Jane Fonda’s new exercise programs. Excited!!

I’m excited because things are falling into place for my 2 new exercise DVDs (used to be videos). We will film them mid March. Lionsgate will distribute. They have 8 of the top 10 exercise programs. But mine will target an audience that has been left out: MY age group and the boomers. I want to get to people who have stopped working out, or never did, or… I can’t wait. They won’t be released, though till beginning of 2011. But you’ll see photos (and film?) of me getting ready, of me actually making them, etc etc. What should I wear? Curious to hear from you about this. These folks I’m working with can do these productions with their eyes closed. I have to laugh when I think of when I did the first ever…still the largest selling home video of all time…17 million copies. WE had no budget, no hair stylist or makeup artists. We did it all ourselves. I wrote the script on a ski trip in Calgary on the floor of my hotel room. Who knew that that video would launch the video business…literally, people weren’t willing to pay a lot for the hardware, the machinery, when they had nothing they wanted to watch over and over..till my JF Workout. Stay tuned.

See you next time.

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  1. Jane-
    This is very exciting. Anything that gets people moving and feeling better about themselves is great. You did it before…..and WOW….you’re gonna do it again. A yoga tape would be great too. Wear whatever you want….you certainly don’t need us to tell you….you’ve been a fashion icon since the sixies!!

    Love Ya,

  2. I’m eagerly anticipating this! I still do the floorwork from Lower Body Solution as an “add on” to my other workouts.

    What to wear: Yoga pants are comfortable but still show off your figure without revealing a lot of skin. Then wear a supportive, clingy tee for the same reason. Perhaps design and sell your own line of workout gear! I am nearing 60 and, while I have a very good figure from decades of exercise, my skin isn’t as firm or smooth as it used to be, so I like the covered up yet revealing look.

    I cannot do high impact aerobics or step any more, so I’m looking forward to your low impact, joint friendly workout. I definitely need core work, too. Please have “modifiers” — background exercisers — to show advanced and beginner moves for each exercise. That way, beginners can work their way up and intermediate and advanced exercisers like me will still be challenged.

    Thank you so much for your contribution to women’s health and fitness!

  3. I guess I’m the target audience (I’m 65) — I started with the original Workout vinyl in 1982. I think you should wear whatever is comfortable. I agree that yoga pants and an exercise top are comfortable and show alignment. When I go to yoga class I wear leggings or semi-baggy capris. I’m clumsy and am likely to trip myself up with even a slight flare. Not pretty when you’re kicking up into handstand.

    I wish you luck.

  4. That good news Jane¡¡¡

    The videos which I do aerobics, are excellent and full with positive energy, I did not feel this time ago…this spirit are fantastic¡¡¡ Whit your videos I’m loading my mental hard drive of pure energy =) No matter where the place, not care about clothes, excuse my… I say to me is not important, the most important is the spirit, a trainer and good sneakers to avoid physical trauma.

    Hasta la vista

  5. Jane, I bought your workout book in hardcover when it came out – before there ever was a tape. When the tape came out, I bought that and brought it to work so we could all use it. I subsequently bought all your “tapes” and I STILL use your walking tapes (although I changed them to mp3 format and loaded them up on my iPhone). Just used your weight loss workout and walked a mile yesterday on my treadmill. I eagerly await your new offerings. You are my fitness hero(ine). So ahead of the times. You are going to make a lot of money on this enterprise. We are a largely forgotten market in the fitness space! Bravo!!!!!

  6. Hello Jane, I commend you on the new exercise dvds that will target the baby boomers, 60 and older. But may I make one suggestion? You probably have some friends that have osteopenia/osteoporosis. Forward flexion and twists should be avoided. Please consider addressing bone loss in your exercise program in order that your target audience will avoid fracture. Please visit http://www.nof.org for additional information.
    Thank you.
    NOF Advocate & Volunteer

  7. I cannot wait for your dvd workouts to come out! I was really young when the original video came out and I remember working out with my aunt to the tape! I LOVED it, and now after two kids I wish I had the original workout video, it would do me a world of good (better than the gym I’m sure). I LOVE YOU JANE FONDA!! And I CANNOT WAIT for the new dvd!! Good luck!!

