This video clip has been circulating widely these last days and someone sent it to me. I was happy and relieved to see that even back in the 80s I was saying what I’m saying now: “There’s strength in numbers.” We must leave our silos and join together to defeat the forces of hate and greed. Together we can win. In the clip I mention the Campaign for Economic Democracy. That’s the statewide organization which my then husband, Tom Hayden, and I started. It’s the organization that the Jane Fonda Workout was funding. I’m very proud of that. And I’m proud that I understood way back then that homophobia, misogyny, racism, climate change, and economic inequality are interrelated evils and so our movements must also be interrelated. Check it out.

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  1. Jane, I’m so happy to have the privilege to live as long as you do. I am an 18 year old Brazilian girl and I have the honor to say that you are my greatest inspiration. I don’t know if you’re going to read this, but know that I admire you a lot. Thank you for that.

  2. Jane, I’m very happy to have the privilege of living on the same planet as you. I am an 18 year old Brazilian girl and I have the honor to say that you are my greatest inspiration. I don’t know if you’re going to read this, but know that I admire you a lot. Thank you for that.

    • Jane, I already implemented a strategy. I have many good friends who live there, they are or were married to Americans, I am going to convince them to help with the Latino vote.

      • Thanks, Candita

        • I already got the first one, she promised to sign up and that she will do it for me.

          • Candita, regarding your wanting to work on voting within the Latinex community and help us register and get out the vote: contact Linda Rodriguez ([email protected])

          • Yes, Jane, I will contact her and I will inform my friends to do so.

        • Jane, my friends are already training to help my situation is different. I am Mexican and I live in Mexico. They will check if it is possible, I thank my friends who have never been involved in activism to do it for me, it feels very good to have good friends, thank you for inspiring me I am making changes in my environment I cannot do more you know that my situation has my hands tied, later on I promise to do more my mother for me perhaps the most important teaching she left me is that charity It starts at home, so I must put my family first and it is what I am doing now.

          • Jane, yes I can do it! I am alreadu following the steps to satar as soon as possible.

  3. Jane, that’s why I admire you without knowing you and your opinion is very important to me.

    • Ms Fonda,

      I have enjoyed your work for many years, and am so grateful for your activism. I too, am very concerned that this election may be our last hope to turn things around and save our country and planet.

      I know that your plate is full right now with all you have taken on, but I have an idea that I want to get in the hands of politically active celebrities. How to drive young people to the polls? We need a movement of actors, singers, sports figures, etc., who will sign up to work as poll workers in voting precincts across America. Perhaps the chance to cross paths with a celebrity, NBA/NFL star, etc., would pull young people out to vote? This is one thing Democrats could do, that Republicans could never counter!

      Another thought is to ask sports teams to lend their buses for driving groups of people from low-income neighborhoods to the polls in their home cities. Perhaps even with sports stars aboard for the ride?

      It would take a celebrity voice with reach to organize something like this. If possible, please communicate these suggestions to anyone in your circle who might have interest in organizing.

      Thank you for all you do for us.

      Best to you,

      Steve Swift
      Memphis, TN

      • Steve, I’m actually asking my celeb friends to be poll watchers.

        • Ask to Salma Hayek, she has many latin american followers.

  4. Jane,

    You are a truely wonderful human and continue to ignite mass compassion and the desire to make change happen accross the world.

    I have been listening to your Audio book’what can I do” today whilst spending time at home with my 3 dogs and 4 horses in the English countryside…. world’s away from the reality that our planet is facing.

    I’ve started following Fireside Fire Drill Fridays and am excited to be learning so much.

    I describe myself as an Empath, plus I am a childrens Palliative Care Nurse. I have been feeling such sadness in the world, but you Jane Fonda are giving us hope.

    Thank you for being brave and using your fame to get our voices heard x

    • I haven’t figured out how to post stuff yet… just reply..
      I wanted to share this info and web sites:

      “””We are smoking less, drinking less, exercising more, and eating healthier (more fruits and vegetables, less saturated fat and sodium) compared to previous decades.

