This is what I see from the window where I’m writing at the dining table. In other words, this is a pretty gorgeous place. I don’t play golf but it’s a beautiful course and Tulea and I enjoy walking the perimeter which takes about an hour. It’s nestled right at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Up on a sharp, steep peak is a monument with a bell in it that tolls the hours and half hours. It’s a monument honoring Will Rogers. Besides the gold course, this place has a perfect gym with everything I like. Yesterday I took a private Pilates class which I’m going to do again next weekend along with Tai Chi. I’ve been working out a lot when I’m not rehearsing and I feel better than ever.

We’ve spent this last week rehearsing and it has been both helpful and fun. It’s a dream come true to be back together with Robert Redford. I didn’t take a picture, but we went out to dinner last Friday and had such a good time catching up, talking about all the things that interest us the most. We have so many things in common, especially a deep curiosity about life. We both have done a lot of exploring in our lives; we both knew Los Angeles before there were freeways and smog and congestion. The list goes on and on.

Here’s a picture of me with our director, Ritesh Batra and Iain Armitage, who plays my Grandson.

I’m going to be spoiled! Whereas, on “Grace and Frankie,” Lily and I share a motorhome, 1/2 each. On “Our Souls at Night,” I have a gigantic motorhome all to myself complete with full kitchen, modern living area and bedroom. I’ll have to try not to get too used to it.




Last night I took my “team” to see “The Light between Oceans” starring Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander. We all loved it. The 2 stars are superb, the photography splendid. Then we went to dinner.

Here we all are, Debi, Abby, David standing behind us, me and Jonathan.

So that’s it for now. I’ll try to blog every week.

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  1. Hi Jane,
    That is some view from your dining table! I don’t play golf either, but my husband would love it there since he loves to play golf!. I really envy you. That motorhome is beautiful! You deserve a nice place like that for all of the hard work you do though. I’m a background actor here in Pittsburgh, Pa where I live so no motorhome for me! Maybe you can talk to your director, Ritesh Batra and see if there might be a role for me. lol No really all kidding aside, I would really love to work with you. I don’t know if you got any of the post from me on your other blogs because they always seem to stay in moderation so forgive me if I sound like a broken record, but I told you that I sent you a letter by regular mail at your Beverly hills address with a little something from me that made me think of Grace from “Grace and Frankie”. Please let me know if you received it.. Have fun working with Robert Redford and tell your director about me and I will submit my photos and resume to him. ☺

    • Sandy, I don’t believe I received something from you at my home.

  2. Looking forward to reading your blog from Colorado. The Rocky Mountains are a beautiful setting. Say hi to Abby for me. Love that kiddo and her sisters. We’re from the same town in Wis. Your fortunate to have that bundle of energy on your team. Go Badgers!

  3. You hugged my son who is 14 and was using crutches today you made his year and my life’s dream of getting to meet you two days in a row. I would work on the set for pennies just to fulfill a bucket list item as I have two neurological disorders and may or may not live a long life but to meet you and Robert Redford and watch you film from sun up to sun down would heal my soul and I could be of help in some way. If you see me and my son tmro might you ask the director if I be allowed on set to observe or give me a job? I am asking as a mother of 4 two special needs who has followed your families career and Mr Redfords and this would be a bucket list item and as to a child for me a Make A Wish Foundation dream come true. You met my two daughter’s and younger son yesterday but today on crutches held my son as if healing him with your positive energy. I did not make it to open casting calls but emailed my pictures and information to email they have for extras on Facebook site. Love and Light to you from Jessica

    • Jessica, thanks for the letter, the roses from Matthew and the crystal. They mean a lot. xx

      • Miss Fonda I hope it was OK to give you the gift, Mathew was too weak to be there Friday and I was grateful for the opportunity given through your kindness. My husband on purpose blew out my cars tires so I could not go to set without the kids last night or tonight, long story. I am curious about the art of film making and do not find it boreing. Maybe I should not have told you my health issues too much information. To meet you, to have Mathew say hello to Mr Ritesh Batra and Mr Redford was awesome. I am a nobody from a small town and you and Redford were my mother’s icons. Mathew wanted to give you flowers from day one, and the crystal has a personal story that boils down to it was meant for you. I don’t know if October 4th I will get to meet Mr Redford or Mr Ritesh Batra but that would be awesome. You Miss Fonda have been so kind. My future is uncertain but as of right now it is fuller having been in your presence.

  4. I am so glad that i met you when i was a kid and was able to meet you again. You are so down to earth and wonderful. I hope to meet you again. Your activism i love and Hope to share with you something i am passionate about and hope you can share it so more people can know. Its a disorder called tuberous sclerosis complex. We need more people to know. I hope i can share more about it with you.

  5. Keep up your craft, dear Jane! You’re an accomplished and competent professional. I’ve followed you and admired your acting and political views since the 60’s. You make any co-actor look good, even Robert Redford. Can’t wait to read more of your blogs and see your new movie, sounds great!! Be safe!

  6. Jane, great post! I have to ask about Tulea. How old is she now and how is her health? Now that’s she a “senior dog” do you have any special routines or activities for her?

