Hard to believe it’s a wrap, but we have concluded Season 2 of Grace & Frankie. We had so much fun and can’t wait for you to see it! I can’t give away too much, but here are some photos of our final days on set shooting Season 2.

Left to right, back row: Barron Vaughn, Ethan Embry, Brooklyn Decker, June Diane Raphael - Front row: Sam Waterston, Lily, Jane, Martin Sheen

Left to right, back row: Barron Vaughn, Ethan Embry, Brooklyn Decker, June Diane Raphael – Front row: Sam Waterston, Lily, Jane, Martin Sheen

Bittersweet. We've become family and we've had a lot of fun.

Bittersweet. We’ve become family and we’ve had a lot of fun.

The last scene we're doing is fabulous--9 pages of really funny and at the same time poignant stuff, with both families all together. A great way to we are with director Rebecca Asher.

The last scene we’re doing is fabulous–9 pages of really funny and at the same time poignant stuff, with both families all together. A great way to we are with director Rebecca Asher.

Frankie's painted a picture, "Hitler's Circumcision," which causes some drama in the family

Frankie’s painted a picture, “Hitler’s Circumcision,” which causes some drama in the family

Marta Kaufman, is our co-creator/show runner

Marta Kaufman, is our co-creator/show runner

Had the art department make a "Wheel of Blame" ( it even made TMZ).

Had the art department make a “Wheel of Blame” ( it even made TMZ).

We had many women directors and wonderful guest stars.  Here we are with writer Alexa Jung and guest star Estelle Parsons.

We had many women directors and wonderful guest stars. Here we are with writer Alexa Jung and guest star Estelle Parsons.

My "Grave & Frankie" glam team: on left is my makeup artist, David DeLeon and on right is my hair stylist, Jonathan Hanousek. I adore them both!

My “Grave & Frankie” glam team: on left is my makeup artist, David DeLeon and on right is my hair stylist, Jonathan Hanousek. I adore them both!

The season ends on the beach just like season I, but under much different circumstances.

The season ends on the beach just like season I, but under much different circumstances.

Cast and Crew in Video Village before the final shot

Cast and Crew in Video Village before the final shot


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  1. I see Rebecca Asher in one of your photos and wondered if you knew her mother, the late Elizabeth Montgomery of Bewitched or not.

    I can’t wait to watch Season 2 of G&F!!


    • I did know Elizabeth. I liked her very much. My 2nd cousin was her assistant11

  2. This girl can’t wait for season II. Love love love!!!

  3. Congrats on finishing Season 2! I cannot wait until it comes to Netflix! I love your show SO much!! Marta Kauffman is wonderful; she created “Friends,” which I adore…and now, “Grace and Frankie!” Enjoy some well deserved down time and rest. We all love you so!! ~Kim Nichols

  4. P.S. I sure use a lot of exclamation points, don’t I?!!! Haha

  5. You all have to come back with another show. A holistic adventure maybe….

  6. When does the new season air?

  7. I am soooo looking forward to season 2! Thanks for sharing these pictures, Jane. I hope you get some downtime to rest and enjoy your family & friends for the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  8. I can’t wait to watch Season 2! Is there a release date yet? Love the picture of you and Lily reading the books! Funny!
    I know you have fans from around the world who read your blog. I just wanted to let the people of Paris, of France, know that my heart goes out to all of you. I don’t understand the evil in this world. I do know that the good in the world certainly outweighs the bad. It is such a shame that such tragic events take place.

  9. I just watched all of season one and can’t wait for season two!! You and Lily are gorgeous and inspiring! I am 55 and looking forward to continued evolution and you two are my heroes!!!
    My freshman son in college was the one who turned me on to the show. He and his friends love it!!

  10. Grace & Frankie is pure genious. Kudos to the creator and writers, the cast and crew and most of all, you Ms Fonda and Ms Tomlin. You are fantastic! I’m watching season 1 for the second time and enjoying it even more than the first time! I can’t wait for season2!

  11. Hello Jane,
    Happy Saturday to You!!! I love your post on here. I always look forward to seeing what you have been up to. Grace and Frankie is my very favorite show. I can’t wait to see season 2 and hope it gets picked up again for a 3rd season. Frankies drawing looked super funny!! The Bachelor shower in the first season had me laughing for days. I am going to see Youth as soon as it comes out too!!! Jane, you are amazing!!!! I hope that you have a very wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!!!! Also, with holidays coming up do you have any work out tips by any chance? Sometimes it’s hard to remember to work out during these times.