      If we’re doing everything right, why do rates of chronic disease and obesity still surge?

      How did we get to a point where 60% of the population has one or more chronic disease, where our expected healthy lifespan is actually decreasing year over year, and where 40% of the country is not just overweight but clinically obese?

      We didn’t always have such widespread chronic health problems. The first survey on the topic, in the 1930s, showed a chronic disease and disability prevalence of about 7.5% in adults [1]. By 2000, the number of Americans with at least one chronic disease had grown to 45%. Only twenty years later, in 2020, it’s 60%.


      Pollution kills 9 million a year – three times more deaths than from AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined and 15 times more than from all wars and other forms of violence.    THE LANCET COMMISSIONS| VOLUME 391, ISSUE 10119, P 462-512, FEBRUARY 03, 2018

      • LetteMego, air pollution kills a lot of people and makes millions sick. I think the obesity crisis is because of our Nation’s food system. Industrial farming, factory farming, whatever you call it is killing us. Most Americans eat sugar-loaded fast foods.

  5. Hola Jane,realmente tiene muchos motivos por los que sentirse orgullosa,yo que vivo tan lejos también lo estoy de usted, desgraciadamente no puedo seguir algunos de sus eventos en directo pero veo entrevistas y videos suyos con traduccíón a español y a traves de los comentarios de personas que la siguen se un poco de la situacón que están viviendo.Un abrazo y gracias por su publicación.

  6. I loved watching this and reading your post! Thank you for your wisdom and all that you do! Your signed book arrived yesterday and I love it already! I am the ESL teacher from MN that saw you last year. Much of my curriculum this year incorporates world events with a large portion about our environment, global warming, working together to overcome obstacles, etc. and I always emphasize “Speak Your Truth” so I am excited to make connections from your book to my lessons! You are an inspiration to so many! Thank you!

  7. Well said! But at the same time it saddens me to see and hear outspoken people in the OLD DAYS expressing their criticism of discrimination, war, injustice, political corruption, damage to the planet, etc., because all those issues are still with us, perhaps even in their worse incarnations. Unfortunately, it seems prejudice, greed, deception, hunger for power & ego problems are part of human nature, and are not going away. It doesn’t matter how many demos we go to, how many works we publish, how many speeches we make – even though there’s strength in numbers – the bad guys somehow always win. But you keep going, Jane, and we are going with you, despite everything. Maybe one day some Joe Biden shall win…
    Xoxo Bob

  8. Jane!

    I said it before, I’ll say it again: you ARE an I C O N. And I’m so happy we have you. How is your squirrel? What kind of nuts does she like?

    Much love!


  9. Hi Jane! How are you?
    I believe that the years are giving you wisdom. But when I ser your interviews on The internet, I ser how You Jeep your values very high. And nos you bet more and more.
    It is a pleasure yo review your life and consider yourself such a full WOMAN, a total resilient.
    Allá my respect,admiration and love to You. Kisses and jugar from URUGUAY. ❤️❤️😍🤗😘🇺🇾

  10. Really liked your “by the book” interview in NYtimes. No surpise that we have significant overlap in tastes. I have read all Alice Miller books too, and even corresponded a bit with her before she died. As you know,This video is from the Briggs Initiative days, it has been on Youtube a long time and I have watched it several times.
    You are beautiful and well spoken as usual.

  11. Dear Jane,

    How do I connect with people in your organisation on Climate Change, who can help me save trees in Oakland’s Urban Forest? I’ve signed up for Fire Drill Fridays, but I’m not yet sure how to connect with the network of people.

    The issue I’m fighting the City of Oakland on speaks to all of our Urban Forests, which are being cut down, or approved, by our city officals and representatives. I’ve connected with American Forests, who were so concerned by our issue that they wrote in to the Council about it. One of the figures they gave me is that mature trees remove 60-70 times more pollution than a sapling, so there are massive public health considerations around this.

