I’m trying not to feel guilty for not blogging in so long. But guilt gets you nowhere. Right?

There are multiple reasons why I haven’t written more.

For one thing, we were working like whirling dervishes on season 3 of Grace and Frankie. I haven’t seen everything cut together but my sense is, from what I have seen edited and what others have told me, it’s pretty darn good. The four months it takes to do 13 episodes flew by faster than any of us could’ve imagined. On the last day (just 10 days ago) we just looked at each other and all agreed that it felt like we’d only been shooting for a couple of weeks. I guess that means we were having fun. I can’t give anything away as to plot or new characters but it’s all good. And I think the last scene of the last episode will be very moving for people who are fans of the show.

And again, I have to say how surprised I am, we all are, with the wide diversity of age and gender reflected in our fan base. I think it’s an easy show to like; it doesn’t cause anxiety; it’s easy on the eye; and it gives people hope. I just want to say that I feel so deeply blessed to be in such a series that is making people feel good and giving hope and giving a steady job to an old broad…actually, two old broad’s. Lily would want to be included.

We had a wrap party at Marta Kauffman’s house last Saturday. She is the co-creator of the series and the main honcho. The party was a blast. I danced all night, including with Marta, and didn’t understand why my tailbone was so sore the next day. My glam team, David and Jonathan, had to tell me the next morning that I had fallen while dancing with Marta and must’ve hit my tailbone. But it’s all well now. Nothing but good memories.

I haven’t a clue when Season 3 will air. I do get that fans are frustrated by the long wait. I get frustrated waiting for Fargo and Homeland and Empire.

The reason my glam team were with me the day after the wrap party is because we were developing the look of the character I’m playing starting in 10 days, in Colorado with Robert Redford. It’s called “Our Souls at Night” based on a beautiful novel by Kent Haruf.

Here I am as Addie

Here I am as Addie

This movie is another reason I haven’t been blogging. When there was time off from Grace & Frankie, I was working on Addie, my new character. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this movie. And not just because I’ll be working with Redford for the 4th film, but also I am excited about our young director, Ritesh Batra. His first film which he wrote as well as directed, was “Lunch Box” which garnered much attention at Cannes and won him a BAFTA Award.

Also, I’m thrilled because ours is a beautiful, layered story that I believe many people will relate too. It takes place in a tiny town (pop. 2000) smack dab in the Great Plains in Colorado.


During the Olympics, I had no time to write because I’d hurry home from work to watch the Olympics that Richard would have taped. I’ve attended 2 Olympics, in LA and in Atlanta but I’d never followed as closely as I did this time on TV.

I was so rooting for them to go smoothly and be exciting. I wanted this to happen not just for the athletes sake but for Brazil’s sake. I’ve been to Rio. I’ve been in those favelas. And it was hard to imagine that Rio would be able to pull it off. But they sure did and in an inspiring way. I cried many many times as I watched, starting with the opening ceremony with all those countries represented and all those athletes from countries some of whom are fighting each other and they all looked so joyous and I couldn’t help thinking “ why can’t it always be like this? why do we have to have wars?” This is what the Olympics are all about but it has never come across so strongly as it did this time for me.

And then of course there were all the great moments with the worlds greatest—Phelps, who brought himself back from the edge with such glorious triumphs. And Simone Biles and the whole Final Five team, so giggly and joyful and brilliant. And the south African runner who’s trainer is a gray-haired 72-year-old grandmother. What a gathering of people, not privileged in the western meaning of the word, many overcoming enormous obstacles, but all of them proving what dedication, sacrifice and courage can do to elevate someone with a natural gift to someone who puts everything on the line and surprises what the world believes is possible. What guts. What devotion. And with the whole world watching! Actors never have to accomplish this with no second chances, no “cut. Take 2”.

And the final reason I haven’t written any blogs is because I’ve been dumbstruck by my country’s presidential primaries and now by it’s general election occurrences.

I have to confess, under normal circumstances, I would feel some compassion for Donald Trump. I have known and loved men who had some of the same issues as he does. But unlike him, they chose, with time, to move towards the light. I feel certain that things occurred early in his life that caused him to be what he has become. But clearly, he’s made no effort to look at himself objectively and attempt to change/heal.

And, as these are far from normal circumstances–the fate of the world is at stake and that is no exaggeration– I have moved past compassion to fear and anger.

