I am utterly thrilled that Jeff Bridges is finally getting the kudos  he deserves. I had the great pleasure of working with Jeff in “The Morning After” and I know him socially because, like my brother, Peter, and my ex-husband, Ted Turner, Jeff as a home in Montana so we’ve seen each other in civilian life as well. He is really talented and truly a nice man. So glad this award winning role allowed him to showcase his musical talent as well as his acting. I love how he shows his emotions and surprise at being the winner…this was especially evident at the Golden Globes when he was stunned into silence at the prolonged standing ovation he received.

Yesterday, I took a break from writing my book when Carrie Fisher came over to Richard’s to see us. She and Richard have been friends since she was 17. She is just home from her 5 month triumphant Broadway run. I saw “Wishful Drinking” opening night with Richard, my son and daughter-in-law and other friends and was blown away by her performance and the way she has been able to weave the difficulties, challenges, weirdnesses, and pain of her life into an hilarious, jaw-dropping piece of theatre. She has clearly been enjoying herself. It was fun hearing how she kept her performances fresh (she would choose specific people, strangers, in the audience, talk directly to. Really talk to them. Ask them what they thought about something she’d said or done. She’d change things, emphasize some things over others on a given day. Nice when you can play around with your own creation—which you can’t do with someone else’s words. Like me, Carrie said she really was never able to do anything more than sleep and perform…no work on new projects, no visiting museums, no working out. She got a dog like my Tulea whom she named Dwight and I was sad she didn’t bring him but she promised she’d do that next time so the two of them can have a play date.  

Last night we went to Quincy Jones’ home for dinner and get together. What fun to visit with him, We’re cousins, after all. He got the Mormon group, Lineages, to do his genealogy (family tree) and, sure ‘nough, back on George Washington’s plantation our blood line crossed. Hmmm. After dinner, he invited all of us to listen to a young Cuban pianist whose talent blew everyone away. Richard said he had NEVER in his life heard such piano playing…cross styles…Cuban, symphonic, cool jazz, flamenco, you name it, he segued from style to style, weaving it all into unique composition of his own. Breathtaking!!
Now, back to writing.

See You Next Time.

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  1. I saw Carrie’s show and was one of the people in the audience to whom she spoke. She’s amazing and hilarious. One of the best nights of theater I’ve ever had! Right up there with 33 Variations!!!

  2. Dearest Jane
    You act, you inspire, you “do”, you make people laugh and think, and you write! Good lord woman. Very very excited about your first every global World Fitness Day! Thank you for you. xo clare

  3. JEFF BRIDGES AND CARRIE FISHER yes Jane big fan of both ,they are two very different people , well I am sure that would be the case ,or being actor maybe not. The are older people , even more so from the time I started writing this comment. Interesting fact if JEFF BRIDGES AND CARRIE FISHER were married than Carrie Fisher-Bridges would be. The idea may be better off in the river, O well Jane was a interesting live cast today the sound and video was the best I have seen. And just think if your father would have stayed with Maureen O’Sullivan you would have had a little sister Maria de Lourdes Villiers Fonda and having a Irish actress Maureen O’Sullivan you could have been in the IRA during the 60’s and had been very active in Irish things. Reality is like that , would be a interesting thing to see the what if in one’s life or not. good writing Jane

  4. I LOVED The Morning After. used to know it line for line and actually killed the tape from playing it so much. You were my first acting teacher. 🙂

  5. LOL. I’m not going to sleep tonight b/c now I’ve got lines coming back to me like little flashbacks…
    “they were grooming me to be the new Vera Miles.”
    “The new who?”
    “exactly! Exactly, I was supposed to replace someone the audience didn’t even know was missing!”

    You’re so awesome!

  6. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for all your blogs and as dog people, we truly love Tulea. Any chance in your next blog you might mention the name of the young Cuban pianist – would be good to look out for him.

  7. If you would be so kind, please post the name of the phenomenal Cuban pianist that you were entertained by at Quincy Jones’s home. I love Cuban Music and am always seeking out new, young Cuban talent.

    Warmest regards,

    Douglas a.k.a. TADOU!

    • See early reply. Alfredo Rodriguez is the Cuban’s name

  8. Greetings Jane!
    I always wonder if, when I am still up at 4 am, that you are just getting up to write this note you send to me and to countless others.
    (or just me! heh heh)

    I am sure you already know this, but the lad you spoke of is Alfredo Rodriguez. He will be performing here(below)tomorrow night. I also get a letter from Quince and so I get to convey some fresh useful knowledge instead of that wealth of useless stuff! Thanks for that & tell your friends in the SF area about this performance!

    Tuesday, January 26, 2010
    Yoshi’s Jazz Club
    1330 Fillmore Street
    San Francisco, CA 94115
    8:00pm / $14

    One of these days before I die I will have to get back out to San Francisco. My son Jake (Olson) lives in Oakland. His friend there is an aspiring actor. I keep telling Jake to go and audition with his friend if he is not doing anything else. Jake is such a giant that he could hardly go noticed! Sometimes a big guy is just what the director ordered!

