• I watched “Our Souls at Night” again and totally reject my previous remarks. I think the well developed characters make balanced choices that seem to help everyone involved. As I thought about it more, I think […]

  • Why, every time I write something it says “your comment is awaiting moderation” and when I try to cut it, it doesn’t take my “delete” or changes. Anyway, I just want to acknowledge that 9/22 marked the one year […]

  • It is so moving to me that you and Lily are reaching out to low wage workers. My Dad whose birthday was this week, was a Trade Unionist targeted during the McCarthy Era that forced our family to move West for […]

  • Hey Jane, Thank you for all your wonderful entertainment. The next women’s march, we all need vagina balloons!!! They’re wonderful. Yes, most of us knew before the election that Rump was conning the country. […]

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    If I told you that I know a naturopath in Colorado Springs who can reverse any disease (with cooperation of the patient) would you believe me? For instance Parkinson disease is caused by heavy metals in the body. If you eliminate heavy metals from water, air (filters) eat pesticide free food, go through some detoxing using Q2 machines, etc.…[Read more]

  • I’ll think I’ll walk Strawberry Fields this morning or tomorrow morning. It’s right next to the Broadmoor.

  • I must be the most technically challenged person in Colorado Springs. I posted a note to you and can’t find it anywhere. We have a big battle going on here with the Broadmoor. Our mayor is in Anshshutzs (sp) […]

  • Hi Jane, Great to happen upon you in my neighborhood…..See I weathered technology and learned to cut/ paste a new way…This precinct you’re filming in is the third most Dem in CS….however there are too many […]

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