Jane Fonda’s new exercise programs. Excited!!

I’m excited because things are falling into place for my 2 new exercise DVDs (used to be videos). We will film them mid March. Lionsgate will distribute. They have 8 of the top 10 exercise programs. But mine will target an audience that has been left out: MY age group and the boomers. I want to get to people who have stopped working out, or never did, or… I can’t wait. They won’t be released, though till beginning of 2011. But you’ll see photos (and film?) of me getting ready, of me actually making them, etc etc. What should I wear? Curious to hear from you about this. These folks I’m working with can do these productions with their eyes closed. I have to laugh when I think of when I did the first ever…still the largest selling home video of all time…17 million copies. WE had no budget, no hair stylist or makeup artists. We did it all ourselves. I wrote the script on a ski trip in Calgary on the floor of my hotel room. Who knew that that video would launch the video business…literally, people weren’t willing to pay a lot for the hardware, the machinery, when they had nothing they wanted to watch over and over..till my JF Workout. Stay tuned.

See you next time.

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  1. What terrific news, I can’t wait!
    Personally, I think the leotards and spandex are still highly appropriate considering you have a fabulous body!

    PS: I’m in okay shape but I would love to shave off some inches and lose a little weight, which of your earlier videos in the mean time would you suggest?

  2. Jane, I’m still working out, after 25 plus years, to what I think was one of your very early exercise videos. It has served me well.

    And yes, I’m a boomer…. 🙂

  3. Congrats Ms. Fonda. I’m so glad things are falling into place. I’m sure the DVDs will be a hit! It’s so cool getting small glimpses into the life of one of my favorite actresses. I’m 23 and didn’t discover your greatness until I watched “Monster N Law”. Sad huh?


  4. what to wear- something that will appeal to people in their 60’s-=70’s- we are still young – i suggest what we wear to the gym, tight knee pants in the new nylon/elastic. Short colorful shirt or tee. You are fashionable- whatever you pick will be appropriate.

    Looking forward to the DVD. Thanks for thinking of us!

  5. I have not though ot that in some time , as a educational media specialist I do recall my interest at the time . I am 60 years old now and was a interesting time im home media centers and videos. I do think people were interested in seeing a good looking top person in the business like you. You have it all , and that make people what to see what it is about , and If it is good for them all the better, they even may learn something. Yes, about time for a return of Super Jane Fonda exercise queen. Good for you

  6. Congrats on the upcoming release! And your excitement. I owned a couple of your videos way back when…

    When you say you are figuring out what to wear, are you talking about exercise type gear? Would it be too cliche to wear comfortable, yoga type clothes?

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This will be a much needed service for our age group.

  8. All my clients used to go to your studios in L.A. (I owned a salon in Long Beach–which is now called Atlantis.) And: I used to w/o to your video tapes. I’m totally tweeting your new ones when they come out.
    Rock on, Pioneer Ms. Fonda.

  9. Looking forward to your exercise dvd. I am approaching sixty and have to admit I don’t exercise nearly as much as I used to. Start us slow, lol. As far as what to wear I think a warm up suit would be great, get too hot and you could remove the jacket of course. Just a thought. Good luck and have fun.

  10. Looking forward to your exercise DVD…Personally, I think you should wear what is comfortable. Really tight work out clothing doesn’t work for the market you are doing this for. Maybe like scrubs – they are not form fitting and easy to move around in. Looking all squeezed into a wetsuit type outfit, it just not appropriate in my opinion. I realize you need to show how to move – hopefully this will be available for viewing on line. I would like to bring up work-out videos on line instead of dealing with DVDs and remotes etc. I wonder why you can’t purchase without getting the DVD – just using it on line when you want to work out. I wish you the best with this exciting venture.

    • Thanks for your ideas, Lynne. One part of me wants to wear the baggy “scrubs” sort of outfit and my new line of workout clothes will offer those. But, as you can see from the other comments, there is a desire for me to wear what I used to wear…leotard, tights, legwarmers, belt. hmmm

    • Hi Jane,
      I like Yoga pants, I am 62 years old with 7 marathons,numerous road races and 1/2 marathons. One of which is coming up in Feb in New Orleans..Trying to do distance runs in different states cities, is fun…Yoga pants and long sports bra tops are cute…you would look great in those!
      Diane Fay

    • I agree with the posts of wear what’s comfortable. I’m about to hit 50, was athletic up to about 30, then life took over and now – I’m out of shape to say the least. I’d like to see someone who looks like women 50+ doing exercises that are reasonable for my aged body and for those older than me.