    Thank you for your all your service.


    • Fire Drill Fridays focuses on the root causes of climate change. There are many noble and important fights to protect the environment and people have to figure out what they are capable and desirous of doing. One person can’t tackle all the issues. Saving urban forests is important. Trees are important. If you haven’t, I recommend reading “Overstory” a Pulitzer prize novel by Robert Powers. It’s about trees. It’s brilliant. the “network of people” that have signed on as volunteers for Fire Drill Fridays and Greenpeace are writing letters to and calling people to get them to vote, get people they know to vote,. get people who’ve been purged from the voting polls re-registered. There are over 1000 doing this right now…and loving it. But you can see that it’s all focused right now on the election. We all need to be. Everything depends on Biden getting elected. We can work with him, move him.

  12. NB – This recent article in the Guardian speaks to a lot of the issues we are engaging with the City Council.

  13. I remember when I first saw that video a few years ago – wow, still gives me goosebumps. I love how you took his comment and twisted it back into something positive. AND that you called him on it! And your message still holds true and always will. Stay on the side of the just and right and we will win.

    My personal mantra is “Flip It!” meaning take your thought or someone’s action etc and flip it. Change it to a positive and look at it from another view. There’s always something you can do to make something better.

  14. I so admire everything she is doing

  15. Hi Jane. I’m Prateek from India. I’m a gay man who has very little understanding of my own self and what is it that I should do in life. I’m not out to my family yet and I deeply want to but I just don’t know how..

  16. Jane, I loved you then and love you now. So passionate, articulate, sharp-minded, and quick-witted, not to mention drop-dead gorgeous, you have been my role model for the past 41 years.

    Back in April, you sent prayers for me and my daughter Emily, who had just been diagnosed with Covid. Believe it or not, our breathing is still affected, and Emily feels it especially, now that she’s back in California and the air quality is so poor. We’re doing very well, though, and are thankful to have come through thanks to prayers and support from you and many others. I’m thankful to be back to teaching my beloved 7th grade math students!

    The day we were diagnosed with Covid pneumonia in April was my birthday, and the day my husband gifted me my gray rainbow Jane Fonda sweatsuit! Every time I put that jacket on, I think, “I’m wrapping myself in Jane Fonda’s prayers!” Your message meant so much! Keep being the brave and bold warrior that you are. The world needs more people like you, Jane! <3

  17. You were and are so beautiful. I saw you tonight talking about global warming and you mentioned that people could write to you on your blog, so I thought Yes! I teach fourth grade and I would love to know what you think the top five things I should tell my students about the important topic of global warming. I thought what you said about the birds falling out of the sky was so powerful (and sad). I’d like to make an impression on them especially since they are the future. Thank you for any advice you can offer me.

    • Buy my book and you’ll get ideas for your class. Even better, I bet if you Google Climate science books for 4th grade or environmentalism for 4th graders you’ll find what you’re needing.

  18. Loved seeing you on WWHL with Andy Cohen – I have some friends and family that are not climate change believers can you share that list you recommended of questions and answers that I can pass along to make them think twice about what they think — will def check out your book – keep doing what you are doing!

  19. @jane I obviously do my bit over here in the UK regarding climate change etc, but from what I have researched and learnt, helping your voters to remove Trump is essential. What can I do from the UK to help specifically with the upcoming elections!?