I will say no more because everything has been said and said and said.
I think.

So I will pray, and meditate that things are going to turn out all right and that Hillary will win. I will also pray that Democrats will take back the Senate and I’m doing all that I can to make that a reality from afar. Were I not making this movie in Colorado I’d be walking precincts, knocking on doors, not just for Hilary, but for all of the Dem women running for the Senate around the country. I’ve met them and they’re fierce and good.

So that’s my catch up. I will try to blog from Colorado and send pictures when I can. In your heart, say “Break a leg, Jane.”

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  1. It’s great to read your newest blog, but never feel guilty about not writing one. Your fans understand. You are one busy lady!
    I can’t wait for your movie to be completed and out. It’s a Netflix movie, right? How long will it take to film it? I love Colorado! What a perfect setting.
    As for Trump, the whole idea of him being president scares me. What the heck are people thinking!?! I live in Dearborn, Michigan, where there is a large population of Middle Eastern people living here. These poor people are terrified of the climate in our country right now. I have a friend who has walked into stores and been harassed by other customers because of how she looks and her religion. One person told her to get out of America. She has been an American citizen her whole life! How quickly people forget that their own relatives were once immigrants themselves and that people came to the New World so that they could practice the religion of their choosing. Sigh. I could go on and on, but I won’t. Hopefully, November will settle things and we won’t have to worry about our country being run by Trump. I’m sure the whole world is holding their breath right now.
    Enjoy and break a leg . . . but please don’t really break a leg.

  2. Thank you for Grace and Frankie! What a wonderful show with suburb actors. It’s so much fun to watch. And you are right about it being a no stress show-which I appreciate!! Homeland is like a roller coaster…your show is such pure fun!!

    I’m a big fan of yours and always have been. Thank you for sharing part of yourself with the public. I’ve appreciated all your contributions to the human race. Difficult to not be anonymous I think.
    Go Hillary too!

  3. Good luck Mrs. Jane in all you do. I’ve been a fan since i was 14 years old (almost 20 years ago) back home in beirut, Lebanon… I had your workout tapes and used to love working out with you. Actually I still do you are such a beautiful person and role model. Such class and finesse… Eagerly waiting season three of Grace and Frankie…

    • Rasha, I’ve been to Beirut. It’s beautiful. I hope you are safe. I so worry about Syria and it’s neighbors.

  4. Jane, you inspire like no other. Thank you!

  5. Hello! Jane

    Just read your blog. I’m new to this site

    I’ve been following you avidly since Grace and Frankie. I’ve followed you sporadically over the years but now it’s so easy isn’t it, to find video clips of interviews . I enjoy looking at interviews of people I admire.

    This feels very weird writing from my flat in Helsinki , you, if you do read this, having not the foggiest idea of who I am, how I look, what my values are arc Whereas I obviously know a great deal about you.

    I’m 51years old born in London and moved to Helsinki 24yrs ago for luuuurv. It didn’t work out but I stayed on having made a number of very good friends and had a job that have me a lot of pleasure, and still does. Anyway life is good in an incredibly screwed up world.

    Actually I wanted to comment upon the speech your father made in 1978 upon receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award from the AFI. Boy, I didn’t know he was such a great speaker. Not sure when you last saw this but 11:58 towards the end …do listen to it. I know your demons are behind you but it is a wonderful speech.

    In closing. You are an inspiration, Jane. I admire so much people who stick to their convictions and who try to make this world a better place. You are one of these.

    2005…my happiest year. Just met the love of my life…who turned about to be a girl 15yrs my junior. We want to the book shop in Helsinki to hear you speak. You were wearing beige turtle/roller neck and pants (I like using the America word:) tinted bluish glasses. Elegant to the core. I got your book signed and heard bearing frantically thinking up something intelligent to say to you. I came up with “You look great” To which you politely replied “and so do you” I was talking about this for months.

    My passion is the African Elephants and Rhinos and Lions. I put my energy and money towards them Same Daphne Sheldrick of DSWT and Virginia MaCKenna of Born Free Foundation are further inspirations to me. My mother, who died too young at 75 (she was never old) suddenly from Cancer last year, another inspiration. The Man I adored for 36 years died Jan this year, David Bowie. Dolly Parton is ‘my religion’:) She is just …Dolly.

    I’m totally in awe of Lily Tomlin now. She just gets better with age.