      I would imagine you can wear more than one outfit? (I don’t know how these things are shot). How about a few? One could be the retro-Jane, kind of a fun blast from the past and then a progression to cothing that better fits our bodies as we age? Just a couple of thoughts. Having fun while exercising and being realistic of what to expect from me and my body are what’s most important to me.

      Thanks – This upcoming 50 thing is messing with my head a bit. Ugh. It shall pass, if I’m blessed enough to make it past that age. Smiles and good wishes to you. So glad you Tweet~!

  11. Well Jane I am so excited to hear this~! I am 46 years old. I dont have a weight problem but I just feel out of shape! My friends and I talk all the time about working out, but none of us want to go to the gym. When you reach a certain age, you may have the time but you find all kinds of excuses for not going…. and for me, I just dont want to go! I had much rather work out at home. We will be anxiously waiting and watching. I know you ….you will make it fun too :)………..I just thought about that statement and…. is that possible? (laughs)

  12. Bizzz and Loveee!

  13. I literally transformed my body shape using your JANE FONDA WORKOUT record, yes, in vinyl! Later on I bought the video. IMHO, it would be great if you could do a 15 or 30 minute Yoga DVD. I thought your first Yoga video was too advanced, we need something more basic–like the old Yoga Zone DVDs. What to wear? A cute black Yoga outfit is always cute and appropriate for any age group.

  14. Hi Jane

    “WE had no budget, no hair stylist or makeup artists. We did it all ourselves. I wrote the script on a ski trip in Calgary on the floor of my hotel room.”

    That cracked me up. What a great story. WE, the audience, had no idea! I imagined it was all written by a screenwriter, years in the planning, you being cossetted by hairdressers, stylists who matched the colours for the cameras etc. WOW! You know I was a big fan before your blog, but now when I hear such stories I think I love you even more!

    I think you said your father once said acting was about not letting the audience see all the hard work i.e. what’s going on behind the scenes. But I find as I’m getting older I’m more amazed about the truly great stories that happen backstage than the glossy pictures we’re always shown.

    For the DVD I think you should wear a leotard.My God you looked fantastic when you did that skit in NY. Don’t wear anything baggy. show off your body. It’s still fantastic.

    Anyway, gotta go. Off to Mumbai.
    Best wishes

  15. Good for you! I think I still HAVE my VHS copy of that video!

  16. Congratulations on launching an industry!

  17. Looking forward to it. My grandmother was bedridden from stinosis of the spine when she died at the age of 85. She was otherwise healthy and I have always believed that had she not become so sedentary, she could have slowed the process of her illness and, at least, added some quality to her life in those final years. Now I’m trying to show my mother options in hopes that she doesn’t follow the same path.

  18. You should wear a leotard with tights and leg warmers. It is your style. You still have the body to wear it!

  19. My mother (aged 67) and I (45) have both been long time fans of your workout videos/DVDs. Up to several years ago my mom could still do the low impact exercises on the personal trainer series – well, most of it anyway. We are both SOOOO excited that you have new exercise DVDs coming soon – and for OUR age groups!! Can’t wait….

    We have a request. Yoga and pilates have gotten so trendy in recent years, the fitness market is flooded with these exercise products. Which is fine, flexibility, muscle toning and balance are very important for older women. But we want some good, safe (easy on the joints) AEROBIC work included too. My mom can’t run around anymore, and she can’t swim, but surely there is something she can do to get the benefits of aerobic exercise?

    Thanks so much. We wait eagerly…

    Veronica W.

    • Trust me, Veronica, I will do an aerobic tape that is totally safe and doable for us boomers (and up).

  20. thank you so much – we can always count on you!

  21. Jane,

    Love your exercise videos. So happy you are doing a new one(s) that will focus on us baby boomers. I still have your VHS tape – on low impact step aerobics and keep running it over and over. I live by that one. Again, so excited about your new one and can hardly wait. You Go Girl!

