I really enjoyed the how last night especially Mo’Nique’s acceptance speech. I wept when she said, “So, to any girl who has been touched, break the silence. Tell.” Those weren’t her exact words (hers were better) but it was an important, profound, from the heart moment. I adored Meryl’s acceptance speech and “I wish I could be renamed T-Bone…T-Bone Streep,” was the funniest line of the evening. Drew, too. So from the heart and deserved. Didn’t like Ricky’s drinking beer and taking off his tie to expose a bare chest. Hey, in these times, let’s try to get as much class from our hosts for these community celebrations. I saw (again) how much TV show catching up I have to do. I mean, “Glee”? What is that? Obviously something good. Gotta get into into a better TV groove. Thing is, there’s not enough time to do it all.

I’m glad the celebrations are over and, for awhile, life will return to normal. No more parties. I need to regroup. Back to the grind.

See you next time.

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  1. I heartily agree on Ricky’s drinking, which was quite distasteful. While the evening was quite lovely, we could have done better with another host.

    Meryl’s acceptance speech was fierce, was it not? You should watch Glee! I was pretty reluctant in watching it, but as a fan of musicals, I found myself coming back to watch it again and again.

  2. Jane-

    Glee is the best show on t.v. I think it will make you, dare I say, “gleeful”?!!!

    You can catch up on some episodes online at

    My favorite episode is “Wheels”, although they are all fantastic!

    Much love,

    Romy S

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  3. Jane-

    “glee” is the best show on t.v. It will make you, dare I say, “gleeful”?!!

    You can watch full episodes of “glee” online on at

    My favorite episode is “Wheels”.

    With love,

    Romy S

    P.S. I’m inviting you to visit my blog at

  4. oh, Jane, you must, must check out “Glee!” it’s fabulous…and funny. (i thought Jane Lynch deserved to win her category…she’s hilarious in it.)

  5. Meryl is a lady and Drew is so sweet…

    See the Glee because it’s really good.

  6. Like you, am behind the TV shows getting awards. Began watching Glee because of Rosie’s recommendation and really love it! Then there’s Dexter! Wow!..don’t get that network but through Netflix, have begun watching season one and wow…the writing is so awesome, the hour zooms by leaving you wanting more!
    Still enjoying your blog which leaves me wanting more too!!!

  7. Jane, You look glorious in the party photos — so glam!! A couple of personal questions, maybe you answer them in your new book, but maybe your blog readers could get a “sneak peak”? — Anyway, questions — what is your typical day in terms of food and exercise?? What/how much do you eat and same for exercise? Also, are you on hormones???

    — I ask because I’m having trouble keeping my weight down, and you obviously aren’t. I haven’t had a weight problem before and I do watch what I eat, pay attention to getting exercise, etc. But I am not on hormones, so far making it without. But anyway, you look fabulous — don’t get any thinner, though!!! You look healthy and beautiful; I see some photos of celebrities that just look way too skinny, and it makes their heads look too big!!

    Blessings to you and yours!

  8. Hello Jane,
    THE GOLDEN GLOBES AWARDS there was some good and not so good points with the awards.
    I did have alot of fun on twitter interacting with Jimmmy Fallon I think I got off a few good one liner that went on some and Rose McGowan had a few interesting comment ,Christina Applegate on twitter had a few comment about her problems interesting , Interesting to view the Goldrn Globes within the Twitter framework. I think the SAG awards are a important point coming from your fellow worker in the business. Jane there seem to be many tv website for tv shows that you have missed,

  9. I agree with you about Ricky. I actually think he’s quite talented, but that was quite rude. Can you imagine what a fuss people would make if an American came over and hosted our BAFTA ceremony and took his tie off and starting drinking?

    Hope you Americans have more sense next time and go for more class acts.
    Best wishes

  10. See you next time J F at the Golden Globes, and the winner for best actress is….

  11. Gottcha!

  12. Loved those moments, too. And, lovely to see Robert Downey, Jr, so clear and so obviously on his game. He’s such a talent.

