My Original Workout series is now available in a special five-disc box set!

Of course the box features the photo of me with my striped leotard, which I still have, and my leg warmers.

In this video I explain where the leg warmers came from, and where they are today.

If only I had known then that today we would have entire brands dedicated to Workout Clothing selling all over the world!

The special box set consists of the 5 most requested titles from the Original Workout series, and is now available on AMAZON, at a special Holiday Price!

Click here to purchase at the special Holiday Price and for more information on AMAZON

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  1. I used to love putting on my legwarmers! It meant I was ready to move!

  2. I want to dig in your belly button hole Jane.

  3. You were in your 40s when you made these videos, correct? You sure were a smart business woman! Were you athletic when you were a kid? Oh, and you need to pull those leg warmers out and wear them on the next red carpet you walk! 🙂

    • I was in my late 40s and 50s. I didn’t become ‘athletic’ until 1976. Before then, though I studied ballet everyday. xx

  4. I first started your workouts in college–on audio tape(!)–in my dorm room. And I continue to work out regularly. I’m glad to see this DVD set; my absolute favorite video is the Workout Challenge, though. I loved it (it would be great to have on DVD).

    Glad you still have the leotard–it’s nearly synonymous with your workouts.

  5. Hi Jane.
    Well, it was released yesterday in Germany, so I went to an English-language showing here in Hamburg.

    The film is exquisite. The definition of exquisite is this: of special beauty or charm, or rare and appealing excellence, as a face, a flower, coloring, music, or poetry.

    …or also a film. Exquisite is the only way I can put it. Well, maybe poetic would be another word. I adored La Grande Bellezza and I’m so glad he worked his magic here again. I also think you all gave the performances of their lives.

    I have two criticisms of the film, one is that you are not in it enough. Really. I think your character could have had a few more scenes, but maybe less is more, and the other criticism is, well, I’ll keep that to myself because I don’t feel it fair to put my opinions here on public view as it is, really, only an opinion. But, well done. Excellent work.

    Take care

    • Thanks, Jason. I appreciate these thoughts. xx

  6. Jane,
    I love leg warmers and always have.You not only started the leg warmer trend but also leggings as well. I Love leggings and where mine everywhere this time of year with boots.My mom worked out a lot to you when I was an infant and toddler back in the 80s and now I do your original 1982 work out. My mom put her leg warmers on me when I was an infant and took a pic. I should share it with you sure it would get a laugh.:)

  7. Congratulations on the Satellite Award nomination Jane! I haven’t had a chance to tell you how much I loved Youth, but wow – I loved Youth. Sorrentino is a real genius, I’m so pleased you got the chance to work with him. Hope you are well x x

  8. Dear Ms. Fonda,

    I tweeted you last night because I had just watched your episode of “Master Class” and I was very moved. Your words touched me so deeply. As I said in my tweet, I’m definitely not whole, but I am trying to grow from my pain. With all of the heartbreaking stories I’ve read in the comments section on your blog, I feel completely unworthy of even telling you my story.

    I so enjoyed your blog entry titled “Crying.” I think it is always beautiful when emotions boil over into tears. Even when they are sad tears, they show others that you feel so deeply. Down into your soul. I love expressions of emotion through tears. I’ve always been that way.

    Thank you for your words. As a young adult with a few bumps and bruises, your words inspire me.

  9. Dear Ms. Fonda: I hate to bother you during the holidays, but I was wondering if you had yet received my photo of my “Barbarella” portrait painting from your Foundation’s office in Atlanta for you to look at and sign. Just curious… Anyway, Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, and have fun! Yours-Steven Vasko

    • No, Steven …I’m so sorry. I haven’t received it.

  10. Jane, I am worried! Your movie, “Youth”, is on my absolute must see movie list this Awards season. The problem is it has not hit any movie theaters near me! It is not even listed for this coming weekend at the art theaters! Do you know when it may hit theaters in Michigan?

