
    Hope you're having fun filming G&F season 4, I love Lisa Kudrow and can't wait to see her on the show! When's Dolly gonna be on;)

  16. Hi Jane,
    It is so amazing to be able to send an idol of mine – for years, a note of thanks for being a huge inspiration over the years for me. I am really enjoying Grace and Frankie with my sisters. Thank you for this great show! Laurel

  17. Hi Jane!

    Well, I must say I am thrilled to have discovered this wonderful website and even more theilled to be a part of it. I love that you did this. Such a generous act of inclusiveness and love. Thank you. . I must say I am also feeling pretty thrilled about the Mayor of New York Bill De Blasio’s bold, correct and conscious decision to stay in the Paris Climate Accord! Very exciting. May this cause a tsunami cascade of other cities and states following suit. YES✨ WE ✨CAN !! And we MUST.

    Love you Jane! What a wonderful soul I can see that you are. By the way, we used to see your dad and his wife Shirlee at the Garners, who were family friends. I remember a birthday party they threw for him back in the 70’s. Henry was verrrrry quiet. I remember feeling uncomfortable at how distant he kept himself. Or maybe it was empathic me feeling HIS uncomfortableness. Who knows. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin either back in those days. I walked around sort of shell shocked, trying to be perfect. I should have been used to it because I had the same father. And I became bulimic too! Anyway I love you love you love you. And I am learning to love me. This is a process, not an event.

    Looking at you now, I see a shining woman at long last in her power, with a huge heart that lets love in and out! So there’s hope for us all!
    Warm hugs to you, Dear Jane. My mother was an actress. We have alot in common. I hope we get to meet. I’m coming home to California very soon. Right back where I started from!

    Always Love, Martha

    Hope you can see this. Not sure how it all works yet. Cyber ninny, you see “-)

  18. Mrs. Fonda, I sent a letter to the postal box that you gave but I tracked the shipment and they say that they can not deliver because the person or the adress does not exist. Love Candita

    • Candita, the address is Jane Fonda
      P Box 10927
      Beverly Hills CA 90209
      United States
      I hope this works. xx

    • Same happened to me, i got my letter and pictures “Returned to Sender” yesterday, due to “Key Return Zip Code” 🙁 It’s the exact address Jane posted…. I don’t get it.

  19. P.S.
    Have you seen my Neti pot?

  20. Lovely to see you Jane, I’ve not taken to much notice of the other photos because I was so taken by yours. Especially the 60s’ one. I have it framed on my wall. I’ve also read your autobiography which says it as it was. Your activism during the Vietnam war was an example to us all. You are a brave, dedicated and determined woman. Your courage during the awful mass slaughter of that unnecessary war came to an end in no part by your resolute and fearless gallantry. Your heroism is beyond question. It’s a pity Bush and Blair didn’t follow your example. A price the world is paying for now. Johnston escalated the Vietnam war in ’67 which resulted in a war America could not win but could not escape from. The Trump Russian connection and his climate change policy is made for a woman of your fortitude and boldness. Go for it Jane! Added to which you are the most beautiful actor of my generation, and, I suspect, of any other generation

  21. Hi Jane,
    I saw you when I was 15 years old as an activist and now I am 63 .It was thrilling to listen to your beliefs and you are still at it! You were my role model to start my own Aerobics class and I still do your Jane Fonda 1985 Advanced Aerobics all the time! I have always wanted to thank you for being my role model. You have influenced so many females in such a positive direction and you inspired me to follow my dreams! I watch Grace and Frankie and it is a real Hoot!

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