    • she’s 111/2 years. No more dry foot. She has lost some teeth. Walks aren’t as long.

  7. ​Hi Ms Fonda!

    It’s great that you found time time to update us on this great new adventure 🙂 thank you for that.
    It’s a beautiful place there, so peaceful ​and.. green! I’m sure Tulea is also radiant. She’s lovely, by the way. The older she gets, the sweeter she becomes 🙂 I have a soft spot in my heart for senior dogs 🙂 – i lost my love; my cocker spaniel of 18 years last year – my heart is still broken 🙁

    Any way, i hope you enjoy as much as you deserve while filming in such beautiful location, with such fantastic accommodations and with Robert Redford for company. I wish you the BEST for this film, which i will be watching as soon as it is released 🙂

    Now totally off topic, i wanted to ask you something you might consider inappropriate or too personal (and i apologize if it is so), but i was wondering what perfume you use 🙂 it’s one of my favourite things ever, and i was/am really curious 🙂 Sorry for being so futile on this subject, but it happens sometimes… 🙂 🙂

    Sending you my love, as always.
    Yours truly
    Isabel xxx

    • Isabel, my personal perfume is OBSESSION by Calvin Klein. My characters cologne is rosewater

    LOVE ,

  9. Colorado is so beautiful! What a perfect place to film a movie! And your motor home! Nice! How long will it take to film the movie? I have a feeling it is going to be an extremely popular movie.
    In your last blog, I asked if you could recommend a restaurant in Toronto. I didn’t make it to Shangri La for dinner, but I did have breakfast in the restaurant and tea in the lobby. Thank you for the recommendation. Great food and a relaxing setting. By the way, I was able to attend my first World Premier of a movie at the film festival! So much fun! Too bad it wasn’t a movie with Jane Fonda in it!

  10. Hello Jane. We are so very excited to have you back in Fremont County filming another movie. When you last filmed “Comes a Horseman” in 1978 I was only 18 . Wow! Time has passed too quickly. I’m now a retired school librarian and still live in the Canon City. The reason for my comment on your website is two fold. I am welcoming you back and also letting you know there are a number of murals that were created by local artists honoring some of the movies filmed here in Fremont County. The murals are located in our Fremont Center for the Arts building. The address is 505 Macon Avenue in Canon City. This building historically was our local post office. I used to collect mail with my grandmother there. It is a charming historical building. “Comes a Horseman” was one of the movies chosen for a mural. It truly is stunning. I believe you would appreciate the building as well as love the mural. A private showing could possibly be arranged if you would be interested. Katrina Mann is the Administrator for the center. The phone 1-719-275-2790. God bless and I hope you have a wonderful time while visiting Fremont County again.

  11. The view with the mountains is beautiful! I have never been to Colorado, or much of the west, but my uncle lived many years in Colorado and now Montana. He has sent me many photos, the old fashioned way, by snail mail. He was the first in our family to go into a health food store (he was considered a hippie haha) and thankfully my parents followed his lead. Healthy eating and exercise were a big part of my upbringing and now at 45 I include you in my resources for staying healthy as each decade brings new changes. I am glad to hear that you keep up with various forms of exercise in between your busy schedule. It is inspiring and I am always looking for inspiration. Enjoy the creative process (I am one of a family of artists) and the walks with your fur baby. I will have to add the book to my wish list. Is the book title the same as the movie?

  12. While looking up more information on your movie, I read that you stepped over to a group of fans to give autographs in Colorado. I just wanted to say that was extremely kind of you. I am always amazed to see huge celebrities such as yourself who have such a successful career to take time out to sign autographs and say hello to fans. You could easily pass by them without acknowledging them at all, yet you took the time to make their day.

  13. Wow, I only tonight discovered your website and blog. I’ve spent the last 5 years as a caregiver to my ill mother. Living with too many sleepless and anxious nights, and as a sometimes YouTube watcher in these dark calm hours, I have discovered several talks on video that you have done over the years. So so inspiring and informative. You have taught me so much, thank you. I continue to play them at times when resetting my priorities or outlook is needed. Or…sometimes when I need the voice of a friend in the nighttime and yours somehow feels like one. My second act looks so different than how I had invisioned it, but that is ok. Your words remind me to choose to be a truly awake and open person, to be a work in progress, and how to view aging in a much healthier light than I used to. I love coming out here to read that you are busy at work doing what you love to do with people whose company you enjoy. Have the best time in CO and I will continue reading and catching up on your blog posts!! Xo

  14. Welcome to Colorado. We are diverse in opinions and enjoy living life to the fullest. I hope you are able to sneak a stop by the fantastic Millibo Art theater which is quite close to the Broadmoor near a remodeled school- its fantastic but don’t take my word for it. The local independent paper just created a detailed article about the lovely individuals who give every moment to create art:
    My good friends own the two houses just east of “Robert Redford’s house”. We are enjoying the excitement. Thank you for being gracious and an example to my 9/10 year old daughters of a classy feminist.

