A visit to Miami to visit my son Troy Garity in town shooting Season 2 of the HBO series “BALLERS”.
This is my third trip to Miami since rediscovering it with Troy and his wife Simone last year. I did a huge blog last year about Miami so I won’t do it again. Suffice to say that, I stepped in the balmy, warm weather and felt buoyed by a sense of wellbeing.

Once again I stayed at the Loews in South Beach, which I really like. Of course I was caught up enjoying our family time, so I wish I had taken more photos, but here are some I hope you’ll enjoy . . .

“If you follow me on Twitter and Facebook (which if you don’t yet I hope you start doing) you know that I took my first tennis lesson in 50 years. In the above video I am warming up. Playing was so much fun –and humbling! Troy and Simone took me to a beautiful public clay court in Flamingo Park. The three of us played together, and along with our instructor had a very robust doubles game at the end.”

“We visited the Soho Beach House for lunch and shared delicious salads outside at the Mandolin restaurant. A real treat that was made even better when we ran into my pal Jimmy Buffett, pictured here with Troy.”

“I also had the chance to catch up with my deliciously fun friend, Jeanne Donovan Fisher. We met for dinner at Casa Tua, another one of my favorite Miami spots. They have a gorgeous outdoor garden, and yummy food as you can tell from the empty plate in the photo above.”

I was proud and excited as any parent would be, to visit Troy on the set. Sorry, no spoilers, I’m sworn to secrecy.

“Here I am on set with Doris Levinson. Doris is the mother of Stephen Levinson the Executive Producer and Creator of the show. Everyone adores her, and I can see why. She takes so many photos that her husband David, nicknamed her “Mamarazzi”. I was happy to finally meet her.”

“With John David Washington who plays Ricky Jarrett on the show. Yes, he was the handsome son onstage when his father Denzel Washington received the Celcil B. DeMille award at this year’s Golden Globes.”

“Watching the monitor from Video village with Stephen Levinson and Writer/Showrunner Evan Riley.”

“With Director Julian Farino. That’s David Levinson in the background. You guessed it, David is Doris’ equally as loved husband.”

“Troy, as Jason Antolotti – doing his phone business.”

Troy and Simone took me to visit the new Faena Hotel on South Beach. Well its not just a Hotel, the Mayor has named it the Faena District, and I was blown away. Simone’s longtime friend Daryl Gibson has been named the Programming & Experience Director. He walked us through everything before seating us for an incredible dinner at the restaurant Pao, which we jokingly nicknamed “Wow!” it was so good.

“Cocktails in the “Living Room” of the Faena. This drink is called “Smoke & Sparks”, that’s Daryl Gibson watching the pour.”

“The outdoor courtyard is home to this gold leaf-covered Wooly Mammoth by the Artist Damien Hirst. Apparently it has become quite a popular Photo Op.”

“With Troy and Simone in the “Living Room” before dinner.”

“With the hotels namesake, Alan Faena who truly has a vision for creating a unique and mind blowing experience within the Faena District”.

“The Faena has also built this soon-to-open beautiful theater.”

Of course my final evening I visited Prime 112, which I had not been to before. Troy and Simone told me it is one of the most successful restaurants in the United States, I believe it, the restaurant was still packed at 11:30PM! Quite the scene.
I was sad to leave the next day.

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  1. I love you Jane!! It makes me very happy to see you happy!!! Your book changed my life! I recommend it to people constantly. XOXO Todd

  2. As I read this post about warm, balmy Miami, it is 20 degrees here in Lexington with a wind chill in the single digits. It’s so nice to look at these pictures and think warm thoughts for a few minutes…thanks for that! Nice to hear that Troy’s show got a second season. I don’t get HBO so I haven’t seen it…but I’m sure it’s great. I should look for it on Amazon Prime…they have some HBO shows. Maybe I can catch it there. By the way…I love your hat!
    Rock on!

  3. Dear Ms. Fonda: I’m so glad you had a great time in Miami…I was particularly taken with the gold-gilded Woolly Mammoth (dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts were a great fascination for me as a kid.) Anyway, I just wanted to write to tell you that the photo of my “Barbarella” portrait painting that you autographed came in the mail last Saturday. It’s already in a frame on the wall next to the actual painting hanging in my apartment.. I can’t begin to tell you what a thrill it is for me to have an official recognition for my painting of my favorite movie character from the very actor who played the role in the original film! Now when you get my latest set of photos that I mailed to you via Ms. Laura Masseur’s office in Atlanta, you can either keep them, or just slip them in their supplied self-addressed stamped envelope and send them back to me unsigned if you feel like it…I’m perfectly satisfied with the photo I got and besides I just want this process to be as trouble-free as possible for you. I just want to add that I really think it’s special that you would take the time and effort from your busy schedule to attend to this for me…Thanks! Take care and have fun! Yours-Steven Vasko

