Last night at a private party, I saw lots of old friends. Bob Daly, who used to run Warner Brothers and his wife, composer, Carole Bayer Sager; Terry Semel who was at Warner Brothers helm with Daly and his wife, Jane; Barbra Streisand and James Brolin. Barbra has just finished the film sequel to “Meet The Fockers.” Elton John, Shirley Maclaine, my best friend, Producer Paula Weinstein, Arianna Huffington, Anjelica Huston, Joan Collins, and many others. It is such fun to talk to all these talents about the current spate of nominated films. Never have I experienced such wide and passionate differences on the same movies. Wish I could have taken pictures but that’s not kosher at such a gathering…besides, I still don’t have a camera. It took place in the gorgeous home of Sandy Gallin. I owe a lot to Sandy. Back in the seventies and eighties, he managed Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin, Cher, etc and it was he who worked magic to get Lily and Dolly to agree to be in my film, “Nine to Five.”

BUT, I am tired and writing is not easy today…writing my book, that is. Now I gotta stop with the book and the blog and get ready to watch the Golden Globes at Richard’s home with some friends and then go to a big party at my agency, CAA. Troy reminds me it is “work.” Being seen and all that.  Tomorrow it will all be over and hopefully I can get back to serious, uninterrupted writing time.

Oh yes, how could I forget—talk about name dropping, yesterday afternoon, at Richard’s request, we attended the BAFTA tea, the British organization that is the equivalent of our Academy Award org. He wanted to see his longtime friend, Paul McCartney. That was a thrill. What a profoundly good man. You can feel it, see it in his eyes. I also got a chance to tell Quentin Tarantino how utterly fascinated I was by his brave, outrageous “Inglorious Bastards.” (Too much violence for me, that was hard). The lead German actor, Christoph Waltz, will, for sure, win best supporting actor. It is a rare performance of genius choices, thrilling for an actor to observe. He performs in German, French, English and Italian. Quentin made a real discovery there. I really liked Brad Pitt as well.  Thought he did a wonderful job. Who else did I talk to? Oh yes, Jacqueline Bisset, who I first met in 1967 when I was making “Barbarella.” We both remember the evening vividly!  Diane Kruger who was also excellent in the film. Maggie Gyllenhaal whom I had never met and admire a lot.

See you next time.

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  1. I am sure that a word about people sometimes beats the Camera eye , the minds eye give a almost unrealness to events like that. Like playing baseball you hear it on the radio and someone tell the story, when your in the ballpark you see nothing if you look oneway it happen the other way.
    Events coming from your view ,is your minds eyes are a real close and warmness to it. A camera is less understood , I feel at times as if it was a painting or a stopwatch of time. I am sure not all the people you have talked about would enjoy having a private party photoed . Thanks for the share nice feelings across the board Jane/

  2. Jane….Jane….Jane….where do I start? You throw out names like Barbara Streisand(who I love ALMOST as much as you), Elton John, Shirley Maclaine(another one of my fav’s for life), Joan Collins….I almost fell off the bed! You talk about going to private party’s and talking with people of this caliber and for a moment I feel as if I am actually there with you. I get so lost in your words…Its like a fairy tale. And then theres an…”oh yea, I almost forgot tea with Paul McCartney!” This is more than I could imagine in a lifetime, much less one day! Thank you so much for sharing these moments with us.

    God Bless….Brenda from Alabama

  3. Yeah! Christoph Waltz to win Oscar. He is AMAZING!

  4. Jacqueline Bisset was half french, no? as you’re .. hum.. I mean, you lived and act in France so many years, sothat we can say Jane has a french soul too ! frederique dhenein

  5. Thanks for sharing such fascinating tidbits Jane! You rarely seem to have a dull moment in your full life and what a life!

  6. Barbra. “Sigh” Boy would I love to mix and mingle with that crowd;-)

  7. quelle chance de pouvoir rencontrer des artistes comme Paul Mc Cartney, Elton John !!…. ils sont vraiment excellents.
    Je vous écris en français, j’ai un peu oublié l’anglais, bien qu’en vous lisant j’arrive à comprendre l’essentiel…et çà peut sûrement m’aider à réapprendre. Merci pour cela.

  8. I Remember reading in your book about your writing process; staying up til all hours, forgetting to shower, drinking cold coffee, getting caught up in all of your memories. You weren’t dating then, now you have a (good) distraction. (grin…) Let us know when you find your groove, and how you sustain it. Your discipline to get stuff done is what amazes me most about you, and what I admire about you, Dolly, Bette, etc. You just keep dreaming and moving in the direction of those dreams, one day at a time, til it’s done. Good luck working on the book…

  9. Jane,

    You looked beautiful as always in your gorgeous clothes.

    This may sound like a dumb question, but do designers furnish the clothes for this event or do the stars purchase the clothes.

    I noticed that some of the dresses are being donated to a fundraiser.


    • Often dresses are loaned to the celebrity men and women and are given back. That wasn’t the case in the “old” days–my days when I was coming up. We wore our own. Julie Christy made her dress when she won for “Darling”. What I’ve been wearing are my own things cause not doing the big red carpet stuff. x

  10. Was the dress you wore in Klute AND the 9 to 5 premiere (in 1980) the same? I noticed that in the pictures.

  11. It’s such fun to read this! It’s easy to imagine being there with you especially when you give such interesting details!! Thank you as always for sharing things like this with us!

    I wonder if Quentin Tarantino is easy to talk to!? I saw “Inglorious Bastards.” I enjoyed watching Daniel Bruhl in it, because I know he’ll be making the French film with you in June! I thought he did a good job! I’m excited thinking about you making a French movie! I know you’ll be great in it!

  12. I’m glad to hear that Barbra did make that sequel to Meet The Fockers. I wish she would direct, produce, and star in another movie. Have you ever thought about doing a movie with Barbra?

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