We are well into shooting Season 2, and we now know that Season 1 of Grace & Frankie is a big hit! There is no way to exaggerate the pleasure Lily and I take when people of all ages and genders go on and on about how much they love it…and it happens all the time and in all kinds of unexpected places.

I always ask “Why?”… “What do you like most?” Very often women will tell me it gives them hope, hope that one can go through a terrible crisis and much sorrow and survive–thrive even. More than one woman has told me she felt the series “saved my life.” Pretty heavy stuff for a comedy but I think I get it. I’ve also been told that the characters so easy to identify with. One man told me he likes to watch it because it’s so easy on the eye. (Thank you to our fabulous cinematographer, Gale Tattersoll). I’ve been told that it’s being watched a lot in college dorms. I’d love to understand that and if any of you, my online community, can explain please do. One thing I feel is that G&F doesn’t cause anxiety or fear. It’s kind of warm and friendly and hopeful and in today’s world this is important to a lot of us. It also deals with issues like aging, where-do-I-go-from-here, coming out of the closet later in life, forgiving, and, in the case of Grace, how does one get over a lifetime of stuffing feelings and not being true to yourself?

At 65, with “Monster-in-Law,” I was really blessed to have made a come back from my 15-year retirement. Now at 77, with the incredible opportunity to live with and develop a character over several years I wanted to really bring everything I could to the table. Despite my fears, I went into therapy and got an acting coach. It wasn’t easy, but I’ve gotta pat myself on my back is because I know that it’s never too late to strive to get better and so, instead of resting on my laurels, I did. Ted Turner once told me “people don’t change after 60.” Well, I’m proof that they do and that it’s a good thing. But doing so takes work and intention and there are ways without needing a lot of money. I wrote a lot about this in detail in my book “Prime Time,” which I encourage you to read.

Even though this 2nd season is actually longer because we’ve had 2 hiatus, the time has flown by. BTW, my love interest this season is Sam Elliot. I am thrilled to be working with him, He’s every bit as talented, smart, sexy and funny and as you’d imagine him to be.


Sorry I haven’t blogged more but there’s so little time and in what little I have, I’ve been promoting my last film, “Youth,” flying to Atlanta, catching up with family and friends. Had a wonderful afternoon with my stepmother, Shirlee Fonda, her partner Rob Wolders, Troy (son) and Simone (Daughter-in-law) and last night had dinner with my BFF Paula Weinstein and Arnold Steifel. All of them plus my daughter and grandkids will be here with me for my birthday and Christmas which warms the cockles of my heart. BTW, do any of you know what cockles of a heart are?

Bye for now.

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  1. The cockles of the heart are its ventricles, named by some in Latin as “cochleae cordis”, from “cochlea” (snail), alluding to their shape.
    The saying means to warm and gratify one’s deepest feelings.
    Love you Jane,
    May your cockles forever be free..!

    • Packy, you’re the best! What a great explanation of cockles. It makes perfect sense!!!!

  2. Cute picture at the beginning!
    I love “Grace and Frankie” and can’t wait to see the next season. So when do we get this honor? Is there a release date?
    Speaking of release dates, I am curious about this Netflix thing. I, of course, have watched several shows and older movies on it, including your excellent television show. It was mentioned that you may be making a movie on Netflix. Do these movies made by Netflix always immediately go to Netflix and not necessarily the movie theater? The movie, “The Beast of No Nation” was just released. It is playing at an art theater near me, but then I noticed that you can also see it on Netflix immediately. Is this typical that Netflix movies are released both at the theater and on Netflix at the same time. (I am really looking forward to seeing this movie. It looks very intense, but excellent.)

  3. I loved the show when I finally got a chance to watch it. The best part was the friendship between two such diverse women and how you didn’t let the other get away with game playing. Accountable friendship of long term. I got to say though– I sure look forward to seeing Sam Elliot as your love interest next time 😉

  4. Good comedy transcends age limitations. This show is highly rewatchable, due to the talent involved. We are enjoying all of you with this show, and want to continue to do so. Again, and again. Forty years after “MTM,” I can still view it regularly. Twenty years after “Friends,” I can barely sit through an episode. As a college kid in 1980, we watched “M*A*S*H” every night in the break room. It holds up, for the most part.

