I meant to post this over the weekend but ran out of time. The only thing that makes me want to be very young again is that back then, times lasted longer.

Anyway, it was a good week. We’re shooting as much as possible in chronological sequence which is good because we, or rather I should just speak for myself,I could get all the nerves out of the way in the scenes where Addie, my character, is truly nervous.

The first day, I went to get in the car to go to work and this deer was grazing right outside my door.


Then it hid in the shrubs to ruminate.


I brought my special “waiting around” chair that Lily gave me as a wrap gift at the end of shooting 3rd season of “Grace & Frankie.” I love it. It has a desk top that folds away


On our Netflix show, Lily got dibs on the “Crow’s Nest,” the private little room with a door at the end of the hair and makeup trailer and up a few steps. This time, I got it!! Here I am showing it off with David and Jonathan goofing off…as per!


There are always a group of really nice local people who come to watch the filming. These are Addie’s neighbors so I enjoy talking to them, getting a feel of who my neighborhood is populated with


One day the woman showed up who snuck me onto Ft Carson in the trunk of her car in 1970 so I could distribute newspapers published by G.I.s who were part of the G.I. Movement around the country.


Here’s Addie in her garden with Jonathan


Here Bob and I are with Cathy Haruf, widow of Kent Haruf, the novelist who wrote “Our Souls At Night” on which the movie is based. She and I spent several days together last July in Yuma, CO. so I could get a sense of a really small town vibe. (Pop 2000)


On Friday, we filmed at night and it was cold. I got home at 3am. Here I am in the “warming tent” that was set up for me with a large heater and heated blanket. Katharine Hepburn taught me when we were about to shoot a night scene in the cold lake of “On Golden Pond” that it was important to get warm to your core first. So here I am, taking her advice. per.


Saturday night, my team and I went to dinner and a movie at this very cool local movie theatre: Tinseltown. We saw “Sausage Party” which was too gross for my taste.


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  1. Loved the book and can’t wait for the movie! Having a deer in the yard is always magical. We had 12 turkeys awhile back!

  2. Yes stay warm with the changing of season it’s important to keep vulnerabilities far away.
    Much love can’t wait to see the finished product. Give Redford a squeeze from me. Be blessed.

  3. Thank you for another great post.

  4. Oh my gosh Tinseltown is about 4 miles from Mathew Stanwood and family! Awesome pictures thanks for sharing. Don’t know if we can make it by tonight but you ever need advice on good food, great local attractions call upon Mathew and family! Miss seeing you film, will be in Florence on 10/4 but will miss you and the team until then!

  5. 21:09 September 20, 2016
    Today 9/20/16 it was great to see you again. Mathew was excited you said thanks for the roses and he said Your Welcome and asked me to make sure you knew he said it. Just before that while shooting Mathew got sick and almost passed out, not sure why could be related to recent surgery in June could be anything. He was excited to see you and Redford together for him it is a first he has not seen your previous movies and was so thrilled. We know you not there long but still in Colorado so Mathew hopes to see you again. Hope his getting I’ll did not mess up filming. So respect what your doing hope to observe more. Blessings.

  6. Oh my gosh I have missed these. Thanks so much. I enjoy so much your sharing of your days on set. !!

  7. Hello Jane. I’m really looking forward to this movie when it comes out. Thanks for posting all the pictures. It gives us a glimpse into what moviemaking is all about. We only get to see the finished product and never the process. Looks very interesting and tiring sometimes. Very cool that you ran into the woman who smuggled you in the trunk of her car. That is an amazing memory for both of you. Say hello to your costar. Hope this role is the break that he needs to get his career going. Always nice to see newcomers get that big break

  8. Hi Jane, I just love when you post pictures of the movie sets! Those are some awesome photos. You and Robert Redford look GREAT! I wish I could also post some photos to show you from some of the TV shows that I’m working on here in Pittsburgh. Anyway, you are right that time seemed to last longer when we were younger. It just seems to fly now! My son is only 34 years old and he always is saying how time goes so fast, especially since he is in the process of opening a craft brewery as the Master Brewer at:
    Well have fun making the movie! Lights Camera Action!

  9. That first picture of you and Robert Redford is gonna be my happy thought for the day. Your chemistry is electric. And the movie is coming out at the 50th anniversary of Barefoot in the Park, I cannot imagine a more beautiful celebration than that. 🙂 I remember reading the novel with you two in my mind, you both have such beautiful, deep and meaningful roles. But it’s another gift of a role to the actress who will play your older friend. I can see someone like Estelle Parsons (SOOOO good on Grace and Frankie!!!) or Cicely Tyson or Gena Rowlands playing her, but I’m probably wrong. 🙂 I’m very excited about this project and the whole cast. I wish all of you a happy and inspired working proccess.

    Do you have any idea when exactly is this going to be released? (Sorry, I know it’s kinda early to tell…) If it’s top secret, don’t tell me. I like to be surprised. 😉

    • Daniel, no idea of release date. Phyllis Sommerville is playing my friend, Ruth. She’s perfect

      • Jane – – I just found your blog. I had no idea what I have been missing. Please let us know as soon as you have the release date, so we have something great to look forward to.