  12. “Locations” appears to be missing on the wheel – but I suppose that’s a good thing…

  13. I can’t wait to watch! I hope there will be many more.

  14. Hi dear Jane ! Frankie & Grace is a huge success also here in Brazil from Netflix ! All my friends from Facebook, talk all the time how much they like it. So, I will tell them the news, that there will be a second season. I absolutely love Grace & Frankie!, but I am suspcious, because I love everything ou do !! See a lot of you in the Daily Mail, and many compliments from almost all readers! Keep sharing all your work and life with all of us who are yours trylly fans and friends. Best regards from Brazil, and yours fans. xoxo ( I made this comment on the last Post, but it is still there awinting “moderation” ! Why your “moderator” doesn´t like me? It is the second time that this happens ! )

    • Thanks, Yonnegler. I think I benefited from those 15 years of not acting. I feel I am better now. Thanks from your support. xxx

  15. In Today´s Daily Mail, ther is another article about you, with many pictures and a espetacular outfit, remind of Barbarella, on the Press screening of “Youth at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills” ! I copy for you the comments from some readers, and I think yu´re gonna like it!
    Mrs SH-Z, Virginia Water, United Kingdom, about 4 hours ago
    It’s a real shame that she married Ted Turner, as he stopped her from acting and she lost about 10-15 years of her career. She’s so beautiful and talented, yet old skool, but I think that we’ve lost a lot of her best years.
    4 Yes 1 No .Rated

    Katyushka, Irkutsk, Russia, about an hour ago
    I don’t think Jane Fonda being as bullheaded and Feminist as she is would allow a man to prevent her from doing what she wants, look at Vietnam, her extra marital affairs and choices in life as an indicator, she does what she wants
    0 0
    Click to rate
    Emi, Hull, United Kingdom, about 6 hours ago
    I believe Barbarella was #1 in box office sales in North Vietnam at the time.
    7 Yes 7 No – Click to rate
    PortTabacco, Inland Empire, United States, about 6 hours ago
    Jane Fonda looked great in Barbarella!
    6 Yes 10 No
    Katyushka, Irkutsk, Russia, about 6 hours ago
    She has the most loveliest shaped hands and fingers
    8 Yes 7 No Rated
    Jack, Dallas TX, United States, about 8 hours ago
    Jane Fonda with no anti-aircraft gun in the background? Odd!
    7 Yes 15 No Click to rate
    Mrs SH-Z, Virginia Water, United Kingdom, about 4 hours ago
    Jack. From Texas. Get. Over. It.
    1 Yes 4 No Click to rate
    D.Brian, Morgantown, United States, about 8 hours ago
    I can tell her lights are on but no ones home.
    12 Yes 12 No Click to rate
    TheOneHeLuvs, Bronx, United States, about 10 hours ago
    Idky, but I want Mirren and Fonda need to make a film together, if it hasn’t happened already…
    11 Yes 10 No Click to rate
    bioniccat, london, United Kingdom, about 11 hours ago
    What a stunning woman now and then
    16 Yes 33 No Rated
    smartcookie, somerset, about 11 hours ago
    Welch, Bardot, Fonda and Loren – true goddesses in their time – no-one today could touch them!
    13 Yes 33 No Rated
    Mrs SH-Z, Virginia Water, United Kingdom, about 4 hours ago
    Welch, Fonda, Loren all look amazing, Bardot – not so.
    2 Yes 1 No Rated
    Mike27jd, Harpurhey, United Kingdom, about 11 hours ago
    Looks like she can barely move her face. Great outfit!
    10 Yes 24 No Click to rate
    Just Saying, A part of the world., about 11 hours ago
    She looks fantastic for her age.
    19 Yes 10 No Rated
    Big hug from Rio de Janeiro.

  16. I just finished watching you on Colbert. Damn Jane, you are absolutely gorgeous, as always. I’d take you out on the Town no matter what, but if I were straight, I would have to ask you out on a date. Your also right, about being over 60. What can they possibly say or do to you now, and about being happy!