  15. Hello Jane,
    I just wanted to congratulate you on this new project with Robert Redford. “Barefoot in the park” is one of my all time favourite movies and you guys have such good chemistry that I can’t wait to see the result!
    Thank you for this blog and for showing us that you can live your life with passion and joy at any age. You are truly a wonderful actress and a source of inspiration…
    A big fan from Cameroon

  16. Lucky you. The location looks wonderful. The older I get the more I yearn for the countryside, especially away from the environs of Los Angeles. Over the last few years, I have taken to fly fishing. Inspiration – A River Runs Through it. My husband reminded me that I had been taking about fishing now for over twenty years. I was shocked to realize how long ago I had seen the film. I have now been on several trips, fishing in Yosemite and Montana. Glorious, glorious scenery and, being away from L.A. – fresh air!!! I share the same December 21st birthday and, being a sort of ‘outward bound’ (term from my school days in England) girl, I enjoy the outdoors, especially riding. In any event, I ramble….have the best time ever, cherish the surroundings and – most of all enjoy the work which, as you describe, can only be a pleasure sharing time with Robert Redford – an old friend. I think I mentioned once before, I am an old friend of Richards and wish him well. Please do pass on my best. Evie Marlin

  17. Nice, nice, nice! I could move into that motorhome. LOL At the end of the shooting, in the dark of the night, drive it all way to LA. Perhaps nobody will miss it and you’ll have your own motorhome during “Grace and Fankie”. ; )

  18. I admire you Jane Fonda. I love the way you still view these things as a privilige. You have been surtounded your whole life by fame, cameras etc yet, your still one of us. I love your work and i love what you stand for. I am currently visiting Canada for the first time and the scenery takes my breath away. So looking forward to Grace and Frankie 3. Loving the blogs

  19. Please excuse typos….darn phone!

  20. My husband and I were in Colorado Springs last week for a vacation and while driving through Old Colorado City to check out available real estate we saw all the excitement at the house on W. Pikes Peak Dr. So excited that we will have the opportunity to see you and Robert Redford in another movie. You are so right about the scenic views in the area. We enjoyed our visit, the views and the climate; (we are from Houston Texas; enough said about that).
    I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed Grace and Frankie. Great acting, characters and story lines. Looking forward to more. Enjoy your time in CO.

  21. Welcome to Colorado Springs, Miss Fonda! It’s great to have you here. How fun that you’re writing a blog while you’re here. I’m looking forward to the next installment. I went to the filming location in Colorado Springs yesterday in the hopes of catching a glimpse of you. No such luck. I’ve admired your work for years (“Walk on the Wild Side”, “Period of Adjustment”, “Cat Ballou” and “The Dollmaker” are among my favorites) but you’ve been brilliant in so many movies. It’s sure fun to watch you in “Gracie and Frankie” and you were perfect in “The Newsroom.” Yes, I’m a big fan! I do hope you enjoy your time in our beautiful state, and perhaps I’ll get to see you (and maybe even get an autograph) before filming wraps. I heard you took the time to meet with fans and sign autographs last week in Old Colorado City which was a really lovely thing for you to do. Can’t wait to see the completed film!

  22. I must be the most technically challenged person in Colorado Springs. I posted a note to you and can’t find it anywhere. We have a big battle going on here with the Broadmoor. Our mayor is in Anshshutzs (sp) pocket (he’s the billion that owns the Broadmoor). Not six months in office, Suthers pushed for a land swop with the Broadmoor giving the public little slivers of land in several locations. The land they want was deeded to the public. The famous Ramona author Helen Hunt fought for this land for the city. It’s criminal that her legacy is being stomped on. My friend Poor Richard is leading a fight to save this land as the people intended. This is just another example of our Corporate “democracy” where the people are brainwashed into supporting the rich and powerful. Jane, if you think the view of the golf course is gorgeous, you ought to see the land we’re trying to save for the public. It’s dubbed Strawberry Fields. We meet (not me personally) every morning at 9:30 at the Coffee Shop at the end of Cheyenne Mountain Road (can’t think of name, it’ll come to me it’s only one on the left) for guided walks of this stupendous 40 acres……stop giving your money to the Broadmoor they run Colorado Springs or try to aggrandize their own interests…You did manage to find one of most incredible Hotels in the world……..!!!!!! Love the Broadmoor topography—don’t like their greed……..

  23. I’ll think I’ll walk Strawberry Fields this morning or tomorrow morning. It’s right next to the Broadmoor.

  24. Superbly done, Jane. Yes, Colorado is wonderful. I visited there a few decades ago & was much impressed by the beauty, scenery, and by the outstandingly engineered and constructed modern highway system in mountainous terrain, including very high altitudes and even lengthy tunnels right through some mountains or portions thereof. Cheers, keep well & gorgeous.

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  26. Loving your blog so much! It gives me so much insight to you, Robert Redford, this movie in my home state and town where I live that it’s the most amazing thing to me ever. I love your writing, your pictures, your acting, your workouts (I did them a lot when I was younger) your passion, and gosh everything. Thank you for being you Jane. I also love your honesty on talk shows and you are so funny. Plus I heard you singing on set, you have an amazing voice.

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