  4. Hi Jane,
    Tennis is a great game but you can play golf till you are 100, of course with a cart………
    I agree Miami is a fun and cultural place to visit. Its filled with great art shows ( Art Basel ) and some of the finest restaurants and hotels in the U.S. My Grandparents stayed at the Waldorf Towers hotel in the 50’s and 60’s. My grandmother stayed there over the winter and my grandfather went to visit her there while he worked as a furrier in New York. The Waldorf Towers today is a hot hotel in South Beach. I went there to visit them and stayed at the Eden Roc. Most recently I was there for some meetings with chefs t hotels…..
    The company I own Lawrence Essentials designs and manufactures a high end resin home furnishings company that markets to the hospitality industry. We actually shipped some of our designs for the opening of Faena over Christmas. Jane, you probably had something to eat off our designs. The vase probably was ours also. Checkout our website http://www.lawrenceessentials.com
    I also want to mention I loved Ballers last season and look forward to season 2. Troy your son is terrific in it. This show will certainly give him all the great reviews he deserves. I love sports as many people do,so its no surprise they got another season.
    Can’t wait to see season 2 of Grace and Frankie, it’s been too long waiting. Enjoy a break before you start filming season 3 and also the Netflix vim with Robert Redford. Boy are you busy…….
    Let me know when you look at our website, if you want to order anything for your home.

    • The 2nd season of GRACE & FRANKIE starts May 6th. We start filming third season April 19th. Can’t wait. I miss everyone! The film with Redford will be next fall. Can’t wait for that either.

  5. My goodness! That first picture is absolutely beautiful! Is Lowes an Art Deco hotel? Miami is such a cool place! Lots of character!
    So, are you a Bernie or Hillary supporter? (I am assuming you have not gone to the dark side – republicans.)

    • I’m for Hillary. It’s all about experience in this more than compplicated world on the brink.

  6. I have to thank you Jane Fonda. Today, I had to decide about two invitations to dinner, one Saturday night and the other Sunday. My reaction~ I was concerned that it was going to be freezing here, what would I wear and that I would be too tired to do both (I’m 66). So, as I contemplated, trying to think up excuses not to go to either, I googled your blog and there you are~ in Miami, out to lunch, playing tennis and talking about a restaurant packed at 11:30PM. That did it….I’m going! I love that you have so much fun in your life.

    Also, I have you to thank you because without your inspiration and guidance, I never would have become a life long exerciser. Last October, I hiked with friends to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, spent two nights at phantom ranch, a cabin with 10 bunks beds and one sink and toilet/shower….lol. The scenery was beyond spectacular.

    And, don’t you just love Gloria Steinem? All I could think of is Connie Francis singing “Where The Boys Are”. My daughter is 42 and last year she got a $43,000 raise along with her promotion. She had been so underpaid and this just brought her up to the “boys” pay. You and Gloria Steinem were/are always my role models~ lucky to have you both.


  7. great white jacket. custom?

  8. Hi Jane,

    I finally signed up for Netflix and I’m really enjoying Grace and Frankie. I’m so glad that season 2 will start in May and you will also do a season 3.

    I started following your blog when you were doing the play in New York and have loved your honesty and compassion on the blog and in life. You are an inspiration.

    I’m a Hillary supporter, too.

  9. Good Afternoon Jane,
    I am also strongly for Hillary……Is there a way you and many other of her supporters can
    talk to her about getting her rally’s to be more of a happy one. When you watch Bernie Sanders there is so much more excitement. Yes, I think as you how important this race is now even more if that’s possible with Scalia’s death, but I think Hillary needs to be serious but also show more of her other side with her race with the American people. She has a terrific sense of humor, I’ve seen it up close. She needs more smiles and laughter. She is so qualified to lead
    this country………….

  10. I just saw “Where to Invade Nexr” after seeing that you recommended it. The whole documentary was insightful, but the woman’s rights portion was fascinating. I am an educated, hard working woman, but seem to lack in the knowledge of what I can to do to help in this cause, to give women more of a voice, an equal voice. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I don’t know what steps I, a busy, middle class citizen can do. I absolutely see the importance of women having an equal voice in all aspects of society. I think the first time it really hit home was back when I read one of your blogs about how the media would be so different if more women were making the decisions of what to cover. I think before this I had been so busy seeing the inequalities of so many other minorities and how they had it so much worse than me, I neglected to see the inequalities of my own minority. If that changed, perhaps we would have more power to help others. So, what do I do? Where does a busy working, middle class person such as myself go to step up for the cause?