    I just happened to catch Jeff being honored at the Globes. I thought it was funny how he mentioned they were already waving him on (to get off) before he got started! Hah! Another thing I noticed was that Sir Paulie was there and he had one of the best seats! I guess he was an actor for a few minutes in the 60’s too, so there you go… I remember writing him a heart-felt letter about just paying his mistake to “get on with it”… and I swear he must have read it because it seemed he did exactly as I asked right away! I am glad they could reach an agreement. I told him that Bea would get the money anyway and to drag on would only break his heart more… Anyway…

    You are a good writer Jane. I think I could even read an entire book if you ever get it done! hehe
    I also think I should write a book about my life story. Sad tragic happy funny weird… yes, it has the makings of a movie at least in MY head!

    I have not heard from America’s Got Talent yet, but after all, Spring is a long way from here… South for sure!…now…
    Get back to work & stop reading this rough draft!
    Love to you and all you love!

  9. Jane, what is the Cuban pianist’s name please? Has he recorded?

    • See the comment just below!!! Thanks to Larry Mark I have just learned the pianist’s name is Alfredo Rodriguez and he’s performing tonight in San francisco.

  10. I just think it’s wonderful how you share life just as it is. Thank you! It’s very real.

  11. Jeff Bridges is one of my favorites. Grew up watching his father’s television series, Sea Hunt. More than his talent, the one thing that truly stands out about Jeff Bridges is his humility. He has always seem undaunted by the pomp and circumstance that come with being a Hollywood celebrity. His father would have been proud of the man he grew up to be.

  12. i love you!!

  13. What is the young pianist’s name? Will his work
    be available to the public any time soon?

    • Believe it or not I didn’t write down his name but I will find out. I know he does concerts a lot.

  14. thanks for this long sharing comment,appreciate the one on Carrie Fisher,tough job performing right in front of the audience, a gift for the public! liked too the part of the mormon’s genealogy, and the crossed blood line with Quincy Jones, i had my genealogy made by a family’s member, and went further bakwards in the past thanks to the mormons, stunning and moving iniative experiment! to end , you’ve always such huge energy, to write, to act,it’s bewildering!!incredible!! applaus! frederique dhenein

  15. My favorite scene in The Morning After was when you whacked Jeff up the side of the head with that 6 pack of 16 oz. beers. Ouch!

  16. Thank you Jane for writing about Jeff. The joy we all feel for him, finally winning much overdue accolades is contagious.

    And I loooooved Carrie’s last book, I didn’t get to see her show in Broadway, which I am sure she must have blown everyone away, but I did read her book in less than three hours, when I was captive in Fisher Island last year, she made me laugh until my organs almost began to unstitch.

    Love Her, Love Him, and so Love You too.


  17. SO agree about Jeff Bridges, I hope he gets an Oscar this time.

  18. Love Carrie Fisher .. super talented.

    Your family tree goes back to George Washington?

  19. I’m so glad Jeff Bridges is getting recognition for all his good works now! I’ve always enjoyed his movies! Hope he gets an Oscar this year!!! It’s interesting to see an actor in Hollywood who seems to be his true self in public….no “masks” or anything false about him.

  20. Jeff Bridges and Carrie Fisher are two of my favorites. Thanks for the update!

  21. I saw a preview of “Crazy Blues” and agree that it is a fantastic film. Have you read the ‘trivia’ on IMDB about it? This is the director’s first film as a director and he is so fortunate to have aseembled such an amazing cast. Jeff is long overdue to win. I’ve rooted for him every time he was nominated. If the director tries to hire you I hope you will work for him. Maybe with all of the acting members of your family. What an idea. You may remember that I asked Victor Nunez to get you all into the same film. I so adored “Ulee’s Gold,” for which Peter was gypped out of an obvious Oscar.

  22. I saw the trailer for Crazy Heart, and it kind of reminded me of Tender Mercies. Have you seen that movie?

  23. i saw Carrie’s show last summer at Berkeley Rep…and, yes, it was wonderful. i, too, am glad that Jeff Bridges is getting recognized…he’s done such wonderful work over the years. his was the first celebrity blog i ever read…about 6 years ago(?)…so creative and clever!

  24. Just saw Alfredo Rodriguez on Youtube. AMAZING. I show the video to my family here in Brazil and they get stunned too. Congratulations, Mrs. Fonda. Alfredo’s star will shine.