  11. Dear Jane, I’m alive and still kicking. Fighting the good fight. Your kind words and empathetic artist’s nature are always so inspiring. File this post under “UNSOLICITED POLITICAL OPINION’S THAT ARE NOT ENDORSED BY JANE FONDA”.

    Jane, one of greatest dreams would be to get together with you for one day. A day where we could walk around a city and appreciate its architecture, enjoy a nice meal, watch a movie together and finish by discussing art, humanity, politics and activism. I really do think that we could learn a lot just from really listening to one another. I insist, that it would have to be “dutch treat”. Maybe swing by Pinks Hot Dogs, In ‘N Out Burger or Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles in LA — or American Coney Island, White Castle or Buddy’s Pizza in Detroit. Or a fruit smoothie stand!

    (I’m also one heck of an energetic, expressive dancer!!)

    As someone with a lifelong passionately committed interest in fighting for Mother Earth, I thought you should be made aware (though you probably were already) of this latest development:


    And MY (again, not endorsed by Jane Fonda) response:

    Subject: Revolutionary Integrity versus Entrenched Corruption

    Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2015, 2:26 PM

    The amount of Bernie Sanders for President 2016 bumper stickers I see in and around the Madison Heights/Metro Detroit, MI area are multiplying. The number of “We’re Ready for Hillary” stickers seems to be decreasing. I wonder if some of them are hiding underneath the Bernie stickers?

    I was disturbed by George Stephanopoulos’ “interview” with Secretary Clinton this past Sunday morning on ABC. He announced her as THE Democrat(ic) Party Candidate in 2016 — without using the word “presumptive”. It’s rather disgusting the way celebrity “journalist’s” abuse their power and influence over an all-too-often easily swayed/convinced audience.

    What’s even more disgusting is the fact that Stephanopoulos began his POLITICAL career (which continues to this day, under the guise of ABC/Disney
    “News”) as the aggressive, successful “War Room” co-ordinator during Bill Clinton’s 1992 run. He is also a contributor to the “charitable” Clinton Foundation (where various Clinton cronies — be they loyal to Chelsea and her husband’s family, Bill and his celebrity friends or Hillary and her family and/or Corporate Donors/$250,000 Talking Fee Payers — get paid mysterious salaries ranging in the tens-of-thousands of dollars).

    The Clinton Family seems to be redefining entrenched corruption. I think that they are carrying the Dynasty thing even farther than the Kennedys and the Bushes combined. I’d have more respect for them if they answered — in as plain as possible, political English — the questions put forth to them by the press. Instead all of them honestly seem to believe that a Governorship, a two-term Presidency, a Cabinet position, and successful careers
    in synergy (between their political, financial and personal interests) have entitled them to be exempt from consistently impartial questioning and tough oversight.

    While this country does eventually need a female President, I really believe it would be a disservice to future women candidates to have a Hillary Clinton Presidency characterize them (fairly or not) as inherently corrupt — the same way President Obama’s lack of experience may characterize future black/minority candidates (fairly or not) as being amateurish and/or inept.

    What this country needs — especially in this time of global political revolution — is a clear strong voice of the people. Whether that voice be Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump (or, hopefully, a more reasonable Republican) in 2016. Please, let the voters vote and the reporters report.

    I am not 100% opposed to a Hillary Clinton Presidency; however, I do believe that moving forward means a lot more than simply putting a right-leaning (?) arrow on your campaign logo (“H”).

    A Clintonian Era of executive leadership spanning more than three decades is too long though. More people with different last names and backgrounds need to feel encouraged to run for office. I don’t think our current system of electing officials is what those who
    fought and died in our many historic military battles sacrificed their lives to defend.
    It is not what the Framers had in mind.