    • Susan, it took awhile cause I’m pretty swamped just now but I asked my beloved friend, writer, poet, activist, radio host. Robin Morgan, to tell me how she’d answer your important question. Here’s what she said:
      suggest that she … “volunteer at her local battered women’s shelter or rape crisis hotline, give a few hours a week to a woman’s (HRC’s?) political campaign, bring up women’s rights/participation/recruitment/whatever at any groups in which she’s already participating (PTA, church, professional associations, civic group, etc.), check out Feminist.com for issues and groups all over the US, write at least one letter to the editor of a newspaper or magazine or blog a week about women (either a praiseful or critical letter), join one of the zillion online women’s groups or campaigns findable just by googling “women and . . .” (employment/equal pay/racism/class discrimination/disability/age/education/spports/politics ad infinitum), read Sisterhood Is Forever to catch up to all the aspects and issues and groups out there in the news millennium, and—if nothing else—join her local NOW chapter at least.”
      Hope this is helpful

      • Thank you so much, Jane Fonda and Robin Morgan. I know you are both extremely busy people and I greatly appreciate you passing along this information. I promise you I will start getting involved with some of these organizations, etc., that are listed. I already started looking up the websites and contacts. I also am going to pass along this information to as many people as I can. For your other blog readers, READ THIS INFORMATION given to me, to us. Many of these listed are simple things we can all get involved with.

  11. Hi, Jane – To piggy back on Barbara’s comment, what do you think about crafting an expression of the Vagina Monologues in the contextual backdrop – “breaking the glass ceiling”? If anyone can ‘make it better’ (for Hillary), it would be you…

    • Yikes, Nicki, not sure I can do that. I am sooooo busy. All with really interesting stuff and I’ve sent Hillary money and speak for her whenever asked but thats abut all I can do.

  12. Jane, Thanks!!!

    I read you had dinner with Elaine Wynn… I definitely see you both as friends….She’s a strong talented woman, and a very kind person…….

  13. Hi Jane! I just wanted to thank you for your response to my last comments. Also, I’m not sure this is going to be interesting to you, but… I just found out that I’m pregnant! My husband and I are over the moon! This will be our first child. My first doctor’s appointment is the 22nd. We are getting advice from so many loving family members and friends. (Unfortunately, my parents don’t know yet because one is completely out of my life and the other is a very destructive alcoholic. But, that’s okay! My 19-year-old younger brother can’t wait to be an uncle!) And I figured “why not throw Jane Fonda into the mix!” So, advise away! And say a prayer for mommy, daddy, and the little bun!

    • Aw Bekah, i am honored to be in the mix and, yes, sending up prayers. Get as strong and fit as you can (safely) pre-birth. you’re going to need strong back and shoulders to carry and pick up and flexible pelvis. See if you can get my “Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery” VCR made in the ’80s but still totally unequalled and relevant.

      • I will definitely pick up the tape. I still can’t believe this is happening. Right now, I just want to see it during the ultrasound and know that everything is okay. I’ve imagined this since I was small, but now that it’s a reality, it is terrifying. Exciting! But terrifying. It’s so much more than pink and blue bows, cute baby shower ideas, and fun announcement pictures. I’m still looking forward to all of that. But my main concern is making sure this little one is healthy. I knew I would feel this way, but I didn’t realize how quickly and strongly it would hit me.

  14. Looks like a good time. What a handsome son you have in Troy. And you, of course, look fabulous! That gold-leafed Woolly Mammoth is fantastic. I am so thrilled to read that you support Hillary! We’ve got a really tough time ahead of us as we head into this next election. SO MUCH is at stake.
    Thank you for sharing glimpses of your life – you are such an inspiration to so many! ♥

  15. This is my first day here. I’m a little day late and a dollar short, which is typical for me, as I’m just now reading My Life So Far. I think timing is everything and now is the time…my time..I can’t wait to read everyone’s comments. Peace all

  16. Yes Jane!!!
    Hillary just won Nevada. Now onto S.C. and then 48 more to go unless what she said at one of her town halls comes true……Nominate me early so I can get to work for November…and I add January 20th……

    • I cannot tell you how relieved I am. I like Bernie and his message but there’s (1) no way he can beat whoever the Republican candidate will be as a socialist. That’s why the GOP is hoping he is nominated. and (2) there’s no way his proposed programs can be implemented with the current Congress and without creating economic mayhem. I wish it were otherwise but it’s not.

  17. I like Bernie well enough, too. But imagine if Senator Clinton (in judgement)
    kept wagging her finger at him during the debates? She’d be tagged as an old schoolmarm (I have a ruler and I know how to use it). Despite the fact it’s high time we had a woman president, I believe she is the most qualified~~~IMHO …(in my humble opinion-:) I’m glad we’re on the same team! And, as stunning as this is, I believe Trump will be the Republican nominee. Funny and changing world we live in.