  20. It’s been a full day with a heavy ending. It started well with the Zoom FDF guesting Ben & Jerry. I enjoyed and learned some about them then covered a range of topics regarding the environment including military spending statistics to their taste buds. The day was off to a good start. Then I caught the Eva Longoria interview on LIVE Talks in Los Angeles. Another very good interview and opportunity to see/hear Jane give her honest sharing of herself. (I missed the NPR interview, but caught the PBS Newshour. I love watching a skilled interviewer ask & prompt then get out of the interviewed person’s way. It was clear, concise, it flowed and hit all the points. Thank you, Judy Woodruff.) Eva’s interview was longer and more of a rich, full meal.
    I received a happy surprise in an email from Jess at Greenpeace informing my book club of our finalist status. I emailed her questions to the group, forwarding the questions back to her. Then I hurried out to priority mail three copies of “What Can I Do,” to my Bookers, to start reading.
    I’ve looked over my copy. Jane, I’m so happy that you included so many beautiful pictures to illustrate your story. It helped it feel very personal, like I was there minus the cold. I’ll start reading tomorrow. I also very much liked that the Greenpeace Nonviolence Guidelines were included.
    I was readying myself for my usual political Friday evening full of PBS news, and interviews, when the heavy thud hit with the news of Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s death. Besides the personal feeling of loss of a wonderful person who fought so hard to carry us through this hard time, there was the added realization of the horrible timing. It’s like kerosene has been poured on the powder keg we sit on with the lighted match just around the corner. I’m trying to hang on to the positive hope that Jane offered in the Longoria interview earlier, but it ain’t easy. At least not right now. I know we just have to work harder. Dona

  21. Jane, I checked the 1979 bit out and indeed, you have been shining that light of yours for a long time. What a gift you have been and are. Merci Beaucoup! Dona

  22. Ms Fonda you truly are one of the world’s beautiful people. Women like you have pathed the way for the rest of us I’m truly grateful for your honesty and dignity. The happiness you’ve brought into my life on screen, as an activist and strong woman is something I’ll be forever thankful for. Thank you 🙏

  23. I have to say that I had been skeptical for several years but after watching Grace and Frankie, I have found a lot of respect for you as a woman. I have never agreed with your politics and truly believe that politics and religion are very divisive and polarizing subjects and seem to divide and not unite people. The way we treat one another one at a time is what truly matters. When I observe and assess others, I don’t care what their religion or politics are, I care about how they treat others. If we simply treat one another we’ll regardless of sex, religion, race or politics, then the rest will fall into place. There is a lot of hate in this country right now and that does nothing to help anyone.

  24. Jane, I’m in shock! When I got the email from Jess, from Greenpeace, I thought she meant by “finalist” that the book club had made it to the second round. Not like FINAL as in chosen, one of the ten. OMG! So, I replied as in surprised that we made it that far, but, still holding back my excitement beside really, I didn’t expect… ALL those book clubs that have to be way bigger etc. OMG! and I never use that phrase but there is nothing else to express the surprise and thrill and wonderment of it. The second email today says she will contact us to set the date. That’s when the shoe dropped and I went, What? That means Chosen?? Color me thrilled!!! The book club is flying into reading your book. I’ve only started slowly because I am savoring it. You are such a good writer. I can just FEEL the experience when you write. I’m just shaking with excitement! I get to share you with my gal-pals. Who needs drugs to get high when life gives you these kinds of experiences. WOW! Thank you! Dona

  25. Hi Jane,

    I just saw you and Lily on the Auto Correct Interview and you mentioned your blog and said you always answer so I thought I would give it a try. Here goes! I would love to ask your advice. A kind of “if you were me, what would you do” question. Recently the not for profit organization I lead opened a home for young Canadian girls aged 11 to 17 who have been victims of sex trafficking.Daughter Project Girls Home. A safe place to receive care and much needed treatment. No one could have dreamt that in the midst of opening there would be a worldwide pandemic and all fundraisers would be cancelled or postponed. Most donors have been financially impacted and can not give at this time. I cannot let these girls down but I’m running out of idea of what to do and people to ask. I know you are an American but perhaps you might know of someone here in Canada I could reach out to. Someone who could point me in the right direction. I’m desperate and willing to stick my neck out, even do crazy things like ask Jane Fonda for advice. I believe in the work we do and these precious girls are worth every effort. Jane if you were me, what would you do? Who would you talk to? I can’t let these girls down. My email is [email protected]. I hope to hear from you. Cathy

    • Hello Cathy, If I were you I would launch a fundraising campaign online. I’ve never done it but I know people who’ve raised a lot of money in small donations this way. I can’t remember the name of the apps…I’m assuming it’s an app. But I know you’ll find people who know about online fundraising. I’m so proud of your work for abused and trafficked girls.