    Eager to see the red series and your new film.

    Power to you! Jane. And thank you for being so real.


    • Liz, So you remember my coming to Helsinki!!! I had never been to Finland before and I absolutely loved it. I visited one of the intense public saunas, had a meeting with your female President who was late because she had been skiing on the frozen river. I thought that was the coolest thing any president ever told me. I agree with everything including Dolly, Bowie, and the African elephants and the polar bears. It’s hard to see programs about their decline. It breaks my heart. I, like you, help support efforts to strop destruction of their habitat and the poaching. Keep it up!!

  6. Words of wisdom. Thanks for the update and yes we are all waiting patiently for season 3 and all the rest of your future project. When the seasons come out ….Oh I have friends that binge watch it….but not me…I savor every episode hoping it will never end!!! Best wishes and much admiration from Toledo, Ohio.

  7. PS……I hope and pray….after November 8th….we as a nation do NOT EVER have to mention Donald Trumps name again!!

  8. Missy, she’s got this. I think even the House is in play (think Truman/Dewey). The media is flat-out lying, and is so obviously giving Trump 8-1 coverage that even the really thick among us get it.

    BTW, it’s Hillary with two “ll”s.

    Thanks for all you’re doing.

    I think the ideas that will get the ERA passed are two: One is that this idea that “men” includes women is the biggest bait-and-switch in history. The second thing that, as Alice Paul wrote it, it would now include even transgender people, so would garner the support (and bucks) of the gay community at large. If Secretary Clinton trades up her title to POTUS and we get the Senate, passing the ERA becomes a real possibility. (Ms. Lily told me you were working for it.)

    • You’re right on my wavelength, Mugsy. Are you talking about Ted’s Miss Lily? If so, she’s the finest, most elegant, kind, generous person.

      • No, talking about Jane’s Ms. Lily, OKA Frankie. We were going on about the ERA, and yr name came up, what with being BFF and all. If you really decide to go for the ERA, please let me know. I tend to come up with one-liners by the bucket. And my old friend Nomi Ross was president of NOW and was one of the organizers in Illinois, which we lost, in spit of my mom chaining herself to the statehouse fence. When Daddy called to tell me where Mom was, I asked him, “Why aren’t you with her?” Poor man, outnumbered and outgunned. When the ERA didn’t pass, she was crying. She said, “I’m not crying because the ERA didn’t pass in my lifetime. i’m crying because it won’t pass in yours, either.” I would love to be part of proving her wrong.

        • Okay. I misunderstood about “Lily.” Thanks for clarification. YES, I am full out for passage of the ERA. Most Americans think it has already passed but our constitution says nothing that would protect women (and girls) from discrimination. Also, BTW, most Americans support the ERA when it’s explained to them…including Republicans. xx

          • If Clinton gets the Senate and a good portion of the House, this is an unprecedented opportunity to pass the ERA, especially building on the organization that will get her elected. Immediately after November, the tedious work of figuring out who is in and who can be persuaded should begin. Including, of course, a long look at the states. The deep pockets among women is also a game-changer, unprecedented, because although women have long held wealth, they haven’t controlled their own.

            I am hopeful. Especially with players like you and Lily in the game.

          • Phyllis Schlafly famously said, “There’ll be a woman president over my dead body.” Be careful what you wish for!

  9. My dear Jane—Just THANK-YOU for living and loving life at the luminous level you do! First time writing, however a tremendous lifelong fan of you,your work and your amazing spirit! Frankie and Grace is nothing short of BRILLIANT. I indulged and watch the ENTIRE 1st season in one sitting! You guys are hitting ALL the right notes–the four of you,each in your own right are tremendous–but together—-along with your fabulous supporting cast —just an amazing dance! I am a devoted fan—as far as this November–Couldn’t agree with your take more and so I don’t have to hear DT’s vile mindset any longer–and can’t wait for our Hill to become Madame President! Jane–I wish you continued good heath,great joy in your life and many unexpected moments of awe! Truly adore you! Marla,Atlanta,GA.

  10. Looking forward to Season 3 of Grace & Frankie, love the show! Also wonderful news that you’re making a movie with Robert Redford, we’ll be watching for that as well 🙂
    God bless you for all your political efforts Jane, think it’s safe to say all your Canadian fans are hoping and praying the Democrats win the upcoming election, fingers crossed big time!