    Let the Clintons simply get back to running the global industry that bears their name,
    while representing a convergence of charitable, political, corporate, political and personal

    Wasn’t it nice not having any huge scandals during the past sixteen years. Do you really think that there aren’t plenty of skeletons (old and new) screaming to come out of the Clinton Family closets?
    Let’s keep them inside, while doing America’s workers and the global economy a favor…


    Peter M. Spencer

  12. And now you have a Golden Globe nomination as well =) Can’t wait to see you at the ceremony, rocking your stuff.

  13. Jane, congratulations on your Golden Globe nomination!!!

  14. OH Jane, I was so ecstatic to read both you and Lily were nominated for a Golden Globe. I hope you both win. <3 I'm beyond myself, congratulations and I'll keep pulling for you at every award show possible (work that awards circuit, show them how it's done by a classy legend). Youth really brought about the second peak of your legendary movie career and I hope that new golden age of your cinematic work is going to continue with a streak of brilliant performances. I cannot wait for that Netflix movie with you and Redford. I'm glad to have been (in some weird fanboyish way) along with you on this journey, cheering for you. I hope the support that you get from us continues to help and inspire you. Love, Daniel Xx

  15. So glad I found your blog….you’ve always been a favorite of mine, even thru the tumultuous 60’s era…..you have come thru so much with grace & dignity and I love how you say it like it is….at least whenever I’ve seen you on talk shows. I might get that set of exercise videos…or join Planet Fitness. ..

  16. I still have my tattered legwarmers, too! Mine were solid (without stirrup heels). They were worn over the heels of jazz shoes until they were worn through. Kind of a rites of passage when the heels broke through, like we earned our stripes. Just curious… Did the Original Workout pre-date aerobics/dance sneakers? And if you had it to do all over again (in your late 40s) would you go barefoot?

    • yes, thy did pre-date th aerobic sneakers and no, I would no longer go barefoot. xx

  17. I am so happy about the DVDs being out I used the vhs ones for years until they broke and have tried lots of others but so dull and never as must fun
    Happy days again
    Big thanks Jane your are still the queen of fitteness waiting for the step one now

  18. Jane, did you know there is a very popular ’80s cover band called “The Legwarmers” here in Northern Virginia? Funny thing is, I haven’t seen the band members wearing any! Sending much love!

  19. I recently got New workout on dvd after wearing out my vhs tape. So happy to get this as it was the first Jane Fonda workout I ever got. That was 24 years ago and I’m still doing them. Just really hoping now that you release Lean Routine on dvd. This has to be my favourite. Always makes me feel great and so easy to slot in with other workouts. I’ve occasionally strayed away fron JF workouts but I always seem to come back, I just don’t get the same results with any of the others. Please please put Lean Routine onto dvd, my poor old video has nearly had it. Its still viewable but only just!!! Sending love from England xx

  20. Hi, Jane. For whatever reason, I’m just now seeing your reply (about going barefoot). Guess I’m not getting notifications. Hmmm. Anyway, couple of things (in this quiet little cove where we can visit away from the megaphone of the Twitterverse)… I’ve just learned of the passing of Nancy Reagan in today’s news. My deepest condolences for the loss of your friend. I look forward to your remembrances. 2) I’m on deck for turning 50 in two weeks. What the heck is with this timebomb that seems to be ticking? I was SO much older when I turned 30 than I feel at 49 (and holding). I set a ski season goal this year (250,000 vertical feet) and I’m sitting pretty at 197,650 with a few more weeks to go. I actually already hit it with two bonus days in Santa Fe, but those aren’t tracked on my app. Why do people shy away from 50? I guess I do, too, mostly because everyone with whom I share this little tidbit seems somehow disappointed, like life is over and I missed it. I want to thank you for remaining on the front lines of vitality. While I’m no YOU, I’m a better ME for following along. I’m really looking forward to turning this little page (and sending my youngest off to college) so I can resume self indulgence and recalibrate my career. Kindly wave me through the “life begins at 50” tunnel on 3/21! I’ll tweet my 250,000 ft finish line when I hit it later this month, perhaps on that day. Wish me luck! Best to you, fearless leader! Thanks for all you do!