  26. Hi Jane, I’m Giovanna I have 20 years and I’m from Brazil! I would love to have your newest book signed, would it be possible? Kisses, I’m a huge fan of your work as an actress and activist! And I’m so glad I found this channel to connect with you.
    I have been with you since 2015, it would be an honor for me to receive feedback from you. I’m in love with Grace and Frankie and I’m already suffering that the seventh season will be the last. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched the six seasons.
    I have been with you since 2015, it would be an honor for me to receive a feedback from you.
    I’m in love with Grace and Frankie and I’m already suffering that the seventh season will be the last. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched the six seasons. The first TV show that my mom is watching is Grace and Frankie, she doesn’t have much patience to watch that kind of thing, but with this, it is different, she loves it so much!
    She introduced me 9 to 5 in 2015, and that’s when I met Jane and Lily’s work. You are amazing and super inspiring !! If you can, tell her that she have many fans here in Brazil !!
    I have one last wish to say: please, after this crazy pandemic, come to Brazil together, I am sure you will be very well received with all the love we have to offer you both!
    Kisses, love you with all of my heart!! Hope you read it and feel all my affection <3

  27. Jane, I finally received my book signed by you, it does not have my name but I will take it to you at the first opportunity I have for you to put it on, thank you very much for being and continuing with this blog, I love you💕💕

    • Jane I am loving your book this is very friendly to read and those big letters are a blessing🙌🏼🙌🏼

  28. Dear Jane,

    Hello from London!

    I have just devoured your new book: ‘What can I do’. Awesome! I urge all your fans/followers/haters (lol!) everyone to read it! Inspiring, relevant, truly important. Well done Jane!

    Re the clip no surprise there, you have always been ahead of your time and everybody your entire life.

    You have always been and continue to be a true inspiration to all of us and the world will always be a better place with you in it.

    Take care, you the true legend that you are!


  29. Dear Ms. Fonda,

    My name is Artur and i’m from Poland – I read about your visit to Poland in 1987 to support „Solidarity”. Maybe when the pandemic will be over you will come again – you have a lot of fans here  . We are currently struggling with many problems in Poland – especially in the field of LGBT rights. Even the President of Poland said that „LGBT is ideology not people” and many local authorities have passed laws about „LGBT-free zones”. Even Joe Biden even joe biden tweeted about it this week. I lost my job a few years ago because of this policy. Currently i’m very happy with my partner. For several years, on the occasion of his birthday, I have prepared a surprise for him. I am asking people who are known and committed to equality to send him a recording of short birthday wishes. Last year it was Agnieszka Holland. I know you probably receive thousands of such requests, but you are a true fighter for the most important things and a great actress, so I decided to ask you this year. Of course, I will understand if it fails 🙂 Thanks for all you do! All the best!

  30. Hi Jane! I’m from you’re era and you’ve been showing up online and on TV. I’ve enjoyed it every time. I respect that you did things that I was way too chicken to do. My grandfather was Lum, from Lum & Abner Days. I believe it was on Cohen that you mentioned that you’d never met John Wayne and I felt so smug because, I have! I went with my grandfather to his home, on the water, in Newport Beach. Unfortunately, I grew up without much interest in my grandfathers work and to be honest, it was only recently, that I’m interested. I’m so sad about that, for obvious reasons. Oh Jane, I admire you and just love your sense of humor. The pot scenes rank up at the top. Sleeping on the beach. I did that too in Pacific Beach. The whole series is the Best!😘

    • Hi Jane, me again! First time I listened to any of your interviews, from beginning to end, was when you were on Howard Stern. I’m not sure what when it was taped but I just listenEd to it last week, as I was driving to San Diego from Palm Desert and was seriously entertained the whole trip. I guess I may as well fess up that it was my first time listening to Howard Stern, as well. Do you have any idea how old I feel now? I’m really not that square!