  22. Will look forward to learning ways to strengthen the core!…at home with ease, hopefully. Is it true that if the core is strong, back is too? A trim core for a 73 yr. old!!! Help!

    • Back is part of the core. When we talk about the core, I think we mean strengthening not just the large muscles like the gluteals, the quads, the abs but the smaller, connective muscles. That’s why, with “core” training we want you todo them in a position of instability…on a ball, on a tittering board or an inflatable “pancake” so those smaller muscles are recruited into action. Believe me, as you age, these smaller muscles are even more critical.xx

  23. i don’t know if you got what i just sent.. i think you shuld wear colorful leggings and cute flowy shorts over with very cute t-shirt

  24. i wonder why some old vids that were pretty good, were’nt turned into Dvds for Europe? whishing you lots of fun,in the making of your new ones!!frederique dhenein

  25. you started me exercising in 1983 and i have never stopped… 5’5″ tall weigh about 108 and very fit.. thank you

  26. That’s fantastic news! I can’t wait to buy that for my mother (and myself)… I hope Lionsgate will distribute the format that can be watched in the UK too? I watched the video in your “fitness” section on this site and was AMAZED at your core strength – my God, you made the controlled lowering your legs like that look soooo easy! I’m so excited for your new book too! Thank for continuing to inspire me – truly and profoundly. I’ve been following your blog since March 2009 and often say things to my husband like, “you know what my friend Jane said the other day …”, which he finds it quite amusing. Sure you’ll get your outfit just right! My very first introduction to you was through your exercise videos – only in those days in South Africa we didn’t have video machines – so we had your (vinyl) records instead! (I was only about 7 years old at the time, but my mother bought the records and had a group of friends come round twice a week to work out together.) One of the things I remember most about those workout’s was the music. I hope you’re able to do something similar again, although I realize the expense may be prohibitive. I know you have more than enough on your plate already, but if the opportunity presents itself (perhaps through your French connections?) I think it would be great if you put your face / name / image to a fragrance that you love … think there is a similar niche (i.e. dynamic women in their third act of life) available there too.

  27. What to wear: Do NOT wear anything baggy like someone suggested. If you looked like crap, yeah…but you don’t, so don’t. I think you should wear a leotard type top with a cute skirt for the bottom. It’s the kind of skirt that is short, comes above mid thigh. The only way I can describe it is its the skirt that Wonder Woman wore when she went to visit her ancient Amazonian home land.It looks Grecian or something like that. Does anybody know what I’m talking about? I would rock the leg warmers if I were you, but I don’t know about the head band. Colors: You look awesome in red. I would go with red and black or red and gray. I think all the people who are going to be in your video—the background people, should be in their 60’s and 70’s, noone younger than that. I’m excited about your video. I’m 25 and I can’t wait to check it out. A work out is a work out to me. You go girl! Do yo’ thang!

  28. BTW are you going to get all the others involved again like Leslie Lilian? Was that her name? Can’t really remember. And the tall blonde woman? In the late 80s to early 90s I watched your tapes so often I felt the three of you were part of my family. And I think I can still remember the words and music to the song one had to sing in order to be ‘aerobic’. Brings back memories.
    Best regards

  29. Jane,

    Will your 2 new exercise DVDs be captioned? I hope so. I’m a deaf woman.


    OT (Off topic): Will The Dollmaker be available on DVD with captions in the near future? I watched it only once. 🙁 You were TOTALLY unrecognizable.

  30. Oh my gosh… what a great idea. I need this..I’m one of those who stopped. I stay slim but I am totally out of shape.

  31. ps… wear dark grey or black with a touch of dark cranberry or teal.
    Very sophisticated…like you.

  32. I’m so glad to hear about these new DVD’s you’ll be doing!! It’s exciting to hear about this! I think you should wear whatever is comfortable to you! Comfort is the number one issue here!

    You could always use tights, leotards, and legwarmers as you did before, if you think it’s appropriate for the exercises you’re doing. You can also mix and match with other things that are available now to have “new” look!

