1978 Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama – Julia

Excited and looking forward to the Golden Globes Tomorrow. I am this years recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille Award!! It means a lot when you receive an award for your body of work. Hard to believe and very grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. I hope you’ll watch …while wearing your most comfy Jane Fonda sweats.

The HFPA pre-and during-awards dinner is the most fun of all the awards shows. This is what raises their money for their philanthropy. $44 million they’ve given away for film restoration and protection of investigative journalists. Sorry there won’t be a dinner this year.

I’ve gotten to know HFPA’s Chair Meher Tatna and President Ali Sar when we’ve worked together on the restoration of important and classic films.

Be sure to follow my socials tomorrow because we’re going to do some fun stuff behind the scenes.

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  1. Congratulations, Jane! You deserve it for so many reasons! I will be watching!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on receiving this well deserved honor tonight on the Golden Globes! This is my first response on your Blog. I admit that although a fan, this incredibly difficult year was saved nightly by my hubby and I binge watching GRACE & FRANKIE, but SO disappointed when we watched the last one! Glad to hear there will at least be one more season. Being a child of the 60’s and turning 74 in June I must say OLD is NOT how I feel! I’ve walked or hiked daily for the last 20 years, often with my husband and for the past ten, with our beautiful best friend Sophie, a Saintberdoodle . She tore her AOL in late August and due to her age and arthritis we chose a custom brace over surgery and built a lift to our 2nd floor deck to eliminate her using stairs. She helped us stay physically fit and emotionally stable, so it’s our turn to help her.

    BTW, LOVE your comment on decorating your Christmas tree. I take two to three days to decorate our now 9’ tree in our retirement home in Ocean Shores, WA from prior years having up the a 24’ tree, but since my first Christmas ornament gift when I was 12, I have been collecting them and each one is a sentimental journey. I give an ornament my two daughters every year and now one to each of our three granddaughters. I decided this year or we did as my husband decorates the outside and I do the inside (practically every room) that we would continue to do it until we can’t! We also have a potluck Christmas party every year. Our first year here we only knew three people, so we passed out flyers and had over 40 people and SO much incredible food. Now, we have even more people and most have become our friends. This year was painful, but hopefully, 2021 we can do it for them again. Our kids did surprise us with a visit, but stayed in a hotel and we had to “follow the rules” With sadly NO hugs, but a party in our garage and outside covered area with a portable fire pit, S’Mores, Christmas carols, my traditional clam chowder, and LOTS of love.

    ENJOY YOUR NIGHT tonight & Thank you & Lily (who I saw live in Chicago in a small comedy club in the 70’s!) for GRACE & FRANKIE!

  3. Gorgeous, empowering, moving speech, Jane. Congratulations!Thank you so much for your career that has produced a body of work that inspires so, so many people of all age, race, gender, etc. It takes a strong person to put yourself on the line and follow your beliefs no matter where they take you.

    You’re amazing, thank you for all you do and enjoy that shiny new award! (Just don’t break another shelf!)


  4. You are such an inspiration. Keep up the hard and wonderful work you are doing. ❤️💕

  5. I just watched your speech at the Golden Globes. So inspirational! Congratulations!

  6. Jane, first I wanna say: congratulations for that award, so well deserved!!! I cried with your speech, so powerful, so full of tenacity, and truthful and so so honest!
    Second I wanna say: you career deserves all the possible awards to win, you’ve worked your whole life and nothing better than an accomplishment for all the hard work. So glad you were one of the women to receive the Cecil B. deMille Award, and I pray that many other women can be given this award, because women are the future!!

    You’re 83 and I have to say, you have so much youth and energy inside of you, and I’m not saying this to pamper you, I say this as a woman of 20 years old (almost 21!) who envisions reaching 80 with the same desire to live, to work as you do. You are such an inspiration to me, I really believe that I can reach almost 100 years of age by being healthy, exercising every day and having the disposition just as you have and display.

    I hope you get to read my message and feel all of the love I have to offer to you. I love u w/ all of my heart and I couldn’t get more proud of you after 2night.

    Xoxo dear,
    Giovanna Montanhan Banho

  7. Great speech Jane, I am very happy for your award, you deserve it.

  8. Hi Jane,
    I just wanted to pop in and congratulate you on your award! Your speech tonight was so uplifting, and I couldn’t agree more—let’s all be leaders! Thank you for speaking about how the industry/Hollywood in general needs more diversity and inclusion, and how we need to elevate all voices, and address the inequality that has been a constant in this industry. I was so thrilled to see that Chloe Zhao took home the Golden Globe for Best Director—only the second woman to ever win the award, and the first woman of Asian descent. It’s pretty shocking that this was the 78th ceremony and we’re still hitting these milestones. Nomadland was wonderful and I’m so happy she was recognized for her incredible work! Hopefully we will continue to see more diversity in all of these award categories!