  31. Jane,
    The date is set. I’m on page 103. It’s a terrific book! Stickies are at work. Just got off the phone with Colleen who finished it a couple hours ago and wants to compile her volume of notes. In a matter of just a five minute conversation, she enthusiastically repeated at least four-five times, “this is a GREAT book!” Another statement, “This is a book you want to have on your shelf as a resource.” “I learned something new I didn’t know about climate change.” Then, she said Kelly and Bob ordered it; it arrived quickly and Bob, (You re-met him in Madison) is already deeply into it. Nancy got her copy and is happy that the zoom will be her first day of real retirement. Everyone is excited to talk about this book with you. Ohhhh, so HAPPY! Dona

  32. Jane,

    I’m so glad this video went viral! It shows the world that you’ve been fighting the good fights for decades. What I want to know is how you managed to deal with all of the backlash and still maintain a successful career for all of these years? It seems like many people are afraid to speak out due to fear of the repercussions that may come from it. Thank you again for everything you’ve done, and everything you continue to do.



  33. Jane, I’m so glad that many people are already reading your new book.
    You gave yourself a meaningful 83 birthday present in advance. To you and also to all the people that love and support you!

  34. Just watched this week’s FDF with Colette Pichon Battle & Juan Parras. It was excellent! Colette was so impressive I’d vote for her for any office she wants. She didn’t miss a beat. Great answers to every question. I appreciated Juan but Colette just blew me away. She was down to earth speaking with excellent insight, gave clear representation of events on several aspects, didn’t pull her punches but gave hope and direction. I really felt I heard from a good source about what the area in Louisana & Texas experienced and how it affects ALL states.
    Jane you set it up beautifully with beginning remarks and then asked questions that really deepened the conversation and also offered hope and direction. I sent the link and a blurb to all my book club members a day ago. Don’t know if they caught it, but I will keep trying to get them to look in on FDF. This would have been a great one for a first time visit. If your bloggers missed it, I’d encourage them to check it out. My only irritation is with the chatters in the chatter box. I want to say less chatter, more listening. Dona

    • Thanks, Dona. Next FRiday is the rally and we’re focusing on all things election/voting.

  35. Apropos of nothing, my first date (ever), as a gay 19 year-old…the Feb 12, 1981 opening day of “On Golden Pond.” I remember it very distinctly.

  36. Dear Jane,

    I wrote the following poem last year; I think you will find it relevant to your campaign:


    There’s no place on Planet Earth
    anymore for sense
    since the whole apparatus has become too intense
    so we wonder about life, how it was lived before;
    was it better then, in times past
    when household appliances were built to last
    and relationships were meant to be forever?

    Our society, once blessed, now finds itself
    in one huge mess; so, yes, it was better
    then, than now and here
    where some of us live in fear
    the human race might be erased
    and disappear.
    Personally, I want what is true
    and I ask, What can I do?

    Michael Gould
    Wellington, New Zealand

    Good luck!


    we are all wondering if he was really such a straight

    having said that, very simply stated Eddie Redmayne is way cuter than Tom too
    and no one would guess if we didn’t know already that the actor speaks UK English not US English


  38. don’t hate each other! hate that Feeling

  39. Dear Jane ,

    I’m a fan from Abu Dhabi I’m 38 years old I just wanna thank you for everything’s you did all the ART you gave us all the support you already made and do for the people or the environment it was beautiful to see you back in the screen with a long series thank you again ..I’m always a fan .. I don’t know what to say .. you already heard it before from legends to a legend I only send you love from far away and may god bless you.

    Kind regards


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