    • Pearl, I love Canada, especially now that Harper is a thing of the past and Trudeau is in place. He cares about the climate issues. But, like Hillary (assuming she’s elected), Trudeau would benefit, or rather Canada would benefit, from constant grassroots pressure on him to do the right things.







  12. I already left a comment, but I forgot to ask you something. My sister just finished a long year of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Next weekend, I am going to treat her to a little trip to the Toronto Film Festival. We are staying at the Hyatt Regency, which I am hoping is a good location, but I want to also treat her to a good dinner. (I am hoping to get tickets to a couple of the movies too, but there are so many to choose from!) From what I can remember, you had gone to the film festival before. Any suggestions for a good restaurant? (I know you are busy, so if you don’t have time to respond to this I totally understand. It is off topic.)

    • Hi Susan, there is a good Asian restaurant in the Shangrila Hotel

  13. So glad to receive your update. BUSY! BUSY! It gives me new movies to watch for and, of course, Grace & Frankie is my favorite of favorites. I share the concerns, and fears, and anger about our political state. Many prayers going up that what is best for America and the World will prevail.

  14. Hi Jane,
    Love the pic of you and Lily! You both are so beautiful and such inspirations. Can’t wait for season 3. Good luck with your new film “Our Souls at Night.” Thanks for the updates on your blog. Break a leg! xx 🙂

  15. Welcome back Jane, yes it has been a while!

    It’s always a great pleasure to read your blogs…so constantly well written, constantly so inspiring…

    One aspect of your blog that caught my attention is the paragraph about Trump. It’s such relevant subject and very worrying that a man who has no political or diplomatic experience may become your next president. He is offensive and childish and seems to suffer (amongst other things) from narcissistic personality disorder, he is certainly not qualified for the job of Commander in Chief. His latest idea (amongst even more stupid other ideas) to build a wall between US and Mexico is so idiotic. I am shocked that people have allowed him to get this far. Just like you, I will keep hoping Hillary will win but sadly I cannot vote for her as I am European.

    As for now, good luck with your new movie, it must be such thrill for you to be with Robert Redford in a movie again. I am looking forward to watching it soon and “Grace and Frankie” season 3 too! Any hope for a 4th season?

    Best Wishes


    • Hey Nancy Lee, thanks for your opinion and being honest. I’ll tell you why I don’t think Trump has been able to “move towards the light.” The things he has said at his rallies and interviews, about Hispanics, Blacks, women, the lies about Hillary, the people he is hiring at the top levels of his campaign. They are hate-filled, vengeful, mean-spirited people. I certainly am far from perfect nor do I have all the answers. Far from it. But I am not mean. I work hard to make myself a better person, every day. I try to live the commandment “Do unto others as you would have them so unto you.” That said. I think Trump has put his finger on some critical issues that Republicans don’t normally address because, unfortunately, they talk a populist rhetoric but their policies favor the very priviledged. Those issues include the harm that the “fair trade” agreements have caused American workers and his speaking to the white working class that feels left out. The problem, I believe (as do many others) is that instead of proposing concrete policies and steps he would take to help them, he gets their support by stirring up hatred, misogyny, racism and violence. Am I 100% sure Hillary will do what’s needed for the poor, the unemployed and underemployed? No. But I believe she is capable of being pressured by an attentive, active populist base that won’t allow her to not follow through on her promises. I don’t believe Donald Trump would be open to the voices of that base if he were to be elected. Everything about his person, his business transactions, his beliefs indicate that the inequality that exists today would only get more pronounced. The wealthy would benefit. Heck, I would benefit from a tax standpoint, but the country and the world would be far worse off and I have grandchildren. I’d rather pay more taxes and have a world that is safer and more equitable for them.


  17. I so appreciate this new blog with all my heart. How I enjoy Grace and Frankie to brighten so many dull days. I am so excited to come and hopefully watch some of the filming of the new movie. I love your salt and pepper hair in that pic with the pony tail. Lol looks more like me. And yes, omg Hillary has to win this election. I went to the Soviet Union on the Peace walk in 1987 and I fear the problems Trump would cause in this world. Thank you, Donna

  18. I have to be honest Jane, I’m not buy it. Come on three months?! I love your blogs a specially at the beginning, when you were talking about the process osf acting in the theater, that was great stuff. A blog doesnt have to be extremely long…I feel your leaving a lot of things out, it feels short not entirely satisfying from a perspective of a fan. I do have a life but I enjoy hearing about yours as well. You may lose connection’s with some readers. I think you need to be clear with your intentions and profound interest in blogging! No need for the (I will make an effort bla bla bla) Just do it or don’t but be clear and consistent, other wise why bother reading every 2 or 3 months some random blog?!

    ps: No need to attack me other readers, i’m just being completly honest! I heard loud and clear she’s busy but so are we…but we still manage to make time to read the blog with interest, we just need more or none at all!