  21. I just joined this site today and am excited to be here. Thank you, Jane Fonda for re-releasing The Complete Workout on DVD! It’s always been my favorite workout. I’ve had in VHS format, then, when it was released on DVD 10 years ago, I had that, and now, I have the recently released one and love the way that it’s set up so one can choose what class one wants to do on any given day. Again, thank you!

  22. I’m at 249,312 vertical feet for the season, less than 700 ft. to go! One run at Vail (plus a few to spare) on my 50th Bday Monday and I’m done. But it ain’t over. NEXT season (if I keep this up), I’ll click over 1 million vertical feet since 2010. Tell me the part about weight bearing exercise again? I think I’ve got this one covered. Whew!

    • Wow, Becky, yeah I think you do got that covered! Brava!

  23. Thank you, Ms. Jane! So I got a little cocky on my Bday and did a black diamond mogul run called “Challenge” at Vail. Not my best decision. I popped out of my skis and had to climb back uphill about 12 feet to get them. Sigh. On what I think was my last day for the season, I caught an edge in powder, crashed HARD and twisted my skis. I stopped, they crossed, with me in them. Bummer. My knee took a bad hit, swelled up big. MRI shows I bruised the bone (behind the kneecap), but luckily no torn ligaments. I’m pretty flexible and have a lot of strength AROUND the knee from yoga/skiing/cycling. Pretty sure I’d have snapped otherwise. So, great. I turn 50 and all hell breaks loose. Go figure.I finished the year with over 300,000 vertical feet for the ski season. Knee is healing quickly. I’m back on the bike now, riding uphill instead of down. Training again for a 400-mile tour of Colorado mid-June. So interesting to keep pushing but be mindful of self care. Thanks for riding along! xo

  24. Jane I’ve started doing your Primetime Workouts. I really miss your Startup video, which was always my go to when I’d been not working out for a while. What with menopause, moving and major surgery I’m just starting up again … I miss my go to video. Thanks for the complete workout series on DVD, but I’m not quite there yet … would love to see Startup on DVD. Thanks. Hope

    • I will see what it would take. It’s a complicated process but maybe doable, Hope. Thanks. xx

  25. Jane,
    This is for you. No need to post. I just heard about the passing of Tom Hayden this morning. Saw a few photos of y’all from the old days and wanted to extend my condolences to you and the family. Seems no matter how far things fall into the rearview mirror, the loss is there, nonetheless. Hope you’re enjoying Colorado. I replied to Iain’s tweet (just so you know it’s me here AND there). Keeping you and the Hayden family in our thoughts.
    Becky O.

  26. Just wandering back by, Jane. I’ve been in a bit of a slump, but I DID make it to my 1 million vertical feet goal and skied another 250,000 feet this past season, accident free! Also rode in my 8th cycling tour in Colorado in June. In a time crunch, I fell short of the final summit on Monarch Pass, by just a couple of miles, dang it. I had it in me but was on a tight schedule to the finish line. I hated that ‘if only’ feeling. Still, it was a beautiful week, 378 miles of high altitude cycling. Celebrating NOT meeting my medical deductible this year and maintaining my sense of humor. I’m beginning to be more accepting of my limitations, but am still going strong. Enjoying getting caught up on your posts. Hope you’re enjoying the summer!

    • Excuse me, Becky O, what limitations? Not many people could do what you describe!!!

  27. geez u R sooo beautiful, ur very blessed Miss F aloha hb

  28. I just downloaded the original video from Amazon & I love it. I’m 43 & I miss old school workouts. Everything now is so aggressive and/or competitive & not fun for me. I like that this workout has a ballet/dance bent. My hamstrings are still sore after 5 days & yes I ordered leg warmers because you need an authentic outfit to do this! Thanks, Jane!

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