  8. Dear Jane,
    I’m 38, I grew up in Los Gatos loving driving by the aerobics gym with my mom and dad! I think you are the coolest and as far as what to wear now? I think solids and/or simple black, would look great on you, for your DVD coming out-try using the short black leggings over a skinny black long tank top, or a one piece body suit in black..that ALWAYS looks great!!!!! Or…if you really want to funk it up, go with black and gold a teeny bit!!! Just letting you know (my opinion:)

    Brandie Morgan

  9. I vote you wear black. Or some combination of black, deep purple and/or white. No pastels or neutrals. Form fitting but not skin tight like the old days. Definitely not baggy. Your body is too awesome to hide. I’m not anywhere near your age group, but I feel inspired when I see women your age still looking great.

    Set should be dark reds, blues, purples, with black or mahogany backdrop. Use ornate yet subtle styles and create the visual of a half circle to aim the camera at. If you go all out, have live new age music or drumming.

    This video, I would definitely buy. The way I see exercise videos is that you are spending time with that person or group of people and somewhat in that room. So, create what you would for a guest in your home.

  10. Naked.

  11. Thanks Jane!
    Good to hear about the new DVDs. I have been working out with you for years, and still to this day LOVE the complete workout; do it 2 – 4 times a week. Last week when I worked out with you I wondered if you might bring us more, for “our generation”. When I read that you are doing just that, I wanted to let you know how glad I am to hear it. I’ll pick them up for sure, and use them.
    Wonderful news! Thanks,

  12. For the past few years when home I have been exercising to your vinyl album purchased back in 1982 at the latest. It is the best physical workout to the most emotionally relieving music. Your workout brings back memories of the best of youth while eliminating the stiffness of arthritis, life tension and even adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder! The book that came with your album was given to a best girlfriend along with the beginner album soon after purchase. She had just given birth to her second child. This was before you did pregnancy time exercise demonstrations. So this boomer is left with the advanced album in the cover nearly 30 years later. We love you so much Jane Fonda! We love joining you in your dancer moves. Why not wear what I do now to exercise to your routine which is sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt? In the warm weather of summer shorts, a sports bra and a T-shirt or light weight sweatpants may replace the warmer ones of winter. You could wear athletic socks with or without cross trainer shoes or keep your feet bare. Such outfits would set the best and most practical example for your audience. These are clothes people can wear all day and night without so much bother encouraging exercise all the more. Your sweats could be shimmery silky in a pattern of pastel rainbow colors. Hoping to be able to purchase and participate in your senior exercise DVDs!

  13. I think you should wear waht you darn well please.
    I think it’s great that you are doing this. It gives me some hope at the ripe old age of 60!

  14. Please don’t wear something skimpy. We are so sick of videos of girls wearing small outfits. Wear something normal.

  15. Jane, that’s great! I’m so glad you’re doing new workouts! Please wear yoga pants and a racer back yoga top, pretty colors, several outfits. It’s so nice to have something pretty to look at in the morning.

    Also, please be sure the DVDs are well chaptered so we can navigate from one part to another if we don’t have time for the complete workout all at once. And an option to just have the music without the instruction and cueing.

    Please make the aerobics fun dancing, kind of like what you did with Lean Routine, but not too hard — I just want to jump right in and be able to do it without a long learning curve for complicated combinations. Low impact, of course. A choice of two different fun, dance type aerobic workouts would be great so we can switch between the two.

    Please tell in the credits what the names of the music selections are so we can download all that to an iPod and take it with us if we have to travel.

  16. This is awesome! My 70 yr old mom has been looking for a fun and easy way to get more exercise lately. She walks every other day, but says she gets bored and frustrated about her lack of exercise. I would love to learn more so that I can do a blog post about this at my blog: http://www.healthy-happy-life.com

    You are such a positive energy for all women Jane, thank you for presenting yourself as a strong, healthy and dynamic female image. You rock.

    …and yes, I’d be the first one in line to buy these for my mom.


  17. ps…i just retweeted this to my 40,000+ followers on twitter..