    • Hey Marc, I really appreciate your honesty and I understand where you’re coming from. I will make more of an effort. I love writing me thoughts to my community so I will try to do more of what I did a few years back, when I was doing theatre again. That, in fact, was what got me blogging in the first place. I knew what I was wanting to communicate: What it was like to go back to the theatre after 48 years, at 71 years old. So now, maybe I’ll try a daily blog even if it’s really short about what it’s like to be working with Redford again…first time since “Electric Horseman” in the late 70’s. There’s actually a lot about this time round that’s different. So thanks for calling me out. x

      • Maybe just maybe, and that’s only my interpretation, the passion for the theater is much stronger then all other medium’s such has commercials, television and the movies. One feels much more alive and involve with acting on a stage with a live audience. Perhaps the rest as to much interference.

  19. One more thing, someone send me that through your site in a private message, whats that about? Look below!

    From Naomi Davis

    Conversation between Deleted User and you. Delete

    Avatar ImageDeleted User Sent 2 years, 2 months ago
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    Awaiting your urgent reply
    Naomi Davis

    • No idea, Marc, what this is all about. I’d have someone else…a lawyer, adviser??? make the contact and do due diligence before you get involved in any way.

      • Never mind, its clearly a rip off I was more informing you then asking for advice. Since I have receive this through your site.

  20. Hi Jane! Glad to see you blogging again and happy. Wish you the best of love and success.


    Hassan and JC

  21. One more thing, since you are acknowledging my existence by responding, kind of cool, I must admit. I just participated in a contest to embellish the city of Montreal, mine was selected out of thousand with 8 others. I did not win yet…montrealers most decide out of the 9 ideas which they prefer. Its an french, you should get it. If you think I have charisma or talent, help me get an american agent and be a legend lol. I think my current agent is helpless to get me work…oh well! Just taking a leap of faith!
    Here it is:

  22. Of course I LOVE your hair for Addie!

    • Hey there Robin du Bois, glad you like it. I am sooooo excited about this.

  23. Thank you Jane, for taking the time to update us on Frankie and Grace!
    Enjoyed your comments on Brazil and the Olympics… not to mention the Redford movie you are working on.
    You inspire me and have for a long time.. if my memory serves me correctly, (and sometimes,it does!!) my admiration and inspiration began wathing On Golden Pond. The scene with your Dad touched me to the core.
    In love and light,
    Thanks for being you!
    P.s. Love Lily too!!

  24. Dear Jane

    Thank you so much for continuing to bring us so much joy Frankie & Gracie is just the best show ever made. You have been the greatest inspiration to me my entire life. I can’t wait to see your new movie with Robert Redford. Sending you so much love and gratitude ❤

  25. Hi Jane! I’m an old fan since Cat Ballou days. I left a sweet photo of you and Vanessa taken in the early 70’s in your Grace and Frankie on Netflix group. I think you might like it. Keep up the good work! (For as long as you want to.)

  26. Hi Jane, great to have you back again! The new film with Redford is very exciting – I didn’t realise it’ll be directed by Ritesh Batra. I saw The Lunchbox recently and thought it was beautiful so I have even more faith in the project now. Look forward to hearing all about it – that sounds like a great idea to give us regular short updates, but only if you have the time. =) I loved watching the Olympics as well, something about it is addictive. We Brits were very proud to come second in the medal table! Lots of love x

  27. Wow Jane, I can’t believe that you are going to be filming “Our Souls at Night” in Colorado just 10 days after wrapping “Grace and Frankie”. I really admire you! I’m just a background actor filming a few times a week for a TV Show called “Outsiders” in Pittsburgh, Pa that is on the WGN Network and even though there are very long days, I do love it, but it can be very tiring. Break a Leg on your new film “Our Souls at Night”! Lights Camera ACTION!