  25. dear Jane,

    as I was leaving the local dvd hire store I passed their vhs sale table out the front and picked up a faded old copy of The Morning After for 3 (australian) dollars.. Just watched it….amazing film!!
    x Richard

  26. Jeff Bridges has just been on ‘Friday Night with Jonathan Ross’ here in the UK to promote his new film. Jonathan Ross asked him how he loses weight after gaining it for a role and JB said, “Jane Fonda gave me a recipe called Beeler’s Soup….” :

  27. Can I have the recipe for that soup pls,

    Justine x

    • Yea, but gotta find it. I published it in one of my workout books and I don’t have them with me but I will try. FYI–it was my father who gave me the recipe. xx

  28. Hello Jane, I love watching The Johnathan Ross show and Jeff Bridges was in the latest interview and mentioned about your soup recipe so now I’m curious and would really appreciate it if you could post it here for us. Thank you so much.

  29. Forgot to mention Jane…On Golden Pond is my all time favorite movie ever…so loved the beauty of that film and the family dynamics. I’m 54 years old and no other movie has topped this for me yet…Thank you so much! :o)

  30. Dear Jane,
    I love you and think you are fabulous. Was watching a late talk show on BBC and saw the soup talk from Jeff as well.

    How outstanding that it is a recipe from your father. I am also very interested in the recipe. I am in the process of weight loss and need to lose about 25-30 lbs.

    It never gets easier! Any other good tips for me?

    XO, Susan

  31. Wow I came across this website when searching for the soup recipe that Jeff Bridges mentioned at Jonathan Ross’ show. So excited to see quite a few of you also caught that episode and are equally interested! Am so impressed that Ms. Fonda answered all the comments!! How sweet!! I found the Bieler’s soup recipe here.

    • Wow, Iris, thank you soooo much. You have saved me so much time. I will paste this on my next blog post xx JF

  32. Really hope Jeff Bridges win’s the oscar, about time I say

  33. I have enjoyed reading your genealogy tonight and realizing that the stories I have always heard about your Charleston, Ms connection are true. The story is that your dad, Henry, would fly in to help you grandfather inoculate the cattle on th e farm. Your dad would pick up my grandfather to help, since there was no vet. Just curious, the article I read said your family still gathers in Charleston for a reunion. I was wondering if you ever go?

  34. How wonderfully synchronous to have found this post. I’ve just returned from taking my nephew to band practice (alto saxophone). While he and his fellow band members were practicing “Mamma Mia” and the title theme from “Forrest Gump,” I was studying The Morning After screenplay (drafty by David Rayfiel, January ’86). It differs from the finished film, for in the screenplay the third act climax is less explosive, as Alex discovers Jacky’s involvement in her “predicament” and goes to the Harding estate to confront him. A tense scene in the library, during which Alex DOES NOT DRINK the vodka proffered to her by Jacky.

    I’ve been studying the film for the past few days, as I have a character in one of my screenplays who suffers from alcoholism. When you want to do such research, you seek out the best and most honest portrayals. Without question, Ms. Fonda’s performance as Alexandra Sternbergen is one of cinema’s best. In My Life So Far, she writes that she took on the role because of her fear of playing someone who is an alcoholic. In other films, she wrote, playing a character who is tipsy or inebriated always made her nervous. She needn’t have worried; her portrayal of Alex is spot-on and very moving. It’s only in the past few days, having watched the film multiple times and gleaned the nuances of her performance, that I’ve realized just how stunning and accurate her portrayal is. Right up there with Gloria, Bree, and Sally.

    Though presented as a murder mystery (tagline: The Morning After… can be murder), the film is actually a very intense character study. Watching the burgeoning relationship between Alex and Turner is the best part of the film. And Mr. Bridges and Ms. Fonda generate a chemistry that is near alchemical. It is like watching a slow, sensuous, inevitable dance — a kind of timorous tango at whose conclusion Alex slowly sheds her cynicism and eventually allows herself to face her emotions with clear, sober discernment.

    A great and telling scene: Turner offers Alex a complete set of Nancy Drew mysteries. Alex is surprised, for she read Nancy Drew as a young girl and always admired Nancy’s intelligence and bravery — things which Alex herself will soon acquire. She, in effect, begins to exude the very qualities of her girlhood role model, which provides a graceful, subtextual note with regard to the character.

    Mr. Bridges, for his part, is also very good. I think one of the reasons it took so long for him to finally receive the credit he deserves is that his acting always seems so effortless. He’s so credible in his performances that each is taken for granted. He’s one of our more subtle actors, the proof of which is beautifully on display in Crazy Heart.

    How lucky we are to have been given the chance to observe two of our best actors together in The Morning After. It’s a film I still quote: “Breakfast of Champions, Jacky, come on!”; “Whatever makes you happy”; “What about Vegas? Do you fly to Vegas?”; “I’ll get the windows next time”; “I got a little disappearing act: I count to three, and you disappear”; “Don’t forget the mayonnaise!”; “Grab it with both hands and shove”; “Alex for Alexandra.”

    Really, such a good film. Romantic without being sentimental. Genuinely suspenseful. An examination of human frailty without being insulting. And a wonderful character in Alex, who could have been presented as just another victim, but instead exudes resourcefulness and empowerment.

    It’s no wonder so many of us admire, respect, and are inspired by Ms. Fonda’s colossal talent and intelligence.

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