  18. What NOT to Wear: leg warmers, support hose, too much make-up, leotard or bathing-suit-looking thing.

  19. Hi Jane, so glad you’re back to getting us fit, I think you should wear what most people wear to the gym, please don’t wear baggy workout clothes,I’m in my sixty’s and I wear what more people wear to the Gym and I’m proud to show off my fit sixty year old body, I wear Yoga pants, Capri’s or long pants and a workout tank. I don’t do step workouts anymore, I do Kettlebells (which are very low impact and aerobic and anaerobic)I jump rope (to help keep my bones strong),kickbox/MMA and use TRX to mix things up a bit. Years ago I uses your workouts videos and got great results from them and having been working out and stay in shape since then, thank you for getting me started years ago, I even went to your Studio on Robertson, so glad you’re back YaaaY One note please don’t make it too easy our age group needs to be challenged or at least show us an advance modifier doing the various exercise move

  20. Hi Jane

    I’m now going on 62 but feel 30. I did your exercises for many years including during and post pregnancy and it kept me fit and young. I look forward to your new DVD’s and I think you could wear absolutely anything and look fantastic. Good luck with your new venture.


  21. How about black yoga pants and a top that is identical to the top of your infamous striped leotard? Your signature look, yet age appropriate. Go get ’em Jane!

  22. I think you simply must wear the leg warmers. You have to!

    I am exited for you, you’re gonna have lots of fun making them.

    x x

  23. PS: Have you thought about doing a video fitness game for the wii?

  24. Dear Jane
    Just heard about your new videos from MORE.com. quick stories-I met you at a fundraising event in Newport Beach ions ago. I was newly pregnant with my 2nd and I think you had just given birth to your son. I worked out to your pregnancy video back then and enjoy telling this story: my daughter was almost 3 weeks overdue and you can imagine, I was beyond frustrated…What did I do? I popped in your video and did a full hour….6 hours later, I went into labor. So a belated THANK YOU!
    Fast forward all these years later: I’m divorced mother of 3 grown up young women. I’m a writer( I write for MORE.com), teacher and yogi. I became certified yoga instructor at age 53. I don’t teach-yoga is for my pleasure-but I am in remarkably good shape for a gal pushing 60 so if you need any women to be in your videos, keep me on file. I’m very fit and very proud that I am—ain’t easy at this age…:)
    Hope you sell a bunch!
    Marla Miller
    Montecito CA

  25. Hi Jane,
    I was disappointed your Prime Time video never came out in DVD, so I had it copied at a photography shop. It didn’t come out very well that way so I didn’t use it. I’ll be glad when your new DVDs come out. I don’t think wearing a belt during exercising is a good idea. It’s not comfortable and is there just to show off a small waist. It’s so 1980s.

  26. Jane,

    That’s great news. I have so many of your video’s and have always hoped you would make some new workout DVD’s. You revolutionized the genre of workout videos. It will be like working out with an old friend. You’re an inspiration Jane! Also, I hope you do more movies. You were so good in Monster-in-Law and seeing you in movies gives us baby boomers so much inspiration. I am 54 and because of you I don’t mind the idea of getting older. Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself with us. I read your autobiography and was amazed at how open and candid you were. So often that’s not the case with actors/celebrities. Thanks for being so real.

    Take care,


  27. I can’t tell you how excited I am that you are putting out new exercise videos. I followed your exercise regimens in my 30s and I was in shape!! But as I grew older (now I am 60)I couldn’t do the high impact stuff anymore so I moved on to other, far less interesting exercise routines. I am waiting for your new DVDs – I think you are just what I need – Again. Hurray for you Jane!

    A J

  28. Hi dear Jane, so perfect to read you are doing new DVDs for our age group. I will be 72 March 2010 and my full time work for 25 years is facilitating yoga therapy for special needs or disabilities. There is a big market for all this. Bless you, love Bea (Ammidown)

  29. Great news about the new DVDs, Jane! I’m 58, a relatively recent convert to active living and a brand new certified Personal Trainer. There are many, many aging adults who need our help to either get back into fitness or learn to love it for the first time in their lives. Hope you incorporate lots of strength training in your new programs — so important for bodies and brains. Good luck!

  30. In my opinion you have always had impeccable taste in clothing. Trust yourself Jane, I know you’ll make the right choice.

  31. Hi Jane!
    I am just thrilled to hear about your new workout DVD. I missed out on your low-impact video and have been trying for years to get one, so when I read about this new DVD I was extremely happy. You look marvelous at any age. My suggestion is that you wear as near to the original clothing as you can. Then people will see that you still “have it”!! Thanks for all you have done and are still doing for women. We like your style!