    Maybe, if you have other women exercising with you, some of them can wear alternative work out clothes that are available now to show people the variety of things one could wear!

  33. Your outfit should not look like you are mocking your previous videos. It would be nice though if you could start a new trend of some kind in workout wear with this new video. Everything is so black and boring now.

  34. omg! im so excited! Jane, I think it is necessary you wear your original spandex 🙂

  35. OH, can’t wait for the exercise DVDs. I hope they can rush the production!! I think you should wear some black yoga-type pants and a turquoise tee shirt or tank — to show those gorgeous blue eyes of yours. The yoga pants will still show your great body, but not be as intimidating as a leotard might be for those of us who can’t pull that off.

  36. Would be fun to see a bit of the “old” costume worked in some how. I do like the idea that you will be wearing clothes that are comfortable and would not be intimidating for people that dont have a body like yours. Good luck!

  37. Will you be donating some of your profits to Haiti or some other worthy cause? You have such a large following. It would be great to see your exercise videos do well and be the source of aid for the many who can not meet their basic needs!

  38. YEAH!

  39. I am 64, have menieres, so I exercise light. It would be helpful if from time to time, rather than stopping and discussing moves – which halts my motivation, perhaps visual “posture lines” or “skeletal lines” would appear, so that we can keep going, yet still have more than one way to comprehend the exercise while actually doing it. I bought one tape, really liked a lot, but the leader kept stopping to explain and so I never considered it a workout to play each day.

    Also, I am with others, something we typcially wear – me, when I USED to exercise – man’s t shirt and loose pants. Also, I don’t wear 200$ pair of sneakers – can’t afford it. So other options for those of us on a budget would be nice. Also, I took an old loose girdle, cut the crotch out and used it for my sports bra…best I ever used. HOnest.

    I just love your blog.

  40. Hey Jane, I’m a man yes a MAN! and I’ve been buying your vids ever since day one. I still use them, I’m 50. My favs are Lean Routine, Lower Body Workout, Complete workout (which is still one the finest exercise videos ever made), Step and Stretch Workout, Step and Abs Workout (my all time fav, awesome music), The Yoga Workout, Workout with weight, The Personal trainer series was your finnest and ultimate production. Your sports injuries vid even helped in a couple of occasion. Not going to advise you on what to wear, it’s kind of a girl thing you know! The thing is that your still look like a million Dollar so tight or baggy…anything will do. Not sure if your new vids will target my tastes but I just wanted to thank you. Thank for your diet and excercise advices I look 10 year younger and feel fantastic! Looking forward to your new film and new book. You such inspiration. All best best jane. With Love. Jean-Francois

  41. can’t wait to hear more about the dvd!!! – what to wear?? Hmmm… that would depend a lot on what form of exercise you choose – think about doing a cd audio version as well – works for a lot of folks who travel a lot – I am excited!!

  42. Jane, I have been waiting for years for the original step workout with Jeannie, Laurel and Mark to come out on DVD. I still have my step. Could you incorporate some stepping in the new workout? Thanks. and thanks for your efforts.

  43. This blog gives me the opportunity to tell you directly “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Jane Fonda.” I had one item on my ‘bucket list’: to climb a rock wall and ring the bell. Last month on my 65th birthday my 5 grandchildren and the rest of their families and my husband took me to a Sports Complex to cheer, guide and encourage me to reach the top. I did and I rang the bell.

    I, too, have used all your videos and tapes (like the one for walking) at one time or another. I stayed with your videos because it was easy to follow your instructions. I could do the exercises without watching the video. And, I became familiar with your vocabulary.

    Because of osteoporosis, I have been using the weights video (increasing the lbs and repetitions over the years) and yoga and the treadmill. I had to buy a new machine to play the video on since I couldn’t find the videos in a DVD.

    Despite osteoporosis (hereditary) and a pacemaker (nerve blockage in the heart), I am in excellent health, within my BMI range, good cholesterol levels, emotionally grounded and mentally alert, all of which I attribute to your exercise videos.

    Because of my muscle strength, flexibility and stamina, I knew I could conquer a rock wall. Thank you again.