    You and Tomlin are excellent at what you do. It is evident. Now, I would not argue against toning down the antics of the children, occasionally…

  5. Hi Jane,
    Not sure at all what cockles of a heart are? Very interesting concept!! I think its cool that we almost share the same birthday mine is December 23rd!!! I really enjoy Grace and Frankie because I am a single parent in my early thirties and feel I can relate to some of the situations in some ways in my life. I have the best parents a girl could ask for but no siblings and not very close to my extended family. I feel joy when watching this show because it makes me laugh . It kind of helps me feel better about my families whole situation.It also helps put into perspective that every family has its issues. My extended family had a falling out years back and I do miss them a lot and miss the old times but I have tried to reach out to them and they don’t want to reach back. Long story to get into on here but I have learned just to let it go and move on with life. You are a very good actress and provide everyone with the great gift of entertainment and I love that. With the holidays coming up I do miss my cousins and everyone but seeing your shows really cheers me up and puts a smile on my face.

  6. Hi Jane, Looking forward to the new season of Grace and Frankie. I’ve spent lots of time “with you, Jane” this year after surgery. Read your last 2 books (great!), got your newest workout videos, found this site, just finished Mary’s book on my iPad. You HAVE packed a lot into your life, Jane! I often wonder what you’ve learned about Parkinson’s (which I share) from Richard. Could you say something about that sometime? What do you think about the wonderful people at Dance for PD (David Leventhal and friends/Mark Morris Dance Group) How is he doing? Us PDers can learn a lot from each others’ stories/lives. I think about him often. You amaze me–and I thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing so deeply for the good of all. Y

  7. Hi Jane, just wanted to say I’m absolutely loving Grace & Frankie! Very happy to hear there’s a second season in the works! Looking forward to seeing more of you and Lily working together!
    Cheers 🙂

  8. There was an interview you did with Oprah regarding how you became a positive role model/ lifeline and friend to a young lady you met at camp… It touched me so much and I know you don’t build relationships like that everyday but I’m praying you could help me to get my little boy back… In a custody hearing we settled which is something I didn’t want to do, but traveling to Buffalo for the hearings were financially too much…my son is truly awesome with such an expressive and outgoing personality and I see him the summers but if you would only hear my story….I’m just a regular person ofcourse but for my son I’m asking for help. I do work and I’m trying to be able to visit my son way more than I’m able to… I actually want to be a part time resident in Buffalo for 3 months each year prior to his Summers with me and his sisters her in NC. I’m asking for you help if you could just meet us… I have 5 daughters and my Trevien whom is 6. And a story that I really would like to share….how father got the school year was because I couldn’t afford proper representation… But for my son… I bed more than just summers. PLEASE HELP..

  9. The reason all of my friends and I watch the show is the great chemistry between you and the group. We love seeing you and Lily get into funny situations. We would love to see DOLLY join you for a couple episodes. Thanks for the laughs. The show is great and look forward to next aeason and everything else you are in. Much love from Napa

  10. Hi Jane,
    I just needed to tell you how much I adore your show, especially your character Grace. It’s funny at 28 years of age I can relate to her many quirks.
    Lily and yourself play of fabulously against each other. I just finished the season and haven’t shut up about it. I’m going to re-watch with my mum.
    Thank you for the endless giggles and the joy I get from seeing two strong, beautiful women shine on our screen. Season 2 can’t come soon enough!
    Much love all the way from Northern Ireland xxx

  11. Hi Jane,
    I am a British 42 year old living in Mexico for my husbands work. I have 2 small boys and its been a hard transition.
    However, I just discovered Frankie and Grace and I absofuckinglutely love it! I am on Episode 8 of Season 1 and steal time in the day/ night to watch. Its the best t.v I have seen in ages. I miss British t.v but you and Lily, light up my life. I love that you take time to correspond with your fans.
    You dear lady, are amazing! I hope I am as cool as you and Grace, in my 70’s.

    Please ensure there is a season 3, 4, 5 and 6!!!
    Your newest fan,

  12. Dear Jane,

    I have to say the show is marvelous, and you and Lily are perfect together.
    You both completely immerse yourselves in the characters, and make it all so completely believable.

    I have loved you since first seeing you act, and I loved Barbarella because it was so trippy. I grew up doing commercials, singing with the Mouseketeers, and theatre because you inspired me and you STILL DO, now I focus on my art and writing.