  32. I’m a 74 year old with two artificial hips and a bad knee. Looking forward to your videos to broaden the exercise I now do daily – treadmill plus free weights. Really need good exercises to strengthen leg muscles. Thanks for the inspiration. Cheers from Canada.

  33. You wear whatever is comfortable for you…We are, obviously not all the same size but if you’ve got it flaunt it…We are a group of four that meet and are trying to adjust our eating habits are are all approximately just over the senior age…Can’t wait to see this video…wish it was out sooner….

  34. Personally I would like to see you in something where we can see your body and form. So many times it is very important to show this…that your stomach is held in or you have a flat back etc…form is so important and this would be a good visual aid which if you had on loose clothing this might be hiding this. I’m excited! I was one of your first fans and STILL do my videos!

  35. I remember with great fondness the first Jane Fonda Workout video. (I’m 46) I would love it if it had retro touches from the very first video; music, clothing, studio, fellow exercisers, routine, format. Replace the the old exercises with updated versions that replace the former ones. Thanks for getting America to exercise. Can you call it The 30th Anniversary Edition?

  36. Dear Jane,

    I’m 37 years old and used to do your “Total Body Sculpting” tape (later DVD) all the time! In fact, you taught me how to lift weights correctly, with proper form. Later when I joined a gym, I wasn’t as intimidated since I knew how to lift weights.

    I also used to do your Step Aerobics tape. Even though you didn’t teach that class, I enjoyed the abs portion with you at the end. One thing about the way you teach — you seem to know exactly when to remind us to use proper form, or to breathe, or even encouraging us.

    I stopped working out this past year. It hasn’t been good for me to not work out — it’s caused me to get much skinnier, and not feel like eating much. Plus it’s caused me to feel really depressed.

    I never felt better in my life than I did when I was working out to your tapes. It helped me feel less depressed and confident about my body.

    Good luck with the new workouts.


    P.S. I’m torn about what you should wear. I liked the idea of bringing back the leotard and belt, like you wore in Total Body Sculpting. Even now, that looks great. On the other hand, yoga pans are still form-fitting while being comfortable.

  37. Jane

    You inspire three generations of women in my family: me (35), my mum (59), my aunt (60) and my late grandma who loved everything you did.

    My mother is having a knee replacement in March and hopes to get fit by the time your DVDs come out. She is a good looking woman just like you and I am so glad she has something to look forward to after the operation.

    I am sure you won’t have a problem with choosing what to wear. Light silky yoga trousers and a black long sleeved body would do!

    Good luck with the series.

    London, UK

    • Good ideas. Thanks. Tell your mom to do all the therapy post op. That’s critical.

  38. Great news! , I can’t wait for the DVD.
    For some reason I wouldn’t recommend leotards and leg warmers just because they would look kind of dated in my opinion. While a nice pair of bamboo yoga pants and a top would seem comfortable for our age group.
    I own every video you ever made (except the ones for pregnancy ) and while I had them on VHS, I later bought the DVDs of the Personal Trainer series as well.

    I’m 71 now and still going strong. I bought me a Reformer Pilates and use it several times a week, and do daily Qigong and Yoga routines. I feel that at our age, keeping the joints moving is a must.
    I have my Dr’s blessing for all of the above specially to keep my herniated disk from acting up. So far so good.
    I just can’t wait for your new workout. Keep up posted on it. Please!!!

    • Brava to you, Silvia. Way to go. Thanks for the suggestions.

  39. Hi Jane Fonda, I can not believe I am able to talk to you! Over twenty years ago after my third and last child was born I decided I wanted a diferent approach to fitness. Not as much running and a way I could stay in shape and be a mother to a newborn and two other busy children. I began with your record and then quickly moved on to so many videos! Today I am a yoga teacher, a certified walk leader and continue doing my aerobics! Thank you Jane Fonda! You have always been a true role model to me.(P.S. I think you should wear what works for you.)I am 58 years old and still feeling the burn!

  40. It’s heartening to hear that you’ll step up and lead the way again in exercise for adults, Jane. I used your original book (still have it) to exercise by for years, and still refer to it.

    I’ll be 60 this year, and have found very little that satisfying by way of exercise programs and dvd’s that addresses the fitness needs of women my age and older. I’ve also never found an exercise class for older women of modest means who are in decent shape but perhaps not able to keep up with the 20-30 year old set, as we could at that age – and I live in NYC. I would love to have your new materials lead to classes as well.