  28. Got to tell you that since the Presidential race has gotten so toxic from both sides I’ve been looking at the alternatives. Every time I read about the Green Party all I can think of is you and Tom Hadden back in the day. I was a BIG fan of yours for being a Democratic Socialist and your activist work. I followed what you two did as much as I could. Beautiful woman, actor, activist, on the fore front of society. WOW what a package. I’m just glad the internet makes it easier now a days to keep in touch and keep up with what going on with you. Blog when you can. We all have busy lives too. Thanks for all you’ve done over the years and being the person you are…

  29. Great post, Jane. You are my hero. I love you. Break a leg, and rock on!! xo

  30. Jane,
    Love your blog not to mention Grace and Frankie! You are great in that role! Makes me laugh out loud and then tear up at times too. Subject matter is perfect for all audiences. Watched the blooper reel. Hysterical! Include those more! Looking forward to your upcoming movie. You with Redford…can’t ask for more than that! Ooo la la! I’m amazed at how you just don’t slow down. Mind, body, spirit, right? Keep doin your thing girl! It’s working for ya!

  31. Hello, this is my first time to the community. I’m thrilled to hear about a new project with Robert Redford. I’ve loved all of Jane’s other films with him, even the Chase, which Ms Fonda was fabulous in, despite what she says in “My Life So Far.” An interesting observation it is that our voices are higher when we aren’t grounded in our body. In Barefoot in the Park, she did have a much higher voice compared to Horses or Klute. Although it probably would have taken a very misguided, bizarre effort to play Gloria Beety with a high voice.

    Thanks for being Jane. Hugs

  32. I missed you so much, Jane! Break a leg with all those projects! 🙂 That book is so good, you have an insanely great and moving part. I hope the film keeps the book’s simple style that’s so free from becoming sentimental. You’re so beautiful in that picture, simply breathtaking. Gray hair looks magical on you. I teared up several times reading Our Souls at Night. Those roles were tailor made for you two. And season 3… I cannot wait!

    I didn’t want to start on a sour note, but my first comment unfortunately wasn’t posted for some reason (but now it doesn’t matter, I’ll send this one instead). I just really wanted you to know I missed you and wish you all the best. <3 (that's about the same I wrote there). I hope you missed me too hahaha. Keep up the good work!

  33. Dear Ms. Fonda: I’m glad to see that you are able to blog again. I just wanted to write to find out if my last photos of my Barbarella artwork (and, trust me, these are the last photos I’m sending you) have gotten to you from your Foundation’s offices in Atlanta yet…just curious. Anyway, take care, good luck on your film project in Colorado, and above all, have fun! Yours-Steven Vasko

    • Don’t know the answer, Steven. Been out of pocket for awhile but I’m sure your package will catch up with me. xx

  34. Hi Jane! I’ve missed you…thanks for the update. I tried to comment on Saturday when I first saw your new blog, but I was out and about in Pittsburgh visiting family and my phone doesn’t always cooperate (boy do I need an upgrade). Anyway, now that I’m back home and at a computer again, I can try again. I’m excited to hear about the movie with Redford. Barefoot in the Park is one of my all time favorites. Looking forward to seeing some upcoming blogs about filming with him again after so long. As per usual, I am anxiously awaiting season 3 of G & F. I know it always takes a while to film and edit to get a series ready, so I will be patient and catch up on some shows that I’ve not seen. Currently, I am midway through season 3 of Orange is the New Black. The trouble I have nowadays is deciding what to watch. There are so many really good shows on Netflix & Amazon Prime, it’s hard to choose! Ah, well…there are worse problems to deal with. Any suggestions???
    I won’t comment about the political issues we’re facing right now. Other than I am totally in agreement with you. The whole thing is wearing me out. But I will say this…I hope people realize that it’s not just the presidential election. The Senate election is just as, if not more, important in my eyes. Not to mention any local elections. Sometimes people just don’t realize how important those seemingly “small” local elections are. I only pray that all will end up right in November.
    Now, on a positive note, as you go off to begin your next project, I look forward to mine. I have been cast in a production of Nunsense which I actually have done before, about 10-15 years ago (I can’t really remember…time seems to blend together for me these days). I’m playing the same role and am eager to see how the extra years will change my outlook on her and to see how she will grow. We actually don’t start rehearsals for a while, so I’ve got a little downtime. But it’s nice to know it just around the bend. So I will leave you with “Break a leg, Jane!” I hope you have a blast!
    Rock on!

