I’m excited because things are falling into place for my 2 new exercise DVDs (used to be videos). We will film them mid March. Lionsgate will distribute. They have 8 of the top 10 exercise programs. But mine will target an audience that has been left out: MY age group and the boomers. I want to get to people who have stopped working out, or never did, or… I can’t wait. They won’t be released, though till beginning of 2011. But you’ll see photos (and film?) of me getting ready, of me actually making them, etc etc. What should I wear? Curious to hear from you about this. These folks I’m working with can do these productions with their eyes closed. I have to laugh when I think of when I did the first ever…still the largest selling home video of all time…17 million copies. WE had no budget, no hair stylist or makeup artists. We did it all ourselves. I wrote the script on a ski trip in Calgary on the floor of my hotel room. Who knew that that video would launch the video business…literally, people weren’t willing to pay a lot for the hardware, the machinery, when they had nothing they wanted to watch over and over..till my JF Workout. Stay tuned.

See you next time.

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