  44. Dearest Jane,

    I was in boarding school in England in 1985 doing your workout with my best friend Emma Goude. We pulled one hour everyday but Sunday and then went out to do the school’s sports.

    I love LOVE the idea that you are bringing back another DVD, I’ll be the first one in line.

    Diana Isabel

    P.S. I was very surprised that you didn’t mention JEFF BRIDGES in your past post. Don’t you love that he is finally rolling on top of the silver wave crest. I am so happy for him. It’s about time, Hollywood, rendered him with the proper accolades he deserves, and he is such a fantastic actor, husband, friend, I adore him, don’t you…?

  45. Leotard, tights and leg warmers? That’s so 80’s! Why not wear yoga pants that are fitted yet comfortable and a fitted sleeveless tank – maybe a racerback. This way we can still see your movements and follow your exercises and you can be comfortable w/o out looking dated.

    Question: have you ever had a pulled hamstring and if so, how did you get rid of the pain? After a year it hasn’t gone away; I’m in PT and they keep stressing to strengthen my core by doing stomach exercises plus leg and butt lifts but the pain has not diminished at all. Both yoga and working out is out of the question til this goes away! Any advice?

    • Dear Abby, I have not pulled a hamstring but if you have had this pain for a year you MUST see a physical therapist, the kind that does deep manual work. In searching for your own manual therapist, what you want to look for are the letters OSC (orthopedic clinical specialist) or SCS (sports clinical specialist) following their name. Or you can Google the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA.org). Once there, go into “certified clinic specialists”, then into the “Directory” which will ask for the specialty you are looking for (orthopedic or sports) as well as your city and state.

      Get the therapist’s help in understanding the underlying causes of your problem: what muscle weaknesses and joint immobility brought you into therapy and what exercises you can do to address them.

      • Thank you SO much for the quick reply and great advice! Frankly, I’ve been thinking of doing just that as my other leg is also sore now and have no idea how this happened to either of them. I live in NYC so if you happen to know of someone for me I’m all ears. Otherwise I’ll do my research right away. Thanks again!!!!

  46. Your descriptions of the smaller core muscles are totally new to me and very helpful! THANK YOU! I now can be more focused and know what is going on!
    Also love the look of yoga pants and sleeveless tank all fitted!!!…modern and comfy!
    Physical therapy has helped me avoid orthoscopic knee surgery. The movements have strengthened muscles around the knee and was even shown which exercise machines in the gym to avoid!
    Thank you again Jane! xx

  47. I loved the Walk-Out tapes. It would be great if it could be sold on itunes so we can dowload it on our ipods. your voice on the tape motivated me as I was doing my walkout back then and when you said to “keep your head up” it was at the perfect time because mine was looking down, lol.

  48. I posted this a few days ago but I don’t see it here. I’ll do it again. I think you should not wear anything baggy. All the people in the video should be in their 60’s and 70’s. I think you should wear a leotard type top with a skirt for the bottom. Its kinda hard to explain, but the skirt is above mid thigh and it looks Grecian. You should rock the leg warmers but I’m not so sure about the head band. As far as colors, red looks great on you.

  49. I am also waiting for your new DVD release. I have been following most of your workout and long for some to be converted to DVD, like the lean routine, also step areobics. Since you will be releasing some new ones, I am now patiently waiting for it to be released in our country, Malaysia. Thanks so much, I really love your workout out, it is so educational and good.

  50. My mother owned a video store in the early days of the video revolution, and I remember when your tape launched, not to mention the lines and the excitement. I don’t think you get enough credit so make sure you damn well take it!

    As for clothing, you were a pioneer the first time — defining an industry — so just trust your gut. I have a feeling more casual, less outfitty, is probably the way to go.

    Oh, by the way, my mother has rheumatoid arthritis, which has gnarled her feet a bit, making her a little unstable. I’ve been constantly prodding her to do more exercise, so if there is anything in your upcoming tape I’d be hugely grateful. Maybe you can diversify into sub-categories with future tapes, targeted to specific illnesses? Literally, Jane Fonda’s Workout for Rheumatoid Arthritis and so on. Pick the top conditions; it will take off like a rocket and give so many people hope.

    Good luck, you’re awesome. (Watched “9 to 5” 200+ times as a kid…)

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