    You and Doris Day made me dream bigger than life, and do things I’d not have otherwise. My papaw almost ran over Doris Day’s menagerie of dogs, we were on a Sunday drive in the Hollywood hills and he saw she and her pups just in time to swerve away.

    Lily has made my ribs hurt with laughter since the days of Laugh In. I used to sit and watch her in that giant rocker playing a kid. My mother, granny and aunts too me to Universal Studios every weekend, and I’d have to see the chair. I still remember her in that silly movie, The Incredible Shrinking Woman.

    I started the first episode of season one and before I noticed, I had watched the entire season in one week. My daughter in law gets through full seasons even faster, but as I tell everyone… I have to come up for air every now and then, not to mention eating, and restroom breaks. Ha Ha Ha

    As for the Cockles of one’s heart, definitions vary as do hearts, and are far too complex for one comment. However here is a link that I believe pretty well covers the various possibilities of the definition.

    Open the link below thus sentence, to read the many definitions of what the Cockles of one’s heart could be.

    Artist ~ Author,

    P.S. Sam Eliot just gets better and better in many ways over time. He’s a prime example of how it goes to show doubters that some men Really Do become more over time.

  13. Why are you so popular in college dorms? Jane, I honestly think it’s because you are an inspiration to this demographic. You’ve always been honest, yet respectful. Beautiful to this day, but never arrogant. An amazing talent, but still looking for ways to improve. The younger generation is smarter than ever, and you and your TV show offers a modern and attractive alternative to the far too many predictable scripts of sitcoms and reality shows. There is also a word called charisma that should have a picture of you with it in Webster’s dictionary.

  14. Hi Jane!
    I just thought you would like to know that me and two of my best friends, all college students, absolutely love Grace and Frankie and are eagerly awaiting Season 2. In response to your line in your blog post about it being popular in college dorms really doesn’t surprise me. In a world where you can’t turn on the TV without being bombarded with bad news, it is nice to have a show that allows for one thing and one thing only, which is laughter. Speaking from a college students perspective, on days when it seems like there is an overwhelming amount of tests, papers and homework assignments, it is a sense of comfort in a way to know that there is a show that just lets people relax, either alone or with their friends and forget about the hectic day they’ve just had. Laughter can be something that is quite difficult to find these days, and my friends and I (along with the millions of other viewers of Grace and Frankie) thank you for making it easier to find. I look forward to Season Two!! 🙂

  15. My heart goes out to fans like Maleta who see only in you, Jane, the superhuman strength that they too possess within themselves. My heart goes out to you too, as it must be frustrating being asked to weigh-in on and/or intervene in so many issues (personal, local, national, global and universal) that are rather outside of your jurisdiction as an actress, model, author, activist and consciousness raiser. Lord knows, I’ve been guilty of it too.

    The reason I share this is because I hope that all people spend at least as much time turning to a power far greater than “Jane” or “themselves” — whether it be in prayer, in meditation or in therapy. (Most counties and colleges provide access to therapy at low- to no-cost for people in need of some extra support — who amongst us isn’t, from time to time?) I don’t pretend to understand the anguish all the parties involved in a custody battle have to endure. I just know that winning and loving in all struggles sometimes has a lot to do with losing gracefully — with accepting what is instead of mourning what is no longer. Or, worse yet, punishing yourself or blaming others for what could/should have been.

    I include the Jane Fonda Community in my daily prayers. Like Jane — and like all of our brothers and sisters around the world — we are all required to endure the seemingly unendurable. Its part of the bargain. Simultaneously, we are given free access to abundant joys and Blessings.

    I like the inclusion of the children in the story of “Grace & Frankie”. I like how sometimes their stories interplay directly with their parents and sometimes they have their own private triumphs and tragedies. (The most profound lesson I have ever learned in my life is that my Mom and Dad were fully formed human beings before they brought me into this world — and that they continue to love me from the cockles of their hearts even though they still have their own lives, intrigues and interests, that have nothing to do with me. Celebrating that has allowed me to accept boundaries and deepen already loving relationships — not just with my parents.)

    It really is an exceptional ensemble cast. In addition to multiple seasons, which will allow for true growth and development (of both talent and characters), I’d love to see a spin-off or two. In many ways, the show in which you are so centrally involved is reviving a great American art form: the situation comedy.