  18. Miami has such a fascinating history – its ups and downs. I was a kid there in the late 60s/early 70s – and then, as a UM student in the early 80s. South Beach was then desolate – Coral Gables was the place to be. I haven’t seen the place since 1988.

    My fondest memories of the city…how welcoming our newly-arrived Cuban neighbors were OF US, in the mid-60s! The first Christmas of our immediate neighbors, 1968 – they brought us a musical wind-up angel (my Dad was/is a Presbyterian minister). Position this, with what Rubio is now saying. I cannot comprehend.

  19. Hey Jane!
    It looks like you had an amazing time in Miami! I just wanted to drop in and say thank you for all of your workout tapes! I bought the set when my sister got engaged and I can already see and feel such a difference. It’s such a great time and I look forward to your workout every day. Have a great night!

  20. Jane you are so right about the GOP wanting Bernie, but it is so important going forward that Hilary starts talking about making sure that democrats vote in Congressional and Senate elections, and list all the laws and policies that would be overturned. Then of course also nominating possibly two Supreme Court Justices. I also would like Hillary to get endorsements from Bill and Melinda Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos. They are working with countries not only financially on the Climate Change agreement that was signed in Paris in November. The agreement as I understand it includes Medical, Energy, and Tech for the next Fifty years, with the next twenty being the most important. Bill Clinton should be able to make that happen…..
    Have a stressless week……..

  21. For some eventual economic justice, Im willing to go through a bit of economic mayhem (though i dont think that is a givin) and really…what would you call the last 11 years but *meyhem*?1
    And this sleeping giant can easily crush these uterly inept and fragmented republicans…

  22. Wish your brother Peter a Happy Birthday today for me, February 23rd…we share the same birthday (well, around 50 years apart or so!) but Happy Birthday to my fellow Piscean, we’re and interesting sort… I hope he’s doing well!

  23. Greeting, Jane! I hope you remember me. I took a break from a lot of things that were becoming distractions (including this wonderful blog of yours) from living my life in a full and balanced manner. I am in recovery again. This time within the county mental health department. This time for all of my issues (alcoholism and childhood trauma recovery). Some days — heck, ALL days — are challenging; but, I now know that I am, indeed, equal to the task/Blessing of being me. I’m sorry that neither you (for the fascinating “Youth”), nor Ms. Tomlin (for “Grandma”, which I admittedly still need to see), received your earned Academy Award nominations. Will either of you participating in the ceremony anyway? I always appreciate when stars of your stature demonstrate a sweet (as opposed to sour) grapes attitude. My Dad, Warren, interestingly enough — considering the connections I have gratefully shared with you — has been engaged in a pen pal relationship with Lily Tomlin for quite a few years. Apples and nuts, I suppose (not falling too far from trees). Anyway, I felt like telling you this, Jane: Each day — and with a lot of help — I am beginning to admire myself as much as I admire you. Keep taking good care and enjoying the fruits of your labors (professional and personal), dear Lady — we deserve good things. All of us. xx

    • Thanks for sharing, Peter. Yeah, I’m sad that Lily wasn’t recognized by the Academy for her amazing work in GRANDMA.
      Neither one of us will be participating. I’m having a little party at home with 7 friends to watch and gossip. 🙂
      Stay strong. Love to you xxx

  24. In addition to my earlier post,I want to say that I regard you as someone who has done a LOT of heavy lifting for Bernie’s Ideas all throughout your life… I have no insight what may have been the prices you’ve paid.
    Thanks for all of that!
    And thanks for letting me disagree with you on your website!

  25. Dear Jane. I was in Miami, until february 20 ! There is so many Brazilians living there, that it feels like Brazil !! I have many friends and relatives over there, and sometimes I think I will be moving there someday! We get the sun, the beaches, the Latino feeling, that it looks lilke a Rio de Janeiro, even better! Love your white outfit, and if it is okey, tell me the brand´s name. Your son and his wife looks like 2 latinos, If I happens to meet them anywere, I would say”Oi”! There are many Brazilians Restaurant in Mia. and you all should go to one of them sometime to try the wonrderfull brazilian food. Best of all to you and familly..

    • Yonnegler, My daughter-in-law is half Costa Rican and half Jamaican. She’s very beautiful. My son is half Irish-American and I’m the other half. The white outfit is, I believe, Max Mara. xx

  26. Ill vote for hillary if she shows up somewhere in a top hat and a monocle!

  27. You look stunning, Jane! In 2016 my thirteen-year-old daughter and I have been working out to your videos 5 days a week, and we love them (and you)! She is a skinny little thing, but I’ve lost 32 pounds. Thank you for motivating me, and for making me smile every time I workout!

  28. i Jane !
    I hope, for you and for the USA, Hillary Clinton will your future Président !
    She’s really a great woman.

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