    • Mel, I’m very fond of “Fargo”, “Silicon Valley,” “Homeland,” and “Empire.” Quite an eclectic taste, no?

  35. WELLCOME BACK !!! And thank you so much for the nice words about Brazil and the Olimpycs! Yes it was made with a lot of dificult problemas to soleve and a very little montey ! But we are very proud that everything went well and in the end it was a huge success, despite all the contrary opinion from those who opose the late Governement who made it all possible ! And about Trump, I would like to say that in the early ninities I worked for him at the Plaza Hotel, and he was the most nice person ! I even met him once at a Club, and invited him for another Club\Restaurant I was doing some PR, and he accept the invitation, and went there with me and some frineds and his Personal Assistant.in his LIMO !!! But today I am so disapointed with him and his Campaing, and what he dare to say about Hispanic and imigrants, in general! and that “WALL” !!! We Brazilians are all descendants from Portuguese, African and Native Indians. And we are proud of it! I actually have a sister that my parents of 12, adopted, who is a mulata, that how we call a person whose parents are black and white, and a “mãe preta”,(black mother) as we call those woman who helped to raised us, and another one, who stayed with us until her death, as a family person….Living in New York for 35 years I had many Spanic friends, and speak a very good spanish! They are all hard working people, and not all of them are “drug sdealers”! So, as an American Citzien, I will proudly vote for Hilary ! Happy with the good news about you and you “nonstop” carrer ! Best wishes from our ethernal fan in Brazil….

  36. Ms. Fonda:

    How wonderful it is to have a new blog post from you — one in which you’ve managed to cover a lot of ground. Work certainly has a way of making one prioritize his or her time. I am currently burning the midnight oil to finish a screenplay whose characters and story have drawn the interest of a wonderful actor who wants to produce as well as star. (Sorry, but I’m keeping his name and association with the project under wraps, as it were. He recently had a film that did exceptionally well and therefore, having accrued some clout, has his choice of which projects he wants to do next. I still pinch myself when considering that he wants to do a screenplay I am writing. Wow! I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that you know him.) When you’re busy researching and creating, other elements of your life have a way of going on a temporary hiatus. So it’s lovely that you have found the time to connect with us. I know how challenging such a thing can sometimes be.

    In addition to discussing your preparation for Addie (it appears you have foregone her white hair, as it was described in Mr. Haruf’s beautiful story) and the Olympics, I am happy to see that you are not shunning your civic duty as a citizen of this country, and therefore have made room to discuss the imminent election.

    In an occurrence of kismet, the Decades channel is running today an episode of The Dick Cavett Show on which you appeared (along with Mel Torme and Dr. Wardell Pomeroy). It was taped in the early seventies, I believe (you were rocking that sexy shag haircut, a la Bree Daniels), and you spoke at length about Vietnam, the Pentagon Papers, and your visit to that ravaged region of the country which Nixon and others, in their hubris and greed, sought to tear asunder. You spoke also of the IPC; of how it was being taken to different states in the U.S., one of which was Ohio, where you and other appeared at the Ohio State Fair. At that time, I had just turned two the previous month. Had I been older, and thus more aware, I would have had my parents take me to the fair so that I could see you and hear what you had to say and share with the other citizens of our country. Alas, I was probably still in training pants (ha!).

    Your apperance on the show, however, was quite sobering. It was indeed strange to hear events being spoken of which may now can be considered only from the long reach of history and the subsequent decades that have informed and shaped it. Although I have read about that tragic and immoral war (being a writer means that one must also be an avid reader and observer of the human condition), I still could not help but shudder when you spoke of the bombing of the dikes and the resultant flooding that would ensue. The idea that those supporting the flooding were aiming for starvation rather than drowning human beings exemplified succinctly the barbarism that occupies some people’s minds. Even now, over forty years later, hearing of it made me go rigid with rage and sadness. One would like to think this country learned something from being a part of that war; but then one remembers the fiasco of a war that began in Iraq just over a decade ago, and George Santayana’s prophetic words (“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”) cannot help but to rise up as a kind of elegy.