    I think about Nancy Motley from time to time. Another Jane fan who wore her heart on her sleeve while marching to her own drummer. I don’t see her posting anymore and I just hope that she is alright.

  16. Ms. Fonda,

    Thank you for bringing “Grace & Frankie” to the screen. It’s brilliant! It reflects what so many go through today. I am very much looking forward to the next season!

    I have always enjoyed your work. I am a Health teacher at a school for kids with various learning disabilities. Every student has one or more. Part of my curriculum is about relationships, communication, use of defense mechanisms. After teaching those units, I show them “On Golden Pond” because it reflects what I teach perfectly! Then the students do character studies and share what defense mechanisms each character uses throughout the movie. It helps the students sympathize and empathize what others go through.

    Thank you for your work and contribution to the art of sharing a story.

    Craig Busic
    Portland, OR

  17. Hey Jane, Im John, 17 years old from Brazil and I enter here because I was watching Grace and Frankie and looked up your website. Just here to say you’re a big person and how pretty you are. I remember when I was little going to the cinema and watching Monster-in-Law. You and Jennifer were the hottest women in that movie. Hahaha, Hope You can read this, if you can give me a comeback ;). Waiting for season 2. See you soon!

  18. Hi Jane
    On hols in Crete last week there were a few things I was sad about and I thought of your G&F quote to Lily: You can make new memories and hey you can even recycle the frames. Made me laugh and not be sad anymore. Plus, when my two friends and I were on the beach and we were being a bit loud I would use the G&F quote: Stop it, you’re frightening the sand. Hilarious!!
    That’s what I love about good comedy – it gets under your skin and you can use the quotes in real life and to change situations for the good!!
    Jason x

  19. Hi Jane! Besides loving you for as long as I can remember (and cussing you out during the earlier exercise vids lol)- Just wanted to chime in and say that I love Frankie and Grace because- it doesnt matter how much money you have, or who you know- life can throw you a helluva curveball sometimes and it is how you catch that curveball that dictates your strengths and weaknesses- which, to me, is what you and Lily portray! thank you for so many years of incredible acting and for sharing your life with us. Much love to you and yours! Marge

  20. Hello!

    My name is Kimberly I’m 54 my husband is 70 and WE TOTALLY LOVE GRACE AND FRANKIE!! We are so excited and can’t wait for Season 2 🙂 this is the first fan letter I’ve ever written, I’ve been a fan of a good many great actors, artists, musicians, movies and series in my lifetime, but I love your show so much I’m actually taking the time to say so!

    Thank you, your co-stars the crew and writers for this wonderful and inspiring series – the casting is brilliant!!!



  21. Jane – you can add me to the long list of viewers who love this show! It is so nice to see you and Lily Tomlin together and your long friendship really comes through! We can tell you are genuinely having a good time and enjoying this show as much as we, the audience, are enjoying watching it! One question (and I don’t m ean to be rude), but you mention going into therapy and getting acting lessons to prepare for this role. Why the hell would a 2 time Academy Award winner who has also received numerous other acting honors need to get an acting coach????! I am shocked but would love an answer if possible. Thank you so much!

    • It’s late and I am brain dead but I might write a whole blog to respond to your question, George. Please help me to remember. xx

      • Jane – I asked you why would a 2 time Academy Award winning actress, who also has received numerous other acting honors, have to take acting lessons (you mentioned taking them in your blog). I’m very curious to know.

        • Dear George, I’ve been meaning to write a blog about this but have been too busy with Christmas and my kids and grandkids are all here. I will address your good question within 2 weeks max. Thanks, Jane

  22. Dear Ms. Fonda: Hope I’m not bothering you, but I was just wondering if you got my photo of my “Barbarella” portrait painting from your Foundation offices in Atlanta to look at and sign yet…just curious. Thanks for you time and help and have fun. Yours Steven Vasko

  23. AGAIN, my comment, is awaiting moderation for 6 days !! Umbeliavable…I think your “moderator” doesn´t like “brazilians” !

    • Hmmm, Yonnegler, there is no “moderator.”

      • It does say this when you post. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” If there is no one approving the posts, wonder what that means? The Tech world is scary sometimes…..