    Really looking forward to this week’s Fire Drill Friday rally, and I’m so excited to attend again as a virtual audience member with my volunteer team leaders. Thanks for bringing us all together! I really look forward to this each month!

    Xo Robin

  9. Hi Jane Fonda! I watched the golden globes tonight and it was awesome seeing you win your award! I just want to say that I love Grace and Frankie and my family and I are huge fans.
    -Emily Zapien 🙂

  10. Enhorabuena Jane,disfruta tu merecido premio. Ayer ví tu película,Paz amor y malentendidos,me gustó mucho tu personaje y una escena muy conmovedora cuando estás en en coche con tu hija y le preguntas si veinte años no han sido suficiente,nunca olvidaré este dialogo.

  11. Jane, I am so glad to have been able to see your speech at The Golden Globes. I got emotional because I saw my journey with you right in front of me. We have been connecting through this blog for more than 10 years (I will NEVER forget your first words to me: “Happy New Year” :-D) and I was fortunate to see you in person 3 years ago (a conversation and hug I will cherish forever). But for me, it’s been longer than that. You started your speech about storytelling and how it can elevate our lives. I still remember being a 12-year-old loner who obsessively watched classic movies, not getting 99% of what I was watching. But as you said, storytelling gets you on a visceral level – and when I first felt that, it was Klute. A story and a character whose circumstances could not be further from my own (on the surface), I finally felt seen and understood when I saw Bree’s struggles and you inhabiting her. It was a feeling in my body, my heart, my spirit that I can still recall even after so many years. That experience that has inspired me to go out of my shell, open up and choose the art of storytelling as my own path. Last night, once again, I felt seen and heard in your speech. Thank you for being my biggest inspiration, thank you for being there for me in moments you were not even aware of it! I love you, Jane! Congratulations on you well-deserved accolade! Hugs from your old blogging pal, Daniel

  12. Dear Jane, I don’t know if you’ll read this but congratulations on your award!! It’s so well deserved!! You’re so amazing and I couldn’t have wished for a better role model.I’m in high school currently and you really inspire me everyday with all of your great work and always make me smile and make my day better whenever I watch your movies or just hear your inspiring words. Having someone so great to look up to has really helped me in so many ways even when I felt lost and your work for our planet and future reminds me of how important it is to fight for what is right.
    You truly are incredible
    With love and admiration, Era 💕

  13. Jane, You hit it out of the park! I found the first hour and a half painful, but they had so much of a challenge within the limits. I enjoyed Norman Lear but you took it up to a even higher level. Even the book club members are raving about your speech today. Your speech made the night for me. I took pictures of you with the others listening and responding, Jodie Foster, Glenn Close, Viola Davis. They were all greatly touched by what you were saying. You are a class act every single time. You tied it all together and gave it the meaning it should have. Love you so much!!! Dona

  14. Hello darling Jane!

    My name is Kaia, and I am an actress and producer based in Toronto, Canada.

    Myself and a gaggle of gays are producing, and preparing to pitch a TV comedy based on a fictional 80’s aerobics set.

    Our team has been doing the Jane Fonda Workout Challenge since October to prepare… It is a VERY hard workout, but our bums look really nice.

    I thought I may be so bold as to seek guidance from the Queen Of Aerobics.

    Here is a link to our website:

    I would love to tell you more about our passion project. You can contact us at [email protected] .

    Thank you for being the ferocious woman you are.

    Truly, I look forward to hearing from you.


    Kaia Richardson.

    P.S We want to buy a DVD copy of the Jane Fonda Workout Challenge, but ALAS, it’s nowhere to be found.

  15. Jane you looked fabulous, as always!
    Congratulations on your award, you deserved it.

  16. Hello my dear Jane,
    Congratulations on yesterday’s award, more than deserved. I was very happy to see that you are very well and vaccinated. His speech was precise and absolutely necessary. With love

  17. I am so happy. Today is March 1, 2021, and I saw in the Headlines of Google News that Jane Fonda has received a LifeTime award for her work. Again so happy. It could not have happened to a better person. I do not know Jane Fonda personally but she has always been one of the few public figures that I have deeply respected. Clearly others too think this way. Congratulations to the steadfast, diligent, and ambitious women Jane Fonda. So happy.

  18. Congratulations, Jane! You’re sure in good company…

  19. I´m so happy that the Golden Globes is tomorow.And happier to be able to watch for the seventh consecutive year, considering that I have discovered this world when I was 12!Also my birthday is coming and it would mean the world to me if you wish me happy birthday!

  20. Omg I love you so so so so much Jane. Nothing I wish more than meeting you some day. You are my idol and my role model and definitely posses most of your personality haha. Born and raised in iraq my self and always have been standing up for what is right like you. Again I adore you and I wish deeply to meet you someday 🙏🙏🙏🙏. Love you and your bestie lily tomlin lol.

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