  10. Equal parts fun and work. Good job.

  11. Your life is so fascinating, Jane! I love you! ❤️







  13. I live in a small NYC apartment facing Central Park on the upper west side around 110th Street, and I’m pretty contented, but then I look at your pictures, and especially that deer, and I feel as if I’m missing something by not living in a more serene environment. I don’t think I’ve ever had a phone conversation with anyone when there was no siren blaring in the background. You are one fortunate lady. I don’t like to say lucky, because I don’t believe in luck. In other words, we make our own luck. You, my friend, are in a profession that you love, so you can work until you don’t anymore. I was a judge before I retired. I retired young (56), because I hated what I did. Judging others weighed upon my soul and lowered its vibration to a point where my body started to rebel. I had aching feet, back, and wrists, and I hated getting up in the morning. When I quit, which is what I actually did, although they called it a retirement. Every ailment faded away within a month’s time. So, I look at your pictures and your beautiful face and I can feel your vibration. It is filled with light, because you love what you do and that always brings more love into your life. I am happily working for myself as a freelance editor now, and I could not be more content. I’m healthy, in my 70’s, and feel like I’m forty. I hope lots of others take your example to heart and have the courage to do what they love. If they find what they truly love doing, abundance will find them. Everyone thought I was nuts to leave such a lucrative and honored profession, but I was not into the money or the prestige. I wanted to be happy, so I took a major risk. DO WHAT YOU LOVE FOLKS!!

  14. Jane, I will be in Colorado Springs for the upcoming weekend (24-26) and I would love the chance to spend a few moments with you. I have been a fan for nearly two decades and I admire you strength and courage and talent. Meeting you has always been a dream of mine and I only thought it could happen if you did a play again…I hope Colorado Springs can make this dream come true!

  15. Thank you for the blog Jane. Love all you do!

  16. Ms. Fonda, I wanted to thank you for signing my photograph that I took of you. Your reaction to my photograph was “Oh God”, because you’ were wearing the grey wig! I would’ve done the same because my hair is completely white at age 57 and I color my roots every two weeks, ha ha!
    You are so beautiful. I have watched from across the street as you hug your co-workers good bye at the end of your work day. And then you graciously walk across the street to talk to us. I would imagine it gets old but I wanted to thank you for bringing excitement to our lives!

  17. Hello 🙂 I’m not sure you will read this before Sunday 25th of Sept. but just in case you do…My sister Betty told me you might be staying in the Hotel where she works!! She works at the Reception desk and is a huge fan!! She is so excited you are coming and hopes that she get’s to say Hello to you!! I hope you have an enjoyable stay and are enjoying Colorado!
    Sincere regards from Betty’s Sister in Kassel Germany 🙂

  18. Thank you for taking the time to blog. These posts are enjoyed.

  19. Hi Jane!
    So glad to see you are doing a film again and especially with the iconic Redford! I love Grace and Frankie and anxiously await the Season 3 release!

    I’d like to point out another of your films that was released in 1977 – “Julia.” We watched it on Netflix last night and I have to tell you, it was as beautiful, haunting and artful as it was when I first saw it on the big screen those many years ago! What struck me last night, though, was how important this film was back then – The striking friendship of two women set against the horrific back drop of Nazi Germany. There are scenes in the movie that cut to the core and which speak to i the interplay of good vs evil, and ultimately, Love Trumping Hate. So, it may be even more important for people to see this film now, lest we forget what life in Europe was like in the 1930s.

    Thank you for all of your wonderful work, including your politics. You have been my hero since I was 12 years old. It’s true.


  20. Hiya Jayne.

    A long time reader but a first time poster.

    Can I say thank you to all the team at F&G for putting out a show that subtly shows we turning 50 still have lots of life ahead of us, it may not be expected, it may not be pretty but its life as it has been and no different – full of issues and questions and vitality – its life and there may be 25/30 years of it.

    Is there any other show out there offering this? I dont think so – so thanks you all..

    Please don’t discount an appeal made on the internet but is there any chance of a continuation of Chelsea Thayers story – I wish you nothing but nice dreams and success

    Maybe a fortnight here in Belfast would be helpful, we’re ordinary folk.

    Whatever you will remain a hero of mine and thank you for your body of work but hey| looking forward to seeing you and R.R on any sorta screen again – chemistry is chemistry..


  21. Hi, Jane. Following your blog on the making of what is certain to be a fantastic piece with quality dialogue, I had a serious fit of nostalgia over the weekend and decided to take myself back to 1969 and 1970, which was when I first became one of your biggest fan. And yes – I’d a huge crush on you! So, on Saturday night – “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” and Sunday – the marvellous “Klute”. Both stand the test of time without doubt, because of the storylines and the acting (and Pakula’s direction, particularly towards the end in the garmernt factory – scary, thrilling stuff).