        • All websites that allow visitors to comment, have moderators, in order to prevent comment forums from being used for nefarious purposes. Moderators protect the website they serve, and those who visit the website.
          Depending on the website, moderators may either pre-appove comments prior to posting, or they may delete comments they deem dangerous, predatory or damaging such as those that: advocate violence or threats against others, link to harmful sites on the “dark web”, link to computer viruses or spyware, contain spam, or contain phishing (tricking people into giving personal information or money), etc etc.

  24. Dear Ms. Fonda:
    Thank you for your contribution to humanity through the entertainent business all of these years.
    I just went through what I think was mid-life crisis. I hate to call it that but that’s what it probably was. G&F helped. I don’t normally marathon watch anything but I marathon watched the first season and it got me back in touch with the formidable person I really am. It’s helped me to ignore the ridiculousness of this weird crisis and instead find uplifting solutions to it. Thank you both for the show. And I can’t wait until season two is on Netflix. Many Blessings.

  25. Hi Jane. I just had to tell you this. I’ve gone ga-ga over “Grace and Frankie.” I’ve already watched it through twice! Anyway, it got me to thinking how I saved your Master Class on OWN, so I just watched it, again. I connected with so much of what you shared…deeply connected. I started feeling proud that you live in Atlanta, where I also live (was born and raised here). And I started feeling the mom vibe with you. My Mom passed in 2007 (lung cancer) and I miss her so much. I looked up your birthday and she was born 17 days after you were! So…that was cool to find that out. Anyway, I feel geeky saying all that, but I look up to you and LOVE you! Okay, I’m blushing now and hoping I don’t sound like a stalker. Haha. Hug!!! Kim

  26. Hi Jane.
    I am a purser at Lufthansa and we are currently on strike because of our pensions. Well me and my crew have been stranded here in LA for a week because no. plane is coming to pick us up to take us back to Munich. I hate to admit it but it’s been a real treat for us being here and enjoying this sunny city. We’ve cycled along the shore to Venice beach, been to Santa Barbara, Beverly Hills, one of my favourite places is the Griffith observatory. It’s been magical. I also was given a surprise birthday party yesterday my crew and was the first time i could celebrate outdoors. November in Germany means heating on all day. We will be very sad to leave your ‘neck of the woods’ on the weekend. You are very lucky to be living here. I just don’t envy you having to drive through all this traffic. !!!
    Take care

  27. I think the popularity is partly based on the fact that all of the characters have flaws but still remain likeable..I love the the great chemistry among you cast on tv..and oh you have Sam Shepard…makes me want to fall down and bite sticks…can’t wait for it to start back up..

    • Jackie, Nooooo…Sam Elliot, not Sam Shepard!!!

  28. Well, Happy New Year! My daughter told me about Grace and Frankie, so one day when I was not feeling great I binge watched the whole thing. Have to admit it made me feel better. Loved every minute of it! So glad to hear Season 2, and now Season 3 is on the way! I don’t know what it is about the series, maybe because it makes older people feel better about aging, gives them hope other than the inevitable jump off the cliff…..and a good laugh never hurt either. Can’t explain the phenomena about the show, but I know it’s true. Now I am going to look for Prime Time! What better person to get the book than me?

  29. Ms. Fonda: I am in true awe of your performance on Grace and Frankie. I have never signed up for a blog, but I am “hooked” on Grace and Frankie. I bought Netflix just for the series. I just wanted to tell you how great and most importantly beautiful you are in this series. Terry from Louisville, KY.

  30. I’m not college age now, but I think I understand why college kids are watching G&F. When I was college-aged, I loved and watched the Golden Girls religiously. I think there are a number of factors. A great show, is a great show and it doesn’t matter much what generation the characters are from. Also, there’s something comforting about watching shows about older generations thriving. It makes the idea of getting older less scary when you’re a young person and makes the idea of your parents getting older less scary. Another factor for me was that I had a great-aunt, whom with her friends, actually lived a rather Golden-Girl-type life. I adored my great-aunt and at the time, I was living far from home. Watching the show reminded me of her.

  31. Hi Jane!! I went to register only to find out I was already register to your site!, Senior moments got to love them!! I have always loved your movies .. And so happy so see you on this show Grace and Frankie!, love the show my husband and I have marathons watching the show. Love Lilly Tomlin your both have great timing and the love and respect you have for each other shine through ! We look forward to many many more seasons! ❣❣❣❣

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