  17. Dear Jane, I get that my past few comments were (in light of all the other ones) just too, too much. Which is why you (running your own blog) selectively chose to not post them. I totally respect that (as I think others should too). The “mere” fact that you run this blog demonstrates a magnanimity that I, for one, am profoundly grateful for and deeply respect. (I do hope that you always get a chuckle and some inspiration — and a minimum amount of annoyance/irritation — from my comments, whether or not you choose to post them.) You are someone I consider a friend. I’d hate ever to lose that gift. If ever you need to, just tell me to ease up a little on your blog. I won’t be offended. Things are going better than they ever have been for me. After an almost 9 year absence, I returned to working in the financial services industry. It’s soulless work that I do my best to bring my soul to. I am good at it. And I make good money. I am fully trained. In my third week and plan to retire in the same industry (hopefully with the same company). If you can’t beat the system, join it (and try to change it from within). In order to move up within this company, I need to complete my college education. I intend to do so. If you haven’t stopped reading already… Please, take two minutes to visit this website. It is a grassroots organization that is helping to honor the Lord’s Prayer. I am a debtor. I am doing my best to honor my debts. However, unfair debt collection practices abound. It is hard to get aggressive, hostile debt collectors off my case without being able to afford an attorney. Some of the debt they are trying to collect has already been paid off. It’s called zombie debt. If they get a debtor to pay even one penny on a debt that has already been resolved, that debt comes back to life and rarely ever dies again. (This is why I have started saving EVERY receipt forever. And, I’ve also resigned myself to hours on the phone — being harassed but NOT intimidated. Also, I’ve resigned myself to lots of postage and fax fees required for proving that my records, not theirs, are correct.) God Bless, Elizabeth Warren and her CFPB. It’s not enough though. These agencies don’t receive enough funding to actually protect the consumer. They exist, in their present form, to just give the impression of having someone in the government who cares. So looking forward to the priceless escape from reality that your storied career continues to provide me. Articles about your fabulous beauty, fashion sense and philosophy. TV shows, movies and books on a wide-range of fascinating subjects. I have better, private health insurance now. Medicaid is such a nightmare to navigate. Hours in waiting rooms. Appointments cancelled at the last minute. Incompetent “professionals” more interested in using you as a number — not a patient — in order to scam the government for trillions (collectively). We need a FAIR market — not a free market & definitely not the corruption of communism. I’m gonna keep fighting. I know, in your own way, you will too. Peace, love and God Bless!!

    • Peter, I’m so sorry you’ve been plagued as you have by debts and all that entails. I have friends who struggle so hard to pay their student loans–upwards of $100,000 and gaining interest all the time. It’s simply unconscionable.

  18. Dear Jane,
    You are so ‘out there’ for all of us– how can I not consider you almost as family or friend?! So looking forward to the second season of Grace and Frankie AND Youth–all at once! Two gifts for the holiday season! And there you on my workout screen many days too! You are everywhere. And I THANK YOU most sincerely for all the years you’ve been part of my world. A few days ago as I was following along with Morning Yoga and it hit me: I’ve been listening to your encouraging and enthusiastic voice leading me through workouts since 1981. Listening–and watching now too (in the 80s just had a record and a book, remember)–you are just like a workout pal, a comfortable old friend. I appreciate you so much! And movies through the years and tonight on Colbert– you’re everywhere!
    Happy Holidays and my best to you and yours.
    With love and many, many thanks,

  19. Oh Jane, I’m so ecstatic for you. To see you getting so much well-deserved attention and buzz for your work lately. When I saw you on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter along with THOSE ladies, I almost had a seizure. Seriously, that panel was something, I can barely recover from the greatness coming from that table. And you can hopefully add another item to your “I never would have thought twenty years ago” list that would piss off the ghost of a certain movie legend. (WINK WINK, and knock on wood, KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK).

    I’m watching all your interviews and I’m really amazed by how insightful, down-to-earth and relaxed you seem. It really shows, especially compared to your interviews in the seventies and eighties. No shade to your former self (it’s really rather a compliment to you now), but you really seem to be more confident and just visibly more able to say I don’t give a damn. And that’s such a big life goal for me as well, to let go of people-pleasing. Great to see such a positive example. I opened up about this at an acting class and I feel like letting go can just start by admitting your problem (like everything). Still, I have a long road ahead, but it’s great to have found people there as well facing the same problems, people with whom we can support each other. And also I rely on my three biggest idols for more inspiration (Jane, Madonna and Cary Grant… BTW I attended my first Madonna concert and you were right, she’s an amazing live performer and what a dancer).

    Back to lighter subjects: is Brenda really mostly based on Barbara Stanwyck? If so, I’m just blown even more – certainly, I could have suspected it because of that take-no-prisoners style, but it never came together. I’m raving about you to everyone who would listen and I’m boasting that I caught an early festival screening of your movie here in Hungary instead of waiting until Christmas (mind you, come Christmas, I’m returning to the movies to take another look).