  22. Hi Jane !
    Very good pictures ! and this deer is so beautiful !!
    I wish all of you a happy working. it will surely be a very good film.
    I’m very happy for you this shooting with Robert Redford.
    Take care of you ! xxx

  23. I love you, Jane. I have always loved seeing your presence be it in film work, or in an interview since I was a kid. Barefoot in the Park still to this day gives me a warm happy feeling, just something about it.
    I am happy to see you and Redford together again in a new project, and can not wait to see it. I love you for being part of Grace and Frankie with my other love Lilly. I am in such love with the show, I wish there were more episodes a season, I think I rewatched both seasons 5 times already and more rewatching to come. Thank You for being Jane Fonda

  24. Keep on keeping on…you inspire so many of us.

  25. Dear Jane, You have been an inspiration for me for decades. Truly, Thank You for all of your authenticity and courage throughout your life. I am so glad that you are so active in your career and life activities, and that you are happily in a caring, loving relationship too. I am soon to be a single woman again after a painful, long divorce – and looking forward to some more life reflection, self-growth, and new beginnings in future friendships, and maybe a new connected, loving, romantic relationship some day. i recall reading your book My Life So Far, and was so inspired that you left a relationship that wasn’t intimate on deeper levels, and strived to find real intimacy with a man some day. I know that you did a lot of research, and self-evaluation and growth, which you had shared some of in your book. Thank you for everything, and for being a Beautiful and Bright Radiant, Loving Woman – inside and out. I hope I will be able to meet you again some day (Honored to have met you at Book signing in Calif, and at Women and Power conference – many years ago). Sending Best Wishes and Love and Joy and Happiness and Many Blessings in your life and Family/Loved Ones, and all that you are doing. Many Thanks, Karin

  26. Nice to see the woman from Ft. Carson. I met you very briefly at a rec center at Fort Bragg before you were escorted off base. Didn’t make it to the rally but that’s another story. Good to see you on screen again. Be well and keep it up.

  27. I live about two miles away from the door you and Redford are looking out. Your character Addie looks so much like my partner that passed away a year ago at the age of 69. Same eyes, same hair, same smile, same style of attire. The book touched me similarly. Dealing with forced separation.

  28. Hi Jane,
    I tried a couple of times to post this comment, but for some reason it won’t pass trough moderation 🙂 Nevermind. Let’s try again.
    Here it is:

    “Dear Miss Fonda, do you think the pictures i sent you may not have reached your hands to be signed? i sent them not to Atlanta, but to a PO BOX you gave me, in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles ( i sent them back in June)… Maybe everything is just normal, but since i have never done this before, i’m wondering 🙂
    Thank you dearly, much much love.
    Isabel xxx”

    • Isabel, I will look into it. So sorry

      • Dear Ms Fonda, thank you so so much 🙂
        I don’t want to burden you in any way, please don’t apologize, i’m the one who has to apologize.
        Thank you again, from the heart, this means the world to me.
        Love you dearly.
        Isabel xxx

      • Dear Jane, in the midst of so many important and paramount issues these days, i feel shy to ask you if you did have the opportunity to actual look into it. This would be a way of hugging you and celebrate all your accomplishments.
        Thank you for all you can do to make this come true.
        With love,
        Isabel xxx

      • By the way Jane, i might as well send you another picture right? i guess that the ones i sent you got lost 🙁 i’m not sure what happened, but i might as well give up on waiting 🙁
        What do you suggest? I’m so sorry to boder you. I love you far too much to let it go 🙂 You are my absolute SHERO.

        • Don’t know what to suggest. I’ve been traveling so maybe your picture has been sent to me in L.A. but I’m not home.

          • Yes, it was sent to LA, to a PO BOX you gave me (June of last year…).
            You gave this ‘address’:

            ​Jane Fonda
            PO Box 10927
            Beverly Hills CA 90209
            United States​

            In case i have to send another one, where should i send it?…
            Thank you Jane, i appreciate you always answering me.
            Love you.

          • Isabel, give me a few days to figure this out…or send you a new address. Sunday (tomorrow) is the memorial to my former husband, Tom Hayden, and father of my son Troy.

          • Dear Jane, of course! Oh my i can’t thank you enough. You’re being so kind, i appreciate it so very much. I wish and hope that you all have a peaceful day tomorrow at the memorial for Tom Hayden. I will keep your son Troy in my thoughts. Thank you so so much.
            Sending Love.
            Isabel xxx

          • Isabel, your address to the P.O. Box in Beverly Hills was correct. Please resend. xx

          • Hi Jane 🙂 So the PO BOX is correct? Good, i will resend, yes, absolutely! asap, you will be getting the picture(s). Thank you so very much for taking the time Jane, you are the best.
            Love you.
            Isabel xx

  29. Jane dear Jane…. 🙁 Not enough emojies to represent my sadness…..

    • Isabel, maybe not sadness but what about the one with the arm making a big muscle? We msut be strong!!!

  30. I forgot you’re the emoji Queen! How about these: ✌✌✊✊
    One tries to be strong my dear Jane.

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