    As much as I know that Avatar is cutting age in film making. I have a hard time with it winning Best Picture. Wish it was in another film category.

  13. I am also sooo HAPPY that Sandra Bullock won for Best Actress, I am hoping she also wins the OSCAR, I’ve seen Blind Side twice and I think she did an incredible job.

    GLEE is this weird TV show that everyone is raving about. About “high school kids” putting on a show? I think….. I saw half an episode. But let me tell you these are NO KIDS.

    BY THE WAY! next time you come to NY A) you have to go see Little Night Music Im so Happy Angela is back on Broadway AND a new play is opening called Looped about Tallulah Bankhead trying to loop a line that lasted 8 hours because of her interruptions. It previews on Feb. 19th. Just a few days after I finally turn 21 ( not like that has stopped me lol)

    hope you finish your book in time!

  14. I highly recommend watching Glee – it’s a really uplifting, fun and inclusive show.

  15. Some absolutely great dresses. Lots of class. I haven’t see Glee either. There is so much good stuff out now a person could spend their life watching all the great productions.

    I watched The Bridges Of Maddison County last weekend. Meryl was so great in that.

  16. I appreciate very much Meryl Streep getting an award a great american actress,too,as you are! frederique dhenein

  17. If you only see one episode of “Glee” make sure it’s Kristin Chenoweth’s nicely nuanced alcoholic singer episode. And please god let Kristin come back on the show and put her in an episode of “Mad Men” too!

  18. It was fun to watch the Golden Globes! Mo’Nique, Drew, and Meryl’s acceptance speeches were wonderful…so sincere and from the heart! It’s always a pleasure to see someone give a good acceptance speech. There are many who don’t.

    Ricky can be funny. I don’t think there is anything wrong with having a comedienne host an awards show as long as he/she can keep it funny as well as classy. Ricky slipped a little in the classy department, I think! I also think he could have been funnier!

    Loved looking at everyone’s dresses and hair styles! Everyone looked great! Sophia looked lovely! I wonder who the young girl was at the very end who presented the last award?

  19. Dear Jane

    Glee is really good& entetaining and you must watch it.

    Daniel S

  20. I was unable to watch the Golden Globes this year. I have been saving it all for the Oscars, but I did watch Mo’Nique’s speech on youtube and I thought it was so sensitive and deep.

  21. Oh dear. No. You SHOULDN’T sit around watching Glee. No offense to the nice Glee people. But you really DO have better things to do.

    And, THANK YOU, for doing them; this blog included. Your words and actions are greatly appreciated here.

  22. I’m one of the few who doesn’t “get” Glee.

    Jane, I’m surprised that you care whether or not not Ricky Gervais had a beer (it was a joke), and I don’t even remember the bare chest. Are you gettin’ stodgy on us? No way!


  23. I had a post here sorta taking up for Ricky Gervais at the Globes. Where’d it go? I hope it didn’t get deleted for content, because that would be very disillusioning for me. The only reason I’m asking is, I’m hoping it’s just an accidental glitch. Not trying to make trouble!

    • accidental glitch, I guess. Don’t remember seeing it

      • Whew! Thank you, Jane. So glad I asked! You’re one of my heroes.

  24. Sometime I wish that the stuff I am having is unbelievably above the board.Perhaps this may sound magalomanic.I have read your biography and Jane,you did remarkable things in your earlier growing years.Those years with Actor`s studio of Lee Strassberg where you go with a street boyfriend who is in tattered clothes but you enjoy and that is the spirit.Again your doing Charlie Chaplin at the studio etc.Your tiff with airport authority suspecting you carrying drugs and your courage to defy them.Your open support to Vietnamese people and broadcasting from Hanoir Radio Station.You exhibit free american spirit.But I have something very important for you to consider.I have such a powerful story material based on real life that will perhaps give new dimension hitherto obscured to the world.

  25. Hello, Jane

    You are my first inspiration and tonight I saw you as my constant inspiration. You look and feel fabulous and I am so grateful for that something or someone who gave me such a hero (I think I just stole a word from someone who wrote before me). Thank you for being the way you are.


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