    • Daniel P, thanks. The Stanwyck thing was unconscious channeling, I think. I knew her. She was a pal of my dad’s and we did “Walk on the Wild Side” together. Have you read my memoir, “My Life So Far”? Writing it (it took 5 years) was a big step forward for me in the confidence department. But, like everyone, I’m basically a work in progress. It makes me happy that you see the difference between me in the 70s and now…and you are 100% right. xx

      • “Unfortunately I have!!! It’s a piece of sh**.///The real sh** is your film, Mick.” LOL, I remember this part from Youth. 😀 I might catch another pre-release screening here. 🙂

        I have read your memoir multiple times! You’re a wonderfully talented writer (I hope you get round to finishing your novel) and it was an inspiring book. Two thumbs up!

  20. My family loves your show. That’s three generations of wonderful women. We were so happy when we heard that you were returning with Season 2. Best wishes from Canada!

  21. Wish that they could find a way to slip in Tab Hunter next season…

  22. Jane, I appreciate this forum to communicate with you very much. You are such a cultural icon to me that I am thrilled to think that you might actually read this comment. I have loved you and Lily Tomlin in Grace and Frankie. You are both so beautiful and funny. The differences in your personalities really complement each other, but the breathtaking honesty of your characters is very much the same, even when you are expressing different values and perspectives. I quite look forward to Season II, and sure hope that there is a Season III, with more input from you in the scripting and dialogue.

  23. Your comment is awaiting moderation. ???????

  24. Met you in Manila, 1970 and have not stopped admiring your positive impact on issues and life, both domestic and global. I am Asian, retired in Boston and NC, wrote a sociological memoir in 1998, about how dogs turned my Confucian leash into a lifeline. I am trying to revitalize media show projects for Boston”s Elderly Commission along the story lines of Grace & Frankie. You are transforming, rather revolutionizing, the whole concept of aging. You go girl!

  25. I’m so looking forward to the next season. Over Thanksgiving, my 85-year-old mom roared with laughter when I sat her down for a mini binge of episodes. Did her a world of good. It gave me a chance to review again and I liked it even more. Kudos to the cast for making it look so fun, and give my regards to your set designers. God, I love that beach house and its colors. And your first house was so appropriately set for your character. Perfecto!

  26. Love Grace & Frankie. Saw the entire season in one day – was completely glued to the screen. Laughed and cried at the same time. The cast is great. (And what a beautiful house!!) Can’t wait for the 2nd season!!!!! Best wishes.

  27. Dear ‘s. Fonda
    Grace & Frankie is so fabulous ! I adore you and Lily together with such eloquence and humor. I watched season one then gathered my fellow single senior ladies and we all watched it together each episode in one sitting. Laughter filled our souls. It is such brilliant repartee, the acting is superb and the warmth translates to such compassion by all the characters that It is a delightful show. Your portraying Grace with such class and dignity . It appeals to all of us senior ladies with comical brilliance of current issues we face.
    I do hope this definitive comedy gold will be with us for many more seasons. Thank you for making this divorced sad senior lady laugh again. And for making me feel I to can at my age work out ! Well Done you are my hero.

  28. Hey Jane you and Lily ROCK . I am 57 going on ten , we need more shows about older people as we have alot t offer and all ages need t be acknowledged , soory t say it bur older women are still getting largly ignored by general population, unless u start shouting metaphoricaly speaking. all the best to u both , good luck , but with a show like this u dont need it , CLASSY.

  29. My husband and I are in the middle of Season 2 now and loving it!! We laugh out loud, really enjoy it, great work. Do you know where I can find out more (and potentially purchase) the fun clothes Frankie wears on the show? I’ve googled and can’t find anything. Your costume designer is fantastic! Thanks Jane, you’re my shero. For real.

    • Tanks, Holly, I’ll try to find out where Frankie’s clothes come from. Some stand-alone stores in L.A. I’m sure.

  30. I can’t wait for season 3 now! This is the best show to hit TV in ages! You and Lily play the rolls prefect! I dont think anyone could have done it better…and seeing Estelle Parsons in the last episode was wonderful!!!
    I think all the clothes that are worn on this series is beyond perfect, and I would like to know where to get that maxi that Babe is wearing with the artist face on it.. Any hints??

  31. They need to do a website just for all the clothes all of you wear on the series!!! does some of them, or some look-a-likes.. but I can’t tell you how many friends of mine ask about that!!!

  32. Love Grace and Frankie, I can’t wait for season 3…I been watching season 1 and 2 over and over waiting for the next season…its funny ,sad and so original…. Lily and yourself are the best. I’ve always loved you both! Please hurry with season 3

    • DIANA, we are 2 episodes awa from finishing season 3. Not sure when it will air though. Maybe like last year: May 6th. Near Mother’s Day.

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