    Still, there is hope. As long as we stand up and speak out against those who treat others inhumanely, we have a chance to aspire to the best of our species’ attributes (empathy, compassion, love) and to expunge the worst (enmity, prejudice, indifference). You were one of many who stood up and spoke out during a time when it was considered unfashionable and even inappropriate to do so. Which is precisely (as I am sure you knew then and know now) when we must exercise the rights offered us by a democratic society and make our voices heard.

    Which is to say, it was (and continues to be) inspiring to observe human beings whose actions are dictated by moral conscience rather than by the turpitude of which corruption, greed, and destruction are the result.

    So, I thank you then, and I thank you now, for the reminder.

    Much love and luck as you and others embark on the journey of bringing Addie and Louis’s relationship to the screen. I’d say “Break a leg,” but then suppose that happened? I’d feel terrible (ha!). Your tailbone has already incurred damage (wink). Seriously, though, all my best to you and yours.

    Warm regards,

    • Thank you, John. A beautiful email. I vividly remember the Ohio State Fair. Wild. xx

  37. Hi Jane, this has absolutely nothing to do with your blog, but I did not know how to reach you otherwise to let you know that there is some sort of email scam that is circulating from janefonda.com that contains a plea from someone in Africa asking for money. It comes in as from JaneFonda.com. The individual writing the email is “Monica Peters” and she says she lives in Lome Togo, etc. I just thought you should know.

    • Thanks, Dierdra. I will look into it. It’s a scam.

  38. Hi Jane !
    Addie is you few years ago, when you had the same hairstyle !
    I hope to see this movie in France.
    Also, I cross my fingers for Hilary is elected !
    I think it will be really good for you and the world !
    enjoy good turn with Robert Redford. I think it will be an excellent movie.
    Take care of yourself. xxx

  39. I have been a fan of yours for years. I was not able to make second casting call for Our Souls at Night today in Florence Colorado but will be dedicated to the movie 24/7 on all sets in all cities. Also my 14 yr old home schooled son wants to be on set. I have emailed [email protected] but heard nothing back. I would be a fly on the wall uf given access and just allowed to observe or could run errands anything. Please consider giving a 45 year old mother a chance at something great, given a shot as an extra or as security or allowed to journal the movie process. My journey in this life would be complete if allowed anything to do with this movie. Thank you

    • Jessica, I will pass this along to our rpoducer

  40. Hi Jane, Great to happen upon you in my neighborhood…..See I weathered technology and learned to cut/ paste a new way…This precinct you’re filming in is the third most Dem in CS….however there are too many going to Stein & Johnson….even my co-chair said she won’t vote for Hillary…There’s beautiful Land some 40 acres called Strawberry Fields that was deeded to the City in the 19th Century that the City just gave to the Broadmoor Resort. Richard Skorman, my dear friend, is fighting to save it. Would you like to walk it? Richard gives guided tours every morning at 9……..Otherwise, I walk Angel in the Garden of the Gods every day…..for dork walk… How are you breathing at this altitude? It’s impressive that you’re here as I have two friends in Calif. that can’t come here because of lung and heart deficiencies and they’re both more than 10 years younger than you. Sorry to be so long winded. Hope you’re day is going well……..alma

    • I’m used to altitude, Alma. Catch your pix on my blog? Can’t walk Strawberry Fields. We work too long hours. xx

  41. Hello from Ontario! I’ve admired your work for a long time. I would like to share with you how you inspire people to transform themselves. I will turn fifty this year. It’s a bit of a big deal I guess for me. This year I opened a new business and am about to open doors of a new clinic. My children are grown, I have a good life and could have stayed safely where I was.Life was not always good, however, I made it good. I am inspired by women who evolve (as my own mother did) and I love how you reflect this journey in the roles you play and the things you say. It gives me courage to see women succeed and I follow their example. In turn I mentor other women (informally and formally). My Mum’s been gone many years now but she led the way for many (as a political reporter) and I look to other women who I consider wise to light the way. Thank you.

  42. Jane and Lily – A friend is something to be kept with seven keys, inside your heart.

  43. Hello. I discovered Grace and Frankie late one night and binge watched the entire first season. In addition to the great story and cast, I am in love with your wardrobe. I came over to this blog to see if anyone else mentions it. I have a robe like yours on my wish list for Christmas. maybe next season you could give us a little info in yours blogs..

  44. Absolutely adore Season 3
    I didnt think it could get any better and it did!!!!!
    Praying for another series (maybe w Dolly Parton)
    Thank you so much for a great piece
    Much love and gratitude

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