    I lap swim regularly, and have put together my own free weight program (I don’t like machines) but I really miss just a basic workout for each body part that’s put together in a good fitness routine from head to toe. I always loved that about your earlier book and tapes.

    As for what to wear, I’d go with the yoga pants and a fitted but comfortable top. Women of all ages wear this when exercising. Though I do weights and floor exercises in the privacy of my apartment, the first thing I did was to buy yoga pants and a fitted top.

    Good luck, and I can’t wait to buy the dvd!

  41. Hello,Jane. Your Start-Up video is still great. The classical music is soothing yet energizing.
    Those types of gentle movements would be great to see in your new DVD. The clothing you and your class wore in the Light Aerobics and Stress Reduction Program is so pretty and colorful. It would be nice to see you wearing those pastel colors again. The socks even stand out. You look very comfortable and natural in that video. A repeat of something similar would look beautiful.
    The Walk-Out tapes have stood the test of time, too. Would you care to comment on which of your exercise videos you like the most? All the best with your new DVD.

  42. Dear Jane,
    I think you should wear blue. I’m not sure if you’ll remember me, but we did yoga together in your Atlanta loft on August 4, 2000, a private class auctioned off to raise money for your daughter’s cooperative preschool. You were so gracious and lovely that day when dealing with my “screaming-girl-at-a-Beatles-concert” like fanaticism. As always, your fitness programs remain a constant in my life. Of the 17 videos I use, I find blue to be your favored outfit color choice leading with 5 different leotard hues. I like the robin’s egg or turquoise shades on you best.
    Take care, be strong,
    Brandon Lahren

    • Wow! Thanks for remembering, Brandon. I will think on it. Somehow these days I”m taken with yellow.

  43. Jane,
    I am thrilled that you are updating your workouts. I have been using almost, but not quite, worn out videos from your collection for many years. I started with the vinyl! The Light aerobics with stretch out and stress reduction is a favorite of mine. Whenever I fall off the wagon and then get back on I turn on one of your tapes and feel like I’m visiting an old firend. You have brought me so much joy,fun and motivation! Thank you!!

    As for outfits, I’m with Jason, If you look good in a leotard by all means wear one! If it’s a little ify go with yoga clothes.

    You are a beacon to many of us and I truly am grateful.

    Carolyn Asbury

  44. I can’t wait for the new DVDs to come out. I still have a copy of the first one you did on vinyl, not even a VHS tape. I used to come home from work everyday and workout to your voice. Loved it.


  45. I love you for your workout tapes, Jane. I made a friend named Janet in 1981 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her boyfriend and love was Gap Mangione (Chuck’s brother) who was playing at the Sheraton in the Old Town section of Albuquerque…In the few days we hung out, my ex-husband and I got to know them pretty well and really had a good time. Janet told me about your video (the first of yours) and she was so pretty and fit, I knew I was definately buying it.

    Well, Jane, I adored it as much as she. When I was pregnant with my daughter I did your workout and swam regularly and then later followed your workout videos as you came out with new ones.

    Thank you so much for your contribution to fitness. When Life gets me down, I at least feel good and strong in the talking care of myself…along with a physical confirmation.

    Good wishes for a good life in every weigh.


    Pacific Beach

  46. Hi Jane –

    Ha! I still use your workout tapes every week — including the workout with weights, complete workout, low impact aerobics & relaxation, etc. And then there is the orignal workout book you did.

    I’ve had most of them for YEARS, but just love doing them.

    This morning, I had a crazy idea to look on the internet to see if you’ve done any lately. And I’m excited to say I found your site and the fact you are doing a new one.

    I am 56 years old and have been enjoying the benefits of your exercises since the early 80s.

    Thanks so much!

    Aloha, Oregon

  47. I know this post of yours is 2 months past, but I am just finding out about your blog.

    Speaking of your workout tapes, I need to dig out my Jane Fonda tapes from high school (the 80’s!) because they really were fun!

    I’m off to explore more of your blog. 🙂

  48. Hi Jan
    e. Can we please have a photo of you with

    your new hairdo. I love it. Looks fantastic.Verna, Port Moody B.C. Canada

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